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Annual Report 2011

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Dear Friends:

Dear Friends:

As we look back on the past year, we are really looking ahead. Whatever has been accomplished sets the course for what’s next.

The Association Board has been busy on many different fronts this past fiscal year. Highlights of these items are as follows:

Despite economic uncertainties and declining public funding, Park Lawn remains a vital organization continuingly adding to its history of accomplishment, true to its mission, grounded in its founding principles, concerned about today, yet focused on tomorrow, always tomorrow.... Park Lawn continues to grow in both the number of individuals served and the scope of our programs. We now provide service to nearly 600 individuals and their families in 11 distinct program offerings, some of which are highlighted in this report. Our modestly priced private pay program allows recently graduated special education students awaiting scarce adult program public funding the opportunity for full inclusion in Park Lawn services rather than languish at home. We are also progressively addressing the challenges of the future through collaboration with sister organizations, actively sharing talent and resources for the betterment of each and the field of developmental disabilities in general. Park Lawn has been a leader in these initiatives. We proudly include our affiliation with Community Service Partners and Intersect for Ability in this report. Program quality will always be of prime focus as well. While the State of Illinois unfortunately no longer requires ‘outside’ credentialing, Park Lawn continues to operate its programs in accordance with the high professional standards established by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF. We will again look forward to another rigorous 3 year CARF accreditation survey in 2012. We will be even better because of it. Adequate funding to maintain and grow necessary programs and services will always be of concern. While our financial profile remains solid, generating additional private dollars and resources is critical to future success. As we continually ‘retool’ our outreach and fundraising efforts, we are humbled by the support so generously given by so many, every day.... Yes, looking back helps us to look ahead. Advocates like you have been with us throughout our history and have helped shape it. We know that you believe in our ongoing mission. Your compassion and support allows us to proceed with confidence. We are ever so grateful...

James R. Weise Executive Director

Protecting Park Lawn operations in the Ligas class action lawsuit – There was a class action lawsuit on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities against the state of Illinois in order to access community residential services. While we all want to provide the least restrictive and most accommodating residential setting, the original wording would have had a deleterious effect on funding for our ICFDD facilities. These facilities include Park Lawn Center and Park Lawn Homes. These facilities provide more intense services for the more vulnerable clients we serve. The board and staff partnered with several agencies across the state to make sure the final resolution would not hurt Park Lawn and our funding. Advocating for tax changes for 529 plans – A 529 plan is a special section in the tax code that allows savings accounts to be set up for people for future college spending. Individuals with developmental disabilities are generally not in these plans because they rarely go to college. However, the need to save for future needs is just as or even more important for these individuals and their families. Therefore, we have been advocating to Congress on a state and federal level in order to make changes in the tax code to benefit our individuals and our families. Vocational services center property disposition – Our workshop at 5040 W. 111th Street is located within a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district where the Village of Oak Lawn wants to use land in the area for economic development. We are working closely with our partners in the village to ensure that what eventually happens will be in the best long term interest of Park Lawn and our participants. Collaborations with Saint Xavier University – Park Lawn as well as our collaborative partners at Community Service Partners have been able to access the expertise of the staff and students at SXU Graham School of Management. We are looking to expand our relationship with the university and be an asset for them to help them meet their strategic goals of providing meaningful work and service opportunities for their students. This is only a fraction of some of the outreach we have done as a board. Our strategy continues to be one of collaborations with like agencies, community partners, and governmental bodies. As you can see, we have been busy; but we will continue to be busy to do the best job we possibly can to make sure Park Lawn remains an important and viable institution for the people we serve.

Jonathan Perry Board President

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Park Lawn’s mission is to provide services that promote independence, choice and access to community living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Fiscal Year 2010/2011 Highlights 䡲 More than 590 individuals with developmental disabilities benefit by Park Lawn programs and services. 䡲 Around 230 volunteers put in 4,544 hours helping with mailings; direct assistance to Park Lawn participants and residents; Park Lawn fundraising events; office work; representing Park Lawn at community events, Park Lawn Fun Days; and Bingo. 䡲 17 families were at Park Lawn through a low cost private pay structure. This provides graduates the opportunity to continue in Park Lawn programs while they await approval for scarce adult service public funding. 䡲 95 people lived at home with their families and 92 individuals resided in comfort through some form of Park Lawn agency living arrangement. 䡲 Park Lawn added an additional 121 families to the roster of those served in the Building Bridges to the Future Program collaboration to better understand options for their student with special needs after high school. Many of the original families continued to be served which doubled our impact. 䡲 13 companies employed 20 Park Lawn adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which includes 11 males and 9 females. 䡲 While 26 Park Lawn participants volunteered at 10 organizations they prepared for future job openings.

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Philosophy, History and Services We believe that people with disabilities earnestly wish to live a normal life. They want to go to school, hold a job that truly needs to be done, a place to live in comfort, and they want a full and active social life. Within this context Park Lawn provides adult developmental training, vocational programs and residential services. All are backed with professional staff support. Park Lawn was founded in 1955 by a small group of parents from Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn who decided that their children diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve better opportunities to highlight their abilities. As their children grew and their abilities increased, Park Lawn expanded its programs to meet their needs. What began with meeting in local church basements has grown to 12 facilities throughout the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Today, more than 590 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities over the age of 18 benefit from Park Lawn programs and residential services. Park Lawn’s residential facilities are attuned to the capabilities and interests of the residents. Whenever possible, under the guidance of caring staff, residents participate in household activities, complete chores, and schedule social activities. Park Lawn Center (PLC) is an intermediate care facility that provides twenty-four hour supervision and medical services. It is home to fortyone individuals with profound cognitive challenges and complex medical needs. Fifteen people reside at Park Lawn Homes where residents aided by staff, cooperatively complete household duties such as meal planning and preparation, shopping, laundry, upkeep of their bedrooms and planning leisure activities. There are now eight Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) homes that are owned and operated by Park Lawn which includes the additional CILA home purchased during fiscal year 2010-2011. An average of five to six residents lives in each of the single family homes. CILAs provide the greatest opportunity for independent living. Park Lawn’s vocational services are a tiered program which allows for easy transition from one level to another. As individuals enter a program and gain skills, dexterity and experience they move to a job more challenging and suited to their interests and ability.

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For some of Park Lawn participants, their life with Park Lawn begins near the end of high school. Park Lawn has developed a partnership with local school districts to provide a Transition Program that trains at day program facilities. This program is open to students ages 18-22. During the school year students are fully integrated in Park Lawn Day Services. This experience helps facilitate success for students to transition into the adult workforce. These students soon find out that there are a lot of opportunities available after high school. Park Lawn Adult Developmental Training program serves adults with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities considered to be pervasive and require ongoing supervision and support. Curricular areas include temporal orientation; activities in dining, hygiene and grooming; movement and walking; hand use; listening skills; visual stimulation; positioning; art activities; music therapy; pet therapy; and community outings. Another option for individuals with developmental disabilities leaving high school would include being a part of Park Lawn’s Vocational Training Program. Participants learn job readiness skills such as remaining on task, following directions and setting up work flow. Through this training they derive a great deal of satisfaction from fulfilling sub-contract work for companies such as Nordstrom, Murphy Beds, TEC Tool, Dermaide and others. They complete a variety of jobs including document shredding, packaging, heat sealing, display assembly, collating, sorting and more. In return, they receive a salary with benefits of paid vacations, sick days and holidays. Classes are incorporated into the work day and assist workshop participants in coping with daily situations and relationships. The primary goal for Park Lawn’s Vocational Services is to improve functional and social skills that lead to greater self-sufficiency and independence. Some participants take their vocational training out in the community through Park Lawn’s Supported Employment Program (SEP) and Community Employment Services (CES) programs. Some positions held include clerical, data entry, food service, janitorial and cleaning, assembly, mail processing and production work. SEP and CES are mutually beneficial because businesses gain qualified and dedicated employees; while workers gain self-esteem and the satisfaction that they are a contributing force within their communities.

Park Lawn is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing programs and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1955.

Park Lawn is accredited by CARF: The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. (

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Park Lawn Outreach A big part of the Park Lawn Board of Director’s long term vision is increasing the outreach and awareness to the community. During fiscal year 2010-2011 this was accomplished through a variety of avenues including online, in person and fundraising events. Park Lawn has had a presence online with a website,, since early 2003. In 2010 Park Lawn’s web designing company offered to upgrade the website for a more modern look and to increase the ease of adding pictures, news information and much more. This has increased the search engine optimization outreach of Park Lawn. Other online outreach efforts includes the ability for the community to sign up to receive informative emails and also registering for events. Also included in the online awareness plan is a Facebook page ( parklawncharity), a Twitter page (, and a Youtube page to display the videos made at Park Lawn ( This has increased Park Lawn’s awareness outside the south suburbs of Chicago and spanning across the country. In order to provide opportunities for the community to volunteer directly with Park Lawn participants diagnosed with developmental disabilities, Park Lawn implemented a more formatted volunteer policy. The purpose is to implement a procedure on the recruitment and training of volunteers that abides with Park Lawn’s mission statement and the regulations of our various funding and licensing agencies. More information about Park Lawn’s volunteer policy and opportunities are available at While Park Lawn participants are waiting for jobs to open up through the Supported Employment Program, they can strengthen their skills and outreach to the community by volunteering. Twenty-six Park Lawn participants volunteered at 10 organizations in the 2010-2011fiscal year. These locations included Alsip Park District, Chicago Ridge Library, Children’s Museum, Palos Health and Fitness, Palos Library, Park Lawn Center, Share Your Soles, St. Xavier University, and

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the Toy Box Connection. While volunteering they helped clean tables, organize supplies, and so much more. This also gives some individuals who may not have the opportunity to work a chance to have that experience. It is also a way to give back to the community which increases their self esteem. In another effort to increase the community’s knowledge about programs and services, “Park Lawn Awareness Week” became official in seven Chicagoland South Suburb cities during the week of January 23 to January 30, 2011. The participating cities and villages recognizing Park Lawn Awareness Week included Oak Lawn, Worth, Orland Park, Evergreen Park, Palos Park, Palos Heights and Chicago Ridge. In recognition of Park Lawn Awareness Week, facts about developmental disabilities and Park Lawn were posted online every day and friends in the community were encouraged to show their support by wearing Park Lawn’s color, blue, on Friday, January 28. Staff and residents from Park Lawn Homes wore special blue shirts that said, “We appreciate Park Lawn because…” on the front and on the back it said, “Park Lawn Appreciates Us!” This was initiated by Park Lawn guardians Charles and Maureen Reilly, whose child Kyle is enrolled in Park Lawn programs. Maureen is a board director for Park Lawn and is a member of the Resource Development Committee. Charles and Maureen are active in Park Lawn’s auction committee, “A Rhapsody in Blue”. Park Lawn’s 1st Annual “A Rhapsody in Blue” replaced the Zazz Singles Auction that was held the past 21 years in February. The reason for the change was to increase the outreach back to the South Suburbs and focus more on Park Lawn’s mission to provide services that promote independence, choice and access to community living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A new committee was formed to help organize the event and included Park Lawn family members, board directors and local community volunteers. The name, “A Rhapsody in Blue” was created by committee members Maureen and Charles Reilly and Cheri Boublis. They agreed that since the definition of the word rhapsody means enthusiasm, they wanted to highlight the eager feeling Park Lawn participants express every day when attending Park Lawn’s programs and services. They also felt Park Lawn’s blue colors are appropriate for a winter experience and guests had the option to wear blue to show their support. The 1st Annual Rhapsody in Blue was a success and by changing the format of the auction the net proceeds more than doubled.

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Park Lawn Partnerships Collaboration has provided valuable information and resources to Park Lawn and hundreds of individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the area. Partnerships that were formed in 2009 had more action and growth throughout Park Lawn’s fiscal year 2010 – 2011. Through fundraisers, sharing resources, new ventures and more the ultimate goal for Park Lawn was to grow and succeed. While many alliances throughout the year benefited Park Lawn’s programs, a joint effort in fundraising also occurred. Park Lawn and Seguin Services teamed up to allow the community to help hundreds of individuals with developmental disabilities. The “Building Bridges to the Future” Raffle raised funds to help special education students with developmental disabilities establish and implement transition planning services to ensure their future. First prize for the raffle was a 1965 Ford Mustang. When Park Lawn Residential Director Ellie Crumback heard she was the winner, she was very excited, but knew what she wanted to do. “I always said that if I ever won anything significant from a social service agency that I would donate the item back,” Ellie said in a letter to Seguin Services explaining her actions. The proceeds of the sale were split 50/50 between Seguin and Park Lawn. An ongoing partnership with Seguin Services is the vehicle donation program. All vehicles are accepted and do not need to be operable. Park Lawn receives 80% of the sale of the vehicle and the donations are tax-deductible. Two Oak Lawn Standard Bank and Trust branches furthered the collaboration fundraising efforts with Park Lawn by collecting donations to decorate their holiday trees to help complete Park Lawn’s wish list of hope. The collection was held from November 26th to December 18th at two Oak Lawn Standard Banks addressed 4001 W. 95th Street and 4700 W. 111th Street. Both locations gave decorative ornaments for a donation. Each Standard Bank customer that donated towards a supporting ornament personally placed it on the Standard Bank holiday tree. They exceeded their goal and raised a total of $1,100 that helped purchase much needed items for Park Lawn’s Angel Fund, which was created to meet the needs that Social Security and other programs don’t cover, and to ensure that all residents and clients feel unique, loved and valued.

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Standard Bank Branch Manager Victoria Scanlon mentioned while touring Park Lawn’s day program facility in Oak Lawn that they anticipate continuing the “Holiday Hope for Park Lawn” collection drive in future years and hope to include additional Standard Bank branches and increase the revenue they raise for Park Lawn. While there was money raised with some alliances, money was saved through other partnerships. Park Lawn’s collaboration with five other non-profit organizations with similar missions that support individuals with disabilities created Community Service Partners (CSP). The goal is that each agency will be able to use more of their funding on programs and less on administration. Through creative ways of sharing resources and purchasing power through CSP, this saved roughly $200,000 total among all participating nonprofits in the first year. Participating agencies include Charleston Transition Facility, New Hope Center, Inc, Park Lawn, Sertoma Centre, Inc., SouthSTAR Services, Southwest Community Services, Inc and supported by Coleman Foundation, Chicago Community Trust and United Way. The beginning foci were put towards Informational Technology (IT) services and staff training. The IT services began with a conversion for all organizations to be under one umbrella. This makes it easier for any IT repairs while saving the membership agencies money. The first step was to get every agency off Microsoft Exchange and move email to the Google cloud. This is free for all nonprofits and has shown to be a good spam filter. The CSP staff training has allowed Park Lawn and participating agencies to hire employees more quickly and train them faster. Each partner agency has a trainer from CSP that has set up training every month as opposed to waiting for a big group of new hires to gather every 3-4 months. That has proven to cut down on overtime because vacancies have been filled quicker and by paying less in staff overtime, more funds are put towards client services.

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Park Lawn Growth Through effective outreach and partnership the ultimate goal is growth. Every year Park Lawn faces the continual challenge of meeting the growing and changing needs of the program participants. In the Fiscal Year of 2010-2011 Park Lawn had a variety of solutions to that challenge. For more than 15 years Park Lawn provided sub-contract work to Bio-Industries by packaging their Christmas tree removal bags. The job for Park Lawn participants involved unraveling long white plastic bags, folding each one down to size and then inserting into an outer bag. The bag is sealed and packed in a master carton for shipping. This is a job that every person who attends the day program can perform some part of the task. Recently Bio-Industries owner Chris Kelley was refocusing his business priorities and offered that part of the business to Park Lawn. He very generously awarded us this business opportunity providing his established vendor list and unlimited support and commitment for Park Lawn to be a success. The customers were already familiar with Park Lawn and it was a seamless transition. Chris is still a great advocate of Park Lawn and will assist with any questions or challenges that arise, but Park Lawn now assumes all of the responsibilities and receives all of the benefits. The bags are ordered in February and Park Lawn participants start assembling in mid-March for the bags to sell for the Christmas season. More than 350,000 bags were assembled and sold to local nurseries and Christmas tree farms. Park Lawn purchased a new Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) for female residents. Park Lawn now has eight CILA residential facilities owned and operated by Park Lawn throughout the southwest suburbs of Chicago. The new home is located in Tinley Park and is the third CILA residence in that area. These residents are approved by the Illinois Department of Human Service CILA 24 hour funding. The home is handicapped accessible with 2 ramps, accessible bathroom, doors and windows. It is protected by a sprinkler system, fire alarm pull stations, and a full alarm system wired to the Tinley Park Fire Department. The residents are selected through an intake/ evaluation process and then admitted/moved from one of our existing CILA Homes. Park Lawn evaluated the compatibility of the individuals chosen and whether CILA services will be able to meet their needs. The purchase and renovation of the new CILA home occurred during the 20102011 Fiscal Year. Village and State inspections were conducted and the home was licensed for occupancy in the last quarter of 2011. Park Lawn was fortunate to increase the amount of families we touch and resources provided through the Building Bridges to the Future Program, GRACE Project and Supported Employment Program. The Coleman Foundation grant for the Building Bridges Program was in year two during fiscal year 2010-2011. This helps special education students with intellectual disabilities and their families successfully navigate the challenges of transition from school to adult

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services. In Park Lawn’s 2009-2010 annual report, we reported that more than 150 families benefit from the program. Since then an additional 121 families have benefitted from this resourceful program. The Illinois Office of Education mandates that schools provide a special education program to children until they reach their 22nd birthday. After graduating or turning 22, there is no funding for these individuals unless they meet the emergency criteria. It is at this time when Park Lawn and collaborating organizations step in to help. Grants from Arc and Wal-Mart also greatly benefit the Bridges Program. Transition and continuous development are integral to life. The GRACE (Generating Resources for Aging through Collaborative Energies) Project was created to help handle these transitions in life. The staff working in the GRACE Project works with individuals with advanced age, development of dementia or a change in health status. During 2010-2011 a training manual was created to increase the growth of knowledge to the staff working with this aging population. “The GRACE Manual for Aging Adults with Developmental Disabilities”, developed by a collaboration of six organizations from the Intersect for Ability Network, is a service provider resource to later life transitions. More than fifty professionals including QSPs, program staff, and therapists developed content for the manual’s sections: Staff Training, Day Services, Residential Services and a Resource Guide. The Building Bridges to the Future Program and GRACE are both part of Intersect for Ability. This is a collaborative network of eleven agencies located in Chicago Metropolitan area that serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Projects completed by this group have far INTERSECT FOR ABILITY exceeded the potential of any single agency, resulting in better outcomes for the individuals served. Partners include The Coleman Foundation, The Hope Institute for Children and Families, Barbara Olson Center of Hope, Clearbrook, Countryside Association, Easter Seals of Metropolitan Chicago, Elim Christian Services, Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center, Little Friends, Inc., Misericordia Heart of Mercy, PACTT Learning Center, Park Lawn Association, and Seguin Services. Also beginning during fiscal year 2010-2011 was the “Step Up” ongoing grant that will help the Supported Employment Program of Park Lawn and six other nonprofits. The hope of this is to increase the available corporations providing employment to individuals with developmental disabilities in Park Lawn’s programs. The Board of Directors also launched a donation policy that will ensure continued growth for Park Lawn. This policy includes guidelines to solicit for current funding needs and also planned funding gift options. Planned Giving (Deferred Giving) is defined as a supplemental, long term type of fund raising used to build an endowment fund that will have continued benefits for Park Lawn. Planned Giving options might include a bequest; naming a charitable beneficiary for a retirement plan or IRA; the transfer of stocks, real estate, or life insurance; the establishment of a gift annuity; or the establishment of a charitable lead or remainder trust. In order to assist with providing more information a Planned Giving Task Force was created of experts in the field. They have created and printed marketing materials, organized seminars for family members to better prepare for their loved ones future and much more to ensure the future of Park Lawn is successful.

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Current Fiscal Year 2010-2011 REVENUE United Way $36,138 0% Fees for Services & State Grants $7,687,269 78%

Earnings from Endowment & Investments $696,997 7%

Contributions & Fundraising $1,166,038 12%

Miscellaneous $50,204 1%

Workshop Income $161,384 2%


Program Expense $7,922,287 84%

Fundraising Expense $592,593 General & Administrative 6% $889,410 10% Income Tax $25,624 0%

INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT To the Board of Directors of Park Lawn Association and Affiliates We have audited the accompanying Combined Statements of Financial Position of Park Lawn Association and Affiliates (a nonprofit organization) as of June 30, 2011 and 2010, and the related Combined Statements of Activities and Cash Flows for the years then ended. These combined financial statements are the responsibility of the Organization’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the combined financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the combined financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Park Lawn Association and Affiliates as of June 30, 2011 and 2010 and the changes in their net assets and their cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

January 13, 2012 Orland Park, Illinois

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Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities

For the Year Ended June 30, 2011

For the Year Ended June 30, 2011

ASSETS Current Assets: Cash unrestricted Accounts receivable Pledged receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $0 Prepaid expenses Short term investments Accrued interest Restricted deposits Other assets

UNRESTRICTED ASSETS Revenue from program operations Fees for services & state grants Workshop income

$ 7,687,269 161,384

Total revenue from program operations

$ 7,848,653

Total current assets


511,422 1,333,576 – 23,839 8,314 17,120 122,737 281,297

$ 2,298,305

Investments: General Designated for workshop Designated for endowment

$ 2,535,601 1,022,032 3,408,264

Total investments

$ 6,965,897

Land, building, and equipment (Net of depreciation)

$ 8,728,785



LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities: Accounts payable & accrued expenses Residents trust fund Current portion of long term debt Miscellaneous liabilities


837,985 93,563 185,822 78,857

Total current liabilities

$ 1,196,227

Long term debt

$ 4,717,674


$ 5,913,901

Net Assets: Unrestricted Unrestricted - board designated for endowment Permanently restricted Temporarily restricted

$ 5,502,100 3,445,267 1,096,550 2,035,169





Fundraising and support Contributions United Way Fundraising Total fundraising and support Other revenue, gains and (losses) Earnings from endowment & investments Miscellaneous Unrealized appreciation (depreciation) of investments


248,218 36,138 917,820

$ 1,202,176 $

165,013 55,719 403,683

Total Other Revenue



Net assets released from restrictions Restrictions satisfied by payments


Total Revenue

$ 9,675,244

Expenses Program expense General and administrative expenses Fundraising expenses (direct & indirect) Provision for income taxes

$ 7,922,287 889,410 592,593 25,624

Total Expenses

$ 9,429,914

Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets



PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Revenue Dividends and interest (net) Gain (loss) on sale of investments Unrealized appreciation (depreciation) of investments


40,887 1,529 85,885

Total Revenue



Expenses Investment Advisory Fees


Total Expenses



Increase (decrease) in permanently restricted net assets



TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED ASSETS Support restricted by donors Capital Campaign United Way Other


– 25,000 –

Support released from restrictions United Way Other

(25,000) –

Increase (decrease) in temporarily restricted net assets


Increase in net assets



Net assets beginning of the year Net assets end of the year

11,710,970 $12,079,086

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 14

2010/2011 Board

Affiliated Corporations

Professional Affiliations

JONATHAN PERRY, President Engineer, Self Employed

Park Lawn Homes

STEVE JANISZEWSKI, Vice President President, C & S Training

Park Lawn Services

AAIDD – American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

ROBERT SCHWARTZERS, Treasurer Certified Public Accountant

Park Lawn Foundation Park Lawn School and Activity Center

Executive Staff

ROBERT BARNES, Director Regional Vice President, One Resource Group

JAMES R. WEISE Executive Director

CHERI BOUBLIS, Director Food Service Consultant, B.ourguest Inc.

JULIE GROUNDS Deputy Executive Director

CHUCK DINOLFO, Director Broker/Owner, Century 21 Pro-Team BILL DOWNS, Director Owner, WS & S Medical

JAMES ADDUCCI Finance Director NANCY SCHMITZ Development Director ROGER ADDISON Human Resources Director

JAMES HIMMEL, Director Attorney & Counselor at Law

ELLIE CRUMBACK Residential Services Director

TOM OLOFSSON, Director Attorney at Law MAUREEN REILLY, Director Costume Director, Lyric Opera Chicago

Arc of Illinois Suburban Access

BONNIE PRICE, Secretary Village Clerk, Village of Worth

KEVIN CLARK, Director Trust Administrator, J.P. Morgan

Arc of the United States

FRANK PORTADA Day Services Director

Illinois Health Care Association National Rehabilitation Association Local Chambers of Commerce

Certification Illinois Department of Health and Family Services Illinois Department of Human Services Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services Illinois Department of Public Aid United States Department of Labor Illinois Department of Labor

License Department of Public Health for ICF-DD

FRED ZIMMY, Past President Retired/General Sales Manager JAMES MOMMSEN, Consultant CPA Cocalas, Westberg, Mommsen

Organization Chart Association Board

Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director

Development Director

Human Resource Director

Residential Services Director

Day Services Director

Finance Director

Park Lawn gratefully acknowledges the support of the South Southwest Suburban United Way. This assistance helps Park Lawn empower individuals to reach their fullest potential.

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 15

Thank You to All Donors This year Park Lawn has much excitement for the future. Thanks to you – our donors, volunteers, supporters and partners – Park Lawn continues to be a powerful voice for individuals with developmental disabilities. On the following pages Park Lawn acknowledges the many corporations, individuals, clubs, organizations, and schools and foundations whose belief and commitment to our work have enabled us to continue to help individuals with developmental disabilities realize their amazing strengths and their greatest potential. We apologize for any oversight that may have occurred in the listing of names at this printing. Park Lawn cherishes each friend who gives, knowing that all gifts are given from the heart.

30,000.00 - 99,999.99 The Chicago Community Trust The Coleman Foundation 15,000.00 - 29,999.99 Dupage Community Foundation Sis Foundation Village of Oak Lawn Volleyball for Charity 10,000.00 - 14,999.99 Aileen S. Andrew Foundation Circle of Service Foundation 2,500.00 - 9,999.99 Anonymous Arc of the United States Mr. Maurice Barger, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes Bluedog Design, LLC Ms. Cheri Boublis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carmody Central Steel & Wire Company Chicago Kiwi Club Ms. Susan Ciulini Mr. Patrick Cosgrove Ms. Eleanor Crumback Mr. Timothy Harrigan Hawk Ford Dr. Robert Lauf Mass Mutual Financial Group Mr. and Mrs. John McInerney Menasha Corporation Foundation Michigan Rod Products Palos Electric Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Partl ppachicago Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly Mr. Peter Schroedle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scuderi Seguin Services Standard Bank & Trust Co T.A. Cummings Tee it Up for Charity The Private Bank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thomalla Mr. Robert Thomalla Topline Automotive Engineering, Inc. UPS Ms. Ruth Vandoske Mr. and Mrs. James Weise 1,000.00 - 2,499.99 American Heritage Sertoma Mr. and Mrs. William Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Billings Call One

Carrie Matokar Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carriel Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Assc. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clark Mr. and Mrs. John Crumback, Jr. Dearborn Companies Dice for Dana Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Dinolfo Mr. and Mrs. James Dubina Ms. Donna Dumke Mr. and Mrs. Roy Erikson ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. Mr. David Forberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forney Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gardner Gary Goodgear Emergency Assistance Foundation Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gorman Grey Hill & Associates Ms. Iola Harding Ms. Mary Harland Harris Bank- Argo Mr. and Mrs. James Hollingsed Hub International of Illinois Ms. Halima Jabulani Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Janiszewski JP Morgan Chase Ms. Jeanne Kamin Ms. Christine Kitz Mr. and Mrs. Jim Klick KOC Bishop Fulton J. Sheen KOC Monsignor John Farrell Mr. Anthony Kolosky Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Koncel Ms. Mary Jo Kurko Lombard Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lombard Marina Cartage, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William McClintock Ms. Janet McGarr Ms. Phylis McGarr Melaleuca Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mines Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell Mobility Works Mr. and Mrs. Frank Narel Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Connell Ms. Jewell Perry Proven Business Systems Ms. Paula Pyznarski Rotary Club of Oak Lawn Roy's Lawn Care, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ruesch

Ruff, Weidenaar & Reidy, Ltd. Ms. Debbie Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Chet Staron Mr. Richard Strainis The Horton Group Thomas J. Olofsson, AAL Thompson & Kuenster Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Uzzardo Vantage Mobility International Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vogelgesang Vosh - Illinois Chapter W. J. Deutsch & Sons Wm. Wrigley, Jr. Foundation Mr. Laurence Wynne Mr. Ed Young 500.00 - 999.99 Ms. Lori Anzine Assemblies Unlimited Athletex Physical Therapy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Barnes Mr. and Mrs. John Barry, Jr. Mr. John Barry Mr. Tom Barry Ms. Charlene Bates Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batistich Ms. Joan Bigane Ms. Sandra Bury Chicago Lawn Sertoma Ms. Colette Ciszewski Claretknoll Foundation Ms. Augustina Corradino Mrs. Betty Crumback Mr. and Mrs. David Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dee Mr. Dan DiBennardi Ms. Kathleen DiBennardi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doumas Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dowding Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dubina Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eberhardt Mr. and Mrs. Dean Elger Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Erklin Mr. Timothy Evoy Flap-Jack's Pancake House Foreign Parts Distribuors, Inc Mr. Scott Foster Fred B. Barbara Investments Mr. and Mrs. James Fredenberger Mr. and Mrs. James Gasser Ms. Barbara Gulick

Mr. Kevin Hass Ms. Theresa Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holmberg Illinois Tool Works Foundation James Himmel Attorney at Law Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Janiszewski Mr. Michael Janiszewski Mr. Edward Johler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kane Mr. Patrick Kiley Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kolecki Ms. Florence Krcik Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kwilinski Mr. and Mrs. Dave Larson Mr. Jeffrey Locascio Mr. and Mrs. James Mangan Mr. and Mrs. Steve Manning Mr. and Ms. Will McDermott Ms. Linda McGreen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKeon Mines/Cubs Rooftop Party Mr. and Mrs. James Mommsen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mornar, Jr Ms. Barbara Mornar Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Mike Murtaugh Mr. Fred Newman Ms. Betty Noll Mr. John Novak Mr. James O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Malley Mr. and Mrs. Blas Olivares Ms. Patricia Olund Orland Park Pioneers Football Golf Outing Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Paw Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pearson Peterson Electro-Musical Products Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson Roberts Environmental Control Corporation Ms. Joan Salbego Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schmitz Ms. Dolores Schroedle Ms. Jane Schuetz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schuetz, Jr. Seguin Auto Center Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stalzer State Farm - Chicago Ridge Mr. David Stineman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Supanich The Lombard Company Mr. Bill Toman Mr. and Mrs. William Turk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wampach Mr. and Mrs. Richard Webber Mr. George Whitney Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Woodruff Mr. Ed Young 1.00 - 499.99 21st Century Chiropractic Family Wellness, S.C. A & D Tile A S M Auto Supply Inc AB Resources, Inc Abate of Illinois South Suburban Chapter Accent on Excellence Limo Accord Carton Mr. Robert Ackerman Mr. Evan Adams Ms. Teri Adams Ms. Linda Adams-Jasutis Mr. Roger Addison Mr. and Mrs. James Adducci Advocate Home Health Services Mr. John Aggen, III Mr. Albert Ahern Mr Tony Ajster Mr. Ruben Alarcon Mr. Tim Albert Ms. Norine Albrecht Ms. Barbara Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Alexander All- Guard Auto Alarms, Inc. Ms. Irene Altenbach Mr. and Mrs. John Altenbach Mr. Robert Altenbach Mr. and Mrs. Ken Altes American Heritage Protective American Legion Glenn Maker Post #1160 Ms. Carmella Ammond Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson Ms. Dana Anderson Mr. L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Rick Anderson Ms. Sharon Anderson Andrew Dental Care. Ltd Dr. Dominic Andriacchi Mr. Ronald Angone Aqua Coolers Archer Wire International Ms. Mabel Argires Mr. Joseph Aristich Mr. and Mrs. David Arnashus

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 16

Mr. Michael Arnzen Ms. Sharon Arrigoni AT&T Mr. and Mrs. Donald Augustyniak Avenue Animal Hospital Ms. Myrna Babilonia Ms. Carolyn Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bachman Mr. David Bacho Ms. Sandy Backstrom Ms. Mary Bading Ms. Betty Bailey Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Wally Baird Ms. Estelle Bakos Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balich Ms. Nancy Ball Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ballard Ms. Kathy Ballentine Mr. Vytas Banevicius Bank Financial Bank of America Foundation Mr. Michael Banky Mr. and Mrs. Ron Baranowsky Mr. and Mrs. Pete Baratta Barcus Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Terry Barella Mr. Robert Barger Mr. Christopher Barker Mr. Carlton Barnes, Jr, Ms. Barbara Baron Mr. Anthony Barrientos Mr. and Mrs. Lance Barrows Mrs. Emma Barry Ms. Rosemary Bartkus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartle Ms. Lynda Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bartolotta Ms. Mary Bartos Mr. and Mrs. James Bartusiak Bartz & Bartz Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Ivaldo Basso Ms. Christine Baumann Mr. Robert Baxa Mr. Thomas Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bayless Ms. Sandra Beal Mr. James Beatty Ms. Mary Lou Beck Mr. and Mrs. William Becker Mr. and Mrs. David Beckman Beekman Chiropractic Ms. Susan Behanna Bell Management Group, Inc. Mr. William Benedek Mr. William Bennett Ms Linda Bensen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benson Ms. Connie Berger Mr. Jerry Berger Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bergman Ms. Marie Berthold Mr. John Bertucci Mr. and Mrs. Mark Besbekos Best Source Parts Corporation Mr. Rob Betz Beverly Bank Mr. and Mrs. John Biedron Ms. Bonnie Bielejeski Ms. Caroline Bielejeski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bielejeski

Ms. Janice Bieronski Mr. Michael Bigane Ms. Margaret Bila Bingo Solutions Inc. Birk Plumbing, Inc. Mr. Fred Blaeser Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Blake Mr. and Mrs. Joel Blau Ms. Kathy Blazonczyk Mr. Antony Blessing Ms. Anita Block Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Block Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boettcher Mrs. Laura Bolster Mr. Scott Boman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bonaguro Mr. and Mrs. William Bondy Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bonk Mrs. Kristen Bonk Mr. Steven Bonk Ms. Veronica Booth Pastor Mike Borcherding Ms. Florence Bordoshuk Mr. John Botensten Ms. Addie Bowden Mr. Roland Bowker Mr. and Mrs. Doanld Bowman Ms. Ann Boyle BP Foundation Ms. Martha Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Brady Ms. Jane Brady Mr. Ernest Brand Ms. Bernice Brandau Ms. Ceil Brannigan Ms. Ellen Brannigan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brannigan Ms. Kathleen Branningan Mr. Eric Branz Ms. Patricia Bravo Mr. and Mrs. John Brazel Bremen High School Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brenza Ms. Sarah Bresnahan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brockman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brockman Ms. Ruth Brodzinski Mr. David Brongiel Mr. Donald Brongiel Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bronsberg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brooks Ms. Carol Brophy Mr. Robert Brost Brother Rice High School Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brouder Mr. Timothy Browne Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bruckner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bruhn Mr. Theodore Buchler Mr. and Ms. Steven Budd Mr. Ted Budz Mr. Louis Buescher, Jr. Mr. Daniel Bulfin Mr. Philip Bulfin Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bulkley Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bullivant Burbank Women's Civic Club Ms. Anne Burgess Mr. and Mrs. William Burich Buschbach Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bye Ms. Elinor Bye Mr. William Byers

Ms. Christine Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. John Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Roger Byrnes Mrs. Rose Byrnes C. F. Painting & Decorating Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Cacciottolo Cadillac Man Ms. Maria Cadle Mr. and Mrs. John Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cahill Ms. Bettina Calich Mr. and Mrs. John Calich Mr. Kevin Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Campbell Ms. Mary Cannon Ms. Janet Capek Capitol Insurance Agency, Inc. Cardinal Pallet Co. Ms. Joan Carlson Ms. Laura Carlson Mr. and Mrs. John Carney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carollo Carpet Crafters, Inc. Ms. Carol Carr Mr. Paul Carrano Ms. Sue Carrano Mr. Edward Carriel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carroll Mr. Thomas Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Casale Casino Tours and Charters Ms. Lorraine Cassi Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cassidy Ms. Loretta Cassidy Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc. Mrs. Verna Cavato Mr. Tony Cawiezell Ms. Joy Cayes Ms. Lorraine Cermak Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cerny Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chamberlain Ms. Shirley Chamberlain Mr. Robert Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chantome Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chapman Ms. Mary Chaps Ms. Valerie Chathas Mr. and Mrs. William Cherwonick Mr. Robert Chesna Chesterfield Awning Co., Inc. Mr. Peter Chiagouris Mr. Mark Chibe Chicgao Ridge Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chikerotis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Child Children's Museum Oak Lawn Chili's Bar & Grill Ms. Carrie Chistopher Ms. Bernadine Cichon Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cichowski Ms. Mary Cieplak Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Cipriani Citizens to Elect Lona Lane City of Hometown Ms. Vicki Ciullo CIVC Partners L.P. Ms. Donna Claffy Ms. Colleen Clancy

Mr. Jason Clancy Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clancy Ms. Janet Clark Mr. and Mrs. William Clark Ms. Anne Clettenberg Mr. Bart Clifford Mr. Nancy Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colitto Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Comer Complete Vision Care P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Composono Ms. Shelia Connaughton Ms. Barbara Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Connors Mr. and Mrs. George Conrad Mr. Brian Conry Ms. Jeanne Conry Mr. and Mrs. James Constantine Continental Motors Group Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conway Cook County Sheriff's Office Ms. Rosemarie CoppolaConroy Mr. and Mrs. James Corbet Ms. Ellen Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Frank Costello Ms. Marian Costello Ms. Janine Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Courtright Mrs. Maria Coyle Ms. Mary Ellen Craig Mr. Joe Crean Mr. and Mrs. James Creedon Ms. Enza Crivelli Ms. Ameelia Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cronin Mr. Milo Crosswhite Mrs. J. L. Crowley Crown Family Phlanthropies Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cuba Culver's - Lyons Mr. Albert Cunningham Mr. Dan Cunningham Ms. Helen Cuprisin Rev. and Mrs. Gary Curl Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curran Ms. Donna Curtin Cusack Insurance Agency Cushing Trucking Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Czochara D & D Printing Mr. Marc Dal Santo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daly Mr. and Mrs. Walter Daly Mr. and Mrs. James Damiani Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Damm Mr. J. Daters Mr. and Mrs. Donald Daum Ms. Kathy Davey Mr. Tom Davey Mr. Orville Davis Mr. and Mrs. Lou DeBella Mr. Robert Deisinger Mr. and Mrs. Tito DeLorenzo Ms. Maria Delprete Delre Associates Demetra Design Ltd.

Ms. Donna DeMik Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dennehy Mr. Nick DePlaris Ms. Shirley Derbas Mr. Vijay Devadas Ms. Patrice Dewitt Di Foggio Plumbing Partners Ms. Judith DiCola Mr. William Dieken Mr. Frank DiFoggio Ms. Geraldine DiFoggio Mr. and Mrs. James Dignan Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DiJulio Mr. and Mrs. John Dillon Mr. Alexander Dimoglis Mr. F.J. Dinovella Mr. Jason DiNovella Mr. Joe Dinovella Mr. John DiNovella Ms. Roseann Dinovo Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Diorio Dirty D's Ms. Adele Disabato Mr. Joe Dockweiler Mr. John Doczy Mr. Kevin Doherty Mr. William Dolehide Mr. Tom Donohue Mr. and Mrs. John Dormann Mr. and Mrs. James Dorner Mr. Bill Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Basil Doumas Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Dowling Mr. Bill Downs Mr. and Mrs. Brian Doyle Ms. Mary Doyle Dr. Dennis Dwyer Dr. George J. Dangles Dr. Keni Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Drake Mr. and Mrs. George Drakulich Ms. Susan Drala Mrs. Cheryl Dralle Ms. Penelope Dremonas Mr. Dan Dresden Ms. Victoria Drimonas Mr. and Mrs. Alan Drnec Ms. Nancy Drnec Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drumm Ms. Irene Dubina Mr. Bob Duffy Mr. Brian Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Duffy Ms. Vicki Dunn Ms. Colleen Dunne Ms. Gloria Durkin Mr. and Mrs. Dale Durling Mr. Michael Dwyer Mr. John Dylong Ms. Grace Dyson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dziekan Ms. Linda Dziwak Mr. and Mrs. Bill Eakins Mr. William Eckman Edon Construction Co., Inc. Ms. Jeanette Egan Mr. Jim Egan Ms. Julie Egan Ms. Patricia Egan Mr. Robert Egan Mr. William Ehrler Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eichten Elks of Oak Lawn #2254 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emerson

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 17

Mr. and Mrs. John Emery Mr. Michael Emmett Mr. Bruce Endzel Engine & Performance Wholesale Ms. Patricia Englert Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Epstein Mr. William Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Erklin Mr. Louie Esposito Eva's Employment Agency Mr. and Mrs. Frank Evanish Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Evans Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans Mr. and Mrs. Garford Eveland Mr. Wayne Evert Ms. Georgiana Evertsen Ms. Lisa Evoy Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Ewing Excel Health Clinic Graphic Expert Carpet and Upholstery F. H. Leinweber Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fabrizio Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Falbo Mr. James Farmer Mr. and Mrs. David Farnan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Farrell Mr. Francis Farrington Ms. Margaret Farrington Mr. Gregory Fasano Fast-Way Transportation Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fay Mr. Steve Feig Ms. Marilyn Felix Mr. Richard Ferguson Mr. Yohan Fernando Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferriter Mr. Leonard Fieroh Ms. Shirley Filipello Ms. Nelida Finch Ms. Edythe Findlay Mr. and Mrs. John Fiorenza First Merit Bank First Personal Bank Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer Mr. Joe Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fitzmaurice Ms. Katherine Flaherty Mr. Mike Flaska Ms. Julianne Flowers Mr. Thomas Flynn Ms. Betty Fontana Mr. Raymond Fonzen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Forberg Ms. Mamie Forberg Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Forman Mr. Edward Formosa Mr. Charles Forsyth Mr. Gary Foster Mr. Kevin Fox Ms. Lois Fox Ms. Marilyn Fox Fox Valley Fire & Safety Ms. Sue Ann Fraher Mr. James Francis Ms. Diane Franke Mr. and Mrs. Henry Franke Ms. Joyce Franko Franks Pizza Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frawley Ms. Verna Fredenberger Freshline Foods, Inc. Mr. Jim Fresso Ms. Debra Frieders

Mr. James Friel Mr. Patrick Furey Furniture Outlet Gabriel & Sons Heating Ms. Catherine Gacek Gaelic Park Ms. Shirley Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gallo Ms. Jean Galvan Mr. Brian Galvin Ms. Violet Gambrel Ms. Marlene Gannon Dr. Patrick Gannon, DDS Ar Be Garage Doors inc Garden Chalet Mr. Ronald Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Garfield Mr. and Mrs. John Gartrell Mr. Michael Garvey Mr. Frank Gassmere Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaughan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaughan Mr. Mark Geibel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geis Ms. Sue Geis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gembara Mr. and Mrs. David Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Geras Ms. Kathleen Geras Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerhardt Mr. Robert Gerth Gertie's Ice Creams, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Ghan Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Giacchetti Mr. John Gianoli Ms. Katherine Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Giebelhausen Ms. Mary Giermak Mr. Thomas Gilbert Mr. Gordon Gilkison Mr. Patrick Gillespie Mr. Joseph Glab Mr. Norbert Glowacki GMG, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gniadek Mr. and Mrs. Karol Gnida Mr. and Mrs. David Golden Mr. Tom Golden Ms. Shannon Gonzales-Lynn Mr. Ron Gonzalez Mr. David Goodfriend Ms. Charlotte Goodwin Mr. Pat Gora Ms. Rosemary Gordon Ms. Margaret Gornick Gornick's Auto Rebuilders, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gorski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gorski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gorski Goulds Pumps Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graefen Mr. David Graffagna Ms. Patricia Graham Ms. Judith Grant Mr. Chuck Graves Green Earth Care Corp Mr. Mike Green Mr. and Mrs. Brian Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. John Greenfield Mr. Carl Greer Ms. Joanne Gregoire

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Greimann Ms. Patricia Gresko Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Greune Ms. Ann Greybill Ms. Carol Grieger Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Groller Ms. Julie Grounds Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Gruchot Ms. Linda Grysbeck Ms. Claire Grzeczka Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gurgone Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gurney Mr. Frank Gurtowski Mr. Charles Gutfeld Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haas Ms. Shirley Haas Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Habel Ms. Mary Jane Hack Ms. Gigi Hall Ms. Jessie Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hall Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hallgren Mr. John Halvorson Mr. William Handler Ms. Dorothy Hannaford Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannigan Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannigan Jr. Mr. Arthur Hannus Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hansen Mr. Joseph Hapak Mr. Gene Hara Mr. and Mrs. John Hardek Ms. Billie Harmon Mr. Charles Harnisch Ms. Marilyn Harris Harry London Candies Inc. Mr. Elmer Hartford Ms. Debbie Hartig Ms. Denise Hartigan Ms. Geraldine Hartz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hattan Mr. Joseph Hauser, Jr. Ms. Lorraine Havens Ms. Jennifer Head Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Healy Mr. Joe Hederman Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hederman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heenan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heffernan Ms. Janet Heilmann Helsel-Jepperson Ms. Kristy Hendry Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henehan Mr. Robert Hennessy Ms. Patricia Hennigan Mr. Martin Henriksen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Ms. Mary Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Herbert Ms. Donna Herrity Mrs. Kathleen Herrity Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herrity Mrs. D. Hessler Ms. Pat Hettwer Ms. Carol Hickey Mr. and Mrs. John Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hicks Hicks Investment Group Ms. Lauren Hijaz Ms. Jean Hill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard Ms. Miriam Hillmert

Ms. Wendy Hinojosa Ms. Kathy Hirsch Ms. Yvonne Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hoffman Mr. and Dr. Terrance Holm Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holmstrom Mr. Bruce Horek Ms. Jean Hornick Mr. Richard Hosack Ms. Cathyann Hoye Mr. Evelyn Hrad Mr. and Mrs. William Hubbard Mr. Gerald Hubbell Ms. Colette Hudon Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hughes Mr. and Mrs. James Hughes Mr. Justin Hull Mr. David Humbert Ms. Dorothy Hunter Mr. Michael Hurt Hydro-Air Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Hynek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Iaquinta Illinois Security Service Imperial Service Systems, Inc Independence Tube Corp. Mr. Michael Ingram International Car Care International Freight Services, Inc. Mr. Jon Ionetz Ms. Dorothy Ireland Ms. Sharon Isler Mr. and Mrs. James Ivers J & D Auto Rebuilders J. P. Morgan Chase & Co J.C. Newman Cigar Company Ms. Jamila Jabulani Jack & Pats Old Meat Market Ms. Debbie Jacques Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jaeger Ms. Jane Jahn Mr. and Mrs. Randy James Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jameson Mr. Steve Janiszewski, Jr. Ms. Patricia Jank Mr. Ronald Jankauskis Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Janks Mr. Paul Janovjak Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Janowski Mr. and Mrs. James Janssen Ms. Lynn Jareczek Ms. Carol Jaroch Jenny's Steak House Ms. Amanda Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jerabek JHR Rescources, Inc. Joe & Frank's Homemade Sausage Ms. Norma Johler John Q. Cook, MD, LLC John Williams Interiors Mr. Christopher Johnson Mr. Curtis Johnson Ms. Denise Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson Mr. Ralph Johnson Ms. Linda Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnston Mr. Brian Jones Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jordan Mr. Paul Jordan Mr. and Mrs. James Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jozefiak

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Mr. Chris Juarez Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jurczak Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kachinsky Mrs. Mary Kachinsky Mr. Glenn Kadas Mr. Ron Kadlec Mr. Edward Kalata Mr. George Kalatzis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kalchbrenner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaliebe Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kalny Dr. Mary Kamberos, M.D. Mr. Jeff Kaminski Ms. Lori Kaminski Ms. Dolores Kampwirth Ms. Cheryl Karas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Karasek Ms. Marcia Karge Mr. and Mrs. Charles Karko Ms. Barb Karl Mr. and Mrs. Ed Karlovic Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Karones Mr. and Mrs. Saurabh Kathuria Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kato Ms. Eugenia Kaukialo Mr. William Kaukialo Mr. Rich Kauzlarich Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kazecki Mr. James Kean Ms. Beverly Keane Mr. Wm. Keane Mr. James Keaveny Mr. and Mrs. John Kebr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keehn Mr. Mike Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keller Ms. Eva S. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly Ms. Maddie Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Ms. Dennis Kennedy Ms. Dorothy Kennedy Ms. Debra Kenny Kenwood Liquors Ms. Dawn Kern Ms. Stacy Kerwin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ketchum Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kettelson Mr. Dan Kiebles Ms. Judith Kiely Ms. Billie Kigin Mr. Daniel Kijewski Mr. Joe Kilcoyne Mr. Michael Kiley King Engine Bearings Inc Ms. Sharon King Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kinsella Ms. Kathleen Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kirby Kiwanis Club of Oak Lawn Ms. Ann Marie Klapacz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klein Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klotzke Mr. and Mrs. James Klouda Mr. and Mrs. William Kluth Ms. Rita Knaze Ms. Joanne Knickelbein Ms. Fran Knieps Ms. Joan Knight

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 18

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Koerner Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Kohler Ms. Christine Kolaczko Mr. Jack Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Koldenhoven Ms. Eleanor Kolecki Mr. Richard Kolovitz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kos Ms. Karen Kosinski Ms. Mary Ann Koska Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kostera Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kot Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kowalski Krahn Family Mr. Kevin Kramer Krapil's The Great Steak, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kraus Ms. Jennifer Kraus Ms. Judy Krause Ms. Rose Krc Ms. Barbara Kreide Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kress Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krieg Mr. Inge Krogh Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krol Ms. Alice Krusinski Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krynski Mr. Robert Kuh Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kuhlmann Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuligoski Mr. Randy Kump Ms. Judith Kurcz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kurent Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kutlik Ms. Rosemary LaCoy Mr. and Mrs. John Lally Ms. Emily Lambert Ms. Marvel LaMontagne Mr. and Mrs. Bill LaMorte Ms. Ann Lampl-Thanos Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lang Ms. Carol Langer Ms. Irma Langland Mr. Craig Lanigan Ms. Mary Lanigan Mr. Philip Lanteigne Mr. and Mrs. John LaPorta Ms. Margaret Larkin Larry's Brake Service Ms. Shirley Larsen Mr. Carl Larson Mr. Richard Laushot Ms. Majorie Lauterjung Mr. Joe LaValle Ms. LouAnn Lavin Lawn Funeral Home Mr. John Leahy Mr. Michael Leahy Ms. Carin Leasure Mr. Jay Lee Mr. and Mrs. William Leise Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leiser Mr. John Lemaire Ms. Patricia Lenihan Mr. and Mrs. Mel Lenz Leonard & Son Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. David Leonardi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lepore Les Brothers Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lesch Ms. Joyce Leverenz

Mr. Donald Levinthal Ms. Amy Lewis Mr. Eugene Lezaj Ms. Joanne Libfeld Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Linn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Linnane Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Linnert Lions Club of Evergreen Park Lipinski for Congress Ms. Frances Lipuma Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Little Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lizak Ms. Linda Lobianco Ms. Karen Lochirco Mr. John Lockie Ms. Elena Lojo Mr. Daniel Lombard Mr. Bradley Long Mr. James Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long Ms. Rose Marie Loparco Mr. and Mrs. Concepcion Lopez Ms. Gladys Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lord Mr. and Mrs. Joel Lorenzo Ms. Helen Lostarakos Ms. Doris Lovgren Ms. Mary Lowery Ms. Valerie Lowitzki Ms. Jan Lubas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lubas Mr. Michael Luczkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Bill Luebcke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lukens Ms. Lynn Lundgren Ms. Jan Lurquin Ms. Jane Lurquin Mr. Kevin Lynch Mr. Moon Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyons M & O Insulation Company Ms. Erin Mack Mr. John Mackowiak Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Madden Ms. Elizabeth Madden Mr. and Mrs. John Madden Ms. Lucille Madden Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney Ms. Mary Mahoney Mr. Carl Malinowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward Malinowski Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Maloney Mancari's Oak Lawn Mr. Samuel Mancuso Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mann Ms. Eleanor Mannella Ms. Maren Mannella Ms. Mary Mannes Ms. Catherine Manning Ms. Margaret Marcks Mr. James Marcordes Ms. Mary Marek Marist High School Mr. Nicholoas Markionni Mr. George Marks Mr. Jeff Marks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Marmozewicz Ms. Yvon Marolt MarQuinn Investments, Inc. Mr. Scott Marr

Mr. and Mrs. James Martensen Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Martia Mr. Tony Martig Ms. Carol Martin Mr. Herb Martin Ms. Maryellen Martin Mr. William Martin Mr. and Mrs. John Martus Mr. Eugene Martyn Mrs. Pat Martynowicz Ms. Aide Massini Mr. and Mrs. Mike Matanic Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mathis Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Matokar Ms. Cathy Mattson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mattson Mr. and Mrs. David Maty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maty Mr. and Mrs. Steve Maty Maurice Moore Memorials Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Todd Mayer Mr. Edward Mazeika Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mazukelli Mr. Dominick Mazza Mr. William McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCaffrey Ms. Beverly McCambridge Ms. Judith McCann Mr. Sean McCann Ms. Catherine McCarthy Mr. Joe McCarthy Ms. Catherine McCartin Mr. Michael McComb Ms. Teresa McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Brendan McCormick Mr. James McCormick Mr. and Mrs. David McCracken Ms. Eleanor McCrea Ms. Edith McDonald Ms. Heather McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Tim McDonald Mr. Thomas McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McEldowney Mr. James McElligott Mr. and Mrs. James McEllistrem Mr. and Mrs. Edward McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGaghie Mr. Randy McGathey Ms. Barbara McGee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGinnis Ms. Ashley McGivney Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McGovern Mr. Edward McGowan Mr. and Mrs. John McGowan Ms. Carol McGrath Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGrath Ms. Isabella McIlveen Ms. Donna McInerney Ms. Pauline McInerney Ms. Winifred McInerney Ms. Carole McKee Mr. and Mrs. David McKee Mr. Thomas McKeon, Jr. Ms. Mary McLean Ms. Mary McMahon

Mr. Vincent McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNally Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McNally Ms. Mary Rose McNamee Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNeeley Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNerney Dr. and Mrs. James McNicholas Mr. and Mrs. Michael McPartlin Mr. Adolfo Medina Ms. Nancy Medler Ms. Geraldine Meinert Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried Meinstein Ms. Shirley MeKesson Mr. Mark Melling Ms. Rosemary Memmesheimer Mr. and Mrs. Luis Mendez Mr. and Mrs. David Mercier Ms. Lynn Merryl Ms. Margaret Metz Mr. and Mrs. John Meuris Ms. Marcella Meyer Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc. Mr. Peter Meyerson Mr. Ronald Michalak Ms. Elaine Michas Midwest Whse & Dist Sys Inc Mike Rogers Trucking Mikkelsen, Kelly & Kipp Insurance Agency Ms. Kathleen Miklas Ms. Edna Mikulich Mr. Christopher Miles Mr. James Miller Mr. and Mrs. Terry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Minarik Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mindeman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mines Mr. and Mrs. Roger Minnis Mr. John Minogue Ms. Judith Mitrick Mr. Frank Modelski Mr. Edward Mohr Mr. Edward Mokos Mr. and Mrs. John Molton Ms. Kathleen Moore Morgan Park Auto Service Mr. James Mornar Ms. Beverly Morrey Ms. Charlotte Morrison Mr. and Mrs. John Morrissey Mr. Barry Moschel Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moser Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mosz Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School Ms. Mary Mraz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mroczkowski Ms. Donna Mrotek Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mrotek Ms. Shirley Mroz Ms. Elizabeth Muentzer Mr. Mike Mulcahy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mulchrone Ms Joan Mullen Ms. Mary Mullen Mr. and Mrs. James Mulligan Ms. Catherine Munoz Mr. Albert Murawski Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy Ms. Mary Murphy

Ms. Pamela Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Murray Mr. and Mrs. John Murray Ms. Ailish Murrihy Mr. Lester Murschell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murtaugh Ms. Patricia Murtaugh Ms. Marilyn Musch Mr. Anthony Musiala Mr. and Mrs. James Nakutis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Naughton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Naujoks Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson Ms. Patricia Nemec Ms. Mary Nevell Mr. Neil Newmann Ms. Reenie Neylon Mr. Timothy Neylon Ms. Patricia Nielsen Mr. Earl Nienhuis Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nolan Mr. Thomas Noone Ms. Joan Norek Norman R. Glass, Jr. Insurance Agency, Inc. Northstar Aerospace, Inc. Ms. Marie Norton Mr. Lucio Novelli Ms. Sharon Novickas Mr. and Mrs. Vinnie Nunziata Ms. Linda Nyberg Ms. Marita O'Brien Ms. Rita O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. William O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connell Mr. Wayne O'Connell Ms. Gertrude O'Connor Ms. Carol O'Donnell Ms. Mary O'Donnell Ms. Margaret O'Keefe Mr. Brendan O'Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Brian O'Malley Mr. and Mrs. John O'Malley Mr. Robert O'Malley Ms. Sandy O'Malley Ms. Kathleen O'Marrah Mr. Raymond O'Neil Ms. Sharon O'Neill Ms. Marisue O'Rourke Ms. Mary O'Rourke Oak Lawn Park District Oak Lawn Park District Special Recreation Oak Lawn Patch Mr. Keith Obiala Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Obiala Ms. Barb Odette Mr. and Mrs. Edward Okrezesik Ms. Barbara Olaska Ms. Florence Olaska Mr. and Mrs. Gary Oldenburg Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olsen Mr. Zygmund Olszewski Mr. and Mrs. James Olund Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olund Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Oprondek Mr. and Mrs. Tom Orlowski Ms. Lisa Ortega Mr. Robert Ortman, Jr. Ms. Connie Osinski Mr. Frank Ostrowski

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 19

Otis Engineering Ms. Priscilla Overgaard Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ozanich P.J. Nunzio & Associates, Inc. Ms. Cathy Pacella Ms. Theresa Pach Mr. Michael Pacyn Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Page Mr. and Mrs. Philip Page Mr. and Mrs. Terry Page Mr. Joe Palazzolo Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Palenik Palermo Pizza, Inc. Mr. Tom Palmer Ms. Charice Palmer-Flory Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Palmquist Palos Diner, Inc, Mrs. Luci Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. Paul Panczuk Papa Joe's Restaurant Ms. Jennifer Paredes Park Plumbing, Inc. Parry & Steinborn Agency Dr. and Mrs. Gene Paschall Mr. Robert Patek Mr. and Mrs. John Paternostro Patrick J. Folliard, C.P.A.., P.C. Mr. Danny Paul Paul K. Gerhardt AAL Mr. and Mrs. Stan Pavilonis Ms. Maureen Pavletic Mr. Thomas Paxson PCS Industries Ms. Jennifer Peel Ms. Janet Pelech Peloza Construction, Company Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pena Mr. Timothy Pender Ms. Robert Perkaus Ms. Beatrice Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Perkovich Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perreault Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Perrino, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Perry Ms. Sandra Perryman Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pesavento Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peters Mr. and Mrs. Gust Peterson Mr. Bert Petro Mr. Frank Petrokovitch Petunia Patch, Inc. Mr. Jim Pfordresher Ms. Joanne Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Phillips Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Jack Piccola Ms. Annamae Pierce Ms. Betty Pierce Ms. Grace Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pierce Ms. Martha Piet Ms. Nancy Pignotti Ms. Arlene Pinkston Mr. Jerry Pinotti Mr. Matthew Pisarek Mr. Charles Plank Mrs. Angela Plebanek Ms. Karen Plefka Plumbing Contractors Assn. of Chicago Ms. Elaine Plummer Ms. Theresa Poggi Mr. Joseph Polak

Ms. Josephine Polich Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pontarelli Mr. and Mrs. William Ponzetti Mr. and Mrs. Peter Popik Mr. Frank Portada Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Porter Ms. Shirley Porter Mr. Tom Porter Ms. Liz Potter Prairie Jr. High School Ms. Marybeth Pratt Precise Remodeling, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prendergast Ms. Bonnie Price Ms. Karen Prisco Progressive Financial Planning Ms. Joanne Prokop Mr. John Proper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Provenzano Provider Group Inc. Ms. Lorraine Pulicano Pump it Up Ms. Jane Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Putz Ms. Jane Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quick Ms. Carol Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn Ms. Ruth Quinn Mr. and Mrs. John Quinton R.J. Schwartzers & Associates, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Racevice Ms. Sandra Rakowski Mr. Kevin Ramp Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsden Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Randich Mr. and Mrs. Michael Randolph Mr. Ghulam Rasul Ms. Terese Rathmann Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rebora N & J Body Shop Rebuilders Mr. Donald Reczek Ms. Arlene Reid Mr. and Mrs. Dean Reidy Mr. John Reidy Mr. Bill Reilly Ms. Kathleen Reilly Mr. Matt Reilly Mr. Mike Reilly Reliance Dental Manufacturing Co. Ms. Marilynn Rhein Ms. Joanne Rhodes Mr. Mohammed Riazuddin Mr. and Mrs. James Ribikawskis Richard T. Beaty, D.O. Mr. James Richards Mr. Russell Ricobene Ricobene's Pizzeria Ms. Donna Riebel Mr. and Mrs. Werner Riesbeck Mr. and Mrs. George Ringstrom Mr. and Mrs. John Riordan Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ritchey Mr. and Mrs. James Ritchey Ms. Grace Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberts Jr. Ms. Bernie Roche Ms. Theresa Roche Rockwood Company Ms. Carol Rodrian Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rodrigues Ms. Kathleen Rodriquez

Mr. Richard Rogers Mr. Donald Rohe Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ronan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Roney Rose Importing & Distributing Ms. Patricia Rose Mr. Marco Roselli Mr. Tim Ross Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ross Ms. Sandra Roth Mr. Daniel Rowan RTM Trophy & Award Company Ms. Kathryn Rubel Mr. and Mrs. John Rubino Mr. John Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rucinski Mr. Mike Ruegg Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ruger Ms. Nancy Runkel Mr. Ronald Rusnak Ms. Carol Russell Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Russell Mr. Joe Ruzic Ms. Lynne Ruzich Mrs. Denise Ryan Ms. Josephine Ryan Mr. Robert Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rytlewski S G Supply Co. Mr. Michael Sabal Safety Support Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salvino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salvino Mr. Michael Samars Mr. and Mrs. John Saniat Ms. Coletta Sargant Sargent and Lundy, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Harold Saving III Ms. Sue Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scahill Ms. Angela Scalia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scalia Ms. Catherine Scanlon Mr. Richard Schau Ms. Virginia Scheckel Mr. and Mrs. William Schergen Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schick Mr. Richard Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schneider Mr. William Schoeneberg Mr. and Mrs. William Schoeneman Mr. and Mrs. John Schrey Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Schroeder Mr. James Schroedle Mr. Robert Schroedle Ms. Joanne Schroeter Mr. Daniel Schuemann Mr. James Schuetz Mr. and Mrs. Dean Schultz Ms. Marti Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schutt Mr. and Mrs. Randy Schwartz Ms. Susan Schwartz Mr. Robert Schwartzers Mrs. Catherine Schwarz Ms. Ellen Scolum Ms. Bernadette Seale Season Comfort Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sechrist Mr. Ryan Sellers

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sendra Ms. Sally Sendra Mr. Herman Senkpeil Mr. and Mrs. Robert Senne Mr. and Mrs. William Senovitz Sertoma Centre, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Trupti Shah Mr. Joseph Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shantz Mr. Patrick Shea Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sheahan Mr. and Mrs. William Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. John Sheerin Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sheputis Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. James Shields Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Shilney Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shipanik Ms. Ema Shobrys Mr. and Mrs. Damian Sichak Ms. Ruth Sievers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sifling Mr. and Mrs. Albert Signore Mr. Emil Silgalis Ms. Elaine Silveus Mr. and Mrs. Tony Simkus Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Simon Mrs. Joanne Simons Mr. and Mrs. Chris Simpson Ms. Roberta Simulis Ms. Ruby Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. John Singler Ms. Lois Skillen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slusarczyk Mr. Grant Smale Mr. Stephen Smetana Ms. Catherine Smith Mr. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith Mr. Mark Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. Steven Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Snow Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snyder Mr. Nick Soblinski Mr. Nicholas Sobolinski Ms. Betty Soffel Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sokol Ms. Jean Sokolowski Solutions 3 Graphics Mrs. Bamboo Solzman Mr. Donald Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sommer Ms. Mary Somora Mr. Dennis Soustek South Suburban Mitsubishi Southside Plumbing Contractors Social Club Southwest Chicago Christian School Southwest Orthopedics S.C. Mr. and Mrs. James Souturas Mr. Anthony Spalla Mr. Brian Spalliero Mr. John Spalliero Specialized Staffing Solutions Springer Blue Print Service Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Springer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Squires

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church Mens Club St. Helen Women's Philoptochos St. John Fisher Church St. John Fisher Women's Club St. Linus Church St. Linus Church Men's Club Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stabrawa Ms. Dolores Stachniak Mr. John Stachniak Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stachon Mr. and Mrs. David Stafford Mr. Ronald Stajkowski Mr. Ray Standke Mr. and Mrs. George Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Staron State Farm - Blue Island State Farm - Orland Park State Farm - Chicago State Farm - Tinley Park State Farm - Oak Lawn State Farm - Darien State Farm - Palos Hills State Farm - Glenwood Mr. Timothy Steinmetz Stella's Bar Mr. William Stenzel Stephen Sutera, P. C. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Stienz Ms. Janet Stifter Mr. and Mrs William Stockdale Mr. Ronald Stoeckig Mr. Gale Stoffregen Mr. Bill Stolberg Ms. Anna Stork Mr. Andy Stott Mr. Bob Stranczek Mrs. Kathleen Strand Mr. and Mrs. Randy Strand Mr. Dennis Straple Mr. and Mrs. Alex Strelec Mr. Mick Strilich Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Strle Mr. Gerald Struglinski Mr. and Mrs. George Stubenrauch Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stubitsch Mr. and Mrs. Donald Studnicka Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stump Dr. R. David Sturgeon Mr. Derek Suksombut Ms. Christine Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sullivan Ms. Jane Sullivan Mr. John Sullivan Mr. Neil Sullivan Ms. Therese Sullivan Mr. Shane Summers Suntrust Nature Coast Ms. Jane Surma Ms. Marea Sutton Mr. Robert Svehla Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swanson Mr. Raymond Swapa Ms. Geraldine Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. James Sweeney Mr. John Sweeney Ms. Evelyn Swintek Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sykucki Ms. Linda Szajkovics Ms. Ellyn Szarzynski Mr. and Mrs. Martin Szekely Mr. and Mrs. John Szeszycki

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 20

Ms. Dolores Tamborski Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tansey Ms. Diana Tarandy Target Ms. Marion Tatgenhorst Mr. Frank Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor, Jr. Telecom Engineering Services Ms. Judy Terando Terra Nova Films, Inc. Terry's Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tew TFW Financial Services The Financial Resource Network The Hogan Law Firm, LLC The Mechanics The Private Bank The Snow Group The Suds Factory Ms. Nancy Thiele Thiernau Financial Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George Thies Mr. Jim Thompson Ms. Judy Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thorsen Threads ETC Mr. Brian Tiernan Ms. Barbara Tippett Ms. Betty Tobin Mr. Robert Tomaska Mr. Eugene Tomczak Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Toth Mr. and Mrs. Tom Toulios Ms. Velora Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Steven Trafficanta Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tranowski Treloar and Heisel, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tremaine Trevarthan Landscaping Co. Trinity Lutheran Church Women's Club Ms. Judith Tripp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trosin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tubay Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tumpane Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Tumulty Ms. Myra Turek Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turk Mr. and Mrs. John Turner Mr. Randy Turzinsky Ulbrich of Illinois Mr. John Ullrich University of St Francis Mr. Brad Urban Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Uzzardo Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Uzzardo Mr. Lee Valeu Mr. and Mrs. William Van Eck Mr. Joseph Van Nieuwenhuyse Mr. Jeffrey Vana Ms. Harriette VanBeveren Ms. Chris Vanosky Mr. and Mrs. Vito Ve Sota Ms. Manuella Veglio Mr. and Mrs. Norman Vereecke Vernon & Maz, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vervaet VFW Johnson-Phelps Post #5220 VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #450 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vickery Village of Alsip Village of Chicago Ridge

Village of Evergreen Park Mrs. Marianne Vlasek Mrs. Vicki Vlasis Ms. Mary Voelker Ms. Mary Vogwill Mr. Dean Vollette Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vorrier, Jr. Voss Equipment, Inc. Mr. Yordan Vulich Ms. Eli Wagner Ms. Sandra Wagner Mr. James Waitkus Mr. and Mrs. William Waleszonia Ms. Janet Waligora Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Walker Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walker Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kichner Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wall Mr. James Waller Ms. Gwendolyn Walsh Ms. Kathleen Walsh Mr. Matt Walsh Ms. Maura Walsh Ms. Teresa Wankowicz Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wanzung Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ward Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ward Mr. Larry Warzynski Ms. Cindy Wasik Ms. Phyllis Wasowicz Mr. Julius H. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wayman Ms. Judy Weingartner Mr. John Weiss Mr. Bob Weissenstein Ms. Bettyjo Weisskopf Mr. Ronald Welin Mrs. Rita Wells Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wenslow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Werges Ms. Barbara Werner Mr. Robert Westrick Mr. and Mrs. Raymond White Ms. Shirley White Mr. Robert Whitlock Mr. Ron Wicklund Wild & Wreckless, Inc. Mr. Paul Wild Ms. Nancy Wilhem Ms. Madalene Willand Ms. Judy Willhoite Mr. and Mrs. Tom Willmot Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilson Ms. Rosalie Wilson Ms. Alina Winczo Mr. James Winters Mr. and Mrs. John Winton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wirthman Mr. Marty Wirtz Wisdom Financial Inc. Ms. Helen Witous Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Witting Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wnuk Mr. Mark Wojack Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe Ms. Debra Wolowina Ms. Christine Wood Ms. Ruth Wood Mr. Steven Wood Ms. Edna Wooding Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woods Mr. and Mrs. Adam Woodworth Worn Jerabek Architects, P.C.

Mr. Richard Wren Mr. Steve Wright Ms. Dorothy Wrobel Ms. Deborah Wronkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wronski Ms. Vicki Wurman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wyness Ms. Sally Wysocki Mr. Richard Yanz Mr. Steve Young Mr. and Mrs. Lee Yuska Ms. Maryann Zabrosky Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zagorski Mr. Robert Zajac Mr. Curtis Zakarian Mr. Gabriel Zambrano Zapolis & Associates, PC Mr. Tony Zartler Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zeiger, Sr. Mr. Carl Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zimmy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zion Mr. Thomas Zobak Ms. Colette Zola Mrs. Marie Zudyki Mr. Anton Zupan

In Memory of Chester Barnas Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski In Memory of Michael Beger Ms. Sue Geis In Memory of Linda Berthold Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eberhardt Mr. and Mrs. James Fredenberger Mr. and Mrs. Laura Kowalski Ms. Phylis McGarr Ms. Ruth Vandoske Mrs. Carol Zimmy In Memory of Robert Biedrzycki Mr. and Mrs. Norman Vereecke In Memory of Ruth Cameron Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski In Memory of Babe Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chikerotis Mr. John DiNovella Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Connell In Memory of Loretta Ciszewski Mr. Tony Ajster Ms. Connie Berger Ms. Bonnie Bielejeski Ms. Caroline Bielejeski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bielejeski Ms. Joy Cayes Mr. and Mrs. William Clark Ms. Julianne Flowers Ms. Betty Fontana Ms. Katherine Gibbons Mr. Charles Gutfeld Ms. Mary Jane Hack Mr. Gerald Hubbell Ms. Kathleen Kinsey Ms. Helen Lostarakos Ms. Pamela Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quick Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith Ms. Dolores Stachniak Ms. Janet Stifter Ms. Judy Terando

In Memory of David Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brenza

In Memory of Kevin Hass Mr. Kevin Hass

In Memory of Edward Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. William Becker Mr. Tony Cawiezell Ms. Ellen Cosgrove Ms. Donna Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keehn Mr. and Mrs. William Kluth Ms. Karen Lochirco Mr. Peter Meyerson Ms. Marita O'Brien Ms. Rita O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Ozanich Mr. and Mrs. William Ponzetti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sheahan Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan Mr. Ray Standke Mr. and Mrs. Stubenrauch Mrs. Marianne Vlasek

In Memory of Charles Hess Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski

In Memory of Ross DiFoggio Mr. Bob Cuzzo Mr. and Mrs. Basiil Doumas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doumas Mr. and Mrs. Dale Durling Mr. Gene Hara Ms. Charice Palmer-Flory Mr. Daniel McLaughlin Mr. Norman Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. Michael Di Foggio Mr. and Mrs. James Souturas In Memory of Myra Doig Ms. Christine Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Roger Byrnes Ms. Katherine Flaherty Ms. Beverly Keane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuligoski Ms. Patricia Nemec Ms. Carol Russell Ms. Coletta Sargant In Memory of Isabelle Farrington Mr. Francis Farrington Ms. Margaret Farrington In Memory of Joe Geras Ms. Kathleen Geras In Memory of Ricky Giampaolo Mr. and Mrs Michael Maty In Memory of Jean Goryl Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski In Memory of Catherine Hackett Ms. Sue Geis In Memory of George Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turk Mr. and Mrs. William Turk Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ward Mr. Curtis Zakarian In Memory of Tim Hagan Mr. and Mrs. David Maty In Memory of Jay Hasbrouck Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski

In Memory of Bernard Kelly Mr. Thomas Bayer Mr. James Winters In Memory of Joseph Kitz Ms. Irene Dubina Mr. Eugene Lezaj Mr. and Mrs. George Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. George Stubenrauch In Memory of Betty Kolosky Mr. Anthony Kolosky In Memory of Mary Ellen Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. John O'Malley In Memory of William Lythberg Mr. Arthur Hannus Ms. Lynn Jareczek Mr. and Mrs. Edward Karasek Ms. Ashley McGivney Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips Ms. Pamela Petrich Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schutt Mr. Robert OPayne Ms. Ginny Priestman Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Walker Mr. and mrs. Howard Walker Mrs. Carol Zimmy In Memory of Mary Mannes Ms. Janet Clark Ms. Enza Crivelli Ms. Vicki Dunn Ms. Shirley Filipello Ms. Patricia Gresko Ms. Joanne Knickelbein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krol Ms. Joanne Libfeld Ms. Mary Mannes Mr. and Mrs. John Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mroczkowski Ms. Joan Norek Ms. Patricia Olund Ms. Susan Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Trupti Shah Ms. Teresa Wankowicz In Memory of Les Matanic Ms. Florence Krcik In Memory of Joan Murphy Mr. Laurence Wynne In Memory of Tricia Ordonez Ms. Laura Carlson In Memory of Stella Pisarek Mr. Matthew Pisarek In Memory of Loretta Remblake Ms. Shirley Gallagher Dr. Patrick Gannon, DDS Mr. Debbie Jacques Ms. Linda Lobianco Ms. Erin Mack Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ronan Ms. Joanne Schroeter

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 21

Mr. John Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilson

In Memory of Rose Schneller Ms. Marie Berthold Mrs and Mrs. Ed Carroll Ms. Mamie Forberg Ms. Carol Grieger Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kos Ms. Florence Krcik In Memory of Robert Schroedle Ms. Teri Adams Mr. and Mrs. David Arnashus Mr. Maurice Barger Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Casale Mrs. Verna Cavato Mrs. Betty Crumback Ms. Irene Dubina Mr. and Mrs. Garford Evelan Ms. Lisa Evoy Ms. Edythe Findlay Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Habel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannigan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Healy Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kowalski Ms. Phylis McGarr Ms. Elaine Michas Ms. Barbara Olaska Ms. Florence Olaska Ms. Patricia Olund Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scalis Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stachon Mrs. Carol Zimmy In Memory of Marion Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bulkley In Memory of Tracy Smith Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bayless Mr. and Mrs. David Beckman Mr. and Mrs. William Burich Ms. Eleanor Crumback Mr. and Mrs. James Fredenberger Ms. Dorothy Ireland Ms. Amanda Jensen Ms. Patricia Olund Ms. Priscilla Overgaard Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Ms. Judith Tripp Ms. Mary Spreitzer Ms. Mary Voelker Mrs. Carol Zimmy In Memory of Popik Steven Mr. and Mrs. Peter Popik In Memory of Joseph Strzelec Ms. Susan Ciulini In Memory of Josephine Trafficanta Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Joyce In Memory of Rita Uzzardo Ms. Phyllis Wasowicz In Memory of Bernadette Williams Ms. Chesterine Wisniewski

In Memory of Stanley Wisniewski Ms. Florence Krcik In Honor of Cecilia Brannigan Ms. Ellen Brannigan Ms. Kathleen Branningan Mr. Robert Chambers Ms. Rosemarie Coppola-Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cuba Mr. Richard Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heffernan Mr. Richard Kolovitz Ms. Maren Mannella Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNeeley Mr. and Mrs. Vinnie Nunziata Mr. Charles Plank Ms. Alina Winczo In Honor of Ted and Marilyn Buchler Ms. Wendy Hinojosa Ms. Karen Plefka In Honor of Susan Daniel Ms. Mary Herbert In Honor of Cindy Kriz Ms. Barbara Connelly In Honor of Jim and Linda Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gardner In Honor of Michael Mornar Mr. Scott Peterson In Honor of Kyle Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Tom Willmot In Honor of Danny Schuetz Ms. Jennifer Kraus In Honor of Kathy Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Linn In Honor of Thomas Sonneveld Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thomalla In Honor of Megan Vogelgesang Ms. Mary O'Rourke In Honor of Nicky Vogelgesang Ms. Jennifer Peel Gift in kind donor list A Touch of Ireland Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum Alsip Chamber of Commerce American Legion Glenn Maker American Licorice Co. Annie's Ltd. Auction Merchandise Source Aurelio's Pizza Avenue Flower Shop Ms. Carolyn Bachman Bakers Square Mr. Maurice Barger, Jr. Mr. Tom Barry Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batistich Beggers Pizza Bennett-Curtis House Bespoke Cuisine Beverly Country Club

Big City Swing Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bisping Blake-Lamb Funeral Home Bolingbrook Golf Club Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bonk Ms. Cheri Boublis Bradford Exchange Ms. Katie Bradley Broken Arrow Golf Course Brookfield Zoo Brunswick Zone Cafe Buonaro's Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carroll Celebrity Dance Studio Chi Tung Chicago Bulls Chicago Cubs Chicago Vending Company Chicago White Sox Chicago Wolves Chicagoland Toys for Tots Children's Museum Oak Lawn Chinese Palace Chuck's Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cimino Cinder Ridge Golf Links Ms. Susan Ciulini Mr. and Mrs. John Clancy Ms. Patty Coleman Complete Vision Care P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Composono Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. James Corbet Costco Wholesale Courtyard by Marriott Ms. Mary Ellen Craig Ms. Barbara Crotty Ms. Eleanor Crumback Danceworks, Inc. Ms. Kathy Davey De Paul University--Merle Reskin Theatre Dearborn Companies Double Tree Hotel Dralle Chevrolet and Buick Drop Zone Ms. Donna Dumke East Bank Club El Burrito Loco Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Epstein Everything's Relative Face to Face Fannie May Confections #203 Fasel & Sons Garden Center Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferriter Fireplace Inn First Evangelical Lutheran Church Fleckenstein's Bakery Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery Frank Lloyd Wright Ms. Lisa Gehrke Golden Opportunities Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gorman Great American Bagel Mr. and Mrs. Warren Greimann Grey Hill & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hallgren Happy Hyundai Harry London Candies Inc. Headlines Salon

Heritage Bluffs Golf Course Hilton Oak Lawn Mr. James Himmel Hollywood Park Hooters Illinois Railway Museum Improv Olympic Jenny's Steak House & Pub JHR Rescources, Inc. John G. Shedd Aquarium Joliet Junior College Mr. and Mrs. Ed Karlovic Kentucky Fried Chicken Kenwood Liquors Kingston Mines Mr. and Mrs. Dave Klaas Klein Tools Ms. Karen Kosinski Mr. and Mrs. Len Kowalski Ms. Susan Krakowski Krapil's The Great Steak, Inc Ms. Judith Kurcz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leiser Liberty Tax Service Life Line Theatre Lucky Strike Lanes Lumes House of Pancakes Mr. John Lusick Lynfred Winery Magic Restaurant Mama Luigi's Manteno Golf Club Massage Envy Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Matokar Mr. and Mrs. William McClintock Ms. Phylis McGarr Ms. Winifred McInerney Menards, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Egon Menker, Sr. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller Ms. Judith Mitrick Mobility Works Moraine Valley Community College Morton's Mrs. Fields Cookies Ms. Elizabeth Muentzer Museum of Science and Industry New Day Spa Salon NGM Services Nick's Barbecue Nikos Restaurant Oak Lawn Park District Olive Garden Ms. Patricia Olund Orland Bowl Palermo Pizza, Inc. Palos Early Swingers Bowling League Palos Electric Co. Inc. Palos Health & Fitness Panera Bread Papa Joe's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Doug Partl Patio Drive Inn Restaurant Inc. Peloza Construction, Company Pepsi Cola Pop's Italian Beef Pottawatomie Golf Club Prestwick Country Club

Ms. Bonnie Price PRP Wine International, Inc. Qu-Bar Inc. Raffi's on 5th Ms. Sandra Rakowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly Sandpiper Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. James Ritchey Rockwood Company Rotary Club of Oak Lawn Royal George Street Theatre/Vicki Quade RTM Trophy & Award Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schmitz Ms. Mary Ann Schrepfer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scuderi Seguin Auto Center Services Mr. Herman Senkpeil Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sherwin Sid's Greenhouse Inc. Six Flags Great America Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Solutions 3 Graphics Southwest Airlines St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Standard Bank & Trust Co Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Stiegman Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Stienz Sullivan's Steakhouse Mr. and Mrs. Richard Supanich Sybaris Taylor Rental TGI Friday's The Essence Suites The Fairmont Chicago The Maids The Men's Wearhouse The Next Theatre Company The Private Bank The Second City Tilted Kilt Tin Fish Trader Joe's Ultimate Smile University of Chicago - Court Theatre Mr. and Mrs. Don Van Witzenburg Via Veneto il Ristorante Voss Equipment, Inc. W. J. Deutsch & Sons Wagner's Seafood Mr. Patrick Wampach Waters Edge Golf Club White Eagle Golf Club Whole Beauty Wild Fire Harley Davidson Wines for Humanity Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wnuk Ms. Gina Wolfe Worlds Finest Chocolate Zanies Comedy Club, Inc. Ziegfield Troy Golf Course

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 22

Park Lawn’s Loyal Friends and Annual Events Park Lawn faces the continual challenge of meeting the growing and changing needs of the program participants. We are indeed fortunate to have hundreds of faithful and loyal friends of all ages and backgrounds who assist in our endeavors. They give freely of their time and talent to help in many ways. They provide clerical assistance; maintenance; help with fundraising activities; and direct aide. They serve on boards and committees and provide professional services and advice. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary work.

Annual Events February

Signature Auction


Tag Days Volleyball for Charity Chicago Kiwi Club Event


Big Bikes, Big Hearts Motorcycle Run


Volunteer / Staff Recognition


A Day In The Sun Golf Tournament Grand Raffle Drawing


Annual Appeal


Cash Raffle Drawing

Park Lawn Year-Round Bingo 52 weeks – every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Special Events Coordinated by Park Lawn Families April

“Pins for Park Lawn” Bowl Hosted by the family of Meghan Reidy


Park Lawn Bunco Night Hosted by the family of Dana Hallgren


Cubs Rooftop Game and Party Hosted by the family of Tommy Mines

Late Summer

“Tee it up for Charity” Golf Outing Hosted by the family of Cara Janiszewski


Bears Bash Hosted by the family of Donean Masokas

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 23

In Your Neighborhood Park Lawn services reach out to the heart of southwest metropolitan Chicago and suburban areas. Programs are diverse and address the needs of individuals within a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities from mild to profound, many having secondary disabilities and/or health issues. Park Lawn provides service without regard to sex, race, religion or national origin. Program participants are admitted solely on the basis that Park Lawn has personnel and facilities to meet their needs. Currently over 590 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the services they need to lead active and productive lives.

Park Lawn Families Residing In Illinois Alsip Beecher Blue Island Braceville Bridgeview Burbank Calumet City Chicago Chicago Ridge Crestwood Evergreen Park Frankfort Geneva Hickory Hills Hoffman Estates

Homer Glen Hometown Island Lake Joliet Lemont Lisle Lockport Matteson Merrionette Park Midlothian Mokena Monee Naperville New Lenox Niles

Oak Forest Oak Lawn Old Mill Creek Orland Hills Orland Park Palos Heights Palos Hills Palos Park Peru Plainfield Posen South Chicago Heights Tinley Pak Woodridge Worth

Park Lawn Families Residing Outside of Illinois Hot Springs Village, AR Phoenix, AZ Long Beach, IN Fishers, IN Annapolis, MD Dowagiac, MI Baldwin, MI Minneapolis, MN Las Vegas, NV Somerset, WI Rhinelander, WI

Directory of Services and Facilities Administration Business Office 10833 South LaPorte Avenue Oak Lawn, IL 60453 P: (708) 425-3344 F: (708) 425-3530

Park Lawn Services and SEP Office 5040 West 111th Street Oak Lawn, IL 60453 P: (708) 425-7377 F: (708) 425-7899

Park Lawn Homes 12615 South Kostner Avenue Alsip, IL 60803 P: (708) 385-1982 F: (708) 385-8145

Adult Developmental Training 10833 South LaPorte Avenue Oak Lawn, IL 60453 P: (708) 425-3344 F: (708) 425-3530

Park Lawn Center and CILA Office 5831 West 115th Street Alsip, IL 60803 P: (708) 396-1117 F: (708) 396-1186

CILA Homes Chicago Ridge – 2 Oak Lawn Orland Park Tinley Park -3 Worth

Development Office 10833 South LaPorte Avenue Oak Lawn, IL 60453 P: (708) 425-6867 F: (708) 229-9325

1243636 PL Annual Report_PL Annual Report 3/16/12 10:37 AM Page 24

PARK LAWN 10833 S. LaPorte | Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453 | 708.425.3344 | fax 708.229.9325

Park Lawn 2010-2011 Annual Report  

Park Lawn 2010-2011 Annual Report

Park Lawn 2010-2011 Annual Report  

Park Lawn 2010-2011 Annual Report