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Rape of Europa

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Rape of Europa was painted by Italian painter Titian in 16th century depicted Jose became the white bull and raped the beauty Europa. Europa was the daughter of the king of Phoenicia Tai, who was the famous beauty of Tai. Zeus had fallen in love with her. Just because his wife Zhu Nuo, he was unable to be close to her. One day, Europa and friends pasture cattle in the seaside and Zeus secretly made himself into a cow in the herd with close to Europa. Because the changed cattle of Zeus was very pleasing, so Europa rode on the cattle back instigated by her friends. Thus Zeus flied with Europa and crossed the Aegean Sea to flee to the island of Crete. They fell in love with each other. Europa gave birth to Minos and Lada mantoux for Zeus. The painter deliberately depicted Europa’s excitement and nervous feeling. The painting’s composition was placed in diagonal upward sublimation and

outward expansion. Because of the tension Europa clutched the horn and her upturned face was naturally bare open. Through the personal gauze, gorgeous body was shown with sensuous stimulation. The tension and struggle of goddess with the angel in the sky formed the echo and turbulent agitation had a happy taste. Artists used the smooth brushwork and rich colors, so that the screen showed the joyful and warm atmosphere. The painter deliberately depicted Europa's excitement and nervous feeling and tried to depict the girl at the stunned excitement, with blue waves and mist confused the mountains, water and cloud to reach a colorful light, the charming effect.

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Rape of europa  

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life in the early modern period.

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