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The Best Spring Plants for Every Garden

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Sun-tolerant Impatiens — More Versatile than Ever!

• • • •

Grows in full sun or partial shade! Big, lush plants covered with blooms Begins weeks earlier than other Impatiens Keeps blooming ‘til frost!

(Impatiens x hybrida hort.) Get ready to change the way your garden looks forever — SunPatiens® has arrived! This sun-tolerant Impatiens is far, far longer-blooming, bushier, and more floriferous than all others. Bred from New Guinea Impatiens and wild varieties, it grows in full sun (even in the south!) or in partial shade, flowering nonstop until frost. The 2- to 3-inch blooms are profuse, bold, and beautiful. We predict that SunPatiens® will become the Impatiens of choice across the country — so order yours today!

SunPatiens® is available in 3 forms: Landscape Spreading Compact

SunPatiens® Landscape

Rounded 2- to 3-foot plants, banked with healthy deep green foliage, look great in any climate.

87470-X1P—White. PP19,616 ‘SAKIMP010’ 87468-X1P—Orange. PP17,663. ‘MISATO FG2’ 87469-X1P—Red. PP17,708. ‘MISATO FG1’ 87467-X1P—Magenta. PP17,662. ‘MISATO FG3’ 87455-X1P—Lavender. PP19,501 ‘SAKIMP006’ Any SunPatiens® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $27.00

SunPatiens® Lavender

Bred by Sakata® 2


SunPatiens® Magenta

SunPatiens® Orange

SunPatiens® White

SunPatiens® Red

SunPatiens® Variegated Spreading Salmon SunPatiens® Spreading

The best SunPatiens® for hanging baskets, tall planters, and windowboxes, its combination of two-tone foliage and bright, abundant blooms is showstoppoing! This plant flowers nonstop from late spring 'til frost. And the leaves — sunny golden edged in deep green — keep their crisp colors even in extreme heat and sun! Best of all is the spreading habit 18 inches high (in flower) and 20 inches wide. Fill your containers with this super-vigorous, long-blooming, beautifully variegated SunPatiens®!

87563-X1P—Spreading White PPAF. ‘SAKIMP018.’

87493-X1P—Spreading Salmon PP19,500. ‘SAKIMP005.’

SunPatiens® Variegated Spreading White SunPatiens® Compact

SunPatiens® Compact

The latest in the SunPatiens® family is a more compact form that works equally well in containers and the garden bed. Just 24 to 28 inches high, these tightly mounded plants offer masses and masses of large, bright blooms over 3 long seasons. Although the plants are smaller than the SunPatiens® Landscape varieties, the flowers are every bit as big — 2 to 3 inches wide and vibrantly colorful! If you’re looking to blanket a smaller space or fill your flowerpots, SunPatiens® Compact is the form to use!

87628-X1P—Compact Magenta PPAF. ‘SAKIMP016.’

87630-X1P—Compact Orange PP19,498. ‘SAKIMP011.’

87629-X1P—Compact White

PP19,605. ‘SAKIMP014.’

Any SunPatiens® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $27.00

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Million Bells® —The Original Mini Petunias! (Calibrachoa.) Even more tolerant of heat and drought than Petunia, Million Bells® gives you all the beauty of spreading Petunias without the wilt! These plants have an even longer season of bloom than Petunia, and look fresh and new even in wretchedly hot and dry weather. Far and away the best Mini Petunia for abundant flowers over a super-long season, Million Bells® is a very wellbranched variety that spills over the sides of planters, mushrooms beyond baskets, and erupts over the edges of windowboxes! Just 12 to 15 inches high and 18 to 20 inches wide, it sets thousands of 1½- to 2-inch blooms from spring through fall. Perfect for the sun-soaked garden and patio where few other plants are happy!

Mega Million Bells® Collection

Million Bells® Cherry Pink, Yellow, and Bush Purple

Bright Basket Combo

Million Bells® Trailing Blue

Million Bells® Terra Bella

Million Bells®Terra Linda Million Bells®Terra Cotta



80088-X1P—Bush Purple. PP18,182. ‘Sunbelsafu’ 80086-X1P—Cherry Pink. PPAF. ‘Sunbel Kopachipi’ 80094-X1P—Cosmos Pink. PP15,094. ‘Sunbelkos’ 80092-X1P—Crackling Fire. PP16,684. ‘Sunbelfire’ 87407-X1P—Neon Yellow. PPAF. ‘Sunbelriki ’ 80093-X1P—Peaches ‘n Cream. PPAF. ‘Sunbelkupichi’ 80089-X1P—Terra Bella. PPAF. ‘Sunbelrikist’ 80091-X1P—Terra Cotta. PP11,352. ‘Sunbelkist’ 80090-X1P—Terra Linda. PP18,187. ‘Sunbelriterra.’ 87406-X1P—Red. PP14,756. ‘Sunbelre’ 80087-X1P—Yellow. PP11,558. ‘Sunbelki’

Trailing Million Bells®!

87405-X1P—Blue. Spreads up to 4 feet! PPAF. ‘Sunbelrikubu’ Any Million Bells® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Million Bells® Terra Collection Million Bells® Crackling Fire

Million Bells® Peaches ‘n Cream Million Bells® Red

Million Bells® Bush Purple Million Bells® Neon Yellow

Million Bells® Cosmos Pink

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Lantana — ­ Thrives even in extreme summer weather

Bandana™ Cherry Sunrise

Bandana™ Pink 40645-X1P— Summer Popsicle.

A cascading plant with hundreds of blooms that change colors over time! Stays smaller than most, too, only 1½ feet tall. Wonderfully citrus-scented, these bright red, pink, orange, and yellow blossoms tumble 1½ to 2 feet from containers and fill the garden with bold color all summer. This plant loves heat, humidity, and drought — you just can’t go wrong!


(Lantana camara.) Boasting the largest flowers in the Lantana family, this compact, mounding, very well-branched series is renowned for its full habit and unusual colors. The blooms open yellow, then mature to distinctively bright shades on plants 20 to 26 inches high, 24 to 32 inches wide. They soak up heat and sun, flowering over many months in garden or container.

41461-X1P— Cherry Sunrise

41473-X1P— Pink

Gold Summer Popsicle New Gold

Until you grow these gorgeous plants for yourself, you simply won’t believe how free-flowering and trouble-free they really are! Through the entire summer, thousands of 1-inch pompons gleam against the dark green foliage. Drought-tolerant, irresistible to butterflies, and tolerant of sandy soils, these sun-lovers are the gold standards of the Lantana family! 46913-X1P—New Gold. Spreads 3 to 4 feet wide in the garden and trails alluringly from containers! A great groundcover at 18 inches tall, with brilliant gold blooms. 87422-X1P—White Gold. Just 10 to 12 inches high and wide, this very compact plant covers itself in yellow-eyed white blooms for months! Petite enough for smaller containers and mixed plantings, but what a big impact.

White Gold



Any Lantana above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

SuperCal® Cherry

SuperCal® Vanilla Blush

The Calibrachoa/Petunia Combo! SuperCal® • • • • •

The best annual we have ever seen for containers! Stands up to rain, wind, and cloudy weather! Semi-trailing habit works in the landscape, too! Vigorous, lush, and long-blooming! Hundreds of blooms — in unique colors!

(Petchoa.) Grow the best of both worlds with thrilling SuperCal®. These quick, easy-to-grow, very heavy- and long-blooming plants combine the best of Petunia and Calibrachoa. They flower early and continuously from late spring through fall, even on sunless days, through rain, and in extreme heat and humidity. Perfect for baskets, windowboxes, and flowerpots (as well as the garden bed), they form a giant ball of blooms 12 inches high, 24 inches wide, that cascades freely and just keeps flowering.



87474-X1P—Purple PP19,129. ‘KAKEGAWA S90’

87473-X1P—Neon Rose PP19,130. ‘KAKEGAWA S89’



87471-X1P—Vanilla Blush



PP18,824. ‘KAKEGAWA S88’

87475-X1P—Terracotta PP19,122. ‘KAKEGAWA S91’ Any SuperCal® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $27.00

SuperCal® Purple

SuperCal® Neon Rose

SuperCal® Blue

SuperCal® Terracotta SuperCal® Velvet

Bred by Sakata see more at


Lofos™ Creeping Gloxinia Summer Cream Creeping Gloxinia Lofos™

(Lophospermum hybrid; Syn. Asarina lophospermum.) Bring the beauty of the tropics to your garden or patio with this lush Mexican vine! Very easy to care for, it grows vigorously in full sun to part shade, setting large, tubular blooms from tip to toe! Train it up a trellis or along the fence as a climber, or let it trail alluringly from hanging baskets and windowboxes. Within a single season it reaches 7 feet or more in length, 1½ to 2 feet in width. And its large, richly-colored blooms arise on all parts of this wellbranched plant, each measuring 3 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide. Very unusual and eye-catching, it is destined to become the signature plant of your sunny garden!

80085-X1P—Summer Cream. PPAF. cv. ‘Sun-Asashiro’ 80030-X1P—Wine Red. PP15,532. cv. ‘Sun-Asaro’ Any Lofos™ above, in six-packs of one color

Lofos™ Creeping Gloxinia Wine Red 8


1 six-pack for $12.95 / 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

The Surfinia® Revolution!

"Plant them and stand back!" ­— Allan M. Armitage. The first spreading Petunia ever grown was Surfinia®, and it remains the best of the cutting-grown varieties, with a near monopoly on the Petunia market in Europe! Bred from wild Petunias crossed with cultivated seed varieties, the Surfinia® Petunias are sold only as plants — never as seed — to ensure the strongest, most vigorous and free-flowering growth over a long season. These plants spread up to 8 feet within a single season, creating a pillar of living color. And they’re great for warm climates where many varieties struggle, offering a late-season surge of blooms that no other Petunia can match! The Unique Advantages of Surfinia® Petunias • Big, easy-to-grow plants that take off from the very first day you transplant them • Quick-growing and so vigorous they can spread 8 feet in a single season • Super-floriferous, thanks to the shorter space between buds on every branch • Longer-blooming, with the heaviest show in late season, when many other Petunias wind down • Far more heat tolerant than other Petunias, flowering right through the hottest summer weather • Super-colorful, with rich, intense shades hard to find elsewhere Where to Use Surfinias® in Your Landscape These giant trailing plants create garden color on a grand scale, so use them to transform the look of your landscape and to solve garden dilemmas! • Living drapery for a balcony or second-story deck • Lush groundcover for a sunny bed or border • Cascading color for terraced gardens

80052-X1P—Blue Veined PP#17,735. cv. 'SUNsurfbv'

Surfinia® Blue Veined

80053-X1P—Pastel Pink

PPAF. cv. 'SUNsurtpaspimi'

80057-X1P—Purple Picotee 87404-X1P—Wild Plum PPAF. cv. 'SUNsurtpafure' PP#16,805. cv. 'SUNsurfbupa' Any Surfinia® above, in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Surfinia® Purple Picotee Surfinia® Pastel Pink

Surfinia® Wild Plum

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Delightful Daisy Favorites!

African Daisy Asti™ White

African Daisy Astra Sunset Purple

African Daisy Astra Sunset Purple

(Osteospermum.) These neon-toned 2½-inch flowers must be seen to be believed! They open blinding yellow with orange and purple highlights, then deepen as they mature. They simply cover compact 12-inch plants from late spring ‘til hard frost. Use them for sun-soaked garden beds and containers – they love heat, tolerate drought, and attract butterflies! 3-inch pot.

87416-X1P— $6.95 each

African Daisy Cascadia™ White & Pink

African Daisy Flower Power™ Spider Cream

African Daisy Asti™

(Osteospermum.) It’s a bright new day with these heat- and drought-resistant, wonderfully long-blooming African Daisies! From the first hint of summer until well into fall, these compact, vigorous plants set masses of 2-inch blooms, asking only to be deadheaded so that new buds can set all the faster. Just 18 to 20 inches high and 24 inches wide, Asti™ makes a big show in container or garden.

80082-X1P—Lavender Shades 80081-X1P—White Any African Daisy Asti™ above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

African Daisy Flower Power™ Spider Cream Gerbera Festival Mix Gerbera Durora Mix

(Osteospermum ecklonis.) cv. ‘KLEoe05112’. The partly-rolled petals look for all the world like spoons, their yellow undersides forming long “handles”! They appear beneath a second, shorter layer of petals around a golden center. Best in cool-summer climates, this compact 14- to 18-inch-high, 12- to 14-inch-wide plant steals the show wherever it is set. Give it full sun in the north, afternoon shade farther south and west.

87486-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs for $25.00



African Daisy Asti™ Lavender Shades African Daisy Cascadia™ Daisy

(Osteospermum). An entirely new look for everyone’s favorite spring and summer bloomer! These well-branched, freeflowering stems tumble over the sides of containers, setting large dark-eyed blooms that face up and out. Flowering begins very early — as soon as spring arrives in most areas — and continues straight through summer. Expect them to reach 12 to 16 inches high and wide, with a bit less spread in containers. 87487-X1P—Pink. Candy-pink with a white halo. PPAF. cv. ‘SAKost3441’ 87488-X1P—White. Clean white that combines with everything! PPAF. cv. ‘SAKost3442’ Any Cascadia™ Daisy above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Gerbera Festival Mix

Everyone’s favorite cutflower, this super easy-to-grow plant blooms steadily for 5 months or more in most climates! Huge 5-inch blooms in all shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and white top sturdy 12-inch stems. Hardy in zones 9-10, and happy to winter indoors farther north.

80028-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs for $27.90

Gerbera Durora Mix

Grow more big daisies in less space than ever before with this merry mix of mini doubles! The most compact Gerbera ever, it’s easy to grow and simply covered with big fully and semi-double 3-inch blooms for months and months! The flowers are longer-lasting than others, too, giving you extra days of beauty from every stem. Mix contains 10 solids and bicolors, more than 90% double-flowered!

87543-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs for $27.90

Bountiful Baskets & Planters!

Heliotrope Iowa

Like fields of vanilla!

Heliotrope Iowa

The perfect treat for the eyes and nose, Iowa provides an incredible display of bloom clusters that transform from lavender-purple in cooler weather to royal purple in summer’s heat, filling the air with the deliciously sweet scent of vanilla! Equally at home indoors as a houseplant, or planted outdoors in containers or beds, it reaches 10 to 15 inches tall and wide.

40564-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs for $27.90

Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Compact

The first double-flowered, tri-colored trailing Petunia is also one of the most beautiful! These powderpuff blooms of pink, yellow, and lime green are about 2½ inches wide, blanketing the dark foliage for months on sun-loving, compact plants that spread several feet wide and mound only about a foot high. Self-cleaning, the blooms maintain themselves — all you add is water, food, and plenty of sunshine! The vintage look is irresistible on these frilly, fancy plants!

Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Compact Lime and Nostalgia Park’s Double Lisianthus Echo Mix

80040-X1P—Nostalgia 87451-X1P—Lime Any Sweet Sunshine™ above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Park’s Double Lisianthus Echo Mix

Clusters of big 3-inch blooms resembling rosebuds open to an eye-catching Tulip look and finally mature to look like bright Poppies. Easy to grow and carefree, with colorful flowers that continually open in unbelievable abundance for up to 2 months. Best of all, it will repeat again in late summer! And did we mention how great it is for cutting? It displays its beauty for two weeks or more in the vase! Pest-free and long-blooming in full sun, as well as resistant to heat, drought and rain damage. 18 inches wide.

43678-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs for $27.90


Angel Earrings® Double Red Fuchsia Angel Earrings®

Angel Earrings® Cascading

Zinnia Profusion Double Fire

Zinnia Profusion Double Cherry

Zinnia Profusion Deep Apricot

Zinnia Profusion Double White

At last, a Fuchsia that tackles our hot, humid summers! If you’ve never been successful with Fuchsia before, these are the ones to try — they’re adaptable and very, very easy! Their lovely parachute-like blooms begin in mid-spring and last well into fall in most climates. And not only are they longer-blooming, they’re much more abundant, too! Perfect for containers and even the annual bed, this plant loves part shade. It tolerates cold and resists pests and diseases far better than other Fuchsia too. Choose from trailing, semi-trailing, and upright types — or indulge yourself with all four! Trailing 20 inches high, 30 to 40 inches long. 80024-X1P—Cascading. Vigorously trails 40 inches! PP10,378. cv. ‘Sanihanf.’ Upright 15 to 20 inches high, 20 to 24 inches wide. 87409-X1P—Double Red. Spreads 24 inches wide. ‘Sanifreho’

Any Angel Earrings® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (same color) for $25.00

Zinnia Profusion

AAS Gold Medal & Fleuroselect Gold Medal. The Profusions are one of the BEST flowering annuals for American gardens! They bloom the entire summer, and stay looking fresh because the new leaves and 2-inch flowers cover the old ones. Very tolerant of mildew and other foliage diseases that plague many Zinnias, they are super easy to grow plus they look great in all kinds of weather, though their colors are most intense in cooler weather. No wonder they’ve won multiple awards!

87613-X1P—Double Cherry 87606-X1P—Double Fire 87603-X1P—Deep Apricot 87609-X1P—Double White 87608-X1P—Yellow Any Zinnia Profusion above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

Zinnia Profusion Yellow



Mini Petunia Minifamous

New DOUBLE Mini Petunia!

(Calibrachoa.) Spectacular double flowered form! Low-growing with a tight, neat habit that spreads to 2 feet. Absolutely covers itself in bright blooms!

87449-X1P—Double Pink Blush 87450-X1P—Double Yellow 80016-X1P—Double Dark Pink 80015-X1P—Double Blue Any Minifamous above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Mini Petunia Minifamous Double Pink Blush

Mini Petunia Minifamous Double Blue

Angelonia Serena™

(A. angustifolia.) Fill your garden with extra long-lasting, compact color! Just 12 to 14 inches tall and wide, with stiff, flop-proof stems, the Serenas are great for hot, dry soils, humid climates and extra-long summers! Perfect for containers, too, for they never get out of bounds, and bloom on and on, despite less-than-desirable conditions. They are great fillers for tall, spiky plants, and also are ideal planted behind or among short, spreading plants. Discover just how easy Angelonia can be!

46363-X1P—Purple 46362-X1P—Lavender Pink 46364-X1P—White Any Angelonia Serena™ above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

Mini Petunia Minifamous Double Dark Pink

Mini Petunia Minifamous Double Yellow

Angelonia Serena™

Angelonia Serena™ Purple

Angelonia Serena™ White Angelonia Serena™ Lavender Pink


Colorful Climbers for Corkscrew Vine

(Vigna caracalla.) Boasting the sweet fragrance of Hyacinths, these silvery 1½- to 2-inch blooms are touched with primrose and lavender-pink with coiled centers and curved outer petals that look like a nautilus shell. They arise in great bunches up to a foot long, beginning in mid- to late summer and continuing generously ‘til frost. This sun-lover is very fast-growing, reaching 20 to 25 feet long. Perennial only in tropical climates, it’s perfect to grow as an annual. Just let it climb a sturdy support! Loves warmth and humidity. Cannot ship to HI. 3-inch pot.

44842-X1P—$9.95 each / 3 for $26.85

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Corkscrew Vine

(Thunbergia alata). The popular Black-Eyed Susan Vine is among the easiest and most beautiful trailing plants for any sunny spot! Beginning in early summer and continuing until frost, the 1¼- to 1½-inch blooms cover these 5- to 8-foot- long vines. Butterflies love them, and so will you — they are profuse, colorful, and cheery over an astonishing 6-month season!  

87478-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine

(Thunbergia grandiflora.) Hundreds of bright 2- to 3-inch azure blooms fill the garden on this carefree, fastgrowing climber! It needs sturdy support and good garden soil to take off super-quick! Its large, leathery heartshaped leaves form the perfect backdrop for the brilliant blooms, which add a rare source of pure blue color to the garden. Flowers all summer long, and will return next year in Z 8-11. A fantastic vine for a large trellis, arbor, or fence, it reaches 18 to 25 feet long. 3-inch pot.

44381-X1P—$12.95 each

Mandevilla Janell

Blushing Susie Vine Mandevilla Janell

Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine Passion Vine Coral Sea

PP 10,413. cv. ‘PSJAMDPI.’ Our Dr. Jim Alston has been refining this wonderful flowering vine for a long time, and we are delighted to report that it is the most heat-tolerant, pest-resistant Mandevilla we have ever grown! Janell not only survives extreme stress, it flourishes! Requiring only well-drained, ordinary potting soil, this tropical vine with glossy, evergreen leaves rapidly grows 7 to 10 feet in a season. It prefers adequate moisture and periodic feeding, but will survive a week or so without water — even in full sun! Flowers best in full sun, though some shade is tolerated; easy to overwinter indoors north of its Z 9-11. hardiness range. 3-inch pot.

43386-X1P—$12.95 each

Passion Vine Coral Sea

(Passiflora manicata.) Coral Sea offers armloads of giant 4-inch coral-salmon blooms with a very colorful center. The flowers appear from late spring ‘til frost on vines that will grow as high as the vertical support you offer them, tossing up their blooms among evergreen foliage every inch of the way! Very easy to grow in full sun, it attracts butterflies and asks only for regular deep watering to continue its show for many months. 3-inch pot.

41957-X1P—$14.95 each



Every Part of the Landscape

Clematis Jackmanii

Clematis Jackmanii Clematis

A long-lived woody climber often combined with roses in the garden, Clematis is easy to grow in full sun and ordinary garden soil. Mulch it well to keep the roots cool, and it will flower for decades! Great for twining up a mailbox or lamppost, meandering through a fence, or sending a pillar of color up from your favorite container. Float the flowers in a bowl of waer to display them indoors.

Clematis Henryi

One of the most popular Clematis, with pure white 6- to 7-inch blooms covering compact 6-foot vines from June through September. Great for containers as well as the garden, it flowers most heavily in early summer. And the new spring foliage is a handsome bronze shade! Z 3-9.

87615-X1P—1 six-pack for $19.95

Clematis Niobe

Simply the best red Clematis, this 8- to 12-foot Clematis flowers freely over a long summer season. Just the right size for the mailbox, pillar, or container of any type, it offers nearly black buds that open to 4-inch dark red blooms, lightening as they mature. Stunning! Z 4-9. 1-gallon container.

44006-X1P—$14.95 each

Clematis Henryi

Clematis Niobe Clematis Jackmanii

The most widely used Clematis, popular since Victorian times. Its velvety deep purple 4- to 6-inch blooms are a landmark in any setting. They arise profusely from July through September on magnificent vines 12 to 20 feet long. Z 4-8.

87622-X1P—1 six-pack for $19.95

Clematis Sweet Autumn

(C. terniflora) Such magnificent color AND fragrance for the autumn garden! This giant 30-foot Clematis sports thousands of tiny 1-inch white blooms from late summer until well into fall, each sweetly scented and prettily star-shaped. When the blooms finally pass, they’re falled by silvery puffballs of seedheads that make lovely dried arrangements. Find a sturdy place for this vine to grow and let it take off! 4-inch pot.

Clematis Sweet Autumn Hops Cascade

44008-X1P—$9.95 each

Hops Cascade

(Humulus lupulus.) The wonderful aroma of fresh pine fills the sunny garden in late summer and fall from this fast-growing, super free-flowering vine! Easy to train onto a fence or trellis, it can grow up to 20 feet long and 10 feet wide in one season. The flowers look like lime-green pinecones dangling among the large, handsome dark green leaves. Long-lasting, great in indoor arrangements (fresh or dried), and so aromatic! Hops Cascade is hardy in Z 5-8. Bareroot.

44395-X1P—$12.95 each

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Groundcovers and Grasses

Mazus Reptans Lamium Purple Dragon

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Mazus reptans

Variegated Sweet Flag

At last, a groundcover that stands up to trampling feet, bicycles, and other light traffic! Perfect for the family-friendly garden, these deep green leaves spread rapidly in moist soil, topped in spring by tiny violet blooms of breathtaking beauty. Use it around stepping-stones or as a carpet for the border! Z 5-9.

87627-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Lamium Purple Dragon Dwarf Golden Sweet Flag

(L. maculatum.) PP#15,890. Big 6-inch clusters of Snapdragon-like purple flowers decorate this shade lover for many weeks in spring. Large silvery-white leaves are edged in green on plants that spread up to 16 inches wide. Very drought-resistant, it is evergreen. Z 3-8.

87621-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Dwarf Mondo Grass

(Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana.’) The evergreen leaves are long, slender, and dark, for fuss-free beauty year-round. Just 2 to 3 inches high and wide, it’s ideal for garden or pot! Z 6-10.

48556-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Spreading Wire Vine Iceplant Stardust

Mondo Grass

(Ophiopogon japonica.) A fast-spreading groundcover, it’s ideal for any size planting. Evergreen foliage reaches 6 to 10 inches high and spreads a foot wide. Handsome blue berries add to the appeal! Great to prevent soil erosion, it is drought tolerant. Z 6-9.

40085-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Mondo Grass

Variegated Sweet Flag

(Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon.’) Excellent for brightening the edges of landscapes and accenting shaded areas, this fragrant gold-striped grass is also superb around ponds or water features. Just 6 to 12 inches high and wide! Z 5-9.

41438-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Dwarf Golden Sweet Flag

(Acorus gramineus ‘Minimus Aureus.’) A splendid accent for any setting from a container to a mass planting, this fragrant groundcover keeps its golden locks from earliest spring until frost. Just 3 inches high but spreading a foot wide, its sunny tones really make little accent groupings glow. Z 5-8.

87632-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Spreading Wire Vine

(Muehlenbeckia axillaris.) Walk all over this creeping evergreen— it doesn’t mind one bit! Perfect to blanket large areas in full sun or light shade, this fast grower sets masses of tiny, glossy green leaves on twisty russet-red stems. Just 5 to 10 inches high, it spreads 2 to 2½ feet wide in no time, with bronze accents in fall and winter. In early spring, just mow it down and watch it come back thicker than ever before! Z 6-9.

87617-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Iceplant Stardust

(Delosperma floribunda.) So easy to grow and very long-blooming, Stardust belongs in any garden with a patch of hot, dry soil. The 2-inch blooms begin in late spring and don’t quit until frost, while the small succulent foliage keeps the plant fresh in summer heat. Reaches 6 inches high and a foot wide, scrambling over rocks and covering poor soil. Space plants 9 to 12 inches apart. Z 5-8.

87616-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95



to Blanket the Garden Floor!

Verbena Tukana Scarlet

Verbena Hot Lips

Verbena Homestead Purple

Verbena Homestead Purple

The groundcover that changed the look of American gardens! Blooming from spring through fall despite heat, humidity, and drought, it forms a carpet of rich beauty! Butterflies and bees adore these 3-inch royal purple blooms! Mildew-resistant and evergreen. Z 6-9.

40561-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Verbena Hot Lips

Neon-bright red, these 2½-inch blooms keep coming all summer! Appearing by the hundred on plants that stand up to heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil, these sunlovers always steal the scene! Z 7-11.

87624-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Verbena Tukana Scarlet

Prunella Freelander Blue

Up to 4 feet wide with thousands of 3-inch flowerheads from late spring until frost, this is the best red Verbena for disease resistance and heavy bloom. Butterflies adore it! Z 6-9.

43185-X1P—1 six-pack for $16.95

Prunella Freelander Blue

(P. grandiflora.) One of the longest-blooming perennials ever grown, this delightful herb sets clusters of violet-blue 2-inch blooms for months. Butterflies and bees love it, and the 12-inch-high, 24-inchwide plant stands out as edging or containers. So easy! Z 4-8.

87626-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Phlox Emerald Blue

(Phlox subulata.) Evergreen, easy to grow, and unsurpassed for bright blooms in late spring, this is the groundcover you MUST grow in your sun-soaked garden! Just a few inches high but spreading 1½ to 2 feet wide, thriving despite heat, humidity, cold, poor soil, and even drought. Great as edging, mass planting, and overplanting spring bulbs. The 1-inch blooms are so profuse that they hide the foliage! Cut it back after flowering for even more blooms next year. Z 3-8.

Phlox Emerald Blue Pearlwort

87620-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95


(Sagina subulata.) A luxurious evergreen groundcover just 1 inch high and 6 inches wide, this mossy, emerald-green mat is perfect between flagstones. Small white flowers cover the plants in summer. Likes a coarse, moist soil. Z 4-7.

87623-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95


Foliage as Colorful as the Brightest Blooms

Rustic Orange

Witch Doctor

Florida City™ Chuluota

Coleus — Leaves as Bright as any Flower!

Black Dragon

Versa Lime Trailing Plum

Coleus provides some of the longest-lasting and easiest color in the summer garden, and many of the exciting new Coleus varieties actually do best in full sun to part shade! Their incredible range of colors lets them shine in any garden, and they thrive with little attention in the garden or in pots. Unless noted, they reach 18 to 24 inches high and wide. 41677-X1P—Rustic Orange. Warm sunsetorange leaves, neatly edged in yellow – gorgeous in sun to partial shade! 41678-X1P—Trailing Plum. Low, trailing habit great for pots or ground cover in shady spots. 10 inches high and up to 2 feet long. 80021-X1P—Witch Doctor. Wildly colored, huge lobed leaves of chartreuse with vivid maroon edging twist in all directions on this distinctive plant. Happy in sun or half shade, it’s not to be missed! 87436-X1P—Florida City™ Chuluota. Fantastically heat tolerant, this exciting Coleus changes colors with the available light! Grown in partial shade, it is green with red markings, and will grow taller and less bushy. In full sun, it is pure red with pink edges, and is very compact at just 12 to 14 inches high. Plant it fearlessly in those blazing sunny garden spots – it was bred in central Florida and knows how to take the sun! 87531-X1P—Versa Lime. The most suntolerant Coleus yet, it’s happy even in bright light! Well-branched plants with brilliantly colored leaves fill landscapes and containers with rich shades of lime. Reaches about 2 feet high and wide. 41442-X1P—Black Dragon. Big impact in small spaces! Just a foot high and wide, this bold Coleus displays serrated red leaves with a purplish-black edge. Great for containers. Best in part to full shade.

All Coleus above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00



Bold Dramatic Foliage

40851-X1P—Coleus Red Ruffles. This isn’t your typical Coleus! The leaves are a mix of dark to iridescent red with a tiny fringe of light green. 24 to 30 inches tall, it is outstanding for beds, containers or patio gardens. 40573-X1P—Sweet Potato Blackie.

(Ipomoea.) The top choice for a foliage accent! Dramatic blackish-purple leaves, 4 to 7 inches long, cover cas­cading plants that mound 8 to 10 inches. Cannot ship to CA.

40582-X1P—Sweet Potato Margarite.

(Ipomoea.) One of the best companion plants available! Striking chartreuse leaves, up to 7 inches long, glow in any setting. Cascading plants mound 8 to 10 inches. Cannot ship to CA.

All foliage plants above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Bold Dramatic Collection

Bold Dramatic Collection

Persian Shield

Few foliage plants are as dramatic as Persian Shield, with its metallic sheen on purple, pink, and green leaves! The iridescent foliage gleams on 2- to 2½-foot plants that are equally at home in the sun or in part shade. They’ll give you trouble-free and quick coverage anywhere you need, whether in a bed or in a container. 43550-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-pack for $25.00

Persian Shield

Joseph’s Coat Party Time

Joseph’s Coat Red Threads

Joseph’s Coat — Fabulous Colors!

(Alternanthera ficoidea.) Popular in Victorian times, Alternanthera is currently enjoying a big revival because of the wonderful new colors! Tolerant of full sun it needs only ordinary soil and water to grow and look its best. Versatile, too – use as ground cover, edging, in baskets or pots, or among other plants in your bed. We offer two varieties that mound beautifully into 18- to 24-inch plants. 41307-X1P—Party Time. Bright green splashed with hot pink. 46348-X1P­—Red Threads. Black-cherry color in fine needle-like leaves.

All Joseph’s Coat above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00


America the Beautiful Collection America the Beautiful Collection

Petunia Surfinia® Red Geranium Maestro Rich Red

87429-X1P­— PP#16,234. Such a deep shade of

Helichrysum Silver Mist

Dichondra Silver Falls

Petunia Surfinia® Red

PP#16,803. cv. ‘Sunremi.’ Incredibly vigorous and long-blooming, this Petunia has been known to trail 8 feet long! Perfect for containers of all sorts, it is a flower machine from spring through fall. For more Surfinia® colors, see p. 9.

87482-X1P­—1 six-pack for $12.95


2 six-packs for $25.00

Helichrysum Silver Mist

(H. petiolare minus.) The best foliage plant we know for containers.  Its small silvery leaves are as soft as Lamb’s Ear and they look terrific for months on end!  Grow in full sun for most intense color (or in partial shade for a greener look). Space plants 18 to 24 inches apart.

87547-X1P­—1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs for $19.00

Dichondra Silver Falls

Great to hang over the sides of a container, setting off pretty much anything you want to grow with it. Dichondra is a snap to grow and looks terrific from spring through fall! Just 2 inches tall, it has a cascading habit and is wonderfully tolerant of drought and heat. Tiny ½-inch silvery leaves on elegant stems up to 6 feet long make it a great ground cover, too! Fast-growing!

46361-X1P­—1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs for $19.00



cranberry they almost look blue, these giant 4-inch bloom clusters simply cover the compact 10-inch plant from early summer well into fall. Bright green foliage “zoned” in mahogany-black adds appeal, too! Heat-tolerant, early-blooming, and vigorous, this is a must-have for flowerpots and annual beds.

Marguerite Daisy Sassy Compact White

87484-X1P­—(A. frutescens.) PPAF. ‘Sascot White.’ Every garden deserves the joy of pure white daisies, and every gardener will love the nonstop 1-inch blooms of this vigorous, well-branched plant! Just 10 to 14 inches high and wide, it flowers from planting time ‘til frost! Loves heat and sun.

Lobelia Techno™ Blue

87485-X1P—PP#17,250. cv. ‘Lob Bule.’ The

bluest, fullest, most beautiful Lobelia yet! This Dutch introduction offers many more flowers than others, each about ¾-inch long and colored a vibrant shade of cobalt blue. The plant is both mounding and trailing, very compact and free-flowering from late spring through summer. For baskets, combination planters, and the annual bed, you can’t beat this 12-inch by 12inch wonder! Best in partial shade. Any item above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Wave® Purple

Wave® Blue

Petunia Wave® — The original & still the biggest flowered! Petunia Purple Wave® won the All-America Selections award for 1994,

and since then this series has generated more excitement than just about any other plant! Each color has a low-growing, densely spreading habit that makes it a delightful ground cover or trailing plant in baskets. Purple spreads 5 feet or more, growing up to 2 inches per day! Blue and Burgundy Star spread 3 feet — an even better size for baskets.

46321-X1P—Blue 46320-X1P—Purple 87578-X1P—Burgundy Star - The only striped spreading Petunia! Any Wave above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

Wave® Burgundy Star

Petunia Tidal Wave® — The biggest, boldest Wave®!

The most versatile Petunia ever grown, with growth that can be either upright or trailing. Big 2½- to 4-inch blooms blanket the plants from late spring through summer. Expect it to reach 16 to 22 inches high and anywhere from 2½ to 5 feet wide! Use on trellises, in bedding or baskets, and even as edging! Space them close together for a tight screen of solid color, or farther apart for a mounding groundcover.

87602-X1P—Silver 87591-X1P—Hot Pink Either Tidal Wave above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

Petunia Shock Wave® Denim — More flowers than ever!

The Wave® phenomenon continues with this exciting early-flowering, super weather-resistant, selfcleaning new series. Bold Shock Wave® Denim 1½- to 2-inch blooms simply cover compact plants just 10 inches high but up to 3 feet wide. The flowers appear from spring through fall, giving you 2 weeks or more of extra blooms!

Tidal Wave® Silver Tidal Wave® Hot Pink

87584-X1P­— 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00


Great Clouds of Color Gazania Sunbathers ™

Most Gazanias keep bankers’ hours, closing before most of us get home from work to enjoy them. Well, the Sunbathers™ are out to change that! These indescribably bright semi-double blooms stay open all the time, radiating brilliant jewel tones on plants just 6 to 9 inches high and 4 to 6 inches wide. They soak up heat and sun, blooming nonstop all summer, and prefer soil on the dry side. Great for containers or bedding! Limited Supply, Order Early!

80026-X1P—Sunbathers™ Gold Coast.

Gazania Sunbathers™

Golden yellow.

80027-X1P—Sunbathers™ Sunset. Dark red. Either Gazania Sunbathers™ above

$6.95 each

Geranium Summer Rose Dark Red

Geranium Summer Rose Dark Red

PPAF. Every bloom is as petal-packed as a rosebud on this double-flowered, trailing ivy-leaf Geranium! One of the very best for hanging baskets and windowboxes, it sets huge 4- to 5-inch clusters of double blooms from early summer into fall, thriving in heat without stretching or stressing. Just 10 inches high, it trails about 12 to 18 inches over the sides of your best containers! 3-inch pot.

87440-X1P—$6.95 each

Evolvulus Blue Daze

Sky-blue flowers over fuzzy gray-green foliage smile from full, well-rounded hanging baskets and garden beds. This relative of Morning Glory is a constant bloomer over several seasons, quickly growing long, elegant stems laden with brilliant 1-inch blue flowers. Happiest in full sun or partial shade, it needs only plenty of water to keep flowering abundantly on low, spreading plants that reach about a foot high and 2 to 3 feet wide. Use it as edging, in the front of the annual bed, and in containers of all sorts.

41440-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs for $25.00

Evolvulus Blue Daze

Bacopa Blutopia Bacopa Snowtopia


(Sutera cordata.) Nonstop blooms on a trailing, easy-care plant! Create lush combo containers and hanging baskets overflowing with masses and masses of adorable star-shaped blooms. Adaptable to sun or shade, this plant needs no pinching to branch well and flower heavily during cool weather. Spreads 12 to 18 inches wide.

87545-X1P—Blutopia. Blue 80083-X1P—Snowtopia. White Any Bacopa above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00



for Hanging Baskets Verbena Temari®

Right at home in sun-soaked baskets, windowboxes, and flowerpots, this trailing Verbena cascades beautifully, offering bright vertical color 3 seasons a year. Fresh clusters of bright blooms keep appearing from spring through fall on long, handsome stems. Measuring 5 to 12 inches high and up to 4 feet wide, this quick grower is your best choice for containers of all kinds! 87413-X1P—Blue. PPAF. ‘Sunmarimura’ 80067-X1P—Red. PPAF. ‘Sunmarired’ 80068-X1P—Rose. PP14,306. ‘Sunmariro’ 80069-X1P—Violet. PP10,801. ‘Sunmariba’

Any Verbena Temari® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $25.00

Temari® Blue

Temari® Violet Temari® Rose

Verbena Temari® Red

Fanflower Surdiva™ Blue

(Scaevola.) The most heat-tolerant Fanflower ever grown, this semi-trailing plant flowers heavily from mid-spring right through summer and fall, quitting only when nipped back by frost! It remains compact and very neat, just 6 to 8 inches high but spreading 18 to 24 inches wide. Every inch is covered with unusual fan-shaped blooms held in 1½-inch clusters. Butterflies love them!

Torenia Summer Wave® Amethyst Ice

80046-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs for $25.00

Torenia Summer Wave®Amethyst Ice

(T. fournieri.) PPAF. cv. ‘Sunrenicoame.’ At last, a heat- and rain-tolerant Torenia! Far more free-flowering, it blooms steadily from mid-spring ‘til frost on trailing plants, selfcleaning all the way. It refuses to melt out in summer heat, setting hundreds of gorgeous ¾-inch blooms on plants 6 to 10 inches high, 30 inches long. Best in part shade and tolerant of dry soil, this is the longest-blooming, most floriferous Torenia ever grown!

80062-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs for $25.00

Mecardonia Lemon Yellow

PPAF. cv. ‘Sunmecareki.’ Very tolerant of heat and drought, this sun-lover reaches just 14 to 16 inches high in full bloom, yet quickly spreads 2½ feet wide, covering ground fast in the annual bed and cascading down from hanging baskets and window boxes. The 1-inch blooms are from midspring through fall. They even self-clean!

80031-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 2 six-packs for $25.00

Mecardonia Lemon Yellow

Fanflower Surdiva™ Blue

Umbrella Planter

Create a living canopy of glorious color with this ingenious planter! The lightweight but sturdy steel net offers the perfect support for trailing and spreading plants — just train them up from the round basket at the center and they will fan out delightfully, offering colorful coverage from spring until frost! And you can set your “flowering umbrella” to any height you like — the 19-inch-high base is hollow, just waiting to fit over any pole or post up to 43/8 inches in diameter. The basket is ideal for holding a 10-inch pot, while the netting spreads nearly 4 feet in diameter! Ideal for everything from Petunias and Verbena to ultra-long trailing plants such as Creeping Gloxinia.

96384-X1P—$129.95 each


Begonia — Solenia®

(B. hiemalis.) An exciting sun-tolerant series with excellent resistance to powdery mildew, heat, and wind, Solenia® blooms in part shade to full sun, setting large 3-inch double blooms on well-branched plants that never topple. Perfect for bedding or containers, they reach 10 to 12 inches high and 18 to 24 inches wide, with nonstop flowers from early summer into autumn. Great houseplants, too!

Solenia® Dark Pink

Bonita Shea

Solenia® Dusty Rose

Solenia® Salmon Coral

80078-X1P—Dusty Rose 80077-X1P—Salmon Coral 80076-X1P—Dark Pink Any Begonia Solenia® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs (same color) for $27.00

Every leaf of this heat-tolerant shade lover is intricately curled and curved, for a delightfully twisted mass of foliage on neat little plants just 6 to 10 inches high. Red-blushed dark green with a startling rosy-pink underside and edging, these leaves are electrifying! Perfect for containers as well as bedding, this plant is set about with tiny white to pink blooms among the large leaves. Unforgettable! 3-inch pot.

Bonita Shea

41243-X1P— $12.95 each

Nonstop Mix

The brightest colors on huge, fully double 3½-to 4½inch blooms. Well-branched plants flower for months.

87528-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00


Nonstop Mix Bellfire


(B. boliviensis.) Magnificent shades of coral, plum, and purple cover this dense, upright Begonia! The flowers are rich coral-pink, flared like dangling bells and so profuse that they simply blanket the plant from late spring until frost (most heavily in summer). The foliage is equally beautiful, a rich shade of plum with “pinked” purple-toned edges! Content in sun or part shade, it grows vigorously 40 inches high and 30 inches wide. In more shade, it will sprawl; in more sun, it will grow taller. Great for baskets, tall planters, and bedding! 3-inch pot.

87554-X1P— $6.95 each


(B. boliviensis.) The original “Fire” Begonia, with a neat, very bushy, trailing habit 18 to 36 inches high and 24 to 36 inches wide in sun or part shade. Against a backdrop of olive-green foliage, hundreds of 2-inch flame-colored blooms dangle in giant clusters all summer long (repeating in autumn). Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, the blooms are so eye-catching that you’ll find yourself wishing you had more baskets and planters erupting with the lush beauty of Bonfire®! 3-inch pot.

87542-X1P— $6.95 each



Old-fashioned Beauty with a Modern Twist


(B. x benariensis.) It’s a whole new day for Begonia! Part Angel Wing, part Fibrous Begonia, this unique new series is the quickest-blooming, largest, most vigorous Begonia the world has ever seen. The brilliant oval 2½-inch flowers appear in either sun or shade, while the foliage (green or bronze!) is glossy and large. Perfect for mass landscaping, bedding, edging, or containers, these 20-inch-tall, 24-inch-wide plants germinate very easily and are self-cleaning throughout their long, lovely summer season. Released exactly 100 years after the first-ever Begonia hybrid, BIG™ is a giant leap forward! Space plants 12 to 15 inches apart for dense coverage.

87448-X1P—Rose with Bronze Leaf 87447-X1P—Red with Bronze Leaf 87446-X1P—Red with Green Leaf Any BIG® above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $14.95 2 six-packs (same color) for $27.90

Dragon Wing™ Red

Dragon Wing™ Red Shanzi

(B. x hybrida.) This heat- and sun-tolerant angel-wing is great in large containers or hanging baskets. It offers huge, pendulous blossoms covering well-branched 12- to 15-inch plants with large, glossy green leaves. Adaptable to the garden bed, too. Grow in filtered sun to partial shade. 3-inch pot.

40854-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00


Giant, elegantly sculpted foliage cascades freely, set about with lovely pink picotee blooms over a very long season. Shanzi is tough, thriving in such stressful conditions as heat, humidity, full sun, or even drought. Very well-branched and fully 2 feet wide, it is ideal for hanging baskets and tall containers.

80011-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00


Feathery Garden Grasses! Blue Fescue

(Festuca glauca.) Bright steel-blue color won’t brown out in the heat. Evergreen and 10 inches high, this plant loves dry conditions and sandy soil. Give it full sun in the north, light shade in the south. Z 4-8.

87530-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

Pink Paintbrush Grass

(Melinis nerviglumis ‘Savannah.’) Blue-green leaves and 3½- to 4½-inch mauve plumes. Looks great in any weather, tolerating stress without dropping a leaf. Z 8-9.

Blue Fescue

41436-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

Red Fountain Grass

(Pennisetum setaceum rubrum.) Just 2 to 3 feet high and wide, this burgundy-leafed sun-lover makes a huge impact with fuzzy 6-inch spires of pink from early summer till frost! An annual everywhere except Z 9-10, it’s ideal for containers.

41439-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95

Mexican Feather Grass Pink Paintbrush Grass

Red Fountain Grass

(Stipa tenuissima.) Such airy, effortless garden beauty! 2 feet high out of bloom and up to 4 feet high when the plumes appear, this sun-loving grass looks good from spring right through winter in warm climates! The plumes strart green, changing to gold and finally to a tawny beige in winter. Z 6-9.

87581-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

Lemon Grass

(Cymbopogon citratus.) This is an edible herb as well as a lovely, fragrant plant for the annual bed or container! Lemon-scented 3-foot leaves grow straight up, leaning outward at the very tip! Cut them as needed for cooking, and enjoy the beauty and easy care of this delicious plant!

87573-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

Mexican Feather Grass Fountain Grass

Lemon Grass Carex Fresh Look

Fountain Grass

(Pennisetum setaceum.) Adding rich rosy-pink color to the summer landscape, this fast-growing sun-lover offers 12-inch bloomspikes that make great cutflowers and feed hungry songbirds in fall and early winter. 5 feet tall, this Fountain Grass is a bold presence in garden or container. Z 8-10.

87576-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95 each

Carex Fresh Look

(C. pendula.) Nothing is easier to grow or more adaptable to heat, humidity, and drought! Reaching 3 to 4 feet high and 5 feet wide, this quick grower is the perfect bold accent for garden or container! Z 5-9.

87570-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00



Showstopping Container Tropicals!

Angel’s Trumpet Lemon Twist

Angel’s Trumpet Cassie’s Curls

Park’s Amazing Angel’s Trumpets

(Brugmansia.) Far more floriferous and weather-tough than older varieties, this exciting new trio of Angel’s Trumpets is absolutely essential for the fragrant sunny garden! Developed right here at Park by our own Doc Alston, each of these varieties adds something entirely new to the family. Very free-flowering and ultra-fragrant, with unique colors on umbrella-shaped plants that thrive in the semi-tropical. Z 9-11 garden and as long-lived container subjects everywhere else. 3-inch pot. 41444-X1P—Lemon Twist. Merry white stripes decorate these lemon-yellow petals! The blooms are 8 to 10 inches long and nearly as wide, appearing in stupefying numbers on plants just 3 feet high and wide.

Angel’s Trumpet Cherub Brugmansia Collection

49908-X1P—Cassie’s Curls. The most compact Angel’s Trumpet yet,

it’s just 2½ to 3 feet tall, yet covers itself with glorious apricot blooms 5 to 6 inches long, each petal tip reaching another 2 inches into a slender, elegant spidery curl! 46054-X1P—Cherub. Astonishing 9-inch blooms of rosy-pink with peach overtones! Thick and waxy, these petals last far longer than others in humid or rainy climates. This 5-foot-tall, 6- to 8-foot-wide plant is a landmark in any sunny garden.

Any Angel’s Trumpets one color: $9.95 each / 3 for $26.85

Plumbago auriculata

Add some cool blue tones to the container garden with this evergreen shrub, which can be pruned either as a vine or as a mounding plant. It blooms from spring until frost—most freely in summer—with 6-inch balls of starry azure flowers that may remind you of Phlox. The chartreuse foliage is lush and attractive, too. Butterflies flock to this plant, which offers dramatic arching branches. Super-easy and always looking fresh and pretty, it reaches 10 feet tall and wide as a vine, but can be pruned to just the shape and size you want! 3-inch pot.

Plumbago Banana Dwarf Cavendish

47896-X1P—$9.95 each

Banana Dwarf Cavendish

(Musa acuminata.) No matter where you live, you can enjoy the delicious fruit, showy blooms, and tropical foliage of the Banana Tree in your home or garden! This dwarf is ideal for containers. Spring foliage is streaked purplish-red, topped with a crown of violet blooms. And the fruit – up to 90 bananas on a mature tree – is delectable! Fruits in 3 to 5 years. Z 9-10. Cannot ship to AZ and HI. 3-inch pot.

47895-X1P—$14.95 each


Years of Color! Coneflower

(Echinacea hybrids.) A carefree American perennial that flowers all summer, this plant loves heat, humidity, poor soil, and even drought! Great cutflowers. Z 3-9.


Giant daisies up to 5 inches wide surround a gumdrop-like cone on this long-blooming delight! Bees, butterflies, and birds love them!

Achillia Noblessa

49222-X1P—White 87549-X1P—Deep Rose Either PrimaDonna® above 1 six-pack for $12.95

White Swan

(E. purpurea.) Fragrant snow-white 4- to 4½-inch blooms just keep opening on this compact 2-foot-tall plant. A bloom machine!

PrimaDonna® White and Deep Rose

87558-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95


(E. purpurea.) Color on a grand scale! This 3- to 3½-foot plant offers giant 4- to 6-inch blooms by the many dozen. Spectacular!

87562-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95

Paradoxa Yellow

(E. paradoxa.) Long, thin canary-yellow petals hang like a grass skirt on this 32-inch plant. Adds an exotic touch to the sunny border!

87540-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95

Paradoxa Yellow White Swan Magnus

see more at


Coreopsis Presto

Coreopsis Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise

87535-X1P—Coreopsis Presto

(C. grandiflora.) Bright double blooms 2 inches wide simply cover this compact plant all summer long! Perfect for the garden or container, the plant reaches just 10 inches high, and flowers heavily for months! Z 4-9.

87567-X1P—Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise

Coreopsis Zagreb Pam’s Strawberry Choice Foxglove

What a color show! In spring, the new leaves of this native American perennial are bright red splashed with yellow! In autumn, they become a rich shade of mahogany! Bold yellow blooms with a reddish eye appear from late spring well into fall — great for cutting, and irresistible to butterflies and bees in the sunny garden. Space plants about 10 to 12 inches apart; they will reach 14 to 16 inches high and a bit wider. Z 5-9.

87552-X1P—Coreopsis Zagreb

(C. verticillata.) Blooms early and stays late, giving you a few extra weeks of Coreopsis season! Zagreb grows just a foot high and about 18 inches wide, but is a powerhouse, thriving despite heat, drought, and humidity. You won’t believe its bloom strength! Z 3-8.

87544-X1P—Coreopsis Moonbeam

(C. verticillata.) Small, creamy yellow flowers simply blanket this compact plant for months on end! With very narrow foliage that gives it an airy, almost fern-like look, this vigorous native thrives in heat, humidity, drought, and cold! You will love its carefree nature and the steady supply of bright blooms for the sun-soaked garden or container. Expect it to reach about 1½ to 2 feet high. Z 5-9.



Coreopsis Moonbeam 87536-X1P—Foxglove Pam’s Choice

(D. purpurea.) Such unusual and beautiful colors for this cutflower favorite! The white bells are spotted with deep maroon, appearing on giant 3- to 4-foot stalks in mid- to late summer. Full sun is best in the north, afternoon shade farther south. The flowers last for weeks! Z 4-8.

87538-X1P—Foxglove Strawberry

(Digitalis x mertonensis.) The famous Strawberry Foxglove is a true perennial, longer-lived than others and simply lovely. The 2½-inch blooms are the color of crushed strawberries, appearing on stately 3-foot stalks great for cutting. Expect the blooms in late spring or early summer. Z 4-9.

Any Plant on this page in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95

Delphinium Summer

(D. grandiflorum.) Much easier to grow than traditional Delphiniums, the Summer series offers earlier blooms, heavier flowering, more compact size, and better heat tolerance. You never have to stake these strong plants, which reach just 10 to 12 inches high and 6 to 8 inches wide. Z 3-7. 87546-X1P—Blues - Powder Blue 87551-X1P—Stars - White

Either Summer above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95

Delphinium Centurion Mix

(D. x cultorum.) Big, fully double star-shaped blooms sport a tiny white central star. The blooms arise all along tall, tapering stems that bloom from the bottom up, so that the lower flowers will be in full bloom while the tip is still in bud. Bright spring-green foliage is held below the bloomstalk. Great for cutting, this mix contains blues, lavender, purple, rose and white. Z 2-7.

87532-X1P—1 six-pack



Dianthus Siberian Blues

(D. amurensis.) The closest thing to a true-blue Dianthus, and a true novelty for the garden and vase! Loads of ½- to 1-inch purple-mauve flowers appear on rounded, well-branched 16-inch plants. They ignore summer heat, blooming pro­­­­fusely every spring for many years. The foliage is almost needlelike. Space plants 12 inches apart. Z 3-8.

87533-X1P—1 six-pack


Delphinium Summer Blue and Stars


Hollyhock Queeny Purple

(Alcea rosea.) At last, a Hollyhock with HUGE flowers on plants so compact you can use them as a hedge! Eye-catching 3- to 4-inch blooms of rich purple arise on this dwarf plant, coming early and staying late. Space plants 1- to 1½-feet apart. Z 3-9.

87560-X1P—1 six-pack



Hollyhock Halo

(Alcea rosea.) A unique new Hollyhock with very large, single “twotone” flowers. The only ones of their kind, they arise freely in mid- to late summer on tall 6-foot plants that thrive in full sunshine and rich garden soil. An incredible cutflower! Z 3-9.

87555-X1P—White 87569-X1P—Apricot Either Hollyhock above in six-packs of one color 1 six-pack for $12.95

Delphinium Centurion Mix Hollyhock Halo Apricot

Hollyhock Halo White

Hollyhock Queeny Purple

Dianthus Siberian Blues


Hosta — America’s Favorite Shade Perennial! With their large, handsome leaves in all shades of green, blue, yellow, and white, Hosta would be popular even if they didn’t grow so easily! Long-lived and improving every year, these thick leaves acquire lovely texture over time. Great for containers, too!

Hosta June

A dense, weed-choking groundcover Hosta just 9 to 12 inches high but spreading up to 2½ feet wide! June is an award-winner with fragrant mauve blooms and golden leaves edged in two shades of green. Z 3-8.

87568-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Patriot

Hosta June

A very fast grower, this mounded plant sports prominent vertical veining, slightly cup-shaped, undulating leaf edges, and a substantial texture that discourages slugs and snails from nibbling. Better with each passing season, it is quite sun-tolerant. Leaves reach 7 inches long and 3½ inches wide, topped by lavender blooms. Z 3-8.

87561-X1P—1 six-pack



Hosta El Capitan

Great for mass planting or filling out the shade border, these heavily veined heart-shaped leaves are dense and mounded on plants 3½ feet high and just over 2 feet wide. Long-lived, very adaptable to garden stresses from cold to heat, drought to poor soil, ‘El Capitan’ is destined to make a great impression in your garden. Z 3-8.

87557-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Komodo Dragon

The fastest and longest spreading Hosta you’ll ever grow is this 7-foot-wide beauty! Just 2½ feet tall, it scrambles quickly through the shade, offering great coverage for large areas. Z 3-9.

87559-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Elegans Hosta Patriot

Hosta El Capitan Hosta Komodo Dragon

(H. sieboldiana.) Beautifully veined gray-green leaves are large and rounded on this 5-foot-wide plant. Lovely white blooms appear in spring. Best in part shade or dappled sunlight, it reaches 2½ feet tall. Z 3-8.

87571-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Elegans Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans



Hellebore Royal Heritage Strain™ Hellebore Royal Heritage Strain™

(Helleborus.) A free-blooming shade lover with evergreen foliage untroubled by pests, disease, heat, humidity, and drought — and it blooms in winter! Ours is hand-selected for a wide range of colors from purple, red, pink, white, green, yellow, to near-black. Flourishes for years in most any soil (even clay).

87548-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Stiletto

Rippled, pointy 7-inch leaves edged in cream give this miniature Hosta a wavy look! Just 8 inches high and 6 inches wide, it’s perfect for edging or patio containers. Purple-striped blooms appear on 12-inch scapes in summer, but it is the soft, textured foliage that makes this petite Hosta stand out. Z 3-8.

87564-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Stiletto Hosta Red October

Hosta Sum and Substance

These 2-foot-long leaves begin yellow, then turn golden to chartreuse over time in part shade to dappled sun. A spreading plant 2 feet tall and 3 to feet wide, it is one of the most popular for its great size and dense foliage. Z 3-9.

87572-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Red October

The only one of its kind, with claret-red leaf stems, the color spilling over into the base of each leaf! The habit is vaseshaped, showing off those long maroon stems from spring until frost on plants 12 to 18 inches high, 18 to 24 inches wide. Z 3-9.

87566-X1P— 1 six-pack



Hosta Sum and Substance

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Rudbeckia Goldsturm

(R. fulgida var. sullivantii.) Plants are covered with bright golden 3-inch flowers. A mass of color in the garden, the blooms have long, strong stems. Great for cutting! Z 3-9.

87605-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95

Rudbeckia Cappuccino

(R. hirta.) Once a humble American wildflower, Black-Eyed Susan has stepped up in the world with this splendid mahogany-and-gold variety, winner of Europe’s top honor for flowering seed! The blooms are huge — 4 inches wide — and very, very profuse from late spring well into fall. And the plant is compact, giving you more flowers and less big rangy foliage!

87593-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

(R. hirta.) A fantastic new look for Black-Eyed Susan! Huge 3- to 4-inch daisies of bright red, deep maroon, and gleaming black! These award-winning flowers keep coming all summer and into autumn on 2-foot plants, perfect for cutting yet irresistible to butterflies and bees in the garden.

87601-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye

The most flower-filled Black-Eyed Susan ever grown! This sun-loving plant offers masses and masses of lovely 3-inch daisies, each yellow petal flushed with goldenorange and surrounding a big brown eye. Perfect for cutting, the blooms begin in late spring and just won’t quit until frost! Very compact, this plant reaches no more than 2 feet high, and is a bloom machine you just won’t believe!

87610-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset

(R. hirta.) Uniquely colored 3- to 4½-inch blooms vary from double to semi-double and appear in golden yellow, orange, bronze and mahogany.

87598-X1P— 1 six-pack

for $9.95

Pyrethrum James Kelway Pyrethrum James Kelway

Rudbeckia Capuccino

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy



A carefree delight for two seasons of glorious color, no other Painted Daisy can rival it for sheer brilliance! The big, 3-inch daisies pop up all over bushy, dense 20-inch plants over a very long season. Easy to grow in full sun or part shade. Z 3-7.

87586-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy

(Leucanthemum x superbum.) No two blooms on this fun plant are just alike! Some are quilled, others frilly; all are stunning! The buttery-eyed white blooms are 2½ inches wide on vigorous, bushy 2-foot plants. Blooms from late spring through summer. Z 5-9.

87580-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95

Shasta Daisy White Knight

(Leucanthemum x superbum.) Giant 4- to 5-inch daisies arise for many months on these compact plants. Disease-resistant, dense, and bushy, they are a cheerful presence in the sunny garden. Space plants 20 inches apart. Z 5-9.

Shasta Daisy White Knight

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

Scabiosa Pink Mist

Veronica Giles Van Hees

Veronica Sunny Border Blue

Salvia Rose Queen

Salvia Blue Queen

87574-X1P—1 six-pack for $12.95

Scabiosa Pink Mist

(S. columbaria.) A flower lover’s dream come true, this super-easy sun-lover blooms for 5 months or more! Gray-green foliage 6 inches high is topped by 12inch sporting pincushion-like 1½-inch lavender-pink blooms. Great for cutting—the faster you cut them, the quicker you get new buds. Z 5-10.

87590-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

(S. columbaria.) Only 12 inches tall, this little plant blooms continuously from spring to fall! A mature plant will produce up to 400 lovely blue flowers in a season! The lacy 2-inch blooms attract butterflies by the score. A trouble-free plant for full sun, it thrives in the garden or in flowerpots. Z 3-9.

87594-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Veronica Sunny Border Blue

Deeply colored flowers, textured green foliage, and a self-supporting habit make this perennial a delight in garden or container. Compact plants just 18 to 20 inches high and a bit wider are crowned with violet-blue spikes from early summer to frost! Z 4-9.

87611-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Veronica Giles Van Hees

Very dwarf, with petite, showy pink spikes that bloom ceaselessly from early summer to frost. This is a groundcover Veronica, much wider than it is tall, and irresistible to butterflies and bees. Lovely! Z 4-8.

87600-X1P—1 six-pack for $14.95

Salvia Blue Queen

(S. x superba.) Deep blue spikes appear first in early summer, then repeat until fall. So easy to grow, it even withstands drought! Z 4-9.

87579-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95

Salvia Rose Queen

(S. x superba.) Rosy flower spikes decorate these vigorous 20-inch plants. The leaves are olive green to gray, a nice change of pace for the sunny garden. Carefree and determind to bloom heavily! Z 4-9.

87587-X1P—1 six-pack for $9.95


Rosemond Cole Canna

(C. x generalis.) From giant landmark plants to compact varieties for containers, Canna is a heat- and moisture-loving tropical hardy in Z 7-11. The summer-through-fall blooms and large, paddle-shaped leaves lend an exotic air to any full sun setting. Great for waterside and boggy soils! Bulb.

Wyoming Dwarf Wyoming Dwarf

Stunning 4- to 5-inch flowers of deep golden with an orange eye unfurl by the dozen on this magnificent dwarf! Bronzy foliage stands out.

7865-X1P—3 for $12.95

Rosemond Cole

Sizzling hot orange-red flowers outlined in bright yellow are eyecatching from across the garden on this 4- to 5-foot-tall Canna!

7375-X1P—$4.95 each

King Humbert Yellow

Reaching 6 feet tall and nearly as wide, the soild green foliage is lighter than that of many Cannas, complementing the sunny yellow blooms. These 3-inch flowers boast darker throats of warm orangecoral, and are set profusely atop the foliage on very sturdy stalks.

7746-X1P—5 for $18.95

King Humbert Red King Humbert Yellow

Neat and slender at 2 to 3 feet wide, this 6-foot-tall favorite sets masses and masses of big, bright blooms.

7369-X1P—5 for $18.95

King Humbert Red Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

(Syn. ‘Pretoria’). Splendid pin-striped foliage of yellow and green perfectly complements the zingy orange blooms on this 4- to 6-foot plant!

8431-X1P—8.95 each

Red Dazzler

The best red for landscaping, this 4-foot-tall variety offers 3-inch scarlet blooms.

7950-X1P—$4.95 each

Red Dazzler




One of the best plants for the home or outdoor containers in the shade, Caladium grows quickly from a small bulb, setting large, almost iridescent leaves in many lovely colors and patterns. Hardy only in Z 8-10, it can be dug up before first frost and replanted in spring for another year of beauty! Bulb.

8640-X1P—Sweetheart. Very sun-tolerant and vigorous, this 15-inch plant offers strappy foliage.

7298-X1P—White Christmas. Lush 21-inch plant with symmetrical patterning.

7297-X1P—Frieda Hemple. One of the richest reds, on 18-inch plants.

7859-X1P—Gingerland. Petite 15-inch plants with good sun tolerance and unusual freckling. 7224-X1P—Red Ruffles. Slender leaves on plants just 12 to 14 inches high!

7305-X1P—Pink Symphony. Give this 16- to 18-inch plant more shade than others to preserve its opalescent pink color. Any Caladium above, one variety 5 for $12.95

Red Ruffles Pink Symphony


White Christmas (left) and Frieda Hemple (right) Gingerland

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Colocasia Jack’s Giant Calla Black Forest

(Zantedeschia). The boldest Calla yet! Glistening ebony blooms with a hot red edge reach 4 to 5 inches long on 3-foot plants. Expect them in late spring or early summer on outdoor plants, year-round on houseplants! Best in sun to partial shade. Bulb. Z 8-10.

Calla Black Forest

40988-X1P —$14.95 each

Calla Flame

(Zantedeschia). A luscious persimmon-orange bloom and a wonderfully free-flowering habit! This 2- to 2½-foot plant offers white-spotted, heart-shaped leaves and super long-lasting blooms ­— expect them to look good for 3 weeks or more in the garden and nearly that long in the vase! Bulb. Z 9-11.

7376-X1P —$9.95 each

Calla Purple Sensation

(Zantedeschia.) Maroon to purple blooms simply glow on strong, elegant 16-inch stems! Banked by large, spotted foliage, these magnificent blooms are among the very best for cutting. Easy to grow in containers—just give it partial shade or bring it indoors as a houseplant! Flowers heavily in summer. Bulb. Z 9-11.

48039-X1P —$5.95 each

Colocasia Jack’s Giant

Calla Flame Colocasia Illustris

Calla Purple Sensation Colocasia esculenta

(Colocasia esculenta.) A massive Elephant Ear, with glossy blue-green leaves. It loves moist or even boggy soil, and is easy to grow. Give it room to spread, and enjoy its oversized grandeur. It reaches 7 feet tall and will spread anywhere from 5 to 8 feet wide. 4-inch pot. Z 7-10.

40460-X1P —$16.95 each

Colocasia Illustris

(Colocasia antiquorum.) Perfect for large containers, this heirloom Elephant Ear sports enormous 2-foot leaves of green brushed generously with black! Popular since the early 20th century, this variety reaches 6 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide — compact enough for a large container or the shade garden! Give it moist to wet soil and watch it take off! 4-inch pot. Z 9-11.

44629-X1P —$14.95 each

Colocasia esculenta

The beloved Giant Elephant Ear boasts enormous, absolutely beautiful heart-shaped leaves of fresh green with chartreuse to gold veining. Quickly growing 3 to 5 feet tall in dense shade and moist to damp soil, it can also be grown in containers. One of the few plants that doesn’t mind deep shade! 3-inch pot. Z 8-10.

49929-X1P —$12.95 each



Daylily Big Smile

Daylily Pardon Me

Daylily Pardon Me

Perfectly formed, sunproof, 3-inch, bright red flowers start in midsummer and continue for 4 to 6 weeks in the north, 6 to 12 weeks in the south. Plant 6 to 12 inches apart. Bareroot. Z 4-9.

44835-X1P —$8.95 each

Daylily Big Smile

An unusual color combination in Hemerocallis — soft pastel peach along the ruffled edges of deep, buttery yellow petals. These blooms reach an incredible 7 inches across, and look even larger on these compact plants. Excellent for containers as well as the garden, the flowers are offset by very narrow strappy foliage. Bareroot. Z 3-9.

40534-X1P —$16.95 each

Daylily Stella de Oro

Considered by many the finest Daylily ever grown, this “everbloomer” sets up to 400 flowers per season when mature, and is often the first and last to bloom! Winner of countless awards, it offers bright 2½-inch blooms for up to 6 months on carefree plants. Highly recommended, it is a classic that has earned its reputation. Bareroot. Z 4-9.

Daylily Stella de Oro Crocosmia Lucifer

44043-X1P — $8.95 each

Crocosmia Lucifer

Robust 3- to 3½-foot plants with wiry stems bear flame-red flowers in summer. The blooms last 3 to 4 weeks on the plant or over a week when cut! Grow in a sunny, well-drained location, and it will flourish for years.Mulch heavily for winter in the north. Bulb. Z 5-8. 48038-X1P —5 for $6.95


Dahila Mystery Day

A breathtaking study in darkness and light, these double blooms offer deep violet petal with generous white tips. Measuring 6 to 9 inches wide, they steal the show in any setting. Compact plant is 2½ to 3 feet tall. Bulb. Z 8-11.

48042-X1P —$4.95 each

Dahlia ‘Kelvin Floodlight’

One of the largest and most magnificent ever grown, this 1959 introduction celebrates years of glory this season! The blooms measure 11 to 12 inches wide, packed with vibrant yellow. Bulb. Z 8-10.

41381-X1P —$4.95 each

Dahila Akita

With blooms 8 to 10 inches wide, this Dinnerplate Dahlia wows with deep cinnamon to maroon petals tipped in cream. This is one of the most spectacular cutflowers ever, appearing in summer and fall on 3- to 3½-foot-tall plants in the sunny garden. Don’t miss it! Bulb. Z 8-11.

48041-X1P —$4.95 each

Dahila Mystery Day

Lily Silk Road

A luciously fragrant lily! One of the vigorous, long-blooming Orienpets, ‘Silk Road’ bears 8- to 10-inch flowers of white with deep crimson-rose throats. Enormous inflorescences up to 2 feet across produce secondary buds to extend blooming time. Strong, tall stems won’t topple over. Bulb. Z 4-9.

7329-X1P —$12.95 each

Lily Lollipop

This stunning Asiatic Lily is loaded with vibrant, rose-pink blooms with a broad central star and a cheery collection of auburn-tipped anthers for contrast! Plant in full sun to partial shade in moistureretentive, well-drained soil. Hardy nearly everywhere in the contiguous U.S. Bulb. Z 3-10.

7412-X1P — 3 for $12.95

Dahlia ‘Kelvin Floodlight’ Lily Silk Road

Dahila Akita Lily Lollipop

Lily Muscadet

Ruffled 6-inch blooms arise freely on plants just 2 to 2½ feet high, their sweet scent filling the sunny garden! The flowers are pure white with deep pink freckles, just right for the vase, your best containers, the patio garden, and more! Bulb. Z 4-9.

7507-X1P — 3 for $12.95

Lily Muscadet




87577-X1P —Hidcote Blue

Bears fra­­grant flowers of purple, the deepest color yet of the lavenders. 12 to 24 inches tall, 12 inches wide. Z 6-9.

87582-X1P —French Long

(Lavandula stoechas pedun­­­culata.) Similar to French Lavender, with 8- to 10” fragrant magenta flowerstalks on bushier, fuller plants 30 inches high, 20 to 25 inches wide. Superb for drying! Z 7-9.

87634-X1P — Munstead

Beautiful, compact edging plant of uniform habit; lavender flowers. 12 to 18 inches high, and 30 inches wide. Z 5-9.


87556-X1P —Catmint

Soft lavender-blue flowers and the handsome silvery-green foliage are aromatic on these plants, which reach only 12 inches tall but spread, forming a lovely low mat that blooms all summer long. Catmint thrives in any soil—even those infertile, dry, hot, sandy spots where little else is happy.

Lavender Hidcote Blue

Lavender French Long

87583-X1P — Peppermint Chocolate

(Mentha x piper­ita.) The sweet and spicy scent of these burgundy-blushed leaves will jazz up your cuisine and lift your spirits. Z 4-9.

87575-X1P — Spearmint

The 2-3½ inch lance-shaped leaves are a unique wrinkled texture. Oblong terminal spikes of lilacpink to white flowers appear all summer. Like other mints, spearmint is extremely easy to grow. Grow in almost any soil conditions in sun or part shade, harvesting leaves all season long. Z 4-9.

Lavender Munstead

87588-X1P — Mother of Thyme

(Thymus ser­phyllum.) Creeping plant, ½ to 3 inches tall and 3 feet wide, with fragrant foliage and purple flowers. Ideal to plant between flag­ stones or as a ground cover. Z 4-9. Any Herb above, in six-packs of one variety 1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs for $19.00

Rose-Scented Geranium

(Pelargonium.) Every garden needs at least one scented Geranium, and these snowflake-shaped leaves topped with small rosy-pink blooms are among the most fragrant in the family. Rub the leaves and they evoke a fresh-cut bouquet of long-stemmed roses! Very easy to grow in sun to light shade, this annual plant is easy to root from cuttings, so you will be able to enjoy it year after year. About 18 inches high and wide. 3-inch pot.

Peppermint Chocolate Mother of Thyme

Catmint Spearmint


87589-X1P — $9.95 each

Rose-Scented Geranium


Big, Vigorous Vegetable Plants for Your

Pepper Sweet Rainbow Mix

Customer Favorites 40472-X1P Pepper Sweet Rainbow Mix

Grow the best sweet bell peppers available anywhere, in the full range of colors! Savor the distinctive flavors of white, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, and chocolate vari­eties from vigorous, disease-resistant, prolific plants.

40680-X1P Tomato Celebrity Hybrid

AAS Win­ner. Strong plants pro­­duce a bounty of 8-ounce, firm fruits that resist crack­­ing. An old favorite! One slice covers a whole slice of bread.

87596-X1P Pepper Colossal Hybrid

Tomato Celebrity Hybrid

Extra-large, thick-walled rich green bells have a delicious sweet flavor with no bitter after taste. The blocky fruit is at least 6 inches long and wide, and because it’s set vertically up; the plant and the bells keep their beautiful shape.

87445-X1P Pepper Karma

Rated #1 for yield, size, color, and taste. Huge harvests of 6- by 4-inch peppers, with thick walls and bright red skin—the yield is so heavy that you should stake the 25- to 35-inch plants.

Any Customer Favorite above in six-packs of one variety 1 six-pack for $9.95 / 2 six-packs for $19.00

Egyptian Walking Onion Blueberry Sunshine Blue

Blueberry Sunshine Blue Pepper Colossal Pepper Karma

Its dense, rounded, semi-dwarf form is only 3 to 4 feet wide; its silvery leaves remain ever­green all winter; and its pink spring flowers are a refreshing change from the usual white. Self-pollinating and more tolerant than most to high pH! It’s a southern highbush type with a low chill requirement (only 150 hours), which means it’s great for the South — yet hardy all the way to Chicago! Best in slightly acid, rich soil. In colder zones, container plants should be sunk in the ground or protected during winter months. 3½-inch pot. Z 5-9.

48092-X1P — $12.95 each / 3 for $35.85

Egyptian Walking Onion

All parts of this remarkable plant are edible, and it’s such fun to grow! The long, thick green stalks are terrific scallions, and the little cluster of brownish bulbils at the top of the plant are miniature onions — tender, savory, and mild. The larger underground bulb may also be used as an onion or replanted for next year’s crop. Perennial across the U.S. (zones 3-10), this onion “walks” when its tall stalks bend over beneath the weight of the brown bulbils, topple to the ground, and root there! 3-inch pot. Cannot ship to OR.

49237-X1P — 4.95 each



Summer Garden! Heirloom Favorites 80060-X1P — Tomato Brandywine

Indeterminate. The absolute favorite heirloom tomato among connoisseurs, Brandywine delights with big fruit of purplishred, deeply lobed and not at all “uniform.” But the best part is the flavor – meaty, juicy, with real “tomato tang.” It sets good yields of large 12-ounce fruit, no two just alike. Attention-getting, distinctive, and unforgettable!

87597-X1P — Tomato Cherokee Purple

Indeterminate. Everyone’s favorite heirloom, it’s yummy and easy to grow! Rumored to have originated with the Cherokee nation in Tennessee more than 120 years ago, this scrumptious tomato is beloved not only for its history and unusual deep purple color but for its stunning flavor. Huge, ridged 16-oz. fruit offers a rich tomato tang on vigorous 8-foot plants that bear heavily all season.

Tomato Brandywine

87599-X1P — Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast

Indeterminate. Giant orange beefsteak! Giant sunny orange globes weighing 1 to 2 pounds appear on this vigorous Certified Organic heirloom. Their sweet, tangy flavor is legendary, and a single slice is more than enough for a sandwich!

80037-X1P — Pepper Corno di Toro

This delicious old-time Italian sweet frying pepper is named “bull’s horn” for its distinctive shape. Huge 8-inch fruits mature to dark red.

80059-X1P — Tomato Big Rainbow

This heirloom is a pleasure to watch grow, as it turns from a green-shouldered, yellow-centered, red-bottomed young fruit to a mature gold-and-red sunset of color. Absolutely enormous, it reaches 2 pounds before you know it, and has a flavor as over-the-top as its size and parade of colors. Resistant to foliar diseases, it keeps producing till frost.

Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast

Pepper Corno di Toro

Tomato Big Rainbow

Tomato Costoluto Genovese

80061-X1P — Tomato Costoluto Genovese

For intense tomato bite with a high acidic content, there is no better variety than this splendid Italian heirloom, probably dating from the early 1800s. The fruit is deeply lobed and irregular, but the flavor is unbelievable — no modern hybrid can equal it! A good choice for warm climates, it thrives in summer heat and then continues setting new fruit well into the cooler fall days.

87585-X1P — Pepper California Wonder

75 days. Dark, green, glossy fruits are smooth, 4-lobed and measure 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide; flesh is thick, sweet and mild. Plants grow 28 to 30 inches tall.

Pepper California Wonder

Tomato Cherokee Purple

Any Vegetable above in six-packs of one variety 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs for $19.00

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Tomatoes 87456-X1P —Chocolate Cherry

Even if this smoky purple cherry tomato weren’t so attractive, it would be popular for its exceptionally rich, tangy flavor. 1-inch fruits appear in clusters of 8 all over bushy plants 5 to 6 feet high and 3 feet wide. Harvest a few days before maturity and ripen indoors if needed.

80018-X1P — Sugary Hybrid

Chocolate Cherry

Super-high sugar content (9.5 on the Brix scale) and unique shape make this THE cherry Tomato to grow! Winner of a 2005 All-America Selection award, Sugary is exactly what its name suggests — a sweet, delectable bite-sized treat that even vegetable-phobic children love! These ½-ounce fruits are dark pink and arise in incredible numbers on plants so vigorous that you may want to prune them back in mid-season just to keep them within bounds! (Of course, if you’ve got the space, let them keep climbing — you won’t believe the yields!) Arising in big bunches like clusters of grapes, these tomatoes are pointed on both ends — an unusual and fun look!

87607-X1P — Sunsugar Hybrid

Don’t let its name fool you — this tomato is packed with sugars, yes, but it’s also got that authentic tomato “tang” that so many other cherry types lack. Early to mature and very heavy-yielding, it offers armloads of ½-ounce golden fruits with thin skins that resist cracking. Absolutely delicious!

87454-X1P — Ildi Hybrid

Ildi Sugary–AAS Winner!

The highest-yielding grape tomato in our trials is also the most attractive and delicious! Delectable new Ildi is a sweet grape with a tart underbite — really satisfying in salads or straight from the vine! These fruits mature quickly and are borne in huge clusters of up to 75! And as if all this weren’t enough, they have great staying power on the vine or after picking, lasting for weeks without losing one bit of freshness! Grape-shaped 1-inch yellow tomatoes held in bunches of up to 75 on 5- to 6-foot vines.

Any Tomato above in six-packs of one variety 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

Sunsugar Hybrid



Tomatoberry Garden 87612-X1P—Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid

The Tomato that Thinks it’s a Strawberry! The newest sensation in cherry tomatoes is this super-sweet, extrajuicy strawberry-sized wonder! Just about an inch high and wide, it boasts a firm texture all the way from its broad shoulders to its tapering point. The fruit is irresistibly delicious, and really does resemble a strawberry in shape and color. What fun!

Park's Whopper CR Improved Park's Beefy Boy

41422-X1P—Park’s Whopper CR Improved Hybrid

The Home Gardener’s Absolute Favorite Tomato! Indeterminate. The original Whopper was an American classic, and its successor is simply a dream: greater disease resistance, higher yields, a longer season, and better taste! These big, juicy, crack-resistant tomatoes, 4 inches or more across, and ripen evenly. Then they keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost — ­ no smaller, greener endof-season fruits here! Resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and 2 strains of Fusarium Wilt. Set plants 2 to 2½ feet apart.

12 to 16 ounces Each!

41266-X1P—Park’s Beefy Boy Hybrid

Everything about Beefy Boy is larger-than-life, from its succulent flavor to its generous yields! Bred specifically for maximum flavor, the taste is sweet yet meaty, with more solids and less gel, despite its walloping 12- to 16-ounce size. This is the tomato you must grow this year for fresh tomato sandwiches and salads! And although you get a huge crop, less space between each fruit mean a more manageable, space-saving plant for the home garden! Superior disease protection, too — Beefy Boy is tolerant of Stemphylium and resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt races 1 and 2, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. On top of all that, the globe-shaped tomatoes are gorgeous, with deep red skin and smooth shoulders (thanks to uniform ripening).

Any Tomato above in six-packs of one variety 1 six-pack for $9.95 2 six-packs (mix ‘n’ match) for $19.00

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Park's Whopper CR Improved Hybrid

The Home Gardener's Absolute Favorite Tomato! Indeterminate. The original Whopper was an American classic, and its successor is simply a dream: greater disease resistance, higher yields, a longer season, and better taste! These big, juicy, crack-resistant tomatoes, 4 inches or more across, and ripen evenly. Then they keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost — ­ no smaller, greener end-of-season fruits here! Resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and 2 strains of Fusarium Wilt. Set plants 2 to 2½ feet apart.

41422-X1P— 1 six-pack for $9.95

2 six-packs for $19.00


Park Seed Co. One Parkton Avenue Greenwood, SC 29647-0001


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