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Belamcanada chinensis

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Callirhoe involucrata

Callirhoe involucrata

Iris pallida 'Aurea Variegata'

Fortunate is the gardener with a large stand of purple poppy mallow, for there is no better ground cover for water-starved, sunny setting. For months on end, this mat-forming plant sports upturned 2½-inch magenta blooms, above large divided dark green foliage. Let this perennial tumble over walls, scramble across poor soil, or naturalize in border, meadow and slope. One of the most beloved and valuable of native plants. 4-inch pot.

Creating a luminous effect in the garden from spring to late fall, the 2- to 2 ½-foot foliage is banded with brilliant yellow, enhanced in early summer by fragrant lavender flowers. Best in well-drained, sunny locations, but tolerates some shade, especially in the South. Bareroot.

Z 4-9 | late spring/early summer | sun/light shade H: 6-12", W: 6-36"

43913 $13.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea

Belamcanada chinensis A plant certain to please! Blackberry Lily is an Iris-like plant with tall stems bearing 2-inch showy freckled flowers of orange and crimson, followed by ornamental black seed clusters which give rise to its common name. The blooms arise toward the end of summer, just when the perennial border is in need of some strong color. A strong grower, it thrives in ordinary garden soil in sun or shade. Bareroot.

Z 4-8 | early summer | full sun | H: 24-29", W: 8-10"

44028 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea

Iris 'Black Gamecock' Simply the best Louisiana Iris ever selected! Very vigorous, it sets huge, gold-throated 6-inch blooms of velvety purple-black. Perfect for waterside plantings, damp soils, and garden trouble spots, this hardy native perennial asks only enriched soil and moisture to thrive and spread for years to come! Tolerates heat, humidity, and cold; untroubled by pests or disease. Bareroot. Z4-9 | early summer | sun/light shade | H-3', W-3'

49797 $7.95 ea | 3 for $6.95 ea

Iris pallida 'Aurea Variegata'

Z 5-10 | mid-summer/early fall | full sun H: 24-36", W: 15-18"

43050 $6.95 ea | 3 for $5.95 ea

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Iris pallida 'Argentea' The beloved Dalmatian Iris, grown in gardens for centuries, outshines most of its modern cousins with its stiff, pointed foliage of soft green striped in cream and topped by marvelously fragrant lavender blooms. Their powerful scent is reminiscent of grape soda, filling the garden or home with sweetness. Semi-evergreen in warm climates, left alone by pests and disease, and prepared to spread, this stately Iris belongs in any well-drained soil, even heavy clay. Reasonably drought tolerant when well-established. Bareroot. Z 3-9 | mid/late spring | sun/part shade H: 20-24", W: 18-24"

25106 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea

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Iris ‘Black Gamecock’

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