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EXTRAORDINARY, ORDINARY T h e Ca p i t a l Ca m p a i g n f o r

P a r k s i d e Christian Academy

Parkside Christian Academy is a supportive, urban, interdependent, educational community that unleashes students, parents and teachers to reach their high places - spiritually, academically and in service to others. Parkside creates an environment where Extraordinary achievement is seen as Ordinary.


arkside grew out of the vision of Rev. George P. Hendrickson through his work as the Director of Urban Ministries, an inner city outreach to the needy and at-risk in Boston. The school opened its doors in 1977 at the site of the former Mt. Sinai Hospital and quickly became an important part of Boston’s educational landscape. The school expanded in the 1980’s, building a new wing that provided additional classroom space accommodating their growth as a PK-8 school. Under the leadership of then principal, the Rev. Dr. Jossie Owens and Rev. Hendrickson’s son, Paul, Parkside entered the 1990’s with a two-pronged strategy; to

maintain the original mission of its founders and to develop a financial plan that would help ensure the school’s impact long into the future. In 2008, the Board of Trustees called Dr. Michael Dixon to become Head of School and Crystal Dixon to the role of Director of Administration. Since their arrival at Parkside a unique accelerated curriculum has been introduced and CrossFactor Academy, Parkside’s new high school program, was launched. The school has emerged from being one of the best kept secrets in Boston, to a vibrant school community where its students are increasingly recognized for their success both personally and academically.



hat allows some urban students to do extraordinary things academically while others never live up to their potential? Is it resources? Is it environment? Is it challenge and motivation? This question dogged Michael Dixon as a young man growing up on the south side of Chicago and continued during his years studying at MIT. The burden to reach under-served and

underachieving students led him from the confines of an elite prep school to the Boston Public Schools. There he succeeded in preparing disadvantaged students to take and pass the AP Physics exam. As a result, he was named the College Board AP Teacher of the Year. Dr. Dixon’s experience in Boston led him to the conviction that students are far more capable of higher learning than assumed. He believed that if his students could succeed on the AP exam with only a year of preparation, what could be possible if he could spread this preparation over 10 or 11 years. It was this thinking that spawned the development of the X-Factor Curriculum.



he X Factor Curriculum is built on 15 core principles, designed to make extraordinary academic achievement of urban students seem ordinary. Parkside students are exposed to small portions of difficult concepts spiraled over a long period of time. In this integrated curriculum, students

take (STEM) classes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, not separate science and math subjects. They take Humanities instead of English and Social Studies. At an early age, students prepare for the content and concepts found in Advanced Placement courses including calculus and physics. Summations are introduced in first grade as a part of their lessons on addition and subtraction. Third graders learn the concepts of derivatives and integrals by understanding the relationship between a marathon runner’s position and time. The results are young people who develop a swaggering confidence of learning. They are immersed in analytical and creative problem-solving, develop leadership and teamwork skills, effectively communicate orally and in writing and understand how to integrate their faith with their academic learning.



nnovation in education is only good if it produces results. At Parkside, we back up our theories with objective standards. Through a combination of standardized tests and other objective standards we are able to monitor the effectiveness of Parkside’s unique approach.

In a very short period of time, our students are already making their mark in the competitive world of New England’s elite private and public schools. The principles of the X Factor curriculum merged with the truth of the Christian faith have produced extraordinary results. ●

Named a Top School in Massachusetts by John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program - a national organization that recognizes students who demonstrate exceptional math and verbal reasoning skills

8th grade class scored above average high school sophomores on the national Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT)

Partnerships developed with MIT, Boston College and Lasell College

Science team ranked 13th in the state at the annual Science Olympiad

Family involvement over 50%


New Hyde Park Location


fter 35 years in our Jamaica Plain location, Parkside is moving to a larger school in nearby Hyde Park. In spite of very difficult

economic conditions Parkside has experienced remarkable growth over the last 4 years - increasing our student body by 62%. This new facility will not only accommodate our growth, it will help us meet the needs of our new high school program, Cross Factor Academy. ● ● ● ● ●

Expanded classroom space Stage to enhance music and drama programs Dedicated science labs Cafeteria and multi-purpose room for functions Large outdoor play area and sports fields


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he evidence of a compelling vision can often be found

you have the opportunity to partner with us in making extraordinary

through the willingness of donors to invest. If the vision

academic achievement of urban students seem ordinary.

is particularly compelling, they not only want to give,


At this amount

This amount

they want others to share in their excitement. The trustees of the





Quincy and Estine Lee Charitable Trust Foundation are doing just





that by committing to a $400,000 2 for 1 challenge grant. For every





additional dollar we raise toward a goal of $200,000, they will





donate two dollars. Through this gift and your participation, we





have the opportunity to raise a total of $600,000 - propelling us to





a new level of financial stability and fundraising capacity.

















Initiatives designed to impact urban students are plentiful. Finding one that is as successful as Parkside is rare. Through this campaign


An Extraordinary Commitment


ith capital needs of $200,000, Making the Extraordinary, Ordinary Campaign is a significant effort in the life of Parkside Christian Academy. It is both a challenge and a welcome goal that we believe is achievable and realistic with God's help. The Board of Trustees, the Campaign members as well as the Faculty and Administration are 100% financially committed to the campaign and we ask for your participation as well. Rarely does an opportunity present itself to be an agent of growth and change in such a significant way in the lives of our children and future generations. Please join Parkside as we pursue this extraordinary vision for our school. For more information, please contact Michael Dixon at or Crystal Dixon at Thank you.

Parkside Christian Academy 215 Forest hills street Jamaica plain, Massachusetts 02130 617.522.1841

Parkside Capital Campaign Brochure  

Campaign to raise $200,000 for the $400,000 challenge grant.