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project# 1

THE MYSTERY OF PRIVECY EXHIBITION Investigate and attempt to understand the concept of human curiosity. Their works portray the complexity of the human mind and the curiosity of what happens behind closed doors. An ordinary person’s perception of what happens behind the toilet door is straightforward that there is nothing but waste dumping. But what actually goes on beyond that particular door is simply truth, lies, sex and more. People outside will never have a chance to see what is really going on inside, but they use their imagination to fill the void. These art pieces reflect the imagination and thoughts of curious people who are waiting outside those closed doors and what the people inside do to fulfil their own needs when the door is closed.

title: Public private space Illustration: pen and ink size: 55cm.x75cm.

title: In Between Illustration: pen and ink size: 75cm.x55cm.

title: It’s Depends Illustration: pen and ink size: 75cm.x55cm.

title: Urgent Illustration: pen and ink size: 55cm.x75cm.

project# 2

Epidemis Illustration: pencil drawing

project# 3

Chronology Exhibition The distortion of time A timeline of historical events that was driven by spice trade. Spice in the previous time were very valuable compare to gold that it cause many wars over the Europeans. Beside war, spice trade also lead to cultural exchange.This illustration show a relationship between past and present issues that share something in common by using allegory, an extended metaphor. Even spice become less popular but people still keep fighting over many other resources.The diversity of techniques and drawing tools signify each different time period and visual culture.

Illustration: drawing and water color title: War of Profit size: 1 m. x 5 m.

project# 4

The Lost Wildlife Illustration: pastel color

project# 5

CARVE OUT THE SONG An interpretation of a song called “Knife” from Grizzly Bear by using woodcut print. I believe this song is about words and lies. People can hide what they wanted to hide but they can’t hide their emotion in their eyes.

title: Knife Illustration: wood cut size: 21cm.x29.7cm.

project# 6

DICTIONARY SORT OUT randomly started with an old english dictionary from bookshelf, wiped out the dust, circled the silliest word from the page and combine other words to make a nonsense story. Ilustrate the story mixed with my own childhood memory, hide it in a book that no one ever read. Feels just like the age of 4-year-old kid again.

Unititled Illustration: pen in book

project# 7

RELATIONSHIP of VIOLATION An information graphic of the movie “Pulp Fiction” that show relationship between each character based on violence along the movie. It’s unbelievable that the director use his creativity to approach variety method of violence.

title: Chain of Blood Diagram: silk screen size: 70cm.x50cm.

project# 8

Organic Fest’12 Poster: pen drawing, digital finish

project# 9

PRISONER TATTOO Illustration: pen drawing, digital finish

project# 10

GREAT RISK A hand-drawn animation which refer to Gandhi’s quote “Great love, great achievement involve great risk”. Communicating the message by using motion illustration through simply symbolics such as throwing a coin to represent taking a risk, hand holding as love and a trophy as achievement along with sound design.

project# 11

MAZE AROUND An installation in the concept of experiencing. By brainstorming and working as a team, we believe that exploring and experimenting is essential in creative method of design industry. Before approaching to a beautiful final piece of work, there are a lot of steps to go through and learn. It’s unquestionably that there are always countless unexpected situations under a limited condition we have to encounter along the process of work and we have to learn how to deal with it wisely.

Installation: Display Design


Pakaporn Penpayap +66811728460

Present -2009-2012 BA in Communication Design Chulalongkorn University -2003-2008 High School at Patumwan Demonstration School

Workshop attended -Pop-up workshop with Ron Von de Meer -Typography workshop with Jonathan Barnbrook

Experience -“This is not an exhibition” exhibtion at BACC -“Chronology” exhibtion at faculty of Industrial Design -“Maze Around” exhibition at Design Center, Chulalongkorn University(faculty of Industrial Design, Chulalokngkorn University) -“Through Beholder’s Eyes” Duo exhibition at Koi art gallery -“Nuts&Bolts” photography exhibition at RMA institute -“DEED festival” installation at Park at Siam -“Book Fair” multimedia installation (sound team)

Skill drawing painting Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe After Effect

Parn Penpayap portfolio  
Parn Penpayap portfolio  

Portfolio done by Pakaporn Penpayap.