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Tradition Meets Innovation 1. CODING Computational thinking through coding will be taught in all grade levels through the differentiated curriculum provided by

3. QU Wedding Our much anticipated reading celebration in K-4 where Mr. Q and Ms. U unite in marriage!

2. Math Competitions for all Grades We will offer Math Olympiad - an after school math enrichment club for all grades! Mr. John Driscoll, a highly experienced math instructor, will be joining our 5th grade team to teach math and will execute a comprehensive math competition program which will allow students to compete at the county and state level.  

4. Robotics Complex robotics, and its relationship to coding and problem solving, will be explored for the first time by all students.

5.Parent Chats We will continue our popular parent information sessions with experts who speak on a myriad of parenting topics.

6. Celebration of Reading All students will have the opportunity to visit our Enhanced Media Center as a hub for literacy! “Open Library Day” will allow for collaborative projects and reading activities between our media specialist and classroom teachers!

7. Native American Fest A coveted full day celebration of Native American Heritage and traditions for 3rd grade students!

8. iPads 100 new replacement iPads will be available for K4-3rd grades as well as new iPads for learning in the Media Center and Tinkering Lab. 

9. Filming Studio An enhanced filming area of the Maker Space will provide high quality hardware for 6th grade students to create, produce, and edit monthly Newscasts.

10. 50th Anniversary Celebrations There will be school wide and community wide celebrations of our school’s anniversary! We have proudly created leaders, innovators and happy lifelong learners for 50 years!  


Tradition Meets Innovation 11. Math Nights Fun and informational math events designed to inform and teach our parents about the changing needs of math instruction.

13. Festival of Nations  1st grade students tour many different countries and learn about cultures, traditions, and important facts.

12. Innovation Hub The new iHub designed by 5th grade students, containing the Maker Space, Media Center, and 5th-6th STEAM Lab, is being renovated in the summer of 2018. These spaces along with the Tinkering Lab will serve as the central points for student growth in the 21st Century Skills through the use of project based learning, innovation, and technology.

14. Laptops To support project based learning, two laptop carts will be available for all students to use flexibly on campus.

15.Jelly Fudge Friends A wonderful lifelong bond is formed between 1st and 6th grade students.

16. Design Thinking Classes for all! Every student will have a designated Tinkering Lab and Maker Space time on their schedule to promote project based learning and innovative thinking.

17. Pre-Algebra Honors Pre-Algebra will be added to our middle school math curriculum.

18. Online School Store Uniforms and other school spirit items will be available to purchase online!

19.Washington D.C. This educational field trip for 6th graders provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn while forming lifelong memories!

20. Morning Mindfulness Meditation Mindful Meditation will continue to be practiced throughout the day.  It has proven to be a great way for students to relax, focus, recharge for learning!


Tradition Meets Innovation 21. Across Generations Students create a beautiful scrapbook filled with facts, pictures,  interesting stories and history lessons detailing their VIP’s life! 

23. Beach Bonding Trip! This 6th grade highlight is an overnight get together complete with body surfing, fun in the sun and sand, and endless laughs.

22. Thinking Maps Thinking Maps are consistent visual patterns linked directly to eight specific thought processes.   These patterns help all students reach higher levels of critical and creative thinking--essential competencies of 21st Century education.  In a school-wide implementation, Thinking Maps establish a consistent Language for Learning. 

24. Food Truck Challenge 5th grade students pitch their Food Truck business plans to a panel of experts.

25.State Travel Fair 4th grade students research and represent their state of choice as "travel agents" to demonstrate their understanding of the 50 states. 

26. SEED We offer teachers the opportunity to collaborate and join in developing a school culture that emphasizes empathy, equity and the importance of diversity in all aspects of the school. 

27. Recess Recess remains an important part of our school day! It allows our students time to rest, play, imagine, think, move and socialize!

28. Special 6th Grade Uniform Our Super Seniors will have a special uniform shirt just for 6th grade!  

29.Williamsburg This educational field trip for 5th graders provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn while forming lifelong memories!

30. MEET An opportunity for multicultural families to connect and share ideas about how we can provide a safe and welcoming community for families of all color, race and religion. . 


Tradition Meets Innovation 31. Academic Competitions Students have the opportunity to take part in the Community Poetry Contest, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Tropicana Speech Contest, Math Olympiad, and the Zaner-Bloser handwriting contest.

33. Elective Wheel 6th Grade Students have the opportunity to choose from the “elective wheel” to take courses based on their personal passions and unique interests.

32. Grade level Performances  K-4 through 5th grade students will continue one of the great Park Maitland traditions, their annual musical/dramatic performances. Our 6th grade stars will end the year with the tradition that our graduates remember for a lifetime, the “Big Show” at Bob Carr.

34. Mother’s Day Tea! K5 students honor their wonderful mothers with songs, handmade gifts, dances and time to sit and enjoy each other at the annual Mother’s Day Tea! 

35.Summer iConnect Sessions Equips parents with tools on how to manage and navigate the technology that is becoming part of their rising 5th graders learning process.

36. SeeSaw SeeSaw will be used as a communication tool in K4-3rd grade for digitally showcasing and sharing  student work! 

37. Student Led Assemblies Our assemblies throughout the year are a wonderful way to gather together, learn together, and celebrate together!

38. Sports Fest Students have the opportunity to showcase their incredible sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and outstanding physical abilities. 

39. Science Expo We are returning to the Orlando Science Center for our annual Dr. Alan Saffran Science Expo, where student designed STEAM projects are showcased.

40. After School Clubs We will continue to offer a wide variety of after school enrichment clubs and activities that enhance learning and creativity.

50 things week 1 4  

50 things to be excited about for our 50th school year!

50 things week 1 4  

50 things to be excited about for our 50th school year!