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Part I


@Gary Lampe Awesome job, can we share it on instagram?

@Robbee Horan You got it. Share this content and we`ll give you 10 free gravity days. Would you dare?

@ Use your Gobin force and go to: installation pop, properties, new download, refresh. (Hipotetic solution to a problem)

@Chadi Hassen Let us know the instances when the game go down, we're always improving the functioning. @Lumko Tatana Try freeing space on the cell phone, we are working to improve the application.

@Uwezo Alexis, try to discover it.

@Charles Scott- Robert Breace: We´re working on that wink wink.

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II I´ll Post a video with the following text:

1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and we have the privelege to find you. Get into this adventure.

An example of the images progression:

Statistics: 1. Organic post (without using advertising) I’ll Analyse date base in the option of Engagement : likes, shares, and comments, but also tracks clicking on an image, viewing a video, and clicking on a link. And i´ll compares Volume with reach, for example, if our reach is 100, and our volume is 80, then a good number of potential viewers actually do see our post.

2. Based on a facebook AD: a. I’Il utilize CPA (Cost per action) Instead of just paying for a click or impressions, CPA measures our costs based on a specific action, in this case an app download, an email subscribe or even purchase specific tools fof the game. By measuring this Facebook metric, we can understand the ROI of our ad campaigns and also know if the viewers install our game. b. With the tool: Cost per click (CPC) we get charged every time someone clicks on our ads. This way we´re paying for actual actions being completed rather than just having our ad show up so we can make sure the fans re-open the app.


I would create an animated gif showing a caveman winning the fight against a taurosaur, at the end I would say:

Go wild… for a while. Prehistory world only in Sanbox Evolution 2

Strategy: For each type of world I would create a tag (Key words) that identifies it, so in all the alternative tools like Instagram, Snapchat or web, the information have been redirected and allows the user to tag their online participation. Ex:

#WildSandbox2 #GowildeSandbox2 #ArnoldSandbox2

#ZombieSandbox2 #attackBox #PIxel


Compiled from the best snapchats for Instagram users share to ensure the connection between all the platforms and also to rich the channels with the content of other platforms.


First and very fundamental is to have well-defined KIPs for mobile traffic, tablet traffic, desktop traffic and device traffic through SEO positioning.

1. WEB A.

Optimize the load of the website on computers and mobile phones, according to the google page specializing in the quality of web pages for possible SEO positioning:

It is suggested: -CSS Optimize the image, change the format. - Remove the Lazy loading, the image is only called if I ask it, connection economy. - Remove the Java script that is at the end of the page, slows down. - Evaluate the hosting to improve the rt time of the server, when positioning the SEO, Google does not prioritize in organic searches because it does not have enough loading speed.

B. C.

Use the Ag we tool to do web auditing, a tool to know what works and what does not within the web page. Improve and prioritize the internal forums of the website in order to maintain several feedback channels with users.

2. Email marketing & newlester Newsletters with the latest news of the game, the most played worlds, generates among the interested consumers high doses of loyalty. Sending bulk email would increase user input to various platforms.

3. Facebook Initial actions:

A. Track likes over time to identify peaks and valleys in fan growth. B. See how fan growth may correlate with a rise or fall in stories created. C. Determine the best day of the week to post by tracking when your fans tend to create stories. D. Replace links with images or videos, post questions to stimulate a discussion, share privileged information, or focus on high-quality text-only posts, which are easier to spread than one with images. Content actions: livestream sessions that include not only how to play or create a certain level but the "behind the scenes" of E. Short Sandbox installers, make the audience close to the brand. F. Share the Sandbox2 web page’s forum to mobilize the public. G. Share some webinar sessions.

3. Instagram As a personal criterion, I would give greater relevance to Instagram because it´s currently the most effective media; being owned by Facebook, are interconnected, therefore the contents can be seen on both platforms. The current Sandbox community´s Instagram is deficient in content and form; requires changing the concept and goal, because the publications have no relevance or motivate the interaction with the client. Actions to improve instagram:

A. Change the current Instagram to bussines account, this B.

option allows to see the metrics in real time, and evaluate which post had more follow-up and at what moment the followers are online. Potentiate the hash tags, with platforms such as: summAll, simple measured or square icon; we can analyze the percentage of likes and comments we receive using different hashgs.

C. Socialize with followers, like some followers posts or write comments. D. Look at competitors and analyze what they do. E. Use Instagram carrousels (which allows you to have up to 10 images in a post) to do: - Promotions of new assets in game. - Story of a story of a person's play on a level (captures).

F. Use Instagram Live to implement the Q & A questions and answers, this allows to humanize the voice of the brand. Ask for ex, what tool they like the best, what they would like to change the game, what they expect from Sandbox.

G. Bring experts every week or so often to share on Instagram live. special discount codes for Instagram followers, made from the bittly platform, which lets you know how I. Share many times a link was shared.

4. Snapchat It’s a widely used meda for Millenials, it allows maintaining a clear contact with customers and could be used from the following approaches:

A. Make a compilation of the best snapchats of the brand and mount them to you tube / Facebook. Share special discount codes for Snapchat followers, made from the bittly platform, which lets you know how B. many times a link was shared, followers would share their benefits from the Snapchat code and this can be shown in other networks to link platforms and encourage the purchase.

5. Extra channels for sales purposes: 5A. Marketing: Inbound: Redirect to app stores or native apps according to the web search / pop up advertissements. Outside: Partner with geek stores or places / geek bars to promote jego, create sub worlds through themes and compete with them. - Ex: theme beer / theme Comic Con.


Create a whole strategy of Web positioning, since it is insufficient at present.

Part II i_DzDtTQdtWA2NrNxaM8bGfOWjMJW9snfPIwE4

A complete CM strategy requires not only Facebook posts, so I have made a global idea in a Google spreadsheet of the compilation of actions to be developed on all platforms.


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The Sandbox2 CMText  

Hi Sandbox People, here you will find my CM test, I hope we can work together. Karen J Crespo E.

The Sandbox2 CMText  

Hi Sandbox People, here you will find my CM test, I hope we can work together. Karen J Crespo E.