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winter 2012

Experience Supporting your body, mind and spirit

Branching Out

When is it time to consider a joint replacement? PAGE 4


a new you

Find what makes you feel refreshed and renewed


recipes for wellness The ingredients for health can be found in these tips


coping with cancer

Andrew Taylor fought cancer in  20s with Park Ridge support his

Voice of Experience

This issue’s cover story discusses the options that are available to put the spring back in your step this year, including physical therapy and joint replacement. See page 4.

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What Renews You?


enewal. When you research the word “renewal” you will find many different definitions. My personal favorite, however, talks about renewal as “making something new or as if new again.” Each of us has an activity, a favorite location or even a special person that makes us “feel new again.” For me, spending time outdoors with my wife and sons makes all the difference. In this issue of Experience, we offer different examples of renewal—whether making the choice to renew your commitment to healthy eating, or deciding to do something about your aching joints and renewing your passion for tennis. You’ll also find an inspirational story about one young man’s renewed spirit following a devastating cancer diagnosis. As you read Experience, my hope is that you will find reasons to continue your dedication to making healthy choices for both you and your family. Taking time in this new year to experience renewal will not only help bring you lasting wellness throughout this year; it will continue to inspire you for many more years to come. Together in health,

Jimm Bunch President & CEO

Park Ridge Health


By Kirsten Houmann and Haley Donaldson

for a Healthful

The Healthiest Diet Ingredients: •Different types of food •A variety of colors •A sense of exploration

Directions: Science shows simply adding variety and color to your diet can ensure you are consuming a wide variety of nutrients, since there is no such thing as a single perfect food. Putting together a colorful plate can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. For example, red fruits and vegetables such as beets, red cabbage and cranberries can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Orange fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit, lemons and oranges can reduce the risk of heart disease and boost the immune system. Green fruits and vegetables such as spinach and green pepper can defend against cataracts, macular degeneration and even some birth defects.

Tips to Renew in 2012

Stay-Trim Secret Ingredients: •A meal plan •Portion awareness

Directions: The key to avoiding weight gain might just be a four-letter word: P-l-a-n. Planning your dinner menu at home or researching the menu options at your favorite restaurant can empower you to make informed and healthier meal choices. The same applies at the buffet table. When you arrive at a party or cafeteria, scan the food spread first before grabbing a plate. This will help you decide what you really want. As you move through the line, make sure to take note of your portion sizes. Even if everything looks delicious, choose smaller portions, and avoid overfilling your plate. Remember that one serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards, and a serving of fruits or vegetables is about the size of a tennis ball. Here’s a simple equation to remember: Energy in = energy out. What you consume must equal what you burn off through exercise or your body’s metabolic processes. There are a number of websites, including, that show you exactly how many calories you need each day.

Julie Palmer, community wellness educator with Park Ridge Wellness, shares some tips to de-stress and “get back to you” this year.

More Movement in Your Day Ingredients: •Pedometer •Weekly walking goal

Directions: Make an effort to get more activity during the day. A pedometer is an inexpensive and interesting way to track your movement. Keep in mind that about 2,000 steps add up to one mile. Make a goal to work up to walking at least five miles—or 10,000 steps—each day. Even if you don’t have time in your schedule for a 30-minute walk or bike ride, movement during the day can add up, even if it’s as simple as parking farther away, scheduling a “walking meeting” or standing up while talking on the phone.

Year A Cheery, Healthy Disposition

Ingredients: •Positive attitude •Deep breaths •Smiles Directions: Science shows the effects of a positive attitude may in fact impact the way the body heals itself. Studies by Richard Davidson, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin have revealed that people who are calm and content show greater activity in the brain’s left frontal cortex, which leads the body to produce higher levels of certain immunity cells. The cells, called “killer cells,” target viruses and cancer, and are a measure of the strength of the body’s immune system. Just by taking a deep breath and smiling, you may be strengthening your body’s defense against disease and adding years to your life. 

Find Your Motivation Park Ridge Health hosts a variety of free events throughout the year to keep you and your family primed for good health. Find the right one for you at today.

Stretch. When feeling lethargic, stand up, take a deep breath and reach for the sky. Do this three times to feel revived and refocused.

Rest. In 2012, commit to more rest and relaxation. Say no to the typical busy hectic schedule.

Park Ridge Health


Getting Back to

You With joint replacement, return to the activities you love


f walking up stairs is painful with each step, or playing a round of golf with your friends is now almost impossible—you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of Americans are choosing to undergo joint replacement surgery to help them get back to living without pain. And thanks to surgical advancements in the past 10 years, patients are experiencing longer-lasting results and a faster overall recovery time. “Now that we are living longer and staying active well into our later years, our joints are experiencing a beating for longer and over c s i D wearing out while we still want to live our to Optionsur Pain lives as fully active as possible,” says Greg Motley, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon duce Yeso, M.D., for a FREEry e R with Southeastern Sports Medicine who surge rd Jon in Richa houlder s o J t u nt o b a completed fellowship training in both tion The eve resenta options. iltmore p t n e m e arthroscopy and sports medicine. B lac Hilton in and rep ld at the h 1, With the many advancements that e rc h a e M b , l y wil ursda h T ll n o C rk . have been made to joint replacement Pa p.m a ing at 6 n ) 3 in 3 g 4 e .5 b materials as well, younger individuals 774 H.LIFE ( .PR ! 5 y 5 a 8 d are more frequently undergoing surgery. r to to registe “Even 10 years ago the expectancy was that a prosthetic joint replacement would only last a maximum of 10 to 15 years,” says Richard Jones, M.D., a Southeastern Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeon

Tips to Renew in 2012 (continued): 4

Drink more water to increase energy! Breathe. Three deep breaths can change your entire outlook.

Park Ridge Health

Turn off your phone 60 minutes before bedtime, and remove all electronics from your bedroom.

Make an who is also fellowshipwho specializes in App ointment trained in arthroscopy shoulder replacement If you’ve made the decision to and sports medicine. and the reverse look into joint replacement and “Today with the newer shoulder replacement materials used in a procedure. “If we can want to learn more about Greg joint replacement, fix the problem before Motley, M.D., Richard Jones, M.D., individuals can expect it causes irreparable and the team at Southeastfor the replacement damage, these patients ern Sports Medicine, call to last closer to 20 to can get back to active 828.274.4555 or visit 30 years.” lifestyles, without pain But, if you are constantly interrupting experiencing pain and their daily lives.” looking into joint replacement, Partial Replacement Is how do you know when “enough Also an Option is enough”? When is it time to get a Joint replacement does not necessarily professional opinion? mean total joint replacement. “Some How to Tell When It’s Time patients may be better candidates for partial “When joint pain is affecting your daily joint replacement,” says Dr. Motley. “If the routine and keeping you from those things complete joint does not need to be replaced, that you most enjoy, it’s time to talk to your a partial joint replacement can be much less physician about your options,” Dr. Jones says. invasive and allow for a shorter recovery Even though joint pain may be difficult period following surgery.” to bear, nonsurgical options should also be What Is Recovery Like? considered. Joint replacement is not always Recovery following surgery is often a topic of the best solution for everyone, according to concern, and a reason for many to postpone Dr. Motley. speaking with their physician about joint Are There Alternatives to Surgery? replacement surgery. While recovery does “Every case for joint replacement is different,” take work, it is certainly not impossible and he says. “We have to evaluate each individual the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. for a variety of factors, such as age, weight, “Any type of surgery requires a period activity level and the type of pain he or she of recovery and commitment on the part of is experiencing. There are other options the patient to follow a rehabilitation plan,” we can consider when treating a patient for Dr. Jones says. “The recovery period for a joint pain.” total joint replacement is anywhere from Alternatives to joint replacement three to six months, but in that time you’re surgery include injected medications and making huge strides in getting back to the arthroscopic procedures. Physical therapy activities you love.” can also play an important role in helping “Getting back to you—getting back to to alleviate joint pain and improve range your life without constantly having to of motion. Yet, when pain from arthritis worry about climbing stairs, bending down or past injuries becomes unbearable, joint to pick up your grandchild or simply getting replacement may be the best choice. out of a car because of joint pain—is how I “I see patients who can barely lift their look at the benefits of joint replacement,” arms above shoulder level,” says Dr. Jones, Dr. Motley adds.  Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for something or someone every day. Let go of what you don’t need, both mentally and physically.

“When joint pain is affecting your daily routine and keeping you from those things that you most enjoy, it’s time to talk to your physician about your options.”

— Richard Jones, M.D.

A rehabilitation program following joint replacement surgery is instrumental in recovery.

“Getting back to your life without constantly having to worry about ... bending down to pick up your grandchild or simply getting out of a car ... is how I look at the benefits of joint replacement.”

— Greg Motley, M.D.

Be earth friendly: reuse and recycle. Do something for someone else; this is always a win-win opportunity. Get outside more … in any kind of weather!

Park Ridge Health


In my Experience

Care from Every Angle Andrew Taylor found strength to fight cancer through faith, family and his care team By Kirsten Houmann

I wholeheartedly believe that I was meant to be at Park Ridge.

our Share Ynce Experiehad an


hen 26-year-old Andrew Taylor woke up from gallbladder surgery and found no incisions on his body, he knew something was wrong. Earlier that week, Andrew had rushed to the Park Ridge Health Emergency Department with trouble swallowing and abdominal pain. Two days later, he was back at Park Ridge for gallbladder surgery. When surgeon David Price, M.D., examined Andrew’s esophagus to rule out the possibility of ulcers, he found that the source of Andrew’s trouble was not his gallbladder. “Andrew was only in surgery 20 minutes before they came to get us,” says Andrew’s father, Victor Taylor. “We knew something was wrong.” Dr. Price said he had discovered a 9-centimeterlong mass in Andrew’s esophagus, and had biopsied it. The next day, Andrew was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer—too advanced for immediate surgery.

u Have yo ark Ridge lP a n o ti p mail to exce nd an e e S ? e rg c n health.o experie rkridge a d p @ re s tu e fea stori may be and you ture issue! in a fu

Accepting the Diagnosis

“I had a lot of thoughts at that point,” Andrew says. “It was like the stages of grief. I was angry that I had [cancer]. I wondered, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ But acceptance came pretty quickly.” Andrew says that acceptance came when he met Mikhail Vinogradov, M.D.—or “Dr. V”—and his cancer care team at Park Ridge.


Park Ridge Health

Park Ridge Oncology and Infusion Center’s Blake Hill, R.N. ( left), and Mikhail Vinogradov, M.D. (right), were with Andrew Taylor (middle) through every step of his cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“That’s when I started feeling good about things again,” he explains. “Dr. V and all of his office staff were phenomenal about reassuring me that everything was going to get done, and that they would do everything possible to find out where I was in this process.” The next step in that process was six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout treatment, Andrew’s care team worked around his schedule so he could complete a local internship and keep up with his graduate studies in education.

A Surprising Discovery

In September, Andrew traveled to Duke University for surgery to remove the tumor. When the surgeon went in to remove it, he was surprised by what he saw: Andrew’s tumor had shrunk from 9 centimeters long to 1.5 centimeters long. Andrew received his final chemotherapy treatment before Thanksgiving. His smile says it all: He is positive about his future, and finds strength in the support of his family, his faith, and his friends at Park Ridge Health. “There’s a chance [the cancer] could come back, but if it does, I know where to go,” Andrew says. “Do I feel that I was led to Park Ridge, and these doctors were placed in my life to heal me through God? Oh yeah … I wholeheartedly believe that I was meant to be at Park Ridge.” 

calendar of Events winter 2012 Wellness Classes CREATION Health Series FREE Tuesdays, March 6–April 24, 5:30–6:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Park Ridge Wellness Department, 50 Doctor’s Drive, Suite 2, Hendersonville This class series addresses health from a ­ faith-based perspective through following the “Eight Laws of Health”—Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition. Each participant receives a copy of “CREATION Health Discovery,” a guide to health and harmony.


! vent E l a pe ci

Living Healthy with a Chronic Disease Program FREE Wednesdays, April 4–May 9, 12:30 p.m. 12:30–2:30 p.m. The Health Adventure, Biltmore Mall, I-26 Exit 33, Asheville This course was designed by Stanford University, and is offered around the world. It is taught by Park Ridge Wellness certified course leaders, and is a six-week program with each session lasting approximately one and a half hours. This course is designed to improve self-management skills, leading to a healthier, more enjoyable life for anyone who suffers from a chronic condition.

Family-Friendly Classes

Suffering from Shoulder Pain? Join Richard Jones, M.D., board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Southeastern Sports Medicine, for a free presentation discussing modern advances in shoulder surgery.

Modern Advances in Shoulder Surgery March 1, 2012 6–8 p.m. The Hilton at Biltmore Park Call 855.PRH.LIFE (777.5433) to RSVP for this event today!

Engaging Kids in Healthy Eating FREE Tuesday, April 3, 5:30–6:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. The Health Adventure, Biltmore Square Mall, I-26 Exit 33 Have you asked yourself, “How do I get my kids to make these healthy changes with me?” Park Ridge Health nutritionist and Kid Power coordinator Haley Donaldson understands it isn’t easy to make changes, but she is here to help. Join her for a motivational presentation designed to help you help your kids! Preregistration is required by Friday, March 30.

Families Eating Smarter and Moving More Series FREE Thursdays, April 19–May 10, 10 a.m. 10–11 a.m. The Health Adventure, Biltmore Square Mall, I-26 Exit 33 Bring the whole family and enjoy learning simple solutions to eating smarter and moving more together. You can choose to come to just one or all of the classes in the series. Session 1: Eating Smart at Home Session 2: Moving More, Every Day, Everywhere Session 3: Eating Smart on the Run Session 4: Moving More, Watching Less

Special Community Events Embrace the Fabulous You: A Conference for the Frenzied Female $49 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 23, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. Lelia Patterson Center, Fletcher Park Ridge Health is a proud sponsor of this exciting, one-day workshop. This workshop will offer a range of humorous, informative and motivational speakers, including well-known Park Ridge Health physician Krishna Das, M.D., of Hendersonville OB/GYN. Participants will also enjoy fabulous door prizes, networking opportunities, and lunch by Neo Cantina. The cost is just $49, and includes the lunch and program materials. To register, please visit or ask for details by calling 855.PRH.LIFE.

Wellness on Wheels (W.O.W.) Screenings The Wellness on Wheels (W.O.W.) bus travels throughout Buncombe and Henderson counties to provide free and low-cost health screenings. No appointment required. For a complete calendar of upcoming locations, please visit the Events Calendar on

Register Now For more information or to register for Park Ridge Health community events and classes, please call 855.PRH.LIFE (774.5433).

Park Ridge Health


Park Ridge Health 100 Hospital Drive Hendersonville, NC 28792

Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 62 Columbus WI

Their work would make Da Vinci jealous.

The physicians of Southeastern Sports Medicine are proud to provide orthopedic care to our community. Our team of medical professionals specialize in the treatment and care of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. We provide comprehensive sports medicine for the athletes, students, and families of Asheville, Hendersonville and Waynesville areas. We also offer physical therapy to ensure all patients receive exceptional care for a safe recovery.

SESPORTSMED.COM • 855.PRH.LIFE Brian Stover, D.P.M. • Robert Garreld, D.P.M. • Andrew Rudins, M.D. Richard Jones, M.D. • Daniel Eglinton, M.D. • Keith Maxwell, M.D. Gregory Motley, M.D. • Christian Estes, M.D., F.A.A.O.S. • Robert Francis, M.D.

Park Ridge Health 100 Hospital Drive Hendersonville, NC 28792 Experience editor  Jennifer A. DeCurtis

Off I Visit us: nters exit tate 26, 44 parkOn the W ridg eheaeb: lth.o rg C 855. all us: PRH .L (774 .543 IFE 3)

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