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Because of all the activities and challenges faced in this program, I believe in myself and know that I can achieve anything I work towards. –Jessica Tung

I have a support group of people now that I know will always help me and that is really comforting. As corny as it sounds, the right people will love you no matter what, and I think LINC helped me finally realize that. –Betty Cheong

I’ve become more aware of my Bayview community and how we are suffering the impacts of industrial waste and racism. Environmental justice is the basic right to clean air, non-toxic zones, safe places for play, and the same environmental and educational opportunities. – Bernice Gao LINC really did link me to my natural community, and I want to stay linked for the rest of my life! –Michelle Wong

I became more aware of my community and what kind of natural resources I have around me. Trips to local gardens like at Heron’s Head Park were an eye opener for me because I live so close! –Michelle Chen

Parks Stewardship Youth Programs 2013  

Summary Report Parks Stewardship Program Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy