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PARSUN 25 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR PART - 1  Super quiet efcient 4 stroke OHV marine engine  High grade marine aluminum alloy for ultmate corrosion protecton  Power Tilt/trim or manual Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positons  Low oil indicator  Thermostat controlled water cooling system  Safety lanyard/emergency shutof  Easy forward-neutral-reverse gear shifing  Vibraton reducton system  Start in gear protecton  Adjustable steering fricton

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Outboard motors, outboard motors for sale, online outboards, small boat motor, 5 hp outboard  CDI igniton system  Improved easy starts  Quiet through-the-propeller exhaust  CE and EPA approved  Includes 24L fuel tank with hose, spare parts, see photos.

20 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR Features  Low profle engine  Easy startng CDI igniton  Start-In-Gear Preventon  Maximum Steering Angle  Shallow water tlt adjustments  Front Shifer for accessability  Water-cooled Fuel Pump prevents vapor lock  Thermostat controlled engine temperature for long life, low maintenance, and reliability  Flushing device on board  Over-Rev Limiter prevents damage  Overheat Warning lamp  Low Oil Pressure Warning lamp  Propeller hub exhaust  High speed, heavy duty aluminum prop with breakaway rubber core protects the prop shaf  CE, EPA and Canada approved  Includes 24L fuel tank with gauge, and fuel line  Only a few pounds heavier than the 15 hp 9.8 HP Outboard Motors Features  CDI igniton system  Twist grip throtle  Safety lanyard/emergency shutof  Thermostat controlled water cooling system for consistent engine temperature

“simply the best value for quality mid-outboard in its class. PARSUN again provides many of the features of a much more expensive outboard motor. Durable, reliable, fuel efcient, quiet superior performance.”  Heavy duty aluminum high speed propeller  Easy to monitor oil level gauge indicator  Vibraton reducton system  Start in gear protecton  Shallow water drive  Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved  12L fuel tank and hose included  Extra spark plugs and oil seals included  Emergency tool kit included. Lighter weight (84 lbs) and smaller size make this outboard motor easier to handle than the old 9.9 (115 lbs) *Models with remote controls include a remote controls box: throtle/shifer/keyed electric start, wiring harness and 2×15′ cables. Notes:  You can look at parts diagrams for the 9.8 HP Outboard Motors here  You can download a copy of the 9.8 HP Outboard Motor Owner’s Manual here  Prices are cash and carry. Contact us for a shipping quote.

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