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summer 2019  volume 16  issue II

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By: Barbara N. Lyons

The new municipal building is almost complete. You’ve probably driven by it or took a look while walking in Central Park or attending one of our Park and Recreation programs. The new building is about a third larger than the previous building and was built to be energy efficient and sustainable, using the newest materials and technology. The Police Department now meets today’s standards for accreditation with a Sally Port, evidence storage, and self- contained detainee processing and holding areas. The Code Enforcement Department will be able to serve as a Center for Emergency Operations. We have a self-contained fuel system and a backup generator allowing the building to be a warming station for sustained power outages. The municipal building can again serve as the Polling Place for Polling Districts 1 and 8. Also, the meeting room will be available for public use for events. I would like to thank the Chairman of the Building Committee, Ken Snyder, for shepherding this project through. He gave thousands of hours of his time to construction details and helped manage the day to day changes and complications with grace, efficiency and expertise. We have an excellent staff who using their experience, know how, education and dedication helped save money and solve problems. They are the Director of Operations, Dave Tomko, Facilities Manager and Fire Marshal, Rick Schea, Township Manager, Stephanie Mason and her staff, Director of Code Enforcement, Sinclair Salisbury and Chief of Police, Dean Logan. I am so proud to work with the Township staff and on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, we thank them for their excellence and commitment to the residents of Doylestown Township. A PUBLICATION OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS

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Fast Facts Within the Doylestown community is both Doylestown Borough and



Doylestown Township. Residency is determined by your


tax parcel. Who do you pay your local property tax to? Doylestown Township surrounds Doylestown Borough and



borders New Britain Borough, Buckingham, Plumstead, Warrington and Warwick Townships. Doylestown Township is about


15.62 square miles and has a The Board of Supervisors

population of about 18,000 people.

consists of elected officials serving six year terms. The Board performs primarily legislative functions including setting policy, enacting ordinances

The residents of Doylestown Township live in close proximity to Doylestown Borough while enjoying the Township's 30 miles of Bike and Hike trails, historic

and resolutions, adopting

landmarks, performing arts and

budgets and levying taxes.

Kids Castle located in Central Park.

From left to right : Ken Snyder, Ryan Manion, Barbara N. Lyons (Chairman), Jennifer Herring and Richard F. Colello (Vice Chairman).

Attend a Board of Supervisors Meeting! Find the meeting schedule, agendas and minutes by visiting | 215-348-9915

summer 2019|


HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION Many household products contain chemicals and when discarded improperly, contribute to the contamination of the environment by contaminating the soil, water and air. Though it is the consumer’s responsibility to use and dispose of household products safely, individuals are often unaware that many useful products contain hazardous chemicals. Some may dump the remnants in the backyard, into storm drains or even down the toilet. These typical means of disposal are unnecessary and extremely hazardous to both public health and the environment. A Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides the opportunity to reduce improperly disposed chemical waste. The County of Bucks offers multiple Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events to educate the community about chemical waste and to provide a place for products to be disposed of properly.

what you can bring what you can't bring (up to 25 gallons or 220 lbs. will be accepted)

Pesticides Flammables Aerosols Gasoline  Oil-Based Paints Degreasers Oven Cleaner Fire Extinguishers Anti-freeze Pool chemicals Weed killer Batteries Mini Propane Tanks 3

| summer 2019

Electronics Latex Paint* Appliances Asbestos Explosives Medical Waste Propane Tanks- Greater than 16 oz.

Smoke Detectors Radioactive Waste Tires Unidentified Waste

*remove lid to allow to air dry or mix

2019 collection events in bucks county all events 9:00 am - 3:00 pm rain or shine June 1, 2019 Upper Bucks Area Vocational Technical School 3115 Ridge Road, Perkasie Bedminister Towship June 29, 2019 Central Bucks South High School 1100 Folly Road, Warrington Warrington Township August 24, 2019 Bucks County Technical High School 610 Wistar Road, Fairless Hills Bristol Township September 21, 2019 Strayer Middle School 1200 Ronald Reagan Drive, Quakertown Richland Township See the full list of acceptable & non-acceptable items by visiting

with absorbent. | 215-348-9915

A MESSAGE FROM THE DOYLESTOWN TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY Simplify âœł Convenient âœł No Fees Want to make sure your Municipal Authority water bill is always paid on time? Would you like to avoid the hassle of purchasing stamps or dropping your payment off in person? Set up Direct Withdrawal via ACH (Automated Clearing House) using your bank checking or savings account. Authorize DTMA to make an electronic withdrawal from your bank checking or

Please visit our website to download the Direct Withdrawal Form:

savings account directly into your DTMA account each quarter. Simply complete the Authorization

Agreement for Direct Withdrawal via ACH form and attached a voided check.

LEAF AND YARD WASTE COMPOSTING 2019 leaf & yard waste drop off dates June 15, 2019 July 20, 2019 August 17, 2019 September 21, 2019 October 19, 2019 The drop off site is open every third Saturday of the month, March - December from 9 am - 11 am. Location: New Britain Road access to the back part of Central Park. Your trash hauling service may also collect leaf and yard waste. Visit the Township website to see your haulers fall leaf pick up dates. | 215-348-9915

November 16, 2019 December 21, 2019 The best thing for the environment is to let your leaves lay, but if you want to clean up your yard and garden in an environmentally friendly way, bring your leaf and yard waste to the Township's composting drop off. summer 2019|


THANK A BEE By Anne Woodbury, EAC Member It’s breakfast time! You put on the coffee maker. Enjoying your morning Cup of Joe? Thank a bee! Bees pollinate coffee plants.

If you really want to thank a bee, here are three things you can do.

Pour some orange juice for the kids. Thank a bee! Bees pollinate all citrus fruits. Splash the granola with some almond milk. Thank a bee! Bees pollinate all almonds. You put some fresh sliced strawberries on top of the cereal. Once again, thank a bee! Bees pollinate virtually all berries. The spouse wants an omelet with onion, tomatoes and peppers? Thank a bee! All of those ingredients are bee pollinated. You decide on avocado toast. Why not? Bees pollinate avocados as well. You pack a quick snack for the kids. Start with some cashews--bee pollinated. Add some apple slices. Again, thank a bee! Finally, you include some grapes—once again, bee pollinated. Think about what else is made from grapes, folks. Want to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day? Thank a bee!

Add native, nectar-producing plants to your property. Multiple websites can help you with plant lists. Knowledgeable local garden centers and nurseries can also identify native plants that bees enjoy. Add water. A shallow pan of water filled with marbles or small stones provides an easy place for a bee to hydrate. Water that is too deep makes it difficult for bees to drink safely. Don’t spray. Herbicides and pesticides are very harmful to bees and many of the plants they enjoy. If you absolutely must spray, please do so in the very early morning or at dusk. Bees are not generally flying at those times.

You squirrel away a chocolate croissant to have later. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans which are pollinated by _____ (you know the answer by now)! And that’s just breakfast! It is said that one out of every three bites of food we take is thanks to a bee. Could we survive without foods pollinated by bees? Yes. But think of all we would miss! 5

| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

PENNSYLVANIA'S RIGHT TO KNOW LAW By Jackie Rowand, Doylestown Township Open Records Officer A RECORD is not a question. Anyone can call or stop in to Doylestown Township and ask questions regarding just about anything. We are here to serve our residents and the general public. Our website also does a great job in providing answers to various questions the public may have about Doylestown Township.

HOW DO I REQUEST A RECORD? In 2008, the Pennsylvania legislature signed the Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) into law. The law serves as a resource for citizens, agency's, public officials and members of the media in obtaining public records of their government. Doylestown Township has always been open and transparent with its records, but beginning in 2008, the State mandated exactly what can and cannot be shared. The RTKL established a time table for responses and basically limited a government agencies ability to deny access to public records.

WHAT IS A RECORD? The State defines a RECORD as "any information

When a resident, individual, company etc. wants to obtain a specific record they are required by the State to fill out a Right to Know Request. Doylestown Township provides request forms in the Township office and on the Township’s website ( A form can also be obtained from the PA Office of Open Records ( The Township will never ask nor are we permitted to ask why a person wants to obtain a requested record. When submitting a Right-to-Know (RTK) Request Form it is important to be specific as to what record you are requesting. Requesting “every building permit” would be too vague. A better request might be “building permits for properties on John Doe Road issued during January 2018”.

regardless of its physical form or character that documents a transaction or activity of an agency AND

The Open Records Officer has five business days from

is created, received, or retained pursuant to law OR in

the day that he/she receives the request to complete it.

connection with a transaction, business or activity of an agency". | 215-348-9915

summer 2019|


On rare occasions it is necessary to invoke a 30-day

• Identity of confidential informants

extension. This can be due to staffing limitations or if

• Records that identify social service recipients, including

the records need to be reviewed by our solicitor prior to release.

welfare recipients • A minor’s name, home address, date of birth

If a requester wants a paper copy of the requested record, the law allows us to charge a copying fee. If the requester prefers an electronic copy of the record, there is no fee charged.


• Constituent requests to a member of the House or Senate • Library circulation cards • Pre-decisional deliberations We at Doylestown Township have always been committed to serving our residents as well as the

Here are some examples of public records:

general public in the best way we can. Unfortunately,

• 911 time response logs

there are times that a RTK request may be denied. In

• Grant applications

those cases, the State has provided an appeal process.

• Contracts involving government agencies

A challenge to a Municipal denial must be submitted to

• Settlement agreements

the Office of Open Records in Harrisburg PA within 15

• Agency decisions

business days.

• Building Permits • Name, title, and salary of public employees and officials

For more information relating to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law or for a Right-to- Know Request


Form, please visit the Township’s website at or contact the PA Office of Open Records or visit

• Driver’s license numbers • Employee numbers • Home, cellular or personal phone numbers • Personal financial information • Spouse's name, marital status, beneficiary or dependent information • Home addresses of law enforcement personnel and judges


| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

2019 THOMPSON PERFORMING ARTS LINEUP ANNOUNCED The Summer season is just around the corner and you know what that means - time to gear up for another fabulous season of the Thompson Performing Arts Series! The newly named Monument Bank Amphitheater will host 11 concert events, 3 movies in the park, and one fantastic fireworks display. A couple of our favorites will return this year, with a few brand new acts making their first trip to Central Park! Presented by Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation, and made possible by the generous support of local sponsors, the series is free to the public, with the exception of the July 7th fireworks concert ($5/car). We hope to see you there! For weather related updates and additional information please visit Central Park is awarded the "2019 Bucks Happening Park/Playground

: 2019 Thompson Performing Arts Series Lineup :  Wednesday, June 19, 7 PM – Fabulous Greaseband  Thursday, June 20, Sunset (8:15-8:30 PM) – “Throwback Thursday Movie” featuring E.T. (Rated PG)  Wednesday, June 26, 7 PM – Philly Funk Authority  Sunday, July 7, 7 PM ($5/car) – Bigg Romeo & Fireworks (Rain date: July 14th)  Wednesday, July 10, 7 PM – Dueling Pianos  Wednesday, July 17, 7 PM – Jersey Beach Boys  Wednesday, July 24, 7 PM – New Solution Entertainment  Wednesday, July 31, 7 PM – Eric Mintel  Wednesday, August 7, 7 PM – Big Chill  Wednesday, August 14, 7 PM – Houston Bernard Band  Thursday, August 15, Sunset (7:45-8 PM) – Disney/ Pixar’s Incredibles 2 (Rated PG)  Wednesday, August 21, 7 PM – Sensational Soul


Award" and The Pennsylvania Recreation

 Wednesday, August 28, 7 PM – Jimmy & the Parrots

and Park Society Green and Sustainable

 Saturday, September 28, Sunset (6:15-6:30 PM) –

Park Award.

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns (Rated PG)

Township staff at the 2019 Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society Conference receiving the award!

Special Thanks to our sponsors! Monument Bank The Thompson Organization Penn Color PECO Wegmans Pennoni DK Brede Investment Management Co. Pictured from left to right: Township Planning Consultant, Judy Stern Goldstein, Park and Recreation Director, Karen Sweeney and Park and Recreation Program Coordinator, Kaitlyn Finley. | 215-348-9915

Barbara N. Lyons summer 2019|


NEW PLAY STRUCTURE AT KIDS CASTLE FOR ALL ABILITIES By Joe Salvati, Chairman Friends of Kids Castle The Kids Castle playground temporarily

closed on April 8, 2019 to install new play structures usable by children of all abilities including kids with special

needs. The anticipated completion of this project is Summer 2019. This temporary closure marks another step in the ongoing "Build the Kingdom" campaign, aimed at achieving inclusive play at the playground which invites children of all abilities the opportunity to play together while having fun. The Friends of Kids Castle volunteers

In addition to these inclusive play upgrades, the

raised over $400,000 for these improvements through

temporary closure will also allow for improvements of

the generosity of individual donors, sponsors of play

the existing playground, including the installation of a

equipment, local businesses, grants from State and

new, more durable safety surfacing called Poured-in-

private organizations, and in-kind donations of goods

Place (PIP).

and services.

The PIP surfacing will replace the existing engineered

During this temporary closure, new play structures

wood fiber in the new play area. It will also provide

will be installed that meet the needs of children with

equal access to all and ease in maneuverability for

a variety of abilities at all ends of the spectrum to

children and adults who use wheelchairs and other

encourage and enable them to play with one another.

mobility devices.

Children will be able to participate equally and independently at their own skill levels with their siblings, neighbors, caregivers, and friends. Play features are also included for children with visual

The ongoing "Build the Kingdom" campaign would not be possible without the generous ongoing support of volunteers, donors, the Township, and the entire community.

impairment, hearing impairment, autism/sensory

Volunteers are still actively fundraising for additional

processing disorder, mobility impairment, and

upgrades to Kids Castle that are needed for children of

cognitive disabilities.

all abilities.

For more information about the project please visit 9

| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

BIKE AND HIKE : THE NESHAMINY CREEK TRAIL On a recent spring ride, the trail was shared with barn swallows, red-winged blackbirds and even a bluebird out where the bluebird boxes dot the fields you are passing through. An irresistible element are the benches overlooking the creek, forcing you to choose between focusing on exercise or just enjoying the tranquility of sitting and taking in what the Neshaminy Creek has to offer. Many vistas unfold around each curve. Check it out - you will very likely find that it becomes one of your favorite places to walk or ride! One of the newest additions to your Bike & Hike system is the Neshaminy Creek trail that adjoins the Central Park network of trails off Wells Road. A short

To find more trail information visit:

hop from the soccer fields, the entrance opens the door to a trail that is great for families. Extending about 1.4 miles from the office buildings on Lower State Road the level 1 trail provides a ride


that includes nature, no worries about cars, and many

Please help prevent

options for side rides or hooking up with other trails.

illicit discharge of contaminants from flowing into storm drains. Illicit discharge is any chemical or item (oil, grey water, used paint) other than water that is poured into a storm drain. If you see such incident, please call and report it to the Doylestown Township Stormwater Hot-Line. | 215-348-9915

summer 2019|


A MESSAGE FROM THE TRAFFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE In 2018, an estimated 6,227 pedestrians were

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by your

killed in U.S. traffic accidents, according to a study

smartphone or gadgets.

from the Governors Highway Safety Association;

each driver will prevent deaths; consider using your

a projection based on data from the first half of

vehicle's cruise control and set it to the exact posted

the year.

speed limit.

The report cited alcohol use, speeding,

unsafe infrastructure and the prevalence of SUVs as some of the biggest problems contributing to the fatalities. Moreover, with smartphone use on the rise, both drivers and pedestrians are at risk of being increasingly distracted. From 2008 to 2017, the

Speed management by

Finally, the driver’s behavior is the most critical; don’t consume alcohol and drive, check your medication for prohibitions on driving, don’t drive under the influence of impairing medications.

number of nighttime pedestrian fatalities increased

The Doylestown Traffic Advisory Committee

by 45 percent while daytime pedestrian fatalities

encourages all drivers to operate vehicles with their

increased by 11 percent.

full attention.

The solution to preventing pedestrian traffic deaths and injuries involves geography, seasonality, time of day, speed management, and driver behavior. Based on the dynamics of roadway geometry, traffic engineers affix reducing the speed. Be alert and follow traffic signs. With the warmer weather upon us, more of our neighbors will be out walking along the roads, bicyclists will be pedaling vigorously, and children will be running in the streets and yards playing summertime fun games.

TOWNSHIP FUN FACTS Since 2009 to present day, Doylestown Township has acknowledged 7 Girl Scouts being awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award! From 2002-2018 Doylestown Township has recognized 111 scouts who have achieved their rank of Eagle Scout! 11

| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

Doylestown Township 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901

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TEL: 215-348-9915 FAX: 215-348-8729 www 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday-Friday) BOARDS & COMMISSIONS


Agriculture Security Advisory Council

Barbara N. Lyons, Chairman

Bike & Hike Committee

Richard F. Colello, Vice Chairman

Board of Auditors

Ryan Manion

Board of Supervisors

Ken Snyder

Dog Park Advisory Board

Jennifer Herring

Environmental Advisory Council/ Shade Tree Commission Friends of Kids' Castle Historical Architectural Review Board Doylestown Municipal Authority Park & Recreation Board Planning Commission Public Water & Sewer Advisory Board Telecommunications Advisory Board


Stephanie Mason, Township Manager Dean Logan, Chief of Police Matthew O'Connor, Police Lieutenant/ Open Records Officer Dave Tomko, Director of Operations Ken Wallace, Finance Director Karen A. Sweeney, Director of Parks & Recreation

Traffic Advisory Committee

Sinclair Salisbury, Director of Code Enforcement

UCC Board of Appeals

Rick Schea, Fire Marshal

Vacancy Board

Andrea Susten, Special Projects Coordinator

Ways & Means Committee

Kaitlyn Finley, P&R Program Coordinator

Zoning Hearing Board

Paul Garr, Roads Superintendent Chris Mason, Parks Superintendent

Would you like to volunteer?

Jackie Rowand, Open Records Officer

Send your letter of interest to

Keith Hass, Executive Director of DTMA

Scott Miele, Water Superintendent



Bucks County Courthouse : 215-348-6000

Doylestown Fire Company #1 - Non-emergency : 215-348-2656

Bucks County Free Library : 215-348-9081

Doylestown Hospital : 215-345-2200

Bucks County Health Department : 215-348-3318

Doylestown Post Office : 267-880-3918

Bucks County Office of Consumer Protection : 215-348-6060

Doylestown Township : 215-348-9915

Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority : 215 348-2538

PA Recycling Hotline : 8000-346-4242

Central Bucks School District : 267-893-2000

PennDOT : 215-345-6060 , 1-800-FIX-ROAD (pothole)

Doylestown Borough : 215-348-4140

Police Non-Emergency: 215-348-4200 , 215-348-4201 | 215-348-9915

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merchant marketplace


| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

merchant marketplace

this is me.


2500 Lower State Road, Doylestown, PA 18901 215.348.8131 | FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE

Register at our Welcome Center or at | 215-348-9915

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merchant marketplace

Imagine your AD here! Our ads reach over 6,000 households and are very affordable!


For more information regarding rates & deadlines please email:




| summer 2019 | 215-348-9915

Doylestown Township 425 Wells Road Doylestown, PA 18901 | 215-348-9915

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Doylestown Township Newsletter - Summer 2019  

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