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OWNERS JK’s NOUVEAUX ROQ, INC I 71/I 70 Columbus, Ohio 832-651-8091


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Executive Summary

American Fuzion! What a concept with the US of A being the Melting Pot of the world and a dynamic diversity of food, art and music combine into one. ROQ hopes to develop this concept in a multi-tiered approach to the inspiration of all these cultures combing into one people. ROQ‟s product has many facets to it, food from around the country fuzed together to make a great repast of simply elegance with a refined rural aspect to it. Along with this will be the inspiring works of art in various media and encouragement leading to commissions by local, national and international artists to contribute to the fabric of Columbus, Ohio along with the music these cultures have created and combined together in the American Theatre, Symphonies, Opera‟s and Chamber Works so indicative of America‟s Developing Culture. We want to continue to push this envelope through the presentation of Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and New Age performances throughout the years creating a consortium of performing artists in Middle America to which there will be no comparison. All of this we plan to accomplish by the fusion of all these concepts into a dynamic experience to be enjoyed by all. We see this as a growth concept, rivaled only by venues such as Hard Rock Café and House of Blues. While these concepts are great in themselves, we feel they are limited in scope and the niche market is a lot smaller for these venues. With this concept, the niche market is inclusive of people in the income range from lower income to higher income with events collaborated for a mass market appeal. In short we hope to have all types of people that feel comfortable mingling with each other in a very relaxed atmosphere and create open communication around a shared experience. The future for this concept is for further development in the Columbus, Ohio area and later branching off into other regions adapting as needed to the region we are situated in.

III. General Company Description ROQ, a nouveaux cuisine restaurant with preferred dining and entertainment experiences in a diverse relaxed setting. Mission Statement: This establishment will bring together a community of people that appreciate good comfort foods and entertainment pushed to a different level with exacting multicultural influences. Company Goals and Objectives 1. Sustainable Growth to profit margin over 100 percent in first year. 2. Community Involvement generating customer loyalty 3. Promoting good work ethic and employees that have a part of ownership in the endeavor if they so desire. 4. Advocacy for the entire performing, visual and culinary arts in the Columbus Area. To become a showcase of new and old talent in this community. Business Philosophy: Comfort, Happiness and Relaxation are the main goals for not only the customer but also the employees. A family working together! Mr. Jere Douglas brings multiple skill sets to this venture in the performing and culinary arts. Mr. Douglas also has expertise in Management, Employee Relations and Human Resources in healthcare, restaurant and bar ownership and management. Mr. Eddie Fleiss also brings skill sets in the creative and performing/recording arts and is a unique business man. All are accomplished Managers and operate with a creative approach to any situation thus minimizing any decrease in business or expansion of this concept. Legal form of ownership: Simple Partnership to begin leading to LLC.

IV. Products and Services Industry Monday Monday is when we invite the Restaurant and Bar employees in the City of Columbus to come in for extended happy hour, Improv Fare served with a flourish all at a discount price. Jam sessions of local performing artists and open mic for others. Potluck Tuesday On Tuesday‟s the resident Chef will have a chance to strut their wares and come up with the Chef‟s Specials. This will be in conjunction with Tapas Tuesday in the bar and special pricing on Tapas. Humping Wednesday’s Wednesday is the traditional midweek “Humpday” and will be filled with drink and bar specials for the mid week breath of fresh air. Light Improv menu with a small cocktail buffet for bar customers. BBQ Friday Friday we will explore the different BBQ Cuisine‟s of the world with our standard menu augmented with the Chef‟s Special of the Week. “Ladies who Lunch” Saturday Here‟s to the Ladies who lunch, Everybody Gasp! This is a special day for the Ladies for a brunch gathering in our main dining/conversation areas. Oh, the men are welcome to as long as the Ladies have their way. Sunday Jazz Brunch Sunday Jazz Brunch is a semi Classique relaxed approach to the traditional Sunday Brunch. Laid back but with sophisticated attitude. Entertainment to consist of anything from solo piano to acoustic jazz ensembles. Improv Bar Bites (Tapas) A laid back selection of lite repast served in small portions for munchies at the bar and as appetizers across the restaurant. Late Nights at the ROQ A lite menu consisting of Improv Bar Bites and late night specials. Menu Selections in Appendices.

Special Events Special events include various types of performances by local, national and international performance artists and showings of various media artworks throughout the year. All flexible and yet expressing the diverse nature of Columbus and Ohio. We would like to establish a few yearly events such as July 4th BBQ Extravaganza with a special menu for that day and the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner throughout the week, RSVP for a special recognition/fundraising community event stressing the diverse nature of Columbus, Ohio and the needs of the community. The holiday season that ensues after Thanksgiving will present special presentations with a unique awareness to the Holiday being celebrated and will culminate with the Kings Fest on the 12th day after Christmas. Mardi Gras will be another special event with Fuzion Cuisine incorporating the infamous New Orleans Cajun and Creole that is unique to that region “fuzed” with Ohio Cuisine in a ubiquitous style. Easter will involve a Brunch and include foods and entertainment of the season, leading to Lamb and other worldly feasts, served brunch style. Cinco D „Mayo is a special time of year also in Columbus and will be recognized with a fusion of Columbus and Mexico in a creative way. It is our goal to tastefully offer a unique experience in dining and entertainment thus creating an all encompassing package for an evening or an afternoon. As times progress and the reputation develops we will be open to demo‟s in the Culinary arts and push for visiting chefs to promote their ways of doing things.

Hunter green, gold and maroon as the color scheme with impressionistic Fleur D‟ Leis around, subdued and not overstated. The floor design....dark green lily pads painted under the tables, a gold brick (yes Wiz Oz reference) pathway meandering between the tables, with maroon upholstered chairs and red velveteen table clothes and napkins Special Events: decorated CD release parties, performances by genre, theatrical presentations...create special menus that highlight that particular event (read: rename some of the menu items to correspond to the particular event) The color scheme is pseudo NOLA, with maroon instead of purple and the visual design should reflect a fusion just like the menu and the performance aspect

Links Spanish Italian Mexican Creole Brewery District German Village


Marketing Plan

The Short North and/or University District of Ohio State can lend themselves to boutique/nouveax cuisine in a dinner/theatre/music/art space. Just as well, locating it south of Downtown, east of the Brewery District and German Village, and north of Schumacher Place and Merion Village, in the Livingston Avenue corridor between Grant Avenue and Parsons Avenue has the great potential of creating a dining and entertainment destination for a hip, young, nouveaux riche clientele drawing from those neighborhoods. With easy freeway access off of I-71 and I-70, this can be a destination for out-of-towners and other residents outside of these target neighborhoods. RR/Blues/Jazz/Nouveax Classique Make good food, keep prices affordable and have one evening or day of jam sessions, anything and everything goes. A lot of acoustic performance, poetry, comedy intermixed and a unique dining experience With a concept like this can do a joint venture, hire college people for the wait staff and kitchen staff also. Combining three, music, culinary arts, and restaurant management into a concerted effort to be creative and develop their skill sets under the guidance of experienced professionals in the industries. Open the facility up to many different experiences. I know a puppet troupe that would LOVE this, Puppet Queers Open and aware! Rustic comfort food with a musical twist and all the dishes will be named musically or theatrically. We can cater to your special needs! Event planning and community coordination efforts to be inclusive of everyone. Marketing initially will go through internet website and social networking such as Facebook, Constant Contact, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and through community organizations in a 200 mile radius of Columbus, Ohio. In addition, mailers with incentives to local business and to local hotels/motels along with invitations to opening night preceded by Press Party where we show a selection of our products to the local press. I have found these methods to be highly effective in creating a customer base and increasing customer loyalty. Also, special recognition with awards for events in customer and employee lives.

Cookbook and Gourmet Section We do have future plans of creating a cookbook, Culinary Videos, Izod Style Embroidered Shirts and Sweaters, Loyal Customer Awards and Bonus Plans, Dried Meats from around the world, Open Forums about cultural creation and sustainability, Etc‌ Parlor Project The Parlor Project concept is one that I have personally been working on for 2 years with performers of international and regional acclaim. Parlor Project is the epitome of creative artist performance and development and serves a multifold purpose in bringing the creative arts to the people in a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. ROQ will create a resident ensemble imbibed with flexibility for various styles of performance art including musicians, visual artists, craftspeople and the culinary arts together to create these experiences on a continual basis. With the establishment of a resident ensemble or cast of characters, we will push the envelope in many ways. (See Appendices)

VI. Management and Organization Mr. Jere Douglas, Owner/Operator Highly Experienced Executive/Management Executive with Multinational, Cultural relations developed in a very dynamic, multi-career oriented. The ability to create and command a strong Corporate Structure with an SEC knowledge base in developing and maintaining compliance, accountability and reporting on a multinational level. My travels around the world, both professional and personal have given me insights in various societal/cultural aspects which exudes a highly credible working, multifunctional skill set of negotiation and communication skills.

Professional and Advisory Support List the following: Board of directors Management advisory board Attorney Accountant Insurance agent Banker Consultant or consultants Mentors and key advisors


Appendices Menu Selections: Market Day 1. Peruse the sales circulars in the local Grocery Stores and come up with a weekly special incorporating the sales items in the specials. This will help promote the local community and lead to pairings with other companies in the community. 2. Prepare a lunch buffet on Friday reflecting these concepts with light jazz music and a friendly staff. Nouveaux Classique Menu 1. Mom‟s Dishes present a menu section that honor‟s my Mother and Father in respect to the travels and growth I experienced under their tutelage as a child and young adult. Beef Roulade ala Creole, Oysters Pan Roast, BBQ Pork Shoulder Roulette with Creamed Spinach and Twice Baked Loaded Potato, Chicken and Turnip Bisque with Biscuit Dumplings ala Mary, Sautéed Green Beans, Potato Balls, Meatballs ala JK and other dishes. 2. Dad‟s Plate present a menu selection of Prime Rib Stuffed Baked Potato with horseradish cream sauce and bacon topped with blue cheese and crotons, American Rib eye marinated in peppercorn marinade and grilled to perfection with Potato Balls and Southern Mustard Cole Slaw on the side. 3. Cassolettes of Broccoli, Asparagus, Green Beans, Cornbread Stuffing, Potato‟s Garlique, Veggie of the Day. 4. Appetizers of Bread Salad; House Special Salad with Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumbling, Prime Rib Slivers, Cremini Mushrooms, Prosciutto, Black Olives served with a Mortadello Cheese Vinaigrette. These items can fluctuate seasonally as tastes develop.

Dinner Menu 1. Family Style Dinners served with selection of sides, Variable Main Courses, homemade breads, cornbread and fried salt pork and cheese as appetizer. Again, varied until tastes are set. 2. Cheese and Deli plates with adherence to seasonal markets. 3. Oysters, Shrimp and Crawfish served with seasonal creations. 4. Main fish, Fried Catfish, Tilapia, Crappie, fried or baked accordingly. The Gay Gene 1. Salmon Tartar, Pesto Nacho‟s, Scarlett‟s Sweet Potato Cassolette, Pitty Pat‟s Potato‟s, Pickapee Parish File Gumbo, Bourbon Street Chicken Creole Cassolettes, Crawfish Lobster Creole Bisque. Fusion: 2. Tomato Garlic Penne Pasta with shrimp lemon sauce served over wilted greens with bacon 3. Ham hock Saffron Greens with bbq ham and potato gnocchi Tapas “Lite Bites” “Small bites for small and large appetites where the flavors of the world come together as one.” 1. Potato Balls with Lychee Cream Sauce 2. Manchego Cheese deep fried with Capers with Durkees dipping sauce 3. Riblets basted in Orange Cognac sauce, Riblets broiled in Tennessee dry rub, Riblets Kansas City Wet Sauce, 4. Chicken, Pork and Bacon meatballs with garlic, red pepper, basil, tomato dipping sauce 5. New England Crab Balls with Blue Cheese cream sauce dipping sauce 6. Chicken Wings ROC….spicy and not for the faint of heart 7. BBQ Pork Skewers in Memphis Dry Rub and JK‟s dipping sauce 8. Cup of Borscht with Potato Gnocchi 9. Empanada‟s ala ROQ Assorted Empanada‟s also available for takey outey… All items and service created and presented with a keen eye to excellence in every aspect. Economical pricing and performance fees to be included in special events.

Jere Douglas I would like to take a minute of your time and expostulate on the wonders of the kitchen in any household in the world. Being a professional musician for many years, as well as involved in a family owned Nursing Home for 43 years, I have had the wonderful opportunities that only a varied life can afford. My cooking skills and talents began at a very early age, under the wing of Mrs. Lucy Wingo, in the kitchens of Douglas Nursing Home, Inc. There, we prepared meals for 75 residents, at least 3 per day, 365 days a year. She began, in her own way, teaching me the ins and outs of traditional Southern Cuisine. I was 5 years old at the time, and learned a lot from her. Itâ€&#x;s hard to condense a lifetime into two paragraphs, but, here we go! In my travels, I have had the great experience of enjoying the cuisines of many different countries, but I have a special knack of creating acquaintances and friendships that cover the globe. In this, I have been graced with many different ethnicities and cuisines that most would never have the opportunity to experience, in the pure state. In Houston, Texas, there is wonderful plethora of ethnicities, and if you go from neighborhood to neighborhood, you can just about find any type of cuisine and native culture that you would want to experience. I have lived in New York City, London, Tokyo, Iwakuni, San Francisco, Denver, Memphis, Nashville, and various other parts of the world. From these great places and with my varied careers, I have had the great joy of meeting many people. Among them are Julia Child, Emerille Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Graham Kerr, and others. It was in the actual meeting of them, that I have been inspired to be very creative and adventuresome in my kitchen, no matter where that kitchen happens to be. In looking at the sales paper for this week, I can think of about 30 different dishes, using the products that are offered there, that could feed families and perhaps multitudes, in many different situations. I am especially fond of Creole/Cajun, as well as Hispanic Traditions, in the culinary arts (the basics of these cuisines are not that far apart). I am also very enthused in the various cuisines of Europe, The Middle East, and the Far East. With the multi-ethnicity of Houston, Texas, HEB is in a wonderful position now to fulfill all those needs under one roof. I have a special secret ingredient in everything I prepare from whatever kitchen I just happen to be in. In my eyes, the kitchen is the heart and soul of almost any gathering and/or function that anyone is in attendance. There should be joy and laughter, along with some great food, no matter what their social or economic strata. By the way, my secret ingredient is Love, and that involves that special, going that extra mile, to make every meal, cocktail party, or major event, special.

EXPERIENCE 10/2007 – Current Producer Parlor Project Houston, Texas 2/2005 – 10/2006 Loves Truck Stops Houston, Texas Assistant Manager Restaurant Management, Development Marketing Financial Management Employee/Customer Relations 5/2002 – 5/2004 Self Employed Houston, Texas Care Giver, Private Duty Charlie Murray, Editor Houston Chronicle 7/2002 – 9/2006 Leather In Exile, INC Houston, Texas Operations Manager Development of Marketing/Sales Initiatives Cash Flow Management Systems Management and Public Relations Work Flow and Employee Delegation Assignments 2/1995 – 2/2002 Intermet Jackson, Tennessee Manager Document Control/Quality Systems Technology Created Maintained Databases QS/ISO Certification Specialist Director Safety Committee 6 Sigma Risk Management Trainer OSHA/EPA Compliance Government Intermediary 3/1972 – 2/1995 Douglas Nursing Home, INC Milan, Tennessee Operations Manager Family Owned Business 43 Years Active and Non-Active Participation in Management and Operations Adaptation and utilization of HIPAA Laws Utilization Review Specialist, Joint Commission Policies and Procedures Director Represented on various Federal and State Commissions OSHA/EPA Compliance 11/1976 – 7/1979 Marine Corps Bandsman/Combat Specialist Soloist First Marine Division Band/First Marine Aircraft Wing Band Education Universities attended: Liberal Arts/Accounting – Computer Science Northwestern University, Evanston, IL University of Tennessee, Martin, TN University of Memphis, Memphis, TN Schools for Performing Arts Julliard School, New York, NY/1983 U.S. Naval School of Music, Little Creek, Norfolk , VA

Jere Kizer Douglas, Clarinetists, Clinician and Performance Artist is the winner of the Lubrani Clarinet Award for Clarinet Performance Excellence at University of Memphis for 3 years. He has performed as a soloist with the First Marine Aircraft Wing Band, First Marine Division Band, University of Memphis Wind Ensemble, Arkansas Repertory Theatre and various on and off Broadway Productions, including the world premiere of “Good Woman of Schezchuan” based on a Berthold Brecht play. Jere has performed with the Germantown Symphony, Memphis Symphony, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Joyce Cobb. As a clinician, Jere has taught around the US of A, including through the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the City of Milan School System, TMEA. He has performed as guest soloist in Japan, England, Australia, Korea, Thailand, China, Germany, and Artist in Residence “The Clearing” Sister Bay Wisconsin, Woodwind Specialist Arkansas Repertory Theatre and across the United States with various chamber ensembles doing world premieres/commissions of works by various composers. Jere studied with Robert Marcellus, Alan Balter, Dr. Jim Gholson, Anthony D’Andrea, Robert Hodge, Leonard Bernstein and various others. Professional Studies: (Freelance Performance Artist) On Clarinet: Robert Marcellus Principle Clarinetist Cleveland Orchestra, Northwestern University, Cleveland Conservatory Maestro Alan Balter Conductor Memphis Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Akron Symphony, Winner Tokyo Grand Prix Conducting Principle Clarinetist Atlanta Symphony Leon Russianoff Julliard Anthony D‟Andrea University of Tennessee Robert Hodge Milan, Tennessee, Lead Tenor Count Basie Orchestra Dr. James Gholson University of Memphis, Principle Clarinet Memphis Symphony Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic (1980) Coach Carnegie Hall performance of sonata Aaron Copland Master Classes on Copland Concerto and other compositions Oboe Mr. Pete Evans Dr. Wright

Milan High School Band University of Memphis

Saxophone Mr. Alan Rippe Mr. Robert Hodge

University of Memphis Milan High School

Piano: Studies with: Miss Francis McFadden Presbyterian Day School Berl Olswanger Angie Case Newport University of Memphis Organ: Dr. Charles Parham Organist, First United Methodist Church Mrs. Jerome P. Robertson Organist, Second Presbyterian Church Vocal: Mr. Tommy Ashcraft Minister of Music, Second Presbyterian Church Robert Shaw Atlanta, Chorus Studies, Shaw Chorale George Beverly Shea Billy Graham Crusades Luciano Pavarotti Vocal Interpretations with Instrumentals Conducting studies and Master Classes: Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic Clarinet Sonata, Conducting, Composition, New York City James Levine Metropolitan Opera Choral/Orchestral Conducting, Interpretation Alan Balter Memphis Symphony, Baltimore Symphony. San Francisco Conservatory Clarinet, Conducting, Computer Robert Shaw Atlanta Choral/Orchestral Conducting Francis Macbeth University of Miami Wind Ensemble Arranging, Conducting Alfred Reed University of Miami Arranging, Conducting Freddy Fennel Eastman School of Music Wind Ensemble Methodology John Williams Composer and conductor of Boston Pops Conducting, Interpretation Hideo Suzuki Osaka, Japan Suzuki Method Cliff Baker Arkansas Repertory Theatre Staging, Acting, Vocals Currently CEO/Artistic Director of Wildwood Park for the Arts on the western edge of Little Rock, Arkansas. The park focuses on multidisciplinary experiences, exploring the Culinary, Horticultural, Literary, Visual, Healing and Performing Arts. Founder/Producing Artistic Director of Arkansas Repertory Theatre (1976-l999) Corporate Leadership Consultant with Goss-Reid Associates (l999 to present) Dr. Burton Fine Principle Violist, Boston Symphony

String Ensembles and Solo Interpretative Analysis John Rutter Memphis, Tennessee/London England Performance, Conducting, Interpretation, Rhythmic Complexities Dr. Donald Freund University of Memphis Premiere Performance of Mass Professional Organizations/Affiliations: U.S. Naval School of Music Marine Band First Marine Aircraft Wing Band, Soloist/Concertmaster First Marine Division Band, Soloist/Section Leader/Concertmaster Memphis Symphony, Clarinet Various pit orchestras on Broadway, London and tours, Arkansas Rep Clinician Milan High School Bands, TMEA, Private Instruction, Ensemble Coaching Performances: Premieres Fine - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Pending Freund - Mass Rutter - Requiem Williams -“No Business like Show Business” Hobbs - Five Statements for Solo Clarinet Rice – “Good Woman of Szechuan” Richens – “Elvis Concerto” Richens – “March of the Peabody Ducks” Student Ensembles U. S. Naval School of Music, Concertmaster Wind Ensemble/Quintet University of Memphis Wind Ensemble, Concertmaster University of Tennessee Wind Ensemble, Concertmaster Southern Winds Quintet, Clarinet Collegium Musicum, University of Tennessee, Recorder/Sakbut Graduate Woodwind Quintet, University of Memphis Contemporary Chamber Players, University of Memphis, Clarinet/Sax

Student Musicals Music Man, First Performance, 1971 Clarinet/Tenor Sax, Flute Oklahoma, Clarinet/Alto Sax Guys and Dolls, Clarinet Babes in Toyland, Piano Professional Pit Orchestra’s, Woodwind Doubler Tony/Grammy Award Winners Ain’t Misbehavin Chorus Line Evita London and New York Oklahoma Music Man Phantom of the Opera London and New York Nureyev and Friends Nutcracker Ballet 42nd Street Sound Of Music National Tour Sing For Your Supper National Tour Good Woman of Szechuan Premiere Guys and Dolls Revival South Pacific Revival Street Light Serenader‟s – Dixieland Clarinetist Performed With/Toured With: Ray Charles James Hyter Rudolph Nureyev, Nureyev and Friends Bette Midler Mikhail Baryshnikov, Nutcracker Barbara Streisand Beverly Sills Ruth Welting Kallien Esperian Michael Rice Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber John Rutter Joyce Cobb Ruby Wilson Dr. Kelly VanHackleman, Solo Recitals Michelle Walker Marshall Fine Sasha Von Daschau Sue English Contemporary Chamber Players Germantown Symphony, Principle Clarinet Fish Creek Chamber Ensemble Jonesboro Symphony, Principle Clarinet Arkansas Repertory Theatre: Ain‟t Misbehavin, Sing For Your Supper, Good Woman Mid America Arts Alliance, Tours through Midwest USA Shower of Stars, St. Jude‟s, Choral and Woodwinds

Signature Performance Pieces Brahms Clarinet Quintet First and Second Sonatas Hindemith Sonata Copland Concerto Dr. Marshall Fine Sonata for Clarinet and Piano based on video game themes James Hobbs Five Statements for Solo Clarinet Stravinsky Three Pieces Beethoven Trios Brahms Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Mozart Clarinet Concerto Soloist – First Marine Aircraft Wing Band, Iwakuni, Japan First Marine Division Band, Camp Pendleton, California Beethoven Club, Memphis, Tennessee White House Commands – Nixon, Carter, Clinton Arkansas Governors‟ Mansion – Gov. Clinton Artist in Residence The Clearing, Sister Bay Wisconsin Woodwind Specialist, Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Little Rock, Arkansas Mid America Arts Alliance Iwakuni Commercial High School, Iwakuni, Japan Suzuki Institute, Kyoto, Japan Performers for Peace, Hiroshima, Japan

Restaurant and Bar Industry Work Experience Assistant Manager 2/2005 - Present Loves Travel Stops/Arby's, Houston, Texas Assistant Manager, in charge of inventory control, day to day operation of Arby's, computer database creation and management. Manager of Operations 6/2002 - 9/2003 LIE, Houston, Texas Manager of Operations for a retail leather store specializing in Biker Leathers. SKU creation and Inventory Control, Payroll, Human Resources, Loss Prevention, Special Events Planner and Facilitator. A multi level job. Bar Manager 2/2001 - 4/2002 TOS, Jackson, Tennessee Management and expansion of workforce, customer base and entertainment arm of existing night club. Ordering, maintaining inventory, loss prevention, maintenance of building, scheduling of employees and entertainment, goal setting with active reporting to owners. Document control manager 2/1995 - 2/2001 Intermet, Jackson, Tennessee Created and maintained databases for die cast auto parts supplier. Maintained and created documents for QS-9000 certification and customer quality issues. Worked with online communication with customers including the big 3 auto manufacturers dealing with quality issues and customer satisfaction. Worked with AS400 system, Microsoft Office, Oracle, Linux and Lotus. Owner/partner 5/1988 - 12/1995 JSC, Inc., Bethel Springs, Tennessee Owner and Partner in Restaurant kitchen maintenance. Managed accounts, created customer base, customer relations, quality issues, health inspection issues. Kitchen/catering Manager 10/1985 - 3/1992 Pipeline, Memphis, Tennessee Creating and establishing menu selections, cost effectiveness, waste prevention, customer satisfaction, and organizing food and beverage services for special events city wide and club specific. Also Lead bartender and eventâ€&#x;s organizer. Owner 4/1984 - 4/1986 CJ's, Milan, Tennessee Owner of CJ's in Milan, Tennessee. CJ's was a pool room that I purchased, and turned into a thriving full service entertainment facility with complete bar service, food and live entertainment. Sold in April of 1986. Bartender/waiter

6/1980 - 4/1985 Cotton Row Restaurant, Memphis, Tennessee Bartender and waiter, abiding by the laws of the State of Tennessee Education 8/1983 Julliard, New York, New York Professional Studies with Leon Russianoff in Clarinet Performance. Avery Fisher Hall debut and Carnegie Hall Debut. Bar Need's Bartending School, Memphis, Tennessee Professional Graduated with Diploma, Year Long Course Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Professional Studies with Robert Marcellus and auditing of advanced business and computer classes. University of Tennessee, Martin, Tennessee Some College Coursework Completed Liberal arts education with accounting and computer background University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee Professional Further computer and business enhancements with emphasis in Liberal Arts Skills bartending Bookkeeping Database Management Inventory/SKU Control Merchandising/Retail Microsoft Office Specialist Peachtree Accounting Quick Books Honorable Mention, Memphis In May Barbeque Contest, Cook for Bartle‟s and James, Courtesy Booth. Organist, Tennessee and US Jaycees White House Command Performances Prince‟s Trust Performances

Collage/Parlor Project Ensemble 2010 – 2011 Dr. Sandra Cox, Flutist, is a winner of the National Flute Association‟s Convention Performer Competition in 2003 and 2004, she performed at the National Flute Association Conventions in Las Vegas (2003) and Nashville (2004). She has performed with the Eroica Ensemble, Delta Symphony Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Rome Festival Orchestra, Jackson Symphony Orchestra, Germantown Symphony Orchestra, Memphis Civic Orchestra, Beethoven Summer Theatre, and as soloist with the University of Memphis Wind Ensemble and with the University of Memphis Symphony Orchestra on their European tour in 2001. In 2005 she served as the Advertising Editor for The Flutist Quarterly, the official publication of the National Flute Association.

Dr. Kennith Freeman, Pianist holds degrees in piano performance from the University of Memphis and Pepperdine University (Malibu, California). An avid chamber musician, Freeman has performed in chamber festivals in his native Arkansas as well as California, Oregon, Kansas, Tennessee, and Marktoberdorf, Germany. In addition to his solo and chamber performances, Kennith has held the position of musical director for youth and adult productions throughout the Mid-South and greater Los Angeles areas. Currently, Freeman serves as Music Director for Abundant Grace Ministries in Collierville, Tennessee and is a member of the music faculty of Mid-South Community College in West Memphis, Arkansas. Mr. Jere Kizer Douglas, Clarinetists, Grammy Nominated,Clinician and Performance Artist holds the Lubrani Clarinet Award for Clarinet Performance Excellence at University of Memphis for 3 years. He has performed as a soloist with the First Marine Aircraft Wing Band, First Marine Division Band, University of Memphis Wind Ensemble, Arkansas Repertory Theatre and various on and off Broadway Productions, including the world premiere of “Good Woman of Schezchuan” based on a Berthold Brecht play. Jere has performed with the Germantown Symphony, Memphis Symphony, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Joyce Cobb. As a clinician, Jere has taught around the United States, including through the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the City of Milan School System, TMEA. He has performed as guest soloist in Japan, England, Australia, Korea, Thailand, China, Germany, and Artist in Residence “The Clearing” Sister Bay Wisconsin, Woodwind Specialist Arkansas Repertory Theatre and across the United States with various chamber ensembles doing world premieres/commissions of works by various composers. Jere studied with Robert Marcellus, Alan Balter, Dr. Jim Gholson, Anthony D‟Andrea, Robert Hodge, Leonard Bernstein and various others. Mr. James Katzenberger – Guitarist Mr. James Katzenberger, Guitar holds the degree of Master of Music from the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music where he studied guitar with Dr. Lily Afshar and composition with Kamran Ince. Programs Offered 2010 - 2011 Additional information is available on request.

The Ensembles of Collage Present “Friends” “Saloon Music” “Musicale” “Classy Classics”


Business Proposal for Entertainment/Restaurant comlex in Ohio.