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Warm fires, stoves and safety

plus: Glamping for kids with additional needs, Sustainability, Belgian Bubble Glamping and more

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This is the final issue of International Glamping Business for 2017, from here on in, we will be working flat out on the Directory, which will land on your desks in March 2018. The Directory is an ambitious project to bring together glamping suppliers, big and small - from all over the world - into one publication. This will include artisan food suppliers, bedding and blanket specialists, fire pit and BBQ manufacturers, as well as all the latest accommodation, planning, finance people and more. All of the entries will be searchable via product type, as well as showing whereabouts in the world the supplier is based. So for all of you who like to buy local that option is open to you. We are looking forward to researching and bringing you some great new ideas for things such as experiences for example in this issue we feature James Wood - an expert forager, a great add-on for

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site review: the Belgian Bubble

rob Farrow on safety and legislation

Fire and fire safety

glampsites - especially at this time of year. If you are a supplier reading this and you have not taken advantage of a free entry into the Directory - do it now - via our website - follow the link from the homepage. Don’t forget that this is the first issue which will only be sent out in print format to subscribers. In anticipation of new data laws, for future ABC auditing and in order to keep our rates competitive we are charging to have our printed magazine sent out - however- the digital version will always remain available free of charge to anyone who wants to receive it. You can subscribe for both digital and printed versions of International Glamping Business via our website Until next time


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Glamping for Kids with additional needs: les trios Chênes

the Glamping show review

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Foraging with James Wood




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GlampingFeature News

Whyl Glamping g in p m s ew N is ­ Definitely sustainG international


etosha: a new standard in style The Etosha is setting a new standard in quality and style - it is designed to offer maximum flexibility in layout and give unparalleled space for luxurious accommodation and disabled access with 90 m2 of internal floor space. In addition, it offers en-suite bathroom facilities for 8 to 10 guests, and 48 colour combinations!

with bi-fold doors, luxurious printed roof linings, additional bathrooms, wood burning stoves or covered external veranda for hot tub. With a Boldscan tent you will always stand out from the crowd and ensure your site is top of your customers’ wish list.

The Etosha is designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards with style and durability in mind, by the internationally recognised designer, Alan Wenham.

Launched at The Glamping Show in September 2017, the response from visitors was overwhelming – “This is exactly what I have been looking for, I like the Safari tents but needed something extra!” was a typical comment.

Whether you decide to go for the standard Safari or Contemporary colourway, you can customise the tent

Steve Hansford – Managing Director – commented, “It was great to see the reaction to the new lodge and the

genuine excitement of potential clients, talking about their ideas and concepts. We had visits from several overseas visitors, some of whom came from as far away as China, looking to encompass our products in their market. I have to admit, before the show the Chinese Glamping Market place was not something I had considered!”

outstanding is Prepared for the new season listen, take risks, and dare to hit the throttle. That is how the best things happen according to UK Sales Manager, Gary Oldfield.

The high season is barely finished and Outstanding is already in full preparation for the coming season. The leading luxury Safari Tent supplier has had a successful year and it seems that they are going to meet an even more spectacular 2018 season. A lot is about to happen! Glamping is becoming increasingly popular and to continue playing a leading role, the company finds it important to keep developing constantly. They go big, anticipate,

Therefore Outstanding decided to launch two new models this year. Two new tents that encompass everything you might expect from the leading Safari Tent supplier. According to Gary the new models are strong, innovative, functional and of high-quality. “We are currently finishing the prototypes, so I highly recommend keeping an eye on us, because more information will follow soon!” says Gary. Things are going well for Outstanding. Their Safari Tents and Lodges can already be found worldwide in nearly 40 countries. During the Autumn period they travel to Europe’s largest Glamping fairs to meet their customers and to present their wide range of tents. They’ve kicked off the fair season at the Glamping Show last September. “The

Glamping Show is one of our favorite fairs,” Gary admits. “It’s difficult to describe its unique atmosphere really. It’s a gathering place for enthusiasts with a passion for glamping”. The company drew a lot of attention with their lovely XS Safari Tent, The AN4 Lodge and the eight berth AN5 Safari tent. There was a lot of interest in the new models as well, with show visitors getting to see the first glimpse of the future in tent design and innovation! “We constantly try to listen to our clients to find out how to meet their needs best. But of course, it’s always exciting to present the final results of something you have worked on so intensively. The evening after we’ve received the first enthusiastic reactions during the show, we obviously had a toast. Those beers are the ones that taste best!” Curious about all developments? Gary is available for advice, consultation and support




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GlampingFeature News

In the modern era of the sharing economy, AirBnB and increasing regulatory pressure, businesses need to do more to stand out. Quality in Tourism has undertaken a revamp of the common industry standards, making them more relevant to the modern guest, more suited to the emerging style of business, and better able to recognise the wow factor which makes your business so special. Under the new ‘Unique Accommodation Scheme’, Quality in Tourism has put customer experience right at the heart, developing assessment criteria that truly showcase what your property has to offer, without being caught up in the minutia of specific facilities. Our assessors will professionally grade properties in a simplified system taking into account the overall experience alongside the physical quality offered. Director of Quality in Tourism, Deborah Heather says “We have watched the step change in the way that consumers purchase their overnight stay; peer reviews and the overarching customer experience has a much larger part to play in the decision

Qit revamps industry standards

making process than it ever did. Consumers are now less concerned with whether they are staying in a hotel, B&B or indeed a glamping pod. Their booking is now driven by what they will experience when they get there – is there a beach nearby? A hot tub in the garden? Or the ability to spot nature up close?“ She continues “We knew that we needed to approach quality grading in a different way and as a result we are

focusing our checks, not only on ensuring basic needs are met, but also on the customer experience to ensure that the establishment is able to sell itself in the right way to its customer base.” Deborah says “As a glamping provider we know that no two experiences are the same and this new scheme celebrates your distinctiveness and gives you a marketing edge over your competitors.”

Autumn Promotion from Ecotoilets Your campers and glampers deserve the best facilities you can give them. Which is why, Ecotoilets will only provide you with the best. As a special Autumn Promotion Ecotoilets are offering free installation if a cabin is ordered before December 22nd 2017 (mainland UK only) This applies to toilet and shower cabins as well as toilet cabins only The toilet and shower cabins are solar powered with instant gas water heaters and eco showerheads to save water. They are available with anti- slip flooring, a lockable cupboard for the gas heater and controls plus a sink within a vanity unit. The toilets are odour free, require no water into them and produce no sewage from them. “We were designed correctly, our humanure comes from two separate areas, so why mix

the two and pay for the privilege of having it all cleaned up and sent back to you? It makes no sense at all. If you keep the two produced products separate at source there is no smell, no anaerobic sewage and no ammonia odours,” says the company’s Susanne Saillet. “Our solid matter has all the natural ‘chemicals’ you require in the form of aerobic organisms. When we use a WC or a chemical toilet, we drown all these wonderful bacteria, which like us, are oxygen dependent. When oxygenated the process of aerobic digestion will commence, this breaks down the solids, which will eventually turn into excellent compost. Urine, non-toxic grey water can be diverted straight to ground,” she adds.

Urine and shower water can be drained into a soakaway No chemicals are used in this process; it is entirely natural and will give your facility the much-respected Eco label. Ecotoilets can also provide our cabins with full disabled access alarms etc. to Approved document M standard. “The financial benefits of the Ecotoilets system are incalculable. No sewage pipework, which can run into thousands of pounds, no added electrical wiring, no pit digging for the toilets. Our installers will come along first thing in the morning erect the cabin or egloo™ fit it out and by later that day you will have a fully functioning facility,” concludes Susanne.




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GlampingFeature News

award-winning Dimpsey Glamping!

Dimpsey in Somerset has had a great 2017 with Gold in the Bristol, Bath and Somerset Tourism Awards; Winner of the Muddy Stilettoes Awards Somerset 2017; a Visit England Gold Award; and a South West Tourism Excellence Silver Award. Emma from Dimpsey Glamping says: ‘We’ve always believed at Dimpsey that there is much to be gained from taking time out and reconnecting with each other, and of course we love that they adore our idyllic shepherd’s hut

located at the foot of the Blackdown Hills. Everyone who visits our shepherd hut has a unique experience, but the feedback is always that our guests felt rejuvenated, refreshed and revived. That’s our aim – to give you a true glamping experience that you won’t forget.’ With its cosy bed, fire pit, hot tub, and log burner the Dimpsey hut is the perfect place to get away from it all. According to our recent reviews from Dimpsey visitors, people really appreciated the time together to relax and reconnect. There is something so very peaceful about being in the Dimpsey hut, and yet there are also the options for local walks and pub lunches, trips to the coast and towns for a bit of gentle exercise. It’s the best of both worlds. Dimpsey is delighted to be part of the growing glamping trend. Emma adds. ‘If we can continue to offer people the change to disengage from their hectic lives and to take some quality time out in luxurious surroundings through 2017 and beyond, then we’ve achieved our goal.’

Restoring Glamped Ground to Grass Terrain Aeration returned to the grounds of Warwick Castle for the second year, last month to help restore the ground that has been covered by walkways and glamping tents. One and a half metre coconut matting walkways connect to a large central tent that houses the food preparation hall. The tents go up when the site opens in April and remain in place all season. Fully fitted with wooden floors, they have conical roofs that shed rain around the periphery of the tent and, as there is no provision for drainage, the medium to heavy clay soil does become very wet. When the time comes in October to remove the tents the areas that have been covered by the wooden floors and coconut matting since April are left as bare, wet mud. These have to be brought back to grass as quickly as possible, to meet the planning conditions for the glamping use of the historic and protected parkland. Specialists in deep aeration treatment, Terrain Aeration returned to Warwick Castle for the second year to treat and help restore the area. The first job needed once the tents were out of the way was to clear the surface water and ease any compaction in the soil that had been covered by the floors and pathways. The area was too wet and muddy for Terrain Aeration’s wheeled Terralift machines to gain traction and so the Tracker Terralift was used with up to a 100 metre long air pipe deployed to allow the compressor to remain on the main vehicle route through the

entire site and not get bogged down. The Terralift treatment injects compressed air into the soil as much as a metre deep to decompact, aerate and inject seaweed across the affected areas. The seaweed sticks to the walls of the fractures, swelling and contracting and keeping the fissures open. The process clears surface water areas, helping to dry up any mud, leaving the area ready for surface preparation and the replacement of the missing grass.




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Global Glamping Summit

The Global Glamping Summit 2018 - Will you be there? 24-25 april 2018, Denver, Colorado

The Global Glamping Summit offers a unique chance to learn about the latest developments and hear from experts and network with the pioneers who have already made the taken the leap into this new market. Join us in Denver at the inaugural Global Glamping Summit to discover whether Glamping is the right business opportunity for you. What can you expect? I Essential learning and understanding about the key developments in a fastgrowing sector. I Networking with the world’s glamping pioneers. Hear from those who have taken the leap, and learn about their successes and inspirations. I Take away new ideas and learn new processes–whether you are an established market player or thinking about getting into glamping I Navigate the regulatory, legal, and practical hurdles that face the industry– now and over the next 5 years I Get creative–dive into new ways of offering unique glamping experiences– whether this be a new facility, new

activity or, even a different method of marketing. It’s all about keeping it fresh! I Go global–converse and engage with enthusiasts from across North America, Europe, and beyond to learn about new trends and experiences Our Agenda will be full of thoughtprovoking and practical sessions. Key topics will include: I From backyard entrepreneur to host: Taking those initial first steps I Find, Win, Book! Making the most of your booking platforms I Glamping 2.0: A technology updateVideos, drones, 360 dollhouse views – what’s next for the industry?

I New marketing and social media trends for existing operators And so much more… All those in attendance will have one thing in common–the passion for and connection with experiencing the best that nature has to offer. The Global Glamping Summit will unite this enthusiasm and connect like-minded people to serve as THE ultimate meeting place for experiencing the extraordinary outdoors. Don’t miss out on being part of the very first Global Glamping Summit. To find out more about attending please visit






by William Rusbridge


in Glamping There are a few selling points that almost all Glamping sites rely upon, the idea of ‘getting back to nature’ and ‘the peace and tranquillity of the countryside’. It’s easy, when surrounded by the beauty of nature every day, to start to take it for granted.

Unfortunately, the environment that we live in is a lot more fragile than we would like to believe. Sustainability, put simply, is the idea of making the most of what we have now, whilst protecting it for the future. Everyone knows about the idea of sustainability, what it means for the planet and the issues surrounding it, but how does it affect your business? Before we dive head first into how to make your Glamping site more sustainable, it’s important to mention why it’s worth your time. The main draw is that sustainable tourism is a growing market. With the idea of sustainability receiving more attention than ever, it is becoming important to a lot of people. This provides the potential to tap into an entirely new market, the sustainability market. Glamping is a perfect fit for the sustainability market because it’s already a relatively sustainable experience.

By making your site appeal to a larger audience, you are increasing the chance of additional bookings. Various award schemes, such as the “Green Tourism Scheme” also add the potential for some free publicity as well as a way to engage with this new market. Additionally, the act of becoming more efficient, particularly regarding saving water, food waste and switching to a renewable energy source can end up saving you money. Using more renewable energy will also mean that fluctuations in energy prices will become less disastrous. Supporting your local economy, not just by buying locally but also by recommending local shops, restaurants and activities is also important. People are looking for authentic experiences, and by providing a way to engage in the local culture and enjoy the local food, you will increase the customers’ sense of the place and improve their overall experience. Becoming a sustainable Glamping site is also a great way to stand out from any competitors. The majority of people looking to experience nature will also be open to helping preserve it, and by becoming a sustainable site, you are helping them do that whilst also providing a unique and interesting place to stay. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering how to start making your Glamping site sustainable. Thankfully there are a few areas of your business that you can start working on to improve your sustainability immediately. These are: the

local area, water, food, waste, energy, wildlife and transport. Researching your local area to find out the best places for guests to buy food or spend a day out is a great way to increase your site’s sustainability. Not only will it lessen your ‘food miles’, but it will also help businesses around you, with the added benefit of giving guests chance to engage with the local area increasing the chances of a return visit. There are many small changes that can be made to decrease the amount of water you use, such as aerated shower-heads which use air to provide the same amount of force as regular showers with savings of up to 40%. Toilets can also be adjusted to use less water with the use of toilet dams or by switching to toilets with dual controls, and basin taps can have infra-red sensors that ensure no one will accidentally leave the tap on. If your site offers food, then decreasing food waste is a great way to increase your sustainability. A good way to do this is to start noting what food types you are throwing away most. You can then adjust portion sizes and buy less of it. If supplied with recycling bins, most guests will be happy to use them, which will help with the amount of waste your site is creating considerably. Switching to a renewable energy source can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be achieved all at once. You could start by switching any incandescent






light bulbs to energy efficient alternatives, or perhaps go a little further and install LED lighting across your site. If you do want to switch to solar powered lighting, you could always focus on exterior lighting first and go from there. Transport can be as simple as using your website to make potential guests aware of public transport routes. Of course you could always go the extra mile and offer a small discount if guests can show that they came by public transport. If your site is close to a nearby village or town, why not offer bicycle hire? It’s a good way for your site to bring in a little extra money and help the environment at the same time. Making sure that there are places for wildlife on your site is also important. It can be as simple as putting up a few bird boxes and it will not only make your site more sustainable, but also more enjoyable for guests. Located in Suffolk, Ivy Grange Farm is a Glamping site with sustainability at its heart. Their efforts have been recognised with awards such as the Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold Award and the Suffolk Greenest County Sustainable Tourism Award. Kim Hoare, co-owner with Nick Hoare of Ivy Grange Farm, has agreed to give a little insight on running a sustainable Glamping site. Asked about a good first step for Glamping site operators who want to become more sustainable, Kim said, “Find a good local source of information – we were fortunate to have a subsidised survey on all aspects of how we run our business, which helped highlight areas we could improve. Think about where and how you buy your goods, from toilet rolls to charcoal, and see if you can make every element as carbon neutral as possible.” Talking further about Ivy Grange Farm and their work with the local businesses, I asked about the benefits of researching the local area as well as the difficulties, “Researching the information about local food and suppliers isn’t difficult, it’s just what we love doing anyhow! Hopefully it benefits the guests by giving them a short-cut to finding some amazing produce. And it benefits us because the more people support local producers then the more sustainable their businesses are, which must be good for all of us.”

When discussing the financial benefits of being a sustainable Glamping site, she adds, “That’s difficult to be precise about. Our sustainability reflects what we believe in as a couple and we hope that has an appeal to a certain sector of our guests, helping to drive additional bookings. Financially we receive a small nondomestic renewable heat incentive payment towards our “green” wood pellet boiler (which provides hot water) and our solar thermal but this is a modest amount and only really helps to offset the costs of using alternative technologies.” So where’s the best place to start getting information about renewable energy? “We are fortunate that Suffolk has the ambition to be Britain’s Greenest County and therefore our council now offers good information and support – we would certainly encourage others to check out their local council first to see what advice or help they can offer.” Ivy Grange Farm has won numerous awards for their work in sustainability, when asked about whether it has led to a change in the type of guests they receive, Kim said, “We’ve always had a good range of “green-friendly” guests. Winning the awards makes it easier to have a conversation with our guests about what we’re doing to improve our carbon footprint – many people are interested in the different green technologies we have and ask questions, which is great.” And what about any publicity that sustainability brings? “The sustainability work enables us to talk to the press about various initiatives (creating a wildlife sculpture trail is one of our current projects) and this certainly helps get the word out about Ivy Grange Farm and has helped to drive bookings.”

Sustainability doesn’t have to be an entirely behind the scenes effort either, Ivy Grange Farm have introduced a “Dig Your Own” fruit and vegetable patch that not only lessens ‘food miles’, but includes guests in their sustainability effort, “Many of the guests really enjoy it – parents see it as an opportunity to educate their children about where food comes from as well as getting them to try things they don’t otherwise enjoy but will happily eat if they’ve picked and cooked it themselves.” Working with the local wildlife is also a great way to enhance your guests stay, “Getting feedback from guests when they’ve had a night-time visit from a hedgehog around the campfire or have seen a barn owl hunting at dusk is fantastic! The benefits come mainly to the wildlife, we hope – we have arable fields around and providing good habitat helps a whole range of different creatures – but also to us and our guests who enjoy seeing the bats and swallows, weasels, stoats, even rabbits bounding around,” adds Kim. So what does sustainability mean for your business? It’s not just the opportunity to help protect the planet that we rely upon, but also to improve your business. There are definite benefits to sustainability and while there may not be many that are directly financial, the act of making your Glamping site sustainable has the chance to boost your business, allowing you to target an entirely new audience, whilst enhancing the experience of your site once the guests have arrived.






A unique lifestyle opportunity to own a Touring CL Site together with residents Cornish Cottage and total of just over an acre of grounds. Set in a delightful rural setting with far reaching views . Located one & half miles from the beach at Perranporth, Cornwall. Existing Certified Location with the Caravan and Motorhome Club on 3/4 acres of south facing Cornish country side. Arranged with five super pitches including 16 amp electric, water supply and grey water waste connection. Two of these are gravel hard standing. Additionally, there is a Toilet and Shower block with washing up area & chemical disposal point. A scenic 20 minutes walk along the local bridal ways takes you to the beach at Perranporth (one and a half miles by road). The village shop, pub, restaurant, and children’s play park are half a mile walk. The site is for sale together with the vendor’s traditional Cornish Cottage featuring beamed ceilings, stone fireplace, aga and many original features. This detached thee bed family residence is privately located in an adjacent field on its own title and enjoys gardens ofapproximately one quarter of an acre. Additional land/out buildings available under separate negotiation exclusively to purchasers of the cottage.

Offers are invited for the CL Touring site business including the groundsand cottage in excess of £635,000. For more information or to view please telephone 07948 998419 or email

Fron Farm YURTS

Fron Farm Yurts manufacture high quality Yurts, Gers and Roundhouses. All our structures are handmade in Wales using the finest quality materials to provide unique structures for all occasions. If you are looking to offer yearround glamping, our new pop-up Yurt-Roundhouse is a unique wooden framed structure incorporating the natural beauty and wow factor of a Yurt , but has the look and feel of a solid permanent structure, comes in kit form, is easy to assemble and can be put up and taken down if needed. We can make units to accommodate all budgets and sizes, and with 6 years experience running a Glamp-site and Yurt manufacturing business we are happy to discuss your project and ideas and give any advice needed, so just give us a call. Guy Cutler: 01994 419775


Shepherd Huts QuALITy tHat is surPrisinGly aFForDaBle Only

£3931 Only

£3834 Only


fast delivery & Full Support from a company that cares!

Call us to arrange a visit 01379 687 467 Church Farm, Church Lane, Bressingham, Diss IP22 2AE

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Sleep in a Bubble

Blown Away by Bubbles

Zoe Holland, Glamping Business’ Glamping Review Editor, visited Sleep in a Bubble, in Wanze Sleep in a Bubble is a small Glamping site run by Belgium couple Luc Ruidant and Colette Barbier. Set up on their home property in the pretty farming town of Wanze near Liège in Belgium this is now the third year that the couple have been welcoming guests to sleep under the stars in their bubbles. We visited the site as a family as part of our Summer adventures in Belgium and Holland at the start of August and found Sleep in a Bubble to not only be unique and memorable but also extremely welcoming. Wanze is a pretty Belgian town in the province of Liège. We drove directly from our ferry crossing which saw us arrive in Dunkirk. The journey took us around 2.5 hours.

The site is comprised of two bubbles. The smaller of the two bubbles, ‘Au pied de l’arbe’ or ‘At the foot of the trees’ is a romantic retreat for couples. This bubble comes with it’s own private terrace looking out towards the valley away from the main property offering seclusion and pretty views. We stayed in a larger bubble, which comfortably sleeps up to 4 people. This bubble has the well suited name of ‘L’etoile du berger’ or ‘The evening star’. The bubble is located close to the main family property but looks out over the valley and fields below. Again there is a private terrace with pretty views. This bubble is ideal for families with schoolaged children. As we found throughout our stay (and as the owner’s agreed) there are a few impracticalities including a drop from the terrace, which means that the bubbles are not particularly well suited for toddlers. The bubble is divided into three sections. The first is a small porch area with no

transparency. This area contains your toilet and also acts as a compression chamber to prevent the rest of the tent from deflating as you enter. Once zipped into this section you are able to open the adjoining compartments and enter the main bubble. Moving into the second section you enter the first bubble. This is a generous space with a single bed, seating area and wash table. This bubble has a transparent window strip and fully transparent ceiling allowing guests to watch the stars as they lie in bed. The final section, and second bubble contains a large double bed with a storage chest and a heater. Again the walls are largely transparent allowing full appreciation of the surrounding environment and celestial activities for those tucked up inside. In terms of facilities each bubble tent has it’s own toilet located in the porch way area. The toilet is similar to the type you might find in a caravan or camper van





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Sleep in a Bubble

and was clean and practical. There is no bathroom, but a large wash-basin and jug of water is provided for freshening up. The highlight of our stay was getting snuggled up for the evening then watching the sunset followed by the stars all from the comfort of our own bed. We spent a good hour all sharing the same bed and just chatting about the scene before us as the sky changed colour and the stars appeared. It was the most comfortable star gazing session I’ve ever had and it was so lovely to share as a whole family. We asked Luc what made him choose the unique bubble for his accommodation. “We chose the bubbles because I used to have a guest house in the past and I like to receive people. As a journalist, I had a contact with a person who initiated the concept of the bubbles in Belgium and I wrote an article about it in a magazine called BioInfo. Then I thought that it would be a great idea to do it in our

place. I spoke about it with my wife and we decided to try it out,” he said. Sleep in a bubble was certainly a unique experience and something we all really enjoyed. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend some close time as a family enjoying aspects of camping which might otherwise be very difficult with a small

child… we certainly couldn’t star gaze with a two year old around a camp fire! The experience is something we’ll all remember for a long time. Best of all the welcome from our hosts was outstanding. Zoe is the editor of a blog about travelling with young children





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Rob Farrow

Don’t Let Hospitality Get in the Way of the law

At the recent Glamping Show I gave a seminar regarding how to set-up and operate a glamping site. One of the questions I received from the audience was about the use of log burners in accommodation. Given my site operation background and having already researched this topic my advice was straight forward, "don't". Over a decade ago, when we established our separate glamping division to our holiday park I asked this very same question of our insurance broker. "Would you provide Public Liability insurance for a log burner in a tent?" They laughed at me and said no one would provide cover. Ten years on, I only know of two insurance providers who supply such a service; yet during that decade there have been thousands of bell tents with log burners in them let for holidays. I can only assume that these did not have adequate insurance cover. Less than 72 hours after my seminar many of us read with horror and concern about a log burner that caught fire in a glamping pod, thankfully on this occasion no one died. The same issue rocked the camping industry back in 2013 when a couple pulled their dying barbecue into their own tent to keep warm, sadly with tragic consequences. Having had to reiterate the problems of fire and CO2 poisoning inside glamping accommodation to my audience, it raises the question do all sites conform to standards or are they even aware of the legislation? The priority of our guests safety is something that must always be in our minds.

Whilst the log burner report was upsetting and distressing news, it unfortunately came as no surprise for those of us that have been in the industry since the early days. During its growth, the glamping industry has been like the Wild West; plenty of opportunity but little to make site operators aware of the relevant regulation. Most site owners go out of their way to provide the best experiences possible, down to the smallest detail; such as chocolates on the pillows. The issue we have is not negligence but lack of knowledge. The glamping industry can be divided into four sectors; 1) Entrepreneurs / new entrants; those that have a couple of accommodations in their garden or on their farm. 2) Glamping on existing private camping and caravan sites 3) Commercial glamping sites and 4) Large commercial holiday parks.

Rob Farrow Rob’s advice columns, ‘How to’ articles and seminars are well known in the Glamping Industry. Rob hails from a family owned leisure business that has been operating holiday parks for over half a century. Rob has overseen the provision of Glamping holidays since 2006, he then founded a separate division adding bespoke Glamping delivery to other parks, followed by consultancy services on creating Glamping sites and pop-up sites for events and founded another specific Glamping site. Rob is a founding member of The Glamping Association.

each having their own specialism and knowledge gaps.

The majority of glamping sites fall into categories one and two, as such some gaps in knowledge have occurred.

The "entrepreneurs / new entrants" (category one) may have no hospitality experience, therefore concepts that are familiar to those in business may be new or unknown to them. For example; the requirement for risk assessment, awareness of the occupiers liability act 1957, the need for public liability insurance and employers liability insurance or the requirement to have first aid equipment available, drinking water regulations, fire extinguisher checks, waste disposal provision etc.

The different categories of the glamping industry approach the provision of their accommodation from different angles,

We can expect categories two, three and four will be aware of the above regulations and have processes in place





Rob Farrow

A Not For Profit organisation, the Glamping Association is free for glamping site operators to join, providing a range of services without charge; such as a free online listing of your site, free booking enquiries, a Code of Conduct and Industry Representation as well as free Glamping Job Adverts. The Glamping Association's committee are all experts and experienced in the industry, volunteering their time for the betterment of the industry. for the more obvious legislation such as: emergency procedures, safe manual handling, COSHH, Legionaries avoidance procedure and working at height provisions. There are however, some more obscure pieces of legislation that could catch out even experienced providers; such as needing a licence to sell alcohol even if you just give guests a complimentary bottle in their accommodation, or the requirement for a PSV licence if you want to collect guests form the station. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the tip of the ice berg on relevant legislation affecting the provision of accommodation. The glamping industry is characterized by small sites and good humoured and helpful staff. Our willingness to help people can sometimes be our downfall. Actions motivated by goodwill and friendliness can be fraught with complications as we are commercial businesses. I once had a member of my office team receive a phone call from a guest whose car had broken down a few miles away. Being typical of our industry my staff member immediately thought of helping the guests and was half way to her car with a towrope to go and rescue them. I sadly had to point out that as a business we are not covered to tow someone else's vehicle on the highway. Similarly, imagine the situation, a farmbased glamping site has a family staying for two weeks. The farmer has young children of the same age and they immediately bond together. The family offers to look after the guests’ children whilst the parents go out for a meal. This occurs several times over the two-week period. Nothing wrong there you may think. Yet if you are regularly babysitting children then there is a requirement to be registered with Ofsted.


Our industry is so friendly and so customer-focused that sites have been created with a surge of enthusiasm. Wellmeaning providers entering the market with little or no hospitality experience have been lulled into a false sense of security forgetting that the laws and standards required for letting accommodation are completely different to the laws for your own personal use of accommodation. It is one thing to put up a tent for your own personal use and learn as you go, it is a whole different kettle of fish to welcome paying guests. We can say that somewhere along the line, the glamping industry has suffered a 'myopia'. Many sites forgot or were unaware that we are in the hospitality industry and that we are businesses. As soon as you receive payment for hosting guests the glamping site is classed as a business, and as such, we are bound by the same laws as a commercial hotel. For this reason we must think like a hotel, not like a friend is staying in the spare room. The enthusiasm and focus on the guests’ experience from site owners is not only infectious but hugely commendable; it is one of the aspects that has seen the industry’s meteoric growth establishing glamping as a desirable activity. Today the challenge for Glamping site owners is not to encourage people to try glamping but to redirect our attention and be aware of the myriad of legislation for the hospitality industry to ensure that our guests are not only happy but the site is operating within the law. Help is at hand, little known till now the Glamping Association was found some years ago; its Code of Conduct provides glamping sites with the outline for ensuring they are on the right side of legislation.

To help glamping providers meet legislative requirements, Association Members agree to abide by the code of conduct. This is specifically designed as an introductory ‘how-to guide’ of the basic legal standards required. Using the code of conduct, member sites can quickly become acquainted with the activities that are legislated; such as the licences required to play music, or responsibility to display certain notices to protect sites against insurance claims. Possibly most important for public confidence is that members can display the Glamping Association logo, thus proving to the public that they meet the industry standards. This shows potential guests that they can stay at the glamping site safe in the knowledge that members abide by the approved code of conduct. Currently, the glamping industry can prove that we are responsible and can come together, pledging our commitment to our industry association and the standards it represents in order to self regulate. Only by embracing the Glamping Association’s Code of Conduct will the industry be able keep the public’s faith that glamping is a safe and enjoyable holiday option. United under one banner the industry can demonstrate to Government that there is no need for oppressive legislation to enforce standards on the industry. By coming together under one representative body the glamping industry will be able to progress forward for a prosperous future. Glamping sites can join the association by simply visiting and submitting their details.

Fires & Stoves

Enhancing the Glamping experience Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves wants you to create a glamping experience to remember and maximise returns from your investment. And with our inclement weather you will want to ensure you can extend your season while keeping your guests are cosy and warm, both inside and out. Indeed a big part of the Glamping experience will come from the glamper’s ability to “make fire”, with an interior stove and/or an outside fire basket / barbeque.

unique HETAS certification and is backed by an ongoing maintenance package (including regular flue cleaning by our own NACS registered chimney sweeps).

The experts at Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves are able to give best possible advice on all aspects of supply and safe installation of wood burning multi-fuel stoves, fire baskets or BBQs and on the best BBQS and solid fuels. Approved to install stoves and flues by HETAS and fully experienced in the particular safety needs of the Glamping industry, they can offer a bespoke supply and fit service across the UK and access to a comprehensive range of stoves. Every stove/flue installation receives its own

In addition they are a UK distributor of the höfats range of CUBE fire basket products, www.hö CUBE is more than a fire basket, it is a multipurpose piece of outdoor furniture that can also be used as a BBQ or a stool and has a balanced fire bowl so when the CUBE is turned over the fire is extinguished. For 100% BBQ success Welsh Dragon recommends Premium BBQ Grill Briquettes and Premium Starter Gels

from DIE KOHLE MANUFAKTUR specifically tailored to deliver the perfect smoke-free barbeque experience (when using a starter chimney)… And for your stove or fire basket make sure you choose our special Camp-Fire Mix Logs (sourced from managed Welsh woodlands) or Firelite18 Multi-Fuel Briquettes.

JCB Paint


launches a supertough™, supersafe™, superversatile™ paint JCB PAINT® has created a paint which has been formulated to make it easy to use on almost any exterior surface and engineered to provide protection against the toughest conditions, like no other paint in the market. Invented in the UK, it has flame retardant and environmental resistant properties, which along with the reusable and recycle packaging offers testament to the company’s ethos to making the world a safer place. “We believe that the consumer and professional decorator has had to endure the arduous task of choosing different types of paint for their exterior requirements such as walls, sheds, stables,

barns etc for too long. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer them a onepaint solution which will cover these applications and so much more,” says said Chris Honer CEO. “We have created an innovative, high performing, strong product which demonstrates the same quality, safety and durability benefits synonymous with all JCB products,” he adds.

JCB PAINT® has a water-based formula with high opacity and is mould, water and stain resistant. Its versatility means you can use it on wood, masonry, terracotta, ceramic, plastic and metal. There are 12 distinct shades which can be applied using a brush, roller or spray. “Extra coats of the paint will add extra fire retardancy, which may be of particular interest to those decorating glamping accommodation,” concludes Chris.





DJ Davies & STOVES… WELSH DRAGON FUELS - no copy received EXPERIENCE ENHANCING THE GLAMPING We’ve got it Covered at Welsh Dragon Fuels & Stoves Happy Memories for your Guests and Maximum Returns for you Safe Supply & Fit of Stoves and Flues, HETAS Approved Fire Baskets & Fuels Too

HETAS approved to install stoves and flues and fully experienced in the particular safety needs of the Glamping industry, we can offer a bespoke supply and fit service across the UK and access to a comprehensive range of stoves. Every stove/flue installation receives its own unique HETAS certification and is backed by an ongoing maintenance package. get in touch nOw:


24 & 25 April 2018 The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel The Global Glamping Summit is a fantastic chance to learn about a revolution that is sweeping the world, to hear from experts and network with the pioneers who have already made the change. Join us in Denver at the inaugural Global Glamping Summit to discover whether Glamping is the right business opportunity for you. Glamping Forum Join peers and experts for an agenda bursting with content focused on the glamping market. Unrivalled Networking Build your network, explore best practice and share ideas with glamping’s best. Expert Insights Gain invaluable intelligence direct from the very best minds in Glamping.


Les Trois Chenes

Holiday without Prejudice

Stephanie Girdler’s life turned upside down this summer when her daughter was hospitalized and a subsequent holiday showed how difficult it is for families with kids with additional needs to get the relaxation they need. This inspired her to do something about it..

“I live in a small rural village in the Mayenne department of France with my four children, Joshua 15, Chloé 9, Jacques 7 and Noah 5 and we have a 5th bundle arriving early next year. We also have two beautiful if slightly eccentric golden labs and 5 cats. We have a 6-bed timber-frame house which we built ourselves, set in the middle of a beautiful 2.5 acre plot complete with three enormous oak trees which gives our site its name – Les Trios Chênes. On June 18th this year our lives changed forever – it was Father’s Day and we were all pottering around as usual. Our eldest son has Aspergers and our daughter was and still is under assessment for autism. I remember Josh was watching TV, Chloé was pottering about with glue and glitter at the dining room table and our youngest two were in the garden, where I was gardening. My husband was tinkering in his shed. There was nothing to warn us that something was different with Chloé until she went upstairs and jumped out of the bedroom window. She was rushed to hospital with a broken foot and two damaged vertebrae – which were fixable. The biggest problem was that she was in total psychosis – her hold over reality and fantasy had completely disappeared.

The next 24 hours passed in a blur of scans, psych assessments and hospital transfers and then just a day after she jumped, a psychiatric doctor arrived with some papers and asked me to sign. My heart broke when I realised he was asking me to sign my 9 year-old daughter into a psychiatric hospital. I felt like I had lost her.

Les Trios Chênes is a quiet rural campsite with just 6 pitches for families in similar situations as our own. It is a place where you can holiday without prejudice and relax, knowing everybody understands. There is a play area, sensory garden, a butterfly garden, a large sand area, a water play area, daily kids craft sessions included in the price, nature trails, and

When Chloé was released from the hospital, we decided to try and have some family time by going camping. This was the beginning of July. However, Josh is germ phobic and won’t do public toilets or pools and Chloé has no social boundary awareness, so was quizzing strangers about why (in her opinion) they were fat, ugly, short, bald or black for example. So it was not a relaxing holiday and although many people were nice about it, others were just plain nasty. On our return to France I decided to use our beautiful grounds and open a glamping/camping site for families that have children with additional needs – a place where children can be themselves without judgment and a place where parents can relax. By the end of the summer, we are already nearly fully booked for summer 2018 and it has given me a positive in my kids’ day to day struggles.





Les Trois Chenes

even a Roman archeological site for them to have a dig around in! Inside, there is a sensory/chill out room. We believe that a campsite like this requires a very personal touch and this is why you will not find us on any broker sites. At the start, we were just offering pitches and the option of hiring our own 8-man tent, which got booked very quickly. From initial feedback, it was clear that a large proportion of autistic children needed more comforts and more secure fencing and so we started to look at a glamping option. We now have two fully equipped home-from-home bell tents with a private securely fenced garden with hammock, fire pit, table, chairs and swings. We allow therapy dogs to stay free

of charge. The Bell tents also have an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast included in the price. They got booked up amazingly quickly so now we are looking to a third from our 2018 season. More pictures and prices can be found on our Facebook page where people can message us directly. We understand that no two children are the same and try to

accommodate any specific needs and requirements.” escouesmes/

BOND Helps Glamping Companies Get underway

BOND found many new clients at The Glamping Show in September and is excited to be helping many of them begin their glamping journey. “The feedback on the BOND glamping structures and also the continued growth in the luxury glamping market has been excellent and many clients are now returning to add to further tents to their location,” says the company’s Mike Halliwell. “All of the BOND Safari Tents have been fully tested by engineers, have Structural Reports for wind-loading and meet several British and European standards. With hidden galvanised steel frames their structures are one of the most robust on the market,” adds Mike, owner of BOND.


“Our clients are investing a great deal of money and time into setting up Glamping sites and so the proven structural performance is a significant factor in purchasing Safari Tents. In short – our structures are intended to be in place year round, will withstand the test of time and also the increasing wrath of Mother Nature!” David & Amanda Wallis of Mount View Luxury Glamping near Penzance have recently installed Luxury Safari tents from BOND and are thrilled with the result. ‘From the moment we decided on safari tents as part of our glamping enterprise, Bond seemed the obvious choice for both quality and value for money. Being that our site is in a windy location Mike was happy to upgrade the

steel specification and make other alterations for extra strength. In our experience nothing is too much trouble. They could not have been more friendly and helpful whenever we phoned with a question. Aftersales service is excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend Bond Fabrications Ltd.’ BOND has been designing and manufacturing bespoke glamping structures and marquees for almost 30 years. All structures are manufactured at their factory in Gloucestershire with the highest quality materials resulting in exceptional structures. The team at BOND work closely with their customers and are very proud to offer a personal, supportive service through to installation and beyond.

The Glamping Show Review

Stamps Its Mark

Having now closed the doors on its third-year outing, it is clear the Glamping show has really stamped its mark on the glamping sector, not just in the uK but worldwide. The 3-day event welcomed suppliers and visitors alike from all corners of the globe as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Doubling in size since its inception in 2015, this year’s event welcomed over 100 exhibitors showcasing all types of different structures, accessories and services. In fact, everything you need to set-up and run a successful glamping business.

Wayne Clark, from The Septic Tank Store had this to say: “Thursday, the first day of the Glamping Show, was the best day we have ever had at any trade show!” Galvin Broughton, from ASTECtherm, added: “It’s been breathtakingly amazing. The picture in my head about how good it was going to be was great but then times that by 100 and that’s how good the glamping show has been.” It was a bit of a soggy start to the show this year but the rain did nothing to deter well over 1,000 visitors on the first day coming through the doors to see what the glamping show had to offer this year followed by many more on days two and three.

Design & Styling Demonstrations. ‘Meet the Experts’, sponsored by Success Matters, hosted fifteen sector experts who conducted 20-minute one-to-one meetings with visitors, who wanted to get a better understanding or insight into a particular business challenge. The experts covered a range of topics from social media and marketing through business planning and setting up a glamping site to insurance and planning. The visitor feedback on this new innovation was exceptional, with virtually everyone who took a meeting giving it a 10 out of 10 and saying that they would like to see it run as a regular feature. They all felt it added value to their visit and injected another level to the show.

New glamping operators visiting the show from the Wye Valley commented: “Our overall impression of the show is really good, there is such a range of different ideas and prices here that we are spoilt for choice. We want to keep our business simple and we have seen several ways that we can achieve that here at the Show.” In addition to the increased size of the show, the organisers unveiled three new visitor innovations this year; Meet the Experts, Top & Tail Workshops and





The Glamping Show Review

Also new to the Glamping Show this year were the top and tail workshops hosted by glamping consultant, Kate Morel, and aimed at new business owners who were looking to get the most out of their trip to the Glamping Show. For the first hour of the show Kate helped 20 delegates to identify what their business objectives were and then set an itinerary for the day, providing a debrief session at the end of the day to consolidate learnings. Again, these workshops were very well received by all who attended, giving delegates a real focus for their visit to the Glamping Show. Saturday saw yet another new feature to the show when Nikkita Palmer Designs ran a series of design and styling demonstrations throughout the day. For those visitors who were looking to enhance or put the


finishing touches to their glamping offering, Nikkita provided some exceptional insight and knowledge in to how to create stylish interior themes to project the perfect image. The seminar programme, which presented a wide variety of topics that applied to both new and established glamping operators, was as popular as ever with many presentations having standing room only. However, the new floor layout with the seminar theatres situated in an open plan design in each corner of the exhibition hall made them much more accessible and an integrated part of the show adding to the superb atmosphere of the show. Sarah Orchard, of Orchard Associates, commented: "I felt the show had really

The Glamping Show Feature Review

moved up a gear this year; it was fantastic; not only from a marketing professional's point of view but also that of a future glamping site owner. Speaking to visitors who attended my seminars and ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions, I found a lot of people had returned to the show after attending last year and the year before, some of whom are well established site owners, as they still found the show added value to their businesses. One gentleman I spoke to has run an established glamping site for the last four years but still spent two days at the Glamping Show this year to make sure he got around everything. Now that is testament to how good the show is and the value it provides for its visitors." TV presenter and Upcycler, Max McMurdo of Find it, Fix it, Flog it and Shed of the

Year fame, was once again in attendance, presenting seminars over two days of the show to captivated audiences talking about upcycled design and how to make the most of small spaces. On walking around the show in between times he marvelled at how the show has grown in breadth and diversity as well as size compared with what was on offer just this time last year. Max commented: “I got to the end of the first day at the Glamping Show and I was shattered. It’s twice as big as last year and nobody told me! I spoke to so many exhibitors and picked up leaflets on everything from solar panels and battery packs to yurts, tents and wooden structures. This show is awesome!” Well that says it all; see you again next year!





The Glamping Show Seminar Round Up

it’s all in the three days, three theatres and over 50 speakers – the Glamping show seminar programme was whopping this year. it would have been a physical impossibility to listen to each and every presentation so we have done the hard work for you and picked out some of the most memorable things said by our speakers this year. Hopefully, you will be able to benefit from their pearls of wisdom and if you would like to know more, drop us an email at steph@upgradepublishing. com and let us know who or what subject you would like featured in the magazine and we will commission a longer article. Thursday theatre 1 Simon Tregoning of Classic Cottages told delegates about digital marketing, SEO content and the benefits of Pay Per Click. He looked at email newsletters, PR blogging and social media. He urged, “test and monitor what you are doing online” in order to see what works for you.


Presentation... Sarah Orchard of Quality Unearthed “There are 4,738 camp, caravan and glamping sites in the UK according to VisitEngland April 2106. Five Marketing Must-Do’s: 1. get found 2. use your website and social media to connect with the right customers 3. create a customer data goldmine 4. deliver a consistently great customer experience 5. don’t treat every customer the same Bella Given, Longlands, A Guest’s Perspective 7 things that guests want 1. a good night’s sleep 2. a bathroom to wash away your cares 3. an outdoor area to sit back and put your feet up 4. attention to detail 5. a beautiful setting 6. adventures 7. a warm welcome Neil Warren on How Using Video Can Increase Brand Engagement “Create engaging video content by establishing a personal connection, having a simple message and drawing on something that is already popular.”

Thursday theatre 2 Adeline Lenior of Hotes Insolites How to attract French tourists? “France is the biggest market in Europe for camping and there is an appetite for sustainable tourism” Bella Given – The Joy of Hindsight Learnings from Longlands We loved this talk about everything award-winning Bella has learned since she set up her business Longlands – she covered everything from planning through to maintaining your own mental health! Planning: I do your homework, go glamping, take a course I employ a planning consultant I get AONB neighbours and local businesses on side I go to the parish council meeting Design: I install an electrical socket I avoid paraffin lamps I LED lights are cleaner greener and brighter I remember storage I plan for wet weather I cater for large groups and parties I if you are serving food get hygiene certified and don’t try to serve it hot

The Glamping Show Seminar Round Up

I make sure you have all the necessary health and safety work for your hot tub I be original Build: I get insurance from the outset I keep them posted on progress I be clear about fire safety I waterproof vinyl edges I don’t underestimate the effect of painting and styling I buy local Marketing: I choose your website and email address carefully I make sure your website is responsive I get social with Facebook I get blogging regularly I focus on getting good editorial Managing: I keep spares of everything I you are only as good as your team – look after them I make sure you have good plumbers and electricians I make fire lighting as easy as possible Processes: I automate emails I include links I use izettle for larder payments I cash flow and balance payments Guests: I manage expectations I be clear about arrival and departure times I get them out and about to have adventures I remember names – particularly the dog’s! Mental health: I take time out I practice yoga meditation or exercise I make the most of winter, rest plan learn Claire McGill and Emma Warren from Niche brands wanted delegates to consider I how can PR benefit your business? I Where does PR fit in? I What’s stopping you investing in PR?

I What’s your USP? I What are assets? I What’s your view of the media? I What does your audience look like? Kate Morel asked the Million dollar question What can you earn from a glamping site? We share her answers here:

Set Up Costs, 1 Safari Tent SET UP PP & Eco Survey Water Supply Tent & Base Tent Installation Fencing & Paths Bath Install Gas Boiler & Plumbing Int & Ext Furnitures Kitchen & Equip Solar Kit & Install Website £2780 Total £24005

£ £1430 £825 £7630 £550 £630 £2000 £2200 £3150 £2270 £540

RUNNING Tel & Comms Maintenance Marketing Bank Charges Laundry Upgrades Sundry Insurance Total

£ £640 £470 £300 £475 £240 £560 £415 £700 £3800

Yr 1 Revenue


Andrew Keeling explored Trends in Rural Tourism here were his conclusions: I More people staycationing and short breaking I Real seeking and tasting local I Quirkiness I Resortisation and weatherproofing

Chris Pike Social Media guru from Heyburt told listeners, “Use a platform you know and understand and use advertising to grow your audience. Bring those people to a place where they are likely to take actions and re-target those that don’t. Create audences from those who do and ANALYSE!”

In Theatre 3 on Thursday we heard from:

James Warner Smith from Cool Camping warned about four business pitfalls in his talk. 1. overpricing 2. restricting customers 3. failing to follow up 4. marketing without images

Phil Sharlott from Positiv Development managing a glamping site I “What is your vision – where you want to be on day one and where you want to be by year 3 be honest and realistic” I “Be the first or be the best!”

Rob Farrow anaylsed the market in “How to Set up and Run a Glamping Site” comparing campers to glampers “Glampers most likely never been





The Glamping Show Seminar Round Up

camping,” he said. “They are families, couples and groups who require more services than campers and will require you to provide everything.” “Simple Steps to Increase your Glamping Business Income and Secure its Future Success was the title of Sarah Riley’s talk. Sarah, from Inspired Camping advised: I Find and speak to your audience I Get your offer right I Increase frequency of transactions I Reduce costs Legal Expert Christopher Head spoke about new legislation on Data Protection He told people not to be too afraid of it but look at GDPR as a positive. In fact, he said, “GDPR stands for Get Deeper Personal Relationships. He advised, “Be transparent, do the journey and own up to mistakes. Lawful data processing starts with consent, it’s how you get data, use data and destroy data.” Steps to take now: I Review your data I Review your process I Look at your Privacy statement I Work with a group Bella Given from Longlands spoke to site owners about marketing She described market as a Rocket to success 1. rocket guidance system – understanding your target market 2. rocket interior and engine – your offer and brand 3. rocket exterior and body – your website 4. rocket thrusters – vehicles to drive traffic to your website 5. rocket fuel – money and measurement 6. rocket checks - marketing and communications plan


Christopher Head, legal expert, had good advice for those listening to his talk, “Creating a Flexible Seasonal Workforce” “When employing friends family and freelancers, make sure you have clear contract clear outcomes and clear boundaries and then you will still be friends when the work is done!” Barry Davies from Davies & Co. had a full house for this talk on securing planning permission. He concluded: I Environment/highways – negotiate before application I Market research – look at need and unmet demand I Know the planning policy that supports your development I Communicate early with local ward councilor and parish council I Monitor the application I Read the planning officers report very carefully – planning conditions – negotiate I Always attend the planning committee meeting I Be prepared for your application to be refused I The key to winning an appeal is never submit anything to PINS that you have not submitted to LPA Neil Baxendale from GTF Event Equipment analysed “Funding Solutions for Operators within the UK Glamping Market”. He said the options for raising funds include finance lease, bank loan, leasing HP and commercial loans. “Many times do we hear from new prospects – we will be paying cash from family savings for our first new structures. That all sounds good at this stage but what happens when you need to pay staff, install some extra utilities infrastructure or pay for your planning application insurance and maintenance?” he said. He also warned that 80% of SMEs fail within the first 24 months of trading because they are under funded or have insufficient working capital.

Dawn Bee from Netguides gave delegates, “The Roadmap to Online Bookings” “Booking should be easy – make all options available and add space for requests but ask for the minimum data you require and make it easy to correct errors.” “Nearly 80% of people book their holiday online – check you are covered for PCI Compliance.” Tim Rees from Quality Unearthed gave a talk on “Forward to Nature – Using Technology to Boost Glamping Site Performance” and had this invaluable advice: “Google is your best friend online – lots of free tools and guides for optimal website design and performance to aid SEO.” He also pointed out that glamping accommodation with wifi achieved 45% more bookings! Mark Scott from Clear Sky spoke about Safari Tents – which his company manufactures. He said, “Safari tents are a destination accommodation; people search for these first on the web and then worry about where they are.” Nick Feeney from One Night Stand urged his listeners to take 7 steps towards making a good decision! Invaluable if they were weighing up a big investment at the show… I Define your goals I Eliminate choices by setting standards I Choose options that meet your standards I Identify the pros and cons I Don’t worry about finding the best I Evaluate your decision – take a break I Do it and commit! Kate Morel inspired with her talk Profit By Design, which featured images of some of the most gorgeous designs in the glamping sphere. As she wisely pointed out: “Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they could be”.

­ l mping G international


Ask Kate: your glamping agony aunt Hi Kate I’m looking for a bit of advice about how to get glamping to work with our organic smallholding and sustainable lifestyle. We’ve got amazing views, crafts and stuff going on that would make a really interesting holiday for people, but we want to keep the glamping in keeping with what we do and what we believe in. It would be a big investment for us and really, we’re worried that glamping is getting too sophisticated, do you think we can we create eco glamping on our site and still appeal to a wide range of customers? Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks, Zoe

Hi Zoe Thank you for your email, it raises an interesting point about how the industry is developing and yet, at an individual level, how we can still create a personal glamping offer for guests by sharing our passions. What you are describing is what I call the ‘lifestyle’ business model, but, fancy presentation terms aside, this is part of glamping’s DNA and how it all started in the UK, at Trellyn Campsite in Pembrokeshire. So, I would say it is absolutely possible for you to create successful eco glamping on your farm, and this is why. 1.Practicality: You’re in a beautiful part of the country which is already attracting high numbers of visitors, and whilst the farm enjoys a beautiful rural location it is easily accessed we’re off to a good start.

Kate is one of the UK’s leading independent glamping consultants, creating unique glamping developments with landowners, estates and companies in the UK and internationally. Visit Kate’s website to arrange your free telephone consultation.

2.Personality: Your concerns about staying true to your sustainable ethos would create something that stands out, in a world of ‘cookie cutter’ offerings it would shine out as totally authentic. Never underestimate the power of congruence, and you have it by the truck load. 3.Functionality: Yes, glamping is becoming more sophisticated in some ways, but that also means there are new products being developed, including more sustainable structures, mini solar kits and awfully posh composting loos. This means we have more choices, and can now create sustainable glamping that will appeal to those who might not have considered it, adding a dash of panache, whilst still holding true to our ethics. 4.Financially: it doesn’t have to be a big investment from day one, you can start small in the first year - try it on for size, gain valuable feedback, evaluate the revenue generated, and if it’s all looking good, plan ahead for year two and three. I don’t have room to delve into a business strategy plan here, but we can have a chat about this later if you want to explore the options. You’ve got something rather special there Zoe, so let’s not worry about how

glamping might be developing, I’d say, just go ahead, use your imagination to create something you love and share your ‘pocket of magic’ from the heart. There are plenty of products to help us create sophisticated sustainable glamping, and plenty of scope out there for every type of glamping, especially that which shares someone’s genuine passions, and a lifestyle that most only dream of. Good luck, and you know where I am! This is my last Q&A column so I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has written in, and if you’d like to keep in touch, subjects like this, and more, are covered in the Glamping Business Link, do join in and say hi. I’ll be back next year with a new style feature column, so until then have a super Yule and I’ll see you in 2018.










Product News Glamping Show Success for Brosterfield The recent Glamping Show attended by luxury hut manufacturer Brosterfield Shepherd Huts showcased the company’s high build and finish quality along with the style and layout functionality of their 20ft long en-suite hut, which was on show. “The positive interest and feedback was amazing,”says Director Stephen Molyneux who also announced that the show hut was sold and delivered to a working farm near Godalming in Surrey. “Further to this we have also received orders for three more huts from new customers in Anglesey and Cheshire with lots more orders in the pipeline.” “We are currently working on several new designs with innovative layouts that maximises the space and internal height

of our huts,” he adds. “We manufacture huts from 10ft to 28ft long and 8ft 6” wide with bespoke layouts and interior design finishes.” Brosterfield hand makes bespoke high quality huts from their workshops in the Peak National Park Derbyshire. You can try a night in one of the luxury huts before you buy! Brosterfield Farm has shepherd huts that can be rented for an overnight stay as well.

add some Duŝo® style to your amenity block Whether you are planning a completely new facility or refreshing an older amenity block for your campers and glampers, the Horne Duŝo® shower column will add a touch of modern and vibrant design. Not only does it look great, with its smooth, anodised aluminium column, arching head, flash of chromium and trim colours, it’s pre-plumbed, so, a piece of cake to install, operates with the lightest touch

and requires minimal maintenance. The Duŝo® is a timed flow control shower that runs, as standard, for 60 seconds (30 second variants also available) and delivers water at a constant rate of 8 L/minute – optimal for effective showering yet minimising excessive use and wastage of pre-heated water. A single unit or a small group of Duŝo® showers can be supplied with pre-blended warm water from an upstream Horne thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) – either in an open wet-room arrangement or separated by vanity partitions. The spray-plate and push-paddle are available in four colours; adding to its visual appeal and, perhaps, connecting it to other elements of your interior design. Alternatively, use the colours to indicate specific functionality such as a colder shower (aquamarine) or cater for users with limited sight (yellow). Although the spray-plate - with its flexible silicon nozzle


array - is very easy to clean in-situ, a regular colour swap of the spray plate; could indicate a specific cleaning stage whilst the removed spray plate is cleaned and stored away. Removing the spray-plate also gives access for cleaning or maintenance of the shower’s active components: flow regulator, timed flow control cartridge and its protective strainer, which prevents particulate matter entering and damaging the timed flow control mechanism. With a height of 1176mm, and mounted at the recommended height of 1950mm, the Duŝo® stands tall to easily accommodate taller adults. Younger children can also use the shower with ease: set at a height of 875mm, and requiring minimal pressure to operate, the push paddle is easily reached. wer-Panels/Recreational/

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my Pod’s Better than Yours! - by nick Feeney of one night Stand “Go to any pod manufacturer and they will tell you their pod is better than anyone else’s on the market, and you should buy from them if you want the best pod for the best price. They can’t all be right… can they? I suppose the answer to this is not what they consider to be the best, but what you (the client) deem to be the best. Trouble is, you’re not the expert, they (supposedly) are, which makes your decision in choosing a manufacturer even harder - so what’s to do? Do you base your decision on price, quality of materials and finish, looks, how nice the salesperson is, location of manufacturer, longevity of the pod, whether the salesperson said you needed planning or not or how attractive their marketing is? It is a minefield out there, and it’s incredibly difficult to decide who is telling the truth and which product is best for you. But, I believe I have the answer…. They are all right. Let me explain. Imagine you ran a taxi company, and you needed to buy a new car. You had the choice of a £15k Ford or a £30k Mercedes. Whilst both cars would do the job of getting your passengers from A to B, they would be very different in terms of travelling

experience - through the standards offered, quality of materials, ride comfort and subject to how you (or your passengers) rate these. You would also know which options you need on the car as a minimum; such as sat nav, heated seats, sunroof or leather, and ultimately, how far your budget could go. Now use the same thought process when considering your pod. Each Pod will offer your guests shelter and a bed for the night, but not all of them will offer the standards your guests expect, and this is the key to choosing which is the best pod for you and your guests. Understand the experience you want your guests to have and manage their expectations. Which options are a must? Do they need an ensuite or would they be happy using communal showers and walking across a field at night to use the toilet? If they did have an ensuite would they be happy with a shower that just about fits them in, or would they prefer a big luxurious one? Will they want to cook, and if so, are we talking haute cuisine or just a microwave? Do you want them to feel cozy and warm in the coldest of weather? Do you want it to feel spacious with plenty of headroom or have just enough to get by?

I think you get the idea by now. By working out the standards and experience you want to offer your guests along with the price point you want to charge, this will help you decide which pod will work for you. In the same way that a car will take passengers from A B, and a pod will offer your guests shelter for the night… it’s up to you to decide how you want them to experience that journey. After all; you can’t get the Mercedes experience while driving a Ford.” Nick is more than happy to help you work out which “standard’ will work best for you and your guests be it a ‘Ford or a Mercedes’. Then you can see if outright purchase, rentals or leasing would be best for your budget.

Karsten Tenten – award-Winning Tents Karsten Tenten offers award-winning quick pitching, modular tents that can be configured to suit a multitude of customer demands and offer a unique stay. Karsten’s new glamping tent is aimed at family glamping; however, the entire Karsten range of leisure tents can be adapted to suit each campsite’s individual requirement. The high quality Tencate all-season material used in the production of the rental tents ensures that they are extra resistant to weather, maintenance-friendly and very suitable for long-term use, so help to maximise your investment. The versatility of Karsten Tenten’s modular approach allows for a tent that can be assembled quickly due to its high pressure air system and expanded with different configurations of awnings and sleeping pods. The fact that they are a tent, not a dedicated wooden and canvas structure or pod, allows for them to be moved easily if

they need to be re-located on site, or packed away at the end of the season to further their longevity. With the South West and Wales being a favorite location for the modern staycation; from the lure of the Cornish coast and the cliffs of Pembrokeshire, to walking in Snowdonia, the Karsten Tents are exceptionally well suited for whatever weather can be thrown at them. Their proven design since 1981 and unique air tubes hold the tent rock solid in the worst weather. The Karsten Tents won Best Premium Tent Range, and Best Lifetime Tent Range in the 2017 Camping and Caravanning Club’s Tent Satisfaction Survey with a 99.2% overall satisfaction rating. For further information on the Karsten Glamping Range of tents, please contact the UK Dealer Camping Travel Store. Website:





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Top tips for glampsites looking to purchase a booking system Booking systems provider, CampManager share their guidelines to help you choose a booking system that is right for your glampsite. Tip #1 Do your research When speaking with different providers, check how well established the company is and if they have had a successful track record in providing glampsite booking systems. Speak to their customers to find out how it works for them. Tip #2 Know what you need Know exactly what you need and want from a system. Make sure that the system you select is simple and easy to use for you, your staff and your customers. Ask for a demonstration as seeing the software in action should make it easier for you to identify which system offers the best functionality to match your needs. Tip #3 Integrate your website Select a booking system that will be designed in the same style as your website, creating a seamless link for your customers. Many systems re-direct the user to a separate and different website page making the user uncomfortable and concerned about security. Tip #4 Guarantee mobile responsiveness Over 56% of people who book online do so using a tablet or mobile device. It is important that your online booking page is

responsive making it easier and more convenient for customers to book on these devices. Tip #5 Choose a web-based system This way you can access the system and process bookings and payments from any location on any device with an internet connection. Tip #6 Select a flexible system Ensure that the system provides flexibility to suit your requirements, from showing all available glamping units to providing alternative dates if there is no vacancy for the dates selected. Tip #7 Cost isn’t the deciding factor Cost is important but should never be a deciding factor. A good booking system will generate considerably more bookings for your business, reduce many office tasks, save you valuable time and be an asset to your business. Be sure to take all of this into consideration when comparing cost.

Putting Glamping on Firm Foundations With an emphasis on sustainability and green technology, all glamping structures and accommodation require ‘rock-solid’ foundations. If those foundations can also be sustainable and use green technology so much the better. Ground screw foundation systems are sustainable, low impact and unlike traditional excavated concrete foundations, can be installed all year round, in all weather conditions and are perfect for the conservation minded. Ideal for all temporary and permanent glamping structures, ground screws foundations are quick and easy to install whilst being cost effective, making them perfect for all applications such as: yurts, shepherds huts, tepees, wigwams, safari tents, glamping pods, as well as shower and utility blocks. With a matrix of ground screws installed, a perfectly level platform can be created onto which the desired structure can be located. Even if the topography landscape is uneven or there is a cross-fall, the ground screws can compensate by being installed at differing depths. Screw foundations are also great for short duration events and shows as they can be easily extracted, should a structure need to be removed or re-located. The only evidence is a matrix of small holes which within weeks disappear, leaving absolutely no trace of what had previously been built. “Our ground screw foundation system is cost effectively meets the requirements of both permanent and mobile glamping


installations,” explained Darryl Gregory of Stop Digging. “Many glamping suppliers require a site to be prepared in advance of delivery. We can create a perfectly level platform of any size or shape in a matter of hours, significantly reducing site preparation and set-up time.” The galvanised tapered steel screws are available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different load requirements and soil consistencies. Differing screw heads are then used, including adjustable mounting plates that provide lateral movement for installations calling for greater accuracy, depending on what type of wooden, steel or concrete beams, joists or posts are to be installed. Pipe screws, into which steel pipes can be inserted and bolted, are also available for installing environmentally compliant benches, signs, bollards, waste bins and a host of other hard landscaping applications. For further information please visit

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nEW! Sanifos Underground Pump Stations Saniflo has taken its 55 years of macerator pump design experience and translated it into a new range of underground pump stations for pumping residential and commercial waste water from flats, plants, outside event sites or public buildings. The new Sanifos range consists of three models, the 110, 250 and the 500 with a 3-phase version of the Sanifos 500 to be launched in early 2018. The new products allow a pumping station to be sited outside a building and below ground where the drainage is too low for a sewer or too low for a surface mounted pumping station. The two smaller units, the 110 and 250, are designed for the drainage of a single dwelling incorporating WC, bathroom, kitchen and utility room. With 110 litre and 250 litre tanks respectively, both units feature a single grinder pump with float activation and robust cutting blades to prevent clogging. The automatic 1500 watt motor is both powerful and quiet for unobtrusive operation and helps to discharge the waste up to a maximum height of 14m or horizontally along 110m or a lesser combination of both.

smaller holiday homes. It contains two separate load balanced pumps with high performance macerating systems that operate alternately for even wear and to provide a fail safe operation. In the event of overload both motors run simultaneously, or in the unlikely event of a motor fail, the other motor will take over. With a high capacity 500 litre tank the Sanifos 500 has multiple connections to take waste from bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms in industrial or large domestic buildings. The powerful three phase option can pump up to 18m vertically or 200m horizontally and features two powerful 2600 watt motors.

The Sanifos 500 features dual motors and is designed to work with a single dwelling with multiple storeys or multiple

For more information or for a copy of the Saniflo brochure please visit

Earth Closet – Bespoke Glamping Bathroom Solutions Earth Closet, maufacturers of bespoke glamping bathrooms, had one of the busiest stands at The Glamping Show. The company runs its own glamping business, so the team know what is required to keep glampers happy. “We had well over 300 people coming to talk to us about their new ventures or existing business’ need for a bathroom revamp,” says Jenna from the company. “It was amazing to see how far some people had travelled, we even had people from New Zealand! One of my favourite visitors was Channel 4’s Max McMurdo, who loved our bathroom so much, he had an interview while sitting on our facilities!” If you’re looking for eco-friendly or lavish powder room, Earth Closet can make it happen. Their pick and mix approach means your bathroom will be unique to you and your site. “Our own site Jubilee Barn, finished its season last month glamping season and what a season it’s been!” adds Jenna.

“Our little farm has been a hive of activity, with ‘Nuru’ the yurt and ‘Seren’ the gypsy wagon pretty much full of guests since the beginning of May. We’re looking forward to the break and a chance to look at our facilities to see what needs a freshen up for next year.” With the guests leaving site, it has given Jenna a chance to get off the farm and explore the country. She has been busy visiting sites and advising on

facilities and will be visiting an eco-site in France looking for new ideas to put into Earth Closet products.






Porcini and Sausage Pasta

As we draw in to Autumn and closer to winter something amazing happens across your sites.

As if from nowhere mini satellite dishes pop up out of your lawns, dead branches, tree trunks and in some cases even straight through the pavement. That’s right I’m talking about the fantastical and humble mushroom. They come in all shapes and sizes from the 10kg ‘Chicken of the Wood’ monsters growing on the side of an oak tree to the dainty forest dwellers like ‘Amethyst Deceivers’. As beautiful as they all are, wild mushrooms are heavily feared by many in the UK and they needn’t be, if you begin to learn some basics, mainly mushroom families then you can decide which families your safe to eat and which you should be wary of. It’s the same as risk assessing anything. I always take our at least two good fungi guides out with me and don’t eat anything I’m not 100% certain on.


Porcini or Penny Buns (Boletus edulis) Instead of describing specifically the penny bun I’m going to give you an overall guide to safely eating mushrooms in the Boletus family (for this we’re running on the old family system of boletus mushrooms – which have now been broken down into smaller families).

James Wood is a renowned experimental wild food forager running wild food cookery and foraging courses throughout the UK and is author of “The Foragers Cookbook” @totallywilduk 2. If you cut the mushroom and it stains blue instantly and quickly discard it 3.If you taste some of the mushroom and it tastes intensely arid and bitter then discard it If it passes these three tests then it’s good to eat. Alternatively buy some from a specialist supplier, join a forager on a fungi walk or buy them dried from me.

All mushrooms in this family are typically chunky, they have stalks, and go in to the ground. On the underside, where you would find a set of gills This pasta dish is really wholesome and highlights the nutty on store bought flavours associa ted with the penny bun and other edible boletus mushrooms. mushrooms, you will find a It’s actually fairly quick and easy to knock up and is a real crowd spongey or porous surface – pleaser. If you’re more experienced with foraging you can also chuck this is the first key to in wild greens like nettles , mugwort and ground elder. finding a boletus mushroom that’s good for What you’ll need (to serve 2): eating. G 4 good quality pork and apple sausage, chopped in to 3cm chunks G 300g penny bun or other boletus fungi, roughly chopp The three rules to safely ed G 2 medium red onions, peeled and sliced eat only the Boletus G cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped family of fungi: G 1tsp mixed herbs follow these three rules G 100ml single cream and you can eat any G Cooked pasta – enough to serve 2 resulting fungi from the boletus family (note: these Method: rules can only be used to 1.Hea t a pan to high heat with a little oil and fry off the sausage secure safe eating from the for 3 minutes until lightly brown boletus family of fungi 2.Add the onions and mushroom and continue cooking on and cannot be used as a a medium heat for 10 minutes rule for all wild 3.Add the garlic, mixed herbs, cream and cooked pasta and mushrooms) cook for a further 2 minutes, mixing and tossing thoroughly until everything 1. If there is any red is covered with sauce. colouring on either the 4.Enjoy with chunky buttered bread and a grating of parme cap, stem or underside of san cheese. the fungi discard it

Porcini and sausage pasta

m l ping G international



Contact Kath today for details of our classifieds package t: +44 (0) 7575 408580 e: shepherd huts



Spirits Intent are tent makers extraordinaire, offering a comprehensive range of tents: yurts, tipis, grand tent palaces, based on traditional nomadic designs as well as bespoke structures. For our large customer base of Glamping sites, we offer a tent service which includes replacement canvas covers from frame measurements only and ongoing support. We are also building a yurt campsite/events centre in Abruzzo, Italy, and are spearheading an Italian glamping revolution, so can help and advise you in setting up a Glamping Site as well as connect you to Glamping products in Italy. And…if you are looking for an extraspecial tent for hire – see our Zodiac Tent.  E: T: 00 44 7895 019028

WasteWater treatment

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