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Men's Hats And Correct Etiquette For Sporting Them You're not alone if you happen to be a man who prefers to sport a hat. Hats for men have been a staple in men's fashion for years and this style will likely not go away any time soon. Lots of men are unaware of proper etiquette when it comes to wearing hats even though men wear hats working, running errands and even out with friends. When it comes to etiquette, there are certain guidelines that should be followed when dressed in a hat. Know the Terms To become acquainted with how to properly wear a hat, there are certain terms that you need to understand. As an example, donning the hat is synonymous with putting your hat on. You'll be taking the hat off if you were to doff the hat. Tipping your hat means that you delicately grab the rim of your hat and tug it forwards. Last but not least, grabbing the crown of your hat means that you are grabbing the full region on top of your head wear. Before you start wearing hats for men consistently, it is important that you get to know these terms and how they are used. Taking Your Hat Off and Putting it On When you don your hat, or put it on, you don't grab it from the rim and stick it on your head. So that the shape of the hat does not become damage, it is essential that you put the hat on correctly each and every time. Always grab the hat at the crown and then place it on your head when you want to wear it. Conversely, if you would like to take off the hat, set your hand in the same position at the crown and remove it. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the inside of the hat facing you when you attempt this. This may take a little practice to do smoothly but it will definitely be worthwhile. When Your Hat Should be On or Off Although hats for men look nice with almost any outfit, there are certain circumstances where it is appropriate for you to take your hat off or leave it on. It is very simple when looking at the rules relating to when the right time a hat should be removed. Whenever you go outside, you might want to put your hat on. When you enter a building, an elevator or a public place, it is generally ok to just leave the hat on. Nevertheless, you should be taking off the hat when going into any private building or home and when you encounter a group of women you plan on chatting with. It's also wise to doff your hat when you come into the presence of an individual you deem important. This is usually a sign of respect and also cordiality. Tipping Your Hat When you sport a hat, it can be tempting to tip your hat if you make eye contact with someone. Tipping of the hat should only be performed for certain conditions. As an example, it is appropriate to tip your hat to anyone that you encounter in public that you might know but you don't have to doff your hat unless you spark up a conversation with them. It is equally appropriate to tip your hat when you walk by a group of males or a male acquaintance while you are out and about. There are other situations the hat can be tipped which you can establish for yourself based on who you encounter while sporting a hat.

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Men's Hats And Correct Etiquette For Sporting Them

Etiquette is timeless and polite - following these guidelines will keep you and your attractive head wear in the limelight of high society. Contributing hats for men to your outfit for a big day can set it over the top. For more information on Suits & More, see them at their web site,

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Men's Hats And Correct Etiquette For Sporting Them