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Parsons Sun WEDNESDAY, NOV. 14, 2012 — 75 CENTS

Two arrested for drugs Two Parsons residents were arrested early Monday for drug possession after a trafficstop. Parsonspolicemadearoutine traffic stop at 1:39 a.m. Mondaynear25thandChess because the driver allegedly failedtosignalaturn. ALabetteCountySheriff’s Department’sK-9unitassisted with the call. Upon a search, thedogindicatedthepresence of drugs in the vehicle and a smallamountofcrackcocaine and a small amount of marijuanawerefound. Raymond Staten, 43, of Parsons and Shannon R. Turner, 49, of Parsons were arrested. The cases have been referred to the Labette County Attorney’sOfficeforthepossiblefilingofcharges.

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FUNERALS KAREN LaBARGE, 54, of Clovis,N.M.,serviceat10a.m. Nov.23atSt.Mary’sCatholic Church,Glasco. MARSHALLSAGE,65,of Boise, Idaho, service on Nov. 29inBoise. TERRY WALKER, 53, of Parsons, service at 2 p.m. Saturday at Carson-Wall Funeral Home. LOYALCLOUGH,85,ofOswego,serviceat1:30p.m.ThursdayatDerfeltFuneralHomein Oswego.


PECAN HARVEST Sonja Ledford, an agriculture technician for the pecan experiment field east of Chetopa, holds sorted and cleaned pecans from a recent harvest. The pecans are held in bags that hold more than a thousand pounds of nuts.

Most pecan trees producing well The2012pecanharvestisunderwayinLabetteCounty,with goodyieldsreporteddespitethe droughtthisyear. Most pecan trees, because of their root systems, can weather droughtsandstillproducetasty nuts. The Southeast Kansas Pecan ExperimentFieldeastofChetopabeganharvestearlythisyear, because everything is ripening earlier because of the weather. Russell Barnes, who grows pecansonacreagebyhisbusiness atStrauss,alsoisharvesting. CHETOPA Onarecentharvestday,Sonja Ledford, an agriculture technicianwiththeSEKpecanfieldat Chetopa,wasbusyshakingtrees with a contraption that attaches toatractor.Themachine’sjaws areclampedonthetreetrunkand it shakes the trunk, a vibration that can be felt some distance fromthetree,causingtheleaves andpecanstofalltotheground. Once she shakes the trees, Darrell Baunhofer, also an ag tech, drives a harvester over the fallen pecans. The machine blows out unwanted leaves, sticks and other debris and the pecans are savedforsortingandcleaning. Another machine in the barn furthercleansandsortstheharvestedproductsoitcanbeready Sonja Ledford shakes a pecan tree so the nuts and leaves fall to the ground. forsale. WilliamReidisthepecanResearch and Extension specialist forKSUinChetopa.Hewatched the work and checked on the qualityofthenutsharvested. Thereisasenseofurgencyin the harvest. Reid said they trap squirrels annually, but other critters (deer, coyotes and turkey) will eat any nuts left on the ground. So the harvester is driven over the fallen nuts severaltimestogetallitcan.Sometimes, trees are shaken more thanonce,too,toensureallthe nutsareharvested. “Wedon’tliketoshakethem too far in advance because the critterswillgetthem,”hesaid. Reid said trees are up to 100

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 A Parsons man is accused of attempted second-degree murderforinjuringanotherParsons manlateFridaynight. DonzellM.Harding,21,isaccusedinLabetteCountyDistrict Court of attempted second-degreemurder,alevelthreefelony, andattemptedaggravatedarson, alevelfivefelony.Healsofaces amisdemeanorcountofcriminal damagetoproperty. The charges were filed late Tuesday afternoon, and then Hardingmadeafirstappearance onthefelonychargesinfrontof District Judge Robert Fleming. The case is assigned to District Judge Jeffry Jack, who was not availableTuesdayafternoon. Parsons police responded to a911callreportingafightwith injuries at 1810 Morton about 11:40p.m.Friday.Officersfound Benjamin S. Wright, 31, of Parsons,whohadbeenhitbyacar. Wrighthadsufferedasevereleg injury.Wright’slegwascrushed and nearly severed, city of ParsonsPublicInformationOfficer KariWestsaid. Wright was taken to Labette HealthandlatertoFreemanHospitalinJoplin,wherehisconditionisunknown. Police said the investigation showed that the disagreement between Wright and Harding started over a money dispute.

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A machine helps Ledford further clean and sort the product before the nuts will be stored for sale.

Darrell Baunhofer, an ag tech at the pecan field, harvests pecans that had been shaken from trees. The machine collects the nuts in a bin and blows out other unwanted debris such as leaves and sticks.

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Man receives severe injuries in weekend fight

See COURT, Page 14.

See HARVEST, Page 14.

Wyatt Diediker attends Sarah Gilreath’s kindergarten class at Neosho Heights Elementary School in Oswego.

Murder attempt alleged

State seizes 8 stores FROM STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS The Kansas Revenue Departmenthasseizedeightconvenience storesinSoutheastKansasforwhat itsaysareunpaidsalestaxes. Later Tuesday, after the state reached a payment agreement withthestores’owners,theeight storeswereallowedtoreopen. The agency says the seizures Tuesday of the eight Jump Start storesrepresentthelastinalong seriesofstepstocollectthetaxes. The stores are owned by TAS Group LLC. Revenue DepartmentspokeswomanJeannineKorandasaysthebusinessfailedto sendthestatenearly$516,000in salestaxescollectedbetweenOctober2011andJuly2012.Afiling inLabetteCountyDistrictCourt inOswegolastmonthshowedthe TASGroupowed$509.222.40in salestaxatthetime. TheParsonsJumpStartstore at 2301 Main closed in October soon after the tax warrant was filed.Itwasnotpartoftheeight storesinTuesday’saction. OnTuesday,stateagentsshut down two stores each in Coffeyville and Independence and one each in Chetopa, Pittsburg, AltamontandNeodesha. Aphonemessageleftwiththe TAS Group in Ozark, Mo., was notreturned.

Are Ear Infections Keeping Your Child Home? We Can Help! We provide Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists right here at Labette Health! Dr. Scott McClintick and Dr. Nathan Box provide clinical and surgical services at Labette Health so you don’t have to travel out of town! To Schedule An Appointment Call: (800) 440-4905 1902 South Highway 59 * Building E, Suite 200 * Parsons


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Parsons Sun WEATHER


Sunny High 58 Low 33 Thursday: Mostly sunny. High near 61. Wind from south to southwest and gusty. Partly cloudy at night. Low 34.

Tobin Clark drew this for the Sun’s weather art. If teachers would like to submit weather art to the Sun, they may call Ray or Jamie at the Parsons Sun, 421-2000.

Friday: Sunny. High near 59. Mostly clear at night. Low around 39.

PARSONS STATISTICS TUESDAY’S HIGH: 56 LOW: 30 PRECIPITATION: .00 of an inch MONTH: 1.23 inches YEAR: 37.48 inches TODAY’S SUNSET: 5:12 p.m. THURSDAY’S SUNRISE: 7 a.m.

OUR PAST These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 yearsago. Nov.14,1972 A carbon paper manufacturing company that employed four people in Duncan, Okla., announced plans to move to Parsons in December.SouthwestCarbonPaperManufacturingCo.plannedto leasea5,000-square-footbuildingat801S.21stformerlyoccupied by R&R Enterprises Inc., which relocated to the south industrial park. The company owners were 22-year-old Larry Sandefer and ChrisHaney,25,bothofDuncan.Rollsofone-timecarbonpaper designed for use in business forms were manufactured by the companythathaddistributeditsproductineightstates.Thefirmhad beenoperatingaboutayearinOklahomaandhadagrossincomeof $90,000annually. Nov.14,1982 TheChetopaGreenHornetsweredeniedtriumphbyamatterof inches.TheHartfordJaguarscapitalizedtoscorea24-18victoryin overtimeinaClass1Aregionalhighschoolfootballplayoffgame —thefirstplayofftilteverforbothteams.TailbackMikeWilson bursttwoyardsoverlefttackletohandHartforditseighthvictory oftheseasonin10games.Minutesearlier,Chetopaquarterback Mitch Riggs was stopped inches short of the Hartford goal line on fourth down as regulation time ended. Defensive end Kenny Littlejohn was the Green Hornet defensive hero, nabbing three Hartfordfumbles.TailbackRobertKabreyfinishedthegamewith 110yardsrushing. Nov.14,1992 Labette County commissioners Joe Renfro and Barney Pontious would have to find another attorney to fight an opiniontheysawasdelayingtheirreimbursementof$11,635.53 in attorney fees. County Attorney Jim Craig, whose private practice was hired by commissioners to assist in possible litigation,decidedagainstrepresentingthecounty.Craigcited health problems and the “appearance” of a conf lict for not takingthecase.

PRAYER ThesteadfastloveoftheLordneverceases.—Lamentations3:22 (NRSV) Prayer:LovingGod,blessandcomfortthosewhostrugglewith mentalillness.Helpthosewholovethemtocopewiththetrialsthat comewithcaring.Amen. ThoughtfortheDay:Volunteeratahomelessshelter.

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Obama shapes new security team WASHINGTON (AP) — Barely a week after winning re-election, President Barack Obamasuddenlyconfrontsadeepeningchallengeinassemblinganewnationalsecurity team,histaskcomplicatedbyascandalthat hascosthimaCIAchiefandraiseddoubts abouthisAfghanistanwarcommander. HardquestionsfromCongress,potentially bitterconfirmationhearingsandascandalof infidelity and inappropriateemails are suddenly shaping the fight ahead. The White Houseportrayedapresidentfocusedonthe economyandconfidentinhismilitaryandintelligenceleadership,butclearlynotthrilled. When asked if the personnel troubles were an unwelcome distraction, presidentialspokesmanJayCarneysaid:“Icertainly wouldn’tcallitwelcome.” Obamawasalreadyexpectingtohaveto replacehischiefdiplomat,SecretaryofState Hillary Rodham Clinton, and perhaps his defensesecretary,LeonPanetta.Thosetwo alone — plus Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner,whoisalsoleaving—helpshape Obama’sthinkingandrepresenthimbefore theworld. NowObamaiswithouthisCIAdirector, DavidPetraeus,theonceacclaimedmilitary generalinIraqandAfghanistanwhoresigned indisgracelastweekoveranextramaritalaffair. Thedetailsofthatscandalkeepexpanding Tuesday,includingtherevelationthatthetop U.S.commanderinAfghanistan,Gen.John Allen,isunderinvestigationbythePentagon for potentially inappropriate communicationswithanotherwomaninthecase.That, inturn,hasfrozenAllen’snominationtobe thenextcommanderofU.S.EuropeanCommand and the commander of NATO forces in Europe, which casts more doubt about a military leadership in which each move affectsanother. “It’s a hard moment for the administration,”saidJoshuaRovner,anassociatepro-

Michael Morell, acting director of the CIA, arrives at a closed briefing Tuesday in Washington, D.C, concerning the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Scandal involving generals widens WASHINGTON (AP) — The sexscandalthatfelledCIADirectorDavidPetraeuswidenedTuesdaytoensnarethetopU.S.commanderinAfghanistan,Gen.John Allen,inasuddenlypublicdrama involvingaTampasocialite,ajealousrival,atwinsisterinamessy custodydisputeandflirtyemails. The improbable story — by turnstragicandsilly—couldhave majorconsequences,unfoldingat acriticaltimeintheAfghanwar effortandjustasPresidentBarack Obama was hoping for a smooth transition in his national security team. ObamaputaholdonthenominationofAfghanwarchiefAllen tobecomethenextcommanderof U.S.EuropeanCommandaswell astheNATOsupremealliedcommanderinEuropeafterinvestigatorsuncovered20,000-pluspages ofdocumentsandemailsthatinvolvedAllenandTampasocialite Jill Kelley. Some of the material wascharacterizedas“flirtatious.” Allen, 58, insisted he’d done nothingwrongandworkedtosave hisimperiledcareer. Kelley,37,whohadworkedher-

selfintothecenterofthemilitary social scene in Florida without havinganyofficialrole,emerged asacentralfigureinthestill-unfolding story that has embroiled twoofthenation’smostinfluential andrespectedmilitaryleaders. Knownasaclosefriendofretired Gen. Petraeus, Kelley triggered the FBI investigation that ledtohisdownfallasCIAdirector when she complained about gettinganonymous,harassingemails. Theyturnedouttohavebeenwritten by Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell, who apparently was jealousoftheattentionthegeneral paidtoKelley.PetraeusacknowledgedtheaffairandresignedFriday. In the course of looking into thatsituation,federalinvestigators came across what a Pentagon official called “inappropriate communications” between Allen and Kelley,bothofthemmarried. According to one senior U.S. official, the emails between Allen and Kelley were not sexually explicit or seductive but included petnamessuchas“sweetheart”or “dear.”Theofficialsaidthatwhile

muchofthecommunication—includingsomefromAllentoKelley — is relatively innocuous, some could be construed as unprofessionalandwouldcauseareasonablepersontotakenotice. That official, as well as others who described the investigation, requested anonymity on grounds that they were not authorized to discussthesituationpublicly. The FBI decided to turn over theAlleninformationtothemilitaryoncethebureaurecognizedit containednoevidenceofafederal crime,accordingtoafederallaw enforcementofficial,whowasnot authorizedtodiscussthematteron therecordanddemandedanonymity.Adultery,however,isacrime undertheUniformCodeofMilitaryJustice. Allenwasnotsuspendedfrom hismilitaryposition,eventhough hisnominationforpromotionison hold.TheWhiteHousewillsoon bedecidinghowmanytroopswill remaininAfghanistan—andfor what purposes — after the U.S.ledcombatoperationendsin2014. AllenhasprovidedhisrecommendationstotheWhiteHouseandis

keytothosediscussions. Stillmoresubplotsinthestory emergedTuesdaywithnewsthat both Allen and Petraeus wrote letters last September on behalf ofJillKelley’stwinsister,Natalie Khawam,inamessycustodydispute.In2011,ajudgehaddenied Khawam custody of her 3-yearold son, saying she “appears to lack any appreciation or respect for the importance of honesty and integrity in her interactions with her family, employers and others with whom she comes in contact.” Allen, in his letter, wrote of Khawam’s “maturity, integrity and steadfast commitment to raisingherchild.”Petraeuswrote thathe’dbeenhostfortheKelley familyandKhawamandherson for Christmas dinner, and he describedalovingrelationshipwith her son. That also indicated how closethePetraeusandKelleyfamilieshadbeen. Kelleyservedasasortofsocial ambassadorforU.S.CentralCommandinTampa,hostingpartiesfor Petraeuswhenhewascommander therefrom2008-10.

NEWS & NOTES day, Nov. 19, in observation of Thanksgiving.  Meetings will resumeonMonday,Dec.3.TheDBSAGroupmeetsonthefirstand ComeTo-Gather,anareayouthevent,runsfrom6:30to8:30p.m. thirdMondaysofeachmonthandallareinvitedtoattend. todayatTheRockyouthcenter,22ndandBroadway.Allareayouth, youthgroups,youthleadersandyouthpastorsarewelcometothis freeevent.ThespeakerwillbeD.J.DangerfieldfromHumboldt, whoalsopreachesattheFireEscapecoffeehouseinChanute.Praise TUESDAY’SCLOSINGPRICES andworshipleaderswillbefromTulsa. PRODUCERSCO-OP BARTLETTCO-OP

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Support group change TheDepressionBipolarSupportAlliancewillnotmeetonMon-

Bartlett Yellow corn Hard wheat Milo Oats Soybeans

$7.14 $8.28 $6.64 $3.50 $13.81


.06 .03 .06 Unch. .03

Girard Hard wheat Soft wheat Yellow corn Milo Soybeans

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OBITUARIES Loyal Monroe Clough

OSWEGO — Loyal Monroe Clough, 85, of Oswegopassedawayat11:30a.m.Sunday,Nov. 11, 2012, at Via Christi St. Francis Hospital, Wichita. He was born March 6, 1927, in Fairview, Okla., to Harry Monroe and Anna (Harder) Clough. HehaslivedinOswegofor47years,moving therefromLubbock,Texas.HeownedandoperatedCloughConstructionuntilhisretirement in1993. HeservedintheU.S.NavyduringWorldWar II and was assigned to the USS Wayne in the PacificTheatre.HewasamemberofChurchofJesusChristofLatterDaySaints.HehadpreviouslybeenamemberofOswegoLions Club.Therewasn’tanythinghecouldn’tbuildorcreateoutofwood or metal. He was an amazing welder and always claimed that he couldweldanythingexceptthebreakofdayorabrokenheart. Loyal married Louise Hawke. Three of their children survive: “Finally,brothers,whateveristrue,whateverisnoble,whateveris Cristy Lynn Mantonya, Oswego, Dennis Loyal Clough, Wichita, right,whateverispure,whateverislovely,whateverisadmirable— RandyLeeClough,Edmond,Okla. HemarriedJoannL.HutsononDec.28,1967,inJuarez,Mexico. ifanythingisexcellentorpraiseworthy—thinkaboutsuchthings.” Shesurvives.Alsosurvivingaretheirthreechildren,whomLoyal —Philippians4:8(NIV) adopted:DennisRayClough,SaltLakeCity,Utah,DonnaJoMcB-


servesasU.S.ambassadortotheUnitedNations.Shecouldfaceabruisingconfirmation hearing given that she was the first face of theadministration’smalignedexplanationof thefatalattackontheU.S.consulateinBenghazi,Libya. “She’sclearlygoingtohavealittlemore difficult time than she would have if she hadn’tgoneoutonallthosetalkshows,”said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., the second-ranking Senate Republican. Kyl is retiring at year’s endandlikelywouldnotgetavoteonRice, buthesaid:“Asofrightnow,Iwouldn’tsupporther.”

fessorofstrategyandpolicyattheU.S.Naval War College in Rhode Island. “It certainly wasn’texpected,butifanythinggoodcomes outofit,theydohaveachancetotakealong, hardlookatstrategy.” HenotedthatPetraeushadtakenonsuch reveredstatusforhismilitarycareerthathe won confirmation as CIA chief with little scrutiny. Even beyond the surprise difficulties, Obamacouldhavetroublewiththerestofhis high-stakesturnover. WhenClintonleaves,afavoritetoreplace her is Susan Rice, an Obama loyalist who

room,Oswego,andJoAnnShepard,Houston,Texas. Othersurvivorsincludeanephew,whomhehelpedraise,Mike Hudson,Idabel,Okla.;twobrothers,HarryClough,Yukon,Okla., andLindyClough,Enid,Okla.;threesisters,HazelRehm,Claremore,Okla.,AleeneBradshaw,GrandJunction,Colo.,andPauline Weaver,Fairview,Okla.;15grandchildren;33great-grandchildren; and a cousin as close as a brother, Melvin Cornelson, Fairview, Okla. His parents and a brother, Leonard Clough, preceded him in death. The service will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at Derfelt Funeral Home, Oswego. Burial will be in Oswego Cemetery. The family willreceivefriendsfrom7to8p.m.todayatthefuneralhome.

Del R. Veenstra MOUND VALLEY —Del R. Veenstra, 52, of Mound Valley, died unexpectedly at his home, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012.He is survivedbyhisfather,DanVeenstraSr.,andhismother,MardellVeenstra,bothofMoundValley. Thefamilywillreceivefriendsfrom7to8p.m.Thursdayatthe Bath-Forbes-HoffmanFuneralHomeinAltamont.Followingvisitation,thebodywillbecremated. Completeobituarydetailswillbeannounced.

Page 3 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Parsons Sun CLUBS Parsons Rotary Parsons Rotary president Gary Goodnight openedtheweeklyThursdaymeeting.Prayerwas saidbyCraigNewland,pledgeandFour-WayTest byMattAtteberryandsongbyHalRedford. RotarianoftheDaywasGeorgeKnoxandhe introduced his speaker, Ryan Seme, director of workforce development at Labette Community College.Seme,whocameherefromWichitaState University,beganbysayingthathetakesalook atthewholeofthecurrentlabormarketandthen triestodeterminewhatisneededforthefuture. He said there are two elements to his job: 1). Helpingpeoplegetintotheworkforceinthefirst place,and2).Helpingtoensuretheyaresuccessfulwhentheygetthere. Workforcedevelopmentisflexibleinhowitaccomplishes its goals. There are classes for entry level participants; LCC provides for corporate training; and there are community enrichment classes. Anexampleofcorporatetrainingwouldbethe clinicalsitesthatthecertifiednurses’aideswork atpriortograduating.Thereisalsoon-sitetrainingforthestaffofacompanygoingthroughabig changeinoperationorculture,andtherecanalso beone-on-onetraining. Seme also described the college’s ability to helpacompanyidentifyfutureleaderswithinits staff during training sessions, which could help acompanybetteridentifytalentitmightwantto groom.

Ideal FCE Members of the Ideal FCE unit answered the questionwhatisoneofyourfavoriteThanksgivingfoodsforrollcallattheNov.1meetingofthe unit.Ninemembersattended. Members turned in volunteer hours to Doris Farran,thehostess.Theyalsocontributedtothe

CommunityClinic. Jerry Janssen was thanked for decorating the OctoberbulletinboardatWesleyUnitedMethodistChurch.JanieWilliamswilldotheNovember board. Janssentoldaboutthecandymakingclassshe attended.Shebroughtitemsformemberstosample. JanetKirk,DonnaWilmoth,Farran,ChloeAnn Schultz,JanssenandWilliamswillattendthealuminumfoillessoninColumbustoday. Farran,Schultz,JanssenandWilmothwillattendtheHolidayHappeningsinAltamontatthe seniorcenteronNov.16. Memberswereremindedthattheunit’sDecembermeetingwouldbeapotlucksupperonDec.6 at 6 p.m. at Wesley Church. Canned and boxed foodshouldbebroughtandwillbegiventoLabetteAssistanceCenter. It was decided to table discussing serving seniorcentercoffeesuntiltheJanuarymeeting. Theunit’sJanuarymeetingwillbeJan.3atFirst ChristianChurchwithJanssenactingashostess.

AARP Labette County Chapter 2313, AARP, met for theirannualThanksgivingdinneratalocalrestaurantlastweek.Allmembersenjoyedthedinner. There were 28 members present. Hilda Gimler, health chairman, reported 2,222 volunteer hours hadbeenloggedtodatethisyear. Shirley Degenhart, vice president,invited all toattendthelastmeetingoftheLabetteCounty Chapter 2313 to a Christmas dinner sponsored bythechapter.TheChristmasdinnerthatwillbe heldattherestaurantlocatedat1000Main. Thetimewillbe11a.m.onDec.13.Allactive attendingmemberswhowishtoattendbutdidnot attend the Thanksgiving dinner meeting should RSVPbycallingsecretaryKathleenSeward,4214316,byDec.1.

Stray dog gets home after 8 years of travel BUHLER (AP) — Residents begannoticingthedogmorethan eightyearsago. For the locals, the animal that appeared in the field was a real mystery. Peopletriedtogetclose.However, she was distant, so out of concern they began leaving food andwater. “Itwasamysteriousdogthatsat inthefield,andeveryonepointed her out,” said Mayor Daniel Friesen. Afteralltheseyears,theelusive creature — appropriately named D.D., for Ditch Dog — has finallycomeindoorstothehomeof RachelleCavanaugh,justintime for the cold weather. Cavanaugh believesD.D.wasready. “Shedidn’twanttolivelikethat anymore,”Cavanaughsaid. the field along Buhler Road has wondered what her story might be. Theblond,wire-haireddogwith alovableBenjiface,andmissing her tail, never would let anyone getclose.Evenaftershefirstappearedandafrontpawgotcaught inhercollar,noonecouldgetclose enoughtohelp. Residents began calling her “Tripod,”asshehoppedaroundon threelegs,saidBuhlerPoliceChief BillTracy.Numerouspeoplecame withamissiontogetclosetothe dog,butnoonecould.Eventually, the collar weathered, rotted, and fell off. But D.D. still hopped on threelegsforaboutanotheryear. Peoplewouldcontinuetoleave food.Onewomanevenleftalarge

self-feederforD.D. “Everyone adopted her,” said Tracy.“Shewasthebest-feddogin town.Sheneverbotheredathing andthat’swhyshewasallowedto stayoutthere. “Shewasaveryintelligentdog. Icouldtellifsomeonewastrying tocatchher;shewouldgooutin themiddleofthewheatfieldand curlupinaball.” Itwasn’taneasyprocesstaming thewildcreature.ButCavanaugh, whotookthedogonasproject,begantowonderifshehadbecome thedog’sproject. D.D.wasobviouslyasmartdog. BecauseofBuhler’sleashlaw,she knewtostayonthecounty’sside of the road. She never wandered intotown. At night she slept in a culvert, fending off coyotes. When itrained,shehadtoabandonher homebecauseofflooding. Morethanayearago,Cavanaugh,whoalreadyhadthreerescued dogsathome,becameconcerned aboutD.D.,whoseemedarthritic, so she began leaving treats with medicine to help the pain. Then sheputfleamedicineinherfood, and over time D.D. began to feel better. One night, when Cavanaugh sat by the food dish, D.D. came chargingtowardher.Therewasa momentofuncertaintyaboutwhat wouldhappen.ButD.D.cameclose andletCavanaughtouchher. “Shewasstarvingforattention,” Cavanaughsaid.“Thatforcedmy hand.” NowthatD.D.hadexperienced human touch, Cavanaugh knew

Kansas state library objects to e-book policies

Neurofibromatosis is a somewhat common illness Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach: My daughter was diagnosed with a disease called neurofibromatosis. She has threedaughters.Onehasit,and so does her 3-year-old granddaughter. Her other two girls areOK.Noneofthedoctorshas toldusanythingaboutthisdisease. Can you shed some light onitforus?—M.K. Neurofibromatosis, a name unrecognized by most, is not a raredisease.Itappearsinabout oneinevery3,000births.It’sa gene-caused illness. In half of the cases, the gene is inherited from one of the parents. In the otherhalf,thegenearisesfrom amutationinoneofthefetus’s genes. Neurofibromasarebenigntumorsofnervesandnervecoverings.Theysproutfromtheskin assoft,rubberygrowths,orthey mightdevelopdeeplyunderthe skin. The number of neurofibromasrangesfromafewtoso manythattheyaredisfiguring. Inearlyinfancy,achildwith the neurofibromatosis gene developstan,flatpatchesthatare thecolorofcoffeetowhichmilk has been added. The official name of these patches is “cafeau-laitspots,”Frenchfor“coffee with milk.” Their size varies. Havingsixofthosespotsisevidenceofneurofibromatosis. Whenneurofibromasarefew, people are not greatly affected bythecondition.However,people whose bodies are covered with them are greatly affected. Neurofibromas deep within the body can interfere with body function and can impinge on nearbyorgans. Latechildhoodandearlyadolescence is the time that these growths appear. They increase in number as the child ages. Neurofibromas on the skin can be removed if their number isn’t huge. Deeper neurofibromas are more difficult to treat. Bonesareanothertargetofthis illness. Curvature of the spine sometimes is a consequence. I have described neurofibromatosis type 1, the more common variety. ContacttheChildren’sTumor Foundation,formerlycalledthe National Neurofibromatosis Foundation. It stands ready to helpyouunderstandthisillness indepth.Itswebsiteiswww.ctf. org, and its toll-free number is 800-323-7938.

the dog would be seeking it out —maybeevengoingintotheroad tofindit. The week it started getting cold,CavanaughopenedthepassengerdoorofhercarandletD.D. inside.Sheturnedontheheatand thetwodrovearoundBuhlerfora while.Shetookherhometomeet her three dogs, and let her walk aroundthebackyard.D.D.letCavanaughbrieflyputaleashonher neck.Thenshetookherbacktothe field. Cavanaugharrangedforsomeone from Hutchinson’s Apple LaneAnimalHospitaltocometo thefieldandgiveD.D.shots. “It’s been a process,” Cavanaugh said, of finally bringing the doghome.“Ididn’twantmydogs atriskortojeopardizeher.IfIwas Dear Drs. Donohue and takingherhome,ithadtowork.” Roach: I read a recent article Just a month ago, Ditch Dog that said drinking one can of wasready. D.D.isnowpartofCavanaugh’s family.It’sapparentthatD.D.was Our Deepest Sympathy to onceloved,butthepasteightyears the Family of havewornontheanimal. “She has some wicked scars,” Cavanaughsaid.Andallthescars aren’tphysical.ThesoundofaDr. PeppercansendsD.D.racingout oftheroom. Nights seem to be the hardest. That’s when D.D.’s anxiety level rises,perhapsafterallthoseyears Funeral Homes aloneinthedark. Parsons “Shegoestoherpillow,” naughsaid.

Allen D. Hillis

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200 N. Central • Parsons TOPEKA (AP) — The State Library of Kansas has turned to Facebooktoairitscomplaintsagainstsixbookpublishersitsaysare keepingsomebestsellingelectronicbooksoutofpubliclibrariesor chargingextremelyhighfeestocheckthemout. The Facebook page,, brings attention“tothetitlespublishersarerefusingtosell(as)e-booksto libraries,pricegougingorlimitingcheckoutspercopypurchased,” libraryofficialssaid. Thesixlargepublishingfirms,Hachette,Macmillan,HarperCollins,Simon&Schuster,RandomHouseandPenguinGroup,publish mostofthepopularbest-sellersinthecountry,thelibrarianssaid. Thecompaniesrecentlyannouncedthattheyplantomerge. “Writingtopublishersandcomplainingtoeachotheraboutthe publisher/library e-book conflict wasn’t enough,” State Librarian JoBudlersaidinastatementtoTheWichitaEagle.“Weneededa (socialmedia)platformofourowntocometogetherwiththepublic andreallytakealookatthecontentnotavailable.” Amongthepopularbooksnotavailablease-booksareanewnovelby“HarryPotter”authorJ.K.Rowlingand“TheSignalandthe Noise”byNateSilver.Thepagealsolistse-booksthatareavailable tolibrariesbutatpricesashighas$85acopy. HarperCollinssaidinalettersenttolibrariesin2010thatrestrictions it places on e-books are designed to protect bookstores and changepracticesthatcould“intheendleadtoadecreaseinbook salesandroyaltiespaidtoauthors.” “We are looking to balance the mission and needs of libraries andtheirpatronswiththoseofauthorsandbooksellers,sothatthe librarychannelcanthrivealongsidethegrowinge-bookretailchannel,” Josh Marwell, the company’s president of sales, said in the letter.


The Jack McGuire Family would like to thank everyone for the cards, flowers & memorial donations during our recent loss. Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to life without the man we depended on so much & loved so dearly.

problem,butdidn’tmentionwhat itwas.Doesyourdoctorthinkit’s thecauseofyourweightloss? Ifyourhealthisgood,theonly way to gain weight is by eating high-calorie foods. You have to take in more calories than you expend.Twotablespoonsofpeanutbutterhas200calories.Ifyou make a snack of a peanut butter sandwich with two slices of breadat100calorieseach,you’ll YOUR HEALTH eat 400 calories more a day. A Drs. Paul Donohue and Keith Roach banana has 105 to 170 calories. Ifyoueatboththesandwichand diet soda a day increases the the banana, you’re over 500 exchancesofastrokeorheartat- tracalories.Youshouldputona tackby67percent.Isitthearti- pound more a week doing this. ficialsweetenerinthesoda?Isit Or you can use a supplement likeEnsureorBoost.You’llfind someotheringredient?—G.K. Itseemslikethatwarninghas theminalldrugstores.Takethem beenpublishedineverynewspa- inadditiontoyourmeals,notasa perandmagazineinNorthAmer- substituteformeals. ica. The investigators haven’t Drs. Donohue and Roach reidentifiedtheexactcauseofthe increased incidence of strokes gretthattheyareunabletoanandheartattacks.Itcan’tbethe swerindividualletters,butwill artificialsweeteners,sincethose incorporatetheminthecolumn sweetenersareusedbyothersin wheneverpossible.Readersmay many different ways than soft write the doctors or request an drinks.Thewarningalsoapplies order form of available health toregularsoftdrinkswithsugar newslettersatP.O.Box536475, inthem.Aproposedexplanation Orlando,FL32853-6475. fortheincreasedincidencewith sugaredsoftdrinksistheresultingobesity. I don’t know what to make of this information. I want to see more evidence from other researchers. It’s funny that this informationisonlynowcoming tolightwhenwe’vebeendrinking these products for so many years.



Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach:Myproblemistryingto putonweight.Ihavebeenthin allmylife.Icarriedmailfor27 years. I have now lost weight, whichIcanillafford.HowdoI gainitback?—R.M. You hinted in another part of yourletterthatyouhadahealth



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Page 4 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Parsons Sun


Improve health, avoid diabetes Novemberisatimetocometogetherasacommunity tostopdiabetes. ThevisionoftheAmericanDiabetesAssociationisa lifefreeofdiabetesandallofitsburdens.Raisingawarenessofthisever-growingdiseaseisoneofthemaineffortsbehindthemissionoftheassociation. AmericanDiabetesMonthisanimportantelementin thiseffort,withprogramsdesigned tofocusthenation’sattentiononthe issuessurroundingdiabetesandthe many people who are impacted by thisdisease. Nearly 26 million children and adultsintheUnitedStateshavediabetes. Another 79 million Americans have prediabetes and are at risk of developingdiabetes. The association estimates that thetotalnationalcostofdiagnosed ASK RENO$174billion. Reno Jain, Thisis$1outofevery$5spenton R.D., L.D., CDE totalhealthcare. Diabetes’tollonhealth: — Two out of three people with diabetes die from heartdiseaseorstroke. —Diabetesistheleadingcauseofkidneyfailure. —Diabetesistheleadingcauseofnewcasesofblindnessamongadults. —Therateofamputationforpeoplewithdiabetesis 10timeshigherthanforthosewithoutdiabetes. — About 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes havemildtosevereformsofnervedamagethatcouldresultinpaininthefeetorhands,sloweddigestion,sexual dysfunctionorothernerveproblems. Oneoutofevery10peoplewithdiabeteshasType1 diabetes,theotherninehaveType2diabetes. YoumaybeatriskfordevelopingType2diabetes,if youare: Overweight/obese, exercise less than five times a week, are over 45 years of age, have high blood pressureorhighcholesterol,belongtocertainethnicgroups –AfricanAmerican,Latino,AmericanIndian,Alaska native,AsianAmericanorPacificIslander,haveafamilyhistoryofdiabetes,orhadgestationaldiabeteswith pregnancy. Diabetes cannot be prevented, however, the good newsisthattheriskfactorsaremodifiableandyoucan takestepstoloweryourchancesofdevelopingordelayingtheonsetbyadoptingahealthylifestyle. Itmaybeassimpleasmakingsomelifestylechanges: Gettingoffthecouchandeatingahealthierdiet,accordingtotheAmericanDiabetesAssociation. Thisincludes: —Watchingyourweight. —Eatinghealthy. —Beingactive. —Controllingyourbloodpressureandcholesterol. TheDiabetesPreventionProgramStudy(DPPS)researchers found that a combination of7 percent reductioninbodyweightandbuilding-upto150minutes of physical activity per week (30 minutes, five days a week) can lead to risk reduction for diabetes by 58 percent. The time to take action is now. Small changes can makeabigdifference. ——— RenoJain,RD,LD,CDE,isaregisteredandlicensed dietitianatLabetteHealthinParsons.Shewillanswer readerquestionsonnutritionandwellness.Sheregrets that she is unable to answer individual questions, but will answer them in her column as possible. Readers maysendquestionsto:askreno@labettehealth.

PUBLIC MIND POLICY The Parsons Sun provides the Public Mind as a forum for readers to express their views on issues of general public interest. Letters will be edited for length and clarity. Concise letters of no more than a single page (500 words), preferably typed and double-spaced, are requested. Letters must be signed and include the writer’s name, address and telephone number. Only the name and city are published. Letters may be mailed to the Sun at 220 S. 18th, Parsons, 67357. Letters also may be faxed to (620) 421-2217 or e-mailed to or

MISSION STATEMENT TheParsonsSunbelievesthatastrongnewspaperisessential toastrongcommunity.Ourmissionistoprovideanindependent sourceofcompelling,accurate,comprehensivelocalinformation,protectingthepublic’srighttoknowandfosteringahealthy localeconomicclimate.Wewilladheretothehigheststandardsof honesty,integrityandjournalism.Weencouragealltoparticipate inanewspaperthatisasourceofpridetothecommunityandthe company.

PUBLIC MIND: Letters may be emailed to: or Please include your name, address and daytime phone number.

Tips on saving household energy IcanhardlybelievethatThanksgivingis nowaboutaweekaway.Iguessthatmeansit won’tbetoolongbeforethecoldchillofwintersettlesinwithus.Aboutthistimeevery yearithitsme,Ihaven’teventhoughtabout whattogetmywifeandkidsforChristmas yet. Then I think, “Ah there is still lots of time.”Itneverfails,thenextthingIknow it is Christmas Eve and there is still shopping to do! Oh well, I guess I can make a NewYear’sresolutiontostartshoppingfor Christmasearliernextyear—again. Inadditiontothecomingoftheholiday season, the start of winter also means an escalation in home energy bills for most of us. However, there are some relatively simple and inexpensive things that we can doaroundthehousetohelpkeepourutility billsaslowaspossible. The key to controlling our energy costs istosimplybeawareofhowmuchenergy is used by the various components of our home. The biggest energy users are often the ones that are out of sight, make little noiseandarenotdirectlyoperatedbyusor othersinourhome. For example, our hot water heater may be hidden away in the basement or closet, makesverylittlenoiseandisneverturned ondirectlybytheuser.However,thisapplianceconsumesfrom15toover20percent

SCOTT GORDON Agriculture Wildcat Extension District-Independence

of the total household energy in a typical home. On the other hand, lighting which is highly visible and is turned on directly by flipping a switch, consumes only about 4 percentofthetotalenergyconsumptionofa averagehome.So,whileturningoffunnecessarylightsandusingmoreefficientlight sources will save energy, it won’t knock a largeholeinourmonthlyutilitybill. Thebiggestchunkofourenergyspending thiswinterwillobviouslygotokeepingour housewarm.Howwarmwekeepourhome determines how much energy we will consume.Aonedegreetemperaturechangeaffectsourenergyusagebyabout3percent. Forexample,keepingourthermostatset at68insteadof71degreeswillsavealmost 10percentonourmonthlyutilitybill.A10

degreesetbackatnightwillalsosaveabout 10percentonenergyuse. Sometipsthatcanhelpussaveonourenergydollarbycuttingbackinareasofmajor consumptioninclude: — Sealing air leaks in doors, windows, electricaloutletsinexteriorwalls,openings totheoutsideandintotheattic. — Maintaining the lowest comfortable settingonourthermostat. —Reducingthethermostatsettingby10 degreesatnight. —Keepingthehotwaterheatertemperatureatnomorethan140degrees. —Installingflow-reducingshowerheads andfaucetaerators. —Wrappingthehotwaterheaterwithan insulationkit Don’t put-off these money saving tips likeIdomyChristmasshopping.Takeadvantageofsomeoftheremainingnicedays todothatcaulking,sealing,insulating,etc. You’llbegladthatyoudidwhenthoseutilitybillscomethiswinter. Formoreinformationfeelfreetocontact WildcatExtensionDistrictagentScottGordon in Independence by calling (620) 331- mayalsocontactKeithMartininAltamont bycalling(620)

PUBLIC MIND Four more years ToTheSun: Perhapsthemostimportantelectionofhis centuryisnowhistory.OnmyCorpsofEngineersdeskaplaqueproclaimed“Ifyoualwaysdowhatyouhavealwaysdone,youwill alwaysgetwhatyouhavealwaysgotten.”This isapoliterversionofthedefinitionofinsanity.Afterfouryearsof“hopeandchange,”the majorchangewasthepassageoftheunpopularfederalhealthcarelaw.Projectedtobea jobkiller,itwasprovedtobeaftertheelection whensmallbusinessownersnotonlyfailedto hirenewemployeesbecauseoftheirinability to afford the provisions of the law, but laid offmanycurrentemployees.Thesewilljoin themillionsalreadyaddedtounemployment rolls,foodstampreceiversandindescentinto povertyalreadyoccasionedsince2009. Therewereotheraccomplishmentsinthis

term: Failure to pass the constitutionally requiredbudgetinanyyear,thefailedstimulus bill, largely used to reward major campaign contributors,thebankruptgreenenergyprojects, the bashing of America in worldwide apologytours,thewaronreligion,rulingby executiveorder,failuretosecuretheborders, suingAmericanstatestobenefitforeigngovernments, borrowing trillions of dollars to increasethenationaldebt.Thesearenotthe changespromisedin2008.Thelistoffailures islengthyandshouldbedecried,notrewarded. LastbutfarfromleastistheincrediblehandlingofthemurdersintheLibyanconsulate on Sept. 11. Despite many previous attacks informationconcerningterroristactivityand repeatedrequestsformoresecurityweredenied.Afterwatchingthemurderousattackson theconsulateinthesafetyoftheWhiteHouse situationroom,someoneinauthoritydecreed

thatnoassistancewouldbeprovidedandfour Americanswerekilledoveracourseofmany hours.Anelaboratecover-upensuedbyhigh rankingofficialswhopersistedinblaminga “reprehensiblevideo”withnogovernmentresponsibility.In1972asittingpresident,overwhelminglyreelected,washoundedfromofficebecauseofhisparticipationincover-upof athirdrateandunnecessaryinvasionofDemocratheadquartersintheWatergate,although noonediedinthataffair.Whydidn’ttheliberalmediareportthiscover-upinsimilaroutrageddetail?EvensomeDemocratcongressmenarejoiningRepublicansinseekingsome truthfromanadministrationthatstonewalled themondetailsof“fastandfurious”inwhich hundredsdied.WecanhopeObamameanthis promise of cooperation with Republicans to solvethecountry’sproblems,butitisfarmore likelyhewill”alwaysdowhathehasalways done.”—EILEENGOFOURTH,Parsons

Conservatives ready to cut state budget TOPEKA — Conservative Republicans in Kansas are ready to squeeze state spending nextyeartocloseabudgetshortfallresulting fromtheirpushtocuttaxes. TheGOPrightwillcontroltheLegislatureas itsmembersandconservativeRepublicanGov. SamBrownbacktackleaprojected$328milliongapbetweenanticipatedrevenuesandexistingspendingcommitmentsforthefiscalyear beginninginJuly2013.Lastweek’selections resulted in Republicans keeping majorities of 32-8intheSenateand92-33intheHouse,and theSenateisfarmoreconservativethanithas been. Theprojectedshortfallstemmedfrommassiveincometaxcutsenactedthisyeartostimulate the economy. Democrats argued in their campaignsthatthecutswouldleadtodrastic cutsinsocialservices,aidtopublicschoolsand otherprograms.Brownbackpromisestoprotect coreservices,buthedoesn’tdenythatashrinkingofgovernmentispartofthedesign. “Onewaytoshrinkgovernmentistochoke the input,” said Sen. Ty Masterson, a conservativeAndoverRepublicanwhoservesonthe budget-writingWaysandMeansCommittee. Brownbackandhisallieshaveacknowledged thatashort-termbudgetgapwouldemergein thewakeofthetaxcuts,beforeneweconomic activity generates additional revenues. Critics seeapermanentbudgetcrisislooming. Democrats were quick to criticize Brownback’sadministrationthissummer,afterBudgetDirectorSteveAndersoninstructedagenciestoprepareproposalstocuttheirspending 10percent.Andersonandotherofficialshave saidthedirectionsrepresentplanningforcontingenciesthatincludefurthereconomicproblemsinEuropeandongoingfinancialturmoil inWashington. “Therearesomanyvariablesouttherewe feltitwasonlyprudent.There’sanawfullotin play,” Anderson said during an Election Day news conference announcing a new financial forecastforstategovernmentfromofficialsand universityeconomists.“Wedobelievewecan

JOHN HANNA Associated Press, Topeka

handleitinthebudget.” A month before the election, Brownback wasn’trulingoutkeepingthestate’ssalestax at6.3percent,ratherthanallowingittodropto 5.7percentinJuly2013asscheduled.Thestate boostedthetaxin2010—beforeBrownback tookoffice—toprotectpublicschoolsandsocialservicesspendingbutpledgedthatmostof theincreasewouldbetemporary. Brownbackhimselfproposedkeepingthetax at6.3percentthisyeartooffsetincometaxcuts, sothattheeffectsonthebudgetwerelessened. Hearguedthatloweringincometaxeswoulddo moretoboosttheeconomythandroppingthe salestax,butmanylegislatorsresistedandsaid theyshouldkeepthepromisetodecreaseit. Democrats are waiting for Brownback to propose the idea again. Kansas Democratic Party Chairwoman Joan Wagnon predicted, “That’satthetopofthelist.” Buttherearesignsthatthetrialballoonon thesalestaxisstartingtodeflate. Newlyelectedconservativescouldbewary. Ken Corbet, a conservative Topeka businessmanwhoholdsanarrowleadoverDemocratic Rep. Ann Mah of Topeka, wants to continue pursuingallformsoftaxrelief. “If we don’t get businesses here, we don’t getfamilieshere,anditjusttricklesdownfrom there,”hesaid.“Weshouldlookatanytaxwe cancut.” The rhetoric out of the administration is aboutfindingefficiencies.Akeyally,theantitax, small government group Americans for

Prosperity,stronglyopposescancelingthesales taxdecline. “Allthatdoesisgiveyourselfanoutinnot having to find reductions in spending,” said DerrickSontag,thegroup’sstatedirector,who is married to Brownback’s chief spokeswoman. Democrats and other Brownback critics have argued for months that the governor’s popularity has slipped with enactment of the incometaxcutsandthefollow-updiscussionof thebudgetconsequences.Wagnonexpectsthe effectsofthetaxcutstobethekeyissueduring Brownback’s expected run for re-election in2014. “Themessagedoesn’tchange,”shesaid.“It getsstronger.” ButBrownbackandotherconservativesexpress confidence that a majority of Kansans have embraced a low-tax, small-government philosophy, based on the GOP maintaining suchlargemajorities. ElectionDayexitpollingshowedthat,when askedhowtheyfeelaboutthewayBrownback ishandlinghisjobasgovernor,55percentsaid theyapprovedand35percentdisapproved. Poll respondents were divided equally between men and women, and the percentage thatself-identifiedasDemocratswasaboutthe sameasthepercentageofvotersregisteredwith the party. The exit poll of 718 Kansas voters was conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks by Edison Research inarandomsampleof10precinctsstatewide. Resultsweresubjecttosamplingerrorofplus or minus 5 percentage points; it is higher for subgroups. “It reflects that Kansans like the direction thestateistaking,”saidSherrieneJones-Sontag,thegovernor’sspokeswoman.“We’remakingprogress.” The course plotted by GOP conservatives involves cutting taxes and shrinking government.They’vecuttaxes,andthey’llbeforced toshrinkspending—andthey’refinewiththat prospect.

WHERE TO WRITE Gov. Sam Brownback, (Republican) Capitol, 300 S.W. 10th Ave., Suite 212S, Topeka, KS, 666121590; phone: (785) 2963232; e-mail: BROWNBACK http://www. governor. comments/comment.htm

President Barack Obama, (Democrat) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C., 20500; phone (switchOBAMA board): (202) 456-1414; (comments): (202) 456-1111.

Sen. Pat Roberts, (Republican) 109 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; phone: (202) 224-4774; TOPEKA: ROBERTS Frank Carlson Federal Building, 444 S.E. Quincy, Room 392, Topeka, KS, 66683; phone: (785) 295-2745.

Sen. Jerry Moran, (Republican) Russell Senate Office Building, Room 354, Washington, D.C., 20510; phone: (202) 224-6521; MORAN PITTSBURG: 306 N. Broadway, Suite 125, Pittsburg, KS, 66762; phone: (620) 232-2286.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, (Republican) 130 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20515; phone: (202) 225-6601; PITTSBURG: JENKINS 701 N. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS, 66762; phone: (620) 231-5966.

Others: Sen. Dwayne Umbarger, (Republican, now District 14) 1585 70th Road, Thayer, 66776; phone: (620) 839-5458. Richard Proehl, (Republican, District 7) 510 Pine Ridge Road, Parsons, 67357; phone: (620) 421-1804. Jerry Williams, (Democrat, retiring, District 8) 21225 Kiowa Road, Chanute, 66720; phone: (620) 431-0172.

Page 5 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Parsons Sun KANSAS BRIEFS OVERLANDPARK(AP)—TheU.S.CitizenshipandImmigrationServiceplanstoadd500workersinOverlandPark. TheagencysaidTuesdaythenewworkerswillhelpwithextra paperworkcausedbyapresidentialorderthissummerthatallows young undocumented workers to stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation. The employees will work for the CIS national benefits center, withoperationsexpectedtobegininmid-December. Thepresidentialdirectiveappliedtoillegalimmigrantsnotover theageof30whocametotheU.S.whentheyyoungerthan16.They havetoliveinthecountryforatleastfiveyearsandhavenofelony orsignificantmisdemeanorconvictions.

gatingpossibleelectioneeringatpollingplacesduringlastweek’s voting. TheMcPhersonSentinelreportsfouranti-abortionvoters’guides wereleftinvotingboothsataMcPhersonchurchandtheLindsborg Safety Center. McPherson County Clerk Cathy Schmidt says the guidesappearedtobeprintedfromawebsite. Kansaslawprohibitselectioneering,suchaswearingorhanding outvariouslabelsormaterials,insidepollingplacesonelectionday. It’salsobannedwithin250feetofapollingplace. McPhersonCountyAttorneyDavidPagesayselectioneeringis aseriousmatter,butprovingcriminalintenttoinfluencevotingis difficult. Pagesayshe’slookingintothecase,buthopestouseittoeducate thepublicaboutwhatcitizensmayandmaynotdoonelectionday.

2 Fort Riley soldiers killed

Woman guilty of embezzling

FORTRILEY(AP)—Two1stInfantryDivisionsoldiersfrom FortRileyhavediedofwoundstheysufferedinseparateattacksin Afghanistan. OfficialsatthenortheastKansaspostsay26-year-oldStaffSgt. MatthewStiltz,ofSpokane,Wash.,waskilledMondayduringan insurgentattackintheZerokdistrict. OnFriday,37-year-oldCapt.JamesD.Nehl,ofGardiner,Ore., diedineasternAfghanistan’sGhanziProvince. FortRileyofficialsannouncedthetwodeathsTuesday. Stiltzwasamemberofthe1stBattalion,28thInfantryandhad been at Fort Riley since 2006. It was his first deployment to AfghanistanaftertwodeploymentstoIraq. Nehlwaswiththe2ndBattalion,16thInfantryandhadbeenat FortRileysinceMay.HeservedpreviouslyinIraqandwasonhis firstdeploymenttoAfghanistan.

TOPEKA(AP)—ADickinsonCountywomanadmitsthatshe embezzled more than $800,000 from a credit union where she worked. FederalprosecutorsannouncedTuesdayinastatementthat46year-oldPamelaEmigofSolomonpleadedguiltylastweektoone countofembezzlement.Sheadmittedthatsheembezzled$817,167 while working at Enterprise Credit in Enterprise from 2005 to 2011. Emigsaidshewrotechecksbetweencreditunionaccountsunder hercontroltohideherembezzlement. ShewillbesentencedFeb.11.

Immigration office adding jobs

Country Stampede lineup set MANHATTAN(AP)—SomeofthebiggestactsincountrymusichavenowsignedontoappearinKansas’biggestannualmusic festival. OrganizersoftheCountryStampedeannouncedthefinallineup Mondayforthe2013edition,whichtakesplaceJune27-30atTuttle CreekStateParknearManhattan. JasonAldeancommittedlastyeartoreturningin2013asaheadliner;he’llsingonFriday,June28.Theotherheadliningactswill beLittleBigTownonThursday,LadyAntebellumonSaturdayand MirandaLambert’sgroupThePistolAnniesonSundaynight. OtherperformerswillincludeColtFordandJakeOwenonFriday;risingyoungstarsJanaKramerandScottyMcCreeryonSaturday;andnewcomerMorganFrazieronSunday.

Appellate judges interviewed TOPEKA(AP)—Astatewidenominatingcommissionisinterviewing20applicantsforaseatontheKansasCourtofAppeals. Among the candidates are Caleb Stegall, who is Gov. Sam Brownback’s chief counsel, and Sedgwick County District Judge TonyPowell,aformermemberoftheKansasHouse. ThecommissionisholdinginterviewsTuesdayandWednesday. Thepanelwillthenselectthreefinalists,fromwhomBrownback willmaketheappointment.AppellatejudgesinKansasdonotneed confirmationfromthestateSenate. TheapplicantsareseekingtoreplaceJudgeChristelMarquardt, whoplanstoretireinJanuary. It will be Brownback’s second appointment to the 13-member CourtofAppeals.

Coal trail derails

GRANTVILLE(AP)—CleanupisunderwayafteraUnionPacificcoaltrainderailedinnortheastKansas. JeffersonCountyauthoritiessay23coalcarsderailedjustnorth ofGrantvilleMondaynight.GrantvilleisafewmileseastofTopeka WICHITA(AP)—Apairofmatingbaldeagleshasreturnedto and25mileswestofLawrence. Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Herrig says no one was injured. downtownWichitaforthethirdstraightwinter. ThepairwasarrivedseparatelylastweekattheirnestintheTwin Butonehousewasdamagedwhenapieceofraillandedinside.He saysthepieceofraillandedonthebottombunkofabunkbed,and LakesareaofWichita. TheWichitaEaglereportsphotographershavechroniclednearly achildwassleepingonthetopbunk. Thecauseofthederailmentisunderinvestigation. everywakingmomentoftheeagles’livesduringtheirlasttwovisits. Andmostofthewatchersarehopingthiswillbetheyearthey pairproducessomeeaglets. The eagles migrate from the northern Great Lakes to Kansas HUTCHINSON (AP) — An elderly Hutchinson man has died lakesandrivers.Whenthestate’slakesfreeze,theeaglesmoveto frominjurieshesufferedwhenhewashitbyacaraswalkedalong rivers, including the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita. This astreetSunday. pairofeaglesusuallystaysinWichitauntillateFebruaryorearly Policesay77-year-oldNeilJ.KralicekdiedMondayataWichita March. hospital.Hewashitbyacardrivenby43-year-oldValerieS.Avery. KralicekwasairliftedSundaytotheViaChristiHospitalonSt. FrancisinWichita.Averywasnotinjured. Hutchinsonpolicecontinuetoinvestigate. McPHERSON (AP) — A central Kansas prosecutor is investi-

Bald eagle pair returns

Hutch man hit by car, dies

Electioneering investigated

VA, KU Med Center expand health care access TOPEKA(AP)—TheVeteransAdministrationandtheUniversityofKansasMedical Center announced plans Tuesday to provide Kansasmilitaryveteranswithmoreaccessto telemedicine. Officialssaidtheeffortwillallowveterans toaccessmentalhealthcarewithouttraveling greatdistancestoaVAfacility. Dr.WilliamPatterson,directoroftheVA’s Region15inKansasandMissouri,estimated thatmentalhealthissuesaffect25to30percentofallveteransinthecountry. “Nationwidethat’samajorissuefortheVA tomeetallthedemands,”Pattersonsaid. Telemedicinelinksapatientwithahealthcareproviderthroughasecurevideolinkfor basicdiagnosticservicesandfollow-upvisits withspecialist.TheVAprogrambeganasapilotprogramin2011focusingonmentalhealth serviceswiththreeruralhospitals. A KU affiliate in Garden City is the first

to sign up to continue the telemedicine link andcontractsarebeingfinalizedfortheother two.Allwillcontinuementalhealthinitially, thoughofficialssaidthatcouldexpandtootherhealthcareserviceinthefuture. Pattersonsaidthebiggesthurdlestoexpansionhavebeenmakingsurethatthetelemedicinesiteandvideoconnectionsaresecureto protectpatientprivacy. Currently, 80 facilities participate in telemedicineactivitieswiththeKUMedicalCenter,whichisbasedinKansasCity,Kan.The newpartnershipwilllooktoexpandtheservicestoothersafety-nethospitalsandclinics. Gov.SamBrownback,whohostedthenews conferenceannouncingtheprogram,saidthe programwasthefirstofitskindbetweenthe VAandastatemodel. “This is a clear example of how federal and state agencies can cooperate to deliver improvedmentalandhealthcareservicesin

a more cost-effective manner,” Brownback said. Thegovernorsaidtheideaofthestate-federalcollaborationbeganwithRep.TomSloan, aLawrenceRepublican,whosoughttoexpand telemedicineservicestoveterans.Sloansaid the program can serve as a template for expandingaccesstootherKansasresidents,especiallythoseinruralareasdeemedmedically underservedandlackingsufficientproviders. Easieraccessandreductionoftraveltimes shouldleadtomoreveteransinruralareastakingbettercareofthemselves,saidMaj.Gen. LeeTafanelli,adjutantgeneraloftheKansas NationalGuard. Hesaidmanyveteransareforcedtotakea dayortwooffofworktotraveltoWichita,TopekaorLeavenworthtogettoaVAhospitalto seeaprovider,somethingmanycannotafford todo.Asaresult,mentalhealthissuesthatcan beaddressedareleftuntreated.

Global warming talk heating up WASHINGTON(AP)—Climatechangeissuddenlyahottopic again.Theissueisresurfacingintalksaboutaonceradicalidea:a possiblecarbontax. On Tuesday, a conservative think tank held discussions about it while a more liberal think tank released a paper on it. And the CongressionalBudgetOfficeissueda19-pagereportonthedifferent ways to make a carbon tax less burdensome on lower income people. A carbon tax works by making people pay more for using fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas that produce heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Theideawasconsideredsoradicalthatin2009,whenPresident BarackObamatriedtopassabillonglobalwarming,thatheinstead optedforthemoremoderateapproachofcappingpowerplantemissionsandtradingcreditsthatallowedutilitiestopollutemore.That idea,afterpassingtheHouse,stalledintheSenatein2010andhas beenconsidereddeadsince. Evenso,theObamaadministrationhasnoplanstopushforacarbontaxnow,saidaWhiteHouseofficialwhospokeonconditionof anonymitybecausetherearenodiscussionsabouttheissue. The whole issue of climate change was virtually absent during thepresidentialcampaignuntilHurricaneSandyhittheEastCoast. Thedevastatingsuperstorm—ararityfortheNortheast—andan electionthatledtoDemocraticgainshaveshovedglobalwarming backintotheconversation.Sohasthehuntforanswerstoalooming budgetcrisis. Sothecarbontaxideahasbeenrevivedbysomeonboththeright andleftandissuddenlyappearinginnewspaperandmagazineopinionpiecesandinquietdiscussions. “Ithinktheimpossiblemaybemovingtotheinevitablewithout everpassingthroughtheprobable,”saidformerRep.BobInglis.The SouthCarolinaRepublicanlosthisseatin2010inaprimaryfight, partlybecauseacknowledgedthatglobalwarmingexistsandneeds tobedealtwith.Nowheheadsanewgroupthatadvocatesacarbon tax and the idea is endorsed by former Ronald Reagan economic adviserArthurLaffer. Theright-leaningAmericanEnterpriseInstituteheldanall-day discussionofitTuesday.Atthesametime,theBrookingsInstitutionreleaseda“modestcarbontax”proposalthatwouldraise$150 billionayear,with$30billionannuallyearmarkedforcleanenergy investments.BrookingsseniorpolicyfellowMarkMurocalledita “perfectstorm”ofscienceandpolitics. TheconservativeCompetitiveEnterpriseInstituteissoconcerned aboutacarbontaxthatonTuesdayitfiledalawsuitseekingaccess toTreasuryDepartmentemailsdiscussingtheidea. There’snoquestionacarbontaxwouldstirhugeopposition.A tax of $20 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions would add 1 or 2 percent to the price of gasoline and electric power, said Muro of Brookings. Experts on all sides of the issue have watched climate proposalsfailinthepast.CongressisstillsplitandmanyintheRepublicanpartydenytheexistenceofman-madeclimatechange,despite whatscientistssay.CongressalsoonTuesdayblockedtheEuropean UnionfromimposingataxonAmericanairlinersflyingtothecontinentaspartofanefforttoreducegreenhousegases. EnergyindustrylobbyistScottSegalsaidmanyutilitieswillfight acarbontax.“Theconditionsarefarfromripeforacarbontax,iffor nootherreasonthanacarbontaxisataxoneconomicgrowth.” Butenvironmentaladvocatesareseizingthemoment,determined nottolettheinterestinclimatechangesubsidewiththefloodwaters. On Wednesday, former Vice President Al Gore launches a 24hour online talkfest about global warming and disasters. Another group,,headedbyenvironmentaladvocateandauthorBill McKibben,isinthemidstofa21-citybustour. Gorecomparedthelinkbetweenextremeweatherand“dirtyenergy”fromcoal,oilandnaturalgastothelinksbetweencigarette smokingandlungcancerortheuseofsteroidsandhomerunsin baseball. “MotherNatureisspeakingveryloudlyandclearly,”Goresaid inaphoneinterviewfromSanFrancisco.“Thelawsofphysicsdo applyandwhenweput90milliontonsofglobalwarmingpollution intotheatmosphereeveryday,ittrapsalotofheat.” Climate change worries have had a high profile in New York, post-hurricane. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had not planned toendorseapresidentialcandidate,changedhismindafterSandy struck,throwinghissupporttoObamaandcitingclimatechangeas anissue. OnMonday,NewYorkGov.AndrewCuomoinanewsconference said he had seen extreme weather with Hurricane Irene and TropicalStormLeein2011andnowSandy:“Igetit,I’veseenthis moviethreetimes.” “Climatechangeisreal,it’shere,it’sgoingtohappenagain,”he said.“Whatdowedoaboutitandhowdowehardenoursystems, howdowemakesurethisdoesn’thappenwiththefuelsystemagain? Howdowemakesureitdoesn’thappenwiththecellphonesystem? Wannatalkaboutchaos!” Goresaidhe’sbeenpushingacarbontaxfordecades.Buthisidea isnottousethemoneytolowerthedeficit,buttoreducepayroll taxesinarevenue-neutralway. “Weshouldtaxwhatweburn,notwhatweearn,”hesaid.

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Regular dental care improves overall health. Choose from a wide variety of options. Covers preventive services: cleanings, fillings, x-rays. May include crowns, dentures, root canals One card covers all your care needs.

Cristy Mitchell Group Consultant N.1102.RPA

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Page 6 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Parsons Sun Red Devils named all-CNC



SEK basketball notebook: Kendrick among new coaches BY JASON PEAKE JPEAKE@PARSONSSUN.COM

Erie High School was representedonthe2012AllCNCLeagueFootballTeam. ErieseniorJustinHartzell was a second team pick at runningback. Senior Christian Murphy was a second team all-CNC selectionatlinebacker.Gavin Pagewasanhonorablemention pick on offense, while RedDevilsSheldonDiediker and Hartzell were honorable mention selections on defense.

The SEK League is going back to a double round-robin schedule for the 2012-13 basketballseason. With the league down to seven teams, all the teams in the conference will play each otherhomeandaway. Longtime Labette County High School boys basketball coachBradSmithusedtooppose a double round-robin when the league had nine teams. With Iola and Columbus no longer in the league, Smith is now in favor of the doubleround-robin. “I am now with seven teams,” Smith said. “I wasn’t with nine teams because it filled up your schedule. Now we can still have non-league games.Itworksperfect.” Parsons Coach Mike Krull is a fan of the double roundrobin,too. “It gives you a true champion,”Krullsaid.“Ilikeit.In the past, it’s worked out well forus.”

2012 CNC Football Team First Team Offense O-Line — Tieler Commons, Colgan; Jarod Carver, Galena; Jalen Merrell, Girard; Kevin Rowe, Girard; Justin Galloway, SE. Receivers — Daniel Peak, Southeast; Landon North, Riverton. Quarterback —Josh Thompson, Southeast. Running backs — Anthony Scholes, Girard; Greyson Spriggs, Riverton; Conner Dayton, Colgan. Punter —Aaron Twarog, Colgan. Second Team Offense O-Line— Kylor McCartney, Frontenac; Lance King, Columbus; Sam Taylor, Riverton; Hunter Cox, Baxter; Devin Vail, Girard. Reciever — Jordan Morgan, Columbus; Ryan Rakestraw, Southeast. Quarterback —Chandler Underhill, Riverton. Running back — Taylor Lewis, Girard; Trenton Little, Galena; Justin Hartzell, Erie.

Hoops season is here! The high school basketball season is officially here. Teams in the area and across the state began winter practices on Monday. Parsons Coach Mike Krull held a morning practice and an afternoon practice on Monday.

First Team Defense D-Line — Jalen Merrell, Girard; Dusty Walton, Galena; Gavin Houser, Columbus; Sam Taylor, Riverton. Linebacker — Nate George, Girard; VJ Piccini, Colgan; Tyler Vancleave, Galena; Amos Bindel, Baxter. D-backs— Dylan Weaver, Riverton; Dan Peak, SE, Nick Sivert, Galena. Second Team Defense D-Line — Blake Barto, Frontenac; Devon Vail, Girard; David Misasi, Colgan; Nolan Wall, Riverton. Linebackers—Taylor Wakins, Columbus; Christian Murphy, Erie; Brett Macary, Frontenac; Tyler Gray, Girard. D-backs —Luke Marquardt, Colgan; Brayden Johnson, Girard; Bryan Wade, Frontenac. Honorable Mention Offense — Nate Bole, Columbus; Gavin Page, Erie; Devon Keith, Frontenac; Kyle Wilkins, Galena; Trenton Stolte, Girard; Hunter Deckard, Riverton; Dyson Dechant, Colgan; Nate Grimaldi, Colgan; Colton Charlton, SE, Bryan Borgan, SE. Defense — Sheldon Diediker, Erie, Justin Hartzell, Erie; Tanner Brown, Baxter; Nick George, Girard; JJ Helton, Galena; Jace McDown, Columbus; Jake Neal, Riverton; Cody Lindbloom, Frontenac; CJ Russell, Colgan; Riley Ulery, SE. Coach of the Year — Leon Miller, Girard. League champion — Girard (6-0 in CNC).

BRIEFLY Erie moves to TVL for hoops season Erie High School is now a member of the Tri-Valley League.Themoveisofficial for the 2012-13 high school basketballseason. TheRedDevilscompeted in the CNC for years and years. Erie’sfallsportsteamcompetedintheCNCthisyear,as schedulingissuesforfootball delayedamovetotheTVL.

Double round-robin returns to SEK

ABOVE: Troy Williamson puts up a shot during a drill as Payton Hays plays defense and Craig Beachner looks on. LEFT: Coach Krull makes a point during Monday’s practice.

Jason Peake/Sun photo

KendrickleadingPHS Bridgette Kendrick is now coachingheralmamater.After a standout career for the Parsons Vikings ended in 2007, Kendrick played Division I basketballatBuffalo,N.Y. Kendricksaidshehadagood turnoutonMondayforthefirst practiceoftheseasonandadded she’s preaching defense as thenumber-onepriority. While speaking to the league’scoachesandmediaon Monday at the preseason luncheon, Kendrick noted she’ll be coaching against many of thesamepeoplewhocoached against her while she was in highschool. “It’snicetobebackcoaching against some of these guys,’’shesaid. Kendrick also joked about theageofsomeofhercoachingpeers. “I’myoung,”shesaid.“Ican still get out on the court and playwiththemandshowthem howit’sdone.” Later,CoachSmithofLCHS responded to Kendrick’s age remarks. “They put a defibrillator rightoutsideofHarrisonGymnasiumfor(Clint)WittyandI threeyearsago.”

Chiefs fall to Steelers in OT PITTSBURGH (AP) — For 60 minutes the Kansas City Chiefs avoided what has plagued them all throughout their luckless season. Then,inoneinstantofanerrantthrowby MattCasseljust39secondsintoovertime, the Chiefs were again victimized by their propensitytoturntheballover. And with it was gone a chance at a big upset. Lawrence Timmons returned turnoverproneCassel’sfirstinterceptionofthegame 23 yards to the Kansas City 5, setting up ShaunSuisham’sfieldgoalasPittsburghescaped with a 16-13 victory at chilly, rainy HeinzFieldonMondaynight. “Ithinkweplayedwellinallphases,we took care of the football for the most part —obviously,untilovertime,”Casselsaid. Jamaal Charles had 100 yards rushing andatouchdownon23carriesforaKansas Cityteamthatsustaineditssixthconsecutivelossdespitea290-249advantageintotalyards. TheChiefs(1-8)hadn’tledinregulation atanypointthisseasonbeforetakinga100first-halfleadonaSteelersteamthathad wonitspreviousthreegames. The Chiefs protected the ball for 60plus minutes after having an NFL-worst 29 turnovers through eight games — until thesecondplayofovertimewhenTimmons steppedinfrontofCassel’spassintendedfor DwayneBowe. “Turnovershavebeenthebigredinkfor our offense,” Chiefs receiver Dexter McClustersaid.“Overall,werantheballwell. Ourlineheldup.Inthoseconditions,everyone was catching the ball and doing their best.It’sunfortunateithadtoendonaturnover. “Wefoughttotheendandgaveourselves achancetowininovertime.”

MCT photo

Kansas City Chiefs free safety Kendrick Lewis (23) and fellow free safety Abram Elam (27) tackle Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer on Monday night. Cassel drove the Chiefs 52 yards in the final two minutes of regulation to get into rangeforRyanSuccoptohitatying46-yard fieldgoal.Succoplinedupwith2seconds leftafterCasselspikedtheballtostopthe clock.Theentireoffensesprintedtotheline after Cassel hit Bowe for 27 yards to the Pittsburgh28onfourthand15fromthe45 with22secondsleft. “Iftheguyskeepplayingthatway,wecan definitelygetthisshipturned,”KansasCity

coachRomeoCrennelsaid.“That’swhatit takesonaweeklybasis,andifwe’lldothat we’ll get it turned because we’ll clean up someofthethingsthatwescrewedupand thenthingswillbegintogoourwayalittle bit.Butit’sjusttoobad.” After Pittsburgh fought back with Suisham’sfieldgoalandMikeWallace’snifty 7-yardtouchdowncatchinthesecondquarSee KC, Page 7.

Newcoaches Kendrickisn’ttheonlynew coachintheSEKLeaguethis season. EricFlatonisthenewgirls coachatCoffeyville. Flaton previously coached at Altoona-Midway, Erie and Ulysses.Flatonisa2001graduate of Parsons High School, where he participated in football,basketballandtrack.FlatonismarriedtoAshley(McClelland)Flaton,alsoaformer Viking. Flatoncommentedthathe’s glad to be coaching in the leaguehegrewupwith. On the boys side, Tyler Thompsonisthenewcoachat Coffeyville. Hetoohasareaties. ThompsonplayedforCoach SmithatLCHS,andhisbrotherisTuckerThompson,acurrent member of the Grizzlies. Tyler Thompson commented that after informing Smith he hadtakentheCoffeyvillejob, his former coach congratulated him, but then added, “You can’thaveyourbrother.” Said Smith: “I’ve been awfullyblessedtoworkwithalot of great kids. And Tyler was oneofmyfavorites.” Independence boys coach Marcus Lanning is also on Smith’s coaching family tree, having been a student-teacher atLCHS. Also,Smith’sformerplayer Brian Tucker is now an assistantwiththeGrizzlies. Startingover Krull of Parsons noted he lostvirtuallyhisentireteamto graduation. “It’s pretty simple,” Krull said. “We lost everybody. It willbeinteresting.5.1and3.2. That’swhatwe’vegotcoming back. 5.1 points and 3.2 reboundsagamefromlastyear. Thegoodthingisalotofthese guyshavebeenplayingtogetherontheJV.” Krull said he had his players run on the track behind thehighschoolearlyMonday morning. He added the team hasgoodnumbers. Krull also mentioned there’s nopressurethisyear,astheprogramwaspickedtofinishlastin theleague’spreseasonpoll. “Wehavenowheretogobut up,”hesaid. See SEK, Page 7.

Wrestlers fare well at Indy TheParsonsMiddleSchool wrestling team traveled to Independence on Monday to compete in a tournament hostedbytheBulldogs. There were several medal winnersfortheVikings. First place winners were Keshawn Anderson, Justen Cronick, Willie Jones, Brett Houk,andTylerGress. Second place finishers were Gavynn Larson, Kamron Beard, Landon Richesin, DaltonRodie,QuinceyJones, ChandlerStinson,andJordan Redmond. Finishing third were Nick McCall, Zach Gilmore, Jaqwaun Williams, Larry Garoutte, Brady Magner, Tyler Metcalf, and PrestonElsworth. TheVikingsnextcompetitionisscheduledforthisSaturday in Coffeyville beginningat8:30a.m. “Wehavecompetedalotin the last week,” Coach Chris Ballsaid.“Itisquiteabitfor newwrestlerstodigest.Itwill be good for everyone to get backinthepracticeroomand workonsomethings.Ourkids aredoinggreatforasnewto thesportastheyare.Iamvery pleased with the hard work thattheyareputtingin.”

Page 7 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012


New England Miami NY Jets Buffalo

W-L 6-3 4-5 3-6 3-6


Pct .667 .444 .333 .333

Final scoring leaders list 1. Wesley Collins, COF, 146 pts. 2. James Newton, COF, 118 3. Alex Barnes, PIT, 112 4. Marques Floyd, FS, 98 5. Blake Kisner, CHA, 60 tie. Derek Sharp, CHA, 60 7. Spencer Bernhardt, PIT, 58 8. AJ LaRocca, CHA, 57 9. James Jones, COF, 54 tie. Courtlan Hayes, IND, 54 11. Johnathan Stark, FS, 42 12. Nick Powers, PIT, 37. 13. Brock Gilmore, CHA, 36 tie. Victor Hughes, FS, 36. tie. Dontae Johnson, LCHS, 36 tie. Jacob Durossette, FS, 36 tie. Anthony McNeely, PIT, 36 tie. Josh Smeed, CHA, 36. 19. Straton Hunziker, FS, 34. 20. Blayne Kimmell, COF, 33.

AFC South Houston Indianapolis Tennessee Jacksonville

W-L 8-1 6-3 4-6 1-8

Pct .889 .667 .400 .111

AFC North Baltimore Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cleveland

W-L 7-2 6-3 4-5 2-7

Pct .778 .667 .444 .222

AFC West Denver San Diego Oakland Kansas City

W-L 6-3 4-5 3-6 1-8

Pct .667 .444 .333 .111

Kicking only 1. LaRocca, CHA, 57 (Set a new record for a season) 2. Powers, PIT, 37 3. Kimmell, COF, 31

NFC East NY Giants Dallas Philadelphia Washington

W-L 6-4 4-5 3-6 3-6

Pct .600 .444 .333 .333

NFC North Chicago Green Bay Minnesota Detroit

W-L 7-2 6-3 6-4 4-5

Pct .778 .667 .600 .444

NFC South Atlanta Tampa Bay New Orleans Carolina

W-L 8-1 5-4 4-5 2-7

Pct .889 .556 .444 .222

NFC West San Francisco Seattle Arizona St. Louis

W-L 6-2 6-4 4-5 3-5

Pct .722 .600 .444 .389

NFL RESULTS Thursday’s Game Indianapolis 27, Jackson. 10 Sunday’s Games New Orleans 31, Atlanta 27 Minnesota 34, Detroit 24 Denver 36, Carolina 14 Tampa Bay 34, San Diego 24 Tennessee 37, Miami 3 New England 37, Buffalo 31 Baltimore 55, Oakland 20 Cincinnati 31, N.Y. Giants 13 Seattle 28, N.Y. Jets 7 St. Louis 24, San Francisco 24 Dallas 38, Philadelphia 23 Houston 13, Chicago 6 Monday’s Game Pittsburgh 16, Kan City 13, OT Thursday, Nov. 15 Miami at Buffalo, 7:20 p.m.

Raiders, Rams picked to win CNC League


AFC East

CLASS 6A PLAYOFFS Friday’s semifinals Free State at SM West Hutchinson at Derby CLASS 5A PLAYOFFS Friday’s semifinals

SEK TEAM OFFENSE Pts. Avg. Coffeyville 424 38.5 Pittsburg 323 35.9 Fort Scott 348 34.8 Chanute 403 33.6 Labette 156 17.3 Indy 121 13.4 Parsons 80 8.9 SEK TEAM DEFENSE Pts. Avg. Fort Scott 122 12.2 Chanute 149 12.4 Coffeyville 219 19.9 Labette County 247 27.4 Pittsburg 314 34.9 Independence 377 41.9 Parsons 525 58.3 SEK SCORING MARGIN Fort Scott 22.6 Chanute 21.2 Coffeyville 18.6 Pittsburg 1.0 LCHS -10.1 Indy -28.4 Parsons -49.4

Bishop Miege at S. Thomas Aquinas

Salina South at Bishop Carroll CLASS 4A PLAYOFFS Friday’s semifinals KC Piper at Eudora Holton at Mulvane CLASS 3A PLAYOFFS Friday’s semifinals Rossville at Silver Lake Scott City at Beloit CLASS 2-1A Friday’s semifinals Lyndon at Centralia/Wetmore LaCrosse at Meade 8-MAN I Title game Saturday at Newton Rock Hills vs. Ness City 8-MAN II Title game Saturday at Newton Baileyville B&B vs. Thunder Ridge

Playoffs teams—Fort Scott, Chanute, Coffeyville.

PITTSBURG, Kan. — The FrontenacRaidersandRiverton Rams were the girls and boys basketball coaches top choices, respectively,intheCNCLeague Preseason Polls announced Mondayafternoon. The polls were released during the annual preseason luncheon presented by The Ticket --99.1ESPNRadio,whichtook place at Watco Companies of Pittsburg. Frontenac earned six of the sevenavailablefirst-placevotes. The Girard Trojans, who advanced to the Class 4A state tournamentandfelltoeventual state champ McPherson in the opening round, was second in the league poll. Girard (18-6 in ‘11-12)hadtwofirst-placevotes and43points. Baxter Springs picked up all sevenpossiblethird-placevotes, andwasthirdinthepollwith35

SEK Continued from Page 6.

KC Continued from Page 6. ter to tie the game at 10, a 3-minute sequenceinthethirdquartersummedupKansasCity’slostseason. TheChiefshadachancetotakethelead ontheirfirstpossessionofthesecondhalf, but Bowe’s 22-yard touchdown reception was called back because of a holding penalty,andSuccopmisseda33-yardfieldgoal momentslater. “It’s always frustrating when you think youhaveatouchdownpassandallofasuddenyouseeaflagonthefield,�Casselsaid, addinghefelttheflagwasthrownlate.“It’s alwaystoughtoovercomethat.� Tougherstilltoovercomewhatappeared tobeanothertouchdownbeingtakenoffthe board.Lessthanaminutelater,JustinHoustonscoopedupwhatwascalledafumbleby Byron Leftwich and returned it 21 yards intotheendzone.Areplayreviewshowed theplaywasinsteadanincompletepass. TheChiefsalsowereflaggedforagroup touchdown celebration, and the 15-yard penaltywasenforced,allowingtheSteelers to keep the ball instead of facing a fourth andlong. “Idon’tknowhowtherefcalledtheplay,� Charlessaid,referringtoBrandenAlbert’s holdimgpenaltythatnullifiedBowe’stouchdown.“Hewasontheothersideofthefield. Thatmakesyouthink—andthenextthing youknowyouit’sgoingbad. “Ifeltlikerightthereitstartedtogobad likehowthewholeseasonhasbeengoing.� FortheAFC’sworstscoringoffense,havingtwotouchdownsandapossiblefieldgoal takenofftheboardinthespanoflessthan a minute was just too much to overcome —evenwhilefacinganopponentthathad itsstarquarterbackknockedout. BenRoethlisbergerleftearlyinthethird quarteraftergettingslammedtotheturfby TambaHaliandHoustonearlyinthethird quarter. Coach Mike Tomlin said he was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Behind backup Byron Leftwich, the Steelers (6-3)

Longtimevoice SteveLardyofKLKCisset to begin his 29th year broadcasting Parsons High School basketball games. It’s safe to say Lardy has seen it all during his tenure. He admitted he’sseen“thebestofthebest, andtheworstoftheworst�in theleagueovertheyears. Gonebutnotforgotten After long runs in the league,IolaandColumbusare nolongerintheSEK. “ImissIolaandImissColumbus,�Krulltoldthecoaches andmediaonMonday.“They wereintheleagueforeverand theyweregoodpeople.�

MCT photo

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) ran for a first quarter gain past Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Larry Foote on Monday night. The Chiefs lost and are 1-8. wentontotheirfourthconsecutivevictory. Roethlisberger was 9 of 18 for 84 yards. Leftwich, playing for the first time in two years, was rusty in relief. He completed 7 of14passesfor73yardsthoughhedidproduceascoringdriveearlyinthethirdquarterthatgavetheSteelersa13-10lead.Casselcompleted11of26passesfor154yards forKansasCity.CasselhitTonyMoeakifor 38 yards on the Chiefs’ second drive, settingupa12-yardtouchdownrunbyCharles togiveKansasCityitsfirstleadsincea7-3 victoryoverDenverinthe2011regular-seasonfinale.Theleadgrewto10-0afterIsaac Redman’s fumble deep in Pittsburgh terri-

toryledtoa22-yardfieldgoalbySuccop. Like any brief flirtation with success forKansasCity,itdidn’tlast.TheSteelers drewevenbeforehalftime.Wallaceatoned foranearlierdropbymakingaremarkable 7-yardtouchdowngrabinthecornerofthe end zone. Playing against Todd Haley for thefirsttimesincefiringhimasheadcoach last December — Haley’s now the Steelers’ offensive coordinator — the Chiefs played with an energy they haven’t shown regularlythisseason.Cassel—fillinginfor aninjuredBradyQuinn—said“withouta doubt�itwastheChiefs’mostcompleteeffortoftheseason.

The Machine Shop Tooling/Engineering Manager is responsible for engineering and designing PDFKLQHGSDUWVGHVLJQDQGEXLOGPDFKLQHWRROĂ&#x20AC;[WXUHVVHWWLQJLQLWLDOPDFKLQHRSHUDWLRQ standards, sample part production, initial machine programming, and machine tool costs. Daily duties include handling the cost estimating for machine work RFQâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, supervision of personnel in the tooling department ,making sure that tooling is designed and built to meet FXVWRPHUTXDOLW\VSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQVDQGRQWLPHGHOLYHULHV ,GHDO([SHULHQFH Â&#x2021;\HDUV¡H[SHULHQFHZLWKPLGVL]HGPDQXIDFWXULQJFRPSDQ\ Â&#x2021;%6'HJUHHLQ(QJLQHHULQJ Â&#x2021;\HDUVSUHYLRXVH[SHULHQFHLQPDFKLQLQJRIFDVWLQJV Â&#x2021;.QRZOHGJHRI0LFURVRIW2IĂ&#x20AC;FHDQG6<0,; Â&#x2021;$JJUHVVLYHRUJDQL]HG6HOIVWDUWHU6WURQJWHDPEXLOGLQJVNLOOV6HOIDVVXUHG Â&#x2021;*RRGSUREOHPVROYLQJVNLOOV*RRGYHUEDODQGZULWWHQFRPPXQLFDWLRQVNLOOV*RDORULHQWHG


ATTENTION: KIMBALL PEOPLE (You know who you are)

A reunion for all those who have lived in or near Kimball, attended school or church there, is to be held on Saturday, November 17 at the former Stark high school building (Grant Community Center) in Stark, Kansas. Doors open from 11am until 3pm or beyond Potluck dinner starts at 12pm (table service and drinks are provided) Everyone is welcome; bring relatives and friends who would enjoy this great event. Bring your memories, stories, memorabilia and pictures to share. Notice of plans to attend would be appreciated but are not required; come anyway. Contacts: Esther Clements Kennedy at 620-724-7076 or L.D. Hodgden at 620-754-3737 or

Fillingin Longtime assistant  coach Heather Wilson filled in for Kristi Snider on Monday in representing the LCHS girls program. Wilson noted the Grizzlies may need some underclassmentoperformatthevarsity levelthisyear. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ouryoungerkidsplayeda lotthissummer,â&#x20AC;?Wilsonsaid. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wefeelreallygoodaboutthe progress theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re making. A fewfreshmanmayplaysome. Whilethiscouldbearebuilding year, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll play solid defenseandweâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;llplayhardevery night.â&#x20AC;? Finalnote Thefirstgamesoftheseason will be played on Friday, Nov.30.




Machine Shop Tooling/Engineering Manager


points. League newcomer Columbus edged St. Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-Colganforfourthinthesurveywith 26points. Southeast, Riverton and Galenaroundedoutthegirslpoll. LikeFHSinthegirlspoll,the Rivertonboyshadsixofapossiblesevenfirst-placevotesand 48 points to lead their list. The Ramsfinished18-3lastseason, losing in a memorable 72-65, four-overtimeClass3Asub-state semifinalvs.St.Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-Colgan. The finished second to RHS in theleaguesurveywith38points andonefirst-placevote.Frontenacwasthirdinthepoll.Girard had35pointstofinishinthetop halfofthelist.Galenatiedwith Columbus for fifth in the poll, withSoutheastseventhandBaxterSpringswaspickedeighth. ErieisnolongerintheCNC. The Red Devils are now in the Tri-ValleyLeague.



From Home for the Holidays to

Home for Good Enjoy hugs from the grandkids year-round and more visits with longtime friends thanks to the Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones Program. Your loved ones currently living out of state may live income tax free and receive up to $15,000 in tuition reimbursement by returning home to Kansas.

Funeral Homes

Marlan Hoffman

Visit for details and share this opportunity with friends

and family.

Department of Commerce

Greg Forbes

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The members of the St. Paul FFA officer team are shown with one of the FFA mascots. Officers are (from left) Carly Newberry, Kacy Phillips, Jamie Myers, Shawlisa Pollman, Bethany Paulie, Bria Maples and Jessica Caswell.

OfďŹ cers attend national convention BY DRAKE CARTER AND BROOKE MILROY This year the St. Paul FFA chapter officers attended the FFA NationalConventionOct.24inIndianapolis,Ind.,alongwithFFA Jenny Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryan, who placed 10th in the state cross country meet, posadviserandteacherRachaelPierce. es by the banner after the race. Oneofthefirstthingstheofficersgottodowasgoseecountry singer Brantley Gilbert in concert. As a part of national convention,thestudentsgottolistentodifferentkeynotespeakers,oneof whomwasScottHamilton,aformerOlympian.â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tletsomeone dictateyourhappinessâ&#x20AC;?wassomethinghesaidthatstuckwithFFA members. Piercebelievedthatthegirlsgainedleadership,communication

St. Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryan places 10th at state

andtimemanagementskills.OneofthethingsPierceenjoyedwas gettingtowatchthegirlsexperiencenewthings.Whiletheywere ontheirwaytoIndiana,theystoppedinSt.Louisandwenttothe GatewayArch,whichwassomethingnewtothestudents. Thisyeartherewastheconventionorganizerssetavolunteerism goaltomake1millionbagsoffood,whichweretobehandedoutto peopleinneed.Asapartoftheirexperience,theofficersgottohelp makethesebagswhileattheconvention.Astheywereassembling thebags,theyfeltliketheyweremakingadifference.Theywere excitedtolearnthat,notonlyhadtheyreachedtheirgoal,butthey exceededit.

Eco-Meet teaches students about outdoors

BY BRAYDEN BEACHNER AND KIRA CARLSON ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;St.PaulHighSchoolstudentJennyOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryanqualified forthestatecrosscountrymeetasafreshman.Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryansaidshewas reallynervousbeforeherregionalrunbecausesheknewshehadto finishinthetop10tomakeittostate.Hergoalforstatecrosscountry wastoatleastgetinthetop10runners.Shesqueakedbyin10thplace, whichputherinpositionforthefinalraceoftheseason. ThestatecompetitionwasheldinWamegothisyearandJenny placed10thoutof71runners.Jennystatedshehadtostartrunning inJunejusttobeinshapeandshehasbeenrunningeverydaysince then.Thisdedicationallowedhertomeetgoalsandqualifyforstate becausesheknewthatherhardworkthroughtheseasonpaidoff. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It makes me feel awesome knowing I did well because of the dedicationIputintoit,â&#x20AC;?shesaid.

Kansas poet laureate to read at PSU Thursday NovelistCarynMirriam-Goldberg,thecurrentpoetlaureateof Kansas,willreadfromherworkat8p.m.onThursdayintheGovernorsRoomoftheOvermanStudentCenteronthePittsburgState Universitycampus.Mirriam-Goldbergâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sreadingispartofthePSU DistinguishedVisitingWritersSeries,sponsoredbythePSUEnglishDepartmentandtheStudentFeeCouncil. Mirriam-Goldberg is the author of 14 books and the founder of Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College, where she teaches.SheisalsothefacilitatorofBraveVoiceworkshops,writing andsingingretreatsthatsheconductswithsingerKelleyHunt. AtPSU,Mirriam-Goldbergwillreadfromhernewestwork,â&#x20AC;&#x153;The DivorceGirl.â&#x20AC;?Herpreviousbooksincludedâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Landed,â&#x20AC;?apoetrycollection,andâ&#x20AC;&#x153;TheSkyBeginsatYourFeet,â&#x20AC;?amemoir. Mirriam-Goldbergâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sreadingisfreeandopentothepublic.AreceptionintheHeritageRoomwillfollowthereading.

BY AESHA FOLEY AND AUSTIN Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;BRIEN ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;TheEco-Meet,heldatSoutheastKansasEducationalServiceCenterannually,isaneventgearedtowardyoungstudentsshowingapassionforbiologyandthe outdoors.Itfeaturesdifferentcompetitions suchasskitsandascavengerhunt,attemptingtointroducestudentstonewspeciesin their state, complete with judges and even prizesandscholarships. TopreparefortheeventNickJacquinot, thescienceteacheratSt.PaulHighSchool, selectedstudentswithaninterestinbiology

and those who were willing to put in the timeittakestopracticeandplan.Theythen havemultiplemeetingstopracticeasateam. Manycoacheswilleventaketheirstudents onnaturewalkstoidentifyplants,making iteasierforstudentstopickoutorganisms duringthescavengerhuntatthemeet. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great event for students to showcasetalentsyoumaynotfindinthenormal classroom setting.â&#x20AC;? Jacquinot said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reallynosurprisethattheyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;realreadygearingupfornextyearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;smeet.â&#x20AC;? Two of the students who got the chance to attend the meet this year, Kelli Carter

andDrakeCarter,hadtoputtogetheraskit with their team members and then present itinfrontofjudgesandotherpeers.Kelli, astudentreturningtothemeetforherthird time,saysthatthescavengerhuntisalways themostfun. Butwhileitâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sanamusingexperience,the studentsalsoknowtotakeitseriously.The whole reason itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s there is to teach young peoplesomethingabouttheoutdoors. Drake Carter said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would like to go backagainnextyearbecauseofmyinterest inanimals.â&#x20AC;?

High schoolers share science knowledge BY BILLY BROWN, KELLI CARTER AND DARBY KRAMER ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Learningabout cells can be difficult, especially without a real cell to study. Twila Wagner, the third-grade teacher, had been teaching her class about cells for about a week,makingdiagramsofplant cellswhentheyvisitedthehigh schoollab. Nick Jacquinot, the science teacheratSt.PaulhighSchool, had his advanced biology class

prepare a presentation by using what they had previously learned and researching added informationaboutthecellsthey were presenting to help the elementarystudentsbetterunderstandit. They set up stations at the lab tables, two microscopes with two different types of cellsateach,lettingthethirdgradersexperienceavarietyof cells. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great opportunity to interest students in science, for

the third grade, and for high schoolers,â&#x20AC;? Jacquinot said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It letsthekidsseeandexperience a science lab, and lets the high schoolers experience how it wouldbetoteach,andbearole model.â&#x20AC;? Hesaidthathewasveryproud of his students and happy with howthingsaregoingthisyear. Gage Gannaway and Alise Doherty,bothelementarystudents who attended this presentation, said they learned a lot.

These third-graders really enjoyed looking through the microscopesatthecelldesigns, andlearningthedifferencesbetweenplantandanimalcells. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It really helps to have a visual,â&#x20AC;? Wagner said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It helped makestudyingcellsmuchmore real.â&#x20AC;? For four years the advanced biology class has been putting onthispresentationforthethird grade,helpingthemtoimprove theirunderstandingofcells.

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Class provides opportunity for St. Paul, Chetopa students BY KELLI CARTER AND KIRA CARLSON ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Thisyear,St.Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;snewinteractive distance learning, or IDL, enables kids frombothChetopaandSt.Paultolearnatthe sametime.Theschoolboardcameupwiththe idea, and asked St. Paul teacher and technological administrator, Brian Carlson, if it was possible.â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thehardestpartwasdecidingtodo it,â&#x20AC;? Carlson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Once we committed to the class,installingtheactualtechnologyandlinkingtheclassroomswaseasy.Wegotitdonein oneday.â&#x20AC;? Teachingaclasswheremembersareroughly 45milesapartcanbedifficult.Tohelpcoordinate,theclassesareheldclosetothesametime, and using Smart-Board technology, call each Kaci Trotter, preschool teacher, and Rachael Pierce, agriculture teacher, both new to St. Paul Schools, other,similartoacellphone,butusingtheInterhave had a busy year so far with new classes and new faces. netconnection.Anadvantageofthisisthatthe ChetopastudentscanactuallyseewhatCarlson writesontheirSmart-Board,alongwithavideo of him writing it, and giving instructions. To

New faces seen on campus BY AESHA FOLEY AND DRAKE CARTER ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ThestaffatSt. PaulSchoolshassomenewfaces. Addedtoourmixofteachersare KaciTrotter,thenewpre-school teacher,andRachaelPierce,the newagricultureteacher. Trotter, who first started teaching because of her â&#x20AC;&#x153;love forchildrenanddesiretoteach,â&#x20AC;? is not new to the teacherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s setting,havingpreviouslytaughtat the Color My World preschool

located just a few blocks from St.PaulSchools.However,this is her first time teaching in an elementaryschool. Trotter said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I was hired I was super excited! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m from St. Paul so this opportunityissogreat!â&#x20AC;? Trotter says her favorite thing aboutworkingatSt.Paulisbeing with all of her coworkers, who havebecomegoodfriendstoher, andinteractingwithherstudents. PiercegraduatedfromtheUni-

versityofArkansasandisjuststartinghereducationcareer.Whileshe studenttaughtbeforecomingtoSt. Paul,thisisherfirstyearteaching a class of her own. She says she enjoysherjobandteachingisfun, especiallyatSt.Paul. When she was asked what first sparked her interest in teachingagriculture,shereplied that it was her, â&#x20AC;&#x153;joy, love, and passion for agriculture and the class room and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s never a dullmoment!â&#x20AC;?

turninassignments,studentsscoretheirassignments on the website Carlson set up. All studentscancontactCarlsonbysendingane-mail tohimfromtheirstudentaccountsforhelpwith whateverquestionstheymayhave. Two Chetopa students who attend this class are Allison Gilbert and Jamie Jackson. Both students said the most frustrating aspect of this class is that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a little harder to get help whentheteacherisnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tphysicallyrightinfront of them like in a normal class. They liked the IDLclassbecauseitwassodifferentfromtheir otherclasses,butthatthedifferencescouldalso bedistracting,withmicrophonesinbothclassrooms, you can hear everything every student saysveryclearly. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kidsgettoworkwithkidsinotherschools,and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;spotentialforcollaboration,â&#x20AC;?Carlsonsaid. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sagreatopportunityforallthestudents.â&#x20AC;? Witheverythingtechnologycando,withadditionalwebsitestocommunicate,moreclassescan bemadeavailabletostudentsfromallschools.

Middle school receives CertiďŹ cate of Merit St.PaulMiddleSchoolhasbeenawardedaCertificateofMeritaspartofthe10thannualChallengeAwards.Thisawardrecognizesschoolsfor achievementbasedontheKansasAssessmentresultsfrom2012andotherqualifyingfactors.St. PaulMiddleSchoolhasbeenhonoredasaresult ofitsperformanceontheeighth-gradereadingassessment. TheCertificateofMeritChallengeAwardwill be presented Wednesday at Junction City. The Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task

ForcesponsorstheChallengeAwards. St. Paul Middle School also met the building-wideStandardofExcellenceinReadingand Math. Theelementarymetbuilding-wideStandardof Excellenceinmath. Thisisanaccomplishmentforstudentsandstaff formaintaininghighexpectationsforallstudents toexceedwiththechallengesstudentsandschools faceonadailybasisforaqualityeducation.

St. Paul offers preschool this year BY BROOKE MILROY AND DARBY KRAMER ST.PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;St.Paulschoolshaveintroducedapreschoolconsisting of 12 students.  The class has 10 girls and two boys. The teacherisKacieTrotterandherassistantisJanHutcherson. St.PaulprincipalWarrenMcGownsaidheandthesuperintendent, SusanBeeson,decidedtoopenthepreschooltobetterpreparethestudentsforkindergartenandtohelpthemworkonroutinesandbeingon schedule. Theprocessofgettingthepreschoolherehadtobeapprovedbythe schoolboardandtheRegionalServiceCenteroutofGreenbush,thisdecisiontookjustamatterofmonthstodecide,buthasbeenspokenaboutfor awhile.McGownsaidthattherewasnotacertainamountofstudentsthat couldbeintheclassbuttheyhavetobe4beforeAug.31. TrotterlivedinSt.Paulasshewasgrowingup,soshewashappyto comebackandteachattheschool.Thecurriculumsheusesisaprogram calledCreativeLearning.Theideaofthisprogramistoteachthechildren withoutthemrealizingtheyarelearning;soshethinksofcreativefun gamesoractivitiesforthekidstoparticipatein. Pre-schoolrunsfromeightinthemorninguntil11.Theschoolboard, superintendentandMcGowndecidedtohaveahalfdaybecauseitwould betoohardtolookafterandkeepkidsentertainedforthewholeday.One ofthethingsthatwouldhavetobeaddedtothedayisnaptimeandTrotter said,â&#x20AC;&#x153;Havinganaptimewouldjustbetoohard,tryingtoget124-yearoldstosleepisaverydifficulttask.â&#x20AC;?

Students score well on state assessment tests BY AESHA FOLEY AND AUSTIN Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;BRIEN The students at St. Paul Schools have received high scores on stateassessments.Thethird-,fifth-andseventh-gradersscoredthe StandardofExcellenceinreadingandmath.Sixthandeighthgrades bothreceivedtheStandardofExcellenceratinginreading,andseventhgradeinreadingandmath.Themiddleschoolandelementary scoredStandardsofExcellencebuildingwideinreadingandmath. WarrenMcGowan,principalatSt.PaulSchools,said,â&#x20AC;&#x153;St.Paul isveryconsistentwiththeirtesting.Somegradesareaverage,while othersexcelabovethenormalstandards!â&#x20AC;? Thesetestscoresarerewardedbyincentivedayssetbytheguidancecounselor.Throughaseriesofgoodgrades,behaviorandattendance,thestudentisawardedwitheitherafullorhalfdayexcused fromschool,andafreepasstotheParsonsTheatre.

is now providing HOMEMAKER SERVICES. Enjoy the same â&#x20AC;&#x153;peace of mindâ&#x20AC;? Southeast Kansas Respite Services, Inc. you have grown to trust, call us if you or your parents need some For information: assistance with homemaking 620-421-6550 Ext 1642 or transportation. 1-800-362-0390 Ext 1642 Email: Serving SEK

St. Paul High School senior girls perform â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Heard It Through The Grapevineâ&#x20AC;? Friday for area veterans. Pictured (from left) are Kira Carlson, Kacy Phillips, Carly Newberry, Bethany Paulie, Nikki Sears, Shawlisa Pollman and Bria Maples.

St. Paul students honor veterans BY RILEY Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;BRIEN AND TAYLOR MCCLANAHAN ST. PAUL â&#x20AC;&#x201D; On Friday, St. Paul High School students presented their annual Veterans Day program.  The program was directed by Julie Spieth. Students used a 1950s and 60s Rock â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Roll theme including popular songs like â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rock and Roll is Here to Stay,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Great

BallsofFireâ&#x20AC;?andâ&#x20AC;&#x153;RipItUp.â&#x20AC;? Hisbasictrainingwasheldat parallel, which is the division Thecommunityhonoredvet- Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and between North and South Koeran Charles F. Brown by pre- fromtherehewassenttoKorea rea. sentinghimwiththeJosephG. inOctober1960. CragerMaroonandGoldHeart He was stationed at the 38th Award for service to our country,communityandschool. ThisawardisgivenbytheSt. AIRPORT TECHNICIAN II / ELECTRICIAN PaulAlumniandFriendsAssoCITY OF MANHATTAN, KANSAS AIRPORT (MHK) ciation. HYBRID JOB OF AIRPORT TECH AND ELECTRICIAN Brown was drafted to the JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN LICENSE REQUIRED ArmyinDecember1959. JOB SECURITY AND VALUABLE BENEFIT PACKAGE STEADY WORK, NO LAYOFFS, NO LONG COMMUTES

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LEGAL (First Published in the Parsons Sun Nov. 14, 2012) NOTICE: hereby given that on November 16, 2012 at 12 noon or after a sale will be held for the purpose of satisfying a landlord's lien on the contents of a self storage room. All goods described as house-hold for unit C218 Dale Perry 2131 Crawford St., Parsons, KS 67357. TOWNSMAN SELF STORAGE 1830 South Hwy 59 Parsons, KS 67357 Nov. 14, 15


(First Published in The Parsons Sun November 7, 2012) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS SITTING IN OSWEGO CIVIL DEPARTMENT Labette Bank, Plaintiff, v. Case No. 12 CV 56 OS Boyd E. Eichhorn II, et. al., Defendants. NOTICE OF SUIT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO: Boyd E. Eichhorn II, Board of Labette County Commissioners, Zachary J. Rupert, Barbara J. Johnson f/k/a Barbara J. Rupert as Parent/Guardian of Zachary J. Rupert, the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any deceased defendants; the unknown spouses of any defendants; the unknown tenants, occupiers or co-habitants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns of any defendants that are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown executors,

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administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, successors and assigns of any defendant that are or were partners or in partnership; the unknown guardians, conservators and trustees of any defendants that are minors or are in anyway under any legal disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any person that is alleged to be deceased, and all other concerned persons: You are hereby notified that a Petition for Mortgage Foreclosure has been filed in the District Court of Labette County, Kansas by Labette Bank, praying for foreclosure of certain real property legally described as follows: Commencing at the Southwest corner of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 33, Township 34, Range 20 East of the 6th P.M., thence East 297 feet, thence North 1320 feet, thence West 297 feet, thence South 1320 feet to point of beginning, Labette County, Kansas, EXCEPT so much thereof as is used for public highway or road; and you are hereby required to plead to the Petition for Mortgage Foreclosure on or before December 18, 2012, in the Court at 517 Merchant St, Oswego, Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment will be entered upon the Petition for Mortgage Foreclosure. Labette Bank Plaintiff By: Lucas J. Nodine #23841 General Counsel for Labette Bank 2121 Main St. PO Box 737 Parsons, KS 67357 (620) 421-2265 11/7, 11/14, 11/21

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(First Published in the Parsons Sun, Nov. 7, 2012) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS SITTING IN PARSONS In the Matter of the Estate of Ronald Ray Low, Deceased Case No. 12PR51PA NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notifed that a Petition has been filed in said court by George E. Low for Petition for Administration of Estate and Issuance of Emergency Letters of Administration in the Estate of Ronald Ray Low, deceased. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 3rd day od December, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. in the District Court of Parsons, Labette County, Kansas at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fall therin, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the Estate within four months from the date of the first publication of this notice, as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. George E. Low, Petitioner TIMOTHY J. GRILLOT Attorney for Petitioner 1816 Main St. Suite A P.O. Box 311 Parsons, KS 67357 (620) 421-3010 Nov. 7, 14, 21

(First Published in the Parsons Sun November 14, 2012) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS CIVIL COURT DEPARTMENT VANDERBILT MORTGAGE AND FINANCE INC., Plaintiff, vs. Case No. 2012-CV-000045 RICHARD MCBETH, AND SHARON MCBETH, Defendants. K.S.A. Chapter 60 Title to Real Estate Involved NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court, and for the County of Labette, a certain cause in said Court numbered 2012-CV-000045, wherein the parties above named are respectively Plaintiff and Defendants, and to me, the undersigned, Sheriff of said County, directed, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Labette County Courthouse, at 517 Merchant Street, Oswego, Kansas, in said County, on Monday, December 10, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. of said day, the following described real estate located in the County of Labette, State of Kansas, to wit: BEGINNING AT POINT 85.9 FEET NORTH AND 20.5 FEET WEST OF THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THE NW 1/4 OF SECTION 26, TOWNSHIP 32 SOUTH, RANGE 20 EAST OF THE 6TH P.M. SAID POINT BEING THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF FORMER BLOCK 21, LABETTE CITY, KANSAS, THENCE WEST 320 FEET ALONG THE NORTH LINE OF 6TH STREET TO THE CENTERLINE


001 Legals

001 Legals

sued and delivered to me for execution by the District Judge of the County of Labette, and State of Kansas, in a certain action pending in said court, wherein Labette Bank, a corporation, is plaintiff, and Russell B. Yeoman, Crystal L. Yeoman, individuals and the Board of Labette County Commissioners are defendants, I will at the front door of the Labette County Courthouse, 517 Merchant, Oswego, Kansas, November 28, 20 12 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, offer for sale and sell at public action for cash in hand and as one entire tract or parcel, the following described real estate, situated in the County of Labette and State of Kansas, to-wit: Lot 10, Block 2, Hobbart & Tibbetts Addition to the City of Oswego, Labette County, Kansas; Said real estate will be sold without appraisement and is subject to a three (3) month redemption period, and such will be sold for the purpose of satisfying the unpaid balance of the judgment rendered in said action in favor of the Plaintiff. Said sale is subject to the approval of the court. Robert Sims, Sheriff Labette County State of Kansas By: Lucas J. Nodine, KS (First Published in The Parsons #23841 Sun, November 7, 2012) General Counsel IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF 2121 Main St. LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS P.O. Box 737 SITTING AT OSWEGO Parsons, KS 67357 Labette Bank Ph: (620) 421-2265 x 1921 Plaintiff ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF vs. 11/7, 11/14, 11/21 No. 12 CV 43 OS Russell B. Yeoman, et. al. Defendants NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Rake in the savings Notice of sale of property comwith the Parsons Sun monly known as 411 8th Street, Oswego, Kansas 63756. Coupons. Get Our Notice is hereby given that under Next Issue. and by virtue of an Order of Sale isOF MAPLE STREET, NOW VACATED, THENCE NORTH 200 FEET ALONG THE CENTERLINE OF VACATED MAPLE STREET, THENCE WEST 193.5 FEET ALONG THE CENTERLINE OF ALLEY IN BLOCK 22, NOW VACATED, THENCE NORTH 1273.18 FEET, MORE OR LESS TO THE SOUTH RAILROAD RIGHT OF WAY LINE, PARALLEL TO THE EAST LINE OF SAID NW 1/4, THENCE SOUTHEASTERLY ALONG THE SOUTH RAILROAD RIGHT OF WAY TO A POINT 20.5 FEET WEST OF THE EAST LINE OF SAID NW 1/4, THENCE SOUTH TO POINT OF BEGINNING, LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS, EXCEPT FOR ANY PORTION THEREOF AS IS USED FOR PUBLIC HIGHWAY OR ROAD. Robert Sims, Sheriff of Labette County, Kansas Mark J. Schultz, KS Bar #13619 Gallas & Schultz 9140 Ward Parkway, Suite 200 Kansas City, MO 64114 T: 816.822.8100 / F: 816.822.8222 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF Nov. 14, 21, 28





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Classified Liners Private Party Only Excludes: Help Wanted Exp. Nov. 21,2012 101 Help Wanted

101 Help Wanted COMMUNITY NATIONAL Bank â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Parsons is seeking applications for a New Accounts/Teller positions. Preference will be given to applicants who have previous bank experience. Applicants should possess excellent customer service skills, excellent work ethics, and be detail oriented. CNB offers competitive compensation and an attractive benefit package. To apply, send your resume to CNB, ATTN: Keith Butler, P.O. Box 799, Parsons, Kansas 67357 or complete an application at 330 N 16th, Parsons, Kansas location. CNB is an equal opportunity employer. NURSERY ATTENDANT, 9:00am - Noon on Sundays. Apply at First Christian Church, 1500 S. 29th. FFX, INC., Fredonia, KS is expanding our fleet in your area. If you are looking for: â&#x20AC;˘ Home every 2 wk or more â&#x20AC;˘ Locally/family owned â&#x20AC;˘ Top Wages â&#x20AC;˘Excellent customer base. Requires 2 yr. experience, CDL Class A License. Call 866-681-2141 or 620-378-3304. IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR FRONT DESK Clerk, Must have computer experience, and customer service experience. Apply within. Best Western. 101 E. Main, Parsons. No Phone Calls Please.

104 Servs. Provided

101 Help Wanted

COUNSELOR NEEDED, LPC, LMSW, licensed in the State of Kansas. Part time to start. Send resume to: EARN OVER $1,500 per month by working 2-3 hours for 5 nights every week. The Parsons Sun is looking for a independent contractor who has a dependable vehicle, Must be able to work late nights and early morning hours. Have a good work ethic. Apply in person at the Parsons Sun office at 220 South 18th Street, Parsons, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. No phone calls please. INSURANCE SPECIALIST (crop) â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Market, retain, and service crop insurance portfolio. Prefer 2+ years success in crop insurance or ag products/services sales. Travel on regular basis within local area, working extended hours seasonally. Work Parsons marketplace. RĂŠsumĂŠ and cover letter to Te a m H R @ F r o n t i e r F a r m or TeamHR, Frontier Farm Credit, 2627 KFB Plaza Suite 201E, Manhattan, KS 66503. Full description at www.FrontierF a r m C r e d i t . c o m EEO/AA/M/F/D/V PART TIME Helper needed; 15 to 20 hours per week as needed. Duties include painting and light construction; Experiance prefered. 620-778-3116.

MAINTENANCE TECH A growing plastics company is searching for a maintenance technician with experience to include; 480 volt/3ph electrical, electric motors/controls AC/DC, Computer controls, power transmission, pneumatic motors/controls/tools, natural gas ovens/controls, general plant maintenance. Our benefit package includes 401(k), Health Insurance, Company Paid Life and more. Competitive pay based on experience. Apply or forward your resume to: Charloma, Inc. PO BOX 367 Cherryvale, KS 67335 Fax: 620-336-2127

AFFORDABLE PC software and hardware installation, virus removal, custom programs, personal or small business, and system maintenance, Call 620-778-6263 after noon for a quote and more information. BOLLIG CONSTRUCTION & Carpentry. Roofing, remolding, Bathrooms, Vinyl siding, foundation, Drain clean out, Snow removal, Etc. 620-423-4489. CAVEN HEAT & Air; 20 Years Experience; NATE Certified Technician; Licensed & Insured; Service, Installation & Repair. 620-423-2603. CHC POLE Barns When Quality counts, Count on us! 1-866-956-1221 or 918-456-1221. CHIMNEY SWEEP Over 15yrs. Experience Call Marty Sorah. 620-779-2000

104 Servs. Provided DRAIN PROBLEM? Reliable Drain Service; Call 620-875-8558. ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS? Quality work, Reasonable rates, FREE Estimates! Sullivan Electric 620-778-0923. ENGLANDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PAINTING, Interior/ExteriorPainting, power washing decks and fences; Clean gitters. 620-784-5723. FLOORING INSTALLATION Services. Quality Installations at Reasonable Rate. Carpet, Vinyl, Vinyl Tile, Ceramic Tile, Wood, Laminate Joe Roe 620-423-2069 Robert Roe 620-717-1385 Dave Thomas 620-778-8437. G & R Pumping. Pump septic tanks & Rent porta pots, Install septic tanks & lagoons. 620-423-5955 or 620-423-5365.

GOODBAR PAINTINGHonest and Affordable, Free Estimates; Wall Paper ReCOOKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TAX Service. Now moval and Power Washing; Accepting new clients. Pro- 620-778-8126. Equal Opportunity Employer fessional, Friendly service. GORDONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 620-421-0933. HOME Repair 104 Servs. Provided Interior/Exterior DAVE'S Bathroom Remodels; CONSTRUCTION Decks; Floor systems 2 HIGH School Boys want& Repair. No Jobs too SMALL! ing lawns to mow & will also Roofing, Siding, 620-717-4273. do odd jobs: 620-423-2628, Remodeling, 620-778-3461. Decks & More! Free Estimates HANDYMAN: FREE EstiA1 ROOFING & remodeling. Insured mates, Will Beat Lowest Bid. Free estimates. Insured. All 620-433-2092 Have References. work guaranteed. 421-4213. 620-244-6017 620-778-4860.

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No matter what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for a car, a house, a job or even a couch youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to find it in the Parsons Sun Classifieds. Our affordable rates and large customer base make it easy to reach a huge volume of people. Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re buying or selling, we get results. Call 620-421-2000 or 1-800-530-5723





HEAT/AIR Troy Brown Heating & Cooling



Heating & Air Conditioning

In Business Since 1983 NATE Certified Tech Commercial & Residential

30 Years combined experience on staff.

20 years experience â&#x20AC;˘ NATE Certified Technician â&#x20AC;˘ Licensed & Insured â&#x20AC;˘ Service, Installation & Repair

Licensed, Bonded and Insured. East Main

Also ask about discounts on installed landscapes

(620) 423-2603


Fall Special!! Save 10% on a Complete Lawn Sprinkler System Free Estimates and References

Call Tony (620) 432-4301

Paul Caven, Owner

Installation & Repair - Call for fall landscape specials



ALL Sizes Available â&#x20AC;˘ Economy & Standard

Ready Mix Concrete

PAINTING SERVICES John Goodbar, owner

2301 Washington 620.778.8176

Wallpaper Removal â&#x20AC;˘ Powerwashing

Goodbar Painting honest & affordable, FREE estimates


Call for Specials Toll Free: 866-956-1221


ACI and State Certified




PROFESSIONAL TREE SERVICE Sm. Prepared Iron $170 + ton Call on all other pricing. Aluminum Cans 55¢ lb.


620-421-1277 â&#x20AC;˘ 620-717-5494 417-529-9767

Look for the Cement Drive

5305 Main, Parsons

FREE Estimates Insurance Claims Welcome Hail & Wind Damage

2$3&/!- 302!9&/!-).35,!4)/.

Fall is the best time of year for trimming

Your Hometown Roofers! A Parsons-based Business

Used Cars, Salvage Roll Off Containers & Gravel Hauling Available. Buying Scrap Metal. Call For Current Prices!

Parsons, Kansas â&#x20AC;˘ 620-421-6464

Mold Resistant â&#x20AC;˘ Excellent Sound Barrier


â&#x20AC;˘ Trimming â&#x20AC;˘ Topping â&#x20AC;˘ Pruning â&#x20AC;˘ Removal â&#x20AC;˘ Stump Removal






Terry Lamb, Owner


Call 4234645 or 4210067

SAVE Up to 60% on Heating/Cooling bills

Page 12 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 104 Servs. Provided GUTTERING BY STAND-CO; 5” seamless, 30 colors plus, free estimates. 620-431-8198.

202 Special Notices

MIDWEST METAL Post Building Materials; All Colors, Metal, Screws, Trim, Insulation, Doors; 620-226-3660. MIKE COLES In Home Service Appliance, Heat & Air Repair Residential & Commercial 620-423-4577 MONTE MUNINGER Auto Detail & Auto Sales 40 years experience Call Monte Muninger 620-423-0935 or SEK Auto Sales 620-421-6060. MOW PASTURES or Lots. Plow and/or Till Gardens. Insured. 620-423-1373. OBRIEN READY Mix Concrete; NOW Selling Decorative Rock; 620-421-5127. PRIVATE TENNIS Lessons Call Chris Shultz (620) 778-5969 “2001 State Champ” along with many other titles! PROFESSIONAL CONCRETE Service; Driveway’s; Patio’s; Sidewalks; Custom Work; Free Estimates. 620-421-0067. RANDY BROWN Heat & Air. Service on all makes of air conditioners, and window units, sells, installation, sheet metal work and duct work replacement, or repair. Your local York, Coleman and Armstrong Dealer. Lowest prices in the area. Call 620-423-2461. RONCO CONSTRUCTION Your one stop shop for ALL your interior exterior remodeling. 800-47-RONCO SEWING MACHINE Service & Repair. All Brands! Home Calls! 45 Years experience. Reasonable & Guaranteed! 620-421-6279. TO ALL customers: Due to The Closing of McGuire’s Small Engine Repair, ALL Accounts need to be Settled by 11-17-12. Thank you for your patronage. TOBEL CONSTRUCTION: Building, remodeling, foundation, support work and roofing. 620-820-3210, 620-717-4331. TRESTAN MITCHELL Roofing FREE Estimates Insurance Claims Welcome 620-421-1277, 620-717-5494. 1-417-529-9767.

Call (620) 421-2000 E-mail Go to our website: NOTICE INVESTIGATE fully before sending any money as an advance fee. For further information call or write: Better Business Bureau; 345 N. Riverview, Suite 720; Wichita, Ks 67203; 316-263-3146 (This notice provided as a customer service by The Parsons Sun.)

204 Lost & Found

106 Day Care Daycare has openings, 20 yrs. Experience, SRS, TFI approved; Loretta Smith, 620-423-2549 or 620-421-5678.

305 Misc. for Sale

BUY HERE, Pay Here. No Credit Check Harper’s Auto. 3124 Main, 620-421-4440. NOTICE: THE Parsons Sun does not investigate advertisers who place advertisements in our paper and does not undertake to guarantee the legitimacy of such advertisers or their products. Before signing a contract, readers may check with the Consumer Protection Div., Attorney General’s Office Topeka, Kansas 1-800-432-2310

RENT-2-OWN: $1,000 down, $300/month. Cash sale discount. 2 Bedroom, 1914 Clark. 620-891-0168. TWO AND Three bedroom apartment homes. NO WINTER HEATING BILLS!! Short wait list open now. Price based upon income. Utilities paid. Apply at Mendota Creek Apartments, 1500 S. 25th, or call 620-421-5330. E.O.H. WEEKLY OR Monthly Rates, Furnished/Unfurnished, Kitchenettes, Chanute (620) 891-0168

706 Mobile Homes for Rent 602 Trucks

2 BEDROOM for 1-2 peo1990 GMC 2500; run great; ple. No Pets. $325 a month; needs tranny; $900 OBO; 620-421-0705, Leave message. 620-778-1146.

1 BR Garage Appartment; All Electric; 314 N. 23th. (1) UPRIGHT freezer, $250; 620-820-9506. (1) Chest Freezer $200. PROPERBoth in working order. BRIDGEWAY TIES; 1- Studio efficiency; 1620-779-1809. 3-4 Bedroom; CH/A; No ‘94 CHEVY Pick-up s10, Pets; 620-820-9567. Semicircle couch, recliners on ends; Chest drawers; Christmas trees; Christmas Village House and more. 620-421-0825. HIGH GRADE Top Soil; Tilled; No weeds or seeds; $80 a truck load. 620-421-0067; or 620-423-4645. OLEG CASSINI Wedding Ball Gown Dress;; Size 6; $500, originally $1,000; Jewelry; Veil; & Shoes Included: Call 620-423-5195. WHIRLPOOL SIDE by side refrigerator. Ice and water in door. Good Condition. $250.00. Call 620-423-2484

308 Musical Instr.

Steel Buildings Prices Reduced Wholesale/Factory offers On discounted deals Big & Small Source# 1RC 866-609-4321

101 Help Wanted

101 Help Wanted

6 LAB mix puppies; 4) black w/white markings; 2) white w/black spots. 620-423-3614. KATHY’S GROOM and BOARD, LLC. Loving and Professional Care! 620-784-5807. TRISHA’S PAMPERED PAW’S; 620-421-6778; Pet Grooming Parsons Pick-up Available.

ADKINS RELIABLE Used Cars. 2001 Chevy Blazer, 4x4, $4,475. 620-421-5981 /620-423-7826.

Opening for Part Time Newspaper Office Assistant! Work hours 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Responsibilities will include circulation customer service, answering phones and assisting the Circulation Department with training and supervising the carrier delivery team. Must be able to learn quickly and work well with our customers. Send Resume to:

101 Help Wanted

Parsons Sun Attn: Amy Jensen PO Box 836 Parsons, KS 67357

101 Help Wanted

Part-time Team Member I (Dietary Aide), 10:45 a.m.-7:15 p.m., 16 hours/week, $9.17 to start Full-time Registered Nurse, Med/Surg, day shift (7p-7a), 36 hours/ week PRN Registered Nurse, Cardiac Rehab, will work as needed PRN DME Driver, will work as needed (up to 16 hours per pay period), will take call for nights and weekends, must have valid Kansas Driver’s license. PRN Care Car Driver, will work as needed, must have a valid Kansas Driver’s license. PRN Paramedic/MICT, will work as needed Apply online at or in person at front desk. EOE

629 S. Plummer, Chanute, KS 66720

101 Help Wanted

101 Help Wanted

INTENSIVE SUPERVISION OFFICER 11th Judicial District Community Corrections has an opening for an Intensive Supervision Officer in our Parsons, Ks. office. This is a full time position requiring the supervision of adults who have been placed on probation by the Courts as well as extensive documentation. This position works closely with the Courts, Prosecutors, Treatment Providers and other community agencies. Salary: $36,419 annually Required education: Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice or closely related field. Send Application/Resume to: Community Corrections 602 N. Locust Pittsburg, KS 66762 or Applications can be downloaded at Applications will be accepted through 5:00PM Friday November 26, 2012.

CARRIERS WANTED CITY OF PARSONS Early Morning Routes!! Great job for Someone retired or Wanting a Second Job. Up to $100 or more per month depending on route size.

311 Pets/Supplies

Terra’s Daycare has full 601 Automobiles time openings. SRS ap2005 DODGE Neon, Extra proved. 620-778-3646. Clean, $4875.00, Call Tyler’s Tots Daycare has 421-5981 or 423-7826. openings 18mo +. SRS approved and preschool activi2005 FORD 500 ties daily. Call Amanda TyRegular Service ler. 620-820-4319. Very Clean $6,850.00 (620) 431-0172 202 Special Notices ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. 423-0340, 421-5648.

or Water paid. 620-423-2244.

807 For Sale

WE BUILD all fences, also 15” MACBOOK PRO laptop. roofing; carpentry; vinyl sid- $500.00 OBO 620-717-2853 for details. ing; concrete. 620-421-0893

DO YOU HAVE COMPANY COMING for the Hoidays but not enough time to clean? Call us 620-421-4928 or 620-605-8458.

620-795-2165 620-605-8171.

3 BR Trailer for sale or rent; LOST: LARGE black Lab., 704 Houses for Rent 551 22000 Rd. Cherryvale; South of Parsons about 5 mls. 620-423-1086. 2 BR.; CH/A; Newly Remod- 417-625-4855. eled, Stove & Refrig; NEVER DIE!! Live forever. 6 2 0 - 8 2 0 - 1 6 8 3 , 710 Storage Read John 3:16 for details. 620-421-6051. Guaranteed. ALTAMONT MINI STOR3 BR, 1 Bath, Very Clean, AGE; Contact Hardman 205 Schools Range-Refrig.; 1 car Ga- Rentals; 3106 1/2 Main or rage; CH/A; $500. per Call 620-421-9220. PIANO LESSONS month; Open Dec. 1; 1401 Elliott; 620-820-1639. 620-423-0118. CENTER SELF Storage 8x12 units $35.00, other NEWLY REMODELED, Two units also available. Contact 301 Auctioneers or Three Bedroom Rent Allen Veterinary Center. 15000AUCTIONS.COM $450.00 Deposit $450.00; 620-421-1341. COL. Jerry Chesnutt, NO Pets and References Auctioneer/Broker Required. 2501 Gabriel Ks/Okla/Mo/Ark. (620) 421-0067 Leave a MINI-BUC STORAGE; Contact Hardman Rentals, 3106 1-800-809-2790; 423-2086, Message. 1/2 Main or call; 620-236-7348; 620-421-9220. Col. Cody Chesnutt, RENT-2-OWN: $1,000 620-795-2298. down, $300/month. Cash SOUTH 21ST Street sale discount. 2 Bedroom, Indoor Mini Storage 1914 Clark. 620-891-0168. 620-423-2566 DUST FREE 302 Wanted to Buy CONTROLLED ACCESS 705 Apts. for Rent WANTED: MKT Railroad Warehouse Space Items; treadle Sewing Ma- 1 BEDROOM UPSTAIRS; Available. chines. Old Guns and signs. $450 mn. $450 Deposit; All Call 421-4098 or 423-2864. bills paid. 620-421-0416.

LOTUS BASS Guitar; Suede Case; Kustom Bass Amplifier; All Cables; with $200 obo. TROY BROWN Heating & Stand. 785-392-7702. Local. Cooling, NATE Certified, Commercial & Residential. 620-421-0296. 309 Crafts

105 Empl. Wanted

705 Apts. for Rent

4 EASY Ways to Place 2006 CHEVY Uplander; 2 BEDROOM; Central heat; 157,000 miles; $4,800. 2211 Belmont; $350 mn. Your Classified Ad:

Stop by PAINTING 220 S. 18th

HARDING’S Service. Interior & Exterior Painting. Power Washing, Window & Gutter cleaning. 620-421-6951.

601 Automobiles

Stop by The Parsons Sun To fill out or Pick up an application at 220 S. 18th No Phone Calls Please

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Ultimatumswon’twork unlesspartnerscave Dear Amy: My partner’s mother isaveryunreasonableperson.Sheis veryhardonherdaughter.Nomatter what my partner does, sheisnotsupportiveandalwayscriticizes her. Lately she has given us a lot of ultimatums.Thefirst one was becausewewere planning to ASK AMY adopttwocats Amy Dickinson to be companions for our little dog. We weretoldthatifwegotthecats,she wouldnotcomeovertothehousefor avisit. ForThanksgivingwehaveinvited friends to share the meal with us. My“mother-in-law”saidthatifwe invited anybody for Thanksgiving, shewouldnotcome.Nowthelatest ultimatum is that if I invite any of myfamilyoverfordinneronChristmas,shewillnotcome. Iknowthishasbeenhurtingmy partner.Shewantshermothertobe withusforChristmas.Nowmypartner’smotheristellingmethatIhave to make a decision as to whether I seemyfamilyforChristmasorIsee her.

My partner agrees that I should have my family for Christmas, but this is painful for her. How do I dealwiththis?WhatdoIsaytomy mother-in-law? Help! — Powerless Partner Dear Partner: Your partner’s mother can lay down whatever ultimatums she likes, but you should knowthatthisisapatheticandmad grab for power and control. If you givein,thefamilyterroristwins. You and your partner should do your best to run a peaceful, happy home with your pets, friends and family. I like the idea of continuing to invite your partner’s mother tojoinyouforholidays,etc.,butshe doesn’tgettocontrolthepetcountor guestlist.It’sthatsimple. This behavior is designed to divideandconquer.Don’tletthishappen.Ifyougiveintooneunreasonable demand, you will encourage her to demand more. You and your partner should stay on the same page.Youshouldalwaysberespectful and kind to her, while working hardtomaintainyourownsenseof calm.Shewillhavetoadjusttothis, andifyoustayfirmshemightcome around. Amy Dickinson’s memoir, “The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, a Daughter and the Town that Raised Them” (Hyperion), is availableinbookstores

WEDNESDAY ’S HOROSCOPE  ARIES (March 21-April 19) ★★★★ Communicate an unusualidea,yetbewillingtoaccept suggestions. A brainstormingsessioncouldbefruitful.The unexpected plays a large role in howeventsunfurl.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)★★★★★ Youmightkeep pushingthelimitwithapartner. Adiscussionaboutideascouldbe moreimportantthanyourealize. Afriendconfusesplanswithout meaningto.  GEMINI(May21-June20) ★★★★ Othersseekyouout;try toremainresponsive.Yourimagination could take you in a new direction. Share some of these thoughtswithacloseassociate.  CANCER(June21-July22) ★★★ You might be unusually focusedonyourdailylife.Somehow,someoneshakesupthestatus quo, and you’ll realize how accustomedyouhavebecometo atried-and-trueroutine.  LEO(July23-Aug.22)★★ ★★★ Let your mind expand to otherwaysofthinking.Youwill noticethedifferenceandbemore positive as a result. A partner couldsurpriseyouwithanidea, whichmightbehardtograsp.   VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) ★★★ Staycentered,andknow what you want. Take some time to get grounded before heading intowhatcouldbeanunusually busyday.Apartnercontinuesto bevague.  LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) ★★★★ Stay on top of your


work, an important situation or simplytheday’sevents.Afriend or associate inadvertently could confuseplansoraconversation.  SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)★★★ Knowthatyoucould changeyourbudgetandpriorities ifyousochoose.Youmightnot besureastowhatyourexpectationsarewithacreativeoptionor dynamicpersonalityinyourlife.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) ★★★★ You are energized, and you zoom right through any confusion. You’ll comeoutontop,nomatterwhat. Yourimpulsiveness,mixedwith youringenuity,carriesyoueasily throughanyhassles.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan.19)★★★ Yourintuition tells you that more information iscoming.Remembertoassume a passive stance. Though this traitisnotinnatetoyou,itcould work.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)★★★★ Yourimmediateconcerngoesfromothers’evaluation of your work or performance to simplylettinggoandbeingyourself.Youcan’tpushtotheextent thatyouhavewithoutintegrating some lighter and easier interactions.    PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)★★★★ Pullbackandexaminewhatishappening.Becareful nottomakejudgmentsorbecome triggered.Youreyeswillopenup to a new perspective, especially if you can accept responsibility foryoursideoftheissue.










DOYLE GLASS CO. LLC “Give us your next break!”

620-421-4780 • 3410 Grand Ave. Parsons, KS 67357


Window Repair & Replacement Screen Repair Storm Windows & Doors AUTO Mirrors Windshield Repair & Shower Enclosures COMMERCIAL Replacement Storefront Repair & Custom-cut Glass for Replacement old vehicles & heavy machinery Commercial Doors & Windows

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Parsons Sun

Bird causes power failure PowerwasoutfornearlyanhourTuesdaymorninginsoutheast Parsons,anareathatincludedseveralindustries,includingPower Flame. AccordingtoWestarEnergy,theoutagebeganat10:14a.m.and endedat11:03a.m.Thepowerfailureaffected829customers,Westarsaid. Equipmentfailureatthesubstationinthe2400blockofSouthern isbeingblamedfortheoutage. Westarsaidabirdcameincontactwithequipmentatthesubstation,causingthefailure.

Judge blocks use of Kansas voter names TOPEKA(AP)—AfederaljudgeonTuesdayorderedcandidatesina closeKansasHouseracenottocontactvoterswhocastuncountedprovisionalballotsandsetahearinginalawsuitthatinvolvesSecretaryofState KrisKobachandoneofhismostvocalcritics. U.S.DistrictJudgeJ.ThomasMartenscheduledahearingforWednesdayafternooninKobach’slawsuit.ItseekstopreventDemocraticstate Rep.AnnMah,RepublicanchallengerKenCorbetandtheirsupporters fromcontactingasmanyas131voterswhocastprovisionalballotsinthe 54thHouseDistrictintheTopekaarea. But ahead of the hearing, Marten agreed to prohibit the candidates from using voter names released to them by officials in Douglas and Shawneecounties.The54thDistrictincludespartsofShawnee,Douglas andOsagecounties,butOsageCountycertifieditslocalresultsMonday, reviewingprovisionalballotswithoutreleasingvoters’names. TheRepublicansecretaryofstateinitiallysoughttopreventofficials inShawneeCountyfromreleasingvoternamestothecandidates,buthis filingFridayinfederalcourtwastoolatetopreventit.Heamendedhis lawsuitlateMondaytoblockthecandidatesfromusingthenamesthey’d receivedandincludedDouglasCountyinthelawsuit. MahtrailsCorbetby44votesoutofnearly10,700cast,andshe’shopingtopickupenoughvotesfromas-yet-uncountedprovisionalballotsto overcomeCorbet’slead.Bothcandidateshopetocontactvotersandhelp correctpotentialproblemssothattheirballotswillbecountedwhenthe DouglasandShawneecountycommissionerscertifyresultsThursday. “Everything’s on hold until we investigation what the options are,” Mahsaid. Kobach, a former law professor, is known nationally for helping to draftlawsinArizonaandAlabamacrackingdownonillegalimmigration.HealsopushedsuccessfullyinKansasforalawrequiringvotersto showphotoidentificationatthepolls.Mahhasrepeatedlycriticizedhim andthelaw,andapoliticalactioncommitteeformedbyKobachspent $3,123onamailingbootingCorbetjustdaysbeforetheelection. DemocratscontendKobachistryingtoeliminateMah’slast,slimhope forwinning,butKobachsaidhe’stryingtoprotectvoters’privacy.He alsocontendsthedisclosureofvoters’nameswouldviolatefederallaw. KobachdidnotreturnatelephonemessageseekingcommentTuesday, butonMonday,afterOsageCountycertifieditsresults,hesaid,“They don’tneedtohavecandidatespesteringthemaftertheelectionisover.” Provisionalballotsarecastwhenelectionworkersaren’tsurepeople areeligibletovoteatparticularpollingplaces,forreasonsincludingthe lackofaproperphotoID,arecentmoveor,forsomewomen,aname changeupongettingmarried.Eachballotisplacedinanenvelopeandset asideforfurtherreview.

CALL 421-6999 JOHN QUIRIN APPLIANCE REPAIR Repairing Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Icemakers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ranges, Cooktops, Ovens & Window Air-Conditioners 25+ Years Experience & Training Insured & Certified In-Home Service Monday-Saturday

Courteous Service + Fair Prices + Quality Repairs = ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER

Jim Page, who works for Russell Barnes, dumps a load of pecans that the Savage harvester collected from around native pecan trees east of Parsons on U.S. 400. Barnes harvests about 40,000 pounds of pecans a year.

HARVEST Continued from Page 1.

yearsoldatthefield.Nativepecansaretheoldestandcultivars,such astheKanzatrees,areyounger. Thesmallerpecantreesproducesmallernutsbecauseit’smore difficultforthemtotakeinwaterduringadrought.Thelargertrees producebiggernutsandcanweatherthedroughtbetterbecauseof anestablishedrootsystem. Leavesremainedonsometreesinthefield,whichReidsaidis unusual. “Typicallywedon’tstartharvestinguntilalltheleavesaregone,” Reidsaid. Thefield’streesareproducingbettercropsnowafterthe2007ice stormdestroyedabout50percentofthetrees’canopies.In2010,the treesstartedproducingbetterand2011wasbetterstill,Reidsaid. Heexpectsevenbetterproductionthisyear. Beforetheicestorm,thetreesproduced65,000poundsofnuts. Lastyear,thetreesproducedcloseto50,000pounds. TheharvestfromtheChetopafieldcanendupanywhere.Some of the product is sold as seed to forestry services in Kansas and Oklahoma and parts of Missouri. The pecans are sold to shellers forupto$1.50apoundfornativepecansand$2apoundforthe plumperKanza. “It’sanationalmarket,prettymuch,”Reidsaid. Reid likes the Kanza because it resists some diseases and producesbiggerkernels.Whenthenutsarecracked,hesaidahigher percentageofKanzasremaininhalvesbecauseofthegeometryof William Reid looks over pecans harvested from the Kansas State Unithenut. versity Extension Service field east of Chetopa. BARNES Hepreferstosellthenuts,whichhecollectsinbagsthatcanhold Russell Barnes only grows native pecans and he harvests on threeplots,thebiggestofwhichisnearhisbusiness,BetterBuiltby 1,650 pounds, to shellers and distributors. He doesn’t like to sell themfromhisbusiness. Barnes,nearStraussonU.S.400. Theharvesthaschangedalotovertheyearswithnewequipment Hisyieldsareabout40,000poundsofpecans,buthe’sconcerned makingthingseasierforthefarmerwhocanaffordit.Theharvest aboutthemarketforthenut. usedtobemorelaborintensive,hesaid. “Themarketisn’tverygoodthough,”Barnessaid. Barnessaidhehastriedmanyvarietiesofpecansandprefersthe Thepricewillbedownthisyear,hesaid. Histreesareupto100yearsoldaswellandareproducingwell smallernativepecanstoallothers. “Theydohaverealgoodflavorandoilinthem,”Barnessaid. despitethedrought.

Reid holds two halves of his favorite pecan cultivar, the Kanza. The Kanza produces plump kernels and the trees are disease-resistant.

COURT Continued from Page 1. ThefightstartedwhenHardingallegedlyattemptedtosetWright’scaronfirewhenWrightwasstill insideofit. When Wright was outside of his car, Harding allegedlyranhimoverwithhiscar. Athisfirstappearance,Hardingaskedabouta lowerbond,whichissetat$50,000.JudgeFlemingsaidhewouldleaveituptoJudgeJacktoreconsiderthebondonMonday,whenHardingwill returntocourt. Baxter Springs attorney Edward Battitori attendedthebriefhearingTuesdayandsaidHarding’sfamilyhasbeentalkingaboutretaininghis services,buttheywerewaitingtohearwhatthe chargeswouldbe. HardingwastransferredtotheLabetteCounty Jailafterthehearing. An online subscription to the Parsons Sun is only $6 per month, and you can read your local news anywhere, anytime!


— Dylan J. Ramirez, 18, 1425 Crawford, madeafirstappearanceonFridayonachargeof aggravatedbattery,alevelfourfelony.Ramirez allegedlystabbedJustinD.RamirezonNov.9 withaknife.DylanRamirezwillreturntocourt on Monday. He remains jailed on a $50,000 bond. Thebrotherswerefightingabout1:15a.m.FridayandParsonspolicerespondedtothecall.The fightendedwhenDylanallegedlystabbedJustin, 22,intheleg,policesay. —MarkA.Makovec,bornin1972,Chetopa, hasbeenchargedwithpossessionofstolenproperty,alevelninefelony.Thecomplaintallegesthat Makovec possessed a 2005 Honda four-wheeler ownedbyCharlesM.AndersononAug.27.MakovecwillappearincourtonDec.3. —BethanyJ.H.Godfrey,29,Parsons,madea firstappearancelastweekfortraffickingcontrabandinacorrectionalfacility,theLabetteCounty Jail.OnNov.6,whenreportingtoservea48-hour term, she allegedly possessed cigarettes and a lighter.ShewillreturntocourtonNov.26.

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