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PROFESSIONAL MOVER Choosing the right company for your move


KNOW Pros to Know is a new special feature of The Parksville Qualicum Beach News that will highlight local businesses who are offering professional products and services to consumers in and around the Oceanside area. Pros to Know is distributed to more than 16,000 homes in Parksville, Qualicum Beach and the surrounding communities from Nanoose to Deep Bay.

Arrowsmith Moving & Storage 250.245.5021 Call Toll Free 1.888.910.1122 for a FREE Professional Moving Estimate

Summer is the busiest time of the year in Oceanside for moving. You have worked hard to accumulate your valuable possessions and if you’re not careful in choosing your mover, your move could end in heartache. 1. Make sure the company you choose does criminal record checks. You may find it surprising to learn that most moving companies do not do a criminal record check. You open your home to strangers and let them take all of your belongings and just assume the moving company has done their checks. 2. Choose a company that belongs to a National Van Line. A National Van Line ensures that each individual agency adheres to rules and regulations to protect the customer and the National trademark. If you have an issue during a move you may contact the Van line and the Van Line will help solve any problems that may arise. 3. Check with the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island. “The BBB advises consumers to: • Obtain a cost estimate in writing, preferably after a walk-through of your home or apartment. • Don’t select a mover based on price alone. In many cases, you get what you pay for. • If you have a bad feeling about your mover’s tactics or charges, stop the move before your household goods are loaded on the truck” It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….. Enjoy your new home!

• Professional moving services • Packing and unpacking • Storage • Aeroplan points

If you’re thinking this is the place to move... Call us for a free professional moving estimate. No Charge. No Obligation. Anywhere in North America. We do criminal record checks on all of our employees. Agent for A Atlas Van Lines

Member- Better B Business Bureau B

Call Toll Free 1 1.888.910.1122 910.1122

250.248.5021 2 www.Arrowsmit • arrowsm

THE NEWS, Friday, July 22, 2011 •



Until recently, security systems were designed to deter and detect intruders. Although this type of system is still available today, the industry has changed considerably, and now provides home and business owners with the option of connectivity to their system. Connecting the system to a cellular service provides almost endless possibilities, including the elimination of a phone line, altogether. With newer systems, you can always be in control, by remotely managing your system, from a computer or web-enabled mobile phone (Blackberry, iPhone etc,). Users can remotely arm/disarm the system, see status and event history and change user codes, through mobile apps. Wireless technology integrates security devices, thermostat controls, lighting, locks, appliances and cameras. In reality, with the press of a button, or with remote KEVIN WILLIS access, you could turn off the security system, unlock General Manager the front door, turn on the lights and set your thermostat to a pre-determined temperature. Custom notification rules can also be created. They alert the user, via email or text, when specific sensors report activity, during a designated timeframe (i.e.: “send me an email, if the Liquor Cabinet opens before 5PM”). #117, 425 East Wireless cameras may also be connected to the sysStanford Ave., tem, sending a message to the parents, advising that Parksville the kids are home safe. The parents could then access (behind Terminal Autobody) the camera(s), in the playroom, to make sure the kids are getting along. new technology is affordable and easy 250-248-4247 Surprisingly, to use.

Protect your deck

Did you know that you can seal the porous surfaces around your house to protect them from the elements? A protective coating can be used on porches, patios, roof decks, stairs, landings, railings, basement floors and walkways. It can be applied on concrete, planks, plywood, fiberglass. It can be used on both new and previously coated surfaces. And it’s perfect for your deck.

Paint Dept. Staff Parksville Home Hardware

If you undertook the task of building your own deck, you understand the large investment (both monetary and in time) that went into the project. Decks add beauty and value to a home, and are often the family’s favorite place on lovely afternoons. In order to protect that investment, deck sealing is nearly as important as making sure your basement is dry and safe from water damage. After the completion of your deck, you should seal it with a water-resistant coating. Waterresistant sealants are painted on the entire deck. Not only does this seal the deck but also provides wonderful preservation of the deck’s beauty. Decks are often a substantial investment and deck waterproofing is insurance for your peace of mind. For more information, visit:

Jim Lozinsky

Central Builders

Deckote Deck Coating “Local People... Local Service” • Security System – No monitoring contract required! • Camera Systems • Access Control MILLS ST.






NEW! ULC-Approved Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection & Monitoring Certification

Technology that you never thought was possible.

#117, 425 East Stanford Ave., Parksville


Legendary Performance For 30 Years!

Trust Deckote and enjoy your deck for years to come!

...use on: • Sundecks • Stairs • Porches • Tennis Courts • Balconies • Concrete Patios • Railings • Walkways • Boat Decks • Basement Floors ...and so much more! Parksville

Central Home Building Centre 142 Morison Avenue Parksville • 250-248-9221

1395 W. Island Highway, Parksville 250-752-5565

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Exercise to improve health and wellbeing!


Registered Massage Therapy... its all in the touch Massage therapy is the world’s oldest form of natural therapy which includes relaxation techniques, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, postural awareness and education, and remedial exercise and stretching. Some benefits of massage therapy are increased and improved circulation, joint mobility, body awareness, and immune function while reducing stress and pain.

Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Classes can have a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Most boxercise classes are aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness standards. As no class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout.


BOXING AND FITNESS Your Community Fitness Club Unit 112-425 Stanford Ave, Parksville 250-248-5511

Boxing training is for everyone, whatever your size, shape or sex. Every boxer had to start from ground level, so anyone and everyone can work their way up to higher level of fitness: attend classes two or three times a week and you’ll be fit in 3 to 6 months; Most people don’t know what to expect, so going to a real boxing gym is essential. There are some very positive effects to boxing training. Not only will you get in shape, it is a great way to release your stress, making you feel calm due to all the aggression and built up stress being channeled. Even though there is no physical contact, it enables you to feel in control of your body and more confident about protecting yourself using these techniques as self-defense if you are required to. Many people don’t appreciate that boxing training is about discipline, and a great way to increase that in other areas of your life, mentally and emotionally.

Massage can aid in pregnancy and labour support and help prevent and reduce symptoms of tendonitis, anxiety, depression, dislocations, spasms, muscular tension, sprains, whiplash, headaches, frozen shoulder, sciatica, sports related injuries, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorder, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis to name a few.

Kira Sanchez Registered Massage Therapist Health First Massage Therapy & Holistics 162 Harrison Avenue, Parksville 250-586-1616

Kira Sanchez is a registered massage therapist and the owner of Health First Massage Therapy & Holistics. She graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2008, returning to open an integrated modality wellness clinic in Parksville. Kira is passionate about lifestyle including natural diets, yoga, exercise, relaxation techniques, and most importantly, bringing postural and body awareness to her patients. Kira is also a Feng Shui Practitioner, does nutritional balancing, has her Reiki levels I & II, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science. Health First Massage Therapy & Holistics is always accepting WCB, MSP, ICBC and new patients.

For more information please visit us on Memorial Ave. across from the Parksville medical clinic, or at the Health First Massage below contact information. Choose Health First!

“Like” us at

Therapy & Holistics

EVERY VISIT INSPIRES. Become a member. We’re more than a gym. ISE! C R E X O B FOR EVERYONE!

# 1 Workout! North America’s , dence, self esteem

self confi Boxercise produces fense and stress relief... de lf self respect, se all in one package.


Call Now for clas


★ Boxercise\Cross Training Classes ★ ★ Cross Training Classes ★ ★ Weight Lifting ★ ★ Boxing Club Memberships ★ ★ Personal Training ★ ★ Personal Nutrition Plans ★ ★ Special Needs Training Experience ★ ★ Team Training ★

and Take advantage of our July Specials:

Jade Stone massage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60 Hypnosis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $125 Clavi therapy consultations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FREE



Also offering massage therapy, aromatherapy massage, palm rattan & lomi lomi massage and much more! Call to find out more about our new specials each month.


162 Harrison Avenue, Parksville (facing Memorial Ave across from the medical clinic.)

Unit 112-425 Stanford Ave, Parksville


check us out at

Draw for a FREE 60min. Aromatherapy Treatment when our Facebook page reaches 200 “Likes”!

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A strata manager is a person who provides “strata management services” to a strata corporation; a strata corporation performs its duties under the Strata Property Act through the elected strata council. The strata council may delegate some of its duties to a strata manager by way of a contract, strata council is responsible for providing direction to the strata manager to assist in obtaining the desired result. A strata manager acts on behalf of the entire strata corporation, and not just the strata council however, the strata council gives instructions to the strata manager and is responsible for supervising his or her activities; strata management will not generally take direction from individual strata lot owners.

Typical duties of a strata manager As noted previously, the relationship between a strata manager and a strata corporation is contractual and it is recommended that the rights and obligations and/or delegated authority of the strata manager be clearly laid out in a strata management contract.

Typical duties of a strata manager can include:


250-586-1100 fax

250-586-1102 email website

• arranging services for the strata corporation and entering into contracts for landscaping, insurance, electrical services, maintenance, etc.; • collecting strata fees and other money owed to the strata corporation; • paying strata corporation bills; • securing adequate strata insurance; • keeping and permitting access to strata corporation records; • preparing documents on behalf of the strata corporation such as “Information Certificates” (Form B) and “Certificates of Payment” (Form F); • attending strata council meetings; • preparing the minutes of all meetings, including strata council meetings and distributing the minutes to owners; • advising the strata council in regard to the Act, the Residential Tenancy Act, and workers compensation matters; and • preparing annual operating fund budgets and financial statements.

Skin Care Technologies

Medical aesthetic services involve high-technology skin care that represents the fusion of healthcare and beauty services. It is the use of advanced technologies to provide a medically based procedure designed to result in significant cosmetic change or enhancement. These services can involve the use of lasers or other energy based devices as well as Botox® and cosmetic fillers. Treatments for a large variety of skin conditions have gone through significant improvements over the past decade or so. With the introduction of light based therapies, the treatment of a host of previously difficult skin problems have become almost routine. Light based treatments are now frequently used for the management of acne rosacea, treatment of actinic keratosis (precancerous sun induced changes), hyperpigmentation from a variety of conditions, acne, elimination of troublesome surface veins and the permanent reduction of hair, to name but a few. Modalities include laser, IPL (intense pulsed light) and PDT (photo dynamic therapy) which together provide comprehensive management for many cosmetic and skin related medical conditions. Ask questions to make certain that your provider is medical aesthetics qualified and has the experience to help you to realize all of the potential benefits of cosmetic enhancements and Dr. Andy Biro, treatments, and then get ready for the new you! BSc (Hons), MD, MSc, CCFP All clients are reviewed by a physician each and every Suite 3, 219 Fern Rd. W., time you come to our clinic. Dr. Biro performs all injection therapies including Botox®, cosmetic fillers (Juvederm®, Qualicum Beach Restylane®, Ovita®), sclerotherapy for spider and reticular 250.752.6116 veins and the fractional laser for fine lines, scars, stretch marks and overall skin improvement. Come and visit us at our new location for a complementary consultation.

Beautiful You. Medical assessment for aesthetic and common skin conditions

Botox® and Cosmetic fillers (Restlyane®, Juvederm®, Ovita®)

Multiple light based technologies to treat: Acne rosacea Sun induced precancerous lesions (actinic keratoses) Pigmented lesions (liver/sun spots) Vascular lesions (spider and superficial veins) Permanent hair removal Scars, stretch marks & fine lines Bothersome skin tags, warts etc. Sclerotherapy for non-varicose leg veins

Phone for your complimentary consultation

752-6116 Dr. Andrew Biro


medical aesthetics

NEW LOCATION Suite 3 - 219 Fern Road West, Qualicum Beach

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Dental health & your body


I can operate more safely and reliably and cost my owner less money? Sign me up!

Taking Care of your Oral Health is directly linked to overall Health. Maintaining regular dental hygiene & a healthy mouth has a tremendous impact on the rest of your body. Periodontal, or gum health is an accurate indicator of other events happening in the body. Inflamed tissues can indicate inflammation elsewhere & deep tissue pockets around the teeth leave a perfect breeding ground for bacteria of which our bodies need to fend off, thus increasing the immune response internally. Periodontal health is also directly linked to “heart health�. If you have a history of heart disease, then maintaining a healthy mouth can really help your heart. Diabetics can also greatly benefit from regular dental hygiene & for the rest of us, a healthy mouth is a preventative measure to keep our teeth clean, healthy & strong for life! Much like our vehicles, regular maintenance is a key factor. Getting into the routine of seeing a dentist & dental hygienist every 6-12 months can prevent larger problems from developing. Finding a Dentist & office that has up to date diagnostic equipment, is professional, friendly, and caring is also key. Choosing a Dentist you can trust and building a comfortable relationship with them, will ensure those return visits are enjoyable & that going to the dentist is a positive experience!

175 Corfield St. Parksville B.C. 250-586-4404

Now Open, Oceanside Dental is welcoming new patients to our clinic. Located at 175 Corfield St, across from the new Thrifty Foods expansion, Oceanside Dental is conveniently located & wheelchair accessible. With up to date technology, including digital x-rays, comfortable clean environment & friendly caring staff, we look forward to providing dental care to the Oceanside area for years to come! Come Visit us online or in person, walk-ins welcome & insurance plans accepted. Senior & Child friendly, we look forward to meeting you!

464 E. Island Hwy. 250-954-0029

It’s a fact! The wait till it brakes program costs two to three times more than a structured maintenance program. A proven preventative maintenance program will not only ensure your car is operating as safely as possible, it can also help hedge against unexpected hits to your pocket book. Any idea what a complete and comprehensive preventative maintenance program costs? Might come as a bit of a surprise to find that if you follow your manufacturers recommended schedule it will cost on average less than 4 pennies for every kilometre you drive. That includes replacing tires when they are worn out and managing a safe braking system on your car. And you better believe that a well maintained car has a 20-25% higher value at sale or trade. Our program allows you to budget for maintenance expenses and keep the surprises to a minimum. Drop by for more information or visit At Parksville Safety and Auto Centre you will experience Honesty, Integrity, Great Value and Old Fashioned Personal Service with lots of smiles.

Now Open in Parksville!

Family Dentistry - New Patients Welcome! %r%FOOZEssJHBOdUFBmwFlcomFZoVUoouS/&8MocBUJPOJO1BSLTviMMF

250-586-4404 ComFsFFVsBUourOFw officF fFBUVriOHBMMdiHJUBM UFcIOoloHZ courUFous frJFOdlZsFrvicFqVBMJUZcBrF

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24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Free flat repair or $150.00 towards a non-repairable tire Included with every BG Premium Oil Change 464 E. Island Hwy. • 250-954-0029

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Carol Plaisier, CFP®, FMA, AMP Investment Advisor

DWM Securities Inc. Ph: 250.248.2399 Fax: 250.248.2998 174 Morison Avenue West, Parksville, BC V9P 2H3

Do you ever worry about money and whether or not you should be doing something different? There are so many investment options, information sources and opinions that it can be quite overwhelming. Would you rather stay put and hope for the best, or are you willing to move forward? Years of investing & savings habits are difficult to change and seeing your portfolio decline in the recent market down-turn hasn’t been easily forgotten. Did your advisor lack concern or interest in you during these times? Maybe you’ve just been assigned a new advisor; how can you be sure that you will receive exceptional service year after year, and not just when you wish to purchase a GIC, other investment, or need a new mortgage or refinance? The recent economic crisis may have changed your investing perspective. Growth may not be as high a priority as protection of capital and a tax efficient income stream. Some concerns may always be the same such as running out of money; after all we’re living longer and the cost of living is always getting higher. Concerns that you are getting the best advice may constantly linger, therefore a second opinion will either ease your doubts or it may show you that you are missing one on one personal service and advice. It’s easier to do nothing than to make a change, isn’t it? It can also be a lot easier to move forward than you may think. Call Carol for your no cost, no obligation meeting; take that first step towards control of your financial future.

Hearing changes with age For most people, getting hard of hearing is like going slowly colorblind. Certain colours or frequencies disappear so slowly that you don’t realize that you are missing the beginning and ends of words, especially in the presence of background noise. The result is that people mumble and you unconsciously start to use other communication tools like watching people’s faces and reading their lips.

JON Hearing Instrument Practicitoner

Some people start withdrawing from social activities and others start pretending to hear, just agreeing to everything being said and facing the consequences later. After the age of 55, generally speaking, we can expect some changes in our hearing levels. A hearing test will tell your hearing instrument practitioner if there is a problem with your hearing, and make it their goal to make soft speech audible, medium speech levels comfortable, and loud speech tolerable…… for you. There has been a significant breakthrough in hearing aid technology. With the aid of new super fast computer chips sampling the sound around you at 20,000 times per second, speech is made not just louder but crisper and more distinct. Even better news is that hearing aids using this new channel free architecture are smaller and not any more expensive than present hearing aids.

BARBARA Office Manager

DO YOU NEED INVESTMENT ADVICE? • EXPERT ADVICE • CHOICE • 28 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE Here’s what others have said: ‘Carol has handled all of our investments most efficiently and given very good advice. Many, many thanks, to you, for taking care of us through the years.’ – W & D M, Parksville, BC ‘We are extremely satisfied with our advisor, Carol Plaisier. She consistently goes the extra mile for us and we feel she is extremely knowledgeable about investing and what is the best option(s) for us.’ – Barb & Kris B., Nanoose Bay ‘Carol has done an excellent job with my investments, I am so pleased and grateful.’ – Louella N., Nanaimo, BC

DundeeWealth 174 Morison Ave. W., Parksville, BC email: website: Call Carol Today: 250-248-2399

DID YOU KNOW...? Studies show that seniors with high levels of hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing. We will be giving FREE HEARING TESTS in our Parksville Clinic on Monday, July 25th and in our Qualicum Beach Clinic on Tuesday, July 26th. 26th. Locally owned and operated, DVA, and WCB providers.

Slow down the process of losing your hearing. Call us today to book your space. WCB and DVA claims accepted.

Parksville Qualicum Pa hearing clinic h

um hearing clinic nic

#104 Middleton Ave. #1 Parksville

#2-692 Beach Road oad Qualicum Beach ch

25 250 248-6440

250 250 752-9250

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Life is too good to go without a smile

Michelle Nelson, DD “The reward for me is to know that I have helped restore a person’s selfconfidence and ability to enjoy certain aspects of their life again.”

Since 2004

BPS Certified Clinic

Unit 3, 160 Corfield St

Putting colour in our lives!

Well-fitting dentures can improve your health, overall appearance, and quality of life. A top-notch denturist will go the extra mile to make people happy, comfortable and confident in their dentures. Customer care is the top priority. While it takes manual dexterity, imagination and creativity to be a good denturist, the professional also requires attentive interpersonal skills. Many people wear dentures, but each has unique needs that must be taken into consideration. Compassion, service, quality workmanship and personal attention combine to ensure patient satisfaction. The focus of the practice is to provide all patients with the best treatment options available to them. Over the years, there has been much technological advancement to improve the quality and fit of dentures. We provide our patients with all the information needed to make an informed decision on the best denture treatment for them! • Free Consultation: No referral required • Dentist referrals • BPS™ Dentures • Precision Equilibrated Dentures • Implant Supported Dentures • Removable Partial Dentures: Titanium, Cast Metal, Acrylic and Thermoplastic • SR Ivocap™- dentures that fit! • Relines • Denture Repairs • Adjustments • Name Insertion: Ideal for patients living in a care facility • Annual Check-ups • Cleaning Solutions to keep your dentures looking like new! Michelle Nelson is a member of the Denturist Association of B.C., the College of Denturist of BC, the Denturist Association of Canada and the Parksville Chamber of Commerce.

Colour consultants must be passionate about decorating and have a keen eye for colour. These after all are the people who put colour in all of our lives.

QUEST FOR COLOUR LTD 330 East Island Hwy., Parksville, BC


The number one rule in sales is know your product and all of the special feature. Colour consultants need to have an in-depth understanding of different types of paint and their characteristics. They must possess great decorating skills in order to help clients choose the perfect colour to embellish every room of their house. They must keep up-to-date with the latest trends and seasonal colours. They must also be able to advise their customers on all kinds of paint recommended for each type of finish and the advantages of using a primer. Knowledge of painting techniques and the necessary tools required for a successful paint job is also part of the job description. Colour consultants must be able to answer customers questions whether they’re concerning product costs or services offered by the Store. To succeed in this industry colour consultants must have good communication skills and must be able to control their emotions as well as being polite and diplomatic, a smile is a big asset to the colour consult! Lastly working hours are often variable and usually include weekends in order to support the needs of the clientele, flexibility is therefore an essential element in this sector.

(Thrifty Foods Centre) Parksville




3 / $ 99 TILE ..................................................... 1 / $ 79 LINO.................................................... 1 / $ 99 CORK .................................................. 4 / $ 49 SLATE ................................................. 2 / HARDWOOD ....................................

Take this test:

SQ.F. & UP SQ.F. & UP

❑ Missing teeth? ❑ Dentures loose? ❑ Sore gums? ❑ Dentures cracked or worn? ❑ Can’t chew properly? ❑ Dentures over 5 years old?


If you have checked any or all of these concerns, you should book an appointment as soon as possible to have your mouth and dentures examined.

SQ.F. & UP SQ.F. & UP SQ.F. & UP


Benjamin Moore Your Colour Experts Michelle Nelson, DD BPS Certified Clinic

250-951-2151 Unit 3, 160 Corfield St., (Thrifty Foods Centre)






330 E. Island Hwy Parksville, BC 250-951-0871

A uniquely colourful decorating experience!


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Count, pour, lick and stick!

One-stop shopping for your bathroom

Most people think that all a pharmacist does all day is count, pour, lick and stick! In the days when pharmacists actually compounded the medications you received, this may have been true. However, the focus of your pharmacist today should be on communicating with you regarding your health, your medications and any other concerns you may have. In fact, the College of Pharmacists of B.C. (the governing body that regulates pharmacists) has specific guidelines* that a pharmacist must follow when dispensing every prescription. The minimum dialogue should include:

You may not realize it, but the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. So, when it comes time to renovate, it’s always a good idea to do some window shopping and discover all the different styles and types of products currently on offer.

Dan & Angela Bicknell and Dave Flooker

Visit our Showroom:

12B-1209 East Island Hwy. (Heritage Centre)

Parksville 250-586-1555 1-800-BATHTUB

For several reasons, the best way of doing this is to visit a bathroom showroom. First of all, with so many different styles on display, a showroom will give you lots of ideas which you would probably never have thought of on your own. Next, as you’ll be able to see the latest designs and many innovative layouts under the same roof, you can compare all the latest market trends without having to visit lots of different shops. This is the perfect occasion for seeing the most up-to-date products and getting some great ideas. You’ll be able to talk to a professional who can help you bring your most extravagant dreams to life by guiding you through the whole process. It makes life a lot simpler when everything you could possibly want is available under the same roof. So why waste your precious time going to lots of different shops?

• Confirm the identity of the patient • Identification and purpose of the drug being dispensed • Directions for proper use

Paul Gibbons B.Sc. (Pharm) R.Ph. Pharmacist/Manager The Medicine Shoppe Qualicum Beach & Parksville

• Common adverse effects or interactions that may be encountered • Storage requirements • Prescription refill information • Response to questions that may include: • How to monitor the response to therapy • Actions to be taken in the event of a missed dose • When to seek medical attention • Complementary measures At the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy you’ll find the right mix of personalized service and customer benefits. You’ll find a personal pharmacist who has the time to focus on you and your pharmacy needs along with the things you need to stay healthier. Stop by your Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy today and see for yourself! * Required in all British Columbia pharmacies.

Remodeling your bathroom? Call Re•Bath today.

Locally & Independently Owned & Operated

Call 250-586-1555 • 1-800-BATHTUB


We are the world’s largest one-day bath remodeling company and we offer FREE in-home estimates. • Largest variety of colours, styles and textures with patented and proprietary DuraBath SSP™ material • New bathtubs or bathtub liners installed over your old worn tub • Walk-in safety tubs • Wall surrounds cover out-of-date tile walls • Bathtub-to-shower conversions • A fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling • Products are guaranteed by manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

* Excluding prescriptions and sale items

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WINDOW/FLOOR EXPERT OPTOMETRIST Blinds, fabric shades & custom draperies... get an expert’s opinion!

New Facts about Progressive Lenses

Are blinds or draperies better suited to the style of the home? What are the limitations of my window styles? What are the latest innovations in product design? Do you know? If you’re shaking your head at the moment, you can confer with a window covering consultant. These professionals will have been trained in interior design, specializing in window coverings. Among other things, they can guide you in the choice of colours and patterns depending on the furniture, colour and space available in each room. By understanding your needs, they can suggest appropriate products and give you an estimate of costs. Their ability to meet these requirements while respecting your budget and your tastes will make them real allies in the décor of your dream home.

Anita Cook Design Consultant

#4-287 Martindale Rd., Parksville by the Orange Bridge


So many choices... and laminate flooring is one of them

Th fastest-growing type of flooring in North America, The laminate floors, have the beauty of wood and ceramics lam without the worry. Laminate flooring is easy on the w budget as compared to the cost of wood. No need for b polish or wax, laminate is durable and best of all – easy to install. Laminate floors reflect the style of your home through an extensive range of great-looking styles with all the appeal of hardwood and tile. One of the greatest advantages to laminate flooring is that it can be installed on any grade in your home, provided the subfloor is sound, level and dry. Don’t hesitate to consult a window covering specialist and flooring expert for all of your decorating projects!

Dr. Valerie Gunn Qualicum Beach 250.752.8844 Nanaimo 250.753.4531 250.753.2480 Ladysmith 250.245.8203

The doctors at VisionArts have been caring for eyes on Vancouver Island for over 90 years and in Qualicum Beach on Fern Road for 15 years. VisionArts has been prescribing progressive lenses for presbyopia since they first became available in 1960. The latest design improvement is that of digital manufacturing. Computer software now custom designs the best lens for individual prescriptions, no longer forcing the prescription to fit the lens design. The latest technology, freeform, provides a lens that is more comfortable and more natural to use. These lenses offer a wider field of vision and far fewer distortions. Like a digital camera with high pixel count, freeform optics increase the resolution and permit more precise visual fine-tuning – like seeing in HD! Tips for getting the best freeform progressive vision: • Have a completely accurate prescription. VisionArts doctors specialize in this. • Choose a suitable frame – not all work. • Visit our doctors and staff to discuss how we can help you choose the best freeform lens customized for best fit and vision. Bring this article to VisionArts during the month of July to enter our draw for a pair of freeform lenses!



#4-287 MARTINDALE ROAD, PARKSVILLE 250-248-4664 •




Ladysmith 250.245.8203

Nanaimo 250.753.4531 250.753.2480

Qualicum Beach 250.752.8844

THE NEWS, Friday, July 22, 2011 •



Chris Bisiker Owner

Why buy a heat pump?

Benefits of preplanning

It’s a proven fact that having a heat pump installed reduces a household’s energy consumption, so why suffer through the heat of summer uselessly?

In life we preplan for many events that will occur in the future, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, vacations, even retirement. Today more than ever, many people understand the value of preplanning their own funeral arrangements.

By installing a heat pump you can cool your home all summer, while reducing your energy bills by at least 15 percent throughout the year. That represents a substantial amount of money when you consider that heating and cooling represent about 50 percent of a home’s energy requirements. And don’t forget the benefit of living more comfortably in hot weather! It’s true that the purchase of a heat pump requires an initial investment. But this money can soon be recuperated, as a heat pump produces the equivalent of three kilowatts of electricity for the cost of a single kilowatt.

When buying a heat pump, there are several factors to take into consideration, including the cost of the system, its installation, and its maintenance requirements. It may also be necessary to install new ventilation ducts in the home. But once all these Please call for your elements are in place, owners of heat pumps are sure free in-home estimate: to see a reduction in their heating bills—even more so if they have purchased an eco-energetic model. High 1-888-261-1870 performance heat pumps can even supply hot water, which can reduce energy bills by 25 to 50 percent. Thanks to evolutions in technology, wall-mounted heat “A proud Vancouver pumps, which are less expensive to purchase, are also Island company” efficient enough to reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of Preplanning • Decisions can be made while not under duress • Be spared making difficult decisions at a stressful and difficult time • To assure that your wishes will be carried out • Time to consider all options that are right for you and your family • The arrangements and costs are decided by you • Costs are protected from inflation • Monthly payment plans are available through insurance that is tailor made to the arrangements you chose • Relieves survivors of the financial burdens • Gives “Peace of Mind” to all concerned

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Suggestions for Preplanning • Make sure your survivors are aware and are in favor of your decisions. • Sometimes “we think less of ourselves than our loved ones do”, keep that in mind as you consider your final wishes. • Take time to reflect on what you would like done in regards to services such as a graveside service, a memorial service, a reception and a service in a church or local religious facility. • Consider detailed aspects such as, cemetery plot location (cremation or burial), flowers, pictures, video slide shows, special instrumental and/or musicians. • Discuss with your partner or spouse, each others’ wishes, and consider input from them in regards to types of service and details of service. Pre-arranging and preplanning is a decision that only you can make, however, it is a decision that will affect those who you love the most.


It’s as friendly to the environment as it is to your budget.

We will treat your family as if they were our own.

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The more efficient a system, the less energy it uses, and the better it is for the environment. The York® Affinity™ Series Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps meet or beat the government’s energy efficiency standards with SEER ratings of up to 18. Plus, Affinity™ models are available with eco-friendly refrigerant that is safer for the ozone layer. And all Affinity™ models are so quiet, you and your “outdoor neighbors” will hardly know when one’s running. With Affinity™, efficiency comes naturally.

The eco-friendly York® Affinity™ Series Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps.

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