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Big Bend Country Region


Davis Mountains State Park Indian Lodge

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Help Stop the Spread Please help us control the spread of both invasive plant and feral animal populations that compete for the same habitat and food as native Texas species. For example, giant salvinia grows a foot a day, creating a blanket of vegetation, choking our lakes and pushing out native plants. Please clean your boat before and after launching in the water. Feral hogs damage the landscape and feral cats kill songbirds. Do not release domestic stray animals into wild areas. EMERGENCY: Call 911, and contact the park office or staff as many park areas are outside of cell phone range. General Information: (800) 792-1112

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Tips & Guidelines for a Safe Trip

Welcome to Texas State Parks! Help us keep our parks safe and clean by following these regulations and guidelines:

Invasive Species Alert!

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Rod Trevizo Manager Big Bend Complex

• Dispose of all litter, harmful plants from • All boaters under age 13 black water, and their boats or trailers must wear U.S. Coast dish/bath water in before leaving any public Guard-approved life receptacles and facilities or private water. jackets. provided by the parks and in accordance with • Where allowed, pets • When bringing a horse posted instructions. must be on a leash or into any state park, crated. Pick up after documentation of a • Water is precious to all your pets. negative Coggins test is wildlife in Texas. Keep it mandatory. clean no matter if it’s a • Feeding of wildlife is tiny stream or big lake. prohibited. • Firearms are prohibited without a permit. • Fireworks and public • Hunting is allowed consumption of alcohol by permit only during • Respect quiet hours are prohibited inside strictly enforced times (10 PM — 6 AM); turn Texas State Parks. of the year. down the radio, TV or stereo. • To protect our • Do not leave food waterways from the (including pet food) • For  a complete list of spread of invasive outside at night or when park regulations, visit species, boaters in Texas not at your site. This the park office. are required by law to will help keep unwanted remove any potentially critters away.


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