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Parsippany High School February 2014 Issue 7

Editor’s Note Hey everyone, maybe you could tell from the red, white, and blue of the cover page, but it’s almost time for Key Club officer elections! This newsletter is dedicated to explaining what each job entails. In our Key Club, there is a president, two vicepresidents, a recording secretary, a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, an editor, a webmaster, and a historian. Each of the current officers will tell you about their respective position. I strongly encourage all of you to run as it is a great experience, it looks great on college applications, and most importantly, it’s a better way to get involved in service. Freshmen and sophomores: don’t think that you guys can’t run! Having an officer position earlier in high school can set you up for holding a higher position by your later years. If you guys haven’t picked up your application, go to Mrs. Macgregor’s room as soon as possible! Currently, the forms are due by Tuesday 2/18 but this may change due to the recent snow days. Once again, I encourage you all to run! Your Editor, Samuel Wu

President: Jasmine Jean Hi guys, I’m Jasmine the current Key Club President! As much as I do not want to give up my position, I GUESS I will help you guys along with the elections that are coming up! Being president of any club requires organization, responsibility, an open mind, commitment, integrity, and of course, leadership. However, being president of Key Club requires a love for service and Key Club. It is a daunting task, but it really is all worth it in the end (sorry for the cliché, but its true). So here’s an abbreviated summary of what I do as President. Every week, I am responsible for making an agenda for the Officers and General Meetings. There is always an event to prepare for, so the agenda is rarely blank. To prepare for events, you need to make sure everything is intact, such as volunteers, food, communicating with the person who is in charge (if it isn’t a school event), etc. However, it isn’t your job to do everything. As president, you need to delegate all of the responsibilities to the other officers. Although, being president is a lot of work, the other officers, specifically the Vice Presidents, will always have your back! Key Club is not only one of the largest clubs in our high school, but it is one of the largest service, student-run clubs in the world. You will be communicating with the Lieutenant Governor about bigger events, such as Regional Training Conferences, Fall Rally, District Convention, etc. Luckily, our next LTG is Aleena Kazmi, so

President: Jasmine Jean (Cont.) contacting her won’t be a hassle. You will be the connection between the club, the advisers, the division, and the district, so communication and friendliness is imperative. Ultimately, you always need to set a good example. You need to be passionate about service and Key Club, in order for the officers and general members to love it as much as you do. Please don’t be threatened by this amount of responsibility; it may seem like a lot of work, but you’ll learn to love it. Key Club has definitely changed me throughout my four years in High School. However, being the president of Key Club has changed me even more. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor of becoming the next president, and please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions! Your President, Jasmine Jean

Vice President: Amar Kakirde The Vice President's job is primarily to help the President. Of course, this doesn't mean that if your President is fairly self sufficient, you don't have to do anything. You have to be as involved as the President is, and you must be ready to help the rest of the officer team. That said, it's a lot of the fun, with a an opportunity to gain exposure to a lot of Key Club.

Vice President: Toobah Wali Becoming Vice President of Key Club is a great opportunity to become much more involved with this service organization. A VP helps the president and other officers with various different tasks, but also interacts with the general members. As an executive officer, I was able to become the better leader I wanted to be. This position is a great position that is manageable and doable. I encourage those who have the leadership skills to run for this position. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to talk to me!

Recording Secretary: Elizabeth Tu The recording secretary keeps track of club and event attendance, hours, and fundraising. I send in a monthly report form to the district secretary and an annual report form at the end of the service year. I update the hours sheet after every few major events and keep record of attendance for meetings and events. If you're organized, up-to-date, and familiar with Excel, this position is for you! Feel to free ask me any questions!

Corresponding Secretary: Raphael Sevilla

As the corresponding secretary, communication is your top priority and responsibility. You will communicate with the general members, the executive board, and even the community. Through effective correspondence, you will facilitate service projects and activities. Run for Corresponding Secretary to display effective communication and leadership skills!

Treasurer: Prachi Gupta Hey guys! As you know by now, I’m Prachi Gupta the current Key Club Treasurer. As the treasurer, I’m mainly in charge of all the money, which includes counting it after each fundraiser and setting prices at our many events. My main job occurs during the beginning of the year when I have to count dues with Mrs.MacGregor. Aside from that, I am assigned other various side jobs depending on the event, such as at Halloween at the High and Coffeehouse. It was honestly a great experience to be a part of the Key Club officers this year, and I highly recommend for committed current members to run for this position. It’s so much fun and you really get a sense of the entire Key Club community through the vast opportunities available. If you enjoy math/counting and want to feel more involved in the club, this position is perfect for you! :D

Historian: Rianna Gran Being a historian can be a lot of fun! If you like being creative and getting crafty this is the position for you! You get to update the bulletin board with events going on in the club. In addition, capture memories at events through a lens. With this comes the responsibility of dedicating your time to attend each event. This position is great for those who like to contribute their artistic abilities to the club. Being an officer in key club is an opportunity to get more involved and take charge. Run for a position!

Webmaster: Spencer Chen Being a webmaster is all about power. If you are elected, you are granted total control over our very own Key Club website. This title may sound intimidating, but the job is actually quite simple. The first item you are tasked with is keeping the website up to date. Be sure to make announcements about any upcoming events. You can use the Google Calendar to help make your life a lot easier and make the information more accessible to Key Club members. You are also responsible for uploading other information, such as the spreadsheet with all of the hours or pictures and videos. You must work with other officers if they have any information they need to broadcast via the website. Once you get the hang of that, the fun begins! You can make the website look however you want! We currently use, which is extremely simple to use. It is a drag-and-drop styled website editor, so there’s no coding required! However, learning how to code for websites is also highly encouraged and it grants you even more customization. As long as you follow the Brand guide, you can make the website look however you desire. The role of the webmaster is to effectively communicate with the club and make the website look eye-appealing at the same time, so use some creativity and have fun with it!

Editor: Samuel Wu I have to say, I have truly learned a lot of the past years as editor. I have gained knowledge about how to use Microsoft Publisher and how to take on a leadership role in a club. If you are hesitant to run for editor because you’re afraid of not knowing how to perform this job, don’t worry! There are a lot of resources that you will be provided with to guide you along. I didn’t know the first thing about Publisher when I first started, but I picked it up rather quickly, and you can too! Also, there will be one-on-one training with me. I’ll make sure to help you with any problems. This goes for all positions; for a few weeks, all the incoming officers will be trained by the current officers. As editor, my main job is to be responsible for public relations. Part of that task is to make these newsletters. I need to be up to date with all club events, division events, district events, and maybe even Kiwanis events. Then, I communicate the necessary information to the general members through these newsletters. To be honest, being editor does require a lot of time, but it’s a great and rewarding experience! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Facebook, talk to me in school, or send me in email!

Contact Info Officers: President Jasmine Jean

Vice President Toobah Wali

Vice President Amar Kakirde

Recording Secretary Elizabeth Tu

Corresponding Secretary Raphael Sevilla

Treasurer Prachi Gupta

Webmaster Spencer Chen

Historian Rianna Gran

Editor Samuel Wu

Our Website: Our Facebook Page: New Jersey District Key Club: Kiwanis of Greater Parsippany: 3535 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 US AND CANADA: 800—KIWANIS

USA 371-875-8755

Issue 7 February 2014  
Issue 7 February 2014