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L381+L41:P43 Cl/SfB

complementing architecture



(21.4)+(31) Xh4


company overview... The Parkside Group

Solar Shading

The Parkside Group incorporates Comar Architectural Aluminium

Solar Shading provides architects and specifiers with the

Systems, Alu-Timber, Axim and Duco.

opportunity to create facades of distinction.

This provides a unique opportunity for specifiers and fabricators

Solar Shading integrates fully with Comar 6 Curtain Walling and

to rely on a single source for architectural aluminium systems,

can also be hung from the building envelope to provide shading

hardware and ventilation control products.

over windows and doors.


Three systems are available which include under-slung,

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is the largest British,

aero-foils that follow the path of the sun.

privately owned aluminium systems company in Europe. Comar designs, extrudes and distributes over 700 integrated

over-slung, in-frame , pitched, aero-foils, moveable blades and


profiles to a nationwide approved fabricator network for use

A range of trickle vents with acoustic options and in-frame

in aluminium ground floor treatment, window, door and curtain

window ventilators that provide maximum air-flow, directed

walling applications.

upward to avoid draughts and discomfort and weather rating of up

Comar has built its reputation on delivery, over ÂŁ5m of mill, white polyester powder coating, silver, bronze and anodised profiles are

to 900 pa. All provide vandal resistance.

kept in stock. This means that 99% of orders are fulfilled by our

Grilles & Louvres

customers weekly delivery.

Grilles and Louvres allow air flow through walls, partitions, ducts or doors and to fully co-ordinate with the project can be finished in

Alu-Timber Alu-Timber is a range of aluminium/timber windows, doors, framing and curtain walling that combines sustainably grown FSC or PEFC timbers with 100% recyclable aluminium. The Alu-Timber range merges material solutions, timber providing thermal efficiency and aluminium the protection.

Axim As part of the The Parkside Group, AXIM supply a full range of architectural hardware including: concealed transom closers, floor springs, surface mounted closers, flush bolts, panic exit devices, handles, letter plates and other ancillary items.

a variety of colours. Grilles & Louvres can also provide directional air flow and volume control. The Comar-Duco range includes a variety of bespoke shapes and sizes for different conditions such as offices, high abuse and exposure areas. The range expands to large scale projects such as continuous louvre walls and doors.

Nationwide Architectural Specification Team Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems have a Nationwide team of architectural advisors, who specialise in providing architects

Groundfloor Framing

and specifiers with project support and NBS specifications.

Comar 1 & 3

Single & Double Glazed GFT

Comar 4

Single Glazed GFT

Comar 8

Fin/Bead GFT

Nationwide Approved Fabricator Network

Curtain Walling

Once Comar has been specified, a Nationwide network of

Comar 6

Curtain Walling, Stick Build & Ladder

approved fabricators ensures the successful completion

frame, Square Cut & Step Cut.

of projects. Your Comar architectural advisors can provide

Comar 6EFT

Capped, 2sided S.G. & 4sided S.G.

fabricators who specialise in commercial, new, refurbishment or


public building work.

Comar 7

Doors, Folding, Sliding, Swing, Rebated & P.i

Comar 7P.i

Thermally efficient doors.

Technical Back-up & Training

Windows Comar 5P.i

Thermally efficient 60mm.

At every stage of the tender process, Comar’s Technical Department

Comar 5P.i Eco 55mm & 75mm Casement Window.

provide support and advice. Staffed by CAD design engineers, new

Comar 5P.i

profiles, design drawings and calculations can be obtained.

Window Walling

To ensure the highest levels of fabrication and installation

Comar 9P.i

Advanced Casement & Tilt/Turn

Advanced Window Walling.

expertise, Comar offer a range of industry accredited and in-house training courses.

...comar reassurance


commercial Statement of function is the key element of commercial

walling with opening vents and windows in a variety of

building design. From designing industrial units to corporate

configurations. Comar can powder coat the aluminium

headquarters the flexibility of Comar Aluminium Systems

system to your RAL, BS or Syntha Pulvin colour to

allows integration with panel systems and provides curtain

complement the facade.


Southend Airport


Tower Wharf


RPS Newark


Falconer Chester Hall

Main Contractor: Kier Construction


Eric Wright Construction


Anglia Fixing Ltd


Lancashire Double Glazing

System Used:

Comar 6EFT & Comar 7P.i CD


Southend, Essex

System Used: Comar 5P.i 60mm, Comar 6 EFT, Comar 7P.i CD Ducosun 100C + F30 Location: Birkenhead

retail Inherent strength and slim sight lines make Comar aluminium the specification product of choice for all retail outlets. Comar offers extensive systems which integrate to provide aesthetic appeal to potential retail customers. Step through Comar 7, a range of sliding, automatic, folding or swing doors. Overhead Comar 6 creates sloped, pitched or barrel vaults which cast light throughout the retail complex or outlet. Comar 1, 3, 4 & 8 integrate with Comar 7 to provide


Tesco Store

ground floor framing with various angle returns and height


Collado Collins

capability. Comar 6 curtain walling houses the envelope with

Contractor: McLarens

a variety of cover caps which complement panels and glazing.


Ridgeway Glazing Ltd

System Used:

Comar 6EFT 4SSG & Capped, Comar 7


Higham Park, London E4


Marks & Spencer


Holder Mathias Architects

Contractor: Mowlem Fabricator:

RPM Shopfronts

System Used:

Comar 6 & Comar Brise Soleil


Brigend, Wales

education & public buildings Comar have worked in conjunction with Local Authorities to

for medium rise buildings, stairwells and entrances. Comar 9P.i

design specific products for use in the education and public

integrates with Comar 5P.i windows with espagnolette locking

building sector. The nature of public building construction

handles to provide security and Comar 7P.i Doors with anti-finger

demands cost effective, robust solutions. Comar 9P.i is a cost

traps to provide safety. Comar’s integrated systems ensure a cost

saving alternative to curtain walling, creating glazed facades

effective, aesthetic facade with security and safety as standard.


South Staffs College



Maber Associates

Main Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Chamberlain Student Accommodation

Main Contractor: Wildgoose Construction


Continental Installations


Allied Glazing

System Used:

Comar 5P.i Advanced T+T, Comar 7P.i CD

System Used:

Comar 5P.i, Comar 6, Comar 7 & Comar 7P.i


University of Birmingham


South Staffordshire


Harborne Pool & Leisure


Saunders Boston


Wates Construction


K2 Aluminium

System Used:

Comar 5P.i, Comar 6 & Comar 7P.i

leisure The pursuit of leisure activities is now a major part of British culture. Buildings for leisure, such as sports stadia, leisure centres and community centres, must attract all sections of the public; providing accessibility, function and visual appeal. Comar’s aluminium systems, due to their inherent integration, provide comprehensive facade solutions as well as robust sections for high usage leisure facilities.

Location: Birmingham


Anglesey Racing Circuit


Russell Hughes, Conwy


Peter T Griffiths


K2 Aluminium

System Used:

Comar 5P.i, Comar 7 & Comar 9P.i


Anglesey, North Wales


advanced window walling After extensive research and consultation with key supply partners, Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems unveil the new Comar 9P.i High Performance Framing, Window and Door System. Market research indicated that a thermally efficient future-proof facade system was required, with off-site manufacture and value engineered solutions that actively seek to reduce material content. There are two levels of thermal performance: Standard P.i and Enhanced P.i, creating U-values between 1.6 and 1.0 for a typical grid size with opening vents.

Comar 9P.i doors can be open-in, open out, single or double

Comar 9P.i high performance framing offers two options of

rebated doors, with options for anti-finger trap stiles and low-rise

construction: ladder frame or mitre frame. Comar 9P.i windows


and doors hang directly from the frame, reducing the need for additional outer frames, creating a truly integrated solution. Building typologies differ from refurbishment to new build, so

Glazing sizes have been catered for up to 62mm. This means that future requirements for high performing acoustic or triple glazed solutions can be specified.

Comar 9P.i has profile widths of 78mm, 100mm and 120mm, creating greater design flexibility. Comar 9P.i has slim 65mm sight lines to ensure that architecturally demanded aesthetics are achieved. Glazing lines are flush, maintaining consistent lines for a sleek external facade that provides straight interfacing for walls, internal floors and partitions. Consideration is also given for plaster lines with profiles to cater for differing situations. Comar 9P.i windows can be open-in or open-out; side, top or bottom hung; or tilt and turn offering unobtrusive top light ventilation. Comar 5P.i Vertical Sliding Windows and Horizontal Sliding Windows can be integrated into the Comar 9P.i framing. All window configurations have passed PAS 24: 2016 and BS6375.


Special Resistance to wind load


Water tightness


Air tightness

Comar 9P.i Casement & Tilt & Turn

PAS 24: 2016

Comar 9P.i Door

PAS 24: 2016

KM Security: Secured by Design Comar 9P.i High Performance framing


U-screen Enhanced P.i with thermal foam

Mitre Frame

3000mm x 3000mm


(1000mm Centres)


3000mm x 3000mm


(1000mm Centres)


Ladder Frame


curtain walling Creating facades of distinction, coupled with design reassurance from the first stroke of the pencil, is the desire of even the most innovative practice. Comar 6EFT delivers the capability. With an extensive range of profiles and accessories, Comar 6EFT is one of the most comprehensive curtain walling ranges on the market today. Minimalist lines through sheer glazed facades is a design requirement. Comar 6EFT has been developed to provide specifiers with a range of transoms and mullions with a 50mm sight line. Where the facade demands multi-storey spans and performance, a range of high lxx value mullions achieve the design brief, keeping the same 50mm sight line.

For facetted curtain walls, corner mullions are adjustable

Comar 6EFT suite includes options for 4-sided structural glazing;

from 7.5° to 165° in Comar 6EFT. This means that roof glazing

2-sided structural glazing with horizontal or vertical capping and

applications, such as barrel vaults, pyramids and sloped glazing

concealed vents.

can be achieved.

Performance & Standards

The transoms can be square cut or step cut, the latter providing a true mullion drained system. Glass, mirrored, tinted or opaque, provides the facade with feature

Air permeability:

Pass 750Pa

Water tightness: Pass 750Pa Wind resistance: Pass 2400Pa Safety 3600Pa Capped & 4 sided SG Glazing to 56mm Tested to CWCT Standards


and distinction; incorporating panels can also add to the facade. To allow panels and glass of different widths to integrate into the same curtain wall, without the need to step-cut, Comar have specifically designed a range of gaskets and pressure plates to provide glazing options from 3mm to 56mm. Comar 6EFT develops with the demands of design: new profiles are continually added and tested to the highest standards. This approach delivers the most innovative design brief coupled with reassured performance.


windows The Comar 5P.i aluminium window range is designed to take Comar 5P.i Advanced

Maximum Width

Maximum Height


Tilt & Turn




Bottom-Hung Open-in




performance, the fabricator who wants systems that are

Side-Hung Open-in




economical, easy to fabricate and delivered on time and,









into account the needs of the users of aluminium window systems now and in the future. The users are the designing specifiers and architects who care about delivering an aesthetic solution with long term

finally, the end user who wants a building that will stand the test of time. Comar 5P.i has three high performing suites, ensuring that

Comar 5P.i keeps a building warmer for longer as it actively

even the most demanding project can be completed from a

reduces heat loss. This provides an intrinsic benefit for clients

single source.

due to the long term reduction in energy costs.

The Comar 5P.i range includes all window configurations,

Comar 5P.i offers outstanding weather performance,

such as: side-hung, bottom-hung, top-hung, horizontal and

exceeding the requirements of the very latest weather

vertical pivot, tilt and turn, top-swing reversible and sliding

tightness tests: BS6375, Part 1,2&3.

windows. Comar 5P.i integrates with all Comar products to provide doors and opening vents to window walling, curtain walling and ground floor treatment.

Performance & Standards

Comar 5P.i is Document L compliant and available in 5 profile widths: 55mm, 60mm, 65mm, 75mm, 85mm with glazing

Comar 5P.i and Comar 5P.i Advanced

options from 4mm to 62mm.

Air permeability:

Comar 5P.i, is a polyamide system that provides exceptional thermal efficiency for applications where accurate U-value trade-offs are required.


Pass 600Pa

Water tightness: Pass 900Pa Wind resistance: Pass 2400Pa Tested to BS 6375-1,2,3 and PAS 24 KM Security: Secured by Design Comar 5P.i ECO and Comar 5P.i ECO+ Air permeability:

Pass 600Pa

Water tightness: Pass 750Pa Wind resistance: Pass 2400Pa Tested to BS 6375-1,2,3 and PAS 24 KM Security: Secured by Design

Def:- P.i./n/ :- (1) Polyamide Insulation. (2) Comar Architectural Aluminium’s new range of thermally efficient polyamide insulated windows and doors. (3) Architectural aluminium products with added P.i to achieve the requirements set out in documents L1 & L2. (4) The ability of suppliers to provide accurate U-value calculations, to perform trade-offs for whole building thermal efficiency. (5) Environmentally friendly product, incorporating all the recyclable and sustainable elements of aluminium. (6) Trade-mark The Parkside Group.

doors Comar 7 and Comar 7P.i is the specifier and installer preferred aluminium commercial door system throughout the UK. The extensive profile range, designed specifically for ease of fabrication, installation and developed for bespoke projects, provides combinations such as sliding/folding, rebated, swing, Armoured Glass (A.G.) pivot doors. Four ranges are available: Comar 7, Comar 7P.i, Comar 7P.i ECO and Comar 9P.i rebated doors. Comar 7P.i provides durability and maximum thermal efficiency that exceed the requirements of Document L. Comar 7 is face drained and has a variety of drained or non-drained thresholds, including low ramp thresholds to

Comar 7 has developed over 30 years to provide solutions;

comply with the latest building regulations such as the Equality

evidence of this lies in it’s unique Automatic Door Beams. These

Discrimination Act.

door beams are a single extrusion that support automatic door

With an extensive range of door stiles with sight lines ranging

gearing. They offer maximum strength whilst enhancing the

from 28mm to 110mm and rails from 10mm to 200mm, that can be

appearance of sliding or swing doors by reducing the need for

internally or externally beaded, Comar 7 provides the capability to

unsightly aluminium panels and timber packing. Comar 7 Auto

achieve durability, performance and visual appeal.

Door Beams have been designed to accept virtually all types of

These profile options allow construction combinations of single

bolt-on operating gear.

leaf doors up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high. However,

Comar 7 integrates into Comar’s ground floor framing, curtain

dependent on the location, glass type, hardware and door type

walling suites and couples to window suites to provide fixed and

larger configurations, such as vehicle access, sliding doors can

opening fan and side-light options.

be manufactured. Please contact Comar’s Technical Department

The Comar 7 doors range has exceeded the requirements of

for advice on specific projects.

BS 6375 reporting no water leakage at 600pa. Security concerns

Doors can be glazed with panels or glass up to 51mm.

are alleviated with the knowledge that Comar 7 has passed PAS 24: 2016, BS EN 1627 and LPS 1175 enhanced security test. Comar 7 utilises AXIM architectural hardware. The AXIM range includes transom closers, panic devices, flush bolts, letter-plates, locks, paddle handles, lever handles which can be delivered in a variety of finishes, including co-ordinating polyester powder coating. Therefore, from a single source, Comar 7 offers a complete solution.

Performance & Standards Air permeability:

Pass 600Pa

Water tightness: Pass 600Pa Wind resistance: Pass 2400Pa Tested to PAS 24: 2016, LPS 1175 KM Security: Secured by Design



ground floor framing Comar’s four integrated suites of ground floor framing provides distinctive single storey framing to schools, retail outlets, shopping centres and corporate headquarters. Whether it’s a single storey building that’s curved and angled, with large expanses of glazing, such as a car showroom or an entrance to provide a focal point to the building, Comar’s extensive range of ground floor framing systems contain variable angle corners and three way glazing options with high Ixx value transom and mullions to ensure that maximum spans can be achieved. To complete the envelope the four suites integrate with Comar 7 high performance doors and Comar 5 windows to provide opening lights. Comar 1 and Comar 3 are single and double glazed ground floor framing suites. A two part channel and plate mullion clip together to form a 100mm x 45mm box section enabling modular sash construction. Both systems include 3-way glazing option, corner profiles to allow 90°and 135°returns, variable angle corners with

For traditional fin and bead systems, Comar 8 provides a fast and

special beads and carriers to accommodate glass and panels

cost effective store frontage.

from 4mm to 36mm.

Comar 1 and is often the perfect solution for partitions or less

Performance & Standards

demanding facade work. Glazing pockets suit 4mm to 13.5mm

In absence of a British Standard for framing systems,

glazing and a wide range of profiles and components are available

Comar 1, 3 ,4 and 8 conforms to industry standards adopted by

to support aluminium or timber doors.

trade associations such as CWCT and elements of BS 4873

Comar 4 is a 45mm x 45mm system which integrates fully with


BES 6001: 3.1

certification awarded

The impact of our purchasing decisions has never been more

global citizenship are covered. These are held under three

critical. Our global economy is now bringing to bear the Butterfly

main headings: Organisational Management, Supply Chain

effect: when a butterfly flaps it’s wings can cause a hurricane in

Management and Environmental and Social Responsibility

another part of the world. Construction by its nature of increasing

Management. This award is even more noteworthy when we

or improving density is intensely energy demanding, the embodied

consider that this is the new standard and Comar are the first to

energy contained in our building stock has derived from the earth’s

receive this in the aluminium sector.

resources, therefore, as construction professionals we should all carefully consider the ethics of our purchasing decisions. The materials used on a building draw from the Global economy, therefore a decision today could create deforestation in poorer regions of the world or create the impetus for modern slavery.

Recognising the importance of our Purchasing decisions and the impact they may have on our environment and society, we encourage our Supply Chain to implement a certified Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety Management System. We also recognise the importance of Environmental Protection and

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, as a British privately

we are committed to operating our business in compliance with

owned organisation has always held its integrity in business as

all Environmental Regulations, Legislation and initiatives relating

the cornerstone of its operations. As part of The Parkside Group

to the building industry and the wider Environment.

Limited, Comar has built up excellent, long term relationships with

It is the organisation’s objective to operate with, and to

its suppliers, ensuring they are paid on time and if issues arise

maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies and places

building partnerships which quickly lead to their resolution. We

Environmental Protection at the core of its operations. The

require as a minimum that they have an ethical business and hold

Parkside Group Limited is accredited to the Environmental

ISO 14001 certification. Good supplier management coupled with

Standard ISO 14001:2004 and is currently in transition to the new

ethical business practices is the basis of BRE’s BES 6001 standard

2015 version.

for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

The Parkside Group Limited is committed to conducting its

We are pleased to announce that we are certified through

business in an open and honest manner and as such this

BRE’s new BES 6001:3.01 Responsible Sourcing of Construction

our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy reflects the

Products, receiving a “Good” rating. This ensures that our

commitment of our employees to minimise the impact of our

architectural and contractor partners can be rest assured, that in

operations for future generations and ensuring the welfare of its

contracting with Comar and its Nationwide Network of Approved

staff and the local area. We pride ourselves with promoting all we

Sub-contractors our aluminium windows, framing, doors and

do in an ethical and integral way. As part of our commitment to

curtain walling systems have been sourced responsibly with a

responsibly sourcing we continuously monitor the impact of our

company that holds the ethics of good supplier management at

working practices and the design of our systems to ensure any

its heart. Not only does BES 6001 audit and accredit supplier

environmental impact is minimised. For our full CSR Statement

management it delves deeper to ensure that all aspects of

please visit:

Standards BES 6001: 3.1

Responsible Sourcing

BS EN ISO 14001:

Comar is an ISO 14001 registered firm - Environmental Management System

BS EN ISO 9001:

Comar is an ISO 9001 registered firm - Quality Management System

OHSAS 18001:

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

BS EN 755:

Aluminium alloy extrusion

BS EN 485:

Aluminium alloy sheet

BS EN 515:

Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Wrought products temper designations

BS 4255 -1: Gaskets BS EN573-3:

Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Chemical composition – Wrought products – part 3

BS EN 12020 -1:

Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Extruded precision profiles – part 1: inspection and delivery

BS EN 12020 - 2:

Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Extruded precision profiles – part 2: tolerances on dimension and form

BS EN 1991-1- 4:

Eurocode/Actions on structures. General actions. Wind actions

BS 4873:

Specification for aluminium alloy windows

BS 6375: Parts 1,2 & 3 Classification for weather tightness BS 368:

Method of testing windows

BS 5713:

Hermetically sealed flat double glazed units

BS 6262:

Code of practice for glazing of buildings

BS 6496:

Specification for powder organic coatings to aluminium alloys for external architectural purposes

BS EN ISO 7599:

Method of specifying anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium and its alloy

BS 3987: 1991

Specification for anodic oxide coatings for external architectural purposes

PAS 24: 2016

Code of practice for wind loads


Centre for Window & Cladding Technology

Kitemark BSi Licences: KM 578159 - BS 4873

Systems Supplier Aluminium alloy windows

KM 578160 - BS 4873/PAS24

Enhanced security performance of windows for domestic applications

KM 590092 - PAS 23-1 & PAS 24-1

System Supplier - General and Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Door Assemblies

KM 593756 - BS 4873/PAS24

Door System Supplier

Secured by Design Licence Holder

Technical Back-Up An experienced Sales Team covers the UK while the Technical Department offers an unsurpassed design and installation advice service to designers, specifiers and fabricators; simply call: 020 8685 9685

For More Information To find out more about this or any other Comar Architectural Aluminium System, or to obtain your personal copies of the Comar Technical Manuals call: 020 8685 9685 or email:

The Parkside Group Ltd The Willow Centre 17 Willow Lane, Mitcham Surrey CR4 4NX Tel: 020 8685 9685

Council for Aluminium in Building