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“We’ll Do Partnering When We Need It”



have yet to find a project team that does not believe

partnering process, or the team recognizes the need

in the need for proactive collaboration, enhanced

for an aligned team to work through the challenges of

communication, and a way to work through the

their project, those that start the partnering process are

challenges that are going to arise on their project.

already in the driver’s seat of their project.

They all seem to know the value of an aligned team

working towards a common goal. However, designing and

Project stakeholders come to the project with their own

building projects is difficult. There is so much that has

definition of success. Sometimes those expectations

to be done that all the good intentions around teamwork

could be seen to conflict with their project partners.

often slip to the backburner. So how do you consciously

(For example: the contractor wants to be profitable,

and purposefully take those good intentions around

while the owner wants to keep the project within

teamwork and implement a process that is the foundation

budget). At the initial partnering workshop, the project

of a successful project team? The industry’s answer is

team will be challenged to define common goals that

structured partnering. (See IPI’s website for what is

will enable each team member and organization to

structured collaborative partnering).

realize their “win,” and at the same time meet the expectations of their counterparts. Without common

Structured collaborative partnering adds value to

goals from the start, there lacks the basis to really look

projects. It has been tried and proven, and the results

at doing anything other than “just build it per plans and

validate the process. So whether a project team is

specs,” or to challenge the mentality of “we’ve always

required by specifications to implement a structured

done it this way.”


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Partnering Magazine Fall 2019  

Partnering Magazine Fall 2019  


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