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2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 35 Six Degrees of Community Relations: Connect with people, places, and organizations around the world

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT At the start of every new year, I like to take some time to reflect upon the past and make goals for the future. And this year brings a special opportunity for us at Parker College of Chiropractic, as we enter both a new year and a new decade, to consider where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Looking back on the many milestones and achievements we’ve made over the past 10 years, we realize none of it would have been possible without you! From our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to patients, seminar attendees, donors, and supporters, each and every one of you has been integral to Parker’s success. That’s why we are making a dedicated effort to focus even further on serving you—whether you’re looking for your degree, continuing education, chiropractic care, a strong and supportive community, or anything in between. At the core of Parker College of Chiropractic is our students, and over the past few years we have worked alongside them to create an updated 10-trimester curriculum that offers more benefits and provides students with greater flexibility to customize their academic program to suit the type of doctor they want to be. We’ve strived to enrich the student experience at Parker even further through the establishment of additional scholarship opportunities and the grand opening of the new, state-of-the-art Standard Process Student Activity Center. This past year, we’ve also taken notice of the forward progress made by the Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinics as they implemented the latest technologies and trends to provide more patient-centric care. The new Erchonia Laser Health Care Center in the Dallas clinic offers laser therapy to patients as part of their overall care plan. The Dallas clinic also welcomed the Stay Fit Seniors program as a way to reach out to seniors in the community and provide them a safe and effective way to gain better health and vitality. And in the upcoming year, the Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinics plan to expand and open a state-of-the-art satellite clinic in Flower Mound, Texas. With so many accomplishments made in the past and so many great opportunities ahead of us, we are excited to find new ways to serve you better! We are very proud of the strong community culture at Parker College, and we are continually looking for ways to welcome more people into the Parker family. We hope you will join us in our journey. Love,

“We are making a dedicated effort to focus even further on serving you.”

Fabrizio Mancini, D.C., F.I.C.C., F.A.C.C., F.I.C.A. President, Parker College of Chiropractic

–Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS Dear Parker family, One thing I’ve learned since becoming chairman of the Parker College Board of Trustees is that service is contagious and with proper focus you can make a tremendous impact! As Parker College of Chiropractic renews its dedication to serving others—whether it’s delivering chiropractic care, educating future doctors, or giving freely one’s talents, passion, and skill to benefit the greater good—we on the Board of Trustees have been diligent in finding opportunities to spread this service culture and support the initiatives of the college. Over the past year, the following committees and chairs have made significant impacts: Academic Affairs—Chair, Dr. Bob Longenecker: Worked with the college to implement a new 10-trimester curriculum, which is being implemented and approved the new clinic vision for Flower Mound. Development—Chair, Dr. Rose Lepien: Worked to develop with Dr. LaMarche and his team the long-term strategy to position Parker with significant donors in the community. In addition this team is developing “our story” to share with all of the stakeholders of Parker. Finance—Chair, Dr. Wright Lassiter, Jr.: Implemented the policy of a balanced budget for the college, developed and implemented a two-year budget cycle, and ensured the oversight to manage the college investments in this most difficult economic time. Presidential Review and Compensation—Chair, Mr. DT Nguyen: Evaluated the president's performance and compensation and implemented a scorecard for performance objectives that permeate the entire organization. Trustees—Chair, Dr. Mike Flynn: Recruited new candidates for the Board of Trustees, ensuring that Parker attracts world class individuals from all walks of life. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I’d like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to continuing the momentum in 2010. Respectfully, Bill Nardiello

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A Look Inside the “Parker Bubble”............................ 3 Ask Dr. Mancini ........................... 5 Become the Doctor You Want to Be!............................ 6 On Top of Their Game.................. 7 Tips for Opening a Practice...................................... 8 Dallas @ a Glance......................... 9 Health Care Heroes................... 11


Are Your Patients Dog Tired?.................................. 31

Breaking News! Exercise is Good for You............................... 58

Pinpoint the Problem................. 32

Healthy Eating Made Simple..... 59


You Can Have Your Cake AND Eat it Too!........................... 60

A Touch of Health....................... 33 Friends in Knead........................ 34 A Helping Hand.......................... 35 Building Your Client Base.......... 36


A New Decade! A New You! ................................. 37

Get Your Daily Dose of HAPPY........................... 61 Connect with Your Spiritual Side.............................. 62

Development and Community Relations

Staying Connected.................... 13

Maximize Your Parker Experience.................................. 38

What’s Happening at Parker...................................... 15

Parker Principles........................ 39

Six Degrees of Community Relations................ 65

What Happened in Las Vegas................................ 41

Preserving a Legacy.................. 67

The Business of Chiropractic........................... 19 Mainstream Your Marketing with Tools like Twitter................ 20 12 Reasons to Become an Alumni Association Member....21


Explaining the Truth Behind Chiropractic Care...................... 25 An In-Depth Look at Pain............ 27 The B-Vitamin Formula............. 28

Jackpot........................................ 42 Parker Seminars Dallas............. 45 Q&A with Dr. Lamarche............. 47

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Parker SHARE............................ 49 8 Products for the Ultimate Report of Findings...................... 50

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The Best Buys for Your Business............................. 51

Top Reasons to Take CE at Parker................................ 30

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Coming Soon to Parker SHARE............................. 54

Wellness Clinics Posture Pitfalls........................... 57

The Gift of Giving....................... 63

In Memory of Dr. Alfred Zimmer States.......... 67 The Most Elegant Night in Chiropractic........................... 69 Party with the President........... 70

January 2010 Developed and written by: Kerri Kossick Designed by: Jacob Patrick We'd love to hear your thoughts on ParkerLife. Please send your comments, questions, or suggestions to ParkerLife@parkercc.edu.

College A LOOK INSIDE THE “PARKER BUBBLE” Ask any of the students around campus what they think about Parker, and unless they’re in the middle of board reviews or just got hit with one of Dr. G’s pop quizzes, they’ll probably tell you they love it. And it’s not just because they’re on their way to becoming doctors, or that they’re pursuing their dream of becoming a chiropractor, but for once in their life—this brief moment in time—they’re surrounded by others who share their views on health, energy, relationships, and life.


ecause in a world where the word “doctor” seems synonymous with “prescription” and “health care” is really more like “sick care,” doctors of chiropractic often get a sideways glance when they talk about health coming from the inside out and the body’s innate ability to heal itself. But not here. “It’s the bubble,” said Taryn Lowrey, as she reflects on her time at Parker. “All walls are put down here. Because we’re so connected, we feel normal being weird. It feels like an outlet. It doesn’t matter what you wear, what color you are, what accent you have; if you have a big heart, you’re taken in.” The student community at Parker College is like that of a close-knit family. Sure, they have their moments and the occasional disagreement, but at the end of the day, they love,



support, and accept each other regardless of anything that transpires. “We are so different in our beliefs, but our differences are not an argument. Everyone accepts you for who you are,” said Parker student Dustin Jones. “We are such a unique profession, and we all have to support each other or we wouldn’t survive.” Jones makes his statement with conviction, having experienced firsthand an unwavering level of support from the Parker family. When a house fire earlier this year claimed the roof over his head and everything underneath it, people chipped in to help in any way they could. Lowrey was one of the first to jump on board, organizing efforts to help Jones and his fiancée get through this

difficult time. “Everyone bombarded me,” said Lowrey. “They wanted to help, wanted to serve. It wasn’t about the fire. It wasn’t about Dustin. It wasn’t about position or politics. Our fellow student—someone we love— needed help, so we made it happen.” The students put together a meal service that provided the couple with dinner every night. They collected money. Everyone stopped for a moment, put their own lives aside, and did whatever they could for the sake of a classmate.

“The biggest surprise I had in Tri-One was how incredible our professors were!” said Asa Haddsell. “I knew they would be good, but I had no idea how much love and energy they would give the class and the students.” And it’s true. Parker is known for having the best, most highlyinvolved faculty that is genuinely and completely accessible to students at any time. The lines separating administration and students are blurred, and students truly have a voice. While in many organizations that would be considered a privilege, Parker sees it as a necessity.

The student community at Parker College is like that of a close-knit family.

“It’s amazing how willing [the administration] is to listen to students. They really care,” said Lowrey. “Whatever you need to say, there’s a channel [for you to say it]. And they listen. You can give your opinion, and they’ll always look to make it better.”

“We got donations—not just from the students, but from people I didn’t even know,” said Jones. “Especially from alumni. It shows that [giving] continues after you get out of school.”

“You can get Parker fever, and it’s easy to get sidetracked and frustrated,” said Jones. “[Remember] what you have and what’s most important. I’ve made closer friends here than I’ll ever have in my life. I see the world completely differently.”

The most unexpected proposition Jones received was from Parker’s vice president of Development and External Relations. “Dr. Lamarche offered us [to stay in] his house,” he said. This level of generosity might appear extreme to an outsider, but it is simply part of Parker’s culture and values. The entire organization, from students to faculty and staff, truly care about one another, and it’s apparent from the moment you set foot on campus.

This collective energy is what students love most about Parker— that no matter what, classmates, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and the entire Parker family will be there with the support they need to reach their goals.

Life as a student isn’t easy, and sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in the day for the all the classes, exams, labs, and studying. But, chances are, even if you do catch students in the middle of board reviews or after a pop quiz, they’ll still probably tell you that they wouldn’t trade their time at Parker for anything else in the world. 

Fun Times at Parker College Jeremy Rawls “I remember the time I let Dr. Marzban beat me in arm wrestling during a lab because I still had a final to take.”

David H. Tran “I feel like I’ve entered into a challenge on the TV Show "Survivor" every time I cross the bridge for the undergraduate parking.”

Timothy Rutter “I remember in Tri-Six during E Care lab, Mrs. Robinson faked a bad fall with lacerations to her face. Some students ran down the hall to PT lab and cried wolf to Dr. Kearsing. He came running down the hall in his white sneakers, face flushed, only to find out that it was a BIG joke on him. Upon realizing it was a prank, he courteously exited the E Care room in disgust, leaving the students of the lab left to chuckle for quite some time.”

Brent Holland “I don’t think you could find a faculty this inspiring, exhilarating, motivating, or entertaining at Disney World. It is such a family atmosphere here at Parker College. It really recharges you and equips you with the ability to turn potentially negative or droll situations outside these walls into something positive and educational at the same time.” 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine



D r. M a n c i n i Talking with our president about student life at Parker What does a chiropractor do? Chiropractors improve nerve function and correct misalignments in the spine so the body can begin to heal and restore itself to balance. We do not prescribe medications, because they cover up symptoms and don’t address the actual condition. Many chiropractors focus on overall wellness, and they set up programs to help patients follow through with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and emotional balance. Why should I become a chiropractor? If you have an interest in health care and a passion for serving others, chiropractic is the choice for you! Consumers are becoming more aware of the connection between their lifestyle behaviors and their health, and many are exploring the natural benefits of alternative health care. In response to this growing demand, employment of chiropractors has soared and is expected to increase faster than average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. How do I choose a school? Where you attend chiropractic college will have a tremendous impact on the way you treat patients and run your practice. Each has its own distinct culture, and it's important you choose the school that will match your goals and best prepare you for success. Parker College is known for providing an innovative educational experience that couples a well-rounded curriculum and in-depth clinical experience with a truly unique social atmosphere that makes the school unlike any other. Parker students go on to become some of the best, brightest, and most successful chiropractors in the profession. What’s life like as a student? Parker students have no shortage of fun and exciting ways to improve their skills as a doctor and enhance their educational experience. An array of clubs and organizations provide an environment for students to interact with others who share common interests, ideas, and goals for the future. Students who remain engaged become highly-successful leaders, both during their time at Parker College and later as doctors.


One commonality among Parker College students is that they love to stay active, fit, relaxed, and live life to the fullest while attending chiropractic college. The Standard Process Student Activity Center features a weight room, cardio center, full gymnasium, study lounges, computers, and a game room with table tennis, billiards, foosball, and various video games. The Athletic and Recreation Department at Parker College of Chiropractic also offers a wide variety of intramural activities throughout the year, culminating in the annual Chiro Games where teams from chiropractic colleges nationwide gather to compete in the spirit of fun and friendship. ď Ž

Become the Doctor You Want to Be! An updated, flexible curriculum gives students more options

No two students are alike, so why should their curriculum have to be? Parker College is pleased to introduce an updated 10-trimester program of study that teaches four core chiropractic techniques and offers a wide variety of additional ones to choose from. This highly-flexible curriculum enables students to either select a particular area of focus or pursue a broader scope of care by learning many techniques. All students will take the four core courses—Diversified (including extremities), Gonstead, Thompson/ Upper Cervical, and Activator. These techniques will serve as the foundation of students’ education and the building blocks upon which to expand their skills. In upper-level trimesters, students will have a choice among various elective courses to complete their credit hour requirements. Some electives will be advanced courses in the core techniques, allowing students to become a master in that specialty. Others will offer students the opportunity to branch out and learn a variety of additional techniques— giving them a wide range of skills and experience. As an added perk, Parker students will be able to capitalize on the faculty’s diverse wealth of knowledge of techniques through the option of

selective courses. If there is enough student interest in a particular technique, and if there is a faculty member able to teach it, students will be able to take a class on a unique subject that is rarely—if ever—taught at another chiropractic institution. Parker students go on to become some of the finest doctors and leaders in the profession who are able to truly make a difference in the health and lives of their patients. They learn from worldrenown scientists and practitioners in both classroom and clinic settings in state-of-the-art facilities that empower them to stay ahead of the curve and receive the best quality education available. And now, the new 10-trimester program offers them something that is available only at Parker College. The curriculum was designed with the student in mind, streamlining the educational process to give students what they want—more choices. 

Students Weigh in on Parker College Lindsay McInnis “Parker does a great job of providing a comprehensive education to those who are willing to take advantage of it. The extra curricular opportunities complement the academic program nicely to give students a well-rounded foundation. I am grateful for the experiences I have been exposed to so far and look forward to continuous growth throughout my time here.”

Bruce Woods “Parker College has not only given me the confidence and wisdom to become a great chiropractor, but has also trained me to become proficient in treating athletes. Having an extensive background in athletics, I look forward to making athlete care a major part of my practice and learning more about becoming a chiropractic sports physician.”

Victor Manzo “Parker College has offered me a solid foundation to assist in my vision towards a model of vitality and wellness. It has made me a competent doctor and offers many avenues to serve my patients to the best of my ability. Parker helped me find my vision and has given me much clarity to prosper and serve to the masses. It has taught me the essentials of good nutrition and exercise with the supplementation of a positive mind-set and chiropractic care.” 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine


Game On Top of Their

By Stephen Weller, Director of Athletics and Recreation When you are on top, there is only one place to go. NOT TRUE according to the Parker College athletic department. Parker Athletics, regarded throughout the nation as a leader in wellness training and on-the-field success, is proving that you can still go higher. The PCC ascent hit full stride when Dr. Fabrizio Mancini announced a major renovation plan for the activity center, now known as the Standard Process Student Activity Center. The SPSAC opened its doors in early November, the perfect time for the Patriots Chiro Games team to prepare for the 18th Annual Chiro Games Championships in Cocoa Beach, Florida November 7-8. Parker College finished second overall, coming in just behind Logan College who ended Parker’s four-year winning streak.

2009 Chiro Games Final Results Logan College..................74 Northwestern.................. 16 Parker College.................64 Palmer-Florida............... 16 Life University.................36 Palmer-Iowa.................... 10 New York..........................16

Palmer West...................... 8

While things are changing (Activity Center), and there is a hope that some things will remain the same (winning Chiro Games championships) the Parker College Athletic Department continues to grow and climb to reach new levels every year. 

The 18th Annual Chiro Games attracted nearly 800 chiropractic students from 13 colleges throughout the United States as well as Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Logan, en route to its first championship since 1992, claimed titles in tennis, men’s soccer, softball, flag football, women’s basketball, and golf in the 12-sport event to out-distance Parker College 74-64. Logan also finished second in running and third in both women’s soccer and men’s basketball. Parker, who claimed titles in running, swimming, and men’s basketball, posted top-three finishes in 10 different sports, with tennis, women’s soccer, and women’s basketball collecting silver medals.

Standard Process Donates $1 Million Thanks to the generous donation by Standard Process, Inc. the nearly 23,000 square foot activity center has been expanded and updated with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and a redesigned lounge, making the newly-named Standard Process Student Activity Center a great workout center and the campus’ hub of social activities. Interested in naming a building, classroom, endowed chair, laboratory, or student scholarship at Parker College through your donations? Please visit www.parkercc.edu/name-it-now.aspx for more information. 7


Essentials for Starting Your Business from Parker SHARE

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Tips for Opening a Practice Chiropractors are often faced with the dual responsibility of being both doctors and business owners, which makes opening a practice particularly challenging. Luckily, Parker College’s advanced business curriculum prepares students to be successful entrepreneurs in addition to great doctors. The best guarantee for practice success is to start planning early, so when the time comes to open up shop, you’ll be more than prepared! But while you’re busy thinking big picture and writing your business plan, don’t forget the small stuff! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Create a memorable practice name

Posture Pump Cervical Item #784601

You want the name to mean something and reflect what you do. Make sure it’s easy to remember, understand, pronounce, and spell.

Make a logo A good logo is memorable, unique, and professional. Be sure it will look good printed large (on a poster) and small (on a business card).

Posture Pump Elliptical

Print business cards

Item #784741

Every card needs: practice name and logo, contact information (phone number, e-mail, physical location), web site URL, and your mission statement—who you are and what you do. Don’t forget to add color!

J-Tech Dualer IQ

(And make the most of them!)

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s s ofe cce Pr Su






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na mi





Business cards are inexpensive, easy marketing! Leave them everywhere you go—with your tip at a restaurant, on community bulletin boards, in the backseat of a taxi, tucked in library books, sent along with your bill payments.

Design a website Since most everyone is online, having even a simple website lets patients know you’re out there and gives them the basic information they need.

Prepare your curriculum vitae You’ll need one to get business loans or a lease, so be sure it includes name and degrees; college, doctoral, and postdoctoral education; any previous practice, business, or management experience; outstanding community service; age; spouse and children’s names (only if currently married); and a local address. 

Plan early and plan smart!


The percentage of new businesses that go under after five years.

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine




a Glance One of the perks of living in the fourth largest city in the U.S. is that you’ll never run out of things to see and do. Dallas is a culturally rich and diverse city that has a little something for everybody— from families to singles, sporty to stylish, laid back to adventurous, and everything in between.



Living Addison— Young, fun, and trendy city with lots of energy. Excellent restaurants and nightlife. Carrollton—Great for young families. Charming town with a Historic Old Downtown area. Irving—Centrally located in the DFW Metroplex. Home to an extensive park system and many businesses.

Dining Steaks Bob’s Steak & Chop House III Forks Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Barbeque Sonny Bryan’s Sammy’s Bar B Que Red Hot and Blue Tex-Mex Gloria’s La Hacienda Ranch Blue Goose Pizza Campisi’s Fireside Pies Rocco’s Uptown Pasta and Pizza

Las Colinas—New, upscale community that is home to many Fortune 500 companies, luxury hotels, high-rise office towers, and private country clubs. Plano—Named the best place to live in the Western United States by CNN’s Money magazine. Quintessential suburb with excellent school systems.

Lewisville—Great for outdoorsy types. Boasts municipal and private golf courses, tennis, soccer, fishing, boating, and water sports on Lake Lewisville.

Burgers Twisted Root Tilly’s Grill Johnny B’s Burgers and Steaks

Dessert La Duni Café Dough Monkey Kathleen’s Art Café

Recreation Six Flags Over Texas Experience more than 100 rides, attractions, and shows at the nation's original Six Flags park—still one of the best. Dallas Museum of Art Spend an afternoon perusing one of the country’s best collection of treasures and timeless exhibits. Botanical Gardens Stroll the 66 acres of lush, perfectly manicured gardens and tour the DeGolyer House, a 1940s-style Spanish mansion.

Scenes Deep Ellum Deep Ellum is the pulse of Dallas’ music scene, home to numerous clubs featuring an array of music from blues and jazz to reggae and alternative rock.

Festivals Deep Ellum Arts Festival (April) Free street festival with art, music, and culture.

Greenville Avenue With a laid back sort of energy, Greenville is a favorite spot for the young and trendy, offering something for everyone, from night clubs and bars to outdoor dining.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival (April & May) A 16th-century replication of English village life.

Uptown Ultra chic and upscale, Uptown is a favorite scene for Dallas’ yuppie crowd.

Shakespeare in the Park (June-October) Contemporary performances of Renaissanceera texts. Taste of Dallas (July) A collection of restaurants and retail booths with food and entertainment from a variety of genres.

Dallas Zoo & Ft. Worth Zoo Get up close with hundreds of exotic and traditional zoo animals. Putt Putt Golf and Games Miniature golf, laser tag, go carts, batting cages, and an arcade provide hours of fun for the whole family!

Dallas World Aquarium Transport yourself to the South American rainforest filled with unique plants and animals and 85,000-gallons of saltwater with marine life from around the world.

Shopping Galleria Dallas. Grapevine Mills Mall. NorthPark Center. Highland Park Village. McKinney Avenue. Stonebriar Centre. Southlake Town Square. Enough said. Sports Sports aficionados have seasonto-season entertainment thanks to the NFL®’s Dallas Cowboys, NBA®’s Dallas Mavericks, NHL®’s Dallas Stars, and MLB®’s Texas Rangers. NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Texas State Fair (September-October) Traditional fair with amusement rides, livestock shows, art competitions, and outdoor musical events.

Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children’s Christmas Parade (December) Christmas spectacle with holiday floats, music, and an appearance by Santa Claus. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 10

Health Care


Parker College of Chiropractic Among

Top 100 Places to Work in Dallas

he·ro \΄hir-( )ō\: an object of extreme admiration and devotion ΄

To be called a hero is a great honor and distinction, and in Parker College of Chiropractic’s case, it was well deserved. The Dallas Business Journal (DBJ) selected Parker College as a 2009 Health Care Hero in the Employer Awards category. Each year, the Dallas Business Journal recognizes companies for innovations in health-related benefits and wellness programs for employees. “When I came into this role [as president], it was a huge responsibility to create a culture,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. “My success in my practice was due to the way I treated my employees. I’ve always been raised to treat people with tremendous honor and respect and guide them to their full potential.” Parker College actively promotes a healthy work environment for employees and encourages them to make positive lifestyle choices. Chiropractic care is free to all employees and their families, laying a foundation for well-being. An on-campus cafeteria offers a variety of healthy food choices, and the Standard Process Student Activity Center's fitness equipment is available to all employees. Within the past year, Parker College implemented a customized web-based program that enables employees to identify their possible health risks and empowers them to improve their health with the help of individualized action plans and support tools. Employees who participate in the program are eligible for lower insurance rates and can even be reimbursed for their gym memberships. The Parker Wellness Committee collaborates with the HR department to provide and coordinate wellness opportunities and activities for employees. “One of the primary goals of Parker College is to be a leader and advocate for chiropractic wellness, so it is only fitting that Parker encourages its employees to participate in activities that result in healthier lifestyles,” said Nancy Scheps, director of Human Resources. “The campus culture is saturated with chiropractic wellness concepts. The college exhibits an attitude of health and wellness, and the atmosphere encourages healthy behavior.” This type of culture is why Parker employees genuinely love coming to work. In a March 2009 survey, 86 percent of employees said they would like to pursue a long-term career with Parker College. “It’s a little bit contagious,” Dr. Mancini said. “It doesn’t matter if you meet a maintenance person, a vice president, or a student in the hallway. It seems like everybody here is happy.” 

The campus culture is saturated with chiropractic wellness concepts.



The 2009 Dallas Morning News Top Workplaces program has named Parker College of Chiropractic one of the top 100 places to work in the Dallas metro area. The results are based solely on satisfaction surveys that asked employees to score Parker College in relation to business operations, values, policies, management, and facilities. “I want to thank all of the staff and faculty that participated in the survey,” said Nancy Scheps. “Without them, this award would not have been possible. I hope that Parker employees feel proud of where they work and will tell everyone they know. Parker really is a great place to work and winning this award proves it!” The Dallas Morning News’ Top Workplaces program highlights big and small companies and organizations that excel at creating a dynamic, supportive, and inclusive workplace. Such recognition validates Parker College of Chiropractic as an ethical, well-managed organization. “We believe in a family culture here,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. “Everyone is a valuable member of this organization and we truly care about our employees. We strive to create an environment where people can thrive and use their talents to the best of their ability.”

Supporting Chiropractic as Part of National Health Care Reform: Take part in the debate!

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is getting involved with health care reform in a big way, having met with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to take part in a discussion about how best to include the chiropractic profession within the reform program. With the state of health care in such disarray, what America needs is a revamped outlook on health that focuses on comprehensive wellness care, healthy lifestyle choices, and preventative measures. If adopted, this progressive health system will have the potential to actually provide health care instead of manage sick care, which is the reality of the system today. Dr. Mancini proposed three pillars vital to the health reform movement: • Access, which aims to provide health care to the estimated 45 million uninsured Americans that currently have little or no reliable access to comprehensive care services. • Cost, which should reduce the current high cost of health care services and health care insurance coverage. • Quality, which will significantly improve the effectiveness of those health care services being delivered now and in the future. All chiropractors are encouraged to get involved to ensure that their interests and those of their patients are fully protected in any final legislation to emerge from Congress. As a profession, we need to guarantee that essential services delivered by a doctor of chiropractic are included as a covered benefit under any national reform plan, that all plans allow patients direct access to the providers and health care pathways of their choice, and that any attempt to impose an M.D.-referral requirement for patients to obtain access to chiropractic care is defeated. Help represent chiropractic in the national health care reform debate by contacting members of the United States Congress through the American Chiropractic Association’s Legislative Action Center at www.chirovoice.org or the International Chiropractors Association’s site www.adjustthevote.org. Both websites have prepared messages you can send to Congress, so with just a little effort, you can make a big impact! 

Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Development and External Relations, was appointed to the post of Chairman of the Advisory Council for the Canadian-American Chamberof Commerce.

Dr. Gene Giggleman, dean of Academics, is the newest president appointed to the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Congratulations Faculty and Staff!

Dr. Eric Russell, associate professor in the Department of Chiropractic Sciences, was named Texas Chiropractor of the Year by the Chiropractic Society of Texas and Chiropractor of the Month by Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

Steve Weller, director of Athletics and Recreation, was invited to serve on the selection committee for The National Collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame.

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine


Alumni STAYING CONNECTED: More Than a Membership


s you walked across the stage at graduation, diploma in hand, it signified two things: the beginning of your career as a doctor of chiropractic and the end of life as a chiropractic student. No longer would you have to endure the grueling schedule of a fast-paced chiropractic curriculum. The seemingly endless hours spent in class, feverishly taking notes were over. All the nights spent trying to cram an entire textbook’s worth of information into your head before collapsing on the couch in exhaustion—done. National boards were a thing of the past. You could finally stop the juggling act among teachers, patients, friends, family, and everything else in your life.

classmates as you collectively pursued the ultimate dream of making a difference in the lives and health of others through loving service. It’s enough to make you forget about the struggles and instead appreciate the outcome, knowing that you wouldn’t be who you are today if it weren’t for Parker College of Chiropractic.

As you broke free from the shackles of chiropractic college, you may have sworn off ever wanting to see or hear from Parker again.

The Parker family is a strong and caring community that strives to create an atmosphere of unity for all its members. The Parker Alumni Association is a way to stay connected to the Parker family long after your days as a student. More important than any perks, discounts, or incentives is the network of people you establish through your membership and the support you give and receive within the chiropractic community.

But then you think back to your time spent at Parker and remember those professors who spent that extra hour with you after lab to make sure you mastered a technique. Or what about that clinic doc that contemplated numerous treatment plans with you until you discovered the best one for your difficult case? You think about the friendships you developed and the unbreakable bonds formed with

The great news is that membership is not exclusive to Parker alumni (or even chiropractors for that matter) but is available to anyone interested in enriching the academic potential of the college and assisting future alumni and leaders of the chiropractic profession. Just recently the association welcomed its first 10 members into the Corporate and Business Membership program, which is designed to foster



As a member of the Parker Alumni Association, you have an amazing opportunity to impact and support the chiropractic profession while contributing to the future of health care.

See what our members have to say! Dr. Mark W. Taylor ‘06 Annual Member 2010 I joined not only because of the relationships I formed while a student at Parker, but [also] because of the opportunities it offers its alumni members. The choices are endless no matter what your area of interest. Dr. Joseph Pilsl ‘03 Lifetime Member #182 Parker College of Chiropractic was a decision I made because of everything [it] has to offer from curriculum, to faculty, to facilities. With the PSPS team it was the only logical fit. Being an alumni member is very important to me because it supports an organization that helped make me who I am. Dr. Scott H. Smith ‘86 Annual Member 2010 I have been a member of the Parker Alumni Association since I graduated

in 1986 simply because it’s the right thing to do. It is no different than being a member of a national, state, or local chiropractic association. All of these entities support the individual practitioner as well as the profession as a whole. To not belong, in my opinion, is like stealing from those who do. If you are not a member of the Parker Alumni Association, do the right thing and join today!

Dr. Gene Giggleman Lifetime Member #97 I became a Lifetime Alumni Association member because I wanted to give back to the college that has done so much for me.

Dr. Kimberly J. Bailey ’89 Lifetime Member #1 It was an instant decision to become a Lifetime member when I saw the Lifetime membership dues. It was a great way to give back to the college that has allowed me to have one of the greatest careers I could imagine. I have had the pleasure of a very comfortable income from a successful practice and could not have done that without my excellent education at Parker.

and advance relationships between the chiropractic profession and the community to expand the reach of chiropractic around the world.

Dr. Michael Hall ’90 Lifetime Member #64 Becoming a Lifetime member was an easy decision to make. Almost daily I tell someone that there is nothing I would rather do for a living than to be a chiropractor! I have been blessed with a wonderful practice. I have had many occasions to provide life changing adjustments to people’s health. Being a chiropractor inspires me to see the “person” and not just the case. Had it not been for the vision of Dr. James W. Parker and the continuing passion of a fellow classmate, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, I would not have become a chiropractor or a member of the Parker family. 

The Parker family is a strong and caring community that strives to create an atmosphere of unity for all its members. Dr. Wade A. Taylor ’03 Lifetime Member #163 [I became a member] because of all I have seen Parker do since I graduated—the seminars, the cuttingedge research, and technology.

Alumni Association Endowment Fund Scholarship Recipients Victor Manzo Jr. '09 With an interest in nutrition and a dedication to providing total family wellness care, Victor is now acquiring The Wellness Practice™ - 21st Century Chiropractic certification, developed by Dr. James Chestnut, which will further establish his expertise as nutrition and wellness provider. “[The scholarship] will definitely help me with continuing education,” said Victor.

Moses Bernard '09 Moses Bernard looks forward to the day when upper cervical chiropractic care is the number one choice of patients around the world, believing the “best results in chiropractic are from the upper cervical route.” He is grateful for the scholarship and the many opportunities it will afford him. “I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my future education.”

WHAT’S HAPPENING at Parker | See what we’ve been up to this past year UNEVE Names Library in Honor of Dr. Fabrizio Mancini The Universidad Estatal Del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE), located in Mexico, dedicated a new campus building and library to Dr. Fabrizio Mancini in honor of his donation of more than 1,200 books from his personal library to the university. The building is named Biblioteca Dr. Fabrizio Mancini as a way to recognize his generosity, an act which the university is confident will provoke other donations from similarly generous people and institutions. “When I saw that UNEVE did not have many books, I felt inspired to share all this wisdom with their students for generations to come,” said Dr. Mancini.

Parker Continues to Spread Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy Around the World Dr. Duane Vincent '96 and Dr. Drew Riffe '05 managed a team of three Parker chiropractic interns and three massage therapists as they delivered care to athletes from 14 countries during the Americas Race Walking Championship held in San Salvador, El Salvador. During the visit, the interns performed approximately 165 adjustments, and the massage therapists provided 130 massages to patients. “[The interns and massage therapists] all went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the athletes received excellent care,” said Dr. Vincent. “Their hard work was greatly appreciated by each and every country we serviced.”

Happy 10 th Anniversary Dr. Mancini! Dr. Fabrizio Mancini celebrated his 10 th anniversary as president of Parker College of Chiropractic and was honored during a surprise celebration held on campus. “I was called to serve chiropractic in a much greater capacity,” said Dr. Mancini. “I knew that by becoming president, my level of service to others could expand exponentially.” Dr. Mancini assumed the role of president in 1999 when he was just 33 years old, which made him one of the youngest college presidents ever in the United States. Since that time, he has successfully carried out the vision of Parker College’s late founder, Dr. James W. Parker, by progressing Parker into one of the foremost chiropractic colleges in the world. 15



JUNE 13 Austin, Texas at 94th Annual Texas Chiropractic Association Conference


Las Vegas, Nevada at Parker Seminars 2009


Denver, Colorado at Coors Field Ballpark

Melbourne, Australia at Parker Seminars 2009



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chicago, Illinois at Parker Seminars 2009

Orlando, Florida at Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention

Visit parkercc.edu/alumni to view all event pictures.

Scottsdale, Arizona at Morton's Steakhouse




Alumni Events in 2009



Lunch and Learns See which alumni stopped by to leave students with some food for thought... Dr. Elizabeth Taylor ‘96: Creating a Chiropractic Business For chiropractors who are both doctors and business owners, practice can be a challenge. Dr. Elizabeth Taylor shared how to succeed with both. “You have one job you know how to do plus a dozen others you don’t know how to do at all. Study, read, round yourself out so you can go home with that distinctive essence at the end of the day,” said Dr. Taylor. Dr. January Mierzejewski ’03: Chiropractic Down Under Living and practicing abroad, like in Australia where Dr. Mierzejewski is an associate, provides incredible opportunities for chiropractors. “Practicing as an associate allowed me to have one hat and one focus. It was the best thing I could have done for myself fresh out of school,” said Dr. Mierzejewski. “Get out into the community to talk and network with as many people as you can.” Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen ‘07: Avoiding Burn-Out: How to be Successful Early in Your Career Student burn-out is almost inevitable, but Dr. Van Veldhuizen had advice for keeping a passion for chiropractic alive amidst tests and requirements. She provided tips to show students how to keep their vision in mind, reevaluate and change their goals, know their priorities and philosophy, and be technically certain in order to be successful students and future doctors.

Other special L&L guests: Dr. Yvonne Vi llanueva-Russ ell Dr. Charles W ebb

Dr. Ben Lerner

LaRue Eppler

Dr. Cindy Bri ggs

Dr. Howard Fi dler

Dr. Brad Feld ner

Kelly Hayford

Dr. John Dem artini Dr. Alan Rous so

Dr. Glenn Man ceaux

great to see successful alumni because not long ago they were exactly where we are now.” - Tri V Student Clinics Alumni

36 35“It’s


After Hours Clinic Visit Program 2009 Hosts Dr. Nichole Snyder ‘02 | Texas Chiropractic Connection Basics for Jumpstarting Your Clinic and Networking with Your M.D.s Dr. Julie Powell ‘97 | Advanced Chiropractic Neurology Center, P.C. Real Estate 101: Making a Great Purchase! Dr. Susan Yu ‘01 | Aspire Health Clinic In Ins and Outs of Starting your Own Clinic Dr. Meredith Van Horn ‘02 | Hands on Health Chiropractic 2002 “Best Intern” Shares High-Tech Clinic Tips for Getting Started Dr. Kirtland Speaks & Lisa Speaks, C.A. | Expressions Chiropractic & Rehab, PA A Family-run Business Dr. Clark Byroad ‘87 & Dr. Brenda Kunc-Byroad ‘89 | Byroad Chiropractic 10 Tips for Being Successful Business Owners and D.C.s Dr. Brian Hooten ‘00 | Hooten Family Chiropractic Building a High Volume Practice Dr. Mary Warren ‘00 | Vital Force Wellness, PA Starting Small and Staying Successful Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen ‘07 | Van Family Chiropractic Pros and Cons of Renting Space Dr. Homero Cavazos ‘08 | Structure Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Getting Started with $30K Dr. John Lehrer ‘94 | Carrollton Family Chiropractic A Unique & Successful Way to Run a Business Dr. Elizabeth Taylor ‘96 | Crossroads Natural Health When to Hire an Associate and Lease Space

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine



Business of Chiropractic

If chiropractors can’t run successful businesses and keep their doors open, all their knowledge, skill, and technique is wasted.

“ For years, chiropractic colleges have focused on one thing—training students to be great doctors. Upon graduation, students were well versed in anatomy, physiology, clinical sciences, and a variety of adjusting techniques. Although they had the ability to be great healers, some weren’t getting the chance to do any healing. The doctor-only mentality of a chiropractic education neglects one very important aspect—business. Of course, helping people live healthier, happier, fuller lives is the ultimate goal of chiropractic, but if chiropractors can’t run successful businesses and keep their doors open, all their knowledge, skill, and technique is wasted. And in today’s marketplace, where some of the country’s top corporations are going under, what is the likelihood a doctor with no business training will stay afloat? That’s why Parker College of Chiropractic has been on a mission to teach students to be not only superior doctors and clinicians, but also entrepreneurs with a keen understanding of business practices. Parker students are taught behind-the-scenes functions and essential business concepts such as budgeting, cash management, marketing, financial interpretation, negotiating a lease, evaluating taxation status, determining legal liability, insurance, billing, and many more. They learn communication—intrapersonal, interpersonal, and public— 19


in order to first get patients into the clinic and to develop relationships that keep them coming back. It is this type of advanced business training that will elevate the chiropractic profession to its rightful place in the health care industry. Successful businesses are serving more people. And when more people are experiencing the true health benefits of chiropractic, it will significantly verify the legitimacy of our profession. Parker’s progressive business curriculum puts students 10 to 20 years into the future of chiropractic health care and prepares them to see chiropractic in a mainstream manner. Parker students are taught an innovative exam process that addresses aspects outside of the subluxation, which is essential for changing the public’s perspective about chiropractic care. The future of chiropractic needs to move towards a wellness approach to health and move away from the pain model. Chiropractic wellness is a mainstay in Parker’s curriculum as we teach students to care for the total patient— physically, mentally, and spiritually. Chiropractic offers the full spectrum of wellness care—from nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction to the actual adjustment that removes nerve interference and allows the body to heal itself. What we have as a profession is unique, and once we learn to successfully and effectively communicate that to the public, they will see us as we have seen ourselves for more than 100 years—as primary care physicians. And that is exactly what we are training our students to be at Parker College of Chiropractic. 

Ask the

Expert with alumnus Dr. Brandon Harshe ‘09

Why did you start using online social media? My passion for upper cervical was really hard to contain and I wanted to do something to get the word out about it. I realized that through a blog and through various other online mediums I could do exactly that. How do you use it to communicate with patients? Having an internet presence like I’ve had has made me a bit of an online authority on the subject of upper cervical. When sick and suffering people are looking for alternatives and happen to find my site, they contact me. I received [an e-mail] from a German man living in Shanghai, China. He had multiple sclerosis and wanted to find an upper cervical chiropractor near him. It was not lost on me how I can post something in Dallas, Texas and it can help someone clear on the other side of the world. Why should chiropractors use Twitter? Twitter is an easy way to communicate. You are only allowed to use 140 characters so you have to make it count. The best way to increase your followers on Twitter is to post a lot of material, mainly from other people i.e. articles, blog posts, re-tweets, etc. If people see that you are sharing news from other sites and not just your own, they will be more inclined to click on your links when you do post your own material. I find that when I update Twitter regularly, my followers increase very quickly. Follow Dr. Brandon Harshe on Twitter @drbharshe

Mainstream your Marketing with Tools like Twitter By now you’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding the social media site Twitter, but don’t brush it off as just the latest craze for teens and techies. Many chiropractors have tapped into this resource as a bona fide way to market their practice, attract new patients, and communicate with the ones they already have. What is Twitter? Twitter is a popular social networking website where users send and receive messages—called tweets—that are limited to 140 characters or less.

Follow Parker Alumni on Twitter @ParkerAlumni

Why should I tweet? Social networking sites are becoming an increasingly popular means of communicating and gathering information, and as a result, are also becoming an effective means of marketing your practice and services. Need patients? Search for users in a nearby location, then join in on their conversation as a way to create a relationship. Want to spread the chiropractic message? Share relevant health information that’s important to the people in your community. Want to grow your practice? A strong presence on the web will establish you as a leader in the health care field.

How do I get started? 1. Sign up for a free account by going to www.twitter.com. Choose a short username, and make sure it reflects your practice or your chiropractic message. 2. Create your profile. Don’t forget to include your location so people in your area can find you, and be sure to post a link to your practice website. 3. Make friends. Ask your current patients to follow your Twitter. Then use the location tool to find potential patients in your area. Follow them on Twitter, start conversations, provide useful and interesting content, and they will most likely start to follow you too! 4. Start tweeting! Tweet tips for healthy living and stress reduction. Tweet reminders for better posture or a good night’s sleep. Tweet about an upcoming health talk at your clinic or a local event you’ll be attending. Tweet links to chiropractic articles or information. Share the love and re-tweet interesting content from people you follow. The potential is limitless!  Want to learn more about using social networking sites and other web-based tools? Register today for an upcoming

Parker Seminar at parkerseminars.com!

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 20

12 1


The word is out. Becoming a member of the Parker Alumni Association has its perks. And the good news is, anyone can join!

Being able to call yourself a Lifetime member makes you sound distinguished.

2 3

reasons to become an Alumni Association member

There are so many techniques you still want to learn, and a discount on Parker College Continuing Education makes it possible.



All the best parties happen at Parker Seminars, so getting a 20% discount makes attending a no-brainer.

You won’t have to hear your spouse complain about you jet setting to Las Vegas for Parker Seminars, because spouses can register for free!

6 5

The Alumni Association funds the After Hour Clinic Visit program, which teaches students to be businesssavvy chiropractors, who become successful and give chiropractic a good name, which in turn gives you and your practice a good name. It’s a win-win.



You’re running low on practice supplies and Parker SHARE will give you a 10-20% discount. Your name won’t be written in stone, but it will be written in brass on the Lifetime Member wall plaque hanging on campus.

You’re competitive and want your name to be among the top of the list on the “Find A Chiropractor” website.

9 11

You’ve always wanted your very own Parker Annual Member Coupon Book.

You’ve always felt like a VIP, so it’s about time you start receiving special VIP invitations to events.


You love the warm and fuzzy feeling you get knowing that your Lifetime membership fees go towards the $1000 Endowment Fund Scholarship for students.


You don’t want to be the only person from your class who isn’t a member. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 22

Consecutive Members The Parker Alumni Association is proud to thank the following individuals who have maintained their membership year after year after year.

9 Years

6 Years

Timothy S. Benner, D.C., ‘85 Bruce Klinekole, D.C., ‘95 Debra Rhodes-Cusker, D.C., ‘88 Cheryl Silva, D.C., ‘98

Harold Brinkley, D.C., ‘88 Mark Burdette, D.C., ‘00 Susan M. Correia, D.C., ‘94 Suhail Daraiseh, D.C., ‘03 Donna Kobrin, D.C., ‘00 Eric J. Martin, D.C., ‘87 Ricky L. Nall, D.C., ‘95 Mindy Neal, D.C., ‘99 Kristine Nelson, D.C., ‘92 Michael G. Rider, D.C., ‘92 Glen Silver, D.C., ‘90 Elizabeth Spillman-Taylor, D.C., ‘96

8 Years Jamie Bell, D.C., ‘01 Gilbert Chad Blackwell, D.C., ‘95 Michelle Dawn Crawford, D.C., ‘98 Sara Lynn DeHart, D.C., ‘96 Christopher Dembski, D.C., ‘97 Lisa Douglas-Bell, D.C., ‘01 Tiffany Hatfield, D.C., ‘95 Gene Kimel, D.C. Neta Kimel, D.C., ‘94 Carl Thomas Lail, D.C., ‘96 Cheryl Lipton-VanDeSteeg, D.C., ‘95 G Thomas McKinney, D.C., ‘97 Rhonda McKinney, D.C., ‘97 Bart J. Patzer, D.C., ‘93 Paul Pispidikis, D.C., ‘97 Sidney C. Pruitt, D.C., ‘88 Christopher Waddell, D.C., ‘01 Bryan Wiebe, D.C., ‘95 Kevin Willhite, D.C., ‘01

7 Years Carol Born, D.C., ‘91 James Chicoine, D.C., ‘92 Jonathan A. Goff, D.C., ‘97 Nancy Hinders, D.C., ‘89 Tiffany Labrecque, D.C., ‘02 Frank Piranio, D.C., ‘96 John Prokopiak, D.C., ‘95 Mike Raper, D.C., ‘87 Adrienne Richwine, D.C., ‘97 Jose Silva, D.C., ‘99 Kevin Lee Trippe, D.C., ‘99 Andrea Wilson, D.C., ‘99

5 Years Seiichiro Ando, D.C., ‘04 Luke Arnett, D.C., ‘03 Jimmie Lee Brantley, D.C., ‘95 Karl L. Foster, D.C., ‘91 Nicholas Kimel, D.C., ‘04 Jimmy Labrecque, D.C., ‘94 R. John Lehrer, D.C., ‘94 Julie Powell, D.C., ‘97 Scott H. Smith, D.C., ‘86 Nichole Snyder, D.C., ‘02 Afsar Sokhansanj, D.C., ‘02

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations to see how close you are to becoming a consecutive member. askalumni@parkercc.edu 888.772.5867

Welcome to the Alumni Association!

Recognizing our newest Lifetime Members from 2009

162) Dr. Tiffany Jones-Lee ‘98 163) Dr. Wade A. Taylor ‘03 164) Dr. John A. Sparks ‘98 165) Dr. Santo F. Fera ‘99 166) Dr. Dawn Hacker ‘06 167) Dr. Patricia L. Tomlinson-Long ‘96 168) Dr. Stephen LaFay, Parker Seminar Speaker 169) Dr. Julie L. Blavier ‘07 170) Dr. Robert J. Coolbaugh ‘94 171) Dr. Georgina Pearson, Faculty 172) Dr. Kristi Larsen-Long ‘96 173) Dr. Louis D. D’Amico ‘95 174) Dr. Charlotte D. Burgess ’02, Faculty 175) Dr. Robert J. Longenecker, Trustee 176) Dr. Don MacDonald, Parker Seminar Speaker 177) Dr. Toby Harmon ‘97 178) Dr. Walter K. Crooks ‘00 179) Dr. Ronald Wells ‘95 180) Dr. Paul Graves ‘98 100% of a Lifetime member’s fee goes to the Alumni Association Endowment Fund. Membership is available to any person who believes in supporting this fund. Future editions of ParkerLife will continue to recognize new members. To become a Lifetime Member, contact Timothy A. Gunn, director of Alumni Relations, at 888.PR.ALUMS or complete the membership form on the next page.

Thanking our 2009 Business Members




Membership Fee + Addt’l donation

$1500 +________________

$300 due with application – balance may be paid in four (4) consecutive monthly installments. Engraved plaque will be sent when paid in full. 100% of Lifetime Membership fee goes to the Alumni Association Endowment Fund.

Cut here

 Easy Pay Option: Please automatically charge my credit card on the 15th of each month based on the above mentioned payment schedule.

ANNUAL MEMBER  Parker Alumni  Non-Parker Graduate  Recent Graduate (graduated in ’08 or later)  Student

Membership Fee* + Addt’l donation

$75 +________________ $75 + ________________ $50 +________________ FREE

*25% of fee goes to the Alumni Association Endowment Fund with remaining going to annual budget.

 Automatic Renewal: Continue my membership until _________________. I understand my credit card will be kept on file and charged in November of each year. (Service is provided for your convenience and can be cancelled at anytime by calling the Office of Alumni Relations at 888.PR.ALUMS).


Member name:_____________________________________________ Total enclosed: $_______________________ Credit card number:_______________________________________________ Exp. date:____________________________________



Credit card billing address:




Name as it appears on card:____________________________________ Signature:________________________________________ Please make check payable to Parker College of Chiropractic. Membership dues are non-refundable. Home Street: __________________________________________ Clinic Name: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ Street: ___________________________________________ City: __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ State: __________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________ Zip: __________________________________________ State: ___________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________ Zip: ___________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________ E-Mail: __________________________________________ Fax: ___________________________________________ Spouse name:__________________________________________

 Check to keep private

Please mail or fax completed form to:

Website: ___________________________________________  Check to keep private

PARKER COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 2500 Walnut Hill Lane • Dallas, Texas 75229-5668 888.PR.ALUMS • Fax: 214.902.3453

For office use only: ID #: ________________ Group #: _____________

Gift #: _______________ Date Entered: ________________

Initials: ______________ New_____ Renewal_____ Associate ______ Lifetime ______ of ______


2010 | ParkerLife Magazine



hen children reach a certain age, they begin to question everything. “You should eat your vegetables,” mom says. “But why?” asks the child. “Because they’re good for you,” she replies. “But why?” she hears again. “Because they have vitamins and nutrients in them,” she says. “But why?” the child replies. “Because they just do!” We can all understand the mother’s frustration, because while we have a broader concept of food, nutrition, and health and can conclude that vegetables are indeed good for you, the child has a much more limited outlook on the world and therefore needs a greater explanation before he accepts the statement as truth.



The same battle is waged every day within the health care profession as chiropractic seeks to play a greater role in the system. We say, “You should get adjusted.” The rest of the world asks, “But why?” We respond, “Because it’s good for you.” And we hear, “But why?” So we say, “Because chiropractic care removes nervous system interference within the body so it can maintain its health naturally.” And still, we get asked, “But why?” We, unlike the mother, can’t yell “Because it just does!” So instead, we rely on chiropractic research to establish credibility and prove the effectiveness of chiropractic care within the health care landscape. 

The lack of research in many areas diminishes the proper role and compensation of the chiropractic profession. The profession has a serious need for research in areas spanning from the care of children to that of the aged, from treatment to prevention, from basic science to clinical science, and from visceral issues to somatic conditions, to name a few. At the Parker Research Institute, we have been able to establish extensive collaborative research relationships with both the chiropractic and medical communities. We will continue to leverage these relationships in the best interest of the profession. Our vision is to create the highest degree of support possible for the chiropractic profession. That support begins at the college, with encouragement, expertise, and help extended to all students, faculty, and staff that have an interest in research. We will continue collaboration with other chiropractic institutions both domestic and abroad as well as other health institutions, as we recognize that collaboration can accomplish what a single institution cannot. Our ties and growing relationships with research centers in countries like China and Mexico provide unique research opportunities. We will sustain our efforts to involve field doctors and support them by building the research they need for evidence-based practice. We will continue to have the courage to maintain an open mind relative to concepts like chiropractic care of visceral conditions, subluxation, comparing the efficacy of chiropractic treatment techniques, wellness care, and to examine these and other ideas and constructs in a scientific manner. Our vision is to continue to grow through the acquisition of external funding from multiple private and government sources. The Parker Research Institute has become one of the most prolific research publishers, and we aspire to continue that effort. In addition to the quantity of work we produce, our work has been recognized for its exemplary quality through publications in high-quality journals and awards like the 2005 World Federation of Chiropractic award for the best scientific research. ď Ž

How Active is your Activator? A brief summary of: Spinal Manipulation Reduces Pain & Hyper-Algesia Following Lumbar Intervertebral Foramen Inflammation In The Rat Purpose: The study was designed to document potential mediating effects of the Activator-assisted spinal manipulative therapy (ASMT) on pain following acute inflammation.

Methods: A series of ten adjustments were initiated for 24 hours on the inflamed areas, and subsequently applied daily for seven consecutive days and every other day during the second week.

Conclusions: These studies demonstrate that ASMT can significantly reduce the severity and shorten the duration of pain caused by inflammation through a sped up recovery of the inflamed area.

Research team: Xue-Jun Song, M.D., Ph.D.; Qiang Gan, B.S.; Jun-Li Cao, M.D.; Zheng-Bei Wang, M.D.; Ronald L. Rupert, M.S., D.C.

The Drugless Research Hall of Fame Dr. Ronald L. Rupert, dean of Research at Parker College, was honored as the first inductee to the Drugless Research Hall of Fame, in recognition of his selfless contributions to the growth of chiropractic worldwide through research. The Drugless Research Hall of Fame, founded by Parker College of Chiropractic in 2009, is an innovative recognition platform designed to showcase significant drug-free contributions in research.

2009 Rising Star in Biostatistics Harrison Ndetan, assistant professor in the Research Institute at Parker College of Chiropractic, received the 2009 Rising Star in Biostatistics award from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Ndetan received his Doctor of Public Health in Biostatistics degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth, Texas. His main focus is public health and he has completed a large amount of research studies that affirm a chiropractic wellness model is an effective way to achieve preventative health care. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 26

An In-Depth Look at If you walk into the office of Dr. Xuejun Song, you may find yourself engaged in a discussion about the latest discoveries found in a recent research journal. You may also tour Dr. Song’s busy laboratory of intricate nerve dissections or behavioral research in progress. No doubt, you will be left with a lasting impression of a researcher whose greatest passion is research. Throughout his 19-year medical career, Dr. Song has devoted his time to one particular goal—finding better ways to alleviate pain for the patient. According to Dr. Song, the transition from an anesthesiologist to a research scientist seemed natural and logical. “As an anesthesiologist, my goal was to help release the pain in suffering patients. I was required to have knowledge about the mechanisms of pain and would have to research better ways to alleviate the pain. Naturally, I continue to work toward this goal as a research scientist studying pain. My interest has always been for the patient’s benefit, in the patient’s best interest.” According to Webster’s New World Medical Dicitionary, pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony. Pain has both physical and emotional components. The physical part of pain results from nerve stimulation. Pain may be contained to a discrete area, as in an injury, or it can be more diffuse, as in disorders like fibromyalgia. Pain is mediated by specific nerve fibers that carry the pain impulses to the brain where their conscious appreciation may be modified by many factors. In other words, pain is intimately connected to the function of the nervous system, which is why pain research is so closely connected to chiropractic. Chiropractic’s goal is to optimize nerve function and free the body from nerve interference, which often manifests 27



itself as pain. One cannot study pain without studying the underlying mechanisms that essentially control its expression—the neurophysiology. Chances are if you are not immersed in the world of neurophysiology on a daily basis, you will most likely proceed with a sense of fear or hesitancy when coming across any article that proclaims to describe a neurophysiological process. Although the word itself appears to imply a high level of complexity, an understanding of the individual word parts lessens the intimidation factor: neuro, of or pertaining to a nerve or the nervous system, and physiology, the study of the processes related to or characteristic of life. In this case, much of Dr. Song’s research focuses upon the study of the processes related to the nervous system and its involvement in pain.

The discovery of virtually all medications and treatment protocols originates with an understanding of the neurophysiology behind a particular condition or disease, such as pain. “You won’t be able to adequately release the pain if you don’t know what causes it and how it is caused,” explained Dr. Song. Dr. Song heads a research team with diverse fields of expertise and frequently collaborates with research institutions including Yale University, University of Chicago, and University of Texas in an effort to ensure quality research. This research has been published in renowned journals such as Molecular Pain, Anesthesiology, FASEB Journal, Pain, and Journal of Neurophysiology. Much of Dr. Song’s research has mainly focused on the

neurophysiology of pain, particularly on the mechanisms of pain plasticity at the levels of the primary sensory neuron and the spinal cord after nerve injury. However, a significant portion of his research has been devoted to investigating innovative therapies to treat pain, including spinal manipulation and the use of B-vitamins to treat chronic pain. Together, chiropractic care and other wellness behaviors can be extremely effective in treating the source of pain, not simply covering up the symptoms, and already these studies have shown promising clinical applications to patient care. This becomes increasingly important due to the recent media attention on the potential dangers associated with prescription and nonprescription pain medications. The mechanisms of pain can be fairly complex, involving a diversity of factors and causes. Current drugs, including opioid and nondrug therapies, offer substantial pain relief to no more than half of affected patients. However, the solution or key to pain relief in some cases may be as simple as purchasing a bottle of vitamins at the local supermarket. 

Stock your Pantry with these PainFighting Super Foods

The B-Vitamin Formula: Alleviating pain naturally


1: asparagus, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, spinach, sunflower seeds, tuna, green peas, tomatoes, eggplant, and brussels sprouts.

B6: spinach, bell peppers,

turnip greens, garlic, tuna, cauliflower, mustard greens, banana, celery, cabbage, crimini mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, kale, collard greens, brussels sprouts, cod, and chard.

B12: fish, meat, poultry,

eggs, milk, and milk products. Vitamin B12 is generally not present in plant foods, but fortified breakfast cereals are a readily available source of vitamin B12 with high bioavailability for vegetarians.

Recent estimates suggest that chronic pain affects approximately 86 million Americans a year and accounts for about 90 billion dollars lost annually due to sick leave, reduced productivity, and direct medical costs (American Physiological Society, 2003). Pain sufferers are often left with two options: live with it or bear the burden of costly medical prescriptions and their potentially severe, if not fatal, side effects. Groundbreaking research provides new hope for pain sufferers, in the form of relatively inexpensive vitamins. Dr. Xuejun Song and his research team investigated the pain relieving roles of vitamins B1 (thiamine), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cyanocobalamin), nicknamed the B-vitamin cocktail. B-Vitamins Spell “R-e-l-i-e-f” For the first time, this study demonstrated that vitamins B1, B6,

and B12 , especially their combination, can significantly alleviate both the severity and duration of pain. “These studies strongly support and broaden the knowledge and clinical use of B-vitamins in aiding in treatment of chronic pain due to the nerve injury or spinal cord trauma and/or other injuries and diseases of the nervous system,” noted Dr. Song. Clinically Speaking What does this means to the field practitioner? Recommending reasonable doses of B1 and B6 to your patients may be useful in helping them alleviate some of their pain symptoms. Importantly, Dr. Song’s study emphasizes the synergistic effectiveness of using the B-vitamin combination as treatment for chronic pain along with the long-term results of repetitive administrations of the B-vitamin combination.  2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 28

Continuing Education

THE BEST DOCTORS ARE ALWAYS LEARNING That’s because health care is always evolving, and as doctors, you need to stay one step ahead in order to meet your patients’ demands.


ealth care is changing, and now more than ever, patients are educating themselves on the types of care they want and are looking for doctors who can provide them with the services they need. The good news is that more often than not, that care they are seeking is a natural, holistic approach to health and healing. But are you prepared to serve? Parker College of Chiropractic Continuing Education is committed to providing doctors of chiropractic with relevant and effective CE classes designed to expand your scope of practice so you can offer a variety of services and care to your patients. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to develop new skills while enhancing and reinforcing your current


Continuing Education

skills, allowing you to become a more proficient health care provider. Topics are relevant to both a doctor’s daily practice and to the latest evidence-based research, development, and techniques within the industry. Parker College of Chiropractic Continuing Education is also available to massage therapists. We offer a wide range of live and online continuing education classes, taught by leading doctors and scientists, and are continually adding classes to our line-up.  Be sure to visit us on the web at www.parkercc.edu or call 800.266.4723 for a full course listing, pricing information, to verify your state board’s approval, or for additional information.

Top reasons to take CE at Parker

We have the sweetest staff that you just cannot help wanting to call and chat with each month.

Seeing Fido walk by with an imbalanced gait is driving you crazy and you just need to learn how to fix it.

Poking some patients with needles sounds like fun!

Coming to Dallas, taking a CE class, and then checking out the new Cowboys stadium is a must.

The side posture you learned in school just won’t work for that eight-month pregnant patient.

Losing your license for not keeping up with your CE hours just sounds silly.

Scoliosis Correction Seminar Series The Scoliosis Correction series of seminars teaches the best chiropractic techniques to care for scoliosis and posture-challenged patients. Your patients are depending on you to provide them with the highest quality care available, and you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to further your skills. The chiropractic profession has experienced amazing results using Dr. Woggon’s protocols. While this series is not the final answer, it is the beginning of chiropractic

becoming the forerunner in the area of scoliosis rehabilitation. We can change people’s lives, as Dr. Woggon says, “one spine at a time.” We want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to take this important series. To assist you in scheduling, the program will be offered in the spring and again in the fall. For more information on the Scoliosis Correction Seminar Series, visit www.parkercc.edu or call 800.266.4723. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 30

Are Your Patients Dog Tired? That’s just one sign they might need chiropractic by Gene Giggleman, D.V.M. Not too long ago, I began seeing a patient I’ll call Henry. Henry was experiencing some pain in his legs which made it difficult for him to move around. He couldn’t take long walks anymore, which he loved to do, and when he did walk, he had a pronounced limp. Henry was very stiff all over and had trouble getting up from lying down. He was taking medications that upset his stomach and made him act lethargic and groggy instead of his normal, vibrant self. When I first examined Henry, I determined the cause of the limp was not in his legs but was due to an abnormal alignment of the vertebrae in his lumbar spine. The misalignment caused his back muscles to spasm as his body tried to compensate for the imbalance and this changed the way he walked. I did a chiropractic adjustment on him and almost immediately he started moving better. After a few weeks and another adjustment, he was sleeping well, eating well, feeling well, and was able to start taking walks without limping. The medication was stopped and in a few days Henry got all of his energy back. He was back to his old self; all because I was able to correct the structural misalignment in his back which allowed him to walk well on all four legs again. Did I mention Henry is a dog? Animals, just like humans, need chiropractic care. Regardless of shape, size, or anatomy, the basic principles of chiropractic hold true to any animal with a spine. When vertebrae become misaligned, 31

Continuing Education

there is a disruption of nerve flow to whatever area of the body those nerves control, creating a number of health issues. These misalignments can also cause postural imbalances and changes in muscle coordination and flexibility. It’s important for animals to receive routine chiropractic care because they can’t verbally tell us when something is wrong. I instruct clients to look for signs such as behavioral changes, stiffness or decreased mobility, changes in gait or posture when sitting or standing, limping, restlessness, or facial expressions showing discomfort or pain. These are red flags that a misalignment— subluxation—is keeping the body from functioning in a healthy, normal fashion. Having animals checked regularly will ensure they maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. Animal chiropractic is most widely practiced on dogs, cats, and horses, but I’ve treated all kinds, including rabbits and birds. I’ve even seen pet owners become chiropractic patients themselves after seeing positive results in their animals. It’s no surprise that people will often do things for their pets they won’t do for themselves, so adjusting animals is a great way to introduce chiropractic care to an entirely new audience. Incorporating animal chiropractic into a chiropractic practice is the truest form of providing total family wellness care. Chiropractic adjustments on animals are done by hand or with an instrument, like the Activator® or

CAT—Chiropractic Adjusting Tool. Even on large animals like horses, the force doesn’t have to be any greater than a normal adjustment to make an impact. Very young or geriatric animals tend to fare better from instrument adjusting, which is also a good technique to use with stressed or nervous animals. For animal chiropractic care to be safe and effective, doctors must be properly trained through Animal Chiropractic Certification Programs that teach the basics of animal adjusting. Chiropractors and veterinarians alike can benefit from expanding their clinical practice knowledge and treatment options by incorporating animal chiropractic into their scope of care. Parker College of Chiropractic offers an Animal Chiropractic Program taught by the nation’s most qualified and experienced instructors. Course topics include: veterinary and chiropractic basics, anatomy, pathology, techniques, biomechanics, gait analysis, neurology, ethics and legalities, the vertebral subluxation complex, and chiropractic philosophy and theories. This program is the only Animal Chiropractic Program taught by an accredited chiropractic college. Animal chiropractic is not intended to replace traditional veterinary care but is a way to keep animals healthy, active, and energetic without the use of medications or surgery. When used together, chiropractic and veterinary care can provide the maximum health benefits to animals so they can live long, happy lives. 

Pinpoint the Problem Adding acupuncture to your practice can deliver healing in a whole new way.

Health, at its most fundamental level, can be explained as a state of balance within your body. As chiropractors know, that balance can be disrupted when the flow of nerve energy is blocked by misplaced vertebrae, which is when disease settles in. This same concept of blocked energy is found in ancient Chinese medicine, dating back more than 5,000 years. Acupuncture, which centers on the idea that qi—a vital energy that flows through pathways (meridians) in your body—holds powerful healing properties, has become a popular health care alternative in mainstream Western culture.

The foundation of acupuncture is a two-way communication system between the skin and all other systems in the body. When the flow of qi throughout the body is blocked, stagnant, or disrupted, the resulting imbalance manifests itself as sickness. The meridians that carry this energy flow are accessible through more than 350 acupuncture points, which when stimulated, can rebalance energy and restore your body’s health. Acupuncture is now: • recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) • recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) • recognized by most state boards • practiced as a primary healing system • practiced as an adjunctive procedure by D.C.s, M.D.s, D.D.s, D.V.M.s, and D.O.s

Learn more about this ancient healing art and how it can help your patients experience even greater health and well-being. Supplement your chiropractic practice through Parker College of Chiropractic Continuing Education’s 100-Hour Acupuncture Program, which is being offered in a six session course. Each class session will be 163/4 hours long. Participants who complete the full 100 hours and pass the course final exam are eligible to sit for the national board acupuncture exam.  For more information on this and other programs, visit our website at www.parkercc.edu or call 800.266.4723.

Check out our 2010 Lineup! Scoliosis Correction Series

(you must attend in the order given)

Spring Seminar Series March 27-28, 2010: Part 1 April 24-25, 2010: Part 2 June 5, 2010: Part 3 Fall Seminars Series October 2-3, 2010: Part 1 November 6-7, 2010: Part 2 December 4, 2010: Part 3

100-Hour Acupuncture Program

Animal Chiropractic Program

January 23-24, 2010: Module 1

March 11-14, 2010: Module 1

February 27-28, 2010: Module 2

April 8-11, 2010: Module 2

March 27-28, 2010: Module 3

May 6-9, 2010: Module 3

April 24-25, 2010: Module 4

June 10-13, 2010: Module 4

May 22-23, 2010: Module 5

July 8-11, 2010: Module 5

June 19-20, 2010: Module 6

August 5-8, 2010: Module 6

Becoming a Sports Specialist

For a complete listing of all CE courses, visit us on the web at www.parkercc.edu

February 6-7, 2010: Part 1 March 6-7, 2010: Part 2

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 32

Massage A TOUCH OF HEALTH: Better your body through massage therapy

Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and may be the last to fade.


here are approximately five million touch receptors in our skin—3,000 alone in just a finger tip. So it’s safe to say that touch is overwhelmingly influential in relation to what we experience every day. It is essential to your physical, emotional, and mental development and is absolutely vital for survival and growth. Without it, people experience increased feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, stress, and anxiety. This is why an increasing number of Americans have turned to massage therapy as a way to experience the benefits of touch. Having a massage does much more than relax the body and mind. It can reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and stimulate the release of endorphins. In fact, touch of any kind can reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure. The benefits don’t stop there. During a massage session, blood and lymph circulation, which carries nourishment to the trillions of cells in your body and takes away the waste, is stimulated, which leads to natural detoxification. Since massage encourages a better exchange of nutrients at the cellular level and more thorough detoxification, your body’s



cells can regenerate themselves more efficiently, keeping you healthy. Touch has even been shown to increase the number of immune cells in the body, boosting your health even more. Specific massage techniques are also readily used to decrease pain, inflammation, and other symptoms caused by repetitive activities, soft-tissue injury, or pathology. Massage can restore muscle strength and increase flexibility and range of motion, improving your muscles’ overall function. The Parker School of Massage Therapy is emerging as a leader in health care education, preparing students to administer the art of massage therapy with confidence and excellence. Parker trains students to provide health care in a natural, holistic manner, believing that the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life are interconnected and all equally important when it comes to treatment.  Experience all the benefits massage therapy has to offer at the Parker School of Massage Therapy clinic. Call 214.902.3485 to schedule an appointment or visit www.parkermassageschool.com.

Friends in Knead

by Drew Riffe, D.C. ‘05, LMT

Here are some examples of why chiropractic and massage are so connected:

Massage and chiropractic are complementary disciplines, fitting together like hand in glove. Perhaps more like two well-trained hands on an aching back. All too often, in our quick-fix society, patients and the health professionals treating them latch onto a single treatment for an ailment or condition, to the exclusion of others that might further enhance the patient’s well-being. Similarly, individuals frequently categorize treatment practices, choosing the one de facto “cure” that seems to fit the situation. Upset stomach? Antacid. Crick in the neck? Chiropractic. Sore muscles? Massage. What many individuals overlook in the rush to eliminate the immediate pain is a holistic examination of the problem. If an upset stomach is caused by poor culinary choices, some fizzy water is just a temporary fix. And if improper posture or ill-fitting footwear isn’t corrected, that neck crick will soon return. The long-term solution is a commitment to overall wellness. The key to healthy living, wellness is a comprehensive approach to care that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself when properly maintained and protected. I firmly believe that massage and chiropractic treatment are key components to wellness. So much so, that I am both a chiropractor and massage therapist. My training and experience has shown me that these disciplines are often the most beneficial when used in conjunction. Beyond its anecdotal benefits, massage therapy has also been proven to be advantageous through clinical research studies. The University of Miami’s Touch Research Center studies examining massage in the context of stress hormone levels indicate that the post-massage reduction of stress hormones circulating throughout the body is quite dramatic when compared to premassage levels. Other research quantifies the positive impact of massage on the circulatory system. Circulation of blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids is critical to the natural homeostasis throughout the body, as well as its ability to heal and regenerate. Improvement in circulation has a cascade of benefits involving every system of the body. Just as chiropractors are learning the benefits of massage, I urge massage therapists to gain an appreciation for the complementary benefits of chiropractic and a chiropractic wellness approach to health care. While chiropractic and massage therapy offer considerable benefits individually, they are better together. And an ever-increasing number of painfree patients can attest to that fact. 

• Massage extends the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. Nearly every patient that has received a massage either pre- or post- chiropractic adjustment has experienced a decrease in muscle tension, an increase in flexibility, and longer sustained benefits from the adjustment. • Chiropractic adjustments extend the benefits of a massage. When patients receive a massage without an adjustment, they often incur repeat visits with similar complaints due to only temporarily relief of symptoms. • Massage and chiropractic both touch components of the body's structure, and together they provide total wellness care. Chiropractors deal more with the nervous system, which includes aligning the vertebral column as well as all of the other joints of the body while massage therapists deal mainly with the musculoskeletal system. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 34

Medical Massage

A Helping Hand Hayden Mitchell has been a patient at the Parker School of Massage Therapy since it first opened. He shared with us how massage helps him in his day-to-day life and why he keeps coming back for more. How did you discover massage therapy? I received my first massage when I was in college and I was hooked. I have had many massages since then, however I find that the benefits and quality of the therapeutic massage I have gotten at Parker are greater than I have ever gotten through a spa-type massage.

What has your experience been like at the massage clinic? I have had the opportunity, and pleasure, to schedule appointments at the massage clinic since it first opened and have had massages from students from every trimester since. What I have noticed is that these students are all very serious about providing a therapeutic massage. I feel there is a very professional attitude from the students and that they all seem to think outside of the box when it comes to patient care.

What type of therapy/treatments have you found to be most beneficial? That’s easy—the therapeutic massage. As you age, your body starts to become more rigid and not as flexible or resilient as it did when you were younger. I stay active playing sports, but all the other things that life throws at you like working, or just the daily grind for example, sometimes try to keep your body from being as flexible as it once was. The massages I get at Parker help to slow down the aging process, and I believe it brings a more holistic approach to health.

Studies show that approximately 30 percent of Americans are using massage therapy for medical purposes, including injury recovery, pain reduction, headache control, and for their overall health and wellness. The field of medical massage is a specialized concentration that focuses on anatomical regions of the patient’s body based upon soft tissue and joint exam findings and various other assessment procedures, such as history taking, observation, manipulation, neurological testing, and muscle testing. The benefits of medical massage are profound, and the Parker School of Massage Therapy is now offering patients and practitioners alike the opportunity to experience them firsthand.

How do massage and chiropractic complement each other in your care plan?

The Parker School of Massage Therapy’s Medical Massage program offers 300 hours of advanced courses specifically designed to prepare students for a career in a health care facility working alongside other health care professionals.

They definitely complement each other like a well oiled machine! They really do go hand in hand to what I feel is a more holistic approach to my health. The massage relaxes the muscles and tension so that the chiropractic [adjustment can realign] my skeletal bones. Without one the other is possible but much more of a challenge for either the massage therapist or the chiropractor. I cannot ever see myself going with one but not the other!

During the internship portion of the program, patients will have the option of receiving medical massages to compliment their overall health care plan.

I am always encouraging my friends to make an appointment at either the chiropractic clinic or the massage clinic. I have also been known to recommend that my chiropractic intern set up a massage appointment or my massage intern set up a chiropractic appointment. I guess you can say I am like the poster child of Parker! 

For more information on the program or to schedule an appointment, contact the Parker School of Massage Therapy at 214.902.3485 or askpsmt@parkercc.edu.

What types of results do you see with massage therapy? I feel more flexible, but also rested, relaxed, and ready to face what life has to bring! I do not get as sore when I play sports or sit at my desk at work when I get a massage. I believe that it also helps with my posture as it relaxes my muscles and allows my body to not tense up as easily from the daily grind.



Get the basics for your massage therapy practice from Parker SHARE

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Announcing the Parker School of Massage Therapy Open Houses! If someone you know is interested in an education in massage therapy, invite them to attend our Open House. It’s a wonderful opportunity to tour Parker’s campus, talk to our financial aid advisor, and get questions answered about our School of Massage Therapy. We look forward to a great crowd! February, 25 | April, 8 June, 10 | July, 29 RSVP by calling 214.902.3485 or online at www.parkermassageschool.com


Your Client


Starting out is never easy. You’re always faced with a quintessential paradox: you can’t have a business without clients, but you can’t attract clients without a business. Creating a strong client base doesn’t happen overnight, but it does begin with small steps. With a little know-how, you’ll see how, over time, just one client can turn into one hundred.

Determine your magic number First, figure out how many clients you will need to see each day, each week, and each month to support your lifestyle.

Start with people you know Reach out to those people who you already have relationships with, whether they be personal or professional. Try offering special “start-up” discounts as a way to thank them for helping you prepare for your career.

Spread the word Referrals and word-of-mouth are effective and inexpensive. Ask your clients to share their positive experiences with everyone they know.

Get involved Your community is full of potential new clients. You just need to connect with them. Volunteer, join a social group, become a member of a club or organization—anything that will allow you to share with others what you do and how you can help serve them.

Collaborate Is there another service-type business with similar clientele to what you’re looking for? Find unique ways to partner with them, so their clients can become yours, and yours become theirs. 


The percentage of new clients that are referred by existing clients. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 36

Seminars A NEW DECADE! A NEW YOU! Join us as we share the traditions, philosophy, and time-tested Parker Principles that lay a foundation for your success.


hen you attend Parker Seminars, you are joining a decades-long tradition of excellence in chiropractic education and information. We are dedicated to making Parker Seminars the premier event for chiropractic and continue to offer you everything you need to make your practice the best it can be. Our programs are designed to give you the tools to create healthy patient relationships and take your practice to a new level. You will learn how to attract patients and how to fully gain their trust so you can open the door to healing. Parker Seminars also offers education for chiropractic assistants, so together you and your C.A. can learn to operate an efficient, effective practice. The quality of our speakers and seminars is always excellent and we continually strive to provide you with

new information on chiropractic technique and business practices, health, wellness, philosophy, patient-centered procedures, and success principles. This unique combination of information enables you to sharpen your skills and better deliver the benefits of chiropractic to your patients. At Parker Seminars, you are guaranteed to learn something new while enjoying the traditions you have come to love. A weekend at Parker Seminars will fill you with the inspiration, motivation, and philosophy you need to reignite your passion for serving others through the power of chiropractic. Your practice and your life will never be the same. Get ready for a life-changing experience! ď Ž For more information about upcoming seminars, visit our website at www.parkerseminars.com

“Parker has been the single most positive experience in my life. Not just in building a hugely successful 37


Tips fo ma xim r izin g eac h semin ar


Attend the pre-opening session hosted by vice president of Development and External Relations Dr. Gilles Lamarche.


Participate in everything that is going on at seminars, including Sharendipity, How the Pros Attract New Patients, and Group Mentoring.


How to Maximize Your Parker Seminars Experience Dr. Jim Parker said you need to attend at least seven seminars in a row to truly experience the value of Parker Seminars. It takes time and repeated exposure to concepts and procedures in order to really own them. At Parker Seminars, you will learn how to be successful in practice and in life. Everything you need to maintain your Faith, Confidence, and Belief (FCB) in chiropractic is available at Parker Seminars. Every seminar schedule’s left hand column of classes contains the core courses you need to build your foundation. Attend each of the left-column classes if you are a first-time attendee. And for veteran attendees, follow that column once a year to guarantee your success. 

practice but in having a happy, powerful life.” Dr. Todd Watson

Find a successful mentor and develop a relationship.


Be early to every class. Sit up front and pay attention. And remember to take good notes.


Visit the expo during breaks and speak with exhibitors about the latest products for your practice.


Be sure to purchase your copy of the Parker System for Professional Success (PSPS), which serves as a reference for the skills and procedures you learn at Parker Seminars.


Attend the closing session where you are sure to be truly inspired.


Before you leave, make a commitment to do three things 35 differently, startingMagazine immediately! 2010 | ParkerLife


arker rinciples Develop a compassion to serve that is greater than the compulsion to survive.

Love is the magic bullet of healing. I can optimize my Mission, Talent, and Destiny (MTD) and attract the “naturally right” patients, people, places, things, events, and situations for me when I love each person as a mother, father, brother, sister, or child.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

Success is predetermined by my faith, confidence, and belief in my products, services, and ideas.

Do not let the negative few overrule the positive many.

35 36


Dr. Jim’s Parker Principles have become synonymous with chiropractic success because behind the words, there is a truth that becomes very powerful when actualized. That truth will be different for every person based on his or her past experience, present situation, and future goals. By finding your own meaning in each Parker Principle, you will discover how to make your own life more fulfilling. We invite you to study the principles with us, find which ones speak to you, and start maximizing your potential as a doctor and healer.

Seeing is not believing… believing is seeing.

We see things as we are, not necessarily as they are.

There is no philosophy by which I can do a thing if I think I cannot.

Loving service— my first technique.

To eliminate fear, worry, and anxiety, I must live in the present and let go and let God. Thought plus action equals feeling. My feelings attract my life to me.

Nature will give me what I act like I already have.

What I see in the universe sees me. My ultimate purpose is to live in harmony with the universe. I can do so only when my mission is accomplished, my talents are developed, and my destiny is fulfilled.

2010 2010| ParkerLife | ParkerLifeMagazine Magazine 3540

What Happened in

Las Vegas


suzanne somers shares her Eight steps to Wellness As an advocate for wellness, Somers recognizes that in the United States, we don't have health care; we have disease care. Instead, she suggests, we should be treating patients using nature's tools—diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health. Eat real food. Load up on antioxidants. Look to nature for flavor. Take fish oils. Sleep eight to nine hours a night. "There is a whole new world out there. If we all found out how good we could feel on non-drugs, well we wouldn't need drugs," said Somers.

Jack CanField Reveals the secret to the Law of Attraction “Where we put our intention, that’s where energy flows and manifestation occurs. How do you know what you were thinking of in the past? Look at what you have right now,” said Canfield. “If you focus on your vision, you’re going to get more vision. The Law of Attraction will bring you everything you want, but you have to be intentional, and you must have discipline to ground the value.” Canfield says the secret is to think anddream big. “You’re thinking anyway. Think bigger.”

Dr. John Gray Explains “Why Mars and Venus Collide” While most people already know they need to have good diet and exercise habits to be healthy, fewer know they also need to manage stress. Stress is the one factor that has been linked to every sickness. So it’s no wonder why in today’s stressed-out world, people are unhealthier than ever. “Inspire them that they are in charge of their own health,” said Gray. “John Gray has recognized there is no way to have a true, authentic, and deep relationship unless you have good health,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. 41


First Annual

Parker Gala Few people leave Las Vegas having hit the jackpot, but that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Dennis Short as he returned home with a prize of 10,000 dollars in cash. Dr. Short’s winning raffle ticket was part of the Expo Networking prize drawing, which gave attendees the opportunity to collect raffle tickets from the exhibitors they visited. He had about 20 tickets in the hopper and one of those was chosen out of thousands. “I have never won anything in my life, but somehow I knew I was going to win it,” said Dr. Short. “I specifically remember Dr. Mancini saying ‘It was meant to be yours. You were meant to have it for a reason.’ So then I asked myself, what am I supposed to learn from it?”

And right from the beginning, it did.

I have never won anything in my life, but somehow I knew I was going to win it.

Dr. Short and his wife, both Palmer College grads, had watched their passion dwindle throughout the years, to the point where “practice had been feeling like drudgery.” Disenchanted by their latest attempts to rekindle the spark, the pair was desperate to try something new. “We’ve had several associates that had been to Parker Seminars in the past,” said Dr. Short, “and we vented to them about our disheartened attitudes.” After hearing stellar reviews about the program, they decided to try Parker Seminars Las Vegas to “see if it felt different there.”

“The energy is just great. There’s no doubt about it,” said Dr. Short. “By and large our profession is optimistic. The doctors are on purpose and passionate. I knew at that point that’s what I’m lacking.” More than being a financial blessing, the prize money served as a sign for Dr. Short. “I needed some way to say you really need to be changing something in your office to get the energy back. That’s what the 10,000 dollars was for,” he said. The money gave Dr. Short the final push he needed in order to implement a wellness program in the office dealing with nutrition, exercise, and stress management for patients who want to take their health to the next level. “I’ve thought about introducing a wellness program, but this was a sign to be passionate. Instead of playing around with the idea, I got more of the motivation to do it,” he said. 

Parker Seminars hosted its First Annual Parker Gala in Las Vegas Friday, January 16, 2009 to celebrate the profession and to recognize chiropractic research accomplishments. Parker Seminars would like to thank those who supported the First Annual Parker Gala as a Table Sponsor: Aviall, Chiropractic Economics, DAV Productions, Fabrizio Mancini, D.C., Gilles Lamarche, D.C., John G. Donovan, D.C., D.T. Nguyen, Foot Levelers, Inc., Fountain of Life, Inc., International Chiropractic Association, Ketchum, Natural Partners, Inc., Neuromechanical Innovations, Parker Alumni Association, Standard Process, Inc., Tensegrity Partners, and the World Congress of Women Chiropractors. The Parker Gala is held annually during the Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. To become an event sponsor, contact Lisa A. Fellers by phone at 214.902.3482 or by e-mail at lfellers@ parkercc.edu.

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 35

And the Award Goes To: Parker Seminars recognizes a select group of outstanding individuals who are committed to making a difference within the chiropractic profession.

Dr. James Chestnut

Back Bone Award

Dr. Patrick Bodnar

D.C. of the Year from the north

D.C. of the Year from the south

Dr. Ali Jafari

Dr. Gene Orlowsky

D.C. of the Year from the east

D.C. of the Year from the west

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson Peacock

Dr. Thomas Rigel International D.C. of the Year

2009 WCWC Woman of the Year

Dr. J.C. Doornick

Charlie DuBois

Biofreeze Humanitarian of the Year Award (accepted by Dr. Todd Herold)

Philanthropy Award

Ms. Marie Larsson

Ms. Tammy Ducharme

Chiropractic Assistant of the Year from the United States

Chiropractic Assistant of the Year from Canada

Snapshots Alumni Re


Suzanne Somers



The First-An nual C.A . Receptio n

Club Parke


Hear what past seminar attendees had to say! “Anybody who does not attend this event is missing out. There is so much happening with the new trends in our society, and chiropractic is the leader in the wellness industry. Parker Seminars is what brings us all together to celebrate wellness care and the profession that is on top.” Drs. Rosalinda Gallegos-Main and Jonathan Main

“It was truly energizing and full of the best information chiropractic has to offer. It should be a chiropractic requirement.” Dr. Christine L. McClure

“Parker Seminars makes me proud to be a chiropractor. The collective energy involved causes me to raise my standards and want to serve more.” Dr. Mike Headlee

“Every time I come to Parker I return home an entirely different person. Through Parker, our life has been changed in so many ways.” Dr. Debra Cason

“I come back rejuvenated and educated. Thank you for creating such an awesome and energetic learning environment.” Dr. Susan Juvet “The energy and compassion of Parker and all those that attend allows me to stay on purpose and allows my practice to grow every time I return home.” Dr. Mark R. Gutekunst “The speakers were very inspirational and easy to listen to. I highly recommend Parker Seminars no matter how small your clinic is.” Terry Langmaack, C.A.

You Ca n Become a P ubl ished Aut hor

Never underestimate the power of your name—published.

It gives you a means to share the chiropractic message at a higher level. It gives you instant recognition and additional credibility. And it gives you a tangible tool for marketing yourself in your community and enhances your visibility (think TV, radio, press). Parker Seminars is giving all chiropractors the opportunity to become published authors through a new book series titled Back to Health and Wellness: Feel Good Stories from the Heart of Chiropractic. Parker Seminars will publish this new series of authorsponsored anthologies of chiropractic testimonials to allow chiropractors to share their personal, real-life accounts from practice and to get more chiropractors talking about what they do on a day-to-day basis,

about the lives they touch, and about the miracles they experience. There are so many stories to share and they all need to be heard!

How to participate • Request an author agreement form. • Choose the amount of books you wish to receive. 300 copies....... $2,100 ($1,900 for Parker alumni) 100 copies....... $895 ($795 for Parker alumni) • Complete a story draft and submit, or if you prefer, have a ghostwriter produce your story. Payment schedules available! For more information about this opportunity, contact Cheryl Moss at cmoss@parkercc.edu or 972.438.6932 ext 7806. 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 44

09 License Renewal Extravaganza Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Presents the Keys to a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit Achieving and maintaining complete health comes from a balance of the physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Commit to regular exercise, proper nutrition, and regular chiropractic adjustments. De-stress, rid the mind of negative thoughts. Believe in a greater intelligence. And most importantly, set an example. “The patients are watching more of what you do instead of what you say,” said Dr. Mancini.

Dr. Larry Markson: Talking to Yourself is NOT Crazy By changing your inner dialog and thoughts, you can create the type of life you want. Dr. Markson believes if you tell yourself you want something, you can achieve it. “You can have it your way if you open your mind to concepts and ideas that will make you successful,” said Dr. Markson.

Dr. Ian Smith Presents The Advantage You are capable of taking control of your personal health, and by making even small changes, you can prevent or control diseases. “What kind of fuel am I putting into the greatest machine ever?” asked Dr. Smith. For maximum health, he recommends eating colorful food, getting 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day, watching the glycemic index, and exercising the mind.

Check it out! Dr. Larry Markson Receives the Back Bone Award Parker Seminars presented Dr. Larry Markson, a 40-year Parker Seminars attendee, with the Back Bone Award, recognizing him for his passion and discipline to helping shape the future of chiropractic. 45


Announcing our newest members of the Grand Tour Organization






The Grand Tour Organization (GTO) is a group of individuals recognized for their dedicated service to chiropractic patients, the chiropractic profession, and the community. GTO members are a growthoriented people who continue to study, learn, and update their abilities by attending seven consecutive Parker Seminars.


According to Dr. Jim Parker, people who attend seven consecutive Parker Seminars have experienced enough for the concepts and principles to become part of their subconscious mind and therefore taking them to a higher level of service. Dr. Don MacDon al Brandi MacDon d ald

Dr. Rober t Kipp

Dr. Deborah Mac


Dr. Stephen LaFa


Congratulations to the 2009 recipients!

Standard Process, Inc.

Chiropractic Economics

Carol Watkins

Janna Cottingame and Taryn Lowery


$5000 each

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance Jacob Hansen and Mary Sue Branch $3,750 each

Student Scholarships

ProSolutions Paul Stadler $3,750

Douglas Labs

Performance Health-Biofreeze Lindsay McIinnis $3,750

Erchonia Erin Spindler $3,750

B&D Enterprises Ashley Posa $1,000

Dan Sullins $2,500

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 46

QA &


Dr. Gilles Lamarche

We sat down with Dr. Lamarche to have him answer some commonly asked questions and tell you the real reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next seminar. Seminars are a good idea for people who are struggling, but I’m already a great D.C./C.A. What will I learn by attending Parker Seminars? When you attend Parker Seminars, you will learn to use the tools you need to establish a profitable business, regardless of the current economic climate. Additionally, you will learn to create healthy patient relationships, effectively communicate chiropractic, stay inspired to deliver patient-centric care, and truly own the essence of chiropractic. You will learn techniques to manage and market your practice, increase your confidence, gain a patient’s trust and open the door to their healing, and to develop relationships encouraging patients to make chiropractic their primary health care choice. Earn continuing education credits and expand your scope of care. Even the most successful doctors will benefit from the personal inspiration and motivation gained from Parker Seminars. If I attend Parker Seminars once, is there a reason to go back again?

Yes, and we actually encourage you to attend a minimum of one Parker Seminar every year. Repetition is the key to true learning and by attending regularly, you also become an integral member of the Parker family. Our program is continually changing, and you are guarenteed to learn something new at every seminar. I’ve heard people talking about something called GTO. What is it, and how do I become a part of it?



Dr. Jim coined this term as Grand Tour Organization, which consists of attending seven seminars in a row. Get started by committing to and purchasing a three consecutive seminar package. As a bonus you will receive an extra 10 percent off the early bird pricing. You will become a Parker GTO pledge and have access to the members-only website. You become a full GTO Club member by attending seven consecutive North American Parker Seminars. 

Thank You to Our

Sponsors PREMIER


2:17 PM


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Become a Parker Seminars Sponsor When the chiropractic profession bands together with others who are committed to promoting chiropractic wellness and a holistic approach to health care, there is no limit to what we all can achieve. Become a Parker Seminars sponsor and share your products and services with the largest gathering of chiropractic professionals anywhere in the world. You’ll gain recognition as an integral, supportive part of the chiropractic community and have the opportunity to promote your business with those who can benefit most from it. We offer a variety of sponsorship levels, including Premier,

Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

To learn about the benefits of sponsorship or for more information on our different sponsorship options, please call 214.902.3483 or e-mail Dr. Gilles Lamarche at glamarche@parkercc.edu.

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 48

Parker SHARE Products


The one-stop shop for all your practice needs


eing a chiropractor is a tremendous privilege and a great responsibility. Your patients are putting their health in your hands and trusting your ability to unlock their body’s potential. Oftentimes, helping them achieve true wellness goes beyond the adjustment. So it’s good to know Parker SHARE can help with the rest. Parker SHARE helps chiropractors build the foundation of their practice by providing a broad selection of innovative, quality products and current information on chiropractic wellness. Because your patients are your first priority, we’ve created an entire line of patient education resources to help them fully understand the healing power of chiropractic so they can get the most out of their care. We also make it easy for you to run an efficient, effective practice through our office and business products. Designed with your success in mind, our easy-to-use patient forms and clinic supplies are setting the standard within the profession.


Parker SHARE Products

Parker SHARE is committed to offering our customers: • Low price guarantee • Hassle-free return policy • Fast and easy web service • Same day shipping • Friendly customer service When you buy from Parker SHARE, you are also contributing to the future of our profession. We call it our 100 percent Commitment to Chiropractic. Simply put, we invest all of our proceeds back into chiropractic education, research, and public relations.  Make an investment in your practice and in the lives and health of your patients. Visit our online store at www.parkershareproducts.com to place your order today!

Spinal Nerve Distribution Form

nction er ve Fu Spinal N m #223969

Item #223987


00/pad $18 .9 5 1

Item #224002

$18 .95 100/pad

$18 .95 100/pad

VSC For Item #224



3 $18 .9 5 1 00/pad

Products for the Ultimate Report of Findings

The report of findings is the single most important communication you have with your patients, so be sure you have the materials you need to leave a lasting impression.



Autonomic Nervous System Form


Vertebrae are smooth and healthy with no subluxations present. This allows equal spacing of the discs and proper curvature of the spine. The openings allow the nerves to flow without interference.

Phase I

Subluxations and spinal degeneration usually begin with a vertebra out of alignment. When a vertebra is subluxated it can’t move properly and causes undue stress to the surrounding discs and nerves. Some subluxations are minor and may not show up until years later.

Phase III

The degenerative process accelerates and causes a loss of bone mass. The discs start to collapse, the fusion process begins and health problems may become more severe.

Phase II

Untreated subluxations can cause calcium deposits and bone spurs. The surfaces of the subluxated vertebrae become rough and uneven and can cause the compressed discs to lose fluid and lose their cushion. The nerves also become irritated and problems can become chronic.

Phase IV

This is the final stage of degeneration. Bones are fused together becoming permanently subluxated and joints are immobilized. Nerve damage and soft tissue damage are part of the degeneration process.

ROF X-Ray Magazette

Subluxation Form

$59.95 50 pack

$17.00 100/pad

Item #224165

Item #224051

Spine A58/1 Spine Model Item #541122


Bi-Colored Pinched Nerve Model Item #541532

$59.95 “This model is one of the most useful tools for demonstrating the relationship between spinal alignment and nerve function. It helps my patients visualize thier need for chiropractic care.”

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 50




Prepared especially for __________________________________ __________________________________ Date

❑ Patient’s Case Accepted ❑ Further Examination Required ❑ Patient’s Case Not Accepted ❑ Patient referred


e will accept your case only if we believe we can help you. Our recommendations have been prepared with the utmost care and you will receive the best value when you follow those recommendations exactly. Thus, our decision to accept your case is conditioned upon your agreement to follow our recommendations. Keep this report with other important papers as we will be providing additional information beneficial to your health.

CHIROPRACTIC IS the science of locating subluxations, primarily vertebral subluxations. CHIROPRACTIC IS the art of reducing or eliminating subluxations, allowing for natural function and better health. CHIROPRACTIC IS the philosophy of health and a way of living... naturally. This office is dedicated to administering quality service to our patients to improve their health, wellbeing and understanding of their health problems. We pledge not to compromise on your health or the quality of health care from this office.

Parker Report of Findings “This booklet takes the guesswork out of my report of findings. I’ve finally discovered a way to help my new patients understand chiropractic from the very start!” Item #224089 ($25.00 25 pack)

4 Stage Vertebrae Set “People never see their spines, so they can’t grasp the seriousness of spinal degeneration. With this model, they can see, touch, and grasp what’s really going on when they don’t take care of their spines. It’s one of the most effective visuals I use.” Item #544128 ($129.00)


Fix-It Stick “I’m amazed how much impact this simple stick makes every time I use it. Patients can really relate what’s going on in their body to what I’m showing them. Their eyes just light up!” Item #744240 ($39.95)

Master Massager “This is a great alternative for a massage and gives patients therapeutic benefits that make their adjustments hold longer. They don’t call it the master for nothing!” Item #424112 ($166.60)

Recommendations for Chiropractic Care “My patients get the full rundown of their care plan from just one pamphlet. Short and sweet; it makes chiropractic easy to understand. When they understand the reason for their visits, they always follow through.” Item #224048 ($15.00 100 pack)

Thumper Professional Massager “Recently I’ve had an influx of patients with tension headaches, and the Thumper has given me some great results. When the muscles are relaxed, I can give a better adjustment. Some of my back pain patients have also found a lot of relief from this product.” Item #421116 ($279.99)

We invest 100% of our proceeds into chiropractic education, research, and public relations.

For more than 50 years, chiropractors have relied on Parker SHARE Products to build and grow their practices. Our products set the standard in the industry for quality and excellence. Which ones are in your practice, and which ones should be?

BACK CARE PROGRAM Maintaining good posture is really important for a healthy back. The first thing to remember is to always be aware of your back. Whenever you are driving in a car or sitting in a chair with a high back, remember to push your navel back toward your spine, and hold your torso upright.

SPINAL FLEXIBILITY & STRETCHING EXERCISES Helps to build strong muscles to support your neck and back. STRETCHING EXERCISES increase flexibility and movement of the joints of the body and spine. Do exercises 5 to 10 times, 3 times a week, and don’t do any that cause pain.

GETTING IN AND OUT OF BED GETTING IN 1. Sit on the edge of the bed. 2. Bring both arms to one side. 3. Lower the side of your body to the bed keeping your knees bent at about 45 degrees. 4. Put your feet on the bed. 5. Remain on your side or roll to your back.

Slouched shoulders are sometimes a bad habit for many people who have office jobs, or work at a computer or on the telephone. If you have a tendency to round your upper back, exercises that retract the shoulder blades and stretch the chest and front of the shoulders will help. When standing for long periods of time, check that your abdominals are pulled in and your hips are slightly tucked under with your knees relaxed. Wearing high heels can encourage a sway back which can result in back pain and fatigue. And finally, check your posture whenever you pass by a mirror or a reflective window — it’s a good reminder to keep your back straight throughout the day.


With knee bent, pull it to your chest, keeping the opposite leg straight, press your knee and lower back to the floor. ACTION – buttocks muscles, back muscles and stretches hip.

Turn both knees to one side while rotating your head to the opposite side. ACTION – stretches lower back, mid back, muscles, and joints.

Sit straight with the natural curve of your back.


Try to keep your knees higher than your hips. Do RULES TO LIVE BY notDON’T slouch. This takes 1. Avoid bending from your waist only; bend at the knees stress off of the low back.

DO Bend at the hips and knees and not at the waist. Keep your back straight and use your legs for lifting.

Hold and carry objects close to you.

USE OF PILLOW FOR BACKRESTS Never bend over without bending your knees and tucking your buttocks under.


Keep your back straight as you return to standing from squatting.

and hips.

Putting your legs2.straight Avoid lifting heavy objects higher than your waist. on an ottoman can 3. strain Always turn and face the object you wish to lift. your low back. 4. Avoid carrying unbalanced loads.

Pull both knees to your chest. ACTION – stretches lower back, buttocks and abdominal muscles.


Hold heavy objects close to your body. Never carry or move anything which you cannot with ease. For proper seating inhandle a car, 7. Avoid sudden movements. Learn to move more keep your knees the same deliberately, smoothly and gracefully.

level as your hips and the 8. Change positions frequently. seat back in a comfortable 9. In mopping, vacuuming, raking, hoeing, etc. always position with your back work with the tool close to the body. Never use a “giant” step and a long reach in these activities. Hold straight. Do not slouch. with two hands and move your body back and forth. 10. Sit down to dress: shoes and socks, etc. Don’t bend from the waist while trying to balance on one foot.

Slowly raise hips upward. Keep a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Do not arch your back. ACTION – stretches buttocks and stretches upper leg muscles.

11. Women should wear low heels. 12. When you cough or sneeze, round your back and

bend your knees slightly. DON’T 13. When making a bed, do so from a kneeling position. STANDING

Stand with one foot on a DO stool to help relieve pressure on the back.

and turn by pivoting To Reorder: Call 800-950-8044

Cross your arms, tuck your chin in, tighten abdomen, and curl halfway up. Use hands behind head for support onIy. (Do not pull). ACTION – strengthens abdominal muscles.


your feet.

© 2003 Parker College of Chiropractic

Keep your buttocks tucked under as you reach. Use a stool and avoid unnecessary reaching.


While on your hands and knees, keep your knees directly under your hips, your hands under your shoulders, keep abdominal muscles firm, keep your neck relaxed and in its normal position, that is, with your ears in line with your shoulders.


Drop your head down and press your back upwards by tightening your abdominal and buttocks muscles. ACTION – to strengthen abdominal and buttocks muscles and to stretch your lower and mid back.

Press your lower back against the floor, raise the straight leg until it is level with the bent knee. ACTION – strengthens and stretches quadricep muscles, hamstring muscles and stretches hip joints.


Relax your stomach and buttocks muscles and allow your back to sag. Do not sit back on your hips. ACTION – to stretch back and abdominal muscles and help maintain lower back curve.

Lie on your stomach, raise one leg off the floor, while keeping the knee straight. ACTION – strengthens lower back, abdominal and leg muscles, stretches hamstrings and quadriceps.

Stretch one arm straight out in front of you while maintaining your back and head position while keeping support arm straight. ACTION – strengthens and stretches your shoulder, upper back muscles and joints.

Keep your neck in a normal position, push yourself up on your forearms. Keep hips and abdomen against floor. ACTION – strengthens posterior back muscles, attains normal low back curve.

Extend your straight leg behind you while holding it parallel to the floor. Maintain your normal back and neck position. ACTION – strengthens buttocks, abdomen and leg muscles.

Slowly drop head backward and you will feel the stretch of your front neck muscles.

Slowly turn your head from side to side. Feel the stretch of the muscles on the side of your neck. Do not strain. Tilt your head to one side. This is to stretch the muscles on the side of your neck.

NECK STRENGTH Press forehead to palm. Resist forward motion.

Clasp hands behind head, press your head back. resist motion.

Turn head to one side, resist side motion with your hand.


You should try to stand in a natural comfortable position.

Always face your work

© 2003 Parker College of Chiropractic

Tighten your abdomen and buttocks. Press your lower back onto the floor. ACTION – Stretches and strengthens stomach and back muscles.


Use good body mechanics when sitting in a chair.


Lie on your back with one leg bent and the foot flat on the floor. Extend the opposite leg straight out. Relax and allow your back to feel the floor.



Do not put your arms above your head. The above positions can cause a swayback.


Bend knees, lie on back, take a deep breath, place your hands on your thighs and relax.

Drop head forward, slowly. You will feel the stretch of your neck muscles.

1. Roll to your side. 2. Push up with your hands to a sitting position. 3. Keep your knees bent and swing your legs over the edge of the bed. 4. Use your legs for leverage to help bring your body up.


Curl up on your side with your knees slightly bent. Optional – you can put a pillow between your knees for extra comfort.


Stand tall with chin in. Back is not flat – should be in a neutral - natural C curve, pelvis tucked under and knees relaxed.

To Reorder: Call 800-950-8044

Tilt head to other side, resist motion with hand.


Don’t stand with stiff knees, swayback or chin forward.

Back Care Program “I’ve had patients ask for more than one of these sheets so they can hang them up around the house and the office as a constant reminder of how to support their backs. I always have a huge stack of them in my office, because they go fast!” Item #223997 ($18.95 100/pad)

Spinal Flexibility and Stretching “I’ve seen so much improvement in my patients since I’ve given them these stepby-step instructions for stretching. If they forget how I instructed them, they can just read the sheet. Plus, it holds them more accountable and helps them follow through with what I recommended.” Item #223998 ($18.95 100/pad)

The Anteater “The Anteater is so easy to use and gives incredibly effective adjustments. Patients say it’s actually a more comfortable adjustment for them, and it definitely is more comfortable for my hand. I love this product!” Item #740005


Name: ___________________________________________________ Date Appointment Given: ____________________________________________ Re-Exam: ________________________________________________ Re-X-Ray: _________________________________________________________




















45 00

45 00













































45 00

45 00







Please familiarize yourself with the appointments listed below. These must be kept to maximize benefit. If a situation arises, such as vacation where you may need to make an appointment change, please notify us in advance. We promise to do everything possible to help you not only regain, but also maintain your health. Your cooperation in keeping your scheduled appointments is sincerely appreciated. JANUARY




















2 0 1 0






Regularly scheduled adjustments are one of the most important factors in recovering and maintaining your health through chiropractic. All muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage must be strengthened and realigned to hold the vertebrae in position. Thus, a regular schedule of treatment must be given priority.


00 15 30 45





00 15 30 45


2 0 1 1


MY PAL II “Organization has always been a challenge for me, but MY PAL makes it so easy to keep on top of all my appointments. I’ve actually had colleagues ask my advice on how to keep organized!” Item #224070 ($44.95)

Chiropractic Hot/Cold Pack “These are perfect for pain relief and helping relax tense muscles. I love that patients can use hot/cold therapy instead of taking a pain reliever or some other medication. And most of them actually prefer the packs instead!” Item #340016 ($5.39)





















TIME: Day ______________ @ _________ am - pm Day ______________ @ _________ am - pm © 2009 Parker Share Products

Except Day __________________ @ ________ am - pm Appointment can be rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given.

To Reorder Forms: Call 1.800.950.8044 or visit parkershareproducts.com


Personal Appointment Calendar “Patient compliance soared through the roof when I started using these calendars. Patients actually got excited about their care plan goals when they could see a year of treatment laid out in front of them. I have very few missed appointments and almost no missed payments.” Item #223988 ($21.95)

Visit our website at www.parkershareproducts.com


The Best Buys for your Business Durable Medical Goods Committed to wellness care? Get dramatic results in the strength, balance, flexibility, and conditioning of your patients with these products!

J-Tech Dualer IQ “This is the fastest and most accurate way to measure range of motion. It’s easy-to-use and I never second-guess my readings. I prefer this model over any I’ve ever used before.” Item #865295 ($895.00)

Theraband Body Ball

CoreFit System Industrial Belt

Theraband Stability Trainer

Tri-Core Support Pillow

Theraband Flex Bar

Valeo Foam Exercise Mats

Item #783447 ($21.50)

J-Tech CAT

Item #783605 ($22.50)

Item #660096 ($33.60)

Item #664352 ($26.10)

“I have never been more satisfied with an adjusting tool than this one. I want to give my patients the highest quality care, so I needed the highest quality adjusting instruments, which is exactly what I got. I recommend this product to every doc I know.” Item #740326 ($139.99)

Item #783523 ($10.50)

Item #781640 ($15.99)

Core Sitback Rest Item #664446 ($21.15)


We invest 100% of our proceeds into chiropractic education, research, and public relations.


We strive to provide you with all the products you need to be the best chiropractor you can be, so when you asked for something we didn’t offer, we went out and created it for you! Take a look at some of the products that are in the works and will be available soon at Parker SHARE. Check back often to find these and more products for your practice!

Chiropractic Neurology DVD series Michael Hall, D.C. Finally, the DVD that puts neurology and chiropractic together! This series of DVDs will feature the salient points of anatomy, physiology, neurology, as well as technique, rehab, and functional assessments that every chiropractor needs to know. Use this information to educate your patients, lawyers, insurance companies, or even yourself.

Back to Health and Wellness: Feel Good Stories from the Heart of Chiropractic Various authors A collection of touching, sometimes funny, always inspiring, real-life accounts of the chiropractic healing art. (Turn to page 44 to find out how you can have your story published.)

Chiropractic Philosophy CD series Eric Russell, D.C., DPhCS, FICA This CD set produced and sold through Parker Seminars will focus on developing a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy and its application in the chiropractor’s office. Chiropractic philosophy is a topic that applies to every chiropractor and is a topic that most practitioners want to learn more about after graduation from chiropractic school.

Visit our website at www.parkershareproducts.com


Wellness Clinics YOUR HEALTH:

Finding the right balance When you think about your priorities, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Family? Your spouse? Friends and relationships? Your career? At some point you might add yourself to the list, but rarely is it at the top.


e are conditioned to believe that being a good person requires putting others first, and surely a giving and selfless attitude is commendable. But say you focus all your energy on fulfilling others’ needs that you forget to take care of your own. What if you spend so much time working to provide for your family that you don’t have time to exercise or cook healthy meals? What if you try and cram too much in your 24-hour day and don’t spend some alone time to relax, rest, and unwind? At some point, all the pressure and stress will take a toll on your health, and at that point, it doesn’t matter how much wealth you accumulated, how wonderful your family is, or how many friends you have because you will be too sick to enjoy it. It’s time to rethink your priorities and put your health at the top of the list. When you’re healthy, happy, and well, every other area of your life will improve. Every day we are faced with choices that will either move us towards our goals or move us further away from them. If you


Wellness Clinics

find yourself in a place you don’t want to be, take some time to reflect upon the decisions you’ve made and the behaviors that got you there. Then make a commitment to change so you achieve the outcome you desire.

But how exactly do you change your life? Where do you begin? Think of your health as a vehicle to fulfilling your potential and getting where you want to be. In order to be truly successful and live to your fullest potential, you need to be healthy in all areas of your life—the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. If we strive every day to nurture these different areas, making sure not one area gets ignored, we will experience true wellness. Wellness is an active process of making healthy choices over time to create a more fulfilling, successful lifestyle. Moving towards a state of wellness begins with a conscious decision to become accountable for yourself. Once you realize you have the power to control your thoughts and actions, you can begin to use that power to make the right choices that

Find your balance Wellness is different for everyone and is about finding a balance that works for you. The fun part is deciding what you want your outcome to be. You get to create a plan of action that suits your goals, your style, and your life. With everything working together in health and harmony on a daily and continual basis, you will see dramatic and life-changing results! The first and foremost thing to remember is that you are designed to be healthy. In short, that means that it can fix itself when an imbalance occurs. You have the power to be and stay healthy because healing truly comes from within—like when you have a cut and it heals on its own. That type of healing is happening all the time inside your body, but it’s difficult for us to understand because we cannot see it happening. Every single moment of our lives, new cells are being created. Organs are regenerating. Disease, viruses, and bacteria are attacked by our body’s antibodies. All of that is done naturally—without us even thinking about it!

Experience chiropractic Every function in our body is controlled by a master system—the nervous system—which controls and coordinates every other system, ensuring the body is communicating with itself and working in an optimal fashion. The idea is that if the nervous system is healthy, then all other systems will be healthy as well. However, everyday wear-andtear on your body can create slight misalignments in your spine, which

can block and disrupt nerve flow so the nervous system can’t properly communicate with the rest of your body. A spinal bone out of proper alignment is called a subluxation, which puts pressure on the nerves and distorts the information traveling to and from the brain. When this happens, your brain isn’t able to tell your body how to keep itself healthy,

The first and foremost thing to remember is that you are designed to be healthy.

will lead you towards creating a healthy lifestyle. Remember, wellness is not something that can be achieved for you—only by you.

which is why you get sick. Since your spine affects the nerves in all parts of your body, problems in your spine may cause many types of health issues. Chiropractors locate these misalignments and perform a chiropractic adjustment to “unlock” the misplaced vertebrae, which allows it to shift back into its normal position and restore normal flow of nerve energy so the nervous system functions more optimally and the body is able to heal itself via the two-way communication system. While the primary avenue of care is manipulation of the spine and the framework of the body, chiropractic employs a holistic approach to health care, recognizing that many factors contribute to optimal health,

including exercise, diet, sleep, and mental and emotional well-being. Of course there is a time and place for medical intervention, but for most of the health issues that occur on a day-to-day basis, the body already has an internal mechanism to heal itself. People are too quick to take medications that only cover up their symptoms instead of relying on the body’s natural recuperative and healing abilities. Chiropractic is simple. The body, when functioning properly, heals and maintains itself. The chiropractor restores spinal motion to remove any nervous system interference within the body so the body can do what it was designed to do—maintain your health, naturally!

A healthy nervous system is just one piece of the wellness puzzle You need to support your body with proper nutrition and plenty of physical activity, manage your emotional health, and connect with your spirituality. The exciting thing about wellness is that it is a life-long journey. You have endless opportunities to learn more about yourself and how to make the right choices for your lifestyle. Remember, it’s not what you do once in a while that determines your outcome; it’s what you do consistently. Start today and make health your number one priority. Because when you do and all these areas of your life come together, there is no limit to what you can achieve!  Ready to begin your journey towards wellness? Schedule your appointment at the Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinics by calling 972.GET.WELL today!

Coming in 2010! Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinics opens its newest location in Flower Mound. Visit our website at www.parkercc.edu for the latest updates!


e r u t s o

m the e com r e ov to w ho nd a …

it fa

P ll s

Whether you realize it or not, your posture is directly connected to your lifestyle. The little decisions you make every day, from what you wear to the way you sit in your office chair, will determine whether you’re poised for perfect posture or headed for the hunch. Lighten your Load Less is more! Carrying too much in one bag or briefcase can wreak havoc on your body. The strain of a heavy bag on one side of your body causes the other side to compensate, interfering with your natural movement. The solution can be as easy as emptying all unnecessary items from your bag, but if you still find yourself toting too much, switch sides often to even out the weight distribution. If you carry a wallet, don’t keep it in your back pocket. When you sit on your wallet, it causes your hips to tilt and creates muscle and spine imbalance.

Swap your Shoes

Developing proper posture has a host of benefits, from fewer aches, strains, and pains to optimal organ and muscle function for maximum energy, endurance, and vitality.

Fashion over function? Not when it comes to your shoes. Uncomfortable shoes of any kind negatively affect your body’s center of gravity, throwing off your balance, posture, and spinal alignment. Ditch all your “too” shoes—too small, too big, too high, too tight, too old—and always opt for a comfortable pair instead. If you must wear a non-sensible shoe (i.e. high heels), bring a comfy pair to change into when you can. And remember to replace your athletic shoes regularly (every 300-500 miles) to protect your bones and joints and prevent pain in your back, hips, knees, and feet.

Rest Right On average, Americans spend one third of their life sleeping, so it’s essential to have proper sleeping posture. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which puts unnecessary strain on your body and could possibly damage your spine, inhibiting nerve function. Stomach sleeping also causes you to turn your head in extreme rotation and extend your head back. Instead, sleep on your back or side, with a pillow under or between your knees, which allows your spine to be in a relaxed, natural position, helping maintain its natural curve.  5735

Wellness Clinics Clinics

Ask the

Expert with alumnus Dr. Chris Zaino ‘05

Why is exercise so integral to health? It is not about looking good, or feeling good; it is an essential nutrient to living the life you were created for. Before I recommend an exercise, I have to make it clear and educate the patient why you have been created to move.

What are the benefits of exercise that go beyond physical appearance? Movement (especially of the spine) is required for proper brain function, for the coordination of activities such as concentration and learning, emotions, motor control, and organ function (including immune organs).

Simple Ways to Sneak in Exercise Fitting in your 30 minutes of daily exercise is easier than you think! Breaking it up into mini bursts can give you the same benefits of a consecutive sweat session. Try taking a brisk 10-minute walk in the morning, afternoon, and evening. And look for other simple ways to sneak in a quick workout! • Find a parking spot further from the door to get in a few more steps each day. • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. • Take advantage of household chores as a way to get exercise—vacuuming and washing the floors can get your heart rate going! • Do bicep curls with your grocery bags as you bring them into the house.

Breaking News:

Exercise is good for your health! Well, it’s not really breaking news. We’ve all heard it a million times before— exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. But what you may not have heard is that regular exercise does much more than shrink your waistline. Physical activity, when done consistently, can decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, can lower blood pressure, decrease body fat, ease the pain of arthritis, strengthen your muscles and bones, improve your circulation, and help you live longer! Even after your first few workouts, you may feel more relaxed and revitalized, have more energy, and feel happier overall. There are two types of exercise you should be doing: cardiovascular and strength training. Cardiovascular, also referred to as aerobic exercise, include activities such as jogging and running, cycling, swimming, or just about anything that gets your heart pumping! Strength training with resistance bands, weights, or even your own body weight builds muscle and maintains the tonicity of your body, which keeps your muscles and bones strong and helps you burn fat too! Exercise is your fountain of youth. It adds stronger and more energetic years to your life. You’ll feel happier, healthier, and ready to take on the world! People who exercise regularly are sick less, earn more money, better manage stress, have more self-confidence, and make better choices about their health and safety. So what are you waiting for? Get moving! 

A Seniors-Only Chiropractic and Physical Fitness Program Opens at Parker College The Stay Fit Seniors (SFS) facility within the Dallas Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinic welcomes all seniors ages 60 and up to engage in cardiovascular and strength training exercise in a 30-minute circuit-training format—a program endorsed by legendary fitness icon Jack LaLanne. Chiropractic care is an important component of the program as a way to address the physical, mental, and social aspects of wellness, which contribute to overall good health and longevity. Parker is on the leading edge of this new care protocol with the inclusion of the SFS program in its outpatient clinic and is joining SFS in its mission to help thousands of chiropractors help millions of seniors. Schedule your SFS appointment today by calling 972.GET.WELL. Get more information about SFS at Parker or visit www.stayfitseniors.com. 

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 58

Healthy Eating Made Simple! Low carb, high carb, low fat, no fat… We are constantly inundated with mixed messages about what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, and everything in between. Usually this ill-fated advice involves restricting one food group, loading up on another, and ignoring some all together.

Q&A Nutrition

But what your body really needs to truly be healthy is a balance of everything— carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, and yes, even sugar (in moderation, of course)! Your meals should primarily consist of: Protein: Our bodies need protein to maintain our cells, tissues and organs and gives us the energy to get up and go­—and keep going. Get your protein from clean, lean sources like chicken and turkey breast, lean cuts of beef, organic cage free eggs, whey protein, cottage cheese, and cold water fish and shellfish. High-fiber starchy carbohydrates: Carbohydrates supply a steady stream of energy to your brain, helping you stay focused and balanced and provide the body with the fuel it needs, while dietary fiber is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Good sources of high-fiber carbohydrates include whole grains, beans, fruits, and root vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables: Eat as many non-starchy vegetables as you can every day to give your body as many nutrients and as much fiber as possible with the least amount of calories. Five servings (one cup equals a serving) is the minimum you should get each day, with half your servings being raw vegetables. Aim higher for the maximum health benefit. And remember... Fat: It’s impossible to have a completely fat-free diet—because you couldn’t survive without it! You want your diet to contain some fat, but it’s the type of fat that matters in addition to how much you consume. Good fats are needed to nourish your brain, heart, nerves, hormones, and all your cells, as well as your hair, skin, and nails. Get your fats from healthy sources, like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, coconut milk, coconut oil, and cold water fish. Sugar: It’s perfectly natural to have a sweet tooth, and it’s okay to indulge in a treat every now and again. Just try and keep sweets to a minimum, since refined sugar can disrupt on your body’s blood sugar levels and contribute to an array of health problems. Or, better yet, look to nature for a plethora of sweet foods that are good for you too! Fill up on berries, apples, melons, and sweet potatoes.  59

Wellness Clinics

I love to eat carbohydrates, but I heard they aren’t healthy. Is this true? Well, yes and no. Not all carbohydrates are created equal. There are “good” carbs that give you energy, help lower your cholesterol, and make you feel full. Then there are “bad” carbs that spike your blood sugar, which can lead to weight gain, hypoglycemia, heart disease, and diabetes. Not to mention, these “bad” carbs have no nutritional value. Good carbohydrate foods have not been processed, so they maintain their vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber content. Eat plenty of good carbs including whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Bad carbohydrates are foods that have been refined and processed to the point that most of the nutritional value has been stripped. Most are also loaded with additives like colorings, flavorings, and preservatives. Try to avoid or limit bad carbs like white flour (think baked goods and white pastas), refined sugar (found in candy and sodas), and white rice.

How much of each food group should I be eating at each meal? Try this quick and easy strategy to get a balanced meal every time. Mentally divide your plate into quarters: fill one quarter with protein; fill one quarter with starchy carbohydrates like whole grains or root vegetables; fill the last two with non-starchy vegetables. Now dig in!

You Can Have Your Cake AND Eat it Too! Just add healthy habits Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to take an all-or-nothing approach to nutrition. So often people vow to completely revamp their eating habits and swear off everything even remotely unhealthy, and then at the first slipup, they realize it’s an impossible feat so they give up altogether. But here’s the thing—nobody expects you to change your eating habits overnight, or even change some things at all! The great thing about adopting a wellness lifestyle is that it allows you to create a healthy balance that works for you. It’s unrealistic (and just plain cruel) to say you’ll never eat another slice of birthday cake or indulge in your favorite treat from time to time. But the good news is you don’t have to, and you can still be healthy!

list below. It might take a little effort at first, but before you know it, it will become part of your routine. Then try adding another. When that becomes habit, add one more. As you keep going and adopting more and more healthy habits, you’ll start to look and feel so good that you’ll actually prefer the good over the bad. Start small, start slowly, and in time you’ll see results that will last a lifetime. 

Love French fries? Go ahead and eat them, but make sure you eat fruits and vegetables too. Can’t live without chocolate? Get your fix from a mini candy bar instead of gobbling up a regular-sized one. Do you have a soft spot for family cooking? Well, grab a fork! But take smaller portions of everything instead of loading your plate. Creating a healthier lifestyle takes some time, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, and more importantly, it doesn’t have to be about deprivation. Start by incorporating just one healthy habit from the

Commit to a healthy habit today! Eat at least one fresh fruit or vegetable before every meal.

Replace highcalorie creamy salad dressings with fewer calorie vinaigrette dressings—on the side.

Drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up.

Eat breakfast every morning.

Replace one soda, juice, or other beverage a day with good ole’ H2O.

Add fish oil to your diet.

Choose whole wheat over white bread.

2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 60

Get your Daily Dose of HAPPY your body will be too. When you feel negative emotions like stress, anxiety, or anger, your body tries to tell you something isn’t right by expressing physical symptoms, like headaches, high blood pressure, or trouble sleeping. Regaining your health is as easy as restoring your body’s balance, which is the ultimate goal of emotional wellness. It’s about developing a state of stability and contentment that comes from being comfortable with your own feelings, accepting your limitations, adapting to change, coping with stress, and enjoying life despite its imperfections. It seems simple enough, but so often we get bogged down with the trials of life that it’s difficult to be happy about anything. However, if we focus on the negative, all we will see and experience is more negative. And several major research studies have shown negative mental states and chronic stress dramatically reduce immune systems, leaving you susceptible to illness and disease. Last time you fell ill, you probably blamed it on the change in the weather, your coughing coworker, or whatever “bug” was going around. But did you ever consider the fight with your partner, the grudge against a family member, or the jealousy of a friend could have been the source of your sickness?

But the good news is, research has also proved that people who have a more positive emotional disposition tend to be healthier. So choose happiness! Accept the fact that your life—like everyone else’s—isn’t perfect. By deciding to focus on the positive and being grateful for whatever comes our way, we will experience greater health and vitality.

Your body was designed to respond physically to the things you think and feel, so when your emotions are out of balance,

But just to be safe, you should still steer clear of your coughing coworker. 

Here are some other great ways to help you manage the emotional stress in your life: • Simplify your life. Instead of trying to cram more activities into your already busy day, figure out what needs to be done now, what can wait for later, and what can be dropped completely. This way, you’ll spend your time doing what is important. • Let go. Don’t worry about things you can’t control. • Adjust your attitude. Putting a positive spin on negative thoughts can help you accomplish even the most daunting tasks. If you say you can, you can! • Laugh. Laughter releases endorphins, natural substances that boost your mood and help you maintain a positive attitude • Relax. Set aside time for yourself every day and do something you enjoy. Read. Do yoga. Or just clear your mind and breathe deeply for a few minutes. You will feel less stressed and tense in no time.

We asked our faculty and staff: Take a good long run through the woods, enjoy a good sparring session in jiu jitsu class, or go nerf gun postal on a nearby co-worker! – Judith Adams, Information Services 61

Wellness Clinics

What do you I take a bubble bath, read a cookbook, read an encyclopedia, or hug my dog! – Carolyn Omo, Resource Sharing Specialist I turn up some music and dance with my dog. – Carissa Manrique, Professor of General Chemistry

Join the Parker Bike club and go for a morning, lunch time, afternoon, or weekend spin with some friends. An all out hour on a bicycle changes your perspective on everything. – Erik McCarty, Development Manager/Systems Administrator

Connect with your Spiritual Side The Law of Conservation of Energy states: energy cannot be created or destroyed. This means, at its most basic level, that we are all connected. We live every day through an exchange of recycled energy that has existed for billions of years; we are created by an intelligence that is greater than ourselves— a universal intelligence. And by no means is it the same for everyone. As long as you as an individual feel that you’re connected with something greater than yourself, you can experience spiritual wellness. Spiritually well people are in tune with a universal value system that guides them towards finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives. They have a sense of right and wrong, are open, tolerant, and understanding of others, and strive to achieve a state of harmony within themselves and balance with the outside world. Achieving spiritual wellness comes from finding your center and listening to your inner voice. Take time every day to relax and spend some quiet time in prayer, meditation, or simply being still. Connect with nature and notice all the tiny miracles. Sometimes we’re so busy and preoccupied with our own thoughts that we forget to have peace and quiet and just let it be. Regardless of whether or not you’re not on a deep, philosophical quest to discover the meaning of life, your life is a journey. It’s never perfect, but take time to appreciate and connect with all the good that surrounds you. 

do to handle stress? I stop what I am doing and listen to some of my favorite music for ten minutes or so and let the world just disappear. – Dr. Marc A. Kearsing, Chair Department of Chiropractic Philosophy and Technique

Playing with my daughter. Her laugh melts away any stress I have. – Michelle Yungblut, Director of Continuing Education Getting a regular chiropractic adjustment and scuba diving any chance I get. – Paula Robinson, Associate Professor Academics

I do yoga three times a week and usually fall asleep to meditation CDs. I also work in my garden. – Janet L. Owen, Executive Assistant, VP of Academics

Development and Community Relations

THE GIFT OF GIVING Helping others, whether it’s mowing a neighbor’s yard or volunteering at your local soup kitchen, is obviously good for them. But did you know it’s actually good for you too?


he upside to the recent economic recession (yes, there is an upside!) is the shift in focus from me, me, me to give, give, give. We’ve all seen that no matter how much time, money, and energy you invest in getting more for yourself, it can all disappear in an instant. (Bank foreclosures, plummeting stocks, dwindling 401(k)s…) What no economic slump can snatch from you, however, is the feel-good attitude you get from investing time, money, and energy in others. Consider the research: People who consistently help others experience better health, fewer aches and pains, and less depression. It has even been shown to reduce heart disease and increase life spans. Brain imaging research has revealed increased levels of activity in the feel-good part of the brain when people donated money to charity.


Development and Community Relations

Standard Process Activity Center Ribbon Cutting, November 20, 2009

Why? Physiologically speaking, helping activities elevate levels of oxytocin, a hormone proven to lower stress, and release endorphins in the body, which create a feeling of happiness. There’s actually a widely documented name for it: “helper’s high.” But it doesn’t take science and research to know that doing good simply makes you feel good. You gain a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and usefulness. You can set aside your own worries and instead focus on something positive. You feel connected to others and become part of something that is bigger than yourself. That sense of belonging is one of the reasons the Parker family has been rapidly expanding, as individuals and companies

from all walks of life are generously contributing to Parker College of Chiropractic, and in turn, the chiropractic profession. “For the past 80 years, chiropractors have believed in and incorporated Standard Process supplements into their practices. It is because of their loyalty that Standard Process has been able to grow into the company it is today,” said Charlie DuBois, president of Standard Process Inc., a nutritional whole foods supplement manufacturer.

You feel connected to others and become part of something that is bigger than yourself.

“Because of this, it is so important to me that Standard Process gives back and invests in the future of this profession. I am proud to have a great partnership with the chiropractic profession and believe in the future of chiropractic as the answer to the growing health care crisis in this country.” Demonstrating this commitment, Standard Process announced a one million dollar donation to

Parker College of Chiropractic. “We all need to continue to support colleges that will educate future chiropractors, so it is important to give money, time, or whatever you can to this profession.” To recognize the generosity of Standard Process, Parker College named the Student Activity Center after the company—just one of the perks of donating. Walk around the Parker campus and you’ll see the influence of other generous supporters, such as Foot Levelers, whose donations helped sponsor technology upgrades in the classrooms. The Foot Levelers logo adorns room number signs outside each classroom, recognizing their contribution. “We are happy to support Parker College of Chiropractic because the school does such a great job helping students become excellent chiropractors,” said Kent Greenawalt, president of Foot Levelers. “This is Foot Levelers’ way to help the chiropractic profession because if we can support students, we support the future of chiropractic,” said Greenawalt. Parker College of Chiropractic strives to cultivate special relationships with all of its donors, with each organization helping propel the other forward to great success in their respective fields.  There are many ways to give to Parker College. For more information about these opportunities, contact the Office of Development at 877.971.9525.

Scholarships The Office of Development is committed to providing scholarships to students who show exemplary dedicaton to the chiropractic profession.

B&D Enterprises

Student Scholarship

Ashley Posa $1,000

Corporate Student Scholarships

Mitch Dougherty

Cari Officer

Matt Sleeman




Dr. Gilles A. Lamarche Student Scholarship

Anna Winner - $2,000 “This award is a great honour and I am proud to be a part of Parker’s international community of students and faculty. With this, you have directly contributed to helping me become the best chiropractor that I could ever dream of being.”

Six Degrees of



There’s a theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of acquaintances that is no more than six links long. To demonstrate, we will show you how supporting Parker College Community Relations can connect you with people, places, and organizations that allow you to have an impact that reaches further than you could ever imagine.

Postural and foot screenings, chair massages, and wellness packages were just some of the services Parker College delivered to players, media, staff, and spectators at the tournament.

Dr .J

The 2009 Champion was Rory Sabbatini

Who has a growing rivalry with Tiger Woods

Event sponsors EBM Corp. and the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce

Whose members include Microsoft®

Which was founded by Bill Gates, who pledged to leave all of his $58 billion fortune to charity.


Development and Community Relations


ng for Rich Be eni v E h


Relationship expert Dr. John Gray presented material from his book Why Mars and Venus Collide to a Parker College auditorium jam packed with members of the local Dallas/Ft. Worth community in addition to the Parker family.



Microsoft is a registered trademark of its respective owner.


Best-Se ray, llin G g n

r ho ut

Who created the Tiger Woods Foundation, a youth development program

hip ns

Community Relations


on Cham Nels pio n ro

Parker College attended a charity dinner in honor of Rich Behm, a Dallas Cowboys scouting assistant, who sustained a fracture to the thoracic spine when the team’s practice facility tragically collapsed during a thunderstorm, resulting in permanent paralysis from the waist down.

Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, said Behm will always have a job with the organization

Just think of all the links you can create by supporting Parker College of Chiropractic!

Which is part of the national YMCA organization, which helps develop and strengthen children, youth, families, and individuals in the community

Chamber members include the Irving YMCA

a rdi Gr s Mixer

Par ke r


Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Development and External Relations at Parker College, was named Chairman of the Advisory Council of the CACC, strengthening Parker’s international connections.

Tom DeLay, former House majority leader, was Irvin’s fellow contestant on Dancing with the Stars



s ion

er rk Pa

el yR



Canada is the birthplace of many inventions




e (CACC)

ommun it y ge C



le ol

Chamber of C n om a ric


Parker College of Chiropractic welcomed members of the IrvingLas Colinas Chamber of Commerce to campus to meet and mingle, helping to develop and foster more relationships within the community.

Including Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone


Am e


Which can connect you with almost anyone in the world!

And which was also the subject of a hit song by the Village People


ge C it om m u n

with a Leg en ch n d Lu

Who volunteer on behalf of the Cowboys for charities including The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots

Who served during the administration of former president George W. Bush

Who passed on the torch to the current president, Barack Obama Whose star players include Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and Marion Barber

Parker College was invited to watch the live broadcast of ex-NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin’s Dallas-based radio show, where he spoke with special guest Mike Ditka, former NFL player, coach, and commentator. (Since the broadcast, the Irvin family has visited the Parker College Chiropractic Wellness Clinics.)

Preserving a Legacy The newly renovated Dr. James W. Parker Museum commemorates the life of an extraordinary man. The James W. Parker Museum chronicles a career that spanned for more than 50 years and continues to influence the profession today. The museum helps visitors understand the energy and effort Dr. Parker put towards preserving, advancing, and educating the chiropractic profession. Walking through the museum, visitors get a feel for who the man was, what he did, and what he stood for. It showcases some of the most important events and accomplishments in Dr. Parker’s life, both personally and professionally, and exhibits a collection of Dr. Parker’s special honors, photographs, documents, commemoratives, artifacts, memorabilia, and even his first chiropractic tables. The museum was first founded by the Parker College student body in the early 1990s as a gift to Dr. Parker during his tenure as president. “The students wanted to do something to honor him and to thank him for creating this institution,” said Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. “It was a very emotional experience for Dr. Jim, and is just as emotional as we rededicate the museum to our founder.”  To schedule a visit to the museum, please call Lisa A. Fellers, director of Development and Community Relations, at 214.902.3482 or e-mail at lfellers@parkercc.edu.

A number of individuals and companies donated to help fund the museum renovation: Dr. Perry Bard Tony and Virginia Boudreau Drucker Labs Foot Levelers, Inc. Dr. Gene Giggleman Mr. Jesse Green Drs. Michael ’90 and Cara ’04 Hall Dr. David Hardison ’88 Drs. John and Judy Hinwood Dr. Stephen LaFay Dr. Gilles Lamarche Dr. Rose Lepein ’91 Dr. Don and Brandi MacDonald Dr. Fabrizio Mancini ’90

In Memory of

Dr. Alfred Zimmer States

Dr. Mark and Jessica Mandell N.E.T. Inc.

The newly-named Dr. Alfred Zimmer States Diversified Technique Lab honors the memory of a man who dedicated his life to the art of chiropractic.

Dr. Stacey Olson ’94

Dr. States became the first Professor Emeritus at Parker College and taught for more than 19 years. In 2005, Dr. States was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his overall contributions to Parker College and the chiropractic profession. Alumni remember him for the yellow rose he gave students who showed exceptional proficiency in his technique labs.

Dr. Bruce Parker

The lab is filled with Dr. States’ photos, awards, degrees, and other pieces of memorabilia. A large painting done by a family member hangs on the wall, portraying Dr. States in many stages of his life. 

Dr. Todd Watson


Development and Community Relations

Dr. Gene Orlowsky Parker College Alumni Association Standard Process Inc. Dr. Ken Thomas ’86 Dr. Charles Ward World Congress of Women Chiropractors

Thank you for donating to the 2009


Parker College Alumni Dr. Curtis Adams ‘88 Dr. Jon Anderson ‘94 Dr. Steven Angle ‘92 Dr. Luke Arnett ‘03 Dr. Miguel Arredondo ‘91 Dr. L. Kay Arthur ‘93 Dr. Kris Auten ‘07 Dr. Kimberly Bailey ‘89 Dr. Chris Barras ‘96 Dr. Calvin Beaugez ‘94 Dr. Nathan Berbereia ‘08 Dr. Trevor Berry ‘96 Dr. Sandra Biggs ‘87 Dr. Sandy Bowman ‘05 Dr. Robert Boyle ‘99 Dr. Zeke Brimhall ‘07 Dr. Rachael Bryant ‘07 Dr. J.M. Bub ‘ 91 Dr. Mark Burdette ‘00 Drs. Clark ’08 & Brenda ’08 Byroad Dr. Kristen Campbell ‘06 Dr. Jason Campbell ‘01 Dr. Monte Campbell ‘95


Dr. James Chicoine ‘92 Dr. Linda Cosgrove ‘89 Dr. Lawrence Cottle ‘98 Dr. David Cox ‘01 Drs. Amy ’07 & Jerimy ’07 Cox Dr. Chad Craig ‘97 Dr. Patrick DeFazio ‘88 Dr. Betsy Delich ‘00 Dr. Doug DeShazo ‘95 Dr. Dustin Detrick ‘97 Dr. Eric ‘03 & Wendy DeVries Dr. Michael Dickerson ‘03 Dr. Thomas Eidson ‘87 Dr. Chris Eisenhauer ‘00 Dr. Stacey Farquhar ‘01 Dr. Mike Flores ‘89 Dr. Patrick Freud ‘96 Dr. Matt Garofolo ‘01 Dr. John Henry Garza ‘90 Dr. Armando Garza ‘94 Drs. John ’94 & Katharine ’94 Gerber Dr. Jonathan Goff ‘97 Dr. Chris Gonzales ‘90 Dr. Cameron Grant ‘98 Dr. Todd Gray ‘93 Dr. Heather Hamilton ‘03 Dr. David Hardison ‘88 Dr. Coe Ann Hardwick ‘90 Dr. Dennis Harris ‘88 Dr. David Hart ‘95 Dr. Allen Haynes ‘88 Dr. Caroline Hillman ‘05

Dr. Russell Ho Lem ‘95 Dr. Michael Holloway ‘02 Dr. Brenda Hooper ‘08 Dr. Marius Hossu ‘05 Dr. Alan Houk ‘89 Dr. Stan Isdale ‘90 Dr. Mitch Jephson ‘99 Dr. Mark Johnson ‘09 Dr. Jeremy Johnson ‘05 Dr. Murray ’05 & Nicole Johnston Dr. Tiffany Jones-Lee ‘98 Dr. Tim Jorgensen ‘92 Dr. Tracy Kennedy-Shanks ‘95 Dr. Richard Ketring ‘96 Dr. Steven Kicinski ‘97 Dr. Joohwan Ko ‘98 Dr. Daxton Krugman ‘00 Dr. Janette ’99 & Roy Kurban Dr. Evan LeFevre ‘97 Dr. R. John Lehrer ‘94 Dr. Scott ’02 & Leigh ’04 Lenz Dr. Tom Lightfoot ‘02 Dr. Debora Logan ‘93 Dr. Steven Lynch ‘97 Dr. Robyn Markley ‘04 Dr. James Martell ‘94 Dr. Pia Martin ‘07 Dr. Dean Martin ‘96 Dr. Michael Master ‘95 Dr. Alan McKown ‘92 Dr. Frank Means ‘93 Dr. Kash Merrill ‘06


Dr. Charles Miller ‘92 Dr. Brandon Mills ‘07 Dr. Matthew Mix ‘02 Dr. David Monty ‘97 Dr. Mark Morgan ‘98 Dr. David Morgan ‘88 Dr. Jason Mulder ‘07 Dr. Jeffrey Musker ‘92 Dr. Mindy Neal ‘99 Dr. Linda Nelson ‘98 Dr. Chance Norman ‘06 Dr. Leonard Notto ‘96 Dr. Walter Parish ‘85 Dr. Phillip Paul ‘94 Dr. Brandon Pettke ‘03 Dr. Joseph Pilsl ‘03 Dr. Frank Piranio ‘96 Dr. John Pispidikis ‘99 Dr. Jenny Pitman ‘99 Dr. David Powell ‘89 Dr. Sandra Powers ‘03 Dr. Sidney Pruitt ‘88 Dr. Joy Raab ‘99 Dr. Melissa Raigan ‘06 Dr. Robert Rettig ‘02 Dr. Reese Riggin ‘96 Dr. Sherrie Rine ‘99 Dr. Jaime Rivera ‘92 Dr. Joseph Rogers ‘99 Dr. Jason Rose ‘06 Dr. Gary Ross ‘96 Dr. Kasi Rote ‘93 Dr. Rashad Saleh ‘01 Dr. Jeremy Schmid ‘04

Dr. Laura HobsonShoemaker ‘01 Dr. Nicole Shutko ‘00 Dr. Jon Sibert ‘01 Dr. Jason Smith ‘04 Dr. Scott Smith ‘86 Dr. Martin Smith ‘90 Dr. Michael Spears ‘95 Dr. Bill Stankosky ‘01 Dr. Gary Tam ‘02 Dr. SidneyTaylor ‘95 Dr. Elizabeth SpillmanTaylor ‘96 Dr. Wade Taylor ‘03 Dr. Stephen Thaxton ‘91 Dr. Shawn Tompkins ‘91 Dr. Rick Tucker ‘94 Dr. Maurice Tucker ‘07 Dr. Robert Vallandingham ‘03 Dr. Erin VanVeldhuizen ‘07 Dr. Alisa Wasserman ‘95 Dr. Todd Whipple ‘00 Dr. Laura Whipple ‘01 Dr. Hunt Whitehead ‘97 Dr. Andrea Williams ‘07 Dr. Shane Wisehart ‘92 Drs. Brett ’05 & Carolyn ’05 Wood


Parker College Staff and Faculty Dr. Lori Baggett ‘89 Victor Ballesteros Dr. Nancy Bayer Jim Beasley Agnes Biro Dr. Patrick Bodnar ‘99 Tony Boudreau Dr. Patricia Brandon Charles Brody Dr. Charlotte Burgess ‘02 Dr. Paricia Cates

Regina Chamberlin Keith Clark Dr. Gary Daniel ‘95 Mary Davis Dr. Jacquelyn Elbel Dr. Karen Farmer Lisa A. Fellers Sally Finley Michelle Forrest Dr. Gene Giggleman Jesse Green Tim Gunn Dr. Michael Hall ‘90 Tierra Henderson Zhi-Jiang Huang Dr. Everett Johnson ‘06 Dr. Marc Kearsing Dr. Steven Kleinfield Dr. Gilles Lamarche Gerald LaRue

Donna Leach Annikka Lewis Henry Li Yissel Lingenbrink Wen-Tao Liu Dr. Celia Maguire ‘00 Dr. Fabrizio Mancini ‘90 Dr. Farshid Marzban ‘02 Carol McCullough Susan McMahan Robbie Metzger Cheryl Moss Dr. Anjum Odhwani Antonio Olvera Janet Owen Dr. Greg Page ‘90 Dr. Georgina Pearson Dr. J. Michael Perryman Dr. Mike Raper ‘87 Monica Rawlinson

Dr. Eric Russell Dr. Juan Sanchez ‘90 Dr. Doug Sanford Bahram Sardarabadi Nancy Scheps Mike Scott Dr. Paula Shaff Sherry Slayton Lisa Speaks Dr. Lawrence Stolar ‘86 Dr. Ken Thomas ‘86 Art Tijerina Dr. Leon Tom ‘99 Casey Walker Dr. John Ware Patrice Watson Dr. Charlotte Watts ‘90 Steve Weller Opel West 2010 | ParkerLife Magazine 68 Dr. Robert Wilborn ‘97

r e k r a a l P Ga First Annual


The Drugless Research Hall of Fame

The Most Elegant Night in Chiropractic

More than 350 guests came out to celebrate the chiropractic profession amidst all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Proceeds from the gala directly support chiropractic research, which serves to establish chiropractic as an integral part of the health care system.


Community Relations

t n e d i s Pre Party

with the

Roast & Toast

A festive celebration honored (with some toasts and even more roasts) Dr. Mancini for his 10 th anniversary as president of Parker College. The event raised more than $31,000 that will go directly toward student scholarships, allowing Parker College to provide students with the financial means to pursue their dream of becoming doctors of chiropractic. These scholarships will allow Parker to recognize the dedicated students who are making a difference—the future leaders of this great profession.

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• You need a good tax write-off. • You’re independently wealthy and give loads of money to everyone that asks. • You want to be a co-creator of the most advanced 21st century chiropractic learning environment in the world. • You wish you had a school like this when you started out. • The Parker vision resonates with you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. • You want to see a sparkle in the student’s eyes. • You can tell your friends you are a professional philanthropist. • There is a huge jar of change in your room and you need a way to get rid of it. • Because we won’t take your blood. • Giving feels good.

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PARKER COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT ATTN: LISA A. FELLERS 2500 Walnut Hill Lane • Dallas, Texas 75229 877.971.9525 • Fax: 214.902.2435 lfellers@parkercc.edu

CONTINUING EDUCATION Check out our current course offerings: • • • • • • • • • •

Acupuncture 100 hour Program with Dr. Richard Yennie Animal Chiropractic Program Chiropractic Sports Practitioner Certification® Chiropractic Assistant Training ONLINE Clinical Neurology Series Spanish for the Chiropractor ICPA Pediatrics Certification and Diplomate Scoliosis Correction Series with Dr. Dennis Woggon Chiropractic Sports Specialist Series and several ONLINE topics

Find out more about our course offerings online at www.parkercc.edu or call 800.266.4723 Please call us to verify state board approval.

MassageTherapy Touching the Lives of Others

° 600-hour comprehensive education ° 300-hour advanced Medical Massage program ° Superior instructors ° State-of-the-art facilities ° Eligibility for National Certification

Financial aid available.

Enroll Today! For further information, call 800.971.8096 and visit our website at www.parkermassageschool.com 35


Wellness is a potential in all of us waiting to be tapped. Sometimes it’s a process of removing obstacles, sometimes it’s adding a missing component, and sometimes it’s both. Unlocking potential and maximizing performance is not a profession…it’s a calling. It’s the driving force of chiropractic. When it comes to Parker SHARE’s history, our service is paramount. You don’t last this long unless you know a thing or two about customer satisfaction. We feature many programs and policies that make it easy to do business with us, such as our: • Low Price Guarantee • Hassle Free Return Policy • Fast and Easy Web Service • Same Day Shipping Procedure • Friendly Service During and After the Sale www.parkershareproducts.com 1.800.950.8044


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Parker Life: January 2010  

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