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Daffodil ‘Billy Graham' �New


An extraordinary combination of a shell-pink perianth and yellow cup make this the best large-cupped variety available today! The blooms are a full 4 inches across on 19-inch plants that bloom late in the season. Named for the popular American evangelist, this Daffodil is irresistibly appealing. A rare and choice addition to your spring display. Pack contains 5 bulbs.

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Z 4-9 | late spring | sun | H: 20", W: 4-6"


8438 Each pack $12.95 3 packs for 11.95 each

Daffodil ‘Billy Graham’

Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' �New




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PPAF. (cv. Evipo 038.) (Syn. ‘Fairy Blue.’ ) This exciting new Clematis combines unusual flower form with super long bloomtime to give you 5 months or more of glorious color! Very vigorous and easy to grow, the perfect selection for container culture. Striking, eye-catching form accentuated by double-flowers on this glorious repeat bloomer. 'Crystal Fountain' will soon reign in your sunny garden! A Raymond Evison Introduction. 2-quart container. Z 4-9 | late spring/early fall | full sun | H: 6', W: 3'

49815 $29.95 ea | 2 for $26.95 ea

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'

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PPAF. Weeping branches clothed in heart-shaped purple leaves create an instant focal point on this elegant dwarf cultivar! This stellar introduction from North Carolina State University is a hybrid of two classics, 'Covey' x 'Forest Pansy.' Brilliant lavender-pink blooms open on deep red stems and bracts before the tree leafs out in spring, and when the foliage does arise, it sports a glossy shade of maroon before deepening to rich violet for the remainder of the year. A remarkable selection of the native species, 'Ruby Falls' is highly recommended. 2-gallon container.


Z 6-8 | spring | sun/part shade | H: 6-8', W: 4-6'

49578 $85.95 ea | 2 for $77.95 ea

Clematis 'Crystal Fountain'

Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’

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Hosta 'Wheee' �New �New

PPAF. This Hosta’s name alone brings a smile to your face, and once you see its playfully ruffled foliage (evident even in the juvenile stage before vernalization!) and endearing colors, you’ll be even more thrilled! The cream-colored margins of each of its light green leaves extends from the tip all the way down the petiole to the crown. Midsummer brings light lavender flowers on 24" purple scapes, drawing in hummingbirds for even more beauty and charm. 1-quart container.

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Z 3-9 | midsummer | part shade/full shade | H: 11-18", W: 28-30"


49338 $19.95 ea | 3 for $16.95 ea



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Wayside Gardens Fall Catalog 2011  

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