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Since the very beginning Nobilekiteboarding is driven by the pursuit of revolutionary innovations, highest quality, technical superiority, best performance and on–water fun. Every single one Nobilekiteboarding branded product is the effect of our experience in design, construction and passion for kiteboarding. Our dedication to provide premium products drive us to search for new and one-of-a-kind approaches. Each year we create unparalleled selection of unique high end products that stand out from any other company in the industry. As a result, in 2010/11 collection you will find not only the range of still unequaled boards with 3D Construction that already proved it’s superior quality and performance, but also a line of totally new products like our Double Hydro Dynamic, Flying Carpet and extended Skim series. And this is just the beginning of excitement. Have fun and enjoy! Nobile Team

The idea of pre-stress was probably already known architects in ancient Rome and was used during the construction of the Colosseum. Prestressing means the intentional creation of permanent stresses in a structure for the purpose of improving its performance under various service conditions. Nobile Pre-stress is the technology inspired by our 3D Construction. Now we took this famous solution and, what seemed to be impossible, upgraded it to the next level. Pre-stress allows us to load the board with energy already during the production process. Storing the energy in the board means it’s even more reactive, responsive and livelier. It also allows us to build thinner (means: lighter!!! ) but yet still more durable than any other boards on the market.

Today’s riding styles result in heavy impacts and with the wider stances currently used, such loading can result in the board “inverting” and the rocker becoming convex, which normally leads to the tips catching and the rider coming to an unwanted stop. Since 2006, when we introduced the Elliptical Concave, we’re still improving the technology that combines the advantages of both a flat-bottomed board and concave. The 3D Construction allows us to create differing flex, both longitudinally (along its length) and laterally (across its width), throughout the board. Our unique and yet still unequalled technology allows the board to arch across its width, providing extraordinary comfort on landing. In the same time it maintains stiffness along board`s length ensuring there is no flattening of the rocker on impact, thus vastly reducing the chances of the board catching.Reducing the longitudinal flex has the additional advantage that the rocker line can be made fuller without the resulting loss of speed normally associated with this type of change. The deeper rocker eliminates spray and reduces the possibility of nose-diving when riding through chop and waves at speed. Shorter time reaction and less power which we have to use for initiate reaction of board is a re-

sult of early prestress of material obtained in the press under high pressure. Thanks to these innovations board does not deform, losing its sophisticated features, during normal using. Additionally, during hard landings board works better than great. Traditional construction board may undergo deformation longitudinally loosing speed and overloaded the knees. The 3D Construction in our products makes landing faster and easier without this inconvenience.

Nobile´s Human Concept is about harmonizing the needs, requirements, and sometimes limitations of our bodies, with technical advancements in equipment as we strive for the ultimate synergy between rider and material. Neither boards nor kites are able to function alone….. it is the rider that connects everything and it’s too easy to let the fanatical pursuit of ultimate performance dominate, forgetting that we riders may not always have the necessary physiology to make effective use of these advances, nor the desire to sacrifice other equally important factors, such as comfort and safety. Nobile’s Human Concept acknowledges that our goal remains ultimate performance through technological and innovative progress, but in COMBINATION with the advantages and limitations our bodies naturally feature, allowing riders to enjoy and appreciate the quality and achieve maximum performance from the equipment they are riding.

The 50fifty is the most powerful force for performing new school moves with precision, control and aggression. This board is something for those who desire a pure wakestyle board that provides huge levels of control at speed, still feeling solid aggressive carving and unbelievable POP combined with butter smooth landings in all water conditions. The 50fifty is designed with Mike “The Knife� Blomvall for all the new school enthusiasts looking for the board to launch huge tricks with technical precision.

Features: -

3-D Construction mould for even more advanced flex control Wide stance options for more stable riding position Multiple insert spacing for footstraps and conventional wake bindings Fin Shims for stronger fin+board connection Smaller fins for looseness and control on landing

Who is it for? -

Advanced freestyle Riders looking for: New School style board Wake Binding compatibility Aggressive riding Huge pop Easy and controlled landings

sizes: 139x40 140x41 141x43

FLAT AREA It’s SUPER FAST – allows you to glide as fast as a cheetah! It takes 70% of the board’s hydrodynamic profile, allowing you to push the speed limits ever further. OUTSIDE ROCKER This is a shape that not only gives you supper grip and edge on turns, but also directs the unwanted water sprays away from your face.

TRANSITION AREA A perfect bridge between the flat area and the outside rocker – just to make sure everything goes as smooth as You have planned.

POP GROWER It’s like pieces of semtex mounted on tip and tail of the board to give you explosive pop, so you can now fly higher than ever.

PRE-STRESS This marvelous technology allows us to load the boards with energy, so they are even more reactive and responsive.

is the next step in kiteboarding evolution. 2HD it’s an exceptional and unrivaled mix of technological advancement with long experience in creating high qualitative products. This project is a synergy of advantages of our best boards in all range. Super speed and explosive pop are the main advantages of this model. Taking what’s essential in Hydro and Aerodynamic we developed this unique design of double-profiled bottom. This one of a kind shape was created to bring the most performance to advanced riders. The result is the fastest and best performing board in Nobile range. 2HD is even that good, it may easily compete with race boards. Twin Tip faster than a traditional race board? It has to be the 2HD! Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. 70% is also the amount of 2HD’s hydrodynamic base profile we did flat. Inside flatter profile makes the board extremely fast (less water resistance) and increases longitudinal stability. The other 30% of the 2HD’s surface is outside deeper rocker. It increases versatility and edge grip. What is more, it also dramatically reduces unwanted spray in choppy water, makes your riding smother, easier and more comfortable. DoubleHydroDynamic is also loaded with Nobile Pre-Stress technology. During the production process we “freeze and store” energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, faster reaction, better grip and maneuverability. This technology also allows us to make boards lighter than ever. We also added our explosive Pop Grover tech for sky-high jumps.

Features: - Extremely fast hi-performance all round board for demanding riders - NEW DoubleHydroDynamic profile increases versatility, control and speed - Pre-stress technology for improved response - Pop Grower tech for massive jumps - Lightweight construction

Who is it for? -

Advanced riders looking for: Best performing board on the market Maximum versatility Hi-performance all-round board Maximum comfort & speed Controlled and Smoothest landings Excellent Upwind Performance

sizes: 131x40 134x42 137x44

Since the beginning, the Nobile High Performance (earlier 666) has always been the product of evolution. This model repeatedly win tests in magazines and has always great feedback from riders. The NHP is the board of choice for everybody who’s looking an exceptional, big air freestyle machine, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance, making it ideal for everybody who desire high power riding, explosive POP and controlled, smooth landings. Features: -

3-D Construction mould allows for even more advanced flex control Hydrodynamic Rocker Line dramatically reduces spray in choppy water Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increases versatility and comfort Wide stance options for more stable riding position Fin Shimms for stronger fin+board connection

Who is it for? -

Freestyle and Advanced riders looking for: Unlimited performance Maximum versatility Big air freestyle Comfort and speed Controlled, smooth landings Great Upwind Abilities

sizes: 125x38 128x39 131x40 134x42 137x44

Girls edition was designed with our team rider, PKRA pro-tour winner Asia Litwin especially for girls riding style. All the men’s model advantages packed in the way girls like it. This is not just the standard version packed in different colours. The NHP WMN is all adjusted to meet women’s needs and demands. More flex and narrow stance options than in men’s version makes it a great all-round woman’s board. The NHP 3D is the board of choice for girls who’s looking for an exceptional, big air freestyle machine, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. It’s just ideal for girls with desire high power riding, explosive POP and controlled, smooth landings.

features: -

All 3-D Construction mould allows for even more advanced flex control Hydrodynamic Rocker Line dramatically reduces spray in choppy water Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increases versatility and comfort Narrow stance options for more stable girls riding position Fin Shimms for stronger fin+board connection Softer flex than in men’s version Who is it for?


Freestyle and Advanced female riders looking for: Unlimited Performance Maximum versatility Big air freestyle Comfort and Speed Controlled, Smooth landings Great Upwind Abilities sizes: 125x38 128x39 131x40

The 2011 Nobile NHP XTR (eXTRa range) is performance board created to extend your riding time at the lower end of the wind scale. Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape combined with Hydrodynamic Rocker provides incredible early planning, outstanding upwind performance, effortless carving and endless control. Now you don’t need a smaller board when the wind strengthen. Traditional light wind machines offer a seriously compromised “fun factor” however application of Nobile’s Human Concept and legendary flex control ensures that comfort and control remain paramount even as the wind starts to pick up. Features: -

Hydrodynamic Rocker Line extremely reduces spray in choppy water Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increases versatility and comfort Wider stance options for more stable riding position Fin Shimms for stronger fin + board connection

Who is it for? -

Free-riders and heavy-weight riders looking for: Extending the Wind Range High Performance Light-Wind Board Superb Upwind Abilities Comfort and Control sizes: 140x46 143x48

The 2011 T5 is created to rise your riding to the next level in the easiest way available, a perfect freeride combination from the beginner to advanced rider. T5 is an easy to ride twin tip for your on-water pleasure! This multi-universal machine makes your progress faster and more effective. In new 2011 T5 Nobile´s Human Concept made possible the ultimate synergy between rider and material, harmonizing the needs, requirements and limitations of our bodies. T5 is the best board for your kite evolution and fast progress. Features: -

Improved flex control Woodcore + honeycomb technology Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increase versatility and comfort Wide stance options for more stable riding position Fin Shims for stronger fin+board connection High visibility orange accessories to assist in locating the board in the water Who is it for?


Intermediate and free-riders looking for: All-round Board Easy handling and comfort Increasing skills Good upwind performance sizes: 125x38 128x39 131x40 134x41 137x42 140x44 WMS sizes: 125x38 128x39 131x40

Flying Carpet is another NEW superb light wind machine. The name of it explains it all. The synergy of advanced technology and excellent shape give the rider unmatched upwind performance and previously unattainable light wind fun with unexpected freeride possibilities. We use pre-stress technology that makes this boards livelier and more reactive. During the production process we “Freeze and store” energy in the board construction. This energy is then for your disposal just when you need it. It benefits with more pop, faster reaction, better grip, maneuvering and anything you want to use it for. Pre-stress also allows us to make boards lighter than ever. It’s not an another truck on water! Flying Carpet is also good board for the first timers and kite schools. It makes your learning easier, faster and more comfortable. Features: -

Pre-stress technology for improved reactiveness Elliptical Progressive Concave Pre-stress tech High visibility orange accessories to assist in locating the board in the water Fin Shims Reasonable price Who is it for?


Beginners and Intermediate riders looking for: Light wind board Comfort Excellent Upwind Performance size: 160x46

The 2011 NBL is a board with fantastic early planning and excellent upwind characteristics, along with supreme comfort and durability. Our modern Twin Tip design with advanced flex control at an inexpensive price, representing great value for money and surprisingly good performance. Whether you are fresh out of kite school, an occasional rider, or simply looking for a board that balances progressive performance, ease of handling and superb value then look no further than the NBL. It’s the board designed for those who want to push their riding skills to next level and explore. Features: -

Elliptical Progressive Concave Improved flex Wide stance High visibility orange accessories to assist in locating the board in the water Fin Shims Who is it for?


Beginners and Intermediate riders looking for: All condition board Easy maneuvering Comfort Excellent Upwind Performance sizes: 130x38 134x39 138x40,5 142x42

Our Skim Board was the very first kite specific on the market, and after four years continues to introduce a new, exciting and fun element of kiteboarding. This strapless design, featuring a relatively parallel-sided outline with optional fins, to provide grip and upwind drive is the best alternative activity for intermediate and expert riders in light winds and less than perfect conditions. If you want to stay on the water and try new technical moves whilst others are heading to the beach or only riding from left to right and back then it’s time you tried one! Features: -


Integrated, thermo formed pads provide all around foot traction with reduced possibility of stumbling on their raised edges Optional fins, so you can chose a traditional skate feeling or opt for more grip and ease of use 3-D finger grips to make grabs easier Un-paralleled light wind performance UV resistant, textured top foil increases traction and protects colours from the sun Who is it for?


Riders looking for: Alternative activity Strapless riding Light wind fun Riding small waves Improving skills in a new direction sizes: 130x50,5

Wood Skim is another new tool in our line. Wooden version has more wave ability thanks to pre-stress tech that makes board livelier and more reactive. All wooden skimboards feature skate-style foil at the top for better feet grip. Wood skim is also a perfect tool for your fun in waterparks. Wood Skim comes in 3 sizes, so you may choose the perfect version for your joy: versions: Wood (130x49,5 cm) – Similar shape and size as regular, airex skim. Hybrid (139x47 cm) – middle size skimboard for extended fun. It features increased stability and maneuverability than the standard one. This board Wave (154x47 cm) – the name explains it all. Take this one and discover new aspects of fun and the surf style of kiteboarding.

features: -

Pre-stress technology for improved reactiveness Optional fins meaning you can chose a traditional skate feeling or opt for more grip and ease of use 3-D finger grips make grabs easier Skate-style foil at the top for better grip Un-paralleled light wind performance

Who is it for? -

Riders looking for: Alternative activity Strapless riding Light wind fun Riding small waves Improving skills in a new direction

T5 - KOINOBORI The progress continues - once again we redesigned and improved the T5. To have it done properly, we’ve teamed up with aerodynamic engineers (their everyday job is to design plane wings) and together we’ve remade the T5 kite. The main goal was to improved the kite performance, while simultaneously maintaining those T5 characteristics that you liked so much. The resulting new, smoother profile of T5 – KOINOBORI is even more aerodynamic then the previous version. We’ve taken what’s the aerodynamics science has to offer and implemented it into this kite’s construction. The result surpassed all our expectations so much, that we ended up upgrading it`s name. All aerodynamics-driven improvements start from the new profile. We’ve redesigned the leading edge area, included new, flattened Wing Tips, thinner bridles and steering lines. T5 - KOINOBORI is now much faster, and more stable at the same time, even in gusty wind conditions. Amazingly enough, the lift and hang time have also improved greatly. Incredible low-end wind performance also allows you to use kites smaller than usual, so now you have more versatile tool for your kiteboarding passion. Additionally, side-strut kite valves have been moved to the outer sides of the struts, to gain the “catch – free” location. Now it’s almost impossible for the bridles to catch the valve when launching the kite. Already impressed? Breathe slowly, because that’s still not the end ... T5-KOINOBORI also features an innovative, reinforced bridles attachment points. The kite is now equipped with double layer of Dacron where it’s most exposed to risk of breaking the leading edge. Reinforced V-attach mounting system featured in the crucial point of bridle’s attach area – makes the kite stronger. Good news for Kiteloop fans – no more problems with this feature! The T5-KOINOBORI features superior, direct-feeling control, improved predictability, and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The huge wind range, lift and hang time remain, but with a massive improvement to the low-end power and re-launch capabilities. If you desire an easy re-launching kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the T5KOINOBORI is a perfect choice.

improvements: -

New aerodynamic profile Thinner bridle lines Thinner steering lines Smooth leading edge profile Redesigned, flattened wing tip Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points features:


Incredible stability Zero overshooting even in gusty wind conditions Improved lift & hang time Smooth and easy power stroke More low-end power Quick re-launch capabilities catch-free� valves location Amazing Low-End wind Power Fully featured kite bag sizes: 5 m2 7 m2 9 m2 10 m2 12 m2 14 m2

N62 V2 After success with the N62, Nobile Kiteboarding introduced the N62 V 2.0 all-round kite - a more compact kite to its predecessor with improved turning speed, more constant power and progression focus, plus thanks to added reinforcements, the kite is now more durable and impact resistant. The new N62 delivers the latest generation of innovative design into the Nobile kite range - it’s compact shape and reduced aspect ratio offer super stability, as well as delivering easy power control, direct handling and instant relaunch. The new N62 is an ideal kite for riders who value ease and simplicity in their kiting, and for those who ride in demanding conditions where control is paramount. The N62 V2.0 features reduced sweep through the wing tips (compared to a traditional delta), ensuring phenomenal low-end performance, massive wind range and pivotal turning without the indirect, imprecise handling of a traditional delta. This kite delivers “Park and Ride” ease, allowing you to just concentrate on riding. It is extremely forgiving due to an excellent ‚sink back’ characteristic (the ability to drop back into the wind, instead of luffing and falling out the sky, should you get yourself too far under the kite). However, if the kite does get wet, the most effective relaunch system ever will have it back up in the air with the minimum of rider technique or effort. Reduced strut configuration, uncomplicated bridle and SMART pump II make rigging simple for all. The single point attachment for the front and rear lines means the rider doesn’t have to work out the different flying lines positions – there is only one universal position. The N62 V 2.0 also benefits from the excellent performance, quality and safety characteristic of the innovative Nobile Kiteboarding control bar and the revolutionary Fulcrum quick release. With ease at the forefront of its design, the N62 V 2.0 will give maximum safety and confidence to riders, pushing riding skills to the next level. Whatever your style or ability and whatever the riding conditions are, the new N62 introduces a new era of versatility and all-terrain performance.

who is it for? Beginners and Intermediate riders looking for an easy to ride all-round kite.

features: - Easy kite for fun in all conditions - 3 Strut Layout - less weight, better agility, faster inflation/deflation - D2 - Delta Evolution Shape - impressive pivotal turning and progressive power control - Outstanding Safety - Short De-Power Throw - Park & Ride Handling - Superior stability, easy power control, direct handling, and instant relaunch - SMART Pump 2 Inflation System -Â 100% De-power - Simplified bridles - Huge Wind Range - Fully featured Kite bag sizes: 5 7 9 11 13

m2 m2 m2 m2 m2

NHP With 2 years in the development, Nobile Kiteboarding is happy to present to you the all new NHP. Recognizing the limitations of 5 line set ups we went back to the drawing board and drew on what we learnt from the recent N62 Delta concept development to create a completely new style of freestyle kite. The criteria for performance was clear‌fast and direct feeling, axial turning, low bar pressure when un hooked and instant response to rider input, however we placed increased priority for 2010 on enhanced de-power range and super easy re-launch. Using a short and simple bridle also allowed us to reduce the size of the leading edge on the NHP resulting in a fast flying kite that climbs to the front of the window in all wind conditions‌. An essential trait for a modern freestyle kite both for smooth power delivery after landing and for completing kite loops without stalling. The new 4 line NHP format has allowed us to increase light wind performance with no effect on the upper range handling and usability. For most riders this increased range will ensure no more than 2 kites are necessary for 90% of riding conditions. The kites of choice for KPWT winner Mike Blomvall, the new NHP will allow you to push your limits and improve your level without the compromises normally inherent with such high performance equipment.

Sizes: 5 m2 7 m2 9 m2 10 m2 12 m2 14 m2

Pop Grover This special shape cut is an another new technology that helps us on our way to the best board flex management ever. It’s like pieces of semtex mounted on tip and tail of the board to give you explosive pop, so you can now fly higher than anyone else on the spot. Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline: You can’t escape the fact that kite-boarding stances are not symmetrical; can you ride the same on your toe side and heel side edges? If not, then you have to ask yourself why your board has the same outline and fin position on the heel side and toe side edges. Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline is designed around their Human Concept, performance that is destined to enhance and work in harmony with your natural physiology, not fight against it. We have tailored the outline on your stronger heel side rail to have more grip, better upwind performance and maximum POP. On the weaker toe side, we have increased the curve radius and bought the fins closer to your feet improving the carving potential and comfort factor of the board when riding switch whilst at the same time radically decreasing the foot pressure needed to hold your edge. Hydrodynamic Rockerline A conventional rocker with it’s flatter centre section and increasing radius towards the tail causes the water to accelerate along it’s length as the distance it has to travel increases, this acceleration causes drag on the board. Our hydrodynamic rocker contains most of it’s radius in the centre of the board. The straight section enables the water to maintain it’s direction of travel all the way along the bottom of the board thus the drag from the water is reduced to a minimum as it’s travelling the shortest distance possible. We also have also tweaked the heel-side outline and moved the footstrap inserts to ensure minimal interference with water release on the rail - a major cause of spray.The major benefits of Hydrodynamic Rockerline are reduced water drag – increased board speed. Eliptical Progressive Concave Exclusively featured on all Nobile kiteboards since we introduced the concept in 2006, our Elliptical Progressive Concave combines the advantages of both a flat-bottomed board and concave. The tail area of the board is completely flat allowing the board to flex in the controlled fashion defined by us during testing to enhance control, comfort and performance whilst the centre section of the board has up to 5mm of concave providing earlier planning, extra rail grip and a smoother ride. It also allows to control much more accurately the flex in different areas of the board. CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology It’s a little known fact that proper flex control in a kiteboard is not solely restricted to the decks overall deflection in response to pressure. Variable flex zones, flex response speeds and vibration control are all equally important factors. Fast flex response speeds can raise the performance characteristics of a board but can cause rail ‚chatter’ at speed leading to a loss of rail grip and a general lack of comfort. Reducing this ‚chatter’ or vibration through the use of advanced core materials and laminates provides exceptional rail grip in all conditions and increases ride comfort and control. UV Resistant Foils Having the best performing (and best looking?) board on the market won’t stop the feelings of disappointment if the colours start to fade after 6 months use. Our UV resistant foils ensures your board will look as good in six months as the day it came out of the wrapper.

IFS Pro The IFS Pro is the multi-density molded pad resulting in a foot bed system where the compression “ramps up” through its depth of travel. Heavy impacts sees each layer becoming progressively firmer, preventing any possibility of your foot coming into contact with the board, yet maintains the direct feeling for perfect synergy between the rider and the board. For 2011 we’ve totally redesigned both the footpad and the strap. The one of a kind, multi-destiny, 3D molded asymmetrical footpad not only adjust to rider’s unique foot shape, but also remembers it for the ultimate comfort and perfect fit. The new footpad consists of four PU layers. 3 of them: Medium, Hard and Soft with “remember the foot shape” feature are inside the footpad combined in perfect balance to give you maximum comfort and perform. All those layers are covered by very durable, external foam shaped in the most ergonomic way possible. IFS PRO also features totally new, double Velcro ultra comfortable asymmetric strap. One hand, quick and easy adjustment combined with the ultimate fit makes the new IFS PRO one of the most rider-friendly footpad system on Planet Earth! Extraordinary cushioning provides you ride smoother than ever, while the perfect fit makes the new IFS PRO so comfortable, you want to wear it instead of your regular slippers! FEATURES: - New 3D ergonomic footpad that remembers foot shape and adjust to it for ultimate comfort - New double Velcro strap system - Quick and easy, one hand adjustment - Perfect board control, performance and grip - 2 screws quick mounting - Full comfort shock absorption - Ultimate dampening formulated to withstand repeated impacts - Unique 4-density, ergonomic molded footpad - Fits all feet - High visibility, “rescue orange” coloring

FINS Smaller fins for more looseness, maneuverability and stability on landing. To make fin+board connection indestructible we use special Fin Shims. 2011 Fins are made in extremely high visibility, Baywatch’s Mitch Buchannon favorite lifeguard “ultra orange” colour, so you always know when you dropped your precious kiteboard.

Nobile Catálogo 2011  

Catálogo Kiteboarding 2011

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