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Detailed Shot List BEDROOM SCENE • CU of boom box, Joy Division tape goes into player • Scene-setting shots - CUs of props (teddy, clock, bedside-table, boom box, toys, duvet cover) - Pan round room • Zoom to boy lying on bed, bored • Shots to establish boy’s boredom - Sitting at edge of bed bouncing ball - Staring at camera - MCU of face, sighing, pulling faces - Picking up and discarding toys - Flopping onto bed • ECU boy’s face, eyes opening wide • Boy rocks out and trashes room - Smashing pillow on floor - CU of feet jumping on teddy - Boy throwing toys at camera - Boy dancing - Jumping on bed • OTS shot, boy sticks smiley faces onto Joy Division poster (sync to beat) • Boy leaves room, door closing BOYS OUTSIDE SCENE • 1 long arc shot (10 sec hold?) of 3 boys standing in street with mini instruments • Rope appears at main boy’s feet, the other 2 point and he picks it up. Rope pulls him to a run • Shots of boys being dragged/lead by rope - CU of feet running - Long shot boys running across end of street - Legs running around a corner - Running towards and past camera - Running away from camera, looking back - Rope and boys weaving between posts in the street PARTY SCENE (boys not present) • COLOUR transition shot?? • Crowd shots establishing party atmosphere, lots of camera movement, handheld - Bodies dancing - Girls laughing - Boys jumping - Jumping in circles - Whacky dance moves - CUs on faces shouting into camera

Blowing kisses

OTS wide shot of scene from boys’ POV

PARTY SCENE (boys join in) • Crowd divides • Backwards track shot of boys walking through the middle • Pan across crowd members staring • Rope stops moving leads them to bucket of confetti • Boy picks up confetti • Boys now integrated into party: climbing shots (all tightly framed) - Being given a ‘leg-up’ - Piggy backs - Crowd surfing - Hands - Bucket being passed through the crowd - Boys on people’s shoulders • Crowd clapping to the beat (sync) • Boy hitting drum (sync) • Boys reach top of crowd, looking out on someone’s shoulders CONFETTI SCENE • LS, boys shower crowd in confetti • Crowd dancing in confetti (slow-mo?) - Throwing confetti directly into camera - Crowd members throwing confetti at each other - Hands catching confetti - Confetti falling over boys’ faces - Confetti being kicked on the floor - Girl spinning with confetti falling onto her - Jumping in confetti FINAL PARTY SCENE • Boys lipsync and play instruments to one chorus - Boys perform with crowd dancing behind them - Confetti being thrown over boys - Instruments - Singer can’t reach microphone • •

Crowd singing along to certain words - CUs of girls shouting into camera More montage party shots - Quirky moments


Focus on the silly costumes/blow-up toys/random props Boys dancing with crowd

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