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Umbrellas by Renoir: Elegant Beauty

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The oil painting Umbrellas was made by the painter Renoir, whose works presented a kind of elegant and natural beauty. In addition to the feelings of pleasure, they did not make people produce any burden. In his paintings, people were unable to find the negative reaction and answers of life. Umbrellas measures 179 x 113 cm and is now preserved in London's National Gallery. When it comes to Renior, it can’t help recalling the charming pictures with the smiling women or the children with the pure appearance, relaxed and

happy party as well as the dancing crowd under the sun. From then on, Renoir had gotten rid of the impressionistic painting techniques and focused on the sketch. In this painting of Umbrellas, the beautiful colors had evaporated, replaced by the new attempt which was the accurate sketch. Renoir was good at painting the life, lovely women and children. It's said that the woman holding the basket with the left hand in the painting was taken the model of Renoir's wife Alan. There were not so many figures in the painting. But because of the overlapping processing, the different directions of the umbrella's arc lines as well as the whole atmosphere made the scene in the painting very lively and rich, giving people a sense of crowding. Renoir adopted a main tone, which took the blue and purple as the basic tones to endow the painting filled with a simple sense of rhythm. The scene was very beautiful. The Paris street with spring rains added the rhythm of life to the crowded bazaar.

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Umbrellas by renoir elegant beauty