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Spring 2017

From top left: Scanning original illustrations for Spring and Summer/Fall designs; one of our favorite gold foil cards and a peek at a fun pattern debuting later this year; our 1898 Golding Jobber where we letterpress all our cards; and refining our 2017 color palette

hello from the woods of Maine. I would love to say Spring is right around the corner, but I am currently writing this as a blizzard swirls outside! Inside the studio, our new greeting cards for Mom, Dad, and Grad give us a reason to smile with their lively patterns and our signature neon pop.

We are so excited for the fresh and fun new greeting cards, note pads, note books, and two new product categorgies to be released at the National Stationery Show. As we work on new ideas, we would love to hear from you! What are you loving? What are your customers loving? Is there something you wish we made? Let us know! As always, thank you for letting my team and me share our passion to bring you hand printed stationery that we love, want to give, and brings a little more happy to the world.

OWNER • designer & printer

a2 (4.25 x 5.5”) - single - $2.50 • boxed set of 6 - $9.00

mother’s day wreath (A2) MOM006

lucky mom (A2) MOM007

our mama (A2) MOM008



thinking of you on mother’s day

hAppY mother’s dAY

happy mother’s day (A2) MOM009 neon ink

thinking of you - mother (A2) MOM010 We hold this card near and dear. It was inspired by Sarah’s Aunt Paula, who fought cancer with humor, positivity, and grit. She passed away surrounded by family and friends in February. Printed on the back of the card: Proceeds from this card have been donated to Foundation for Woman’s Cancer in memory of Paula Formisano and all woman who are missed on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year

awesome dad (A2) DAD005


thinking of you on father’s day



hAppY fAtheR’s dAY thanks for being the best dad

thinking of you - father (A2) DAD008 neon ink

best seller

father’s day grid (A2) DAD009

best dad (A2) DAD010

daddy (A2) DAD006

neon ink | 207.787.5077 |


baby elephant (A2) BABY001

bonjour bébé (A2) BABY002

welcome deer (A2) BABY005

mama to be (A2) BABY012

capt. adorable (A2) BABY003

baby girl (A2) BABY009

baby boy (A2) BABY010

rose gold foil

baby shower (A2) BABY011

silver foil


twins (A2) BABY014

fur baby (A2) BABY013

baby fox (A2) BABY015 neon ink

blue or pink (A2) - $2.75 (s) | $10 (bx) BABY016-BOY | BABY016-BX-BOY BABY016-GIRL | BABY016-BX-GIRL



attached mini envelope with boy or girl card inside

10 10

Based on the sonogram image, the baby is a:


ultrasound record (5 x 7”) - $3.25 BABY017

100% love (A2) BABY018

attached A2 envelope on the back to hold ultrasound photo | 207.787.5077 |

best seller

a2 (4.25 x 5.5�) - single - $2.50 • boxed set of 6 - $9.00

to the future

best day ever (A2) WED020 gold foil

special day (A2) WED021 | WED021-BX gold foil

happy couple (A2) WED011

future mrs. (A2) WED004 neon ink

to my

on our wedding day

happily ever after (A2) WED012

wedding wishes (A2) WED017

gold foil

happy shower (A2) WED013

shimmery gold envelope gold foil

bride to be (A2) WED018

best friend (A2) ANN005 best seller

bridal shower (A2) WED019

love & laughter (A2) ANN004 | 207.787.5077 |

thank you

thank you hearts (A2) THY004 | THY004-BX gold glitter foil

ever so much (A2) THY014 | THY014-BX

my friend (A2) THY015 | THY015-BX

neon ink

neon ink

thank you bouquet (A2) THY016 | THY016-BX neon ink




your future is bright

happy graduation (A2) GRAD001 neon ink


congrats grad (A2) GRAD002

hello graduate (A2) GRAD003

hooray grad (A2) GRAD004 neon ink | 207.787.5077 |

best seller

a2 (4.25 x 5.5”) - single - $2.50 • boxed set of 6 - $9.00

be my valentine (A2) VAL001 | VAL001-BX gold foil • neon ink

happy valentine’s (A2) VAL002 | VAL002-BX neon ink

valentine’s day (A2) VAL003 | VAL003-BX neon ink

my whole heart (A2) LOV018 neon ink


wants what it

lucky you’re mine (A2) LOV017

heart wants (A2) LOV015

neon ink

sending love (A2) LOV013 neon ink

best seller

neon inks

je t’aime (A2) LOV007 neon ink

love you lots (A2) LOV016 neon ink | 207.787.5077 |


happy valentine’s day

with sympathy (A2) SYM001

pet sympathy (A2) SYM003

snail mail (A2) GEN005 | GEN005-BX neon ink

hooray for today (A2) CON005 gold holographic foil

best seller

sorry for your loss (A2) SYM004

dreams (A2) GEN009

wish i could (A2) SYM005

love (A2) GEN012 neon ink

congrats (A2) CON004 | 207.787.5077 |


a2 (4.25 x 5.5”) - single - $2.50 • boxed set of 6 - $9.00

sweet birthday (A2) BIR010

party animal (A2) BIR011

sweet wishes (A2) BIR012 rose gold foil

happy birthday (A2) BIR007 silver holographic foil

happy birthday

sister birthday (A2) BIR014

strawberry birthday (A2) BIR017 neon ink

birthday heart (A2) BIR015 gold glitter foil • neon ink

birthday brush (A2) BIR018

happiest (A2) BIR008

happy year (A2) BIR019

unicorn birthday (A2) BIR016

silver holographic foil • neon ink

golden birthday (A2) BIR020 gold foil

make a wish (A2) BIR013

gold glitter foil • neon ink

8 | 207.787.5077 |

best seller

enclosure cards

2.5 x 3.5” - $1.50

Minimum - 6 per style

hooray ENC001

for you ENC002

neon ink

happy birthday ENC003

heart ENC004

neon ink

neon ink

xoxo ENC007

cute ENC008

neon ink

art prints

thank you ENC005

neon ink

neon ink

5 x 7” - $5 • 8 x 10” - $10

Minimum - 3 per style

hooray for today · 5 x 7” ART005

love you still · 5 x 7” ART006

gold holographic foil

done · 5 x 7” ART007

gold foil

gold foil

sail boat · 8 x 10” ART004 screenprinted


love you lots ENC006

heart · 8 x 10” ART001

screenprinted neon ink

heart memo NOTE003 3 x 2” • 25 sticky notes gold foil stamp cover


day dream memo NOTE004 3 x 2” • 25 sticky notes gold foil stamp cover


mini hearts NOTE002 3 x 5.5” • wire-o bound 75 blank pages letterpress cover

done memo NOTE005 3 x 2” • 25 sticky notes gold foil stamp cover

$3.00 bold botanics NOTE001 6 x 9” • wire-o bound 75 double-sided lined pages gold foil stamp cover


$6.00 keep in touch pen PEN001 5.25” • Black ink Black and hot pink plastic body with gold accents Minimum - 6 per style


done is better NOTE006 3.6 x 8.5” • 50 pages gold edge painted

$4.50 best seller

today is the day NOTE007 4.25 x 7” • 50 pages holographic edge painted


shopping list NOTE008 3.6 x 8.5” • 50 pages gold edge painted • magnet on back

work your magic NOTE009 4.25 x 7” • 50 pages holographic edge painted


$4.50 | 207.787.5077 |


best day ever - $10.00 TOP007

heart & arrow - $10.00 TOP002

4 x 7.5”

love lettered - $10.00 TOP006

6.5 x 7”

mini- heart - $7.00 TOP005

love - $7.00 TOP004

set of 6 1 x 3” toppers

lobster love - $10.00 TOP003

4 x 7.5”

letters vary in width 4” tall

anchor - $7.00 TOP001

6 x 5”

3 x 5”

oh what fun - $10.00 TOP008 Rose


Poppy Neon Pink Black Gold Glitter Seaglass Blue Aqua

Natural Wood | 207.787.5077 |

5 x 7”

best seller

We use tree free, 100% cotton Savoy by Reich Paper or French Paper Co. produced with 100% hydroelectric power. We use biodegradable clear sleeves and boxed sets are packaged in brown kraft boxes with clear covers. All of our products must be displayed in their originial packaging. Sets may not be broken up.

Payment may be made via pre-paid check or credit card. All payments are processed at the time of shipment. Established accounts may be considered for Net30 terms. Late payments incur a fee of 10% per month.

Parrott Design Studio Spring 2017  

New releases for Mom, Dad, and Grad.

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