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Hosta ‘Hudson Bay’



Hosta tardiflora 'El Nino'


Hostas Hostas are widely recognized for the artistic beauty and richness of their foliage, unequaled in any other shade-loving plant. Their leaves are perfect for cutting, and some even boast fragrant or showy blooms. Combine them with ferns in the shade border to create a marvelous contrast in texture and color. We offer a selection of the finest species and cultivars.

Hosta 'Hudson Bay' �New PPAF. Born of an impressive lineage, most recently 'Eskimo Pie,' this flashier, larger version is also an overall stronger grower. The heavy, pest-resistant leaves have wider, brighter blue margins and lovely apple green jetting that contrasts beautifully with the creamy white center. Hummingbirds will grace your garden in early summer, drawn to the nearwhite flowers rising over the foliage on white scapes, while its vigor and versatility will make it a favorite for years to come! 1-quart container.

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Z 3-9 | early summer | part/full shade | H: 24", W: 24"

49333 $19.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea

Hosta tardiflora 'El Nino' PP#14,632. One of the absolute best blue-leaved cultivars for stability of color, this sport of the classic H. 'Halcyon' offers slender, gleaming margins of white along its pointed, rippled iron-blue foliage. In spring the edges emerge yellow, quickly maturing to ivory. Violet blooms on 24-inch scapes flutter above the foliage for several weeks. Introduced by Petrus Warmerdam of Holland in 2002, it is certain to become a classic. 1-quart container. Z 3-9 | mid-summer | part/full shade | H: 18", W: 29"

48447 $17.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea

Hosta 'Halcyon' This English classic is one of the very best blue-leaved cultivars, known for its ability to retain its color far longer than most. A necessity in the shade border, it will delight you year after year, its large, handsome leaves growing more beautifully textured with each new spring. Most surprising are its flowers, which arise on 2-foot stems above the foliage. They are a rich lilac-blue and very long-lasting, making them a good cut-flower for the vase. Many Hostas are subject to damage from nibbling slugs and snails, but 'Halcyon' offers thick foliage from a very young age, discouraging nibbling pests. 1-quart container. Z 3-8 | late summer | part/full shade | H:18-24", W: 30-36"

48489 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea

Hosta 'Halcyon'

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