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Syringa ‘Josee’

Syringa 'Fiala Remembrance' �New Lilac aficionados will not want to miss this stunning tribute to renowned lilac expert, Father John Fiala. When clouds of large, fully double, white blooms burst forth from creamy white-yellow buds in late spring, the appeal of these fastgrowing, adaptable plants will be obvious. Plant them as hedges or anywhere their delectable scent and charming beauty can be fully appreciated. 1-quart container.

Cannot ship to AZ.

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PPAF. (cv ‘Penda’). Bloomerang™ is a flower machine for 4 months or more every year! The heaviest flowering is in spring, when this compact, very wellbranched shrub erupts in fragrant purply-pink bloom trusses, ideal for cutting yet irresistible in the garden as well. Then the flowers simply continue into summer, long past even the late-blooming lilacs, with color present on the shrub all the way until autumn. 2-quart container. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 4-7 | spring/late summer | sun/part shade | H: 4-5' , W: 4'

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A reblooming dwarf Lilac, superbly mildew-resistant and an outstanding performer, with highly fragrant 3- to 4-inch clusters of pinkish-lavender blooms, arising very heavily in late spring and early summer, then intermittently through fall. This hybrid is a cross of Korean, Littleleaf, and Meyer’s Lilacs. Cut or deadhead the first blooms promptly for heaviest rebloom.1-quart container. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 4-8 | late spring/mid fall | sull sun | H: 4-6', W: 6'

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This Lilac is as interesting for its graceful arching habit as for its highly fragrant, beautiful pale purple blooms. Unlike most others, it sets blooms not only at the branch tips but also from lateral buds all along the stems, for rows of flowers up to 2 feet long on pendulous willow-like stems. Famously mildewresistant, vigorous, and healthy, 'Lilac Sunday' was introduced by Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. Best in less acidic soils than most Lilacs prefer. 1-quart container. Cannot ship to AZ.


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Syringa ‘Lilac Sunday’


Syringa x chinensis 'Lilac Sunday'

Z 4-7 | mid-spring | full sun H: 12', W: 12'

Syringa ‘Fiala Remembrance’

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Syringa x meyeri 'Josee'

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Syringa Bloomerang™ Purple �New


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Z 3-7 | early to late spring | full sun | H: 8-10’, W: 6-8’’

Syringa Bloomerang™ Purple


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