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Situation Analysis Coke Mythology Coca-Cola Classic is the undisputed king of the soft drink industry. That said, Coke is losing ground with America’s youth. The brand is seen as dated, traditional, and conservative. Products that have strong associations with past lineages have trouble connecting with younger audiences. There is opportunity to bring Coca-Cola Classic back to the forefront of beverage choice for today’s generation. Coke can be presented as classic, but youthful. A beverage that is part of all facets of life. One that provides a vehicle for experience, growth, and individual expression.

Past • The American Icon • High Brand Loyalty • High Preference

Present • Global Conglomerate • Our parentsʼ soda • Passeʼ and conventional

Future • Strong connection with youthful consumers • Brand that creates movement in society

Problem: Who is Coca-Cola Classic? Coke has never revealed its personality to this audience. The target perceives Coca-Cola Classic as dated, traditional, and conservative. It’s been the juggernaut, the 800-lb. gorilla, that doesn’t connect with the target.

Objective: Reveal Coca-Cola’s brand personality through an integrated campaign that will make the product culturally valid and relevant to the target. Take the current association away from an inherited relationship and turn it into an introduction that will connect strongly with the consumer.

Problem: The target sees Coca-Cola as a giant business entity. Untouchable and powerful. In the past, Coke has advertised in an imperative tone leaving little room for the target to build a relationship with the brand.

Objective: Recognize Coke’s position as a reflection of the strength of brand offering. A Gentle Giant. Use Coke’s visibility to leave a good footprint for today’s generation, and allow audience to self-define their relationship with Coke.

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Mollie Partesotti - Brand Strategist // Brandcenter Portfolio  

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