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Introduction to Painting - A Boy with Pipe

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A Boy with Pipe was a representative work of Pablo Picasso who was the founder of modern art. It was a kind of canvas painting made in 1905, measuring 100Ă—81cm. Being changed for many times, this painting was finally collected by German Jewish businessman Mr. Georg.

Created in 1905, A Boy with Pipe was one of the representative work of Picasso during rose period. At that time Picasso was only 24 years old and he just settled in Montmartre near to Paris of France. The very young boy in the painting was described by Picasso as "little Louis". He always went to Picasso's studio to pass the time. Thus Picasso took him as the model and created A Boy with Pipe. The little Louis in this painting was dressed in blue overalls, with his left hand holding a pipe, wearing garland, and two big bouquets of flowers as background. It looked quite like Chinese painting. Experts believed that the garland little Louis wore was added by Picasso when completion. To some extent, it looked very harmonious. A Boy with Pipe was praised by critics with mysteries in Mona Lisa by da Vinci and melancholy in Doctor Gachet by Van Gogh. With the rise of Picasso's fame, being changed for many times, this painting was finally collected by German Jewish businessman Mr. Georg at the Sotheby's auction in London with the sky-high price $104,160,000. This price set the highest record in the world famous paintings auction history. Sotheby's senior vice president David Norman had a high opinion of the painting and thought this work was very precious either in the importance or the tactlessness and it could be said to be the best work among private collections of works. Norman said, "All the people were attracted deeply by this painting with poet-like artistic conception and ravishing mood."

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