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Viburnum 'Eskimo'

Viburnum Few shrubs can equal the all-season glory of Viburnum. Spring brings attractive flowers; summer produces lush foliage; and fall adds color to the leaves, as well as abundant berries that last into winter. Hardy as oaks, they resist most pests and diseases while feeding songbirds. Cannot ship to AZ.

Viburnum dentatum


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Clusters of 5-inch white flowers are followed by deep blue berries on Arrowwood Viburnum, a splendid native species. Dark green foliage turns reddish-purple in the fall. Content in damp or even wet soils, it is attractive to birds and makes a handsome hedge or perimeter planting for both formal and informal locations. 1-gallon container.

Viburnum dentatum

Z 3-8 | early summer | sun/part shade | H: 10-12', W: 10-12'

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Viburnum 'Eskimo'


'Eskimo' is the first cultivar that combines the tubular V. carlesii flowers in a snowball inflorescence with semi-evergreen foliage and dwarf growth habit. In 12 years it reaches only 4 to 5 feet in height and 5 feet in width, making it excellent for the limited spaces of many modern gardens. Its dense, compact habit, lustrous, dark green, leathery leaves, and profuse flowers (80 to 170 in each tight, globular inflorescence!) are key elements for home landscapes. 2-quart container. Z 6-8 | late spring | sun/part shade | H: 4-5', W: 4-5'

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Viburnum carlesii



The Korean Spice Viburnum is unequalled for its sweet fragrance in early spring, flowering with the tulips. The masses of flowers are deep pink in bud, open pink, then mature to pure white. Just as the silvery leaves unfold, the 5-inch flower clusters reach their peak, filling the air with their perfume. The spectacular blossoms are followed by clustered black fruit. Easily grown, it ultimately reaches 8 feet in height. 1-quart container. Z 4-8 | early spring | full sun | H: 8', W: 8'

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Viburnum carlesii

Viburnum x Juddii


Reaches about 7 feet high, with fragrant white flowers followed by glistening reddish-black fruit. Developed at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, this hybrid of V. carlesii and V. bitchiuense combines the marvelous scent of the former with the bushier, more spreading habit of the latter. One of the best Viburnums for northern zones this selection is a recipient of the Award of Merit, RHS. 2-quart container. Z 4-8 | spring | sun/part shade | H: 6-8', W: 6-10'

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Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Shasta' A Wayside Original Introduction. Viburnums are among the finest deciduous flowering shrubs for yearround garden interest! Spring brings pink or white buds that transform into attractive white flowers. Summer brings lush, rich-textured foliage. 1-gallon container. Z 5-8 | mid/late spring | sun/part shade | H: 4-6', W: 9-12'

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Viburnum Juddii 0.

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Viburnum ‘Shasta’

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