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A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist; but a specialized one to treat severe movement disorders. While a general neurologist can treat patients with more than 100 neurological conditions, a movement disorder specialist can treat ailments like Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, chorea, tics, tremors, Tourette’s syndrome, and Huntington’s disease. This is because they have received additional training in these disorders, and are on the cutting-edge of knowledge and treatment of these specialized ailments. Therefore, it is best to see such specialists when you are facing any movement disorders, as they are best equipped to tailor a plan of care for you and your specific needs. However, a professional movement disorder specialist in Bangalore like Dr. Shivam Om Mittal, works with a team of neurologists and therapists to provide a more holistic and complete level of care, and the highest possible quality of life to the patients.

Movement disorder specialists can be trained an additional year or two, specifically with patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other movement issues. This is why their practices are focused specially on patients with such disorders. Moreover, they have access to various treatment options and specialty care, and opportunities for clinical trial participation that may not be available to general neurologists. Apart from medications,

patients can be treated with other options like Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery, depending upon their condition. This is why developing a relationship with such specialists is beneficial. Besides, if you develop the relationship early on, it can be helpful for the treatment. It gives a better sense to the surgeon as to how the condition has evolved over time and how the symptoms have affected, and are affecting the lifestyle of the patient. This information and analysis can be very valuable and can result in quicker and better treatment, while also avoiding any possible further complications. So, when you see any kind of difficulty in the movement of any of your body parts, or any kind of rigidity and stiffness, you must make it a point to contact a movement disorder specialist right away! Having the right partnership and relationship with the surgeon can make a huge difference. Not only can your movement disorder symptoms be managed better, but it also supports how you feel on the whole. A confident attitude can boost up the treatment and recovery procedure. Therefore, it is important that you feel confident in your relationship with the doctor, and have access to a treatment team that meets your requirements. One such movement disorders specialist in Bangalore you can approach to build up a friendly, confident, and reliable relationship with is Dr. Shivam Om Mittal – one of the most reputed surgeons in the field, in the country and abroad! If you have Dr. Shivam Mittal’s clinic near your location, you can choose him as your primary neurologist and have yourself treated by him completely. However, if you live far away, you can visit him every six months, or as required, while receiving regular care from a general neurologist. For more updates & notification, stay social with us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Why Is A Movement Disorder Specialist Beyond A General Neurologist? - Dr. Shivam Mittal  
Why Is A Movement Disorder Specialist Beyond A General Neurologist? - Dr. Shivam Mittal  

It is better to see a movement disorder specialist rather than a general neurologist, when you have particular movement disorder ailment; as...