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Parliamentary Information Office Parliamentary information office public a year book and they have been publishing this year book for more than 30 years now and they have been very useful and essential for all those who are working with the parliamentary house and not just then that have also been proved very useful for the members as well and also the European parliament and also for the public and the private sector audience in the United Kingdom and overseas. The parliamentary information office has many distinct functions and to sum them up they have three distinct function and they are: Parliamentary information office provides information on the topical political, social and also the business issues of the client who is the client of the parliament yearbook and also the members of the public. The second distinct function of the parliament information office is that they carry out many researches in the aspects of the public and business life which may be of the interest to a wider audience which are included in the reports and features which are within the parliamentary yearbook. And the third distinct function of the parliament information office is that they assess value of the publication to the potential readership in specific market sectors and ensure they also make sure that the those publication reaches the target audience which is the best.

Parliamentary Information Office