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Hamamelis ‘Arnold Promise’

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Hamamelis 'Wisley Supreme'

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise' This outstanding introduction from the Arnold Arboretum is a hybrid between H. molis and H. japonica. Remarkable for its extra-large 1½-inch primrose yellow flowers that provide color interest for up to three weeks. Brilliant orange fall foliage color adds another season of interest. ‘Arnold Promise’ is a vigorous, vase-shaped grower, reaching a height of 20 feet and clothed in downy gray-green foliage. Blooms in February in milder areas, including New York City. 2-gallon container. Z 5-8| late winter | sun/light shade H: 20', W: 18'

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Hamamelis mollis 'Wisley Supreme' Perhaps grown from seed collected by the legendary British plant explorer E.H. Wilson in China over a century ago, this exceptionally disease-resistant and longblooming cultivar is a classic. Spidery citron-yellow blooms, intensely fragrant, arise on the bare branches of this upright tree for several months, followed in spring by blue-green foliage that remains far healthier than that of almost any other Hamamelis cultivar. In autumn, the leaves turn bright yellow. 2-gallon container. Z 5-8| early/late winter | sun/part shade H: 10-12', W: 8-10'

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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' Extremely rare and prized for its wonderful fragrance, hardiness, and uniquely colored winter-blooming flowers. This hybrid Witch Hazel is a jewel in the landscape. The coppery-red flowers are unrivaled among Witch Hazels for color intensity. They appear in late winter and early spring, before the leaves, and are produced so abundantly that you will want to cut some of the flowering branches for gorgeous indoor arrangements. 2-gallon container. Z 5-8 | late winter/early spring | sun/part shade H: 14'-20', W: 14'-20'

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Hamamelis 'Diane'

Fagus ‘Purple Fountain’

Fagus sylvatica 'Purple Fountain' This flamboyant weeping form of the Purple European Beech is rare and very choice. One of the most spectacular specimen trees we’ve ever offered, this seedling of the European Beech clone ‘Purpurea Pendula’ is extremely narrow, with pendulous branches clothed in deep purple leaves and gray bark. A superb exclamation point in the landscape. 1-gallon container. Z 5-7 | sun/part shade | H: 25’-30’, W: 8’-10’

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Hamamelis virginiana 'Harvest Moon' An abundantly flowering selection of our native Eastern Witch Hazel, this Richard Jaynes introduction delights with an impressive show of color and fragrance beginning just after the yellow fall foliage drops. Quite vigorous, this shrub boasts an attractive vase-shaped habit. 2-gallon container. Z 3-8 | mid/late autumn | sun/part shade | H: 15-18', W: 10-12'

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Carpinus betulus 'Monument' A natural dwarf selection of the European Hornbeam, this slow-growing cultivar offers dense, attractive foliage on an upright, pyramidal habit. Ideal for small gardens, the tree offers bright butter-yellow autumn leaves. At full maturity it is no more than 8 to 9 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. Content in any well-drained soil, it is easy to grow and very showy in garden or container. Introduced by Viva Nord in Italy. 2-gallon container. Z 5-7 | sun/part shade | H: 3-4', W: 2'

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Hamamelis virginiana 'Harvest Moon'

Carpinus 'Monument'

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Wayside Gardens Fall Catalog 2011  

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