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show, He has five prime disciples , they were Periya Nambhi, Thirukoshtiyur Nambhi, Prriya Thirumalai Nambhi, Arayar etc . By that time Adhi Sesha was born in this Bhoo Loka as Ellaya Alwan , also known as Bhagwath Ramnuja. He was undergoing his basic education at Kanchipuram and Once Yamuna Visited Kanchipuram and when he saw Ramanuja , he immediately told Mahapurna that one day he will lead the Sri Vaishnava Monastery in Srirangam after him and Yamuna went back to Srirangam. After few days through Periya Nambhi he sent words for Ramanuja , and by that time they both reached the Srirangam , Yamuna had left for Lords abode , then after few years Ramanuja studied under the five disciples of Yamuna. He lead the Monastery as Yamuna Charya had visualized. He was liberal thinker and made easy way for people to reach Lords Lotus feet. He appointed 74 Disciples know as Simhasenathipathis to propagate Sri Vaishnavism and Vishishta Adwaitham. He was succeeded by able Acharyas, then slowly as in the case of every religion which gets divided , our Sri Vaishnavism also branched off as Vadagalai ( Northern ) and Thengalai ( Southern) . As we say in Tamil it was Yojana Bedham not the Abhipraya bhedam. Then famous Vadagalai Monasteries are Parakala Mutt , Ahobila Mutt, Srimath Andavan Ashram, Poundrikapuram Andavan Ashram , Sri Rangapriya Ashram etc. After beating round the bush I am now touching the base. Yes it is about my Acharyan H H Srimath Sri Rangapriya Maha Deshikan. Sriman Narayan Swami was born in Hedathale a small village near Nanjangud near Mysore. Swami had both types of education , i.e conventional Vedas and the modern day schooling and then went college and then he did M A in Sanskrit. He took up job as teacher, then he Moved to National college, Bangalore and headed the Sanskrit Department. He was a practicing Ashtanga Yogi. After retirement he took up Sanyasa from the then Parakala Mutt Swamiji and led the ascetic life, and his Ashram was in Hanumanth Nagar. I met my Acharyan for the first time in a Small village named Kyathenahalli near Hassan in the year 2002. He had come to attend the concluding day of Koti Gayathri Japam Yagya . I had gone there to cover the event for the Tamil Magazine “Gopura Darishanam”, I was impressed by the his Anugruha Bhashanam . days passed my article got published , armed with the book “Gopura Dharisanam, I caught hold of Sri U Ve H R Sridhar mama , who was well known to me and also Swami. Sridhar Mama introduced me to Swami as Ellu Peran (Great Grand Son ) of Katandethi Andavan. Swami greeted me and asked me to pick up a mat and sit near him, then I showed his the Article, he glanced over it and then asked Sridhar Mama to read the article. He told it was nice and blessed me with Manthra Akshadai and asked me keep coming to ashram now and then, I never knew at that point of time I will one day become his Shishaya, because originally we belonged to Ahobilla Mutt and the Jewel in the crown was I am the great grandson ( ellu Peran ) of H H Katandethi Andavan of Srimath Andavan Ashram from both Maternal and Paternal side ( My Amma was my Appa’s cousin ( My father married his Maternal Uncles daughter) .

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Srivaishnavism 17 06 2018  
Srivaishnavism 17 06 2018