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Playing moves the body and brightens the spirit. Exercising helps you feel good, betters your quality of life and slows down the deterioration that inevitably comes with aging. Additionally, when you meet friends while out on a walk or participate in fun and games with your family, you keep your mind sharp. Lappset Group Oy, a Finnish developer of outdoor fitness (in Finnish: ulkoliikunta ) and play environments, would like to invite everyone to join in the fun of playing and enjoying the outdoors with likeminded people. The driving force behind the company is the desire to constantly develop more versatile opportunities for outdoor fitness for everyone to get the most out of the experience. A good example is the new parkour product line that was designed with diversity in mind and was awarded in Finland as the Best Domestic Fitness Product of 2010. Parkour is an urban activity where the aim is as fluid method of movement as possible with different types of jumps, crossing obstacles and climbing spiced with acrobatic elements such as volts and twists. It also imbues a sense of challenging and outdoing oneself while being strongly community driven which attracts also children and youngsters that are not otherwise attracted to competition driven sports. The Lappset Parkour Solutions products have been developed in co-operation with the Finnish

Parkour Academy. With the valuable advice of professionals in this area, the true requirements of the activity have been considered when designing the equipment. And the integrity and uncompromising of the product development as a result of this co-operation has helped the products achieve instant accreditation.

Finland is known for its forests and woods, and commercial woods are carefully taken care of responsibly and with longevity in mind. Lappset, a Finnish developer of outdoor fitness (in Finnish: ulkoli ikunta ) and gym (in Finnish: ulkoliikuntapaikka ) environments, also does its part in the welfare of the Finnish woods. The wood used in the Lappset products originates from forests that are maintained according to the sustainable environment principles of PECF, which is the world’s most comprehensive forest certification system administered and developed by the Finnish Forest Certification Council. Already in 1998, Lappset took into use the international environmental standard, ISO 14001. According to the system, environmental issues are considered in all the different areas throughout the organization from the procuring of raw materials to the treatment of by-products and waste. For example, the paint used on the wooden parts of the products is water soluble fulfilling environmentally friendly requirements. Also, Lappset has dozens of subcontractors and it audits the main ones annually to ensure that environmental ethics are adhered to. During these audits, special attention is paid to the quality of used materials and deliveries, to the environmental friendliness of the production processes and to other critical business areas with the perspective of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Modern technology enables all kinds of combinations exercise and play while also learning and developing through games. Digiplay connects children around the world – with the SmartUs application, youngsters can


compete with each other in sporty puzzles and mind games even if the competitors aren’t physically in the same location. The thinking behind Lappset Play Evolution is enhancing the growth and development of children through play. More and more children spend their time indoors playing computer games, and Lappset wants to encourage them to also play outdoors. The latest innovation from the company is extending the game world to playgrounds (in Finnish: leikki a lue ) and parks with the use of mobile technology. The Digiplay product lines, Lappset Puzzle, SmartUs and MobilePlay, are suitable for children of 4 years old and up, and include different game fields and games designed specifically for them. The SmartUs fields suit for both the outdoors and indoors, only the Smartus InGrid hopscotch and Lappset Puzzle are meant especially for indoor play. An iCard is needed for playing the SmartUs fields in order to register results and sharing them on the Internet. The LinkIt and PlayCreator software allow players to create their own SmartUs games beyond the standard set of games. MobilePlay broadens the basic playground into a game world with the use of mobile phone Internet connections and scanned codes. The idea is to perform tasks in the playground sent to the player’s mobile phone. More tasks can be unlocked when completing previous tasks. With MobilePlay, the familiar old playground is charged with a new energy.

Ready, steady, go! Swing around a pole, run over a swinging bridge, balance your way across a beam, move a hoop all the way to the other end of a pole, a speedy crunch towards the finishing line and goal! New records and new obstacle courses are born everyday while fitness levels develop along with agile competitions. A few adults show up at the outdoor gym (in Finnish: ulkoli ikuntapa ikk a ) at the end of the day to stretch some muscles and do a few pull-ups

during their evening walks. Staying fit is a corner stone of a healthy life and can be a source of enjoyment also for adults. The exercise products developed by Lappset, a Finnish developer of outdoor fitness (in Finnish: ulkoli ikunta ) environments, are designed with versatility in mind and can be used easily by both children and adults. By ensuring the possibility to use the equipment by all age groups, the products are used actively throughout the day. Additionally, by building an environment with products meant for different user groups, new acquaintances can be made with a common interest. In the mid-2000s, Lappset studied the everyday lives of senior citizens and children in daycare. The project eventually generated ideas that grew into the Senior Sport concept. Inspired by the research and assisted by experts in the field, Lappset designed a series of fitness equipment specifically for the elderly. The purpose of the Senior Sport outdoor fitness equipment is to enhance the daily lives of senior citizens through outdoor exercise. The playful exercises designed for the elderly improve their capacity to cope with everyday tasks. Senior fitness (in Finnish: senioril i ikunta ) is essential for good mobility ensuring that senior citizens hurt themselves less often, saving on medical costs.

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Outdoor Fitness (In Finnish ulkoliikunta)  
Outdoor Fitness (In Finnish ulkoliikunta)  

Ready, steady, go! Swing around a pole, run over a swinging bridge, balance your way across a beam, move a hoop all the way to the other end...