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Bulbs Bulbs are the secret to ever-increasing beauty in the garden - with virtually no maintenance! Wayside goes to great lengths to find you the best rare fall bloomers like autumn crocus and bright, fragrant summer showstoppers like lilies, without neglecting classic spring favorites such as tulips, daffodils, and irises. Check back often to find the best choices available for the current planting season.


The Essence of Spring!

Wayside's “Top Of The Line” Daffodil Mix

Wayside's “Top Of The Line” Daffodil Mix

Blended by hand! Just plant these bulbs and let nature take its course. Year after year, they’ll increase in number, and you’ll enjoy an ever-growing effect in fragrance and cheerful beauty. Our carefully selected Top-of-the-Line Daffodil Mix contains premium varieties chosen for their balance of color and long blooming season — different varieties run the gamut from whites, yellows, bicolors, and even pinks — to bloom in early, mid-, and late season. Plant them in fields and along the edge of the woods to naturalize, or tuck them into a favorite spot in your garden. Whatever you do, plant lots! These quality bulbs produce at least 2 blooms each, so you’ll want plenty on hand. They make excellent cut flowers for bouquets, too, so you can spread their cheer indoors! Note: The varieties in this special mix are chosen for their ease of culture, rapid increase, and long life — and all are guaranteed to please. Pack contains 10 bulbs. Z 4-9 | early spring | full sun/part shade | H: 12-18"


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8279 Each pack $14.95 | 3 packs for $12.95 each




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Daffodil ‘Ice Follies’

Daffodil ‘Ice Follies’ A Classic!

Among the first large-flowered Daffodils to bloom, its 4½-inch flowers provide a fabulous show over a long period. Ideal for mass planting or forcing. Perianth is pure white, of excellent form and texture, framing a large flat crown which opens lemon yellow, then changes to icy white. Excellent in southern gardens. Pack contains 5 bulbs. Z 3-8 | mid spring | full sun/part shade | H: 20”

8434 Each pack $9.95 | 3 packs for $8.95 each

Wayside’s Naturalizing Daffodil Mix Begin the landscape of your dreams today with an economical, power-packed collection of hand-blended specially selected varieties of known performance, chosen for their vigor, beauty, rapidity of increase and length of bloom. Large, vigourous, bulbs that will each freely produce flowers the first year after planting. Distinctive in color and form as well as ability to multiply, they are lovely in a mixed planting and will rapidly increase to carpet the available space with spring color! Pack contains 10 bulbs. Z 4-9 | sun/part shade | spring | H: 12-18"

Wayside’s Naturalizing Daffodil Mix

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8469 Each pack $10.95 | 3 packs for $9.95 each

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