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Tidings Sorrento

Autumn Winter 2015

Women On Water wow us all again

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McDougall + McConaghy 2015 Moth Worlds in full flight

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Durance Ladies Long Lunch – through the roof!

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PLUS, your Autumn Winter issue of ‘Scoop’ enclosed

Commodore’s Report January was a

From the sailing media attending the event

delivered to the Club four Mercedes cars

memorable month

(true global coverage) we learnt that the

and a Mercedes bus for exclusive usage

in the Club’s

streaming live media had an audience

over the first three weeks of January.

history. A level of

that emulated the Americas Cup held in

The usage was extensive, dropping people

activity on all levels

San Francisco last year, the sailing

off and collecting from Melbourne Airport, a

never seen before,

community worldwide was spellbound

myriad of driving tasks on the Peninsula, we

sailing World

on our Club and the on water activities.

are very grateful. Any support that members

Championship, Off The Beach, hosting events and a very busy deck and restaurant.

Our Club has received a substantial amount of correspondence from around the world from competitors, visitors and media, the

can give if considering a new vehicle purchase from either the Mornington or Brighton dealerships would be appreciated.

theme in each message is consistent, thank

Finally to the staff and contractors involved in

As a lead into the Moth Worlds we hosted

you to the members of the club for making

the Club, thanks for the effort over January.

the annual KPMG Day. As usual a great

us welcome, thanks to the volunteers and

event, weather just right and hosted

all involved.

perfectly by the KPMG team and Eddie McGuire. Thanks to all the Couta Boat owners and crew for continuing to make this event a stand out in our calendar. We closed the KPMG event late on the evening of the 5th January and then turned our collective attention to the Moths. With 160 competitors, the best of the best competing, exhilarating boats capable of

In parallel with the Moth Worlds our Off The Beach Sail Training ran at full capacity.

Special thanks was attributed to the

Whilst the weather was an inhibitor on many

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, great

days, our ability to improvise and keep all

work “Hollywood” and thanks to Fred Allen

occupied every day was a credit to our

and Sally Law for speaking on behalf of

sailing team and raft of instructors, thanks

the volunteers.

to all involved.

On behalf of the Flag Officers and General Committee we echo those thanks and appreciation.

speeds in excess of 30 knots, four Americas

Particular thanks to the team that put the

Cup Syndicates involved, together with

“Bid Document” together many years

many Olympic sailing medallists we were

ago. From bidding to execution has no

blessed to witness an event unfold that is a

doubt been a satisfying experience. Past

credit to the development and innovation of

Commodores Skinner, Osbourne and Hiam

the Moth Class.

deserve our gratitude.

Foiling boats has changed this sport, we

Special mention also to one of the Club’s

are fortunate to host an event never seen

major sponsors, Mercedes-Benz Brighton

in the sailing world before.

and Mornington. Geoff Quirk and the team

Upcoming Events Upcoming Events • Friday 27 March Queenscliff Maritime Weekend • Friday 3 April Couta Boat & Cruisers Catch a Fish & Cook it Day • Sunday 5 April, 1000hrs SSCBC Annual Easter Egg Hunt • Saturday 11 April Ladies Skippers Race • Saturday 30 May SSCBC Ball • Monday 8 June, 0930hrs SSCBC Annual General Meeting

SAVE THE DATE! SSCBC Ball Saturday 30 May Please note: The Ball is not a fundraising event and is for pure fun only!


Commodore’s Report Couta Boat sailing regained its pre-eminence the day after the Moths concluded. The annual Gant Portsea Cup Breakfast was a pleasure to host and I am thankful that the morning after the Moth Closing Ceremony we could get an expert panel together to share many aspects of the event and other sailing matters. Thanks to: •P  eter Burling from New Zealand the winner of the 2015 Moth World Championship. Peter has an awesome sailing record, a member of the Team New Zealand Americas Cup team and Silver Medallist London Games, 49er Class. •S  hirley Robertson, host of the CNN Network “Mainsail” Program. Shirley was the on water commentator for the event for her network, her background known to many as GBRs only dual Sailing Gold Medallist (women) •A  ndy McDougall the pioneer of the Moth Class in development and engineering excellence. An Australian icon. The Gant Portsea Cup, due to adverse weather, was held in Sorrento waters, an inspired decision. The weather turned out to be perfect and Anna Mansour from GANT along with her young daughter Grace presented the trophies at the annual

future and start deciding on key issues we need to address. Allow me to share the review tasks in front

Quarantine Station Picnic. Winners Division

of us right now:

Two, Alex Zadnik, Frank Incani and the crew

• Full review of all IT applications,

on Sarah C40, took out the double to take

including over the counter and restaurant

home both Line Honours and Handicap…

transactions, membership data base,


social media, reworking of Club website

Winners Division One, “Kate” sailed by

and the online interface with members.

ordinary members Hurley and Wilson, memorable as a “back to back win.” As summer sailing continues thanks to all for your ongoing support, other clubs are confronting issues with reduced weekend

• Club house usage and potential remodelling including car parking • Review of all Off The Beach activities • Strategic Review of the Club in 2025

fleets, we are proud to see the ongoing

I will report back to members and keep

support from the Couta fleets, the sail

you all informed.

training and the re-emergence of small but active fleets in Off The Beach. With “The Moth Worlds” concluded and no immediate plans to engage in another World event, the Club has to look to its


Finally, thanks for your support over the January period, very much appreciated. Andrew Plympton

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Club Captain’s Report Well, what a fantastic summer. Whilst the weather gods did not deliver the usual 15 southerlies each afternoon, there was an amazing amount of activity around the Club late December and all through January 2015. Who would have thought it would take extreme patience, and racing only on the final day to get a series in for the Mercedes-Benz Brighton and Mornington CBA Nationals. Disappointingly we saw a number of interstate competitors unable to compete due to commitments at home interstate. It was great to see the support the Couta boat class is being shown around the country and let’s hope we can reciprocate in NSW later this year and with luck the 2016 Nationals will see some interstate competitors again. Congratulations to the winners on handicap in Div 1 C888 Mystify and Div 2 C99 Joan on a countback from C31 Lucy both finishing on equal points, LH were C2003 Romy in Div 1 and C99 Joan in Div 2. The weather gods were kind to our major sponsor and KPMG Day saw one of the best days for the season. A perfect breeze and temperature enabled us to showcase the Club. Many thanks to all the skippers, crew and volunteers who help to make this day such a wonderful event for the Club. Then someone walked under a ladder and the weather gods retaliated, without doubt 10 days of the most consistently trying conditions to run a Foiling Moth Australian Nationals followed by the McDougall and McConaghy Moth Worlds. Whilst the weather was not at its best the SSCBC and its great team of volunteers delivered. The 1000’s of hours invested in to the event prior showcased the attention to detail that our Club goes to in order to deliver the best experience possible for all competitors from around the globe. The statistics are amazing: 160 competitors, in excess of 170 volunteers, 1500 lunches made by Jane Morgan and her team, and nearly 1000 litres of ginger beer were consumed by competitors, volunteers, members and the Club Captain during the event. Sally Law organised 44 homestays for competitors, and Jos Law created the uniquely Sorrento trophies for the winners. Susie DiPierdomenico and her team kept the competitors under control at the sign on desk, and Donna Osbourne filled every viewing boat we had each day. To the boat owners who donated their boats, and time taking visitors to view the racing, a huge thank you. To all our volunteers many thanks for all your efforts to showcase what a great Club we are at SSCBC, the camaraderie and community spirit was exceptional, and all members of SSCBC should be extremely proud of the volunteers’ efforts. A special thanks to Mercedes-Benz Brighton and Mornington for the loan cars which certainly enabled us to provide many airport collection, deliveries and medical visits etc. to be undertaken with the minimum fuss and maximum comfort.

To all our other members who competed in regattas around the country, congratulations on your efforts. Ahhh! The weather gods again, and with a metre swell and awful waves off Portsea the Gant Portsea Cup was sailed off the Club, and what a spectacular race it was, Div 1 Handicap going to C305 Kate with a margin of 16 seconds on corrected time, Line Honours C2014 Jocelyn. In Div 2 Alex Zadnik and Frank Incani along with their crew were on fire and took the double, congratulations to you all. It is fantastic to see C127 Matilda back sailing in our local waters with a syndicate led by David Angus. Div 2 need to keep a close eye out for the new young guns on C125 Harriet they have their eyes on a line honours victory soon. There is still plenty of sailing to be had this season and the leader board is starting to tighten up as we head towards the business end of the sailing season. See you on the water soon. Robbie Hiam

PS. A little competition, first correct entry receives a bottle of the most important additive in our signature drink “Dark and Stormy” served during the Moth Worlds. Question: How many bottles of 750 ml Bundaberg Rum did we use during the McDougall and McConaghy Moth Worlds? Send your answer to: administration@sscbc.com.au Judges decision is final.

Regatta Director, Past Commodore Peter Osbourne – thank you for a great job. The hundreds of hours you devoted to the event is appreciated by all.


Treasurer’s Report We have the Club’s results to the end of December at this stage and I am pleased to report we are showing a profit after allowing for excess costs re. the jetty and steps repairs and excess costs over income in relation to the World Moths championships. The jetty restoration has now been completed, the costs exceeded both our initial budget and the funds set aside as a reserve for the works. It was very hard to accurately estimate the scope of works and increased pile replacements were done as the work proceeded. Thanks to Tim Phillips and the carpenters employed, they worked through some extremely difficult weather during the project. The Club has also increased focus on the training centre and after this initial first season we hope to better budget for costs for next season. It has also been agreed that race fees will be billed closer to the commencement of the sailing year and not attached to annual subscriptions. Warick Leeming

Secretary’s Report Volunteers, thanks, but you are still wanted! What a wonderful job the volunteers did to help with the staging of the World Moths event last month. Moths Race Director Peter Osbourne noted in his various reports and newsletter items, that we had 160 competing sailors and about 170 volunteers. The event could not have been presented without the mammoth effort by the volunteers who did jobs as diverse as driving and car parking, to specialist race officers and jury or race control radio operators. At the on-water roster briefing each morning there were more than 60 volunteers who were committed to a day on the water in a range of boating and officiating roles. Others helped around the registration and sign-on desk and there were roles in the media boats, spectator boats and the hosting of guests and visiting sailors around the Club. And of course there were hosts and organisers for home stays and accommodation assistance throughout the two weeks the visiting sailors were here. Thank you all. However, now that the Club settles into the regular season of sailing the opportunity for volunteering is not over. Our Club has a long tradition of volunteering, and many tell stories of volunteers building the earlier club house and the regular working bees for the maintenance of boats and club facilities. Focus these days is more directed to the on water activities and the race management, course laying and safety boat crewing. Every race that is presented for the Couta Boats or the Off the Beach (OTB) boats needs a full roster of volunteers for most weekends of the season. Volunteers can become involved by crewing and training in a wide range of tasks. Yachting Victoria, and our own volunteer training sessions provide for those who need to get their boat licence or boat handling certificate. Volunteers are rostered in with the more experienced members for jobs on boats that involve laying and altering course marks, or noting finishing numbers at various parts of the course. The role of the safety boat is very important on every race course we set. Boat handling, first aid and proper radio communications are also some of the important skills that volunteers need to develop to help with race management.

Stop Press Club Members John Bertrand and Bill Browne, along with Jake Newman, have added more silverware to their pool room cabinets by taking out the Victorian Etchells Titles on Corio Bay over the Labour Day weekend. They beat fellow Brighton sailor Jake Gunther by a single point and won four out of the six races. Congratulations TEAM TRIAD from all at Sorrento! There is an excellent regatta report by John Curnow at Sailworld.com

Every week the Club is looking for helpers. Some choose to work in the Control Tower, or handle the results and timing records on the finish boat. Yachting Victoria conducts courses throughout the year, and the Club supports members who chose to take these courses. Our Race Management Teams work on our fleet of boats and RIBs and share the great experience of seeing the Coutas close up, or seeing the younger sailors in OTB events out on the water. If you are interested in becoming one of the SSCBC volunteer team, have a discussion with some of the Race Officers around the Club, or get the Office to note your interest on the Volunteer Register. Maybe you will get a job next weekend. Norman Creighton


OTB Report It was a successful and exciting summer season in the Sail Training Department. The club was busy with the Moth World Championships being held between 6-16 January but this certainly didn’t put anyone off joining their children up for some fun lessons with our great instructors. These instructors need a special vote of thanks for while the Championships were on they still carried through with the Sail Training Program – who are these valued Club resources? They are Callum DiPierdomenico, Jeanti Eager, Tom Trotman, Michael Fels, Lachlan Imeneo, Kate Hanna, Georgina Oakley, Elle Burford, Hamish Fleetwood, Grace and Henry Cockman. Providing major help to these coaches was Oliver Strode, probably the youngest and most prolific volunteer at the Club.

week of the school holidays as well as some great sailing opportunities for Team Sorrento and Team Green. We also have some exciting things in the pipeline for the next 12 months so watch this space.

the Club must observe whether at home or elsewhere. Would all junior and adult sailors refresh their understanding of the Code by accessing this information and conforming to expected behaviours.

Since the November Tidings SSCBC members have competed at regattas, including:

See you on the water,

• November Sail Country (Albury/Wodonga) Go for Gold (Black Rock)

Club Pacer Policy

We put 271 children through our Sail Training program this season and had great feedback from the children and parents who were involved this summer. This resulted in several families joining the Club.

I thank our principal technical apparel sponsor – Zhik – for their support. As part of our arrangement with them, we set up a “pop up” store during the Moth Worlds which was ably manned by volunteers Nic and Alicia Nuske and contributed a substantial cash return to the SSCBC. Members who are still interested in obtaining more Zhik apparel can obtain brochures from the office.

Team Green and Team Sorrento had lots of adventure days throughout January that were driven by the OTB Working Group. This group also continued to support Adrian in his allocated duties during the summer and covered his inexperience while he adjusted to the Club demands and operations of the Club. Team Green and Team Sorrento also had the opportunity to meet up with inspirational role models such as Alisa Camplin and Glen Ashby. There has been an influx in numbers with the once-off prorata arrangement put in place for both Team Green and Team Sorrento. If any members over 15 are interested to instruct in our Sail Training program next summer, please register your interest with Adrian. This does involve attending a number of accredited courses, at the end of which those successful will be gainfully employed and paid as coaches by the Club. Easter is fast approaching and we will run another Sail Training program during the first


• December Sail Melbourne (Sandringham) Laser Nationals (Mandurah WA) Australian 420 Champs (Fremantle WA) • January Australian Youth Champs (Fremantle WA) Zhik Cup (SSCBC) • February Lidgett Cup (Daveys Bay) Laser Masters (Indented Head) Teams Racing (RMYS)

A brief update on our OTB Patron, Tess Lloyd. • In Santander (Spain), Tess with Catlin Elks (Freshwater Yacht Club) competed at the World Titles for Olympic Classes, ended up 11th on a countback which qualified Australia in the 49erFX class at the Rio Olympics. • In Perth in January, won the 49erFX Nationals. • In Perth in late January, won the 49erFX Oceania Regatta. • In Miama (USA), came 6th in the ISAF World Cup, being the top Australian Team. A word on the Code of Conduct available on the Website (Club Info – Code of Conduct) and also displayed in the Training Centre. I stress again that this is the Code that all SSCBC members as representatives of

Craig Laing

A part of the OTB working group objective is to ensure a continuing Club policy consolidation to make sailing easier and more accessible to members. The proper use of the pacer fleet has recently been the subject of close review and practical considerations, ably assisted by attention to details by the Sailing Operations Manager, Adrian Finglas. In that policy, Adrian contributed initiatives that have been successful elsewhere and has identified areas where particular care must be exercised. Of all the issues he has stressed as important, it is that anyone intent on sailing Pacers must have read, understood and conformed to the Club policy. He also recommended that this clause be entered on the form that needs to be signed by people before taking the Pacers onto the water. With some minor changes the Club committee has now approved the policy document that was recently submitted to it by the OTB working group, and the amended final Pacer policy has now been put on the web site and members with interests in the Pacer fleet are encouraged to read and understand it, particularly the safety and care issues. Any members with an interest in using Pacers should contact Adrian, have a chat with him to talk about any sailing issues that may concern them and be advised as to the next steps they should take in pursuing their particular interests. The OTB working group continues to develop and submit policies that facilitate a more user-friendly approach across many areas of sailing. Any constructive criticism from members is appreciated and will be responded to in every instance.

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Women On Water Report

This is the second year of the “Women on

In response to interest from a number of

Water” program and participation continues

participants at our events we have developed

to increase. Clubs around the bay have

a pathway into sailing. This year we have

programs to develop the sailing skills of

advertised a women only sailing course and

women and girls and to increase participation

provide ongoing support for those who would

in racing events. Our program is the only one

like to sail regularly. We anticipate that this

that provides an entry level into sailing through

will also include a women and girls sailing

non competitive, social sailing events.

regatta with emphasis on a novice division

We have held two fantastic days of sailing in

for those who are new to racing.

OTB boats. This year 3 Classic Tornadoes

Sunday 8th March was International

skippered by Trevor Gray, Rowan Williams

Women’s Day and at SSCBC we celebrated

and Rory O’Dowd joined the group of 6

by coinciding our Women On Water Couta

Pacers. The excitement of hanging out on

Boat event. We were fortunate to have a

the trapeze and the grace and speed of the

beautiful day on the water with light wind

Tornadoes was loved by all. The first day

and all enjoyed a BBQ on the Western Lawn

was a beautiful sunny day and a drifter. The

after sailing to Portsea and back. Thank you

second day was the exact opposite with

to the Couta Boat owners and skippers who

strong and gusty winds. Some of us went

supported this event.

for a swim, Trevor broke his mast, but all remained in good spirits. Emma Bobridge took a boat load of gals for a motor in a Couta Boat and saw a pod of dolphins, which capped off the day. Fun on the water was matched by good conversations and delicious refreshments après boating. 10

Photographs of the day can be viewed on the SSCBC website under Sailing, then click on the Women On Water. Sue Cockman & Maree Wilson

Training Centre Report It was a successful and exciting summer season in the Sail Training Department. The club was busier than ever with the Moth World Championships being held between 6-16 January but this certainly didn’t put anyone off joining their children up for some fun lessons with our great instructors. During the Moth Worlds, some of our young team members had the chance to mingle with some of the world’s biggest names in the sport of sailing. We put 271 children through our Sail Training program this season and were able to deliver a great program due to our large pool of experienced and well trained instructors. We had nothing but great feedback from the participants and parents who were involved this summer and the experience was so positive that several families decided to join our Club. Team Green and Team Sorrento had a productive January with lots of adventures, racing and great quality coaching. They

even had the pleasure of meeting some inspirational role models such as Alisa Camplin and Glen Ashby. There has been a recent spike in interest for both Team Green and Sorrento, which has pushed the numbers up resulting in a larger fleet of sailors and a great team feel. If any Team Sorrento members over 15 are interested in instructing our Sail Training program next summer, please register your interest with me. Easter is fast approaching and we will run another sail training program during the first week of the school holidays as well as some great sailing opportunities for Team Sorrento and Team Green. We also have some exciting things in the pipeline for the next 12 months so watch this space. See you on the water. Adrian Finglas Sailing Operations Manager

“Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a different glass for every wine – you don’t – you just need a handful of well designed and practical glasses to cover all bases. That’s why the Plumm range of glassware is genius.” Matt Skinner

N ow ava ila b le at So r re nto Sa iling Co u t a B oat Cl ub











Moth Worlds 2015 World Champion Performance

Well, we pulled it off! The Club hosted the World Moth Championships in January and whilst it was a massive undertaking, under sometimes very difficult sailing conditions, it was certainly deemed to be a great success. The Club’s Organising Committee always knew that we had the ability to ensure the athletes and their supporters would have a good time OFF the water. But as always, we have no control over the weather, and the foiling Moth’s ideal wind range is quite narrow, so as Mother Nature decreed, we did not sail too many races in the ideal wind range! However, as always, the cream rose to the top and with so many elite sailors in the fleet, it was to be expected that they would feature in the top ten at the finish. Peter Burling (NZL), who turned 24 on January 1, took out the McDougall + McConaghy 2015 International Moth World Championship title, and was a popular winner. He had 9 firsts from the 14 races sailed.

In second place was defending Champion, and 49er champion Nathan Outteridge, and in third was Sydney’s Josh Mc Knight. 4th and 5th spots were filled by UK Sailors Chris Rashley and Chris Draper. Such is the skill of the 49er sailors that Burling’s 49er forheadhand, Blair Tuke came 6th and Outteridge’s forheadhand Iain Jensen was 10th. Mac 2 Boat designer Andrew McDougall was a creditable 13th, and after the regatta was heard to say that Sorrento had lifted the bar in terms of regatta management, in particular the hospitality and Opening / Closing ceremonies. Congratulations too to local sailor Sam England who claimed her second Women’s Moth title ahead of Ireland’s Annalise Murphy. SSCBC hopes to build a fleet of foiling Moths. Generally our waters here are ideal for the high performance class and the Victorian Moth Association is keen to see us develop the class down here.


Moth Worlds 2015 Well done! Matthew Ross was the first person to collect the full set of the 2015 Moth Worlds Championship “See the Champs fly� icon cards and get them all signed. Pictured below with Scott Babbage, President of the International Moth Association, and Lucas Ambren.

Thank you Thierry! Photography of the 2015 Moth Worlds throughout this issue of Tidings is courtesy of Thierry Martinez www.seaandco.net


Moth Worlds 2015 Volunteers step up to tackle Moth plague! Over 170 SSCBC Club Members gave freely of their time to ensure the 2015 World Moth Championships were a success. Just as they did in 2008 for the ‘9er World the SSCBC Members provided thousands of hours of free labour and brainpower over the 11 day regatta, not to mention the planning time beforehand. Commodore Andrew Plympton recited at the closing ceremony that the club’s volunteering spirit is the glue that binds the Club community together, and there is little doubting the truth of this time-worn statement. Mentioning particular volunteers is not to diminish the work of the entire group, but from the welcome provided to visitors by John Day at our carpark entrance to the very ordered Nick Cable on the jetty, the feedback from athletes and their families and supporters was unbelievably positive. Andrew McDougall, the godfather of the foiling Moth said after the Opening Ceremony that “Sorrento had raised the bar to a new level” in its welcome. 170 athletes from 15 countries… who would have thought... the largest collection of International Moths ever! Hosting such an event cannot be an “every year” undertaking. It is so taxing on so many of us. But the feeling of satisfaction of being a contributor to its success certainly overcomes the weariness after the wrap-up. I speak for the Commodore, the Club’s General Committee, Peter Osbourne the Regatta Director, Club Captain Robbie Hiam, and myself when I say a huge THANK YOU firstly to those that volunteered, and secondly to the whole Club membership for your part in making the 2015 Moth Worlds such a memorable success. Let’s take a little breath before we do it again...


Moth Worlds 2015 And what some of our visitors had to say... Thanks again for all of the help and a tremendous event. The SSCBC is a very special place with extraordinary people and we will continue to sing its praises throughout the world for years to come. Regards,

George Peet / gpsailing 613, 11th Ave South Naples FL 34102

Super job. like always at Sorrento Sailing Club. Thanks a lot Philip.

Stefano Rizzi It was a pleasure working at the Moths and being at lovely Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club again – I was there doing media for the 49er Worlds. People are so friendly at your Club and always welcoming, so I hope I get the opportunity to be there again one day. Cheers,

Di Pearson

Nautical Promotions Thank you for an awesome event. Your Club, staff and volunteers were amazing.

Ned Goss

College Of Charleston Sailing/Dock Master

Dear Phil, Just a short note to thank you and the Club on running and delivering such a professional event. Ronstan was extremely happy with the exposure received from the event, down to the banner placements sticker/ signage on most of the Moths also. We had a few staff members attend throughout the week to watch some racing which was a little unusual due to the crazy unusual weather conditions that Melbourne delivered. I was hoping to catch up with you Friday to thank you personally, but I did manage to chat with Commodore Andrew Plympton. Thanks again – A well run event! Kind regards,

Kylie Wilson

Marketing Co-ordinator Ronstan International Pty Ltd First of all thanks a lot for all your efforts to make the last Moth Worlds in Sorrento the best Moth World ever. For sure a clear example how to organise a great event. Thanks a lot.

Stefano Rizzi Thanks for the photo Philip. And thanks for hosting us down at the SSCBC. We had a great time.

Andrew Campbell

Thank you for putting on a great event for all us ‘Mothies.’ Kind regards,

Rob Partridge We were sold the venue as an idyllic Moth sailing location with winds typically 12-20 knots. Close to Melbourne where it is normal to experience four seasons in one day, we perhaps should have been suspicious about the nirvana we were promised. Yet one thing that did live up to the hype was the extremely warm and helpful welcome we received from our hosts, the great people at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club.

Chris Rashley Thanks again to your great effort and thx again for having organized such a great event! Cheers.

Niko Hi Jorja, Thank you so much for your hospitality, help and everything in between, hope this note find you well, Thank you so much!!! Brierley is well and Holland is happy to play in the snow (not as happy as on the beach). The other day she asked when we were going home. I said we are home and she said “no Australia”. So, you guys clearly made an impression on her :) Thanks again, crossing my fingers for you that the summer comes soon!

Andy Horton 16

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The Voyage of the Moonraker from Sorrento to Hobart 2015


2015 Gant Portsea Cup The 2015 Portsea Cup was sailed on Saturday 17 January just 1 day after the 2015 Moth Worlds in great sailing conditions, a little to the east of the traditional course area due to the wind and sea conditions off the Portsea Pier. An ebb tide and U flag ensured that first time clear starts were achieved in both divisions. The Jury/Media boat simply observed racing and had no reason to get involved, and they enjoyed watching tight, fair and well mannered racing where everyone was thinking early for mark roundings. It was awesome to watch!

Wayne and I set sail in our 25ft yacht Moonraker (1953) on the 21st January 2015 from Sorrento Victoria, allowing for a 2½ week journey, island hopping our way to the 2015 Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart running between the 6-9th February. Leading up to the trip, Wayne invested countless hours provisioning and preparing Moonraker to cross Bass Strait, checking everything possible and storing extra fuel drums and safety gear, food and water in every orifice! It’s amazing how much you can fit on a 25ft boat! I made new linen, covers and a sun awning at the 11th hour and a relative and dear friend Jim Parr made nets for stowing fresh fruit, everyday clothes and our wet weather gear. I imagined cruising to Hobart would be a non-stop ‘Sorrento to Hobart’ – in slow motion – touring lighthouses with Wayne and the boys at their respective helms in yellow sou’wester, with buckets of water in the face, searching for guiding lights on ink-black seas! The reality is similar – though we travel by day and in good weather if we can help it – just as wet, albeit with some modern conveniences aboard our wooden boats, like electricity and GPS navigation. There’s no pampering or pillow mints – you’re lucky if your pillow’s dry, you can shower once a week and keep in dry socks. I’ll be the first to tell you I prefer the romance over the reality however if you’re prepared to take the deprivations with the delights, boredom, bedbugs

and ballyhoo, motor-sailing to Tasmania makes for an unforgettable holiday few have been privileged to experience, exploring unspoiled islands in the tradition of Matthew Flinders. On the eve of the trip we slept aboard ready to begin our epic voyage from Sorrento to Hobart We left Lentil Avenue between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning, on the 21st January, through the Rip and out the heads of Port Phillip Bay. Our first destination was San Remo, then the Glennies (near Phillip Island) before arriving in Refuge Cove, around the Prom at the end-tip of Victoria. Often to get to each destination we had to get up quite early before daybreak and check weather and tide forecasts very carefully. Our auto pilot did the steering while one of us kept watch at a time. Wayne set the sails up each day and adjusted the rig occasionally on the long legs under motor which does double duty charging the batteries and running the fridge. Our friends on Jane keep pace with us and we kept contact over the radio – Cannonball style. We arrived at San Remo around midday on the 21st. Our friend George Brocklesby met us in his dinghy and ran us up to the shops for shoes, super-glue and all the kero we can carry! It was a roasting afternoon from memory – we rested until 7 and had roast lamb aboard our mothership Jane. On Thursday 22nd January, we left San Remo headed for the Glennies!

At the breakfast, boats were invited to set up RaceQs, the completely free tracking app on their iPhones and Android smartphones. About 20 boats obliged so you can replay their race in 3D on google earth. It was also a great chance to show off the 3D Couta Avatar the Club has commissioned. And with a great breeze and sunshine most of the time the photos are spectacular! To replay The Portsea Cup go to www.raceqs.com/regattas/the-portsea-cup To download RaceQs to your smartphone go to www.raceqs.com This was followed by the GANT Portsea Cup Quarantine Picnic and presentation on Sunday. A stunning day was enjoyed by all who attended. The prize winners were delighted in their results. Anna Mansour (& her daughter Grace) from GANT presented the trophies. • Division 1 Line Honours Jocelyn C2014 • Division 1 Handicap Kate C305 • Division 2 Sarah C40 took out the double. Congratulations to all.



2015 Wooden Boat Festival

Couta Boat Association Inc.

SCOOP The Voyage of the Moonraker cont. My first ‘moment’ aboard was sailing towards the Glennies when a pod of dolphins swam to greet us, frolicking around the boat keeping time with us. The rocky road coastline and looming cliffs makes for a pleasant anchorage, but beware of march flies! By Friday, we readied our boats at 7 o’clock to set sail for Refuge Cove. It was a picture perfect morning leaving the Glennies Isles. This is the life! We cut the motor for a pleasant sail to Refuge. It’s peaceful travelling by boat under sail. We motor-sail to reach our targets, which can be noisy at full throttle – sometimes I felt fed up, wishing I were home with my cat, however the scenery is stunning! Our cabin is very cozy and keeps dry and it’s easy to sleep comfortably aboard in all weather. Time is slow aboard, we find ourselves waking at dawn and going to bed at dusk. We watch Jane headed for Skull Rock – which looks forbidding rising from the sea with its bald top, black eyes and craggy features. We all had a fright rounding South Peak – I thought we were headed for the rocks below South Peak lighthouse – the southern most point of the Prom leaving Victoria. Caught up in the drama of flapping sails, GPS warnings and cabin rain, I jumped on deck to grab the tiller while Wayne wrestled the jib sheet down. All OK– phew! The storm Jib’s up and things have settled down. A thousand thanks! Jane ripped her jib clean in half during the blow and we lost our oars and thwarts entirely when our dinghy capsized, dragging behind like sea anchor. However we arrived safe and sound at Refuge after a tricky sail, ready for lunch and a shower on Jane - what bliss! Coming into Refuge was such a relief, all round, getting out of the wind. After a debrief aboard Jane. Chris Jnr and I went dinghy exploring while the boys caught some zs. There’s a beautiful beach away from the camp grounds with refreshing forest walks. It’s cool beneath the canopy and birdsong greets us as we wander along. Later Wayne cooks up a storm on the BBQ with freshly caught salt and pepper squid, roast pork, Pinot Grigio and potatoes followed by stewed apple/rhubarb and Maltesers. We spent the first weekend of the trip resting at Refuge, waiting for good sailing weather. But after a restful night we woke to the sound of the radio – Emergency! Chris Snr has fallen ill – so the boys up anchor in Jane headed for Port Welshpool. There’s nothing to do but take stock aboard checking sails and sheets, washing and waiting for news. There’s no reception so we climb Kersops Peak to check our messages. What a relief – Chris is alright and will be back aboard Jane ready to rendezvous on the way to Deal. Back aboard Moonraker Wayne cooks up a delicious vegetarian risotto for tea! Goodnight! Sunday was laundry day for me while Wayne checked and tightened rigging, I’d wash and air the linen. It’s kind of like returning to pioneer times – sailing – washing things by hand and cooking without appliances, and pumping water like Ma on Little House On The Prairie, who was only too delighted not to have to fetch water by the pail. Trying to keep things fresh and clean is hard, without an abundance of fresh water. No matter what anyone tells you salt is no substitute! It dries out everything and clothes stay wet and clammy. Already fed up with the laundry situation. Might try airing things instead on the hot days. You have to watch your washing doesn’t fly away though, hanging things from the rigging! We set up the sun awning as it heats up - it works great! Sleepy day, waiting out the wind, getting ready for an early departure to Deal. Looking forward to meeting up with Jane. Later we have drinks aboard the tugboat George (1958) from Sandringham. They’re a weird mob – dressed in tinfoil tiaras and such like the cast of Gilligan’s Island. We hit their hors d’œuvres hard and clear off for a quiet dinner at home! On Australia Day we make a 5 o’ clock start – I help Wayne up anchor then back to bed for me! The Paia bombs knock me out if I forget to take the matching caffeine pill! Otherwise they work brilliantly – I haven’t been

From the Editor It was certainly a very busy summer with the Moth Worlds interrupting the Couta Boat racing season, but a very worthwhile intervention. Elsewhere it has been reported that the Annual KPMG Couta Boat Classic was a great success, as were the Mercedes Benz Brighton & Mornington Couta Boat Nationals, despite the conditions, and the GANT Portsea Cup. I’ve been gratified by the number of boats on the water in both Divisions, but again disappointed by the turnout for the Div 2 Lacco Cup Series. The Couta Boat Association hosted cocktail party at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival was an amazing success with just on 150 guests attending and 11 Sorrento boats participating. What a great effort for the owners to take their boats down to Hobart to proudly show them off. Thanks to the owners and crews who participated in Sorrento’s Women On Water day. Another successful exercise – well done! The season is not over. As we go to print, the last couple of Heats of the States are upon us, including the magical Queenscliff Maritime Festival weekend, followed by the Good Friday Catch a Fish & Cook it Day, and then the Winter Series. Rumours comes to me that there may be a new boat being planned by a passionate CBA member and secondly that the lovely Swan Bay may have a new owner too. Let me congratulate the Interstate Chapters on their enthusiasm. A number of them showed up for the Nationals, and again at the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart. Such is the Pittwater passion that they have asked the Association if they can host the Nationals at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in October 2017. For those of you into advanced planning, there’s one for your diaries. Finally our condolences to Olivia Stewart on the sudden passing of her sister. Our thoughts are with you Olivia. See you all on the water. Skins

seasick yet – touch wood! Getting about on the boat can be like extreme rock-climbing. I have bruises upon bruises from skidding about. Even having breakfast requires the art of Cirque du Soleil if you don’t want muesli dripping down your trousers. To do the washing up I have to perch on the side of the oven like a parakeet. Still it’s important to keep up the standards. It’s beautiful leaving the tip of Victoria behind us! The weather is very fair now. It’s good to be back on the radio with Jane. I felt very proud to undertake my first watch today while Wayne had a nap below. We’re within sight of the Kent Group by midday, halfway between the prom and Killekrankie Bay. An albatross passes by as we make headway. It’s a beautiful morning! We sail for some time peacefully with the wind to beam west-south-west at 20 knots before starting the motor to charge the systems. Wayne’s in his element on deck though I’m glad of the clips to keep him safely aboard! We’re absolutely flying! This afternoon we drop anchor at Garden Cove and have pizza aboard Jane. After an afternoon nap we reconvened on Jane for a barbie with our new friends Steve and Ross from the George – good night! By Tuesday 27th January, we’re off to East-Cove on Deal Island. It’s a beautiful day! The Jane Kerr has just arrived looking magnificent after her restoration. Looking forward to a visit later aboard. Time to explore! We take the dinghies to shore by the old jetty. There’s a rail car where they used to cart supplies up the hill towards the caretaker’s cottage. It’s like a little farmhouse n the prairie scrub fenced in to keep the geese in and the ‘roos out I’m guessing. It’s completely solitary and self-sufficient run by volunteers who take care of things 3 months at a time. The old caretaker’s cottage is now a museum with relics from the Victorian era. www.coutaboatclub.com.au

SCOOP The Voyage of the Moonraker cont. It’s interesting to see how they lived. After a BBQ lunch celebrating Storm Bay’s arrival, Henry, Chris Jnr, Wayne and I set off up the hill to see the light house. It’s quite a trek to reach on foot – a good 2 hour climb to the light house, which stands 305 metres above sea level, the highest in the southern hemisphere. It was well worth the effort though – the views of the island and coastal scenery are spectacular. Oddly I didn’t feel dizzy by the heights which sometimes give me vertigo. Don’t bother with the WW2 plane wreck, it’s not exactly Romancing the Stone. It’s a very steep decline down the mountain. We all returned worse for wear after today ready for an early dinner and early morning departure tomorrow to Killekrankie Bay – I hope my feet feel better! Aching all over! On the 28th January, we have a 5.30am start, off to Killekrankie Bay on Flinders Island. Sometimes sailing can be heaven, today it’s hell on wheels, a wet n’ wild Mad Mouse coaster ride off the rails! 5 hours pass of beastly sou-easterly and hard cabin rain keeps me prostrate holding on by my claws – worst day ever! Ladies I’d advise you to meet your lads on Flinders Island! It’s been 11 fun-filled hours of wind on the nose and being tossed in a salad spinner. Where are my magic slippers?! At least I’m not seasick – hail to the Paia Bombs! After the worst motor-sail ever we finally reach Killekrankie Bay! We put the boat to rights and Chris Sinn kindly cranked up the fire to dry our wet sheets and jumpers, then Wayne took me ashore courtesy of Gary Kerr for coffee and chips – so good! All the boys have been especially kind to me after the ordeal and we have an excellent dinner at the local café with a choice of desserts – hail to the bread and butter pudding! After a hasty breakfast on Thursday morning, we chase a rainbow out of Killekrankie Bay, headed for Lady Barron. It’s another ‘sloppy Joe’ day – 10 hours motor to the next anchor point and a gale warning. Had to make a dash to Badger with the fleet. We’ll be stuck here a day or two... The sound of the wind is unnerving in the rigging – we should record it and sell it to Dr Who! At least our anchor is holding tight! When you’re a passenger and its rough there’s nothing to do but lose your marbles, your temper, your breakfast, nap or knit! I decide to the latter and have nearly finished making a fetching tam anticipating more rough weather! We sat out in a gale last night before going ashore on Friday – the islands of the strait are very much the same – wild, windswept, abandoned outposts of civilization colonized by the Victorians, abandoned in the 50s and visited only by the keenest fishermen. After a ‘ramble on the moors’ of Badger Island, the wind came off so we managed to set sail for Lady Barron after all. So glad, as Badger is a dreary, desolate place. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live there voluntarily. All that’s left are some shacks, disused farm machinery and lonely graves looking out to sea. While we’re exploring the wind calms down and we’re off again! Tim Phillips must be rapt to have his mains’l up finally in the reaching breeze. It freshened up considerably nearing Lady Barron. Poor Jane was stuck out at sea for the night, we managed to raft up with Storm Bay off the wharf ready for dinner at Furneaux Pub. After some R&R at Furneaux Pub, we set sail with the herd past the Dogs, Tin Kettle, Puncheon Head and Vansittart Islands, on Saturday morning heading for Kangaroo Bay. Today will be a shorter run – maybe 5/6 hours to our destination. We’re getting closer now, nearly 2/3rds of the way to Hobart – how exciting! Our mission today is to round Cape Barren Island and Preservation via the Armstrong Channel and make anchor off Clarke Island in Kangaroo Bay. Yet the tide is against us, so following the advice of our unofficial troop leader, Gary Kerr, we decide to anchor off Preservation with the Jane, Jane Kerr and Annie Térèse. It’s a beautiful spot to be becalmed for a slide night! We raft up with Jane and have the loveliest dinner party, complete with a roast, salt and pepper squid, and apple crumble! By the 1st we’re crossing Banks Strait – we’re really moving and the suns come out. Do this leg and we’ll touch Tassie in Great Musselroe Bay! It’s not an easy day of travel but bearable. I’m starting to relax and enjoy myself resting through the rough patches. Banks Strait is actually more dangerous than Bass - with tides that can run between 6 and 8 knots – which is considerable considering we cruise at 4 in Moonraker. Storm Bay decides

against pushing for Eddystone Point today and we decide to raft up at Musselroe Bay for lunch. We arrive mid-afternoon and I set to cleaning and putting the boat to rights. Wayne checked and fixed the head amongst other jobs and went for a quiet drink with the Annie Térèse boys. We make a start at first light on the 2nd for the longest leg attempted so far – Musselroe to Wineglass Bay. By midday we’re 1/3 of the way past St Helens. Spirits are high and conditions are fair, so we push on, intending to take full advantage of them. I began my 2nd watch today in fairer weather, with the storm s’l up, rugged up as it’s getting colder heading south. Seabirds glide past as we make headway along the east coast. We’ll be sailing through the night tonight! We have dinner on the run and Wayne gets us safe into Wineglass at midnight! We say farewell to Wineglass Bay after coffee on Jane the next day – it’s a beautiful morning, turning into a beautiful day. Dolphins play outside the bay – the coastline is spectacular – we sail past rocky cliffs. Inside of Schouten Island, via the Mercury Passage and the abandoned convict settlement on Maria. After a lovely Jaifrezi veggie fix, we’re in Marion Bay headed for Blackman Bay, via Marion Narrows through to Dunally. With a bit of luck we’ll get there by 8 for a counter meal! However Marion Bay is murder! We battle wind on the nose for 2 hours before making headway into Blackman Bay – with the tide’s help we steam along – poor Wayne valiantly cops buckets of water and sea spray before we reach Dunally wharf. Once dressed in dry clothes a kind local runs us up to the pub to have dinner with the Jane crew and Mary Mine of Queenscliff. It’s a cold night heralding more bad weather, but we’ll sit tight and rest it out! We spend a pleasant morning at the local café by Dunally wharf and ready our boats to go through Denison Canal at 11 o’clock on the 4th February. Then it’s a run around the Tasman Peninsula to Nubeena for some R&R before the Festival. We arrive at Nubeena later mid afternoon and have a day of rest doing anything we’d like to do -– Tony Hoppe smokes and fishes, Chris Jnr does donuts in Myra, Chris Snr reads and Henry plays electronics, while I make a crumble for tonight. Nubeena is a beautiful spot – very much an old-fashioned country town, with CWA rooms, a few shops and places to stay. The next day Tim and Sally Phillips cook up a storm for us with a BBQ lunch for all the boats, that runs into the early hours of the evening, on Storm Bay’s old jetty. Friday marks the start of the 2015 Wooden Boat Festival. We all rendezvous at 11 – ready for the sail past at lunchtime. Seeing all the boats on the harbour is exciting – and I felt very proud to be a part of it all on Moonraker, having come so far to be at the festival. The sail past was so much fun, and the sight of Storm Bay steaming past the spectators in full sail was thrilling! There were more boats and sites than can be seen at the Festival – we have to choose between the events and talks, while friends and family await us! On Saturday, there’s a Cocktail Party for the sailors and wives and Wayne is proud to do a talk sharing his experiences to the crowd. Sunday marks the return for me – and I am amazed to take a 45 minute flight back home to Melbourne, which took 2½ weeks by sail – but what an experience! Melinda Piesse, 23 Feburary 2015 CBA COMMITTEE 2014/15 President: Wayne Parr Vice President/Secretary: Andrew Skinner Treasurer: Bill Davis Records Secretary: Peter Sydes Michael Golding, Rod Martin, Tim Phillips, Robert Tucker & Russell Watson

Scoop Editor: Andrew Skinner andrew@skinnerads.com.au Couta Boat Association Inc. PO Box 258 Blairgowrie VIC 3942 cba@coutaboatclub.com.au Reg No. A0000225D ABN 17 803 524 588


Proud partners of SSCBC. Mercedes-Benz Brighton and Mornington are proud automotive partners of the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club. Visit the team at either one of our two convenient locations for all your Mercedes-Benz requirements. • New, Demonstrator and Pre-Owned vehicles. • Genuine Service, Parts and Auto Body Repairs. • Finance and Insurance.

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Furthermore when you purchase a New, Demonstrator or Approved Pre-Owned vehicle from either Mercedes-Benz Brighton or Mercedes-Benz Mornington we will provide the SSCBC Junior Sailing Programme with a donation of $500.* Simply present your SSCBC medallion to a member of our Sales team on enquiry.


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House Committee Report Hello All, Let me start straight up with an apology. Last year (2014) we had the inaugural ‘Jazz on the Hill’ with about 70 people in attendance. The Jan 23rd 2015 Jazz night took us by surprise with over 160 people booking (very quickly)... and Lavender Hill simply cannot accommodate anywhere near that number. The decision was taken, that rather than refund half the group, to move the event to the marquee. If we had that time over, I think we would (not so simply) cancel and refund at least half of the bookings that were made. And then there was the ‘stuff up’ with the band and I am extremely grateful to the two bands “Not Dead Yet” and ‘Jon and Wendy Wade’ for taking our emergency calls and helping us out as such ridiculously short notice and proving us with an alternative solution. Fortunately, the cost for the evening was for food only as the cost for the band was always born by the Club as a service to Members and thankfully – the food was fantastic !! The band provided was not who was originally intended, and I appreciate some people may have preferred to have done something else with their time had we known the mix up with the band was going to happen. When I stop and reflect on that night, I am reminded and impressed with what a great Club community we can be. It was an extremely stressful time and I particularly thank all those fabulous, positive Club members who took it in their stride, offered support and generously praised our efforts in trying to salvage a disaster. It was very much appreciated and we were incredibly touched. The ‘take 2’ evening of ‘Jazz on the Hill’ with our initially intended jazz band was a deliberate “make good/ re-run ’ on what was originally intended. Being on the hill of course necessitated a strict reduction in numbers. No mess ups this time (thank the

lord!) and a fabulous night was enjoyed by all those in attendance. We will make this jazz night on the hill an annual event - and we will continue to investigate other musical genres to add to the repertoire. Our summer repertoire of events is growing and we have been able to now establish a wide range of regular ‘must participate in’ events during this peak summer period. The Ladies Long Lunch with 170 attendees (see separate article), Mexican with the mariachi band in the marquee 120, New Year’s Eve day gourmet bbq lunch 100, Boxing Day sliders... for example, were all well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance. The kids DIY dinner and movie nights continue to be as ever popular for both mums and kids. And this year, instead of an indoor disco, we offered an ‘outdoors beach games’ with the crazy Andy’s Antics. Parents could enjoy watching their children enjoy the games and antics while relaxing on the deck. It was interesting to see the youngsters of the group confidently joining in, while those still young, but older primary aged children, who at first thought this ‘Andy bloke’ was not cool enough for them, decided he actually turned out to be pretty crazy and was worth standing by close enough to watch so as not to miss out on the fun. The January calendar is jam-packed with opportunities to gather with family and friends to socialise, relax and be entertained. You might not be surprised to know, almost half of our annual service of food and beverages service, is done in the one month of January. This of course creates some interesting challenges for staffing, logistics, storage, service to Members, and of what to do the other 11 months of the year. Although the percentages are definitely changing, we continue to be for the moment, for most members, a summer destination. However, whilst this is true, we continue in our efforts to further develop the winter program. The monthly themed dinners and Sunday night roasts are always extremely popular.

Our intention is to offer a package of dinner, with entertainment provided by a speaker of interest. Might be a person of note, or a comedian for example. We hope to add some light hearted variety to the winter calendar. I am very excited therefore, to be able to announce that the first of our ‘Dinner and Speaker’ events will be : Mr Ron Iddles APM, OAM Saturday 20 June Yes, Ron is Barry’s older (by 20 minutes) twin brother but he is much better known for other reasons. Ron has spent 37 years as a police officer and 25 years in the homicide squad solving some of the state’s most high-profile murders. He is the Victorian Police Association secretary and has been was awarded an APM Australia Day Honours 2001, Police officer of the Year 2008, Detective of the year 2011 and OAM in January 2015 So save the date. Bookings will be available closer to the date. And please – anyone with interesting contacts please let us know. We would be very grateful. One last thing of great importance, news blast... Make sure you SAVE THE DATE! SSCBC Ball Saturday 30 May This is pure celebration and fun. No fundraising. For details check invites. Thank you as always, to all those Club members who offer support – both ‘hands on’ and moral. And to our hospitality partners – again – a huge THANK YOU. The massive ebb and flow of member activity can create some serious challenges – but, no matter what is ever asked of them, Barry and his team always respond in the affirmative with a “yes – no problem – we can do that”. The reliability of their attitude and service is very much appreciated. Colleen Harkin Chair, House

To add to the collection we are going to trial a winter ‘Dinner and Speaker Series’. 25

Social Committee Report The Durance Ladies Long Lunch

The dining room was packed to the rafters

Our Women on Water ambassadors

the energy in the room through the roof.

as Lady members and their guests enjoyed

Sue Cockman and Maree Wilson provided

Our wildly appreciative audience was

another wonderfully successful and

an enlightening, brief presentation on this

brought to its feet throughout. It was nothing

enjoyable 2015 Durance Ladies Long Lunch.

wonderful initiative and offered a warm

short of sensational. SSCBC (and Sorrento)

and encouraging invitation to all our ladies

will surely never be the same.

After a welcome glass of Pommery champagne, guest were seated to find a

to participate.

As always, the purpose of this luncheon is

very generous, much coveted Durance

The undisputed highlight though was the

simply to provide an opportunity for lady

‘goody bag’ of home fragrance products.

three treat performances by the cast of

members to meet each other, make a new

As first year sponsors of the Ladies Long

Spiegelicious. Spiegelicious performed in

friend, and enjoy some social camaraderie.

Lunch, Durance also participated in the

the Speigel Zelt (tent) over the summer. My

An ‘aside’ to this agenda is to raise some

fashion parade showing a range of their

thanks and gratitude to James McPherson

funds, whatever they may be on the day,

gorgeous garments. Gant, StyleMeLab.com.

of the Three Palms Restaurant for enabling

in support of a local charitable cause. Past

au, Karlie Crow and Pavement children’s

this performance to take place. Female

recipients have been Rosebud Hospital

wear also participated. Modelled by Club

and male (or were they women too?) cast

and Sorrento wig library for example. This

members, our children and grandchildren,

members in outrageously gorgeous attire,

year’s recipient of the $6,500 raised is a very

our regular barefoot, organic fashion parade

provocatively (well sort of) strutting their

appreciative Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club.

is a much loved component of the day.

stuff, kicking, singing, dancing and raising


Social Committee Report The antics at Juniors social events this summer! Thanks to all those wonderful people who help and who donate – without whom, it simply wouldn’t be the fabulous day out that it is. They are: House Sub Committee members: Suzy Harris and Annette McPherson Models: Freddie, Lucas, Georgie, Bella, Sophie, Paris, Coco, Maddie, Grace, Bonnie, Tess, Dareen, Harriet, and Sarah Photographer: Hugo Donors: Durance




Karlie Crow



Robyn Mellet

Ali Horgan

Capelo Hats

Sorrento Seafood Shop Art Series Hotels Chrissy Barrett


Carringbush Hotel

The Beach Shack

Marlo Spa

Sport Phillip Marine

Rock and Stone

Olivia Stewart

Amanda Bonsema

James McPherson

Juniors Andy’s Antics beach games held on 28 December

Juniors Taco Night

Dinner Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Extended Hours in Summer. Reservations 5984 4444. 27

coastal living

85 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento 5984 5480 204 Boneo Road, Rosebud 5986 1730 #coastallivingsorrento

Race Reports 2015 Open Laser National Championships & 2015 National Youth Championships in WA

Opti Nationals in Fremantle

14 Victorian Laser sailors have just undertaken either the 7,014km return road trip (approx. 80 hours driving) or the 6 hours of flying, plus connections, to compete in the 2015 Laser Nationals at Mandurah and the 2015 Youth Nationals in Freemantle in WA. Of the 14 Victorians, 6 are from SSCBC, being the strongest representation from one club in Victoria. All our sailors have had outstanding results in the infamous WA breezes and swells. We should all be proud of our Laser junior and youth sailors, as well as our members in the Optis and 420’s, that have made the trip to WA and sailed in their various class 2015 Nationals and the 2015 National Youth Championships. An outstanding effort all-round.

The Opti Nationals in Fremantle wrapped up on Saturday 10 January, 2015. Four SSCBC sailors made the long trek to the west for the event.

The Laser Open Nationals 2015 were held at Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club, which is located south of Perth. 168 Lasers sailed a total of 12 races with 2.00 pm starts (thus the breeze is in) in brilliant sunshine every day and breezes that averaged from 15 – 25 knots. Plenty of 30 knots gusts came through every day as well on this ocean course. All our sailors, it would be fair to say, had to take a few days to work out the conditions, but once they did it was a pleasure to watch them surfing their boats on the massive swells and big gusts as they came through. The full Australian Laser Sailing Team were there demonstrating how hard you can push these boats, as well as how fit you need to be to sail well in these typical WA conditions. The Radial fleet had 76 entries, which were split into Gold and Silver fleets after three days of racing. All our Radial sailors made the Gold fleet with the following outstanding efforts by all.

Jack Graves: 23rd (1st year in the Radial) Alexander Jurovic: 32nd Lockie Dare: 34th /4th junior (1st year inn the Radial/junior) Anna Philip: 36th/5th female (straight out of year 12 studies) The 4.7 fleet had 50 entries. Hamish Fleetwood: 9th Jack Lewis: 20th From here it was a road trip to Freemantle Sailing Club, about 70km north, to join in with the total number of 239, youth competitors, for the Australian National Youth Championships 2015. Again it was 30˚C, sunny skies and slightly less breeze and swell than Mandurah.

In a very competitive fleet 15 races were run over 5 days. SSCBC’s Nick Joel finished 13th Australian, 2nd Victorian and qualified for the Australian Optimist Sailing Team. The overall winner was Rome Featherstone from WA. The 3 other SSCBC sailors, all of whom competed in the Open Fleet were Lachie Hartnett, Eugenie Rickard and Lachlan Evenden. We look forward to seeing more SSCBC members at next year’s Opti Nationals in Georges River, NSW. Dean Joel

The Radial fleet had 44 entries with our sailors lifting the bar very high, achieving the following results. Jack Graves: 12th Lockie Dare: 17th Alexander Jurovic: 25th

Calling all SSCBC writers! Would you like to submit a race report, article or story of adventure

The 4.7 fleet had 54 entries with,

for the next issue of Tidings?

Jack Lewis: 11th

Please email your story as a MS Word

Hamish Fleetwood: 12th

document and high resolution / quality

You will soon see these sailors around the club as their boats are shipped back to Melbourne on the back of the cars that drove or in the many containers by rail.

jpegs to manager@sscbc.com.au Articles and photographs published at the Editor’s discretion. Articles may be edited as required.

Well done to all our SSCBC junior/ youth sailors. Next time the 2015/2016 Nationals and Youth circuit is in NSW.



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Dining Room News

Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Anzac Day Lunch

25 April, from 1pm Menu for the lunch will consist of some of our special treats, slow cooked Flinders Island lamb, beef spare ribs, lamingtons and pavlovas to name a few.

Dining Room

Functions & Events

Open Friday for dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bookings are open for members functions for the Autumn Winter season. For event enquires email barry@sorrentocatering.com.au

Skinny Duck

Mothers Day Lunch 4 May June Three course lunch, $55 .

Dinner & Show 23 May, with Claire Woodley (daughter of the Seeker Bruce Woodley) This will be a fantastic event – a stunning three course dinner with entertainment, $60pp. Booking phone 5984 8290

Our team in the kitchen and office got behind the fantastic idea of “Skinny Duck” a fundraising arm set up by Barry Iddles to assist in raising money for FareShare. Raising a whopping $131154.45 enough to create 262,309 meals for the homeless and under privileged. The event was held straight after our hectic summer on Friday 30 January. A huge thank you to some of the unsung heroes on the night: Bar team – who assisted in making the event a huge success... some very familiar faces. A special thanks to Robbie Hiam, Phil and Andrea Hall, Jorja Crowe, Susie

Dipierdomenico and Rebecca Cowan who dispatched around 7,500 beverages. Kitchen team – Chefs Andrew Sharkey, Marcus Levy, Kylie Iddles, Brook Glover, Jean Juan, Daniel and our driver Justin Carter. Our Celebrity Chefs – Jacques Reymond of Jaques Reymond, Daniel Wilson of Huxtable, Scott Pickett of Estelle Bar and Kitchen, Jessie Gerner of Bomba, Adam d Silva of Coda, Tony Twixett of Taxi, Michael Reid of Vue de Monde and Ian Curley of the European Group. Thanks to members and guests for attending and supporting.

FareShare has a new Ambassador the wonderful Dani Valent, Wendy Hargreaves and Karen Inge. As many are aware, Barry was the driving force behind the Skinny Duck event last month that raised enough money to feed a quarter of a million people. Barry’s generosity on the night and beyond knew no bounds and we owe him a huge debt of thanks.

BOOK THE CLUB FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT! Let Cally, Barry & the team look after you. Available for corporate events and private functions.

PHONE 5984 8290

We’re proud to announce that Sorrento Catering Company’s Barry Iddles (pictured with FareShare CEO Marcus Godinho and Heston Blumenthal) has agreed to come on board as a FareShare Ambassador, joining

Welcome Barry! To find out more about FareShare – go to www.fareshare.net.au



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Special Opportunity – Stunning New Syrah

Club Sponsor News Mariner Boating South Channel Race & the Bonifacio Yacht Rally There was air of excitement during this year’s South Channel Race on New Year’s Day as SSCBC sponsors Mariner Boating Holidays were drawing a very special prize. Colin Senior was the lucky winner of a trip for 2 on the 2015 Bonifacio Yacht Rally departing from the beautiful island of Sardinia this August. The prize was donated by Mariner Boating Holidays, who are specialists in escorted sailing holidays around the globe. The Bonifacio Yacht Rally is one such adventure where guests will experience a mix of cruising in company, short passage races, free days to explore and plenty of social activities. After drawing the winning ticket, Colin decided right away that he would share his prize among the crew of Mystify, owned by Club member Bernie O’Hanlon. Colin and the crew from Mystify will enjoy 2 weeks sailing the northern shores of Sardinia, the straits of Bonifacio and south coast of Corsica. There are a range of yachts available in the Yacht Rally fleet, however Colin and the crew decided on a brand new, Dufour 500 Grand Large. A little different from the Couta Boat, the Dufour is constructed in France and features 4 double cabins. She is designed to go fast, without losing sight of the need for creature comforts on a cruising yacht. Dining alfresco is made that much easier when the cockpit has a built in fridge and BBQ. The Bonifacio Yacht Rally takes place around the great islands of Sardinia and Corsica, situated in the Mediterranean Sea with mainland Italy to the East, Spain to the West and France in the North. As a result of the unique location (coupled with a tumultuous history of conquests by the Aragonese and the Moors) the 2 islands exude a fascinating blend of French, Italian and Spanish cultures. Sardinia is a visually stunning destination, the focal point for many travellers being the

Emerald Coast, or the “Costa Smerelda’’. The 40 square kilometre coastal strip in the North East was originally home to a few shepherds and their goats. Then along came the Agha Khan who created a playground for the rich and famous with its epicentre in Porto Cervo. The who’s who of, well, basically everywhere, flock to the Costa Smerela to spend their holidays and money. Whether it’s cruising on a 70ft superyacht or lounging in the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda, celebrity spotting is a common past time here. Another pastime not to be missed is the Rolex Worlds Maxi Boat Championships, which is held by the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda every September. It is no coincidence the Yacht Rally fleet cross paths with this spectacle, the sailing itinerary was designed around it! On the 5th day of the Rally, the rally fleet are positioned on Maddalena Island where participants are whisked only a few miles away to view Race 2 of the Championships. The speed boats take participants so close to the action you can hear the crews calling to each other! In the second week of the Yacht Rally, the fleet moves north, crossing the Bonifacio Straits to the southern tip of Corsica. On arrival in Bonifacio, one could not be blamed for thinking they had changed course and ended up in the UK. No it’s not the white cliffs of Dover that greet sailors, these are the cliffs of Bonifacio, and the entrance to possibly the most spectacular harbour one will see in a lifetime. The Yacht Rally itinerary allows for 3 days within this historical port as there is simply so much to see and do. The Haute Ville, or old town of Bonifacio is a must and you could easily spend 2 days wandering the cobblestone streets that have been worn down to a fine sheen. Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, with 2 thirds of the islands surface covered. Following the time spent

in Bonifacio, the Yacht Rally moves north to Porto Vecchio where participants are given the opportunity to see these mountains. An optional excursion to the hilltop town of Zonza, situated 2,000 metres above sea level is a must, if not for the view, the food will surely lure you here (something to do with the slow roasted locally reared lamb might have something to do with it, either that or the nougat ice-cream). The cuisine of the two islands is distinctly different, and during the Rally participants will have the chance to experience both at the post-race dinners. There is a great focus on selecting restaurants that offer good quality, locally produced and seasonal dishes. Seafood, wild boar, homemade gnocchi and pastas like you have never tasted before, feature heavily on the menu. Add to this a glass of Sardinian Red and shopping for larger clothes becomes the only stress on this sailing adventure. After more time in Corsica the fleet returns to Sardinia via the Maddalena national Park situated off the North East corner of the mainland. Here the group spends a night in the well-known bay of Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio. There is simply no English translation for the colour of this water here, so locals simply call it ‘Little Tahiti’. There are many stops like this built into the Rally itinerary, beautiful bays, historical towns and bustling Mediterranean ports. There are two whole weeks to enjoy these stops so there is plenty of time to wander ashore, try out restaurants, shop or just relax on a beach. The team at Mariner Boating want to congratulate Colin and his crew on winning this amazing prize and for those interested in further information about the Bonifacio Yacht Rally contact Laura at Mariner Boating Holidays. Email laura@marinerboating.com.au Telephone +61 2 99661244 www.marinerboating.com/tour/2015-bonifacioyacht-rally




YACHT RALLY 28 August -12 September www.marinerboating.com

Join BERNIE and the crew of MYSTIFY in Corsica and Sardinia this year!

PHONE 1300 131 724

Sail in company, explore on your own

Member’s Adventure 46th Barcolana – Italy’s Premier Regatta it’s a cross between the Sydney to Hobart with some of Europe’s top Maxis sailing and the Marlay Point race just for the sheer number of competitors. It also has elements of the Royal Melbourne Show with hundreds of exhibitors lining the promenade displaying and selling their wares over the week. There is also a Woodstock feel to the regatta with Trieste’s main square, Piazza Unita d’ Italia and the adjoining roads being closed for a free rock concert on the final night. First, maybe a little history of the venue and the regatta. Trieste is tucked away in the far North East corner of Italy, across the bay from Venice at the head of the Adriatic Sea. Up until the end of WW1 it was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and their principal port and at one stage the 7th largest port in the world. This goes some way to explaining the unique Austrian feel the city has. After WW1 the city reverted into Italian hands. So far it has been lucky enough to be off the beaten track as far as mass tourism so you can still experience a real Italian city. As some of you may recall the city also hosted another large event this year, the finish of the Giro Italia. Italy’s answer to the Tour De France. The regatta itself was first held in 1969 as an initiative of the sailing club Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano, and takes place in Barcola on the second Sunday in October. For the passionate amateurs, the fascination of the regatta lies above all in the opportunity to race with professionals and their Maxi sailing boats, designed by International designers and built using the latest marine technology. The “Barcolana” is now world famous as it is the regatta with the largest number of participants: approx. 2,000 yachts 25,000 yachtsmen and crowd numbers in excess of 250,000 people. I never actually sighted a “notice of race” or

In the second week of October, my wife

approx 2,000 yachts ranging in size from

Lorraine & I were lucky enough to find

6 metres to Maxis in excess of 30 metres

ourselves in the Italian city of Trieste. This

facing the starters gun.

the week long regatta takes the format of off

This regatta has it all, it runs for a full week.

the first half of the week. This was followed

coincided with the 46th running of the Barcolana. Italy’s biggest regatta and possibly the largest regatta in Europe with

To try and to put it into an Australian context

a set of “sailing instructions”. But it appears the beach sailing for the smaller boats for by something that really caught my eye 39

Member’s Adventure

2014-2015 Committee & Flag Officers Commodore Andrew Plympton Vice Commodore Trevor Martyn Rear Commodore Mark Lloyd Club Captain Robbie Hiam GENERAL COMMITTEE Treasurer Warick Leeming Secretary Norman Creighton Colleen Harkin being an old Tornado sailor. A series of short

The main race of the regatta the Barcolana is

Max Chester

races in the inner harbour with Extreme 40

held on the Sunday. The race takes place on

Phillip Wise

catamarans. These are the boats that are

a 15-mile four-sided, fixed mark course. The

used for match racing and a training boat for

starting line is between the Miramare Castle

the America’s Cup catamarans that raced so

and the seat of the Società Velica di Barcola

successfully last year off San Francisco.

e Grignano and for the first time in 2014 the

Very spectacular up close and they drew

finish line was in the waters just off Piazza

huge crowds.

Unita d’Italia. Again light winds prevailed and

Another unique feature of the regatta was some night racing in the inner harbour for some of the smaller competitors. It appeared to be class racing in something the size of a J24. For wooden boat followers there was also a classic division with some beautiful old boats with both fishing and cruising histories.

Thank you to the Club’s Sponsors

this year’s winner was Slovenian businessman Igor Simcic in the yacht Esimit Europa 2. In another Australian twist to the race this boat is the old Alfa Romeo in which Neville Critchon won the 2002 Sydney to Hobart. Paul Gulliver

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SSCBC Tidings Autumn Winter 2015  

Official newsletter of Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club

SSCBC Tidings Autumn Winter 2015  

Official newsletter of Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club

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