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Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix

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Can’t make up your mind about a color pattern for your spectacular Darwin Tulips? Get this economical mix and plant all 5 colors in a random pattern that will be more varied and lovely than most patterned designs! In this mix you get a full color range — yellow, pink, red, orange and bicolors — of the weatherproof, large-flowered, long-lasting Darwins. The more you get, the better and more varied the mix of colors is likely to be. Pack contains 10 bulbs. Z 3-8 | mid spring | sun | H: 20-24”

8907 Each pack $10.95 | 3 packs for $9.95 each

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Tulip ‘Apricot Beauty’ Exquistie Color!

One of the most popular of all Tulips. Hidden within a luminescent blend of pastel apricot and rose is a perfect soft green star. Combines beautifully with other spring flowers in the garden, also fine for cutting or forcing. Blooms in early season on 16-inch stems. Pack contains 5 bulbs.


Z 4-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 14-18”

8747 Each pack $8.95 | 3 packs for $7.95 each

Tulip ‘Parade’ The classic red Darwin Hybrid, high-performing and lovely even in the deep South, where many Tulips are not happy. This late-season bloomer offers masses of carmine-red flowers, 4 inches across and radiating bright color, on 22-inch stems. Inside, at the base of each bloom, is a swatch of black for contrast -- very showy when the blooms open fully! Pack contains 5 bulbs.

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Z 3-8 | late spring | full sun/part shade | H: 22”

8878 Each pack $5.95 | 3 packs for $5.50 each

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix

Tulip ‘Shirley’ An Eye-Catching Triumph!


These large ivory white blooms emerge in midspring feathered with the faintest purple edge, but their margins gradually intensify to solid violet as they mature. It creates a striking effect when several plants are in bloom at once, demonstrating every subtle stage of color change. Superbly shaped, with good weather resistance, these blooms appear in midseason on 18- to 20-inch tall plants. Pack contains 5 bulbs. Z 3-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 18-20”

7642 Each pack $6.95 | 3 packs for $5.95 each

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Tulip ‘Shirley’

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Tulip ‘Apricot Beauty’

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