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Tetraploid Daylilies (Hemerocallis) This season we are proud to offer a selection of tetraploid Daylilies for your consideration. These fine cultivars possess twice the number of chromosomes of traditional diploid Daylilies, which gives them many advantages. Tetraploid Daylilies offer brighter color, larger blooms, stronger stems, and most important of all, greater vigor. Hardy alike in the harsh winters of zone 3 and steamy summers of zone 10, these long-lived, low-maintenance perennials are among the easiest and most rewarding of all plants you can select for your sunny garden.


Hemerocallis 'Chicago Picotee Memories' �New The picotee matches the eyezone on this splendid early bloomer! Pale apricot with grape-purple markings, these 5½- to 6-inch blooms are sweetly fragrant. A dormant tetraploid, this 1987 James Marsh introduction tolerates severe winters effortlessly. Bareroot. Z 3-9 | sun | early summer | H: 30", W: 18-24"



Hemerocallis 'Chicago Picotee Memorie's'

47898 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea

Hemerocallis 'Count Radish Plus' �New The rich barn-red tones on these ruffled 5-inch blooms are faderesistant and so eye-catching in the garden. A dormant tetraploid introduced by master breeder Roy G. Klehm in 2003, this ready rebloomer keeps the flowers coming all summer long. Superb for climates from north to south. Bareroot. Z 3-10 | sun/part shade | all summer | H: 26", W: 18-24"

47919 $14.95 ea | 3 for $12.95 ea

Hemerocallis 'Hello Dreamy Yellow' �New As bright as a summer's day, these fragrant yellow blooms catch the eye from across the garden! Accented with a small green throat, they dominate the midseason daylily garden on vigorous tetraploid plants. In consistently moist soil, they may even rebloom! Bareroot. Z 3-9 | early summer | sun/part shade | H: 35", W: 18-24"

47955 $17.95 ea | 3 for $15.95 ea

Hemerocallis 'Ruffled Parchment' �New Subtly fragrant, these 5-inch blooms offer pure icy-white petals shading into cream and buttery yellow toward the base. This diploid is gently ruffled for a beautifully full look. Good tolerance of heat and humidity. Bareroot. Z 3-10 | early summer | sun/part shade | H: 34", W: 18-24"

47965 $12.95 ea | 3 for $11.95 ea �New

Hemerocallis 'Count Radish Plus'


Hemerocallis 'Ruffled Parchment'

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Hemerocallis 'Hello Dreamy Yellow' 0.


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Wayside Gardens Fall Catalog 2011  

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