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5.1. Fixing the dropped ceiling

5.1.1. Screw or rivet fixing To install Facade panels in dropped ceiling mode with the exposed fixing system, you must pay attention to the instructions described in section 3.3.1. Exposed screw or rivet fixing (p. 27). This fixing system can be used with 8, 10 and 12mm panels.

Facade panels can be installed on dropped ceilings. In dropped ceiling installation systems a minimum space of 20 mm must be left around the perimeter to permit ventilation through the chamber

Distance between profiles

Thickness Maximum distance

8 mm / 10 mm

600 mm

12 mm

800 mm

There must always be at least 3 fastening points in each direction for every panel.


Profile for Parklex

Facade Technical Guide (ENG)  

Units: Millimeters

Facade Technical Guide (ENG)  

Units: Millimeters

Profile for parklex