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Majestic Kingdom JUBILATION

We declare that the kingdom of God is full of joy and celebration. The LORD has brought back the captivity of Zion. We are like those who dream. Our mouths are filled with laughter and our tongue with singing. The nations look at us and say: “The Lord has done great things for them.� Yes, we are glad. Our fortunes are restored like the streams of the South. Those who went out sowing with tears have come back reaping in joy. Those who continually go out bearing seed for sowing, have come back rejoicing, bringing their sheaves of abundance with them. This is our jubilation. The Lord majestic in His reign is our Jubilation and we rejoice in Him, now and always. Let the nations be glad and let them shout for joy. Our King comes riding on the clouds of heaven, victory in His hands. His reign is eternal and His glory never fades. Amen. 2|Page

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Family Month 2012 6 The Colors 8 The Teams 13 The Cheerleaders 14 The Fashion Show 15 Gym Tym 16 The Judges 18 We Are Family 30 Headwear 35 Sights & Sounds PBC 2012 38 AGM 2012 39 Easter 2012 40 Mothers Day 2012 42 VBS 2012 43 Nurture Sunday 44 Parklands Baptist School 45 YP’s 46 Gentleman’s Thunder 48 House Groups Sunday 50 Missions 2012 54 Survivor 2012 56 Camp Top Secret 58 Family at PBC


PHOTOGRAPHY Elias Mwangi Sammy Nderitu Jane Waiyaki Michelle Mutinda Christopher Mutungi DESIGN & LAYOUT Nyambura Kung’u Kefa Kariuki Kevin Kung’u ONLINE PUBLISHING Samuel Kiruma Emmanuel Musau Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture is taken from the New International Version. Copyright 2012 Parklands Baptist Church All rights reserved No material from this issue may be copied, reproduced, or distributed without express written permission from the Parklands Baptist Church A Parklands Baptist Church Publication


EDITORIAL The excitement starts building up at the beginning of November. Regardless of what is going on around us, the PBC family’s enthusiasm starts peaking in readiness for Family Month and the best part is, it never ever disappoints! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Family Month at PBC! It’s a time when the Church community comes together. Different teams bond and family ties hit their highest point. The result is remarkable promising captivating relationships that last forever. And this is what we focus on in Inuka this month – Family – because that’s what we are at PBC. Consider Psalm 133: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.”

The photos capture the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the goof-ups, the unity! What a blessing…what a family! But, 2012 has had more to offer and Inuka takes this opportunity to highlight the sights at PBC. It was the year of the Lord’s Majestic Kingdom Reign and we have experienced His excellence! Take a look and see, you just might spot yourself  As you read, we at Inuka would like to take this opportunity to wish you every blessing for the New Year. We pray that you experience a year full of favour and a closer walk with the Lord in 2013! Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Your feedback is of value to us. For His glory!

Arise and shine



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It’s God’s intention to give us the Kingdom. A land flowing with milk and honey! 8|Page

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the Fashion

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We are

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pomp & style 22 | P a g e

‌let the games begin!

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…oopsy daisy…

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‌the challenges‌

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…the antics…

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…and the winner is… 32 | P a g e

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Sights & SOUNDS

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Mother’s Day


Celebrating Mothers! “Woman, you’re a great sign and a wonder!” 40 | P a g e

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“Dressing for the Kingdom” Eph. 6:10-18     

The breastplate of righteousness Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace The shield of faith The helmet of salvation The sword of the spirit

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Parklands Baptist

SCHOOL “For the Lord gives wisdom and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.� Proverbs 2:6

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Rock of Ages Rock of Ages Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages Rock of Ages Rock of Ages

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House Groups

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Missions in

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Family at

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Arise and shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you Isaiah 60:1


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