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Campsis radicans 'Flamingo'


Campsis 'Flava'

Campsis radicans 'Flamingo' �New

Campsis radicans 'Flava'

Quickly cover trellises, fences, or walls with brilliant summer color! This trumpet vine adorns its deep green foliage with flamboyant, tubular flowers of a lovely orange-scarlet shade. Each bloom is 2½-3" long with a 1½" mouth. Born in clusters of 4 to a dozen, they’ll decorate your garden for a nice, long midsummer season, bringing as much joy to the hummingbirds as to you! 1-gallon container.

One of the choicest blooming vines! Clusters of bright yellow flowers are lavishly produced all summer. A vigorous climber that needs no support and quickly covers walls, fences, and pergolas. Hardy and trouble free in any sunny location, it bears masses of trumpetshaped flowers all summer. Few plants are as colorful – and hummingbirds love them. 1-gallon container.

Z 4-8 | mid-summer | full sun/part shade | H: 30-40'

Z 5-9 | summer | sun | H: 20-30', W:4'

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Hydrangea 'Miranda'

Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris 'Miranda' Brilliant variegation, large fragrant blooms, and a shrubby yet climbing habit distinguish this beautiful selection of the Climbing Hydrangea. They form the perfect backdrop for 6- to 10-inch lacecap inflorescences of white, sweetly fragrant and quite long-lasting flowers. Winter interest is provided by shaggy reddish bark. Train this deciduous woody vine up a strong structure or let it sprawl as a groundcover. With maturity the foliage becomes somewhat tiered, creating a layered effect. Somewhat less vigorous than the species. 1-gallon container. Z 4-8 | late spring | part/full shade | H: 30-50', W: 5-6'

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Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon' This amazing native American Wisteria blooms not once, not twice, but often three times every summer! Huge, richly fragrant foot-long clusters of lilac-blue blossoms perfume the sunny garden, dangling from sturdy vines on pergolas, arbors, and other strong supports. Fully hardy to -40 degrees F, it needs no pruning and is a vigorous, quick grower. 1-gallon container. Z 4-9 | summer| full sun | H: 25’, W: 6’-8’

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Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea


An elegant woody self-climber with multi-season appeal, this slow-growing twining and clinging vine offers magnificent beauty in every season. It may be grown as a vine or a shrub (with pruning), regaling the beholder with glossy deep green foliage that turns pale yellow in autumn, fragrant white lacecap flowers in 6- to 8-inch heads, and handsome exfoliating bark in cinnamon hues. Content in any light except deep shade, it is a bold presence in the landscape. 1-gallon container.


Z 4-8 | early/midsummer | sun/shade | H: 60-80', W: 10-12'

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Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'

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Wayside Gardens Fall Catalog 2011  

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