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How does neon sign work?

Neon signs are being used everywhere today. But have you ever wondered how does the neon sign work? The word neon is derived from the word “neos�. This literally means new gas. Neon is an inert gas that gives the sign a distinct brightness and also the distinct color. This gas was discovered in 1898 by a Scottish chemist William Ramsay with the help of the English scientist Morris Travers. This gas is found occurring naturally in the atmosphere but in minute quantities. The Geissler tube can be considered the father of all neon signs. Although this tube was made for scientific purposes and not intended to be of commercial use. This tube was used by the scientists to study electrical discharges. George Claude can be credited with actually making a neon sign. He created a neon sign that is much like the neon sign that we know of today. He passed a small amount of electric current through a combination of electric gasses that made discharges in various colors. Also he quickly discovered that the glass tubing that held the inert gas can be twisted into various positions. He quickly made a sign out of this to show in the Paris exposition of 1910. Packard motors were the first company that saw the potential for this innovation. He was immediately signed on for thousands of dollars. The neon lights crossed over to the United States in the year of 1923. Through the years till 1950 the neon lights grew in popularity. By the year of 1950, neon lights were everywhere. Places like New York Times square and Las Vegas extensively used neon lights for their decorations. Pubs, bars and casinos started making use of neon lights. Soon they were available in every shape and size. New and innovative ideas to use the neon lamps started to surface. Today neon lights are and attractive way to advertise. These easily attract customers. The glass casing is made by a glass smith who will heat and bend the glass into a desired shape. The case is then filled with the selected inert gas. A small electric discharge is then passed through the gas so that the sign lights up. You can find such a sign everywhere right now. Neon lights are what makes the streets and shops bring in many places today. You cannot think of nightlife without neon lights. It began as a simple study into electrical discharge and today it has grown into a commercial business worth millions. You can even get custom made neon signs today for your business. There are many signs that are available online that you can choose from. If you don’t find a sign meeting your requirements, you custom order a sign and have it delivered to you at your place of business with your installation covered. Source:

How does neon sign work  
How does neon sign work  

Neon signs are being used everywhere today. But have you ever wondered how does the neon sign work? The word neon is derived from the word...