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had dinner at Fuji

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A trip to “An Evening Chamber of Music” Today 28 Nov 2011, I’m going to a classical music concert. It’s called “An Evening Chamber of Music”. I am soexcited about this because it’s my really first to go to this kind of concert. After I finished the class at university, me and my friends we went to had dinner at Siam Paragon while we wait for the concert to start around 8.00 p.m. After we finished dinner it was around 6.30 p.m. We got into our car and drive to the concert. Our destination is Goethe Institute Auditorium. I walk passed this place all the time because it’s near my house. I never realize at all that they have music perfomance like this here. I called the reception two days ago about how to find the ticket and they said we can just go there and buy it in front of the hall. The traffic is quite bad. I thought we will be there in half an hour but it took us almost an hour to get there. We finally got there. It’s not hard to find the auditorium. We entered to the reception and greeting an old lady who selling the tickets. She looks very kind and cheerful. We ask her for the tickets and she said if we are student, we will get discount for it. So we all show our student ID card and she sold the tickets to us just only 250 baht. She asked us where are we studying and she said you guys must come from a classical music class. She also mentioned about “Ms. Panjai” she said she know our teacher. She gave us tickets and also a leaflet about the show. It showed us all the details about the show, nake of perfomers, the music that they are going to play. She also suggested us to buy the CD of a Japanese musician which rare to buy at this price.

plenty of car park space

leaflet about the show

a kind lady selling tickets to us

Japanese musician’s CD

250 baht /ticket

Japanese musician’s CD only 500 baht

We got into the Auditorium and took a seat. It was so quiet in there. Everybody have grea manner. We all waiting for the musician to come out. The show start with a solo piano. The pianist is so elegance. She walk to her piano and start to play. The piano pieces that she played were very delightful. She play variation of piano pieces from energetic cute song to a very sad one. Then the cello player come and join her. It was so stunning how only two instrument can create such a great emotion music like this. The cello player is a foreigner. He seem very into the music piece. He played one of my favorite piece from Franz Schubert’s song. His performance was so powerful that bring me into my own imagination along the show.

There was a break between the show about 15 minutes. The light became bright again and the audiences walk out from the hall. We went to the toilet and come back. They served us variety of free alcohol from red wine, white wine, and beer. It’s quite a nice moment to socialize and share opinion with the people there. I talked to some audiences that I didn’t know before about the show. He come to the show often and he’e very happy to see our young generation like me and my friends that come and join the show. While we was waiting for the show to continue again the cello player showed up. We ask him to take a photo with us. I was so impressive to have a picture with him, a golden ear guy. He was so nice and kind and even have a short conversation with us. I drank one glass of red wine anf then go back into the hall again.

cello with bassoon

Continuing the show, The cello player come back with a bassoon player. I was very excited to see a real bassoon. I have seen a picture and learn about it but never see in in real object. It was rare and interesting. It sounds very soft and gentle, honestly I almost fall asleep at this part because I feel so comfortable. Even the bassoon is quite big but the player played it elegantly. I took lots of photo but they mostly blur. I didn;t use flash because I’m afraid that it will distract the performer. So I just stop taking photos and enjoy the show. The cello player and the bassoon player seem the play very well together. I think they must practice together a lot so they know eachother. I’m very impress that they must know eachother very well so each of them can stop of start to play at the same time. The show was so smooth because both of them play their own part very neat and in the right rhythm.

Then come tp the last part of the show, a time of “ The Sawasdee Woodwind Quartet of Bangkok”. Their woodwine band include flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn and piano. Personally, I’m not so interested that much about woodwine but this time, get to see the real show of them. They actually changed my mine. All the woodwind’s sound were so harmony and go together so good. The flute and clarinet play as a leader of the show while french horn play as a background of the performance. I can’t hear the french horn very well but I can tell that it help all the show become more complete. It wouldn’t be this porwerful without a french horn player. I can feel the atmosphere that the player play all music pieces with love and joyful heart. They give me a happy energy. At the end of the show, we all applaud. The performers went into the backstage and then they all come back again. This time is a show of all of them. It was a very casual atmosphere. They start to play again and the cello player stop and said something and laugh. Then they all looking at eachother faces and start play together again. i can feel that they are happy and just love to play those instrument and share the it with me.

They start playing a christmas song “Silent Night� and everybody in the hall start to sing along the music. It was a memorable moment. It was full have happiness and love. Then the show is really come to the end. The principle of Goethe gave a speech and give a flower bouquet to the musician.

A trip to "An Evening Chamber of Music"  

This is a journal of a trip to classicla music concert, an ensamble.

A trip to "An Evening Chamber of Music"  

This is a journal of a trip to classicla music concert, an ensamble.