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Peonies Amongst Americas most beloved garden plants, Peonies were brought to this country by early European settlers, and traveled out west with the pioneers. Before refrigerated shipping, they were one of the few perennials to be mail-ordered, and no self-respecting garden was without them. The longest-lived perennial, they need nothing beyond well-drained soil and sun to bloom for many decades. We ship only healthy, freshly-dug, 3-5 eye divisions only in the fall— the prime time for planting.

Paeonia 'Bric A Brac' �New Wonderfully twisted, irregularly fringed petals of cream, streaked with green and rosy-red, adorn this midseason bloomer from master breeders William Krekler and Roy Klehm. Subtly fragrant, this is a single-flowered Peony, but the unusual hold of the petals makes it look as full and lively as a Parrot Tulip. 24 inches high and about 30 to 36 inches wide, it prefers afternoon shade and is hardy in zones 2-8. Bareroot. Z 2-8 | late spring/early summer | sun/part shade | H: 24", W: 30-36"

49097 $24.95 ea | 2 for $22.95 ea

Paeonia 'Cheddar Surprise' �New Marvelously fragrant, these big semi-double blooms of icy white boast a frilly collar of golden petaloids and short stamens mixed with a tuft of curly white petals, creating a very full, rose-like appearance. Borne on very sturdy stems, they open from blushpink buds and are excellent for cutting. Disease-resistant foliage keeps this midseason bloomer attractive all season. Roy Klehm, 1980. Bareroot.

Paeonia 'Bric A Brac'


Z 2-8 | sun/part shade | late spring/early summer | H: 30", W: 24"


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48696 $28.95 ea | 2 for $26.95 ea


Paeonia 'Fairy Princess' �New PPAF. An unusual breakthrough in the world of Peonies, this Dwarf, or Rock Garden type, with a unique, compact growth habit, was developed jointly from the American breeding programs of William KreckIer and Roy Klehm. Early flowering, with rounded, 4 to 5-inch flowers produced prolifically. Bareroot. Z 4-8 | mid spring/late summer | sun/part shade H: 15-18", W: 24-36"


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43421 $32.95 ea | 2 for $29.95 ea

Paeonia 'Abalone Pearl' This early bloomer is ideal for southern climates, its semidouble flowers opening 5 to 6 inches wide, with pink- and coral-washed petals surrounding a yellow center. Superb for cutflowers, the blossoms arise on long, sturdy stems with great staying power. Bareroot.

Paeonia 'Cheddar Surprise'


Z 2-8 | mid-summer | sun | H: 32", W: 30-36"

40820 $26.95 ea | 2 for $24.95 ea

Paeonia 'Angel Cheeks' American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.

A dazzling pink 5-inch “bomb” Peony from the late Carl Klehm, one of America’s premier Peony breeders! The underside of the petals is striped red, and as you lean in for a closer look, you’ll enjoy the subtle, sweet fragrance of this midseason bloomer. Good coldhardiness and disease resistance. Bareroot. Z 3-8 | late spring | sun H: 30", W: 36"

44254 $34.95 ea

2 for $31.95 ea

Paeonia 'Fairy Princess'

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Paeonia 'Abalone Pearl'

Paeonia 'Angel Cheeks'

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