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Wayside’s Imperial Tulip Mix


We’ve developed a mix of two varieties – one dark purple, the other pale pink – with equal bloom size, plant height, and flowering time. 'Negrita' is a deep, dark purple, flushed with maroon and very richly and evenly colored from base to tip. 'Esther' is a silver-influenced pink, perfect in form. Both have blooms 2 to 3 inches in diameter, stems that reach 22 to 26 inches tall, and a midseason flowering date. Reliable and very prolific, they are long-lasting gems. Pack contains 20 bulbs.

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Z 3-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 22-26”



8122 Each pack $21.95 | 3 packs for $18.95 each

Tulip ‘Angelique’ A favorite with Wayside customers for more than a decade, ‘Angelique’ is a Tulip lover’s dream bloom, with double flowers of strawberries-and-cream on sturdy 20-inch stems. Perfect for cutting and also long-lasting in the garden, this is one Tulip you just can’t live without! The flowers arise in midseason, slowly opening their multiple layers of full, rounded petals. The flower shape may remind you of Peonies, and ‘Angelique’ is just about as long-lasting! Pack contains 5 bulbs. Z 3-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 20”, W: 4”


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8745 Each pack $6.95 | 3 packs for $5.95 each

Wayside’s Imperial Tulip Mix


Wayside's Red And Yellow Landscape Tulip Mix Big, bold, and beautiful! These red and yellow Darwin Tulips have been specially chosen for their matching height (18 to 20 inches), uniform bloomtime (midspring)and flower size (4 inches). A spectacular spring display that will light up your entire yard! Each collection includes 10 red and 10 yellow Darwin Tulips. Pack contains 20 bulbs.


Z 3-8| mid spring | full sun| H: 18-20”

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25030 Each pack $19.95 | 3 packs for $16.95 each

Tulip ‘Ballade’ An impressive performer, 'Ballade has remained in bloom for five weeks in our gardens! The elegant serpentine curves of this 3-inch rich-purple, lily-flowered Tulip are accentuated by sharply-definded white margins. 'Ballade blooms near the end of the Tulip season. Pack contains 5 bulbs. Z 3-8 | late spring | full sun | H: 18-22”





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8754 Each pack $5.95 | 3 packs for $5.50 each

A lily-flowered beauty with a lovely scent and unique color! Tangerine blossoms brushed with yellow open to bright marigold-orange interiors! 20- to 22-inch stems. Pack contains 5 bulbs.

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Z 3-8 | late spring | full sun | H: 20-22”


Tulip ‘Ballerina’

8928 Each pack $6.95 | 3 packs for $5.95 each


Tulip ‘Angelique’

Wayside's Red and Yellow Landscape Tulip Mix

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Tulip ‘Ballade’

Tulip ‘Ballerina’

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