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Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira' Sometimes called Lion’s Head Maple or Mejishi, ‘Shishigashira’ is an unusual, bold addition to a garden indeed! Its deeply curled and crinkled bright green leaves are held in close-knit bunches, adding to the interesting architectural shape of its branches. Spring brings small reddish-purple flowers, often concealed by the densely packed tufts of foliage, while autumn offers spectacular shades of gold flushed with crimson and rose. 1-gallon container. Z 6-9 | full sun/part shade | H: 15-18', W: 15-20'

47879 $34.95 ea | 2 for $31.95 ea

Acer palmatum 'Emperor I' �New These long-fingered leaves keep their red tones over 3 seasons!

A landmark tree to fall in love with, with deep red foliage in spring and summer that turns to brilliant crimson in fall. The leaves are nearly translucent and the color steadfast, even in hot sun. Leafs out later than others, avoiding frost damage. 1-gallon container.

Acer ‘Shishigashira’


Z 6-8 | full sun | H: 20', W: 15'

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PP#18,501. A magnificent weeping habit with strong, pendulous branches bearing palmately divided leaves of bright green, ‘Ryusen’ introduces an entirely new look to the species. Train this tree to desired height until it forms a sturdy trunk, or let it weep over a wall, espalier it, or let it decorate your favorite arbor or arch. The foliage turns brilliant shades of golden-orange and bright red in autumn. More heat- and sun-tolerant than many A. palmatum cultivars, ‘Ryusen’ leafs out late in spring, thus avoiding late frosts. 1-gallon container.

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Z 5-8 | sun/part shade | H: 20', W: 6-8'


Acer palmatum 'Ryusen'

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Acer griseum — Paperbark Maple Much sought-after both here and in Europe. The attractive, rich green leaves are compound, with three individual leaflets. The exfoliating bark peels back in thin flakes and layers to reveal the gleaming orange-red color of the new bark. Add this to the bright orange and red color of the autumn foliage, and you can appreciate why the tree is in so much demand. Difficult to propagate, but easy to grow from the sturdy young plants we supply. 2-gallon container. Z 4-8 | early summer | sun/part shade | H: 20-30', W: 15-25'

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Acer 'Emperor I'

Acer ‘Ryusen’

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