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Wayside's Special Tulip Mix

Chionodoxa siehei (Glory Of The Snow)


A hardy assortment of gorgeous hand blended mix of cottage, Darwin Hybrid and Lily Flowered Tulips specially selected for long-lasting flowers in a wide range of colors. Red, yellow, pink, white, purple, and bicolors transform an ordinary garden into a showplace! The varieties in this mix will bloom in late spring in the North, mid-spring in the South. Dramatic flowers on 20-inch stems withstand gusty spring winds and are ideal for cutting. A classic favorite of Wayside gardeners! Pack contains 10 bulbs.

Glory of the Snow is a low-growing, absolutely breathtaking bulb for early to mid-spring, arising about the time of the species Tulips. Each 8-inch-tall plant sports anywhere from 4 to 12 starry blue-and-white flowers, forming a colorful carpet beneath all the taller flowers of the season! Pack contains 20 bulbs.

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Z 3-9 | early spring | full sun/part shade | H: 8”, W: 2-4"


Z 3-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 20-24”

8896 Each pack $11.95

3 packs for $10.95 each

Crocus Giant Spring Mix Wayside’s Special Tulip Mix

Our Giant Spring Mix welcomes the spring season in style! Each bulb offers 2 to 4 cupshaped blooms. Long-lasting and very colorful, they are a must-have in the sunny garden! The flowers appear among slender, grass-like foliage, remaining for several weeks when little else in the garden has broken dormancy. When they’re happy in their setting, they will naturalize, eventually forming great drifts of color. Unforgettable! This mix includes solids and bicolors in all shades of white, yellow, purple, and blue. Pack contains 10 bulbs. Z 3-9 | early spring | full sun/part shade | H: 8”, W: 2-4"

25031 Each pack $7.95

3 packs for $6.95 each

Crocus sativus Chionodoxa siehei (Glory Of The Snow)

Once widely grown as a culinary herb, medicine, perfume, and dye, this charming Crocus brings a wealth of history and beauty to your garden! Lovely violet-blue flowers arise in late fall, ending the autumn bulb season with a color flourish. The elongated orange stigmas produce saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. Easy to grow in a protected spot in sandy soil, it never needs feeding! Order early, nature dictates we cease shipping by midseptember. Pack contains 10 bulbs. Z 5-8 | early fall/mid fall | full sun/part shade | H: 3-6”, W: 2-4”

8121 Each pack $8.95

3 packs for $7.95 each

7638 Each pack $9.95


3 packs for $8.95 each


Crocus Species Mix


Most of us are thoroughly familiar with the bold Dutch Hybrids—Far less well-known are the species crocus, whose blooms are smaller than their well-known cousins’, but are produced in greater abundance. Their flowers open extremely early in the spring, several weeks earlier than the Dutch Crocus. Very easy to grow, they will increase with the years, returning each spring to signal the end of winter. Our mixture is carefully balanced and encompasses a number of rare species and their cultivars to enrich the gardening experience of anyone who plants these early spring gems. Pack contains 30 bulbs. Z 3-9 | late winter/early spring | full sun/part shade H: 4-6”, W: 4-6”

8114 Each pack $10.95

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3 packs for $9.95 each


Crocus speciosus One of the most glorious, satisfactory and easily naturalized species, C. speciosus spreads rapidly to form beautiful pools of blue in the early autumn garden. Blooms are large and appear even bluer at a distance because of the deeper blue veinin of their interiors, which contrasts with the bright orange stigmas. Grass-like foliage follows the blooms. They flourish in open, sunny situations in well-drained soil and multiply rapidly to increase their autumn display over the yerars. Pack contains 20 bulbs. Z 3-8 | mid-/late fall | full sun/part shade | H: 3-6”, W: 2-4"

8089 Each pack $14.95


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3 packs for $12.95 each

Crocus –Giant Spring Mix

Crocus sativus

28 | Bulbs

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Crocus Species Mix


Crocus speciosus

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Wayside Gardens Fall Catalog 2011  

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